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and the 8th of February appointed take possession of Gottenburg, while for putting their plan in execution. Colonel Adlesparre marched with The King was to be arrested oppo- the rest of his army to Orebro. site to a particular tavern on his Meanwhile the spirits of the conway to Haga, a palace where he spirators in Stockholm had failed almost always resided, in conse- them, and they had allowed the 8th quence of a disgust which he had of February to pass by without at. conceived against his capital, tempting any thing.

• Meanwhile the western army, "On Sunday the 12th of March, baving concluded a truce with Prince an extra post arrived in Stockholm Augustenburg, the Governor of with the proclamation of the west. Norway, published a manifesto, ern army, and a full account of their stating their grievances, and their proceedings. In the afternoon the determination to redress them, and King went from Haga to Stockbegan their march for that purpose holm, and as soon as he entered towards Stockholm. Tlie leaders the palace ordered the gates to be of this army seemed to have corro- shut; guards were placed at all the sponded with the conspirators in avenues of Stockholm, with orders Stockholm, and to bave been per. to allow no person to enter without fectly aware of their designs. That the strictest examination, and to the motives of all the conspirators permit no one, whatever, to leave were not of the purest kind, and the city. All the great officers of that several of them were in the state were ordered to repair to Nyinterest of France and Russia, is köping, all the troops were to be generally admitted. I could even withdrawn from Stockbolm, and a mention the names of some who German regiment was ordered to were most vehemently suspected of oppose the western army. The being in the pay of France; but King was upon the point of seizing am prevented from taking such a all the money in the bank, and of step from motives of delicacy, lest erecting bis standard at Nyköping; I should injure innocent men by the consequence would have been a accusations founded only on vague civil war added to all the other report, and drawn chiefly from the miseries to which Sweden was proposals which they made to bring already exposed. The conspirators, about the revolution by dissolving at Stockholm, were sensible that the the government.

king's retreat ought at all hazards to “ Colonel Adlesparre, who com- be prevented, and, therefore, re. manded the western army, conduct-solved upon attempting to seize his ed his troops to Carlstadt, haran- person next day, the 13th of March, gued the different regiments in suc- before he should have leisure to put cession in the market place, inform- any of his plans in execution. · Baron ed them of the hazardous enterprize Adlercreutz, who had come to which he had undertaken, and the Stockholm on purpose, and who had necessity of such measures for the acquired reputation by his conduct safety of their country. The troops in the Finland war, agreed to take unanimously entered into his views, the lead on this occasion. and offered to sacrifice their lives " Baron

Adlercreutz, Count for the salvation of their coun- Klingspor, Colonel Silfversparre, try. A detachment was sent to and many other officers who were

in the secret, assembled in the palace collected a number of officers, he by eight o'clock in the morning. entered the king's, room. When Only four of the life guards remain the door opened the king seemed ed in the palace, the rest having surprised; the baron immediately gone to prepare themselves for their approached, and said, “That the journey. The number of conspira- public mind was in the utmost irritors within the palace amounted to tation from the unfortunate state of about fifty. Little danger was to the country, and particularly from be apprehended from any opposition his majesty's intended departure which these four men could make. from Stockholm: that the higher The gates of the palace had been officers of state, the troops, and the shut by the king's command. The most respectable citizens had enconspirators assembled in consider- couraged him to represent the conable numbers in a room adjoining sequences to his majesty, for which the king's bed-chamber; Count purpose'-here the king loudly exUgglas was first called in to his claimed, Treason! you are all cormajesty; the Duke of Sudermania rupted and shall be punished! The soon after arrived and went in to the baron answered, 'We are no trai. king, just as Count Ugglas came tors, but wish to save your majesty, out. It is said that the Duke was and our country.' The king imme. requested, by Baron Adlercreutz, to diately drew his sword, the baron remain in the palace; but that he rushed upon him and seized him declined, saying, he had received round the waist, while Colonel Silforders froin the King which must be versparre took the sword out of his immediately executed. Baron Ad- hand; the king then cried out, lercreutz insisted that Count Ugglas • They are going to murder me, should remain, informing bim, ibat help! help!--They endeavoured to a moment of infinite consequence re-assure the king, and he promised approached, and that the King must to be more composed if they would be prevented from leaving Stock- return his sword; this request they holm; Connt Ugglas said, that he cndeavoured to evade, and when had used every endeavour to per- the king obstinately insisted on it, suade the King to stay, but in vain, he was told that in this respect he and begged that any further remon- could not be gratified, nor be perstrance might be offered with cau. mitted any more to interfere in the tion: the baron answered, that it management of the kingdom. was now intended to speak to the The king's outcries bad alarmking in a manner which he thought ed some of the body guard, who had would be effectual. When the just arrived, and the servants of the Duke of Suderinania came out, palace, who enceavoured to force Count Klingspor was called in to open the door; but liut bring able his Majesty, and during tire con- to succeed, they broke the upper versation strongly represented panvel with pokers and sabres. the imprudence of leaving the Baron Adlercreutz commanded the capital. Baron Adlercreutz now door to be opened, and rushed into went round and desired those who the middle of The wd, seized a were stationed at the gates and sabre from a hussar, spatched from the other parts of the palace to be the adjutant-general his staff of vigilant on their parts, and having office, and holding it up before him said, that he now considered him. be placed in the room as a guard self as adjutant-general, and in that upon the king. He went out ac capacity, commanded the guards to cordingly to procure them, and the retire; this command was obeyed king seeing him return with two with some hesitation, and several officers through the door that had officers who were not in the con- been demolished by the guards, imspiracy were put under arrest. The mediately made his escape through baron then went up to the room the opposite door, and locked it where the guards usually assembled; behind him. he assured them that the king's per- • The baron was alarmed at the son was not in the smallest danger, danger which would result from the and that the only object in view was escape of the king, leaped against to save the country from ruin; he the door and burst it open, and ran conjured them not attempt any in pursuit of him. in the next thing that might occasion blood- room there is a spiral staircase, open shed and endanger the life of the all round, which leads up to the king. After some hesitation and floor above. · When the baron enargumentations, the baron had the tered the room, he saw the king on address to persuade them to remain the highest step of this stair. He tranquil. Proper regulations were threw a bunch of keys in the baron's then made for the security of the face, and immediately disappeared. capital. The citizens mounted When Baron Adlercreutz got to the guard at the bank and public offices, top of the stair, the king was no and the streets were kept quiet by where to be seen. By accident he patroles of the burgher cavalry and took the same road as the king, and cuirassiers, who had orders not to meeting some servants in the way, molest any person who was not was by them directed in his puropenly riotous.

suit. But he reached the court of “ Meanwhile the king had en- the palace without having seen the treated to be spared the mortifica. king. Gustavus had been so precition of seeing the officers who had pitate in his escape, that he fell on been concerned in his arrest, and the stair, and burt his arm severely. who bad been left with him by " When the king's escape was Baron Adlercreutz in order to secure made known, the whole conspirahis person. They retired in conse- tors were filled with consternation, quence, and Count Ugglas and and rushed in a body to the court General Count Strömfelt were sent of the palace to endeavour to interin to his majesty to endeavour to cept his majesty's flight. Greiff, tranquillize him. The king con- keeper of the king's game, had preo trived to draw General Strömfelt's cipitately descended the great stair, sword from the scabbard, and when and was the first that reached the the general missed it, and entreated court. He saw the king, with his to have it returned, his majesty sword in his hand, making towards answered, that the general was just the only gates that had been left as good a general as he a king with- open. As soon as Grieff overtook out a sword. Baron Adlercreutz, him, the king made a violent push who had just returned, being in- at him, but with so unsteady an formed of the circumstance, thought arm, that the sword passed up the it necessary that some officers should sleeve of Griff's coat, and only


slightly wounded him. His sword sult of them is well known, and being thus entangled, his breath likewise the terms upon which gone, and his strength exhausted, peace was concluded between Swea he was easily overpowered. He den and Russia, I conceive it needwas carried up stairs, and at his own less to enter into any particulars. desire taken into the white room. He Soon afterwards peace was concludwas there set down upon the chaired likewise with France, and with nearest the door, and exactly oppo- Dentnark. site to the portrait of Maria An- “ Most of the Swedish ministers tionette, the late unfortunate Queen retained their places, and every proof France. He remained quiet the per precaution was taken to quiet whole day. Not the smallest dis- The minds of men, and prevent those turbance took place in the capital, commotions which even the mild. no displeasure was testified by the est revolution never fails to provoke. people, and the theatre in the ever- A proclamation of the protector aning was crowded by an unusual nounced that the war taxes were number of spectators.

not to be levied, and on the same “ The Duke of Sudermaria took clay the states of the kingdom were upon him the government. The in the usual form summoned to aschange wasimmediately proclaimed, semble at Stockholm, on the 1st of and received with acclamations by May. An account of the state of the people. Hardly any revolution the nation was published on the was ever brought about with greater 15th of March. A proclamation on facility. No' tumult ensued; no the 20th of the same month inblood was sied in any part of the formed the nation of the necessities kingdom, and not a single murmur of the state; and partly by loan, expressed at the dethronement of partly by contributions of money, the king. At two o'clock in the trinkets, and jewels, the sum of morning, the king was conveyed to 300,000 rix-dollars,or about 50,0001. Drottningholm, and a few days sterling was immediately raised to after to Gripsholm. Intelligence of defray the immediate exigencies of the revolution was dispatched all government. over the kingdom, and Baron Von On the 29th of March, GustaDöbeln, who commanded in Oland, vus Adolphus voluntarily abdicated was requested to endeavour to con- the throne of Sweden. The terms clude an armistice with Russia One of the abdication, which was writRussian

army was descending from ten by the king himself, are so Torneo, another was crossing the characteristic of the man, that I Gulf of Bothnia upon the ice, and shall here insert a literal translation the little Swedish arıny in Oland of the paper. was surrounded by 30,000 Russians. The Russi ans insisted that the Swea “In the Blessed Name of the dish troops in Oland should sur- Most Holy Triune God, Jender prisoners of war; but Von

«. We Gustaf Adolph, by the Döbeln declared, that sooner tban Grace of God, king of the Swedes, submit to such terms, he would put Goths, and Vandals, &c. Duke of an end to the negotiations, and Schlesvig, Holstein, &c. make fight to the last man. Considerable known, that since on this day 17 difficulties took place in the nego- years ago, we were proclaimed king, tjations with Russia; but as the re- and with a bleeding heart ascended


a tenderly beloved and revered fa- remainder of our days to the honour ther's bloody throne, it has been our of God, wishing to all our subjects endeavour to advance the prosperi- the grace and blessing of the Alty and honour of that ancient king. mighty, and better times to them dom, indispensable to the happiness and their posterity. Yes! Fear God of a free and independent people. and honour the king. For further As we can now no longer exercise proof, we have composed with our the royal functions, according to the own band, subscribed, and with purity of our intentions, nor pre- our royal seal confirmed, these preserve peace and order in tbe king- sents. dom, in a manner worthy of our- 6. " At the palace of Gripsholm, selves and our subjects, we consider the 29th day of Marçb, in the year it a holy duty to resign our kingly afier our Lord and Saviour's birth, calling, which we now do freely one thousand eight hundred and and without compulsion, in order nine. that we may be enabled to live the



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