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emperor Napoleon might think pro- formed against the emperor Napoper to require of them.

leon. From this moment the situ. Notwithstanding the alarm which ation of Bavaria became very crithe expression of such principles tical. The energy of the Bavarian must nécessarily cause, Bavaria government, and the attachment of still resolved, as she had no point a nation which considers no sacri. of law to support, to let 30,000 fice heavy when it is necessary to men of her troops join the French prove their love to an adored sove. army. The unexampled misfor- reign, had already, as by a magic tunes which distinguished that cam- stroke, created a new army, which paign are too well known to repeat marched towards the borders on the the distressing portrait of i: here. side of Austria. But the French The whole Bavarian army, includ- army, to which the emperor had ing a reinforcement of 8000 men, given the name of “The army of which joined it in the month of Oc observation of Bavaria," and which tober, was destroyed.

was assembling in the vicinity of There are but few families that Wurtzbourg, and in the surroundwere not put into mourning by that ing territory, instead of supporting dreadful catastrophe; and what the Bavarian army, suddenly re. was still more painful to his ma- ceived another destination. jesty's paternal heart was, that so In this critical situation, the em. much blood had been shed in a peror did not even deign to bestow cause which was not the cause of on his most faithful ally the least the nation. Meanwhile, prepara. consideration of means for his protions were made for a new cam- tection. Nay, more, the second paign; and Bavaria, which was on- army of observation, which was to ly the more steadfast to her ally in assemble under the command of proportion to his being unfortunate, marshal Augereau, was not formmade no hesitation in replacing the ed; and its weak stem, which was weak remains of 38,000 Bavarians, still at Wurtzbourg, totally disapwho had fought under the French peared. standards, by a new division.

Being in this manner totally de. At the commencement of the serted, his majesty would have incampaign, glorious prospects crown- fringed on the most sacred of all his ed the so often victorious arms of duties, had he not yielded to the the emperor Napoleon. Germany, wishes of his faithful subjects, and all Europe, believed that, as which were daily more loudly exthe emperor now found himself in pressed. The sovereigns allied a condition wherein he might show against France did not neglect to his moderation, without exposing inform the Bavarian government of himself to any suspicion of weak. the principles of moderation which ness, he would have accepted the animated them, and to assure it mediation which Austria, from the of their formal guarantee of the most wise and generous '

motives, integrity of the kingdom of Bavaoffered, for the purpose of pro- ria and its full borders, as at that curing peace to the world, or at time, on condition of the king's least to the contineut. This hope joining his warlike powers to theirs, was destroyed. On the contrary, not to carry on a war of ambition she saw the number of her enemies or aggrandisement against France, increase, by the powerful coalition but to secure the independence of of Austria to the coalition already the German nation, and of the



states of which it consists, and to and 100,000 Prussians are now fightprevail on the emperor Napoleon ing for liberty. to sign an honourable peace. His Russia, relying upon the good majesty could not have given a re- faith of her treaties, your chief fusal to such proposals without be- wished to invade ; you lost in a sincoming criminal to his own sub- gle campaign 300,000 soldiers, jects, and being blind to the sacred 40,000 horses, and more than 1000 principles on which only their wel cannon; and Russia's victorious arfare can be founded. In full con- mies having saved Poland, have fidence in such open and generous collected upon the Elbe, and offers, he has therefore resolved to threaten France herself. See, then, accept them in their full extent, and how he despises the blood which to conclude an alliance with the you spill, and laughs at your valour., three princes against the extensive Soldiers ! Europe has determined views which France has shown to be free, and the armies of Napoentertain, and for the good effects leon cannot resist her-she fights of which his majesty will use his uit- for the peace and liberty of the most endeavours.

world, and Frenchmen should His majesty wishes that a speedy take as much or more interest than peace may soon restore the rela. we in the good success of this contions which he would not now test, equally terrible as necessary. have relinquished, had not the il. Soldiers ! It is now requisite to legal extension of a power, which put an end to this war of twenty grew every day more insupportable, years, which would last as long as rendered it his duty to take the steps your emperor's life. Hasten to and form the alliance he has done, concur in this grand work; Spa

From henceforward, united in niards invite you, and will receive interest and sentiments with his you as brothers; and every French high and powerful allies, his royal soldier, as soon as he presents himBavarian majesty would neglect no ' self, shall receive his daily ration and means which maycontribute todraw bread; the cavalry soldier shall like. closer the ties that bind him to them. wise be at liberty to sell his horse ; Munich, Oct. 17, 1813.

you shall be at liberty to go where

ever you wish, or to enter into the fo. PROCLAMATION

reign corps which are in our pay. GENERAL GIRON, TO THE FRENCH. Soldiers ! In a just and national Soldiers,—The war in which you

man of honour would are engaged is not now a national abandon his colours; but under war; it is the result of the mad existing circumstances it is better ambition of your emperor, who to join the cause of the whole wishes to subject all nations.

world than combat for that of a Spain was in intimate friendship. single man, and contribute to the with France; Napoleon wished to disgrace of your own country. Who conquer her; 400,000 warriors re

among you can be actuated by main interred in her soil, and greater honour, valour, and love for you now find yourselves, after so France than Moreau and Berna. many labours, once more on the dotte? You know them well, and other side of the Pyrenees.

you know that they fight for our Prussia was almost subjected; cause, which is that of justice and the emperor wished to destroy her; of glory. Haste to imitate them.








TO THE INHABITANTS OF THE ITA- case regulate before hand. The LIAN AND ILLYRIAN QUARTER OF fixing of the boundaries of each

state will not in future depend on

the pleasure of a single sovereign, On the 8th instant there was

or on the right of conquest, but on signed at Ried, by the plenipoten- the consent of other powers. Such viaries of his imperial apostolic ma- is the wish of my master,—the objesty, and of his majesty, the king ject of this war,—the spirit of the of Bavaria, a treaty of alliance and peace which must be conquered, amity, by which Bavaria renounces and which shall restore their rights her connection with the confederaa to every people in Europe. tion of the Rhine, and joins all her (Signed) RoscHMANNY, forces to those of the allied pow. Privy-councillor of his imperial ers, for the important objects which

majesty, &c. they have in view. In communi

Hildesbeim, Nov. 6. cating this great event, which must In virtue of a convention between have consequences so important his royal highness the prince regent and so happy, to the knowledge of of England and the king of Prus. the inhabitants of the Italian and sia, the principality of Hildesheim Illyrian Tyrol, it is unnecessary to has been reunited to the states of add, that every 'kind of hostility his royal highness in Germany, ceases towards that power, our new Count Walmoden has been charged ally; and that it is the duty of to take possession of it. The cereevery individual to contribute by mony took place on the 3d inst. on all the means in his power to conso- which occasion the following pro. lidate that union, the object of clamation was published : which must cause it to be regarded as sacred. His majesty the empe- GEORGE PRINCE REGENT, IN THE ror of Austria will consider every NAME OF HIS MAJESTY GFORGB violation of the Bavarian territory,

II, ETC. and all resistance of the authorities Inhabitants of the principality of established by his high ally, as an Hildesheim !--After numerous viact of hostility against Austria, cissitudes, you are placed under my inasmuch as what is done for the government. This state of things one, contributes to the advantage is the most natural, and the most of both. There is nothing but a desirable for you. Your country durable peace which can restore the is surrounded on almost all sides by welfare of the Tyrol, the former the German provinces of my house; prosperous state of its commerce, your usages, your ancient constituand a regular civil constitution; tion, resemble ours; the greater and that peace can only be brought part of your territory was, at a about by the close union of the al- former period, for more than a lied courts. His imperial majesty century under the sway of my anpromises peace to the inhabitants cestors. Vicinity and experience of the Italian and Illyrian Tyrol, have made you acquainted with the and hopes that every one will principles upon which the princes await in tranquillity, and with confi. of Brunswick Luneberg have been dence, the particular indemnifica- accustomed to reign. We make tions to which he may have claims, no distinction between our old and and which his majesty will is no our new subjects; we exercise no


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authority over any of them but for SWISS CONFEDERATION.
their own good, and never for any We the landamman and the mem-
objcct that is foreign to them: to bers of the diet of the cantons of
conciliate their attachment and af- the Swiss confederation,
fection, by causing the welfare of To you, dear confederates, health.
all, is the constant object and best The war which was lately far
reward of our efforts. I expect of from our frontier, is approaching
you, with entire confidence, the our country and our peaceable
same fidelity which the Hanoveri- dwellings.
aris, amidst the severe trials of these Under these circumstances it was
latter times, have constantly dis- our duty, as deputies of the con-
played towaris his majesty in a federate cantons, to maturely re-
manner the most affecting. Reckon flect upon the situation of the coun-
upon my protection in the exercise try, to address communications to
of your religion, in the enjoyment the belligerent powers, and make
of yoor property, your rights, and all the ulterior dispositions which
on my most zealous cares for your our circumstances demand.
welfare. You also have partaken Faithful to the principles of their
of the calamities which for many forefathers, 'we have, in virtue of
years have weighed heavily on so the power and orders of our govern-
many of the German states : the ment, declared with unanimous
fortune of war for some time tore voice and will the neutrality of the
you from the sway of a German Swiss. We are going to have trans-
monarch to subject you to foreign mitted and notified in the most pro-
laws, altogether unsuitable to your per forms, to the sovereigns at war,
country, and for the interests of a ihe solemn act which we have jus&
sovereign who was still more fo. passed with this intention.
reign to you.

You have deep Thanks to divine protection, the
wounds to cicatrize ; and great abservation of an exact neutrality
sacrifices, generous efforts, will still has, during ages, guarantied the
be demanded of, you, in order to liberty and repose of our country.
conquer a solid peace, and to se. Now, as in times of old, this neu.
cure public. order and tranquillity, trality alone belongs to our position
without which the general happi- and to our wants. We therefore
ness can never be successfully re- wish to establish and make it rea
established. Do not lose sight of spected by all the means which are
this necessity ; but place your con- in our power ; we wish to ensure
fidence in the aid of the Almighty, the liberty and independence of
who has already granted to me and Switzerland, maintain its present
my high allies victory over the constitution, and preserve our ter-
common enemy; who has also de- ritory from all attempts : such is
livered you, and who will assuredly the only end of all our efforts,
bless my constant efforts to restore To this effect we address out.
and augment your prosperity. selves to you, dear confederates of

By order of his royal highness all the cantons of Switzerland, in the prince regent,

immediately giving you information' (Signed) Decken. of the declaration which has just BREMER. been issued. The diet expects of

each of you, whoever he may be, that he will act in the same views ;


that lie will contribute by all his, burghers, who have acted with means to the common cause ; that so much discrimination in the per: he will make the efforts and sacri- formance of this, to them, severe fices which the good of the country duty, as to the other official persons, and its preservation demand; and who, both on horse and foot, have that thus the whole nation will show contributed to the preservation of the itself worthy of their forefathers, public tranquillity. They give due and of the happiness which they thanks on behalf of the whole enjoy.

burghership, for the services which, May the sovereign master of the with the blessing of God, they have world be pleased to accept the ho. rendered, and which have put a mage of our profound gratitude for stop to the further progress of irrethe immense benefits which he has gularities, and thereby prevented hitherto diffused over our country! it from suffering greater misforand may the preservation, the tran- tines, and at the same time obliged quillity, and the happiness of this all others to go forward with the state, placed under his protection, same ardent zeal, to assist the pro. be granted to our prayers ! visional government in securing the

Given at Zurich, Nov. 20. peace and security of all persons

The landamman of the Swiss, and effects; and they likewise admopresident of the diet,

nish all the official persons in this J. de REINHARD. city to refrain from all excesses, but, The chancellor of the confedera.. on the contrary, by all means to tion,

MOERISON. assist the activity of the national

guards, and others who have joined them, for the restoration of public

order; and the government will, Amsterdum, Nov. 19, 1813. so far as lays in its power, use its The following has been published best endeavours, that the services here :

rendered for the benefit of this city, PROCLAMATION.

and of its appointed official persons, The provisional government of shall not beforgotten; and that those the city of Amsterdam having ex. who unhappily may have proved perienced how it has pleased the themselves guilty of excesses, Divine Providence to crown its en- shall be exemplarily punished; bedeavours for the restoration of the cause the government likewise means quiet of this great and considerable to put those who do service as subcity, with the best effects; so that stitutes in the national guards, on not only every thing has been duty, from the moment it falls to speedily, and according to the con- thern by their contract; in full con. stitution, resto; ed to order ; but fidence that they will always proe that, ever since, the best founded ceed with the same zeal as they hopes are increasing, that in fu. have hitherto shown, in assisting ture the public order will not to preserve the peace and good again be disturbed : This happy order. and speedy result is, under God,

The provisional government chiefly to be ascribed to the un. aforesaid, expected efforts, as well of the

J. C. VAN DER Hoop. officers and men of the armed Amsterdam, Nov. 18.


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