Maurice and Eugénie de Guérin, a monograph

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Page 62 - Do you know what it is," M. Fe"li l said to us on the evening of the day before yesterday, " which makes man the most suffering of all creatures? It is that he has one foot in the finite and the other in the infinite, and that he is torn asunder, not by four horses, as in the horrible old times, but between two worlds.
Page 143 - The soaring flight of the king of birds will represent their sublime destiny : " They shall mount up with wings as eagles ; they shall run and not weary ; they shall walk and not faint." Or again, consider the protection and sympathy which Christianity brings to the working man. In all ages of the world, oppression has been the heritage of the weak. Those who have had no might to enforce their claims, have commonly been treated as if they had neither rights nor feelings. The poor...
Page 137 - Paul, one of our servants, to go to confession at Christmas. He has promised me that he would.
Page 23 - ... comes of the stock of the Guarini of Italy, or that one counts among one's ancestors a Bishop of Senlis, who had the marshalling of the French order of battle on the day of Bouvines. Le Cayla was a solitary place, with its terrace looking down upon a stream-bed and valley ; " one may pass days there without seeing any living thing but the sheep, without hearing any living thing but the birds.
Page 241 - ... instead of business will shortly have no business to follow. — Anon. 4. The students who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later find time for illness. — Lord Derby. 5. In order to attack vice with effect, we must set up something better in its place. — Sydney Smith. 6. My God ! how sad a thing is time whether it goes or comes ; and how right was the saint who said : " Let us throw our hearts into eternity.
Page 237 - Still to him, to Maurice dead ; to Maurice in Heaven. He was the glory and the joy of my heart. Oh ! how sweet and full of affection is the name of Brother ! Friday, 19 July, at 11$ o'clock.
Page 144 - ... most, and which gives me the same joy as it gave the shepherds of Bethlehem. In real truth, one's whole soul sings with joy at this beautiful coming of God upon earth, — a coming which here is announced on all sides of us by music and by our charming nadalet.^ Nothing at Paris can give you a notion of what Christmas is with us. You have not even the midnight mass. We all of us went to it, papa at our head, on the most perfect night possible. Never was there a finer sky than ours was that midnight,...
Page 72 - ... the fields and up the hill-sides ; and I see it has already gained the forest and begins to spread over its vast surface. Soon it will have flowed over everything as far as the eye can reach, and all the great space enclosed by the horizon will be heaving and murmuring like a vast ocean— an ocean of emerald. A few days more and we shall have all the splendour, all the array of the vegetable kingdom.
Page 111 - I lose half my soul in losing solitude, I enter the world with a secret dread," he wrote in his journal on the eve of departure.
Page 172 - ... cholera, which almost decimates the population in certain places. At Toulouse as many as sixty people have died in a day. Here nothing has befallen either us or our servants : happy that we are to be so far from towns and their infection ! If we must perforce go without many things, those that we do enjoy are very sweet, and I bless God for them every day; every day consider myself happy to have woods, streams, meadows, sheep, hens that lay ; to live, in short, in my pretty, tranquil Cayla with...

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