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without the assistance of advice in returned to me, authenticated as which I could confide. And I have correct, under the signature of some had submitted to me the following person, who, having attested their observations, respecting the copies accuracy, may be able to prove it. of the papers with which have In the second place, it has been been furnished. . And I humbly observed to me, that the report solicit from your majesty's gracious proceeds, by reference to certain condescension and justice, a com- written declarations, which the pliance with the requests, which commissioners describe as the ne. arise out of them.

cessary foundation of all their proIn the first place, it has been ob- ceedings, and which contain, as I served to me, that these copies of presume, the charge or information the report, and of the accompany- against my conduct. Yet copies of ing papers, have come unauthenti- these written declarations have not cated by the signature of any per- been given to me. They are de. son, high, or low, whose veracity, scribed indeed, in the report, as or even accuracy, is pledged for consisting in certain statements, retheir correctness, or to whom re- specting my conduct, imputing not sort might be had, if it should be only, gross impropriety of behanecessary, hereafter, to establish, viour, but expressly asserting facts that these papers are correct copies of the most confirmed, and abanof the originals. I am far from in- doned criminality, for which, if sinuating that the want of such at- true, my life might be forfeited. testations was intentional. No These are stated to have been fol. doubt it was omitted through in. lowed by declarations from other advertence; but its importance is persons, who, though not speaking particularly confirmed by the state, to the same facts, had related other in which the copy of Mrs. Lisle's particulars, in themselves extremely examination has been transmitted suspicious, and still more so, as to me.

For in the third page of connected with the assertions althat examination there have been ready mentioned. two erasures; on one of which, On this, it is observed to me, some words have been, subsequently that it is most important that I introduced apparently in a diffe- should know the extent, and the Tent hand writing from the body of particulars of the charges or inforthe examination; and the passage mations against me, and by what as it stands, is probably incorrect, accusers they have been made; because the phrase is unintelligible. whether I am answering the charges And this occurs in an important of one set of accusers, or more. part of her examination.

Whether the authors of the original The humble, but earnest request, declarations, who may be collected which I have to make to your ma- from the report to be sir John and jesty, which is suggested by this ob- lady Douglas, are my only accuservation, is, that your majesty sers; and the declarations which would be graciously pleased to di- are said to have followed, are the rect, that the report, and the papers declarations of persons adduced which accompany it, and which, as witnesses by sir John and lady for that purpose, I venture to trans- Douglas to consirm their accusamit to your majesty with this let- tion; or whether such declarations ter, may be examined, and then are the charges of persons, who




have made themselves also, the au. was not sent to me, till the 11th of thors of distinct accusations against the present month. A similar deme.

lay, I should, of all things, deplore. The requests, which, I humbly For it is with reluctance, that I hope, your majesty will think rea- yield to those suggestions, which sonable, and just to grant, and have induced me to lay, these my which are suggested by these fur: humble requests, before your mather observations are,

jesty, since they must, at all events, First, That your majesty would in some degree, delay the arrival be graciously pleased to direct, that of that moment, to which, I look I should be furnished with copies of forward, with so earnest and eager these declarations; and, if they are an impatience; when I confidently rightly described in the report, as feel, I shall completely satisfy your the necessary foundation of all the majesty, that the whole of these proceedings of the commissioners, charges are alike unfounded; and your majesty could not, I am per- are all parts of the same conspiracy suaded, but have graciously in- against me. Your majesty, so tended, in directing that I should satisfied, will, I can have no doubt, be furnished with a copy of the re- be as anxious as myself, to secure port, that I should also see this es- to me that redress, which the laws sential part of the proceeding, the of your kingdom (administering foundation on which it rests. under your majesty's just dispensa

Secondly, That I may be informed tion, equal protection, and justice, whether I have one or more, and to every description of your ma: how many accusers; and who they jesty's subjects,) are prepared to are; as the weight and credit of afford to those who are so deeply the accusation cannot but be much injured as I have been. That I affected by the quarter from whence have in this case the strongest claim it originates.

to your majesty's justice, I am Thirdly, That I may be informed contident I shall prove; but I canof the time when the declarations not, as I am advised, so satisfactowere made. For the weight and rily establish that claim, till your credit of the accusation must, also, majesty's goodness shall have dibe much affected, by the length of rected me, to be furnished with an time, which my accusers may have authentic statement of the actual been contented to have been the charges against me, and that addisilent depositories of those heavy tional information, which it is the matters of guilt, and charge; and, object of this letter most humbly,

Lastly, That your majesty's good- yet earnestly, to implore,
ness will secure to me a speedy

I am, sire,
of these

papers, accom. Your majesty's most dutiful, panied, I trust, with the further in.

submissive, and humble formation which I have solicited;

daughter-in-law, but at all events a speedy return of Montague-house

. (Signed) C. P. them. And your majesty will see, To the king. that it is not without reason, that I make this last request, when your Montague-bouse, Dec. 8, 1806. majesty is informed, that though Sire,- I trust your majesty, who the report appears to have been knows my constant affection, loyalmade upon the 14th of July, yet it ty, and duty, and the sure cons


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dence with which I readily repose now take, I act upon a mistaken my honour, my character, my hap- conjecture with respect to the fact. piness in your majesty's hands, will But from the lord chancellor's comnot think me guilty of any disre. munication to my solicitor, and spectful or unduteous impatience, from the time which has elapsed, when I thus again address myself I am led to conclude, that your to your royal grace and justice. majesty had directed the copy of

It is, sire, nine weeks to-day, my letter to be laid before the comsince my counsel presented to the missioners, requiring their advice lord high chancellor my letter to upon the subject; and, possibly, your majesty, containing my obser- their official occupations, and their vations, in vindication of my honour other duties to the state, may not and innocence, upon the report, have, as yet, allowed them the presented to your majesty by the opportunity of attending to it. But commissioners, who had been ap- your majesty will permit me to pointed to examine into my con- observe that, however excusable duct. The lord chancellor inform- this delay may be on their parts, ed my counsel, that the letter should yet it operates most injuriously be conveyed to your majesty on upon me; my feelings are severely that very day; and further, was tortured by the suspense, while my pleased, in about a week or ten character is sinking in the opinion days afterwards, to communicate of the public. to my solicitor, that your majesty

It is known that a report, though had read my letter, and that it had acquitting me of crime, yet imbeen transmitted to his lordship puting matters highly disreputable with directions that it sould be to my honour, has been made to copied for the commissioners, and your majesty ;-that that report that when such copy had been has been communicated to me ;taken, the original should be re- that I have endeavoured to answer turned to your majesty.

it; and that I still remain, at the Your majesty's own gracious and end of nine weeks from the deroyal mind will easily conceive livery of my answer, unacquainted what must have been my state of with the judgment which is formed anxiety and suspense, whilst I have upon it. May I be permitted to been fondly indulging in the hope, observe upon the extreme prejudice that every day, as it passed, would which this delay, however to be acbring me the happy tidings, that counted for by the numerous imyour majesty was satisfied of my portant occupations of the commisinnocence; and convinced of the sioners, produces to my honour? unfounded malice of my enemies, The world, in total ignorance of in every part of their charge. Nine the real state of the facts, begin long weeks of daily expectation and to infer my guilt from it. I feel suspense have now elapsed ; and myself already sinking, in the estithey have brought me nothing but mation of your majesty's subjects, disappointment. I have remained as well as of what remains to me of in total ignorance of what has been my own family, into (a state intodone, what is doing, or what is in- lerable to a mind conscious of its tended upon this subject. Your purity and innocence) a state in majesty's goodness will therefore which my honour appears at least pardon me, if in the step which I equivocal, and my virtue is su

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spected. From this state l humbly trust, in your majesty's gracious entreat your majesty to perceive opinion, rescue this address from that I can have no hope of being all imputation of impatience. For, restored, until either your majesty's your majesty's sense of honourable favourable opinion shall be graci- feeling will naturally suggest, how ously notified to the world, by re- utterly impossible it is that I, con. ceiving me again into the royal scious of my own innocence, and presence, or until the full disclo- believing that the malice of my sure of the facts shall expose the enemies has been completely de. malice of my accusers, and do away tected, can, without abandoning all every possible ground for unfavour- regard to my interests, my happie able inference and conjecture. ness, and my honour, possibly be

The various calamities with which contented to perceive the approach it has pleased God of late to afflict of such utter ruin to my character, me, I have endeavoured to bear, and yet wait, with patience, and in and I trust I have borne, with hum. silence, till it overwhelms me. I ble resignation to the Divine will. therefore take this liberty of throwBut the effect of this infamous ing myself again at your majesty's charge, and the delay which has feet, and entreating and imploring suspended its final termination, by of your majesty's goodness and jusdepriving me of the consolation tice, in pity for my miseries, which which I should have received from this delay so severely aggravates, your majesty's presence and kind. and in justice to my innocence and ness, have given a heavy addition character, to urge the commission. to them all; and surely my bitter- ers to an early communication of est enemies could hardly wish that their advice. they should be increased. But on To save your majesty and the this topic, as possibly not much commissioners all unnecessary trou. affecting the justice, though it does ble, as well as to obviate all probathe hardship, of my case, I forbear bility of further delay, I have dito dwell.

rected a duplicate of this letter to Your majesty will be graciously be prepared, and have sent one pleased to recollect, that an occa- copy oi it through the lord chancel. sion of assembling the royal family lor, and another through colonel and your subjects, in dutiful and Taylor, to your majesty. happy commemoration of her ma.

I am, &c. jesty's birth-day, is now near at

(Signed) C. P. hand. If the increased occupations

To the king. which the approach of parliament

Jan. 28, 1807. may occasion, or any other cause, The lord chancellor has the ho, should prevent the commissioners nour to present his most humble from enabling your majesty to com- duty to the princess of Wales, and municate your pleasure to me be

to transmit to her royal highness fore that tine; the world will in the accompanying message from fallibly concludi', (in their present the king; which her royal highness state of ignorance) that my answer will observe, he has his majesty's must have proved unsatisfactory, commands to communicate to her and that the intamous charges have royal highress. been thought to be but too true. The lord chancellor would have These considerations, sire, will, I done himself the honour to have


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waited personally upon her royal The king sees, with great satis.
highness, and have delivered it him- faction, the agreement of his con-
self; but he considered the sending fidential servants, in the decided
it sealed, as more respectful and opinion expressed by the four lords,
acceptable to her royal highness. upon the falsehood of the accusa-
The lord chancellor received the tions of pregnancy and delivery,
original paper from the king yes- brought forward against the prin-
terday, and made the copy now sent cess by lady Douglas.
in his own hand.

On the other matters produced

in the course of the inquiry, the To ber royal bigbness tba

king is advised that none of the princess of Wales.

facts or allegations stated in preliThe king having referred to his minary examinations, carried on in confidential servants the proceeding the absence of the parties interested, and papers relative to the written can be considered as legally or condeclarations, which had been before clusively established. But in those his majesty, respecting the conduct examinations, and even in the anof the princess of Wales, has been swer drawn in the name of the prin. apprized by them, that, after the cess by her legal advisers, there fullest consideration of the exami- have appeared circumstances of nations taken on the subject, and conduct on the part of the princess, of the observations and affidavits which his majesty never could rebrought forward by the princess of gård but with serious concern. The Wales's legal advisers, they agree elevated rank which the princess in the opinions, submitted to his holds in this country, and the relizmajesty in the original report of the tion in which she stands to his ma. four lords, by whom his majesty di. jesty and the royal family, must al. rected that the matter should in ways deeply involve both the inte. the first instance be inquired into ; rests of the state, and the personal and that, in the present stage of feelings of his majesty, in the prothe business, upon a mature and priety and correciness of her condeliberate view of this most impor- duct. And his majesty cannot tant subject in all its parts and therefore forbear to express in the bearings, it is their opinion, that the conclusion of the business, his defacts of this case do not wariant sire and expectation, that such a their advising that any furher step conduct may in future be observed should be taken in the business by' by the princess, as may fully justify his majesty's government, or any those marks of paternal regard and other proceedings instituted upon affection, which the king always it, except such only as his majesty's wishes to shew to every part of his law servants. may, on reference to royal family. them, think fit to recomiend, for His majesty has directed that the prosecution of lady, Douglas, this message should be transmitted on those parts of her depositions to the princess of Wales, by his which may appear to them to be lord chancellor, and that copies of justly liable thereto.

the proceedings, which had taken In this situation, his majesty is place on the subject, should also advised, that it is no longer neces- be communicated to his dearly besary for him to decline receiving the loved son the prince of Wales. princess into his royal presence.


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