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tian Religion in Fraunce, Iasper Colignie his own Hand, and confirmed by him at
Shatilion, sometyme greate Admirall of the time of Execution, August 31. 1681.
Fraunce. Translated out of Latin by at Oxford. London, Printed for Edith
Arthur Golding. Imprinted at London Colledge, 1681. A folio leaf.
by Thomas Vautrollier. 1576. 8°, A-COLLIER.
H 6 in eights. Black letter.

A Colliers cavet to his frend to perswade,
COLLEDGE, STEPHEN, the Protestant To shewe the like follie his fancie hath

The Arraignment, Tryal and Condemna- A ballad. Licensed to Richard Christian,
tion of Stephen Colledge for High Trea-

2 April, 1591.
son, in Conspiring the Death of the King,
the Levying of War, and the subversion

The Colliers misdowtinge of furder strife,
of the Government, the 17th and

Made his excuse to Annet his wief, &c. 18th of August 1681. London, Printed

A ballad. Licensed to R. Jones, 17 April, for Thomas Basset, 1681. Folio,

A-Ee in twos.

A Letter written from the Tower by Mr.

A Defence of the Absolution Given to Sr.
Stephen Colledge (the Protestant Joyner)

William Perkins, At the Place of Execu

tion. to Dick Janeways Wife. London: Print

April the 3d. [1696.) With a
ed for R. J. 1681. A folio leaf.

Farther Vindication thereof, Occasioned
Probably a fictitious imprint.

by a Paper, Entituled a Declaration of the

Sense of the Archbishops and Bishops, &c.
The Last Speech and Confession of Mr.

4°, 8 leaves, subscribed J[eremy C[ol-
Stephen Colledge, who was Executed at
Oxford on Wednesday August 31. 1681.
London, Printed for A. Banks, Anno

A Short View of the Immorality, and
Dom. 1681. A folio leaf.

Profaneness of the English Stage. To

gether with the Sense of Antiquity upon A Letter from Mr. Stephen Colledge to a Person of Quality, upon his Removal

this Argument. By Jeremy Collier, M.A.

London, Printed for S. Keble, ... 1698. to Oxford, to be Try'd upon an Impeach- 89, A-T in eights. ment of High Treason. Printed for Francis Smith ... 1681. A folio leaf. COLLINGS, JOHN. Chiefly in verse.

Par Nobile. Two Treatises. The one, A Letter concerning the Tryal at Oxford

concerning the Excellent Woman, Evinof Stephen Colledge, August 17. 1681.

cing a person fearing the Lord, to be the London : Printed for W. Davies. 1681.

most Excellent Person : Discoursed more A folio leaf.

privately upon occasion of the Death of A Poem (By way of Elegie) upon Mr.

the Right Honourable the Lady Frances Stephen Colledge, vulgarly known by the

Hobart, late of Norwich, from Pro. 31, 29, name of the Protestant Joyner. Lon

30, 31. The other, Discouering a Fountain
of Comfort and Satisfaction,

disdon : Printed for J. Bowen. 1681. A

coursed .. at the Funeral of the Right folio leaf.

Honourable, the Lady Katharine Courten,
A Modest Reply to a too Hasty and
Malicious Libel, Entituled, An Elegy on

preached at Blicklin, in the County of

Norfolk, March 27. 1652. With the NarMr. Stephen Colledge. London.

ratives of the holy Lives and Deaths of Printed 'for R. Janeway, 1681, these two Noble Sisters. By J[ohn] ColFolio. A single leaf.

lings] D.D. late Minister of the Gospel in The Speech and Carriage of Stephen Norwich. London, Printed in the Year Colledge at Oxford, before the Castle, on 1669.8°, A-U in eights. Dedicated to Wednesday August 31. 1681. Taken Lady Frances Hobart, relict of Sir John exactly from his own Mouth at the Place Hobart, of Blicklin. of Execution, London, Printed for COLLINS. Thomas Basset at the George in Fleet- Collins and the Devill. A ballad.

Listreet, and John Fish at the Golden Tun

censed to Edward Blackmore, 14 Decemin the Strand. 1681. Folio, 4 leaves.

ber, 1632. The Speech and Carriage of Stephen COLLINS, ANNE. Colledge. No place, &c. 4°, 4 leaves.

Divine Songs and Meditations ComA True Copy of the Dying Words of Mr. posed by An Collins. London, Printed Stephen Colledge, left in writing under by R. Bishop. Anno Dom. 1653. Small





8o. A, 4 leaves : B-G in eights. Brit- Whereunto is annexed divers Ancient well.

Customes and Usages of the said City of B. A. Poetica, 1815, £18, resold Midgley, London. London : Printed for Abel 1818, £10, 10s., resold Sykes, 1824, £8, 53.,

Roper ... 1670. 8o A, 4 leaves : B--O resold Heber, 1834, £4, 6s. Lowndes cites Restituta, by Brydges, iii.

in eights, 0 8 blank. 123. The edition there named is this of COLVILL, SAMUEL. 1653. No other is known.

Whiggs Supplication, A Mock-Poem. In COLLINS, HERCULES, of Wapping. Two Parts. By Sam. Colvill. Edinburgh, Three Books: viz.

Printed in the year, MDcxcv. 8°, A-H I. The Scribe instructed unto the King

in eights. dom of Heaven.

The Whiggs Supplication . . . London : II. Mountains of Brass : or, A Discourse Printed for James Woodward, in St. upon the Decrees of God.

Christophers Church-Yard, in ThreadIII. A Poem on the Birth, Life, Death, needle-street, and John Baker, at the

Resurrection and Ascension of our Black Boy in Pater-Noster-Row, 1710.
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

12°, A-Q in sixes, Q 6 blank. London, Printed and sold by the Author

COLYNET, ANTHONY. at Wapping, and R. Mount at the Postern on Tower-Hill, 1696. 12°, A-E 4 in

The True History of the Ciuill Warres of twelves. In verse.

France, betweene the French King Henry

the 4. and the Leagners Gather'd from the COLLINS, JOHN.

yere of our Lord 1585, vntill this present Salt and Fishery, A Discourse thereof

October. 1591. By Antony Colynet. Insisting on the following Heads. 1. The

[Col.] Imprinted at London by Thomas several ways of making Salt in England, Orwin, for Thomas Woodcock, ... 1591. and Foreign Parts. ... By John Collins, 4o. A, 4 leaves : B-Nn 3 in eights. Accomptant to the Royal Fishery Com

COMBAT. . pany. E Reg. Soc. Philomath. London, Printed by A. Godbid, and J. Playford,

A pleasant ballad of a combat betwene a 1682. 4°, A-V in fours. Dedi

man and his wyfe for the breches. Licated to Sir James Shaen, Kt. and Bart.

censed to Robert urne, 27 August,

1591. Surveyor General of Ireland. COLLOQUIA.

A discours of Com battes occasioned by Colloqvia et Dictionariolvm Septem Lin- the lamentable and vntymely end of Sir gvarvm, Belgica, Anglice, Tevtonice, George Wharton and master James Stu

ard. Latinæ, Italicæ, Hispanicæ, Gallicæ

Licensed to Thomas Pavier, 30 Leodii Apud Henricum Houium, 1591.

June, 1613. Cvm Privilegio. 80, A-Z in eights, and COMEDY. a--m 5 in eights.

The Weekly Comedy, Dayly Acted at The colophon in this copy is : Leodii inost Coffee-Houses in London. Numb. Apud Henricum Houium, 1589.

1. From Wednesday May 10 to WedColloqvia et Dictionariolym octo Lin

nesday May 17, 1699. [to be continued guarum, Latinæ, Gallicæ, Belgicæ, Teu- weekly.] London, Printed by J. How, tonica, Hispanicæ, Italicæ, Anglicae, et

A folio leaf. Portugallicæ ... Amstelodami ... 1631.

A description of the characters frequentOblong 8°, A-Aa eights, the last leaf

ing such houses. blank.

COMENIUS, JOHN AMOS. COLTHROP, SIR HENRY, Knight. Joh. Amos Commenii Orbis Sensvalivm The Liberties Usages, and Customes of Pictus : . . . London, Printed by T. R. the City of London ; Confirmed by espe- for S. Mearne, Bookbinder to the King's ciall Acts of Parliament ... Collected

most Excellent Majesty, 1672. 8°, A-X by Sir Henry Colthrop, Knight, sometime in eights. With the saine cuts. Recorder of London, for his private use,

Janua Linguarum Reserata ... The Gate and now published . . . London, Printed by B. Alsop for Nicholas Vavasour ..

of Languages Unlocked [With

Additions by G. P.) London, Printed by MDCXLII. 4°, A-D 2 in fours.

James Young for Thomas Slater Reports of Special Cases Touching several

1647. 8o. A, 4 leaves : (a)-(c 4) in Customs and Liberties of the City of

eights : B-Aa in eights. London. Collected by Sir H. Calthorp

The English translator was Thomas Knight, sonetimes Recorder of London. Horne.






Janua Linguarum Reserata . . . London, COMMONWEALTH.
Printed by Edw. Griffin and Will. Hunt, A Narrative and Declaration of the Dan-
for Thomas Slater ... 1652. 8°, A- gerous Design Against the Parliament
Cc in eights, last leaf blank.

In two

& Kingdom, Carried out in the County columns. With a portrait.

of Kent and elsewhere, under the spurious Janua Linguarum Reserata .. The pretence of Petitioning. Also a DeclaraGate of Languages Unlocked Lon

tion (published in the name) of the don, Printed by E. Cotes, for the Com

Counties of Kent, Essex, Middlesex, pany of Stationers, 1667. 8o, A-Cc 7

Surrey, to the Army under the Command

of the Lord Fairfax. in eights.

Together with

several Papers of dangerous consequence, Janua Linguarum Trilinguis... Londini, and Observations thereupon LonEx Officina Rogeri Danielis clb. I5C. don, Printed for Edward Husband, .

8o. Title, &c., 6 leaves : engrav- June 8. 1648. 4°, A-C 3 in fours. ings, 8 folded leaves : A–S 4 in eights,

The Humble Advice and Earnest Delast two leaves blank. Printed in three

sires of certain well-affected Ministers, columns.

Lecturers of Banbury in the County of COMES AMORIS.

Oxon., and of Brackly in the County of Comes Amoris ; Or The Companion of

Northampton, To his Excellency Thomas Love. Being a Choice Collection of the Lord Fairfax, Generall of the Forces Newest Songs now in Use.

With a

raised by the Authority of Parliament ; Thorow Bass to each Song for the Harpsi

and to the Generall Councell of Warre. chord, Theorbo, or Bass-Viol. London, Presented Ianuary 25. 1649. by two of

1687-94. Folio. Five Books. the Subscribers. Also, A Letter to the Book First, A-L, 2 leaves each: Book

Reverend Ministers of the Gospel within Second, A-H, 2 leaves each: Book Third, the Province of London, dated the 21 of A-H, 2 leaves each: Book Fourth, A-I, this instant January ... London, Printed 2 leaves each : Book Fifth, A-K, 2 leaves for lames Boler . 1649. 4°, 4 leaves. each.

The Several Speeches of Duke Hamilton COMET.

Earl of Cambridg, Henry Earl of HolCerten notable effectes of the comet. land, and Arthur Lord Čapel, upon the Licensed to R. Jones, 24 March, 1578–9.

Scaffold immediately before their ExecuThe Petitioning-Comet : Or, a brief Chro- tion, on Friday the 9. of March. Also nology of all the Famous Comets, and the several Exhortations, and Conferences their Events, that have happen'd from with them, upon the Scaffold, by Dr. the Birth of Christ, to this very day.

Sibbald, Mr. Bolton, & Mr. Hodges. PubTogether with a Modest Enquiry into

lished by special Authority. London, this present Comet. London : Printed

Printed for Peter Cole, Francis Tyton, by Nat. Thompson, . . . 1681. Folio,

and John Playford. 1619.

40, AA-D, 2 leaves each.

F 2 in fours. Without cuts.

A Bloody Fight in Hartford-shire, BeCOMMANDMENTS. A newe ballett of iiij of the commande

tween the Parliaments Forces, and the mentes. Licensed to T. Colwell in

Club Royalists, on Tuesday last, with 1561-2.

the particulars thereof, and a Narrative

of the barbarous Actions that were then A ballett declarynge how evell we do

put in execution, . . Also A bloudy kepe the Lordes tenne commandementes.

Fight at Bristol, between the Butchers, Licensed to J. Charlwood in 1562–3.

and the Lord 'Lieutenant Cromwels Thre commandementes and lessons of old forces designed for Ireland ; . . . and Cato, as he lay upon his Death Bedd. joyfull Newes from the siege at Dublin, Licensed to Hugh Singleton in 1566-7. and the King of Scots his Fleet at KingThe x commandementes in welshe. Li

sale. London, Printed for R. W. Anno censed to W. Griffith in 1567-8.

MDCXLIX. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.

The Bounds & bonds of Publique ObediThe x commandementes in Spanysshe. ence Or, A Vindication of our lawfull Licensed to Henry Denham in 1568-9.

submission to the present Government The table of the Tenne Commande

London printed for John Wright mentes with the pictures of Moses and · 1649. 40, A-I 2 in fours. Aaron. Licensed to John Wolf, 14 May, The Hunting of the Foxes from New1594.

Market and Triploe-Heaths to White







Hall, By five small Beagles (late of the Armie,) Or the Grand-Deceivers Uninasked (that you may know them.) Directed to all the Free People of England, but in especiall, to all that have, and are still engaged in the Military Service of the Common-Wealth. Robert Ward, Thomas Watson, Simon Grant, George Jellis, and William Sawyer, late inembers of the Army. Who upon the Sixth of March in the New-Pallaceyard, Westminster, were forced to ride with their faces towards their Horse. Tails, had their swords broken over their heads, and were cashiered for petitioning the Parliament for relief of the oppressed Common-wealth, and delivering an count thereof to the Generall. Printed in a Court of Freedome, right opposite to the Councel of War. Anno Domini. 1649. 4°, A-D 2 in fours. The Peoples Right Briefly Asserted. London, Printed for the Information of the Commonalty of England, France, and all other neighbor Nations, that groan under the oppression of Tyrannical Government. 1649, 4°, 4 leaves. A Relation of the Engagement of the Fleet of the Commonwealth of England under the Command of Gen. Blake, Gen. Deane, and Gen. Monke. With the Dutch Fleet, under the Command of Van Trump. And the particulars of all the three Fights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last. And the Glorious Victory in taking, sinking, and totall dispersing the Hollanders Fleet, which was between four and 500 Saile, London. Printed for Robert Il bitson ... 1653. 4°, 4 leaves. A True State of the Case of the Common. wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Dominions thereto belonging, hu reference to the late established Government by a Lord Protector, and a Parliament. : . . Presented to the Publick, for the satisfaction of others. London, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, . . . 1654. 4°, A-G in fours, G 4 blank. A Further Narrative of the Passages of these times in the Common-Wealth of England. An Act for renouncing and disanulling the pretended Title of Charles Stuart ; and for the taking away of the Court of Wards and Liveries, the Judyment of the House of Commons, pronounced by Mr. Speaker against James Naylor the Quaker; With the Triall of Miles Sindercomb, ... Feb. 9, 1656. ... Printed by M. S. for Thomas Jenner, at

the South entrance of the Royall Exchange. 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-H in fours. With engravings on the letterpress.

This tract includes an account of some of the victories of Blake, the installation of Cromwell, the taking of Mardike, copcluding with the dissolution of Parliament, Feb. 4,

1657. A Modest Plea, for an equal Commonwealth, against Monarchy. In which the genuine Nature, and true Interest of a Free State is briefly stated ; Its Consistency with a National Clergie, Hereditary Nobility, and Mercenary Lawyers, is examined ; Together with the Expediency of an Agrarian Law and Rotation of Offices Asserted. Also, An Apology for Younger Brothers, the Restitution of Gavil - Kinde, and Relief of the Poor. With a List at Tithes, and Reformation of the Laws and Universities. All accommodated to Publique Honour and Justice, without injury to any mans Propriety: and humbly tendered to the Parsiament. By a Lover of his Country, in order to healing the Divisions of the Times. London, Printed for Giles Calvert ... 1659. 8°, A-K 4 in eights, A Word to Purpose: Or, A Parthian Dart Shot back to 1642, and from thence shot back again to 1659, swiftly glancing upon some remarkable Occurrences of the Times : and now sticks fast in two substantial Queries. 1. Concerning the Legality of the Second Meeting of the LongParliament - Members. Also, A Fools Bolt shot into Wallingford House; by as good a Friend to England, as any is tliere, concerning A Free State. The second Impression, with Addition. Printed 1659. 4°, A-B in fours. A Lively Pourtraiture of the Face of the Common - Wealth, Exactly drawn by Lewis the Fourth, of France, of Famous Memory. Printed in the year, 1659. 4°, A-B in fours. A Brief Account of the Meeting, Proceedings, And Exit of the Committee of Safety. Taken in Short-hand, by a Clerk to the said Committee. London : Printed for Thomas Williamson. 1659. 4°, AC in fours. Loyalty Banished : Or England in Mouring. Being a perfect Narrative of the present Affairs and Proceedings, between, divers Members of Parliament, and M. Wil. Prynne, neer the Lobby at Westminster. With the several Speeches made in the House . . . As also Mr. Prynnes




demands to the Parliament, Printed The Iovial Companions or Merry Club in the Year, 1659. 4°, 4 leaves.

being a Choice Collection of the Newest A Review and Examination of a Pam- and most Diverting Catches for three & phlet lately published, Bearing the Title of four Voices Together with the most CeleProtectors no Subverters, and Presbyterie

brated Catches Compos’d by the late M'. no Papacy, &c. By some lovers of the

Hen". Purcell & Dr. Blow all fairly EnInterests of Christ in the Church of Scot- graven & Carefully Corrected. London land. Edinburgh, Printed Anno Dom. Printed for and sold by I: Walsh ... 1659, 4°, A-S 2 in fours.

Folio. Title and Table, 2 leaves : the A Brief Narrative of that Stupendious

text, 22 leaves numbered.

At the foot of the title, in the present Tragedie Late intended to be Acted by

copy, is pasted a slip with “Sold by Iohn the Satanical Saints of these Reforming Barret Musical Instrument Maker at the Times. Humbly presented to the King's Harp and Crown in Coventry Street near most Excellent Majesty. Also, An Im- Piccadilly.” partial Account of the Indictment, Ar- COMPLAINT. raignment, Tryal, and Condemnation of A complaynte betwene nede and poverte. Thomas Yonge, George Philips, Francis Licensed to Hugh Singleton in 1565–6. Stubbs, James Hind . at Justice-Hall

An lamentable complaynte of a gent. for in the Old-Baily, London, Decemb. 11,

the Death of his moste Faythfull mis1662. Together with the Confessions,

tres. A ballad. Licensed to T. Purfoot Speeches, and Prayers of George Philips,

in 1569. at the Place of Execution on Monday, Decemb. 22, 1662. Exactly taken CONCEITS. in Short-Hand Characters, by the same

The Booke of prety conceites, both partes. Person that wrote the late Kings Judges Assigned by Ralph Blower to Miles Tryals. London, Printed for Charles Flesher, 26 August, 1617. Adams . . . 1662. 4°, A-B in fours : CONESTAGIO, JEROME. D-N in fours.

The Historie of the Vniting of the KingCOMMONWEALTHS.

dom of Portvgall to the Crowne of Castill: The prayse and commendacion of suche Containing the last warres of the Portuas sought comenwelthes : and to the gals against the Moores of Africke, the cotrary / the ende and discommendacion end of the house of Portugall, and change of such as sought priuate welthes Gathereil of that Gouernment. The description of both out of the Scripture and Phylozo- Portugall, . . . Imprinted at London by phers. [Col.] Imprinted at London by Arn. Hatfield for Edward Blount. 1600. Anthony Scoloker Dwelling in the Sauoy Folio, A-Ff 4 in sixes. rēts. Wythout Templebarre. Cum priui- Dedicated by Edward Blount to Henry legio. 8", A-B 4 in eights.

Earl of Southampton, whom Blount in

forms that the translator was his respected COMMUNION.

friend, and a gentleman much devoted to The Forme and maner of examination his Honour. before the admission to yo tabill of y CONFESSION. Lord, vsit be yo Ministerie of Edinburgh.

A Confession made by a preste which And geuin to ye Maisteris of euerie fami

stode vpon ye pyllorye with vij moe. lie : yat be ye oft reailing yairof, yai may

Licensed to John Sampson in 1561. be ye better instructit in ye groundis & principall yeitlis of Religion. Imprentit

A Brief Fovrme of Confession, instructing at Edinburgh. By Henrie Charteris.

all Christian folke how to confesse their Anno M.D.LXXXI. Cum Priuilegio Regali.

sinnes, & so to dispose themselues, that 8°, black letter, A-C in eights.

they may enioy the benefite of true D. Laing, 1879, No. 1205.

Penāce, dooing the woorthy frutes therof, COMPANIONS.

according to th' vse of Christes Catholique The Iovial Companions or Merry Club

Church. Newly translated into English, being A Choice Collection of the Newest

and set foorth together with certain other and most Diverting Catches for three &

godly brief Treatises and Praiers. . . four Voices together with the most cele

Antwerpiae, Apud Iohannem Foulerum. brated Catches Compos’d by the late M".

M.D.LXXVI. Cvm Privilegio. 12°, chiefly Hen". Purcell & DF. Blow. Lon

black letter, A-K in twelves. Lambeth. don Printed for I. Walsh & P. Randall. A penitent confession, to the tune of th’

Folio, pp. 22, besides the title and aged mans dump. A ballad [?] Licensed table.

i to R. Jones, 30 August, 1578.

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