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Nation. London, Printed Anno Domini, DISSENTERS.
1678. 40, A-C in fours, C 4 blank. The Protestant-Dissenters Case : Or, The
Politiqve Discourses, treating of the dif-

Statute of the 23. of Eliz. Ca. 1. Inflict-
ferences and inequalities of Vocations, as

ing the Penalty of £20 per Month for well Publique as Priuate : with the scopes

not coming to Church, Explained. Lonor endes wherevnto they are directed.

don, Printed for Tho. Knowles in TowerTranslated out of French, by Ægremont street, 1682. A folio leaf. Ratcliffe Esquire. Suas habet Respublica In Imitation of Hudibras. The Dissentligaturas. Imprinted at London for Ed- ing Hypocrite, Or Occasional Conformist; ward Aggas. 1578. 4°, black letter, A-U with Reflections on two of the Ringin fours, and a leaf of X. Dedicated to Sir Leaders, &c. London, Printed in the Francis Walsingham.

Year 1704. 89, A-L 2 in fours, and a, Twooe discourses to be ioyned in one

4 leaves.

In verse. booke, The one a true relacon of the DITTY. French kinges good successe against the A pleasynte Dyttye: When Splendent Duke of Parma, the other of A certen Phebus. Licensed to T. Colwell in mountaine byrninge in the Isle of Palme 1564-5. five or Sixe weekes. Licensed to John

A Dytty Declarynge the mesyrable estate Wolf, 4 May, 1592.

Betweene the worlde that was and


of Discourses on the Publick Revenues, and

on the Trade of England. In Two Parts. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1564-5.

By the Author of the Essay on Ways A Dittie declaringe by order of fate.
and Means. ... To which is added A Dis-

Howe fickell Dame Fortune Dothe course upon Improving the Revenue of the

chaunge our estate.
State of Athens. Written Originally in Licensed to Roger Ward, July 8, 1577.
Greek, by Xenophon... London: Printed
for James Knapton .

A mornefull ditie or Sorowfull sonnett of

1698. 8o. Part I., A-T 4 in eights, and Aa-Dd in eights :

Twoe gentlemen Brethren and sonnes Part II. (with a Discourse annexed on the

vnto a gentleman of good callinge. East India Trade), A-Ee in eights, besides

Licensed to Henry Carre, 24 Sept. 1580. a folded leaf in Aa: Aaa—Ddd in eights.

A compendious dittie of a christians life.

Licensed to E. Allde, 8 Aug. 1586.
A dysputation betwene olde

A Dittie exhortinge to put on the armour and

age youghte. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy

of God. Licensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. in 1563–4.

1586. The Dysputation betwene love and a tragicall Dyttie of a yonge married monye. A ballad. Licensed to W. Pick- Wyfe who faynd herself sick, &c.

Liering in 1564–5.

censed to T. Nelson, 7 Nov. 1586. A pretye disputacon betwene a citizen A lamentable Dyttie shewinge the crueltie and a countreman. Licensed to H. Carre,

of a farmer. Licensed to T. Nelson, 7 18 Sept. 1579.

Nov. 1586. The Dispvtation Concerning the Contro- A Dyttie of the Christian mans comfort. versit Headdis of Religion, haldin in the

A ballad. Licensed to Yarath James, Realme of Scotland, the zeir of God ane 1 Aug. 1586. thousand fyue hundreth fourscoir zeiris. A moste excellent dittye made vppon Betuix. The pretended ministerie of the sundrye strange thinges which haue latelye deformed Kirk of Scotland. And, Nicol happened, and on sundrye horrible crymes Burne Professor of philosophie in S. lately committed. Licensed to Thomas Leonardis college, in the Citie of Sanct- Nelson, 27 July, 1590. androis. Imprinted at Parise the

A pleasant newe dittye Intituled I cannot
first day of October. 1581. 89. ,, 8 leaves: be enamored on her face. In two parts.
A-Z in eights, Z 8 with the mark : Ane Licensed to Simon Stafford, 19. August,
Admonition to the Antichristian Ministers

in the Deformit Kirk of Scotland, in verse,
A-B in fours.

Dedicated to James VI.

A la mode de Paris : Or The Diurnall

in Verse. [1659.] 4°, 4 leaves. Agaynste Dyssembelers. A ballad. December 29. 1659. Alamode of Paris. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1567.

Or, The Diurnall in Verse.


No place,

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&c. Folio, 2 leaves. Printed in two and augmented, by Iohn Dod and Robert columns.

Cleuer. .. At London, Printed for DIVES AND PAUPER.

Thomas Man, and are to be sold by ArDives and Pavper.

Londini in ædibus thur Iohnson, . . . 1612. 89, A-Xa in Tho. Bertheleti regij impress. excus. eights, Aa 8 blank. [Col.] Here endethe a compendiouse A Godly Forme_of Houshold Gouerntreatyse or dialoge of Dives and Pavper, ment. London, Printed by the Assignes That is to say the ryche and the poore. of Thomas Man, ... 1630. 8o, A-Aa ... xvi. day of Octobre. In the yere of in eights. our lorde. 1536. Imprynted in Flete- DODRIDGE, SIR JOHN. strete by me Thomas Berthelet, prynter

The History of the Ancient and moderne vnto the kynges mooste noble

grace, Estate of the Principality of Wales, dwellynge at the Sygne of the Lucrece.

Dutchy of Cornwall, and Earldome of 80, black letter. a, 8 leaves : A-Z in Chester. Collected out of the Records of eights : a-v 3 in eights.

the Tower of London, and diuers ancient DIVES AND LAZARUS.

Authours. By Sir Iohn Dodridge Knight, A ballad of the Ryche man and


Laza- late one of his Maiesties Iudges in the Licensed to John Waley and the Kings Bench. And by himselfe Dedicated widow Toy in 1557–8.

to King Iames of euer blessed memory. Dives and Lazerus. A ballad. Licensed London, Printed by Tho. Harper, for to W. Pickering in 1570.

Godfrey Emondson and Thomas Aschorne. DIVINITY.

M.DC.XXX. 4o. A, 4 leaves : (*), 4 leaves :

A-S in fours, S 4 blank. Forced Divinity, OrTwo Sermons Preached by the Compulsion of Two sorts of Sin

Judge Doderidge, His Law of Nobility ners, Viz. Drunkards & Theives. The

and Peerage. Wherein the Antiqvities, first by Certaine Ale-Bibbers who having

Titles, Degrees, and Distinctions ; Conheard a Minister teach much against

cerning the Peeres and Nobility of this Drinking, Afterwards met with him, And

Nation are excellently set forth. ... LonCompelled him to make a Sermon upon

don, Printed for L. Chapman, 1658. one Word. The Second By a Crew of

8o. Title and Table, 2 leaves : B-03 Theives, who after they had Robbed a

in eights. Minister [Parson Hobart], forc't him to DODOENS, REMBERT. make a Sermon in Prayse of their Pro- A New Herball, Or Historie of Plants fession; and when he had done, Returned ... Corrected and amended. Imprinted his Money, and Six Shillings Eightpence at London, by Edm. Bollifant. ' 1595. for his Sermon. London, Printed for F. 4°, black letter. a-c 4 in eights : BC. And are to be sold in the Old Bayly. Q99 2 in eights. (Circa, 1640.) 8°, A in eights, A 8 blank. A New Herbal, Or Historie of Plants ... In prose. B. M.

Corrected and amended. Imprinted at DOBSON, JOHN, B.D., of Magdalen Col

London by Edward Griffin. 1619. Folio. lege, Oxford.

a, 6 leaves : A-3 E 4 in sixes. A Sermon Preacht at the Funeral of the DOG IN THE WHEEL. Honourable The Lady Mary Farmor, The Dog in the Wheel. A Satyr. With Relict of Sir William Farmor Baronet : the Character of a Disinterested, PeaceWho died at London on the 18th day of able, and Loyal Statesman, in Opposition July, 1670, and was buried the 5th day to that of a Busy, Turbulent, Sp-hing of August following at Eston-Neston in Peer. London : Printed in the Year, Northamptonshire. London, Printed for 1705. 4°, A-D, 2 leaves each. In verse. R. Royston, 1670. 4°, A-F in DOLBEN, J., Dean of Westminster, afterfours, title on A 2. With an engraving of the hatchment on the title.

wards Archbishop of York.

A Sermon Preached before the King on DOCKWRA, ANNE.

Tuesday, June 20th, 1665. Being the A Looking-Glass for the Recorder and

Day of Solemn Thanksgiving for the late Justices of the Peace, and Grand Juries Victory at Sea. London, Printed by A. for the Town and County of Cambridge. Maxwell for Timothy Garthwait, 1665. [1682.] 4°, 6 leaves. With some verses. 4°, B-E in fours, and the title. DOD, JOHN, AND CLEAVER, ROBERT. A Sermon Preached before the King, A Godlie Forme of Hovseholde Govern- Aug. 14, 1666. Being the Day of Thanksment . . . now newly perused, amended, giving for the late Victory at Sea ...

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page. B. M.

London, Printed for Timothy Garthwait, Essays, a blank leaf and To the Reader, 1666. 40, A-D in fours. With an en- 2 leaves : B-L 4 in twelves. graving of a ship on the title.

DORAS. DONATUS, ÆLIUS, Grammarian. Doras his Anatomy of Amyntas. Licensed Donatus minor vna cū remigio ad pusil- to Richard Jones, 7 May, 1599. lorum anglicanorum scolarium vsum in- | DORRELL, WILLIAM. cipit feliciter. (Col.] Explicit Donate The Discourse of the life of a servinge cū remigio īpressus London. p me Win

man compiled by William Dorrell. Liandū de Worde comorantem in vico (the

censed to Ralph Newbery, 20 Feb. fietestrete) nücupato sub intersignio solis.

40, A, 8, B, 4. With the common cut of
a schoolmaster and his pupils on the title-

To the Honovrable Hovse of Commons

... The humble Petition of the Knights, DONATUS, GUIDO, Astrologist.

Gentlemen, Ministers, Freeholders, and Anima Astrologiæ : Or, A Guide for As

other Inhabitants of the County of Dorset. trologers. Being the Considerations of

Febr. 21. London, Printed 1641. A sheet. the Famous Guido Donatus Faithfully rendred into English. As also the Choicest DOUGHTY, JOHN. Aphorisms of Cardans Seaven Segments,

Analecta Sacra : Sive Excursus PhiloloTranslated . . . By William Lilly, Stu

gici breves . . . Londini, Typis Guil. dent in Astrology. London, Printed for

Godbid, . . . M.DC.LVIII. 8°. A, 8 leaves : B. Harris ... 1676. 8o. A, 4 leaves :

a-b 4 in eights : B-Kk in eights. B-I 4 in eights, I 4 blank : Cardan, D'OUVILLY, SIR BALTHAZAR GERA-D in eights, besides the frontispiece BIER. and a folded leaf with A Catalogue of To the Supreme Avthority, The ParliaStars.

ment of the Common-wealth of England. The preface is dated from Walton-on

The Humble Remonstrance of Sir BalThames, 2 August, 1675.

thazar Gerbier Knight. Touching his DONNE, JOHN, Dean of St. Paul's.

sundry Proposals, wherein this CommonBiathanatos. A Declaration of that Para

wealths Interest is concerned : And pardoxe, or Thesis, that Selfe-homicide is

ticularly on the present necessity of laynot so Naturally Sinne, that it may never ing a Člaim unto considerable Summes be other wise. Wherein the Nature, and

of money due by the States of Brabant the extent of all those Lawes, which seeme & Flanders unto this Common-wealth. to be violated by this Act, are diligently No place, printer's name, or date (London, surveyed. Written by John Donne, who af

1648 ?] 40, A-B in fours. terwards received Orders from the Church

Les Effects Pernicieux de Merchants of England, and dyed Deane of Saint

Favoris et Grands Ministres d'Estat es Pauls, London. Published by Autho.

Provinces Belgiques, en Lorraine, Gerritie. London, Printed by John Dawson.

manie, France, Italie, Espagne, & Angle[1644.] 4. T, 3 leaves : *, 2 leaves :

terre. Et Des-Abu d'Erreurs PopuA-Ee 2 in fours. Poems, By J. D. with Elegies.

laires, Sur le Subject de Iaqves & Charles Lon.

Stvart, Roys de la Grande Bretagne. Par don Printed by M. F. for John Marriot le Chevalier Balthazar Gerbier. A La 1649. 8° A, 4 leaves, A i blank :

Haye Chez Adrian Vlac. 1653. 8o. B--Cc in eights.

16,8 leaves : A-G 4 in eights. This is probably the same as the edition of 1650 with a different imprint and date. A Sommary Description, Manifesting Paradoxes, Problems, Essayes, Characters, that greater Profits are to bee done in the Written by Dr. Donne Dean of Pauls : hott then in the could parts of the Coast To which is added a Book of Epigrams :

off America : And how much the public Written in Latin by the same Author;

good is concerned therein Referring to translated into English by J: Mayne, D.D.

the annexed Advertissement, For Men As also Ignatius his Conclave, a Satyr,

inclined to Plantations. Printed [at AmTranslated out of the Originall Copy

sterdam] for Sir Balthazar Gerbier Kyt written in Latin by the same Author; Douvilly. Anno 1660. 4°, black letter. found lately amongst his own Papers.

The Summary, A-B 3 in fours : the London, Printed by T. N. for Advertisement, A in fours. Dedicated to Humphrey Moseley ; : 1652. 12°,

Charles II. A, 8 leaves : B-L 2 in twelves : the Counsel and Advise to all Builders ; For DOWNING



the Choice of their Surveyours, Clarke Downing's portion is dated 1664. The of their Works, Bricklayers, Masons, Car

meaner hand is not named penters, and other Work-men therein D'OYLEY, THOMAS, M.D. concerned. As also, In respect of their A Spanish grammer conformed to our Works, Materials and Rates thereof. Englishe Accydence. With a large dicTogether with several Epistles to Emi. tionarye conteyninge Spanish, Latyn, and nent Persons, who may be concerned in Englishe wordes, with a multitude of Building Written by Sir Balthazar Spanishe wordes more then are conteyned Gerbier, Douvily, Knight. London, in the Calapine of x: languages or NeoPrinted by Thomas Mabb, dwelling on brecensis Dictionare. Set forth by Thomas St. Pauls- Wharf neer the Thames, 1663. D'Oyley Doctor in physick with the co8o. 8-c in eights : d in eights : e-f in firence of Natyve Spaniardes. Licensed eights : g, 6 leaves : B-G in eights, G 8 to John Wolf, 19 Oct. 1590. with the Errata. Dedicated to the Queen | DRAKE, SIR FRANCIS. Mother.

A Discours in Commendacon of the valiA Brief Discourse concerning the Three aunte and verteous mynded Gentleman chief Principles of Magnificent Building. master Francis Drake. Licensed to Jobn viz. Solidity, Conveniency, and Orna- Charlwood, 4 Jan. 1580-1. ment. By Sr. Balthazar Gerbier, Knight. This appears as if it was the book in London, Þrinted by Tho. Mabb, for Tho.

verse by Thomas Greepe, printed by Charl

wood in 1587. Heath . 1664. 8°, A-H in eights. Dedicated to the King.

The voyadge into the West Indyes made

by Sir Frauncis Drake knight. Licensed DOWNING, CALYBUTE.

to W. Ponsonby, 26 Nov, 1588. A Discovrsive Coniectvre vpon the Reasons that produce a desired event of the

Vlisses Britanicus, or the travalours present troubles of Great Britaine, dif

pockett booke transcribed out of the me

morialls of Francis Drake knight. Liferent from those of Lower Germanie. By Calybute Downing, L.L.D. Pastor of

censed to Francis Coules, 26 November.

1629. Hackney. . . London, Printed by Richard Hearne, and are to be sold by John Part- DRAKE, SIR WILLIAM. ridge. 1641. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-G 2 Sir William Drake His Speech in Parliain fours, G 2 blank.

ment. Concerning the present DistemDOWNING, SIR GEORGE.

pers, and putting the Kingdome in a state

of defence. November 10, 1641. LonA Reply of Sir George Downing Knight

don, Printed for W. L. 1641. 4°, 4 and Baronet, Envoy Extraordinary from

leaves. His Majesty of Great Britain, &c. To the Remarks of the Deputies of the Estates- DREAMER. General, Upon His Memorial of Decem- The Divine Dreamer : Or, A short ber 20. 1664. Old Stile, London,

treatise discovering the true effect and Printed Anno Dom. 1665. 4, A-N power of Dreames ; Confirmed by the in fours, and the title.

most learned and best approved Authors.

Whereunto is annexed The Dreame of a A Discourse Written by Sir George Downing, The King of Great Britain's Envoy

young Gentleman, immediatly before

the death of the late Earle of Strafford. Extraordinary to the States of the United

Printed in the yeare 1641. 4°, A-C in Provinces. Vindicating his Royal Master

fours, A 1 and C 4 blank. B. M. from the Insolencies of a Scandalous Libel, Printed under the Title of (An Extract

DREXELIUS, H. out of the Register of the States General

The School of Patience. Written in of the United Provinces, upon the Me

Latin by H. Drexelius. And faithfully morial of Sir George Downing, Envoy,

translated into English, by R. S. Gent. &c.] And delivered by the Agent Dr

London, Printed by Thomas Harper. Heyde for such, to several Publick Min- M.DC.XL. 12o. A, 6 leaves : B-Aa 9 in isters, ... Whereunto is added a Rela

twelves. With a frontispiece by W. tion of some Former and Later Proceed

Marshall. ings of the Hollanders: By a Meaner DREXELIUS, J. Hand. London, Printed for Dorman The Christians Zodiake or Twelue Signes Newman ... 1672. 12'. A, 6 leaves : of Predestination unto Life euerlasting. B-H in twelves. The first and last two Written in Latine by Ieremie Drexelius. leaves are blank.

London Printed for Samuel Broun . .

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1643. 12°, A-L_in twelves, besides Five sortes of Drunckbardes. Licensed the illustrations to Emblems 2, 4, 6, 8. to Edward Allde, 30 March, 1609. DROLLERY.

The Eighth Liberal Science : Or A newMerry Drollery Complete, Or, A Collec- found-Art and Order of Drinking, With tion.

A true Description of their School and
Of ( Jovial Poems,

Library, the Degrees taken there, The
Merry Songs,

Tongues Studied there. The several Titles
Witty Drolleries,

proper to the Professors of that Art, both
Intermixed with Pleasant Catches. The Civil and Martial, viz.
First Part. Collected by W.N.C. B. R.

The Universitie men. S. J. G. Lovers of Wit. London, Printed

To The Inns of Court and Chancery. for Simon Miller, at the Star, at the The Army and Souldiery. West-End of St. Pauls, 1670. 89, A-Z The Sea-men, or Seller-service-men. 4 in eights, Part 2 commencing with a Also, Penal Statutes enacted in Drinking, half title on sign. O.

Proverbs used amongst them, with divers

Stories of such whom immoderate DrinkDRUMMOND, W.

ing hath made ridiculous.

London, Poems, By that most Famous Wit,

Printed by B. A. near the Upper Pump William Drymmond of Hawthornden.

in Grub-street, 1650. 8°, A-B in eights, London, Printed by W. H. and are to he sold' in the Company of Stationers, DRURY, SIR WILLIAM, Lord Justice

including a frontispiece. In prose. B. M. 1656. 8°, A-0 in eights. With a portrait by Gaywood.

of Ireland.

An epitaphe on Sir William Drury. LiThe History of Scotland, From the year

censed to Edward White, 11 April, 1580. 1423. until the year 1542. Containing [? by Thomas Churchyard.] the Lives and Reigns of James the I. the II. the III. the IV, the V. with several DRYDEN, JOHN. Memorials of state, During the Reigns of

The Comedies, Tragedies, and Operas James VI. & Charles I. By William

Written by John Dryden, Esq; Now Drummond of Hawthornden.

With a

first Collected together, and Corrected Prefatory Introduction by Mr. Hall of from the Originals. In Two Volumes.


London, .
Grays-Inn. London, Printed by Henry

There are copies on large paper.
Hills, for Rich. Tomlins and himself,
and are to be sold at their houses near

To His Sacred Maiesty, A Panegyrick on
Py-Corner. MDCLV. Folio. A, 4 leaves: a,

His Coronation By John Dryden. Lon4 leaves : b (or Bb), 3 leaves : B_Pp in

don, Printed for Henry Herringman fours, Pp 4 blank, and Pp 3 occupied by

1661. Folio, 4 leaves. In verse. verses " To S[ir] W[illiam] A[lexander)”.

Annvs Mirabilis : The Year of Wonders, &c. With portraits by Gaywood of

1666. An Historical Poem : Containing Drummond and of the four Kings. the Progress and various Successes of our This includes a reprint of the Cypress

Naval War with Holland, under the Grove. In some copies occurs a duplicate Conduct of His Highness Prince Rupert, leaf H 4, with a laudatory passage on and His Grace the Duke of Albemarl. Cromwell.

And describing the Fire of London. By Polemo-Middinia. Carmen Macaroni- John Dryden, Esq. . . . London, Printed

Autore Gulielmo Drummondo, for Henry Herringman, 1667. 8°. Scoto-Britanno. Accessit Jacobi id No- A, 8 leaves : a, 4 leaves : B-F in eights, minis Quinti, Regis Scotorum, Cantilena F 8 blank. In 4-line stanzas. Rustica Vulgo Inscripta Christs Kirk on Dedicated to the City of London, after the Green. Recensuit, Notisque illus

which comes a letter to Sir Robert Howard, travit E. G. Oxonii, E Theatro Shel

explanatory of the nature of the poem, and

a copy of verses to the Duchess of Albemarle doniano. Anno Dom. 1691. 4', A-E

on the Duke's victory against the Dutch, 2 in fours.

June 3, 1665.
E. G. are the initials of Edmund Gibson. Of Dramatick Poesie, An Essay. By

John Dryden Esq; (Quot. from Horat.
A ballad agaynst Druckers. Licensed to De Arte Poet.] London, Printed for
W. Griffith in 1662–3.

Henry Herringman

1668. 4°, A

K in fours. Dedicated to Charles, Lord

A discription of the most vile and chiefe

This essay contains criticisms on Shakecapitall sinnes of Drunckenes devided into

spear, Jonson, Fletcher, &c.

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