Space Traveler: A Musician's Odyssey

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James Vincent is a "world class" musician. That he is not a household name is entirely by his choice, yet almost all who have seen him perform or heard his recordings have become his fans. He has written a unique, brutally honest account of his life... his childhood and discovery of the guitar; his going on the road at seventeen to play in seedy dives and military service clubs; later, in famous upscale clubs across the country; then making records and playing huge concert venues. James gives us an inside look at the recording industry... the studios, the performers, producers and promoters. He gives us behind the scenes insights into many famous personalities... names like Santana, Garcia, Harrison and Cetera, and acknowledges some unsung heroes in the music world. His cast of characters includes the very rich and the down and out, the saint and the prostitute, the famous, the infamous and the very bizarre. This is a story about learning the hard way; about dysfunctional families, choices and consequences, lust, infidelity, despair, triumph, tragedy, friendship and betrayal. Most of all, it is a life's journey to discover the meaning of unconditional love and spiritual fulfillment. It is indeed, an odyssey. -R.J.M.

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Incredible story. Guitarist for "Chicago" leaves fame and fortune for a life of virtue and redemption. Not many people would have the guts to make that sacrifice. Kudos to you, James.

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I found this too by mistake and let me tell you something i found that he described you to a tee Ginger you were always jealous of us and did what ever you could to drive a stake between us and our dad, i always knew what a whore you were and i am glad some one called you on it you ruined may lives ginger that's the fact. i hope some day this finds you and it cuts deep you tramp . i was shocked when he said in the book you could be found at church.. i choked i thought to my self who is she trying to be now. i bet you are fat old and a wrinkled up mess and you are getting out of life what you put in it . one things for sure i am glad you were never around your daughter she might have turned out just like you . hey James ever need a character witness about how ginger really is im your guy Scott Ferrozzo. Google me you can find me on face book 12/10/2010  

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