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the Berezyna, that of admiral Tchit- place about midnight, continued
schagoff pursued it without inter- his march to Smorgonie. Major-
mission, and gained repeated ad. general count Ozouzka continued
vantages over the enemy, who re.' his pursuit, took 500 prisoners, and
tired by Pletschenitza,' Molodet- six cannon; besides which, two
schno, and Smorgonie to Wilna. cannon were found at Molodet.
Major-general Lanskoys who had schno.-By the report of admiral
been sent, on the 20th of Nov. by Tchitschagoff, of lieutenant-general
Fourieff to Pletschenitza, after Sacken's engagement with the
having gone twelve miles by cross-corps of general Regnier, which
roads, on the morning of the 29th forms the rear-guard of prince
fell upon the advanced guard of the Schwartzenberg, the Austrian
enemy at Pletschenitza, while it was troops which were advancing to
preparing quarters for the emperor Slonim are again returned to Isa-
Napoleon. The fruits of this un- beline, to reinforce general Re-
expected attack were the capture of gnier. This movement induced
general Kaminsky, two colonels, lieutenant-general Sacken to retire
two lieutenant-colonels, two majors, upon Scheremoff, in order to be
24 officers of different ranks, and always in the rear of the enemy,
217 soldiers. The advanced guard in case this last should attempt to
of admiral Tchitschagoff, in vigo- march towards Wilna. By this
rously pursuing the enemy to Cho- movement your imperial majesty
tinischi, took from them five çan- will perceive, that the prince of
non, one colonel, six officers, and Schwartzenberg retires from racher
above 500 prisoners. Besides an than approaches towards Wilna.
inconsiderable loss of men on our However, in order to be quite cer.
side, major-general Grekoff was tain of the direction which he takes,

slightly wounded by a ball in the I have ordered the corps of count
head. The enemy, still pursued by Oscharoffsky to maneuvre on the
the advanced guard of admiral side of Slonim.-) this instant re-
Tchitschagoff, was on the 3d of ceived a report from count Platoff,
Deo. overtaken at Latigal, and vi. accompanied with a Polish standard,
gorously attacked by major-general which I have the honour to send
count Ozouzka, when two Saxon with this report to your imperial
standards were taken (which I have majesty.
now the honour to lay at your im-
perial majesty's feet, by the hands of Reports of the commander-in-chief
the sub-lieutenant of the guards, field-marshal prince Kutusoff
Feutsch), and one cannon, and Smolensko, to his imperial ma-
more than 1500 prisoners, among

jesty, Dec. 14.
whom are several officers, and one At the time of the capture of
general of whose name I have Wilna by our troops on the 10th
not yet been informed. The troops of December, the enemy defiled
of general count Platoff took a very through the streets, whilst count
active part in this affair.-The ad- Platoff, in order to cut off his re.
yanced guard of admiral Tchitscha. treat by the road to Kowno, oc-
goff having approached Molodet- cupied it with all his Cossack regi.
schino on the 4th of December, ments, as well as with those of the
found the bridge destroyed by the hussars of Olviopole, and the dra.
enemy; who, having quitted this goons of Shitomir and Arsamas.

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Having let pass the first of the Goussé, Normand, Gouliot, Le
enemy's columns, count Platoff Fevre, Fwanofsky, and Sajortschik;
ordered count Orloff Denisoff to 18 stiff officers, 224 superior offi-
attack it' with spirit, at the same cers, 9517 soldiers; and 5139 sick
time he himself attacked, with im- were found in the hospitals. A
petuosity the other columns; the great number of prisoners continue
artillery under colonel prince Kou. to be made in the neighbourhood;
dascheff kept up an incessant fire. and several magazines have been
Count Platoff afterwards ordered taken, which we have not had time
count Orloff Denisoff to pass in the to certify. As soon as the reports
rear of the enemy, to post detach- shall be drawn up, I shall have the
ments on his flanks, and to prevent happiness to submit them to your
bis arriving at the mountains of imperial majesty.
Ponary. The large columns were 19. This gazette contains a pro-
completely routed by the well- clamation by the prince regent in
directed fire of our artillery, and council, addressed to the Luddites,
afterwards entirely destroyed. One or those concerned with them, in
general, 30 officers, and more than the disturbed districts, inviting
1000 soldiers were made prison- them to make a full confession of
ers; 28 pieces of cannon were their offences, in having taken un-
taken, and a number of waggons lawful oaths, stolen ammunition
and carriages. The loss on our and fire-arms, &c. before a justice
side was very inconsiderable : of the peace, or magistrate, before
lonel Flowaisky and lieutenant- the 1st of March; when upon
colonel Bibikoff were dangerously making such confession, and taking
wounded, After the capture of the oath of allegiance, they shall
Wilna, I employed every possible be pardoned ; and no confession so
means to re-establish order, and to made shall be given in evidence
inform myself of every thing: but against the person making the
the shortness of the time does not same in any court, or in any case
permit me to present to your impe- whatever.
rial majesty, with this report, a de-

tailed inventory of all we have
found here, especially as the quan- The following is a list of the
tity of provisions of every sort, as

British naval force at present in well as the number of prisoners, is commission :--151 of the line; 23 50 great, that it will take a consi- ' from 50 to 44 guns; 157 frigates ; derable time to make an exact ac- 101 sloops ; 8 bombs and fire-ships; count. During my stay here, the 197 brigs; 40 cutters ; 63 schoonchief of the staff, general Stawra- ers, gun-vessels,&c.—Total, 740.koff, and major general Besrodni, Ordinary and repairing for service ; have collected from the different 77 of the line ; 10 from 50 to 44 magazines of the town fourteen guns; 70 frigates; 37 sloops ; 3 thousand tschetwert of barley, five bombs and fire-ships; 11 brigs; ! thousand ischetwert of biscuit and cutter; 2 schooners.—Total, 241. flour, an immense number of uni- -Building ; 29 of the line ; 4 from forms, muskets, pouches, saddles, 50 to 44 guns;_15 frigates ; 5 great coats, and other articles of sloops; 3 brigs-Total 56.-Grand equipment. We have made pri- totals: 257 of the line ; 37 from soners seven generals, viz. Vivier, 50 to 44 guns; 242 frigates; 143


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sloops ; 11 bombs and fire-ships; to the Bull inn, Bishopsgate-street, 211 brigs ; 41 cutters ; 65 schoon. and thence in a cooper's cart which ers, gun-vessels, &c.- In all, 1007. happened to pass at the time. The

officers made inquiries at a hundred coopers, but could not gain the

least information : at length, as In consequence of the murder of they were going along the Com. Mr. B. Robins, near Stourbridge, mercial road, following up their on the 11th ult. and a number of inquiries, they met a cooper's cart; daring depredations having been they told the driver the object of committed in that part of the coun- their pursuit; he denied knowing try, the magistrates and wealthy any thing of the circumstance, but inhabitants wrote up to the public promised to use, bis utmost endeaoffice, Bów-street, and applied for vours to find out the cart. The two officers. Adkins and Taunton officers gave him their address. In were dispatched, there with all the evening the man called on them, speed. The officers, soon after their confessed that he had deceived arrival, heard of a suspicious cha- them; and his reason for doing so racter, and they travelled upwards was, that he had once got into of 400 miles in pursuit of him, his great trouble with his master for person answering fully to the de- carrying something in his cart, and scription given by Mr. Robins of he had threatened to turn him away his murderer. They learnt that his if he did so again ; but as this was name was Wm. Howe, a journey. to lead to the detection of a murman carpenter, who resided at derer, he would run the risk of it. Humbersley, about six miles from He then told them that he had Kidderminster. He had been dis- carried the boxes for a man charged from his employment for swering the description of the one some trifling offence, supposed to they wanted, to a house in a court be a petty theft. He had left his in Bishopsgate-street. The officers home on the 17th of December, there learnt that he had gained telling his wife he was going to admission into the house of a poer Worcester to endeavour to get widow woman. He aş:eed to pay work, but was seen at Kiddermin. her a sluilling a week to let his ster on that day. On the evening boxes stay there, telling her that he of the 22d of December, about se. worked in the country, and that he ven o'clock, he returned home, ap- should occasionally call for his pearing very tired. The following tools and clothes. The officers told morning he packed up his clothes the old woman what he was in one box, and his carpenter's tools charged with, and agreed to reward in another, and in one of them he her if she would keep the secret, put a pistol. He took them to the and let them stay in her house to carrier, and they were conveyed to wait for his calling; which she Worcester, where the officers dis- agreed to, and they staid there covered that his boxes had been day and night till Thursday eventaken to the London waggon-office, ing, when he called at the old with the direction on them, “ Wm. woman's, and the officers took him Wood, Castle and Falcon inn, Al into custody. He denied having dersgate-street, London." Howe been at Stourbridge, or that he had claimed the boxes, conveyed them even heard of the robbery and mur




der of Mr. Robins. In one of his These estimates do not embrace boxes the officers found a bright the expense incident to the proposed pistol, which answers the descrip- increase of the navy, nor any other tion given by Mr. Robins. expenditure not yet authorised by

law. AMERICA, Jan. 26.

30. Decree or senatus consultum The report of the secretary of the respecting the levy of troops, treasury states, that the revenue Jan. 11, 1812 arising from duties on merchandize Art. 1.-350,000 men are is estimated at twelve millions and placed at the disposal of the mia half of dollars; of which sum nister at war, to wit: about five millions and a half arise 1.-100,000 men, forming the from duties on the late importa- 100 cohorts of the first ban of the tions from Great Britain. The national guards. probable amount of custom-house 2.-100,000 men of the conbonds during the year 1813 is esti- scription of 1809, 1810, 1811, and mated at eleven millions and a 1812, taken from among those who half of dollars. The sale of public have not been called to make a lands is estimated at about 500,000 part of the active army. dollars,

3.-150,000 of the conscripThe probable receipts

tion of 1812. into the treasury for

II.-In the execution of the 1813 are estimated,

preceding article, the hundred coexclusive of loans,

horts of the first ban shall cease to at

12,000,000 form a part of the national guard,

and shall form a part of the active Expenses of a civil

army. nature, interest on

Such men have married public debt, reim

before the publication of this pre-bursement of stock,

sent senatus consultum cannot be &c.

10,000,000 designated to make a part of the Military establishment 17,000,000 levies taken on the conscriptions Naval establishment 4,925,000 for the years 1809, 1310, 1811, and

1812, Amount altogether to 31,925,000 The 150,000 men of the con

scription of 1814, shall be levied in From which the above

the course of the year, at such time' twelve millions be

as shall be designated by the miniing deducted, a ba.

ster at war: lance is left (to be

31. A fire broke out at Sidney provided for by

College, Cambridge. It was dis. loans) of

19,925,000 covered abuut 11 o'clock at night ;

when, upon examination, it was Of this sum, one million is con- found that two chambers in diftracted for, and there remains a ferent parts of the building were balance of one million and a half on fire ; but the fames were very in treasury notes: an authority to soron éxtinguished. In consequence issue new notes for two millions of the depositions of the watchman, and a half more will reduce the a student who had that day taken loan to fifteen millions of dollars. his degree was detained in custody.



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He was afterwards tried and ac- that they do pay a fine of 5001. quitted.

each, and that they be severally

imprisoned for two years; Mr. John FEBRUARY

Hunt in Cold Bath Fields prison, 1. As Mr. Sack, a respectable and Mr. Leigh Hunt in the new farmer of Penshurst, was returning gaol in Horsemonger-lane, and home, he was attacked within a that each give securities in 10001. quarter of a mile of his own house, for his good behaviour for five and beaten in a most inhuman years. manner, and his jaw and right arm Windsor Castle, Feb. 6.-In the dreadfully fractured. He was early part of last month his majesty found the next morning nearly was under some degree of excitelifeless, but survived till the 7th ment, but he has since resumed inst. though he was never able to his former tranquillity. ' speak, or give any intimation re- 6. Between seven and eight specting the murderer. A boy o'clock, as Mr. Samuel Bayley, however of nine years old, the son cotton-merchant, was riding toof the murderer, Henry Lan- wards home, on the Rusholme road, gridge, was in company with his he was suddenly entangled by a father, and gave a very clear ac- rope stretched across the road for count how this atrocity happened: the purpose

the purpose of robbery. That Mr. Sack, having met his mare was upon a sharp canter, and father with a bundle of sticks, de. he was in a moment swept off her manded where he got them, when back, and instantly seized by four a scuffle ensued; and it is also men, who told him if he made any said that some ill-will subsisted resistance they would shoot him. between them, in consequence of They proceeded to rifle him of Mr. Sack's having a short time his property, and told him to propreviously demanded his rent. The ceed and make no alarm, or his murderer, from remorse of con- life should pay for it. He endea. science, has since drowned himself. voured in vain to recover his.mare;

3. Messrs. John and Leigh Hunt, but she found her way home alone the printer and the editor of The about six o'clock next morning. Examiner, were on Wednesday A youth of the name of Benjabrought into the court of king's min Caldwell, of Frodsham, in the bench, to receive judgement for the county of Cheshire, has made a libel upon the prince regent, of wooden model of a clock, for show. which they were convicted lasting the various situations of the term. An affidavit made by the sun and moon, the times of the defendants was read-declaring lunations, the rising, southing, and that they were actuated by no per setting of the moon and stars, the sonal malice whatever, nor any love moon's age and phases, the sun's or purpose of slander, and that and moon's place in the ecliptic for they are conscious of no motives every day in the year, and the day which were not honourable in of the month, which will serve writing and publishing the same, for four successive years, without &c. The defendants having de- altering each month as in common clined occupying the time of the clocks; it also shows the days of court by counsel, Mr. justice Le the week, time of high water, and Blanc passed sentence, which was, other phænomena. In the centre


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