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of the dial-plate is turned round sun or moon's wire cuts in the the minute and hour hands, and ecliptic, appears to come from or two wires about four inches long, go under the horizon: the four at the ends of which are fastened hands will show the time of their flat round pieces of metal, re. rising and setting. In the arch are sembling the sun and moon. The exhibited the four seasons of the sun is carried round in 24 hours, year, the days of the week, time of to which is fastened a circle with high water, and the moon's place. the moon's age upon it. The moon is carried round in 24h.50 m.

Lisbon, Jan. 18. whose wire projects a little beyond 9. His excellency the marshal the moon, showing her age upon general the marquis of Torres this circle, to every half and quar. Vedras (lord Wellington), after ter day. Under the dial-plate, having passed through the triand showing through a somewhat umphal arches erected in the oval hole of 4 inches diameter, towns along the Tagus, where, for in the centre is a plate, carried thirty leagues, the inhabitants round in 23h. 56m. 175. The middle strove to outdo each other in testi. of this plate represents the north monies of enthusiasın, arrived on pole, and on it are marked the two the 16th in the Commercial Square tropics, the equinoctial and ecliptic, of Lisbon. Guns were fired, and the principal fixed stars, the day of the troops drawn out in two lines. the month &c. The edge of the dial. His excellency was mounted on plate round the hole represents the horseback, and the crowds of spechorizon; the sun revolves round in tators were immense. A general 24 hours, the dial and centre plate illumination was repeated for three in 23h. 56m. The sun will advance successive nights. On Sunday nearly one degree every day in the morning his excellency, in the Por. ecliptic, so that in 365 days and 5 tuguese uniform, went to pay his hours he will have gone through compliments to the lords regents all the 360 degrees. The cenire of the kingdom, and at four on the plate goes round in the same time same afternoon he returned to the as the stars seem to go round, by palace of government to partake the diurnal motion of the earth, of a sumptuous entertainment, at and it may be seen at any time what which the secular and ecclesiastical stars are rising, what stars are cul- authorities were present. At about minating, and which are setting ; half past seven his excellency refor, when any star appears to come paired to the theatre of San Carlos, from under the horizon, it is then which was richly adorned with rising, and the four hands show the emblematical figures. The scene time. A wire put perpendicular was opened with an anthem in from the pole represents the me. praise of the prince regent, whose ridian ; when the moon or any star portrait on being suddenly display, crosses the meridian, the four ed was greeted with thunders of hands will show the time of the applause. A piece was then permoon or stars southing or coming formed entitled o Nome (The to the meridian : when any star name) composed in honour of lord comes to the edge of the horizon, Wellington. The interlocutors were the index will show the time of its Glory, Posterity, Camoens, and the setting ; and the degree which the Great Constable. Many verses 1813.




from Camoens were introduced; the army, and that he will be sucand every line that could be ap- ceeded as secretary of Mr. plied to his excellency was enthu- Gallatin, whose place as compsiastically applauded. On the troller of the treasury is to be conclusion of the piece, Aowers supplied by Mr. Rush. and verses in honour of the hero A bill has passed, authorizing the were thrown froni various parts of secretary of the treasury to remit the house.

the fines, forfeitares and penalties 10. State of captures made by incurred under the non-intercourse the Russians up to the 26th of acts, in all cases of bond fi de AmeDecember :-Up to the 20th of rican property shipped between December were taken 33 generals, the 23d of June and the 15th of 900 officers, 143,000 non-commis- Sept. 1812. All prosecutions sioned officers and soldiers, and instituted for the recovery of such 745 pieces of cannon-From the fines, &c. are to be discontinued, 20th to the 25th of December, I on the regular duties being paid. general, 156 officers, 9754 non- Property introduced through the commissioned officers and soldiers, British provinces is not included in and 168 pieces of cannon.— Besides this act, but such only as was purthese were taken at Wilna, 7 ge- chased before the declaration of nerals, 242 officers, 14,756 non- was known, and shipped commissioned officers and soldiers, direct from Great Britain and Ire. and 217 pieces of cannon. Total land. 41 generals, 1299 cfficers, 167,510 A bill to authorize the build. non-commissioned officers and sol. ing of four seventy-fours and sis diers, and 1131 pieces of cannon. frigates has passed. The Pennsyl.

vanian legislature have voted for

the building of a frigate for the 11. The cartel Catherine Rayy use of the republic by a majority captain Hicks, arrived on Tues- of 70 to 20. day the 9th inst. The follow

The Constellation, 36 guns, is ing is the information brought by at sea, under the command of her to the 17th ult.

captain Stewart.

The Adams, The votes for president and vice. 32 guns, is in preparation, and will president of the United States were be commanded by captain Morris, on the 2d December,

who was captain Hull's lieutenant President.

in the action with La Guerriere. Madison 128 Clinton 89 The Macedonian is preparing for l'ice President.

sea at New York: captain DecaGerry 131 Ingersoll 86

tur has advised that the new fri. The re-election of Mr. Madison gates should be constructed after is therefore certain. Some changes the model of the Macedonian. in the cabinet have taken place : At New York a public dinner general Armstrong has, on the re- was given to the seamen who, signation of Dr. Eustis, been ap- captured the Macedonian ; and in pointed secretary at war. Capt. the evening they were invited to W. Jones succeeds the hon. Paul the theatre, where a spectacle was Hamilton as secretary of the navy. prepared in honour of the victory, It is supposed that Mr. Monroe and the pit was given up for their will have the chief command of accommodation.



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Office of commissioners for the affairs of colonel Watson reported, that a India, Feb. 11.-Dispatch from considerable body of the sultan's col. Gillespie, commander of the troops had left the Krattan, through forces in Java, to the honourable the east gate, and had proceeded T. S. Raffles, lieutenant-gover- upon some offensive or predatory nor of that Island, dated Djojo. excursion, which I thought it my carta, June 25.

duty immediately to prevent. I Honoured sir,-Without entering accordingly desired a detachment - upon any of the political points of fifty dragoons to escort me on a on which you did me the honour reconnoitring party, and I proto consult with me previous to the ceeded with my staff along the adoption of hostilities against the east wall of the Krattan, and sultan of Djojocarta, I shall pro- pursued them on a road to the eastceed to report to you the various ward, which the people of the operations of our small force, and country reported they had taken : the measures adopted, under my after a very circuitous route, we authority, for bringing this insolent arrived again upon the environs of and refractory sovereign to a sense the town, where we found large of what was due to the supremacy bodies of the enemy collected, who of the British government upon were well armed, and evidently Java.–On the afternoon of the 18th prepared for resistance.

At this inst. you did me the honour to period you had not communicated acquaint me, that the sultan of to me any final determination with Djojocarta had refused his acquies- respect to the sultan of Djojocarta, cence to those terms which in your and I was therefore withheld, by wisdom you had been pleased to sentiments of honour, from dioffer ; that, confident of the spersing those people by force of strength of his fortified position, he arms, which I had afterwards had determined to brave the conse- reason to regret. Mr. Crawford, quences our power might inflict; the resident, who accompanied me and that he had assembled his on the excursion, endeavoured, by army from all parts of the king- every possible means in his power, dom, who were prepared and de- to induce them to return. His termined on resistance. The troops solicitations and threats were equal. I had collected at this period of the ly unavailing, and we were at service, though few in numbers, length so insulted by stones from were formidable in gallantry: they the houses, and one of our dragoons consisted altogether of about 600 was so severely wounded by a firelocks, a proportion of artillery, spear in the side, that we were comand two tronps of his majesty's 22d pelled to act upon the defensive, dragoons. The remainder of our and in a short time they were diforce, with our principal supply of spersed. In this affair i regret to ordnance, were coming forward say, that one serjeant and four under the orders of lieutenant-col, dragoons were wounded, the serMacLeod, and were expected to jeant and one of the privates join my head.quarters during the dangerously, and in another part course of that night.-Hostilities of the town a sérjeant's patrole of had in some measure commenced twenty-five dragoons was fiercely upon the preceding evening! On attacked by a considerable number our arrival at Djojocarta, lieut- of the sultan's troops, whom they

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cut their way through, with the peatedly attacked by large bodies loss of one man killed and one of the sultan's infantry, in situations wounded.--I shall now return to where cavalry were unable to act. the afternoon of the 18th, when The promptitude and celerity of every thing was prepared for of- this officer's advance excited my fensive operations, as well as our warmest approbation : he was sescanty supply of ammunition would verely wounded himself, and lost admit. I am always an advocate five of his dragoons in the conflict; for promptness and decision, and I but, notwithstanding his perilous am aware that any measure of a and hampered situation, he exe. contrary nature would not only cated his importaut trust by join. weaken the confidence of our ing lieut-col. MacLend. On the troops, but increase the insolence following forenoon the whole of of the enemy. I therefore direct- this party arrived, consisting of a ed major Butler to open a fire from detachment of the royal artillery, our fort, which was immediately the grenadiers of his majesty's 59th returned by the sultan, but with regiment, and the flank companies inconsiderable effect. Captain Tees- and rifle company of his majesty's dale of the royal navy was wound. 78th. This reinforcement detered; and a magazine in the battery mined me upon my plan of operahaving accidentally blown up, I lost tions. The palace, or Krattan, of the services of two active officers, the sultan is surrounded by regular captain Young and licutenant' works about three miles in circumHunter, who were severely biunt ference; at each corner there is a by the explosion Light parties formidable bastion enfilading the were detached to scour the villages curtain, and the principal entrance on the right and left, and a body of in front is strongly defended by the sultan's troops kept major cannon. The whole of the fortifiDalton and part of his battalion cation is surrounded by a wet ditch, on the alert during the night; they and the gateways are all provided were attacked four successive times with draw-bridges, to prevent the with great spirit, but they repulsed passage across,

With all these the enemy with steadiness and good obstacles to our success, I relied conduct.-At about thrce o'clock upon the gallantry of my troops, P. M. I became exceedingly anxi- and determined upon the assault ous for the arrival of lieut..col. on the morning of the 20th inst, MacLeod and his party. I had in all the preparation necessary, I received no report whatever of his experienced much assistance from progress, and I was apprehensive licut.-col. Mackenzie of the en. that he had encountered soine dilli- gineers and major Thorne deputy culty upon the road, which might quarter-master-general, who pró. tetard the scrvice. I therefore cured every information that could detaehed lieutenant Hale with 25 possibly be obtained, and with dragoons, to obtain some informa- whom I arranged the plan of tion respecting him, and I after attack. - The principal part of the wards supported him with a further, force was divided into two columns; reinforcement of 40 men under the the leading one commanded by command of lieut. Keir of the lieut.-col. Watson, of his majesty's same regiment. The first detach. 14th foot, and the other by lieut.. ment, under lieut. Hale, was re- colonel MacLeod, of his majesty's 59th reginnent. Lieut. col. Dewar, myself severely wounded in the of the 3d Bengal native infantry, arm. Thus, with less than 1000 commanded a smaller party, and firelocks actually engaged, we have made a detour towards the rear of defeated upwards of 17,000 men, the Krattan. Major Grant con- and afforded a lasting proof of our ducted a central attack in front. At 'superiority and power. I shall rehalf an hour before day, the co- frain from entering into further lumns under the command of lieut.- particulars, as you were present col. Watson and lieut,-col. Mac- upon the spot, and our cordial Leod moved forward to the east communications with each other curtain, under cover of the fire have rendered them unnecessary. from our fort. They were, how. I have the honour to solicit your ever, discovered by the enemy be- particular attention to the valuable fore the scaling-ladders were plant- services of Mr. Crawfurd, resident. ed. The alarm was instantly It is impossible I can convey to given along the works, which only you how deeply I am impressed increased the activity and emulation with a sense of his talents and exof our troops. Lieut.-co!. Watson ertions. From the period of my advanced in the most galiant style, arrival until the conquest of the and soon obtained possession of Krattan, he was uniformly active the rampart. Part of major Dal- and assiduous, and his personal exton's battalion crossed the ditch at posure in tlie assault of the works the N. E. bastion, under captain merits equally my thanks and comLeys, and running along the beam, mendation.-Mr. Robinson of the admitted lieut.-col. MacLeod with civil service and Mr. Hardie were the second column, who blew also volunteers upon the occasion. open the prince's gate, and entered. I cannot speak too highly of their The action then became general. eagerness and zeal. Mr. Deans, Major Dalton, with part of the assistant to the resident, was essenlight infantry battalion, led in a tially useful in conducting lieut.spirited style to the south gate, col. Dewar's party to the south where they admitted lieuto-col. De- gaie. war, and saved the life of the

R. R. Gillespie, col. prince regent. The gallant 14th Return of killed and wounded, proceeded to scour the ramparts, Killed 23 ; wounded 76. Total, 96. and the capture of the sultan rendered the victory complete. I have

Paris, Feb. 14. the honour to report to you, that To-day, Monday, the 14th of during this arduous conflict the February, his majesty the emperor Toomogung Semoud Deningrat and king departed at one o'clock was killed. Lieul.-col. Dewar had from the palace of the Thuilleries the good fortune to encounter his in grand state to proceed to the paparty; and as he was known to be lace of the legislative body. Sal- the most powerful chieftain in the voes of artillery announced the interest of the sultan, and his insti- departure of his majesty from the gator in every hostile proceeding Thuilleries, and his arrival at the against the British government, I legislative body. consider this event as of the greatest [Here follows the route the propolitical importance.—About the cession took, and an account of the conclusion of the assault, I was formalities observed by the presi

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