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yau, W. LUE LDK gacy Donc urat wynvy ye.
34 And when hee was come in, heedid eate spake * † by his feruant Eliiah,
and dzinke, and said, Coe, fee now this curred II So Jehu fiew all that remained of the
woman,and bury her: foz the is a kings daughter. houte of Ayab, in Jezreel,and alligis great men,

35 And they went to bury her, but they found and his|| kintefolkes, and his prieis, vntill hee
no może of her then the sculi, and the feete, and left him none remaining,
the palmes of her hands.

12 And hee arose, and departed, and came
36 wherefore they came againe, and tolde to Samaria: And as fee was at the tihearing

yim:and he said, This is the word of the LDKD house in the way,
Heb.bythe which helpaket

by his feruant Cliiah the Tish: 13 Jehut met with the brethren of Ahaziah
and of
1. Kings

bite , saying, * In the portion of Jezreet fhall king of Juday,and said, noho are yee: And they
dogs eate the flesh of Jezebel:

answered, we are the bzechien of Ahaziah, and
37 And the carkeite of Jezebel shall bee as we go do wnetto falute the childjen of the king,
doung vpon the face of the field in the portion and the childjen of the Queene.
of Jezreel : so that they shall not Cay, This is 14 And he said, Take them alíte. And they

tooke them aliue, and New them at tye pit of the
Ở H A P. X.

fhearing house, euen two and fourty mens niei-
1 Ichu by his letters causeth scientic of Ahabs chil ther left ye any of them.

dren to bee beheaded. 8 Hec excuseth the fact 15 And when yee was departed thence, te
by the prophecie of Elijah. 12 Ar the shcaring flighted on Jehonadab tge fonne of Kechab,
house hee flayech two and fourtic of Ahaziahs comming to meete him: and he faluted him, and
brethren. 15 Hec taketh Iehonadab into his fayd to him, Is thine heart right, as my heart
company, 18 By subtilcie hee destroyeth all the is with thy heart: And Jehonadab answered,




Pe 2705

1er viber foote.
mag coine in, heedid eate spake *t by his feruant Eliiah.

So Jehu few all that remained of the

18 greatment,

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Vol XXVII for the YEAR 1796

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