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advice. And the whole character, than as amounting to an admission of the observations with which they of your majesty's confidential ser. accompanied it, marks the reluc- vants themselves, that I have, in tance with which they yielded to consequence of their withholding the necessity of giving it.

that advice, been unnecessarily and For your majesty's confidential cruelly banished from your royal servants advise your majesty, “ that presence, from the 14th of July to it is no longer necessary for you the 28th of January, including a to decline receiving me into your space of above six months; and royal presence.” If this is their the effect of the interposition of opinion and their advice now, why the prince, is to prolong my sufwas it not their opinion and their ferings, and my disgrace, under the advice four months ago, from the same banishment, to a period perdate of my answer? Nay, why was fectly indefinite. it not their opinion and advice from The principle which will admit the date even of the original re- the effect of such interposition now, port itself? For not only had they may be acted upon again ; and been in possession of my answer the prince may require a further for above sixteen weeks, which at prolongation, upon fresh statements least furnished them with all the and fresh charges, kept back posmaterials on which this advice at sibly for the purpose of being from length was given, but further, your time to time conveniently intermajesty's confidential servants are posed, to prevent for ever the ar. forward to state, that after having rival of that hour, which, displayread my observations and the afli- ing to the world the acknowledge davits which they annexed to them, ment of my unmerited sufferings they agree in the opinions (not in any and disgrace, may at the same single opinion upon any particular time expose the true malicious and branch of the case, but in the opin unjust quality of the proceedings nions generally) which were sub- which have been so long carried mitted to your majesty, in the orion against me. ginal report of the four lords. If This unseasonable, unjust, and therefore notwithstanding their cruel interposition of his royal highconcurrence in all the opinions con- ness, as I must ever deem it, has tained in the report) they have ne- prevailed upon your majesty to revertheless given to your majesty call to my prejudice your gracious their advice, “that it is no longer purpose of receiving me, in purnecessary


you to decline receiv. suance of the advice of your sering me;" —what could have pre- vants. Do I then flatter myself vented their offering that advice, too much, when I feel assured that even from the 14th of July, the my just entreaty, founded upon the date of the original report itself? reasons which I urge, and directed Or what could have warranted the to counteract only the effect of that withholding of it, even for a single unjust interposition, will induce your moment ? Instead, therefore, of majesty to return to your original any trace being observable, of hasty, determination ? precipitate, and partial determina- Restored, however, as I should tion in my favour, it is impossible feel myselt, to a state of compara. to interpret their conduct and their tive security, as well as credit, by reasons together in any other sense, being at length permitted, upon

your those

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your majesty's gracious reconside- ter and honour exposed by the deration of your last determination, lays which have taken place in these to have access to your majesty; proceedings; it will be seen that yet, under all the circumstances the existence of the charge against under which I should now receive me had avowedly been known to that mark and confirmation of your the public from the 7th of June in majesty's opinion of my innocence, the last year-I say known to the my cliaracter would not, I fear, public, because it was on that day : stand cleared in the public opinion, that the commissioners, acting, as

by the mere fact of your majesty's I am to suppose, (for so they state reception of me. This revocation in their report) under the anxious of your majesty's gracious purpose wish, that their trust should be exehas Aung an additional cloud about cuted with as little publicity as the whole proceeding, and the in- possible, authorized that un neces. ferences drawn in the public mind, sary insult and outrage upon me, from this circumstance, so myste- as I must always consider it, which, rious and so perfectly inexplicable, however intended, gave the utmost upon any grounds which are open publicity and exposure to the existto iheir knowledge, has made, and ence of these charges I mean the will leave so deep an impression sending two attornies, armed with to my prejudice, as scarce any thing their lordships' warrant, to my short of a public exposure of all house, to bring before them, at that has passed can possibly efface. once, about one half of my house

The publication of all these pro- hold for examination. The idea of ceedings to the world, then, seems privacy, after an act so much cal. to me, under the present circum- culated, from the extraordinary stances, (whatever reluctance I feel nature of it, to excite the greatest against such a measure, and how. attention and surprise, your ma. ever I regret the hard necessity jesty must feel to have been impose which drives me to it,) to be almost sible and absurd; for an attempt the only remaining resource, for at secrecy, mystery, and conceal. the vindication of my honour and ment, on my part, could, under character. The falsehood of the such circumstances, only have been accusation is, by no means, all that construed into the fearfulness of will, by such publication, appear guilt. to the credit and clearance of my It will appear also, that from character; but the course in which that time, I heard nothing authenthe whole proceedings have been tically upon the subject till the 11th carried on, or rather delayed, by of August, wlien I was furnished, those to whom your majesty re- by your majesty's commands, with feried the consideration of them, the report.

The several papers will show that, whatever measure necessary to my understanding the of justice I may have ultimately whole of these charges, in the aureceived at their hands, it is not to thentic state in which your majesty be suspected as arising from any thought it proper, graciously to die mercitul and indulgent considera- rect that I should have them, were tion of me, of my feelings, or of not delivered to me till the beginmy case,

ning of September. My answer to It will be seen how my feelings these various charges, though the had been harassed, and my charac, whole subject of them was new to


those whose advice I had recourse mote; all these various sentiments to, long as that answer was neces- have compelled me to submit, as sarily obliged to be, was delivered long as human forbearance could to the lord chancellor, to be for- endure, to all the unfavourable inwarded to your majesty, by the 6th ferences which were through this of October; and, from the 6th of delay daily increasing in the public October to the 28th of January, I mind. What the strength and effiwas kept in total ignorance of the cacy of these motives have been, effect of that answer. Not only your majesty will do me the justice will all this delay be apparent, but to feel, when you are pleased, grait will be generally shown to the ciously, to consider how long I have world how your majesty's servants been contented to suffer those su, had, in this important business, spicions to exist against my innotreated your daughter-in-law, the cence, which the bringing before princess of Wales, and what mea. the public of my accusation and sure of justice she, a female and a my defence to it, would so indisstranger in your land, has experi- putably and immediately have disenced at their hands.

pelled. Undoubtedly against such a pro- The measure, however, of making ceeding I have ever felt, and still these proceedings public, whatever feel, an almost invincible repug- mode I can adopt (considering

Every sentiment of de- especially the absolute impossibility licacy, with which a female mind of suffering any partial production must shrink from the act of bring- of them, and the necessity that, if ing before the public such charges, for any purpose any part of them however conscious of their scandal should be produced, the whole must and falsity, and however clearly be brought before the public) rethat scandal and falsity may be mains surrounded with all the ob manifested by the answer to those jections which I have enumerated, charges;--the respect still due and nothing could ever have prefrom me, to persons employed in vailed upon me, or can now even authority under your majesty, how- prevail upon me to have recourse ever litije respect I may have re- to it, but an imperious sense of ceived from them :-my duty to indispensable duty to my future his royal highness the prince of safety, to my present character and Wales ;-my regard for all the honour, and to the feelings, the chamembers of your august family ;- racter, and the interests of my child, my esteem, my duty, my gratitude I had Aattered myself, when once to your majesty;---my affectionate this long proceeding should have gratitude for all the paternal kind- terminated in my reception into ness which I have ever experienced your majesty's presence, that that from you ;--my anxiety, not only circumstance alone would have so to avoid the risk of giving any of strongly implied my innocence of fence or displeasure to your man all that had been brought against jesty, but also to fly from every me, as to have been perfectly suffioccasion of creating the slightest cient for my honour and my secu. sentiment of uneasiness in the mind rity; but accompanied, as it now of your majesty, whose happiness must be, with the knowledge of the it would be the pride and pleasure fact, that your majesty nas been of my life to consult and to pro, brought to hesitate upon its pro, 1813,



priety, ard accompanied also with submit to your majesty my most the very unjustifiable observations, earnest entreaties that the proceedas they appear to me, on which I ings, including not only my first shall presently proceed to remark; answer, and my letter of the 8th of and which were made by your ma- December, but this letter also, may jesty's servants, at the time when be directed by your majesty to be they gave you their advice to re

so preserved and deposited, as that ceive me; I feel myself in a situa- they may, all of them, securely retion, in which I deeply regret that main permanent authentic docuI cannot rest in silence without an ments and memorials, of this accu. immediate reception into your ma- sation and of the manner in which jesty's presence; nor, indeed, with I met it; of my defence, as well that reception, unless it be attend as of the charge. That they may ed by other circumstances which remain capable at any time, of being may mark my satisfactory acquittal resorted to, if the malice which of the charges which have been produced the charge originally, brought against me.

shall ever venture to renew it. It shall at no time be said, with Beyond this, I am sure your matruth, that I shrunk back from these jesty will think it but proper and infamous charges; that I crouched just, that I should be restored, in before my enemies, and courted every respect, to the same situation, them, by my submission, into mede- from whence the proceedings, under ration! No, I have ever boldly these false charges, have removed defied them. I have ever felt and me. That, besides being graciously still feel, that, if they should think, received, again, into the bosom of either of pursuing these accusations, your majesty's royal family, re. or of bringing forward any other stored to my former respect and which the wickedness of individuals station amongst them, your mamay devise, to affect my honour; jesty will be graciously pleased, (since my conscience tells me, that either to exert your influence, with they must be as base and ground- his royal highness the prince of less as those brought by lady Dou- Wales, that I may be restored to glas,) while the witnesses to the in- the use of my apartment in Carlton. nocence of, my conduct, are all house, which was reserved for me, living, I should be able to disprove except while the apartments were them all; and, whoever may be my undergoing repair, till the date of accusers, to triumph over their these proceedings; or to assign to wickedness and malice. But should me some apartment in one of your these accusations he renewed; or royal palaces. Some apartment in any other be brought forward, in or near to London is indispensably any future time, death may, I know necessary for my convenient attendnot how soon, remove from my in- ance at the drawing-room. And pocence its best security, and de- if I am not restored to that at Carlprive me of the means of my justi- ton-house, I trust your majesty fication, and my defence.

will graciously perceive, how reaThere are therefore other mea. sonable it is, that I should request, sures, which I trust your majesty that some apartment should be aswill think indispensable to be taken, signed to me, suited to my dignity for my honour, and for my secu- and situation, which may mark my rity. Amongst thesc, I most humbly reception and acknowledgment, as


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one of your majesty's family, and which this publication will expose from which my attendance at the me. But I am placed in a situadrawing-room may be easy and tion in which I have the choice only convenient.

of two most unpleasant alternatives. If these measures are taken, I And I am perfectly confident that should hope that they would prove the imputations and the loss of satisfactory to the public mind, and character which must, under these that I inay feel myself fully restored circumstances, follow from my siin public estimation, to my former lence, are most injurious and uncharacter. And should they prove avoidable; that my silence, under so satisfactory, I shall indeed be de. such circumstances, must lead inlighted to think, that no further evitably to my utter infamy and step may, even now, appear to be ruin. The publication, on the other necessary to my peace of mind, my hand, will expose to the world nosecurity, and my honour.

thing, which is spoken to by any But your majesty will permit witness (whose infamy and discredit me to say, that if the next week, is not unanswerably exposed and which will make more than a month established) which can, in the slightfrom the time of your majesty's in- est degree, affect my character, for forming me that you would receive honour, virtue, and delicacy. me, should pass without my being There may be circumstances dis. received into your presence, and closed, manifesting a degree of conwithout having the assurance that descension and familiarity in my these other requests of mine shall behaviour and conduct, which in be complied with; I shall be under the opinions of many, may be conthe painful necessity of considering sidered as not sufficiently guarded, them as refused. In which case, I dignified, and reserved. Circumshall feel myself compelled, how- stances however which my foreign ever reluctantly, to give the wlible education, and foreign habits, misof these proceedings to the world. led me to think, in the humble and Unless your majesty can suggest retired situation in which it was other adequate means of securing my fate to live, and where I had no my honour and my life, from the relation, no equal, no friend to adeffect of the continuance or renewal vise me, were wholly free from of of these proceedings, for the future, fence. But when they have been as well as the present. For I entreat dragged forward, from the scenes your majesty to believe, that it is of private life, in a grave proceed. only in the absence of all other ing on a charge of high treason and adequate means, that I can have adultery, they seem to derive a coresort to that measure. That I lour and character, from the na. consider it with deep regret ; that ture of the charge, which they are I regard it with serious apprehen- brought forward to support. And sion, by no means so much on ac- I cannot but believe, that they have count of the effect it may have upon been used for no other purpose myself, as on account of the pain than to afford a cover, to screen which it may give to your majesty, from view the injustice of that your august family, and your loyal charge; that they have been taken subjects.

advantage of, to let down my acAs far as myself am concerned, cusers more gently; and to deprive I am aware of the observations to me of that full acquittal on the re

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