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(e) Id. ib. Bum hanc utriufque ffeciei differentiam perpendo, fuccurrit animo, Brut* ejfe velut machinm, &c.

(d) That our great Man was not mistaken, there is great Reason to imagine, from what he observed in dissecting ^ Fool. Besides, the Brain being but small, he faith, Pruipua auiem discrimmii nota quam inter tllim &. virl cordati panes advertitnits, becce eras; ntmpe quod pr&dittus Nervi Iniercacostalis Plexus, quern Certbri cr Cor dis internunctum v Homints proprium diximus, in Stulto hoc valcle exllts, v minori fjervorum fatellith flipatus fuerit. Ibid.

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* « certainly (faith he) the Works of Wisdom and "Virtue .do very much depend upon this Com** merce which is between the Heart and Brain: *' And so he, goeth on with more to the same purpose. Upon the Account of this Intercostal Commerce with the Heart, being wanting in Brutes, there is another singularly careful and wise Provision the infinite Creator hath made in them, and that is, That by Reason both the Par Vagum and the Intercostal too, do not send their Branches to the Heart, and its Appendage in Brutes, therefore, lest their Heart should want a due Proportion of Nervous Vessels, the Par Vagum sends more Branches to their Heart than to that of Man. This as it is a remarkable Difference between Rational and Irrational Creatures j so it is as remarkable an Argument of the Creator's Art and Carej who altho' he hath denied Brute-Animals Reason, and the Nerves ministring thereto, yet hath another Way supplied what is necessary to their Life and State. But let us hear the fame great Author's Descant upon the Point (e); " In"asmuch, faith he, as Beasts are void of Difcre"tion, and but little subject to various and diflse45 rent Passions, therefore there was no need that "the Spirits that were to be convey'd from the 5* Brain to the Pnecordia, should pass two different "Ways, namely, one for the Service of the vital "Functions, and another for the reciprocal Impres"sions of the Affections; but it was sufficient that "all their Spirits, whatever Use they were de*' signed for, should be conveyed one and the fame K Way. ii3i3sfw God (a) in these, his Works, even of the poor Beasts of the Earth, that will not fay (as Elihu hath it, Job xxxv. 10,11.) Where is Gad my Maker who teachetb us more than the Beasts of the Earth and maketb us wiser than the Fowls of the Heaven? Of such an one we may use the Psalmist's Expression, P/a/.xlxix. II. That he is like the Beasts (b) that perish.

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(e) Id. ib. cap. 19. In quantum Be/lit frudentii weitf, V var'iK diverlifaue taffunibus, 8cc.

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A Survey 0/ Birds.

A VING briefly, as well as I could, dispatch'd the Tribe of Quadrupeds; I shall next take as brief and transient a View of the feather'd Tribe. And here we have another large Province to expatiate in, if we should descend to every Thing wherein the Workmanship of the Almighty appears. But.I must contract my Survey as much as may be; and shall therefore give only such Hints and Touches upon this curious Family of Animals, as may serve for Samples of the rest of what might be observ'd. .

_ C H A P. I.

Of the Motion of Birds, and the Parts minis ring thereto.

AS this Tribe hath a different Motion from that of other Animals, and an amphibious Way of Life; partly in the Air, and partly on the Land and Waters j so is their Body accordingly fhap'd, and all their Parts incomparably fitted for that Way of Life and Motion > as will be found by a cursory View of some of the Particulars. And the

''"' l'1 I. And

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