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Sr. Martin Mar-all, Or The Feign'd Innocence: A Comedy. As it was Acted at His Highnesse the Duke of York's Theatre. London, Printed for H. Herringman . . . 1668. 4o. Title, list of persons, and prologue, 3 leaves : B-K in fours, K 4 blank. Pp. 57–8 are in duplicate, however. The Indian Emperour, Or, The Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards, Being the Sequel of the Indian Queen. By John Dryden Esq; The Second Edition London, Printed for H. Herringman. 1668. 4o. Title and leaf with prologue &c., 2 leaves : dedication, 2 leaves : BK in fours, K 4 blank.

In this edition the Defence was omitted. Secret Love ; Or The Maiden Queen : As it is Acted By His Majesties Servants, at the Theatre-Royal. Written by John Dryden Esq; (Quot. from Virgil.] London, Printed for Henry Herringman 1668. 4o. A, 2 leaves : a, 4 leaves : B-K 2 in fours. The Rival Ladies. A Tragi-Comedy As it was Acted at the Theatre-Royal. Nos hæc novimus esse nihil. Written by John Driden Esquire. London, Printed for H. Herringman 1669. 4°. Title and dedication to Roger, Earl of Orrery, 4 leaves : a, 2 leaves : B-K 2 in fours. The Wild Gallant: A Comedy. As it was Acted at the Theatre-Royal, By His Majesties Servants. Written by John Dryden, Esq; In the Savoy, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for H. Herringman 1669. 4°, A-K in fours. The Tempest, Or The Enchanted Island. A Comedy. As it is now Acted at his Highness the Duke of York's Theatre. London, Printed by J. M. for Henry Herringman MDCLXX.

A-M 2 in fours.

See a note in Halliwell's Dict. of Old Play8, 1860, in v. Tyrannick Love, Or The Royal Martyr. A Tragedy. As it is Acted by his Majesties Servants, at the Theatre Royal. By John Dryden, Servant to his Majesty. (Quot. from Virgil.] London, Printed for H. Herringman. 1670. 40. Title, dedication to the Duke of Monmouth, &c., 4 leaves : a, 2 leaves : B-K 2 in fours. Aureng-Zebe : A Tragedy. Acted at the Royal Theatre. Written by John Dryden, Servant to his Majesty, ... London, Printed by T. N. for Henry Herringman, .. 1676. 40, A-M in fours. Dedicated to John, Earl of Mulgrave.

All for Love: Or, The World well Lost.
A Tragedy, As it is Acted at the Theatre-
Royal; And written in Imitation of
Shakespeare's Stile. By John Dryden,
Servant to His Majesty, : : . In the
Savoy : Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for
Henry Herringman, 1678. 4o.
Title and prologue, 2 leaves : A-L in
The Spanish Fryar Or, The Double Dis-

Acted at the Duke's Theatre. Written by John Dryden, Servant to His Majesty. London, Printed for Richard Taylor and Jacob Tonson 1681. 49, A-M 2 in fours. Dedicated to John, Lord Haughton. Absalom and Achitophel. A Poem The Fourth Edition, Augmented and Revised. London, Printed for J. T. ... 1682. 4°, A-E 2 in fours. Absalom and Achitophel. A Poem, With all the Additions.

-Si Propriis stes

Te capiet Magis (1682.] 4o A, 5 leaves : B-E 3 in fours : Elegy on Cromwell, 4 leaves : Key to Absalom and Achitophel, 14 leaves : Second Part of A. and A., A-D in fours. The Second Part of Absalom and Achitophel. A Poem.

-Si Quis tamen Hæc quoque, si Quis Captus Amore LegetLondon : Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1682. Folio, B-I in twos, a leaf of K, and the title. The Medall. A Satyre against Sedition, By the Authour of Absalom and Achitophel. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson

1682. 4°. A, 4 leaves : a, 2 leaves : B-D 2 in fours. Religio Laici Or A Laymans Faith. A Poem. Written by Mr. Dryden.

Ornari res ipsa negat ; contenta doceri. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1682. 4o. Title, 1 leaf : a, 3 leaves : b, 4 leaves : B-E 3 in fours. Satyr to his Muse. By the Author of Absaloni & Achitophel. . . London, Printed for D. Green, 1682. 4°, A-D 2 iu fours, D 2 blank, and no sheet B. In


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The Duke of Guise. A Tragedy. Acted by their Majesties Servants. Written by Mr. Dryden, and Mr. Lee. London, Printed for R. Bentley . . . and J. Tonson

M.DC.LXXXIII. 40, A-L in fours, L 3-4 with the music. 'Dedicated by the authors to Lawrence, Earl of Rochester.




The Duke of Guise, .. To which is Added, A Vindication of the Play. By Mr. Dryden ... London, Printed for Jacob Tonson,

MDCXCIX. 4°, AI in fours : the Vindication (the edition of 1683) A-H 2 in fours, and the title. The Vindication : Or, The Parallel of the French Holy-League, and the English League and Covenant, Turn'd into a Seditious Libell against the King and his Royal Highness, By Thomas Hunt and the Authors of the Reflections upon the Pretended Parallel in the Play called The Duke of Guise. Written by Mr. Dryden

London, Printed for Jacob Tonson

MDCLXXXIII. 4°, A-H 2 in fours, and the titlepage. The True History of the Duke of Guise. Extracted out of Thuanus, Mezeray, Mr. Aubeny's Memoirs, . Published for the undeceiving such as may perhaps be imposed upon by Mr. Dryden's late Tragedy of the Duke of Guise. Together with some Remarks


the same. London, Printed and are to be Sold by R. Baldwin, 1683. 4°, A-E in fours, first and last leaves blank. Some Reflections upon the Pretended Parallel in the Play called the Duke of Guise. In a Letter to a Friend. London, Printed for Francis Smith, sen. 1683. 4°, A-D in fours, first and last leaves blank. Threnodia Augustalis :

By John Dryden, ..

Dvblin: Reprinted by Joseph Ray at Colledg-green, for Robert Thornton Bookseller in Skinner row, 1685. 4°, A-C 2 in fours. Albion and Albanius : An Opera. Perform'd at the Queens Theatre, in Dorset Garden. Written by Mr. Dryden. Discit justitiam . Virg. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1685. Folio, A-I in twos, besides (b) 2 leaves, and (c) 1 leaf. The Hind and the Panther. A Poem, In Three Parts. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1687. 40, A-T in fours, and a leaf of V, the first leaf of A with the Imprimatur. The Address of John Dryden, Laureat to His Highness the Prince of Orange. London, Printed and are to be sold by Randal Taylor . . . 1689. Folio. A-B, 2 leaves each. In verse. Don Sebastian, King of Portugal : A Tragedy Acted at the Theatre - Royal. Written by Mr. Dryden. . . . London: Printed for Jo. Hindmarsh ... MDCXC. 4°, A-S in fours, S 3-4 with the Pro

logue and Epilogue. Dedicated to Philip, Earl of Leicester. Amphitryon ; Or, The Two Sofias. A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Theatre Royal." (Quot. from Virgil.] Written by Mr. Dryden. To which is added, The Musick of the Songs Compos'd by Mr. Henry Purcel. London, Printed for J. Tonson ... and M. Tonson ... 1691. 4o. The play, A-I 2 in fours : the Songs, with a separate title, pp. 14, including title-leaf. The Fairy-Queen : An Opera. Represented at the Queen's-Theatre By their Majesties Servants. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1692. Where you may have compleat Sets of Mr. Dryden's Works in four Volumes ; the Plays in the Order they were written. 4o. A, 3 leaves : BH 2 in fours. Eleonora : A Panegyrical Poem : Dedicated to the Memory of the Late Countess of Abingdon. Written by Mr. Dryden. London : Printed for Jacob Tonson .. 1692. 4o. *, 4 leaves : A-C in fours. Dedicated by Dryden to the Earl of Abingdon. The State of Innocence, And Fall of Man : An Opera. Written in Heroick Verse; and Dedicated to Her Royal Highness the Dutchess. By Mr. John Dryden.

London, Printed for Hen. Herringman, ... 1695. 4o. An Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell : Late Servant to his Majesty, and Organist of the Chapel Royal, and of St. Peter's Westminster. The Words by Mr. Dryden, and Sett to Musick by Dr. Blow. London, Printed by J. Heptinstall, for Henry Playford, ... 1696. Folio. "B-H, 2 leaves, a leaf of I, and the titlepage. Carmen Sæculare, For the Year 1700. To the King.

London, Printed for Jacob Tonson. 1700. Folio. A-G, 2 leaves each, besides the half-title, G with advertisements, and G 2 blank. DU BARTAS, GUILLAUME SAL

USTE, SEIGNEUR. Bartas His Diuine Weekes & Workes Translated & Dedicated to the Kings most excellent Maiestie by Iosvah Sylvester. (London, Humphrey Lownes, 1605.] 4o. Engraved title preceded by a blank, 2 leaves : Corona Dedicatoria, 7 leaves : verses by Ben Jonson, &c., 2 leaves : B-XX in eights : XX, 2 leaves : YyAaa in eights.

Some of the separate portions have title





pages with the name of the printer Hum. amended : And now faithfully Translated phrey Lownes and the date 1605.

into English, By N. N. London, Printed Bartas His Diuine Weekes & Workes. by Thomas Harper and Richard Hodg... Printed at London by Humphrey

kinson. 1639. 4°, A-Ll in fours. Lownes. [Col.] 1608. At London, Im

DUCK, ARTHUR, LL.D. printed by Humfrey Lownes, and are to

Vita Henrici Chichele Archiepiscopi Canbe sold at his house, on Bred-street hil,

tvariensis Svb Regibvs Henric: v. et at the signe of the Starre. 4°, A-Xxx 4 in eights, last leaf with the colophon.

vi. Descripta ab Arthyro Dyck: LL.D.

Oxoniæ, Excudebat Iosephus Barnesius, Du Bartas His Diuine Weekes and Workes

1617. 4°, A-O in fours. with A Compleate Collectio of all the other most delight-full Workes Translated DUDLEY, DUD. and written by yē famous Philomusus.

Dud Dudleys Metallum Martis : Or, Iron Iosvah Sylvester Gent: London printed

made with Pit-Coale, Sea-Coale, &c. And by Robert Young 1633. Folio. Portrait

with the same Fuell to Melt and Fine of Du Bartas by C. v. Dalen and engraved

Imperfect Mettals, and Refine Perfect title in compartments by R. Elstrack, 2

Mettals. London, Printed by T. M. for leaves: A, 6 leaves : B, 8 leaves : C, 6

the Authour. 1665. 89, A-E 6 in leaves : D-00 in sixes, besides an extra

eights, E 6 with the Errata.

With a leaf in Oo marked (oo 2): separate title

plate in sign. E. Dedicated to the King. to Parliament of Virtues Royal, 1 leaf :

B. M. Pp-Lil 2 in sixes, besides a large folded DUFFORNE, RICHARD, of Northampleaf in sheet Hhh. Woodcuts.

ton, Accountant. Du Bartas His Diuine Weekes. . . . Lon- The Merchantes Mirror, or Directions for don printed by Robert Young with Addi- the perfect booking and survey of his tions : 1641. Folio. Engraved title and

Estate framed by way of Debitour and portrait, 2 leaves: A, 6 leaves: B, 8 leaves :

Creditor after the soe learned Italian (43 M in sixes, besides a folded leaf in

Licensed to N. Bourne, 21 sign, 3 H.

March, 1634–5. The Triumph of Faith. The Sacrifice of | DUGDALE, SIR WILLIAM. Isaac. The Ship-wracke of Ionas. With Origines Juridiciales, Or Historical Mea song of the victorie obtained by the morials of the English Laws, Courts of French king, At Yvry. Written in French,

Justice ... Also A Chronologie ... by W. Salustius lord of Bartas, and trans- The Second Edition with Additions. In lated by Josua Siluester, Marchant Ad- the Savoy, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for uenturer. Printed by Richard Yardley, Abel Roper, John Martin, and Henry and Peter Short and are to be sold at the Herringman . . . 1671. Folio, A-li in Starre on Bredstreet hill. 1592.

fours, the first leaf of A with the ImpriA-E 2 in fours : The Sacrifice of Isaac, matur: Kk-Hhh in twos : lii, i leaf as a head-line, with fresh signatures,

with Index: Portraits of Sir Orlando A-C in fours : [a new titlepage] A Can- Bridgman by Faithorne; Sir John Cleuch, ticle of the victorie ... at Yvry. Sir Robert Heath, Sir Randolph Crew, by At London, Printed by Richard Yardley, Hollar, and Sir Edward Coke and the . . 1591. A-C 2 in fours.

Earl of Clarendon, by Loggan : Chronica Dedicated by Sylvester to his uncle, Series Cancellariorum, &c., A-Gg, 2 Master William Plumbe Esquire, from Lon- leaves, Gg 2 with the Errata, besides the don, 30 May, 1592.

title. With many cuts of arms and other Babilon, A Part of the Second Weeke of engravings on the letterpress. Gvillavme de Salvste Seignevr Dv Bartas.

A Short View of the Late Troubles in With the Commentarie, and marginall

England ; Briefly setting forth, their Rise, Notes of S. G. S. Englished by William

Growth and Tragical Conclusion, As L'Isle. Omne tulit Imprinted at

also, some Parallel thereof with the London by Ed. Bollifant, for Richard

Baron's-wars in the time of King Henry Watkyns. 1596. 4°, A-I in fours, and a leaf of K. Dedicated to Lord Howard

III. But chiefly with that in France, of Effingham.

called the Holy League . . . To which

is added A Perfect Narrative of the DU BOSCQ, MONSIEUR.

Treaty at Uxbridge in an. 1644. Oxford, The Compleat Woman. Written in French Printed at the Theater for Moses Pitt at by Monsieur Du-Boscq, and by him after the Angel in St. Paul's Church-Yard, several Editions reviewed, corrected, and London. MDCLXXXI. Folio. A, 3 leaves :

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B-Hhhhhh, 2 leaves each.

With a

DUNTON, JOHN. portrait of Charles I.

A Trve lovrnall of the Sally Fleet, with The Antient Usage In Bearing of such

the Proceedings of the Voyage. PubEnsigns of Honour As are commonly

lished by Iohn Dynton, London Mariner, callid Arms. With a Catalogue of the

Master of the Admirall call’d the Leopard. present Nobility of England. By Sir

Whereunto is annexed a List of Sally William Dugdale Knt. Garter Principal

Captives names, and the places where King of Arms. To which is added, A

they dwell, and a Description of the Catalogue of the present Nobility of Scot

three Townes in a Card. London, Printed land and Ireland, &c. Oxford: Printed by Iohn Dawson for Thomas Nicholes at the Theater, for Rich. Davis Bookseller

1637. 4', A-F in fours, besides in Oxford · 1682. 8°. Title, dedication

the large folded map. Dedicated to Lord to Robert, Earl of Aylesbury, Deputy

Earl Marshall, and addenda, 3 leaves : DUNTON, JOHN, Publisher.
B-P 4 in eights, and between pp. 78-9,
a folded List of the Knights of the Garter.

The Young Students Library, Containing

Extracts and Abridgments of the Most DULCINA.

Valuable Books Printed in England, and Dulcina. To the tune of Forgoe me nowe :

in the Forreign Journals. From the Year come to me sone. Licensed to John White sixty five to this Time. To which is added, and Thomas Langley, 22 May, 1615. A New Essay upon all sorts of Learning;

wherein the Use of the Sciences is DistinctDU MOULIN, PIERRE.

ly treated on. By the Athenian Society. Defense de la Foy Catholiqve contenve

Also, A Large Alphabetical Table, Comav Livre de Trespvissant & Serenissime

prehending the Contents of this Volume. Roy Iaqves I. Roy de la grand' Bretagne

And of all the Athenian Mercuries and & d'Irlande. Contre la Response de F. N. Coeffeteav Doctevr en Theologie, &

Supplements, &c. Printed in the Year 1691.

London, Printed for John Dunton, at the Vicaire general des Freres Prescheurs.

Raven in the Poultry. Where is to be Par Pierre Dv Movlin Ministre de la

had the Intire Sett of Athenian Gazettes parole de Dieu en l'Eglise de Paris.

1692. Folio. Frontispiece, 1 leaf: M.DC.X. 8o. *, 4 leaves : -SS 4 in

title and following leaf, 2 leaves : a, 1 eights. Dedicated to James I.

leaf : [a]—[2], 2 leaves each : e, 1 leaf : Rerum nuper in Regno Scotiæ Gestarum A-U, 2 leaves each : Aa-Uu, 2 leaves Historia, Seu verius Commentarius. each : Aaa--Uuu, 2 leaves each : a new Per Irenævm Philalethen, Eleutherium. title (De Punctorum Origine, &c.), 1 leaf : Dantisci, . . . 1641. 8°. *, 4 leaves : Aaaa-Uuuu, 2 leaves each : AaaaaA-Oo in eights.

Vvvvv, 2 leaves each : 6 A-6 U, 2 leaves The Capucin Treated, Or, The lives of

each : 7 A-7 D, 2 leaves each. Printed

in two columns. the Capucins, with the life of S. Francis their Patron. Written Originally in

The Post-Boy Robb’d of his Mail . French by Mr. Peter du Moulin,

Both Volumes in One. The Second Edi. and Englished by Philanax Orthodoxus. tion. London:. 1706. 8°. ... London, Printed for Henry Marsh: DU PLESSIS, JEAN ARMAN, Car

1665. 8, A-H in eights, first and last two leaves blank. With a frontispiece.

dinal and Duke of Richelieu.

Emblema Animæ. Or Morrall Discourses DUNCAN, DR.

reflecting upon Humanitie. Written by Wholesome Advice against the Abuse John du Plessis now Cardinall of Richof Hot Liquors. Particularly of Coffee, lieu. Translated by I. M[axwell.] Lon. Chocolate, Tea, Brandy, and Strong don Printed by Nic: aud Joh: Okes. Waters. By Dr. Duncan of the 1633. 12o. A, 5 leaves, title (engraved Faculty of Montpelier. Done out of by W. Marshall) on A 2: B-N 6 in French. London. 1706. 89. A, twelves. 4 leaves : B_T 4 in eights.

The Art of Pleasing in Conversation. DUNCOMB, SIR C.

Written by the Famous Abbott Richlieu. A Congratulatory Poem to the Honour- Translated out of French. London, able si Charles Duncomb, K+ Sheriff of Printed for R. Bentley ... 1691. 12o. London. London: Printed for A. Bald. A, 6 leaves, including a frontispiece : win, ... 1699. A folio leaf.

B-Q in twelves.

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DURANT, JOHN, Student in Physic and 1684. Folio, A in fours, B-I in Astrology.

twos. Art and Nature Joyn Hand in Hand. The Prologue to Mr. Lacy's New Play, Or, The Poor Mans daily Companion .. Sir Hercules Buffoon or the Poetical Wherein is shew'd for Two Pence charge, Esquire. Written by Tho. Durfey Gent. how you may cure any, Distempers in- [Col.] London, Printed for Joseph Hindcident to Humane Body's : ... London, marsh, 1684. A folio leaf. Printed for Sam. Clark, 1697. 8°, Choice New Songs never before Printed. A-B in eights.

Set to Several New Tunes by the Best DURHAM.

Masters of Music. Written by Tho. A Most Lamentable Information of Part

D'Urfey, Gent. London, Printed by John of the Grievances of Mugleswick Lord

Playford, . 1684. Folio, A-F, 2

leaves each. ship in the Bishoprick of Durham, sent up by Master George Lilburne, Major of Several New Songs. By Tho. D'Ursey, Sunderland to be communicated to the Gent. Set to as many New Tunes By House of Commons. [1641?] A sheet.

the best Masters in Music. London, The Narrative of Mr. John Smith of

Printed by J. Playford, for Joseph HindWalworth, in the County - Palatine of

marsh, . 1684. Folio, B-F, 2 leaves Durham, Gent. Containing a further Dis

each, and the title. covery of the late Horrid and [sic] Popish

A Third Collection of New Songs, Never Plot. Londou, Printed, and are to be

Printed before. The Words by Mr. sold by Robert Boulter, ... 1679. Folio,

D'Urfey, Set to Music by the best MasA-L, 2 leaves each.

ters in that Science. . . . With Thorow.

Basses for the Theorbo, and Bass-Viol. DURER, ALBERT.

London, Printed by J. P. for Joseph Albert Durer Revived : Or, A Book of Hindmarsh, : : 1685. Folio, B-G, 2 Drawing, Limning, Washing, Or Colour

leaves each, a leaf of H, and the title. ing of Maps and Prints : London :

New Songs in the Third Part of the ComiPrinted by F. Collins, for John Garrett, 1698. Folio. With a portrait of

cal History of Don Quixote. Written by Durer on the back of the half-title. With

Mr. D'Vrfey. And Sung at the Theatre

Royal. With other New Songs by Mr. engravings as in the ed. of 1652.

D'Vrfey.... Engrav'd on Copper-Plates. The copy here used ended on p. 19 im

London, Printed for Samuel Briscoe, ... perfectly.

1696. Folio, 18 leaves. Albert Durer revived : ... London, Printed for Thomas Glass, . . . M.DCC.XXXI,


The Life and Death of that Judicious and Folio. With a portrait of Rubens as a

Accomplish'd Preacher, Robert Harris, frontispiece on back of half-title and other

D.D. Late Fellow of Trinity Colledge in other engravings not in the edits. of 1652

Oxon. Collected by a joynt concurrence and 1698. This copy is imperfect.

of some, who knew him well in his

strength, visited him often in his sickD'URFEY, THOMAS.

ness, attended him at his death, and still The Virtuous Wife; Or, Good Luck at honour his Memory. . . . By W. D. his last. A Comedy. As it is Acted at dear Friend and Kinsman. London, the Dukes Theater, By His Royal High- Printed for H. Brome 1662. 8°. ness His Servants. Written by Thomas Title and Errata, 2 leaves : B_I 4 in D'Vrfey, Gent. In the Savoy : Printed eights. Grenv. Coll. by T. N. for R. Bentley, and M. Magnes. DURINE OF GREECE.

1680. 4°, A-K 2 in fours, first leaf blank.

The first part of the historie of Durine of

Grece Translated out of Frenche by H. The Progress of Honesty : Or, A View of W. Licensed to Thomas Purfoot, 8 Dec. a Court and City. A Pindarique Poem, 1598. By T. D. The second Edition. London:

Arber's Transcript, iii. 44. 1681. 4°, A-D in fours, and the DURY, JOHN. title.

A Briefe Relation of that wbich hath The Malecontent ; A Satyr : Being the been lately attempted to procure EcclesiSequel of the Progress of Honesty, Or a astical Peace amongst Protestants. PubView of Court and City. [By T. Durfey.] lished, by Samuel Hartlib. London, London, Printed for Joseph Hindmarsh, Printed by I. R. for Andrew Crooke. ...

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