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may knowe the eclypse of the sonne and & mentioned (for our better instruction) mone from the date of our lord. M.CCCCC. divers observations, . . . With sundry &. xxii. ynto ye date of our lorde. advertisements, and forwarnings, M.CCCCC. & . xxxvi ; And truely cor- London, Printed by John Hammond, rected by a true copye with great dyly- | 1645 [December 23, 1644]. 4', 4 leaves. gēce. Imprynted at London in the B. M. Feltestrete at the sygne of the sonne by The Bloody Almanack: Or, Astrological me wynkyn de worde. [1522.) 8o, black

Prædictions, and Monethly Observations, letter, 10 leaves, including a large wood- For the Year, 1659. From the Motions cut the size of the page before the title. and Configurations of the Coelestial Puttick & Simpson, Dec. 5, 1876, No. 11.

Bodies, : . . Further denoting and set[An Almanacke and Prognostication for ting forth the Victorious proceedings of the year of ou]r Lorde . M.ccccc. and the English against the Spaniards. XXXUJJ. A large sheet, printed in black | London, Printed for Iohn Raynor, 1659. and red. Bagford papers (a fragment). 4°, 4 leaves. The Rules and Ryghte ample Documentes

An Almanack for the Yar of ovr Lord Touchinge the vse and practise of y® com

1675. An engraved sheet in compartmon almanacke which ys caled ephe- ments. Bagford papers (a fragment). merydes. Licensed to Thomas Marshe, in London Almanack for ye Year of ovr 1557-8.

Lord 1697 ... An engraved sheet. A necessary Almanacke and Kalender Bagford papers. In whiche is contayned the daye hower London Almanack for ye Year of ovr and mynute of the chaunge, full, and Lord 1698. An engraved sheet. Bagquarters of the Moone, for this yere of a.

ford papers. 1560, and the true degree and minute of

London Almanack for the Year of our the Sonne euery day at noon with the

Lord 1707. An engraved sheet. Bagsigne and degre of the Moone also at ford papers. noon . seruing wel for these thre next

A new Perpetuall Almanack most readily yeares and seuerall rules for the weather. .. gathered by Thomas Hyll Londi[ner]. shewing The Day of the Month, New

Moon, Key day Leap year. Imprinted at London in Fletestrete nere to

.. [Lon

( s. Dunstons Church by Thomas Marshe.

don, J. Sturt i circà 1720.) A sheet

entirely engraved and issued at sixpence. 4o. Bagford papers (title only).

Bagford papers. A[n] almanacke for the monythes.

ALMANSOR. Licensed to Owen Rogers in 1562—3.

Almansor the Learned and Victoriovs An almanacke with the names of the

King that conquered Spaine. His Life Kynges. Licensed to T. Marsh in 1565-6.

and Death published by Robert Ashley, A perpetuall almanack servinge for a out of the Librarie of the Vniversitie of memoryall. Licensed to T. Purfoot in Oxford. 1566.

Seneca. Otium tuum non emineat : sed An almanacke in Duche. Licensed to appareat. John Stell and Arnold van Gulke in London, Printed for John Parker. 1627. 1568-9.

4°, A-L in fours, besides 4 leaves of A spirituall Almanacke / and a faythfull prefixes. Dedicated to Charles I.

This work was ready for the press, it prognosticacon vpon the yere 1586 . and

seems, some time before it was printed. perpetually after to the worldes ende.

ALMS. being one booke and called A Juell for gentilwomen. Licensed to Henry Den

A Treatise, how By the Worde of God,

Christian mens Almose ought to Be disham, 7 Feb. 1585-6.

tributed. [Quot. from Matth. vi.] No The Register Booke or Applicacon of the place, &c. [Printed abroad, about 1555.] blanck Almanack, to the true and orderlie 89, A-B in eights, B 8 blank. Lambeth. keepinge of the Register booke of wed- ALNWICK, J. dinges Christeninges and Burialles accord

Alnick his Meditations vpon Gods Monsinge to the Queenes Iniunctyons. Licensed

archie, and the Deuill his Kingdome. i to Thomas Purfoot, the Elder and

And of the knowledge that Man in this Younger, 26 Feb. 1592–3.

life may obtaine of the almightie, eternal, A New Bloody Almanack, For this in- and most glorious Godhed :. Imsuing year 1645. Wherein is contained printed at London by Gerred Dewes

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1587. 4o, black letter. I 4 leaves, first Newberry, 1632. 4°, A-N in fours, the blank: CC, 4 leaves: A-Pin fours, P 4 first and last leaves with woodcuts only. blank. Dedicated to Sir F. Walsingham. A Remonstrance of the Directors of the ALSOP, GEORGE.

Netherlands East India Company, preA Character of the Province of Maryland, sented to the Lords States Generall of Wherein is Described in four distinct the vnited Provinces, in defence of the Parts, viz.

said Companie, touching the bloudy proI. The Scituation, and plenty of the ceedings against the English Merchants, Province.

executed at Amboyna. Together with II. The Laws, Customs, and natural the Acts of the Processe, against the sayd

Demeanor of the inhabitants. English. And the Reply of the English III. The worst and best Vsage of a East Company, to the said Remonstrance Mary-Land Servant, opened in

and Defence. Published by Authority. view.

Printed at London by Iohn Dawson, for IV. The Traffique, and vendable Com- the East India Company, 1632. 4°. A-E modities of the Countrey.

3 in fours : the Copy of the Processe, Also A small Treatise on the wilde and with a fresh title, A-E in fours: the Renaked Indians (or Susquehanokes) of ply, B-G in fours. Mary-Land, their Customs, Manners, AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. Absurdities, & Religion. Together with

The Roman Historie, Containing such a Collection of Historical Letters. By George Alsop. London, Printed by T.

Acts and occurrents as passed under ConJ. for Peter Dring

stantius, Julianus, Valens, Empe1666. Small

Digested into 18 Bookes, the 8°, A-I in eights. With a portrait and

remains of 51, and written first in map. Dedicated to Cecil, Lord Balti

Latine by Ammianus Marcellinus. Now Grenv. Coll.

translated newly into English. , . . Done Prefixed are some verses by the author

by Philemon Holland. London, to his book.

Printed by Adam Islip. An. 1609. Folio. ALSTED, HENRY.

A, 2 leaves : B-3 I in fours : ad in The Worlds Proceeding Woes and Suc

fours: A-F 2 in fours. Dedicated by ceeding Joyes.

Holland to the Mayor, &c., of Coventry. 1. In cruell Warres and vehement Plagues.

ANABAPTIST. 2. In happy Peace and Vnity amongst

The Leacherous Anabaptist: Or, The Dipall living Creatures.

per Dipt. A New Protestant Ballad. Or, The Triple Presage of Henry Alsted,

To the Tune of Packingtons Pound.

London : Printed for Benjamin Harris, (A man every way most learned) depend

1681. A folio leaf. ing as well on the Oracles of Heaven, as on the opinions of the greatest Astrolo- ANDERSON, ANTHONY. gers. With an Addition of the fiery Goulye prayers made by Anthonie Anderconjunction of Saturn and Iupiter, this Licensed to John Wolfe, 3 Aug. instant February ... London, Printed 1591. in the yeare, 1642. 4°, 8 leaves.


The Colde Spring of Kinghorne Craig, The 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12 bookes His Admirable and new Tryed Properties, of Amadis de Gaul. Licensed to Adam so far foorth as yet are found true by Islip and William Morynge, 16 Oct. 1594. Experience. Written by Patrick AnderAMADIS OF GREECE.

son D. of Physick. Disco Orbi, quod The Most Excellent and Famous History

quisq.sibi. Edinburgh, Printed by Thomas .. 1694

Finlason, : .. 1618. 4°, A-D 2 in

fours, besides the title (with a woodcut As a literary anecdote to conclude with, I have found in Heber's Amadis of Greece,

view of the spring on the back) and folbesides Spenser's Mask of Cupid, Sir Philip

lowing leaf. Sidney's Zahnane, and Shakespeare's Flori. The author's dedication to John Earl of zel.”-Southey's letter to Wynn, June 11, Mar is dated from his house at Edinburgh, 1807.

8 October, 1618. AMBOYNA.

ANDOVER, LORD. A Trve Relation of the Vnivst, Crvell, The Lord Andevers Two Speeches : The and Barbarovs Proceedings . : . Lon: One concerning the Pacification the 6th don, Printed by G. Purslowe for Nathaniel of March. The other the Starre-Cham


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ber. Printed, Anno Dom. 1641. 40, 4 Clara Mariana, Abbess of the Poor Clares leaves.

of Graveling. Grenv. Coll. ANDREAS, ANTONIUS.

ANGELUS A S. FRANCISCO. Quæstiones. (Col.] Excellentissimi sacre Apologia pro Scoto Anglo. In qua detheologie pfessoris : Anthonii Andree or- fenditur D. Joannes Pitseus in sua reladinis fratrū minorū super duodecim libros tione, de loco Nativitatis Subtilis Doctoris Metaphisice questionibus per venerabi- F. Joannis Scoti: . . . Per F. Angelum lem virū magistrū Thomā penketh ordinis A S. Francisco Anglum. . . . Dvaci fratrū Augustiniensiū emendatis finis Anno M.DC.LVI. 8°, ă, 8 leaves : A-I in impositus est per me Johannem lettou eights. Grenv. Coll. ad expensas Wilhelmi Wilcock impressis. ANGLERS. Anno xpi. M.CCCC.LXXX. Folio. A, 9

The Royal Recreation of Jovial Anglers. leaves : B-L in eights : M-N in sixes :

Proving that all men are Intanglers, table, 8 leaves. Br. Museum (Grenville)

And all Professions are turn'd Anglers. and Magdalen College Oxford.

London, Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, W. ANDREWES, LANCELOT,

Gilbertson, and J. Wright. A broadside Tortvra Torti : Sive, Ad Matthaei Torti with three cuts. B. M. Librvm Responsio, qui nuper


ANONYMUS EREMITA. edibus contra Apologiam . Iacobi ...

Of the Visible Sacrifice of the Chvrch of Pro Ivramento Fidelitatis. Londini Excudebat Robertys Barkerys. ... Anno

God. The First Part. Written by An1609. 49, A-Eee l in fours, A repeated.

onymus Eremita . : . At Bryxelles, By Dedicated by Bishop Andrewes to the

Hvbert Anthony Velpius, Printer to his

Maiestie. 1637. 4°, A-T 2 in fours. King.

Dedicated to Prince Charles. Responsio ad Apologiam Cardinali Bel

ANSWER. larmini, quam nuper edidit contra Præfationem Meritoriam Iacobi.

An Answere to a Rebellious Libell. EnLondini Excudebat Robertvs Barkerys.

tered to Hugh Singleton, 6 April, 1579. ... Anno 1610. 4°, A–Zz in fours, A Fvller Answer to a Treatise written by besides title and a, 4 leaves. (By L. Doctor Ferne, Intituled The Resolving Andrewes.)

of Conscience . . . wherein the Originali A Manval of directions for the Visi. Frame, and Fundamentals of this Governtation of the sicke wt sweete Meditations

ment of England, and the danger of and Prayers to be vsed in time of sick- damnation and guilt of murder fairely nesse by Lancelot Andrewes late Bishop

taken off the Parliament Party, and of Winchester. London Printed for

justly charged upon their Adversaries Samuel Cartwright : 1642. 12°,

are sufficiently cleered . . . Done A-L in twelves, L 11 and 12 blank, and

by another Author. And by him revised title on A 4. With a frontispiece occu

and enlarged by occasion of some late pying A 3.

Pamphlets, ::.

London, Printed for


. . 1642.4°, A-C in

fours. Divers Epigrams to great and worthie personages. Licensed to Augustine Ma

An Answer to a late Treasonable Pamphlet, thews and John Norton, 2 Nov. 1624.

Entituled, Treason in Grain, &c. For

which Pamphlet Edward Fitz-Harris lies ANGEL, THE R. FATHER.

Condemned. London: Printed by N. T. The Life of the Reverend Fa. Angel of

next the Cross - Keys in Fetter - Lane. Joyevse Capvchin Preacher. Sometimes

1681. A folio leaf subscribed A. C. Duke, Peere, and Marshall of France, and Governour for the Kinge in Langue

A Short Answer to his Grace the D. doc. Togither with the liues of the Reue

[of] Buckingham's Paper, Concerning Rerend Fathers, Father Bennet English-ligion, Toleration, and Liberty of Con

London: Printed for S. G. man, and Father Archangell Scotchman, of the same Ordere. Written first in the

and are to be Sold by Randal Taylor . Frenche tongue, and now Translated into

1685. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-F 2 in

fours. English by Ř. R. Catholique Priest. At Dovay, For John Heigham. With per- ANTIDOTARIUS. mission of Superiors, Anno 1623.

The Antidotharius in the whiche thou and , 8 leaves each : A-3 K 4 in mayst lerne howe thou shalt make many eights. Dedicated by the

translator to and dyuers noble playsters, salues, oynte

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mentes, powders, bawmes, oyles, and Printed for Thomas Underhill . . . 1657. wounde drynkes, the whiche be verye 49, A—B in fours, B 4 blank. necessarye, and behouefull

, vtyle and pro- ANTON, ROBERT, of Magdalen College, fytable for euery Surgyon, therin to be

Cambridge. experte, and redy at al týmes of nede.

Moriomachia. Imprinted at London by [Col.] Imprynted by me Robert Wyer /

Simon Stafford. 1613. 4°, black letter, dwellyng at the sygne of seynt John

A-E 2 in fours. In prose. Sir C. Isham. Euangelyst, in seynt Martyns parysshe, besyde Charynge Crosse. 8, black letter, stellation of brotherhood, together with

“To the most happy and glorious con

° A-E in fours, E 4 with the mark.

the triuall knot of the most vertuous ANTIDOTE.

sisters of the most honourable family of Wit and Mirth. An Antidote against the Howards, Robert Anton sacrificeth Melancholy. Compounded of Ingenious this new borne babe of his humble duty, and Witty Ballads, . . . The Third Edi- wishing an euerlasting motion of happynes tion, Enlarged. London, Printed by A. both to them and that Honourable house." G. and J. P. and sold by Henry Playford, - Dedication. There are also 27 lines of near the Temple Church, 1682. 89. A, verse signed W. H. 4 leaves : B-K in eights.

The little volume concludes thus : ANTIDOTUM.

“ Thus endeth the Legend of this fearefull

fight, Antidotum Britannicum : Or, A Counter

Twixt Pheander the mayden, & Moriander Pest against the Destructive Principles of the Knight: Plato Redivivus

London, Printed Which parted betweene them, their indiffor Richard Sare 1681. 8. A, 5

ferent dealings leaves : (a) 7 leaves : (b) 8 leaves : B-Q4

Did proue them to meane Knights, not

Gyants, nor Screalings. in eights, Q 4 blank. ANTI-MARTINUS.

Communicated by Mr C. Edmonds. Antimartinvs, Sive Monitio cuiusdam Vices Anotimie, Scovrged and Corrected, Londinensis ad Adolescentes vtriusque in New Satirs. Lately written by R. Academiæ, contra personatum quendam A. of Magdalen Colledge in Cambridge. rabulam, qui se Anglicè Martin Marpre- London, Printed by Bernard Alsop for lat, vocat. Londini, Excude

Roger Iackson, 1617. 4o. Title bant Georgius Bishop, & Radulphus and Dedication to Lord Pembroke, 2 Newbery. Anno Domini. 1589. 4°, leaves : A Dialogue betwixt Nature and A-H in fours, H 4 blank.

Time, in prose, and a Dwarfish Satire, in ANTI-SIXTUS.

verse, 4 leaves under sign. b: B_N Antisixtys. Londini, Excudebat Iohan- 2 in fours, B 2 misprinted C 2. Br.

Museum. nes Wolphius. M.D.Lxxxx. 4°, A-K in fours.

The leaves in this copy appear to be out

of order. It is a re-issue with a new title Antisixtvs. An oration of Pope Sixtus of the volume of 1616, and in the present the fift, vppon the death of the late French copy the original title-page is preserved King, Henri the third. With A Confu- after the dedicatory leaf. tation vpon the sayd Oration, wherein all ANTONINUS, MARCUS AURELIUS. the treacherous practises of the house of The Golden Boke of Marcvs Avrelius Lorraine, are largely described and layde . . . An. M.D.XLVI. [Col.] Londini in open vnto the view of the world, with a ædibus Thome Bertheleti

Cum briefe declaration of the Kings death, priuilegio . • . M.D.XLVI. 8°, black letter. and of many other things worthy the À, 4 leaves : B—00 in eights. noting, which neuer yet came to light

The Golden Boke of Marcvs Avrelius before. Translated out of Latin by A. P.

Londini. An. M.D.LVII. [Col.] London Printed by Iohn Wolfe. 1590.

Imprinted at Londo, in Paules churche4°, black letter, A-G in fours.

yarde, at the sygne of the Lambe, by ANTITHETA.

Abraham Vele. 8°, black letter, A-004 Antitheta : or Political Reasonings.

in eights. 1. That Monarchy is the best form of

The Golden Booke / of Marcus Aurelius Government.

Emperour. 1566. Imprinted at 2. That Monarchy is not the best form London by John Audeley, dwellyng in of Government.

litle Britaine streete, beyonde Aldersgate. Collected out of a Manuscript Cum priuilegio . .. 89, black letter, written by a Learned Author. London, A-00 4 in eights.




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The Golden Booke of Marcus Aurelius Heavie newes to all Christendom from

Londini. M,D,LXXIII. Imprinted the woofull towne of Antwerp comme. by John Awdely." (Col.] Imprinted at A ballad. Licensed to Hugh Jackson, Londo by John Awdely . . . 1573. 8°, 1 July, 1577. black letter, A-00 4 in eights.

A ballad of a Cosener of Antwerpe. At sign. S of edit. 1557, but in all the Licensed to E. White, 16 Aug. 1586. impressions of the book, is a curious testimony of Marcus Aurelius in opposition to

An Historicall Discovrse, or rather a Mr. Newman's view of the character of tragicall Historie of the citie of Antwerpe, Tiberius.

since the departure of king Phillip king Marcvs Avrelivs Antoninus the Roman of Spaine out of Netherland, till this Emperor, His Meditations concerning present yeare, 1586. At London, Printed Himselfe : Treating of a Natvral Mans by Iohn Windet. .. [1586.] 49, black happinesse ; Wherein it consisteth, and letter, A-F in fours, and a leaf of G. of the meanes to attaine unto it.

B has 5 leaves. Translated ovt of the Originall Greeke, APELLES. with Notes: By Meric Casavbon, B. of Of Appelles and Pygmalyne, to the tune D. and Prebendarie of Christ Church, of the fyrst Appelles. A ballad. Licensed Canterbury. : London, Printed by to W. Griffith in 1566. M. Flesher, for Richard Mynne, .

APOLLONIUS AND CAMILLA. M DO XXXiv. 4°. A-Qq in fours, first

The historye of Apolonius and Camilla. leaf blank. With a plate at Nn 3.

Licensed to John Perin, 9 Oct. 1587. Dedicated to William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, by the translator, his chap- APPAREL. lain.

A briefe examination for the tyme, of a Marcvs Avreliys. . . London ... M certaine declaration, lately put in print

XXXIV. 4°. A, 4 leaves, the first in the name and defense of certaine blank : B, 2 leaves : C-Pp in fours. Ministers in London, refusyng to weare This impression seems to have preceded

the apparell prescribed by the lawes and the other, and to have been published with- orders of the Realme. In the end is out a plate or a table. The titles of both reported, the iudgement of two notable coincide exactly; but they are distinct

learned fathers, M. doctour Bucer, and editions.

M. doctour Martir, somety me in eyther ANTONIUS AND AURELIA.

vniuersities here of England the kynges The Most Excellent History of Antonius readers and professours of diuinitie, transand Aurelia : or, The two Incomparable lated out of the originals, written by theyr Lovers. Wherein is demonstrated the owne handes purposely debatyng this unparalel'd Constancy of true Affection

controuersie. [Quot. from Paul to the to Aurelia_by Antonius ; the many Romans 14.] At the end : Imprinted Inevitable Dangers he underwent in the at London in Powles Churchyarde by pursuit of her Love ; and how in the end

Richard Iugge, 4', black letter. *he obtained it. Interlaced with Pleasant 7 * 2 in fours : A-Din fours. Grenv. Coll. Discourses, Wanton Dalliances, and all

An answere for the tyme, to the Exathe Various Intreagues which attend true

mination put in print, with out the Love, when Parents and Friends are

authours name, pretending to mayntayne obstructive in the same. Very Pleasant and Delightful to Read, especially to

the apparrell prescribed against the de

claration of the mynisters of London. those whose Mistrisses are Perverse and Froward, for hereby, observing the Sequel

[Quot. from Philip. iii.), M.D.LXVI. 8°,

A-K in eights, K 7-8 blank, besides a of this History, they niay by Art and folded table. Lambeth. means obtain their Desires. London,

A ballett called of Ruffe sleves and hose. Printed by F. Haley, and are to be Sold by J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray,

Licensed to J. Sampson in 1560-1. and T. Passenger. 1682. 40, A-C in Of Ruffes and longe sleves. A ballad. fours. In prose.

Black letter. Douce Licensed to J. Charlwood in 1563–4. Coll.

An admonycon to bewties darlinges ANTWERP.

wherein is pythelye descry bed the vaThe Spoyle of Antwerpe, . . 1576. nytye of vayne apparell. A ballad.

In the entry at Stationers' Hall, 26 Nov. Licensed to Stephen Peele, 10 May, 1589.
1576, it is mentioned that “a platform of
the whole battle was thereunto annexed.” APPIAN OF ALEXANDRIA.
See Arber, ii, 136.

An Avncient Historie and exquisite

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