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1641. 4°, B-H in fours, H 4 blank, and A Summarie Account of Mr. John Dury's the title.

Former and Latter Negotiation : For the On F 3 occurs a second title as fol- procuring of true Gospell Peace, lows :

London, Printed for the Author, in the The Copy of a Petition, As it was ten. dered by Mr. Dury, to Gustavus, the late

Year 1657. 40, A-F in fours, and the King of Sweden, of glorious memory, when

title. He was at Esling in Prussia, in the year 1628.”


A Discourse of Marriage, written to the A Summary Discourse concerning the work of Peace Ecclesiasticall, How it may

Lord Harrington Licensed to Robert

Milbourn, 7 November, 1618. concurre with the aim of a civill confederation amongst Protestants. Presented to DYVE, SIR LEWIS. the consideration of my Lord Ambassa

A Letter from S: Lewis Dyve to the Lord dour St Thomas Row, &c. At Hamburg,

Marquis of New-Castle giveing his Lordin the yeare MDCXXXIX. By Mr. John

ship an account of the whole

conduct of Dury.... Cambridge : Printed by Roger

the Kings affaires in Irland, since the Daniel, Anno Dom. 1641, 49,

time of the Lord Marquis of Ormond, A-G in fours, first leaf blank, and a leaf

His Excellencies arrivall there out of of H.

France in Septem. 1648. Until S: Lewis A Seasonable Discourse Written by Mr. his departure out of that Kingdome, In Iohn Dury upon the earnest requests of June 1650. Together with the annexed many, Published, By Samuel Hart- Coppies of sundry Letters.

Hagve, lib. London, Printed for R. Woodnothe Printed by Samuell Broun

1650. 1649. 4°, A-D in fours.

4°, A-G in fours, and *—3* in fours.




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E. G.

Micro-cosmographie : ... The eighth A Moste profitable and pleazante Poeme, Edition. London, Printed by R. D. for worthye to bee red and respected ; draw- P. C. 1664. 12°, A-M in twelves, A ene from the pure fountaine of flowing 1 blank. Br. Múscum (the Jolley and streame to euerlasting salu[a]con Compiled Bliss copy). by G: E: [on the third leaf, the second

Micro-cosmographie : The Ninth being blank:) Adams Calamitie, & misery: cured by Christs humanytie & Mercy :

Edition. London, Printed by Thomas

Ratcliffe and Thomas Daniel for Philip Disce mori mundo : Viuere disce deo.

Chetwind. 1669. 12°, 4-M in twelves. (Circa 1600.] 4°, 21 leaves.


A1 blank. B. M.
MS. Br. M. 2477.

A poem by Earle entitled Hortus Mer.
EARLE, JOHN, Bishop of Salisbury. tonensis is inserted in Aubrey's Surrey, iv.

Micro-cosmographie. Or, A Peece of the
World Discovered. In Essayes and Cha- EARLE, J.
racters. Newly composed for the Nor-

Sacred Poems ; By J. Earle, Chaplain to therne parts of this Kingdome. At London. His Grace the Duke of Douglas. London, Printed by W. S. for Ed: Blount. 1628.

Printed in the Year 1726. 8°, A-D 3 in
12o. A, 6 leaves: B-K 5 in twelves. sixes. Dedicated to Mrs. Susanna Lang-
With a preface subscribed by the pub- ford,
lisher Blount. Br. Museum (Bliss's copy)
and Bodleian.

Micro-cosmographie ... The fift Edition

A thinge in verse of thearthquake. Li

censed to John Kingston, 11 April, 1580. much enlarged. London. Printed for Robert Allot, :.1629. 12o. A, 6 A true and terrible example of Gods wrath leaves : B-N in twelves.

shewed by yo generall earthquake through

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England. Licensed to H. Kyrkham, 3 The Weavers and Clothiers' Complaint May, 1580.

against the East-India-Trade. Part I. A praier gathered vpon thoccasion of London : Printed, and are to be sold by thearthquake. Licensed to H. Denham, A. Baldwin in Warwick-Lane. 1699. A 6 May, 1580.

sheet, in verse. Ouvry Cat., No. 125. An admonycon concerninge thearthquake.

A Discourse concerning the East-India Licensed to H. Bynneman, 27 June, 1580. Trade . . . Shewing how it is VnprofitA thinge of thearthquake Licensed to able to the Kingdom of England . H. Denham, 27 June, 1580.

London : Printed for R. Baldwin EASTERN ASSOCIATION.

1699. 4°, A-B in fours. To the High and Honorable Parliament Abstracted from John Cary's Essay, 1695, of England now assembled at Westminster,

with some additional particulars. The Humble Petitions, Serious Sugges- ECHLIN, DAVID, M.D., Physician to tions, and dutifull Expostulations of some

Queen Anne of Denmark. moderate and loyall Gentlemen, Yeomen, Ova Paschalia Dauidis Echlini. Ad Avdiand Freeholders of the Easterne Associa

tores Svos Classicos, in Collegio Plessæo. tion. These Petitions, &c. had; been for- Parisiis, E Typographia Steph. Preuosmally presented to the Parliament, but teau, . 1602. 40, A-C in fours. In for the reasons rendred at the latter end.

With verses on the last page by London, Printed for Ralph Smith ... James Melville and Leonard Maillard. 1648. 4°, A-E 2 in fours.

The copy, from which I describe this EAST INDIES.

tract, belonged to the author, and has his

autograph corrections. A true Relaçon of all the strange and admirable Accidents which lately hapned

In Felicissima Inavgvratione Beatissimi in the kingdome of the great Magor or

Papæ Pavli Qvinti Gratulatio Joannis Magull, who is the greatest Monarch of

Colvilli Scoti. Parisiis, Apud Dionysium the East Indies. Licensed to Nicholas

Binet ... 1605. 8°, 4 leaves. In verse. Bourne and Thomas Archer, 27 May,

Britwell (Heber's copy). 1622.

In Obitv Beatiss. Papæ Clementis octaui

lacrymæ Joannis Coluilli Scoti. Eius. Two Letters Concerning the East India

dem In felicissima assumptione Beatiss. Company. Printed in the Year 1676. 4,

Papae Leonis Vndecimi gaudia. Parisiis. 8 leaves.

Ex Typographia Steph. Preuosteau ... A Treatise wherein is demonstrated I.

M.DC.V. 40, A-C in fours, C 4 blank. That the East-India Trade is the most The author, in his own copy, has erased National of all Foreign Trades. II. That the name of Colvill, and substituted his the Clamors, Aspersions, and Objections made against the present East-India Com- Perivrivm Officiosym : Ad Vere Nobilem, pany, are Sinister, Selfish, or Groundless. et Generosum, optiméq; de me meritum III. That since the Discovery of the East- virum, Robertvm Aytonvm Equitem, Indies, the Dominion of the Sea depends

Annæ fæliciss. mem. Reginæ Secres much more upon the Wane or Increase of tarium. Homo homini Deus. Londini, that Trade, and consequently the Security Apud Georgium Miller. M.DC.XXVI. 4o, of the Liberty, Property, and Protestant A-B in fours, B 4 blank. B. M. Religion of this Kingdom. IV. That the EDLYN, RICHARD, Student in the MatheTrade of the East-Indies cannot be carried

matical and Physical Sciences. out to National advantage, in any other

Observationes Astrologicæ Or An Astroway than by a General Joynt-Stock. V.

logicall Discourse of the Effects of the That the East-India Trade is more profit- Notable Conjunction of Saturn and Mars able and necessary to the Kingdom of

that happened October 11 1658. and England than to any other Kingdom or

other configurations Concomitant. From Nation in Europe. London, Printed by

whence is Rationally predicted the QuaJ. R. for the Honourable the East-India

lity and Time of those principal TransCompany, 1681. 4°, A-F, in fours, F 4

actions that are probably to Ensue in blank: A-B in fours, B 4 blank.

England and severall other parts of Europe Four and twenty Queries relating to the (almost) untill the year 1661. . . . Lon. East-India Trade. Part II. London : don. Printed by T. W. and are to be sold Printed, and are to be Sold by A. Bald- by Richard Blome. [1658.] 8°, A-H win in Warwick-Lane, 1699. A sheet, in in eights, and a, 8 leaves. Dedicated prose. Ouvry Cat., No. 127.

to Henry, Marquis of Dorchester. With





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verses by John Deacon and John Gad EDWARD VI., King of England. bury.

A Proclamation set furth by the kynges The Preface is dated from New Buildings maiestie, wyth the assent and consent of in Sugar Loaf Court in the lower end of

hys moost dere uncle Edward duke of Tenter Alley in Little Moorfields.


concernyng the inhibicion EDMUNDS, CLEMENT.

of all preachers, aswell such as hath ben Observations, Vpon the Five First Bookes licenced, as also all other, the .xxiii. day of Cæsars Commentaries, setting fovrth of Septembre in the second


of his the Practise of the Art Military, in the Maiesties moste gracious reigne. God time of the Roman Empire. Wherein saue the Kyng. Excusum Londini, in are handled all the chiefest points of their ædibus Richardi Graftoni Regij Impresdiscipline, By Clement Edmynds. soris. Cum priuilegio. A broadside in At London, Printed by Peter Short . black letter. 1600. Folio. *, 2 leaves : A-Bb in Puttick's, May 15, 1877, No. 669. fours. With plates at pp. 28, 58, 80, 86, All suche Proclamations, as haue been 188, and 196. Dedicated to Sir Francis sette forthe by the kynges Maiestie, and Vere.

passed the Print: from the last daie of Obseruations vpon Cæsars Commentaries Januarij, in the firste yere of his highnes setting forth the Practise of ye Art mili- reigne, vnto the last daie of Januarij, tarie in the tyme of the Romaine Empire beeyng in the .iiii. yere of his saide moste for the better direction of our moderne prosperous reigne, that is to saie, by the Warrs. By Clement Edmonds Remem- space of iiii. whole yeres. Anno. 1550. brancer of the Citie of London. Printed [Col.) Imprinted at London, by Richard at London for Mathew Lownes 1604. Grafton, Printer to the kynges maiestie. Folio. 1,4 leaves, including a portrait

Anno. 1550. Cum priuilegio ad impriof Cæsar : b-t 2 in fours, t 2 blank,

mendum solum. 89, black letter, a-n 6 Dedicated to Prince Henry. The title is in eights, n 6 with the colophon, engraved.

The pycture of Kynge Eddwarde the VI. Observations vpon Cæsars Comentaries.

Licensed to Giles Godet in 1562–3. By Clement Edmvndes, Remembrancer EDWARDES, ROBERT. of the cittie of London. 1609. London The Inglish scholemaster sett forth by Print. for Math. Lownes. Folio. A, 3 Robert Edwardes. Licensed conditionleaves, besides the frontispiece : B-C in ally to Edward Allde, 12 Jan. 1590-1. fours ! D-V 5 in sixes : Portrait and to EDWARDS, DOCTOR. the Reader, 2 leaves : A-Bb in fours :

A discourse of all sortes of flowers. LiSixth Booke, b-r in fours, r 4 blank :

censed to Richard Harper, 7 November, The Maner of our Moderne Training,

8-t 1 in fours. With plates and verses

by Camden, Sylvester, Daniel, and Ben

Phelome Kynge of Egipte. A ballad.

Licensed to James Roberts in 1569–70. EDUCATION

The ij Kynges of Egypte. A ballad. Of Education. Especially of Young Gen. Licensed to James Roberts in 1569-70. tlemen. In Two Parts. The Second Impression with additions. Oxon. At EIRENÆUS PHILALETHES. the Theater Ann. 1673. 12o. a, 6 leaves:

Ripley Reviv'd : Or, An Exposition upon A-N 6 in twelves.

Sir George Ripley's Hermetico-Poetical

Works. Containing the plainest and most EDWARD IV., King of England.

excellent Discoveries of the most hidden The Story of Kynge Henry [Edward) the Secrets of the Ancient Philosophers, that IIIJth and the Tanner of Tamworth. Li

were ever yet Published.

Written by censed to W. Griffith in 1564.

Eirenævs Philalethes an Englishman, A Merry, Pleasant, and Delectable His- stiling himself Citizen of the World. tory, Between K. Edward the Fourth,

London, Printed by Tho. Ratcliff and And a Tanner of Tamworth, As he rode

Nat. Thompson, for William Cooper upon a time with his Nobles on Hunting

1678. 8°. *, 7 leaves : A-Cc 4 in eights, toward Drayton-Basset : very Pleasant

Cc 4 blank: A-F in eights, with the and Merry to Read. Printed for F. Coles,

Breviary of Alchemy.
in Vine - street, neer Hatten - Garden. | ELDER,
Small 8°, A in eights. Black letter. The Four-Legg'd Elder, Or, A true Rela-
With cuts.

tion of a Dog and an Elder's Maid. To




the Tune of The Lady's Fall, or Under your Rose-buds ; and fourty other Tunes. Printed in the year 1647. And Reprinted 1677 for D. Mallett. A folio leaf. In


Eldertons Answere to F. W. apprint.
Licensed to Edward White, 3 Aug. 1681.
ELIOT, JOHN, afterwards SIR JOHN.
A just reply to a false and Scandalous
Paper, Intituled Poyers Vindication. By
John Eliot Esquire. [April, 1649.) 4°,
4 leaves.
ELIZABETH, Queen of England.
Iniunctions Geven by the Quenes Maies-
tie. Anno Domini M.D.LIX. The fyrst
yeare of the raigne of our Soueraigne
Lady Quene Elizabeth. Cum priuilegio
Regiae Maiestatis. [Col.] Imprinted at
London in Poules Church yarde by
Richard lugge and Iohn Cawood prynters
to the Quenes Maiestie. Cum priuilegio
Regiæ [M]aiestatis. 4o A, 2 leaves :
B-C in fours : D, 5 leaves.
The declaracyon of the

procedynge of a conference, begon at Westminster the laste of Marche. 1539. concerning certaine articles of religion and the breaking vp of the sayde conference by default and contempt of certayne Byshops, parties of the sayd conference. Împrynted at London by Richard Iugge and lohn Cawood. 8°, black letter, 8 leaves. Lambeth. A Declaration of the Quenes Maiestie : Elizabeth by the grace of God, Quene of England, Conteyning the causes which haue constrayned her to arme certaine of her Subiectes, for defence both of her owne estate, and of the moste Christian Kyng Charles the nynth, her good brother, and his subiectes. Septemb. 1562. [Col.] Imprinted at London in Powles Church yarde by Rychard Jugge and John Cawood. . . 4°, black letter, 8 leaves, B 4 with the colophon. Protestation Faicte par La Royne d’Angleterre, Par laquelle elle declare les iustes ; & necessaires occasions qui l'ont meuë de prendre la pretection de la cause de Dieu, la defense du Roy & de son Royaume, contre les autheurs des troubles qui y sont a present. M.D.LXII. 4°, A--B in fours. The Doynges of the lorde Powynges Awdelay Walloppe and my lorde Gray. A ballad. Licensed to W. Copland in 1562-3.

A godly meditation in myter for the preservation of the quenes maiestie for peace.

Licensed to Johu Kyngston in 1569–70. The confusion of yo Rebelles with a songe of thankes for the same. A ballad. Licensed to J. Allde in 1569–70.

Rebelles not fearynge God Oughte therfore to fele the Rodde. A ballad. Licensed to John Fairberne in 1569-70. The Dysordered Rebelles in the north. A ballad. Licensed to Henry Kyrkham in 1569–70. The marchyng mates of Rebelles stoute. A ballad. Licensed to J. Allde in 1569– 70. The advertisment to the Rebelles in the north parties. Licensed to Lucas Harrison in 1569–70. ij, shorte speaches agaynste Rebellion. Licensed to John Allde in 1569–70. The welcom to London agaynste the Rebelles come into Northumberlande, and those yt of his syde hath bene. A ballad. Licensed to W. Griffiths in 1569– 70. The trust of tru subiectes. A ballad. Licensed to R. Jones in 1570. The bewalynge of tru subiectes. Licensed to John Awdelay in 1570-1. A Treatise of Treasons against Q. Elizabeth, and the Croune of England, diuided into two Partes : whereof, The first Parte answereth certaine Treasons pretended, that neuer were intended: And the second, discouereth greater Treasons committed, that are by few perceived: as more largely appeareth in the Page folowing. Împrinted (at Antwerp) in the Moneth of Ianuarie, and in the Yeare of our Lord. M.D.LXXII. 8°, chiefly black letter. ā-17 in eights : A-Y 6 in eights: A Table Gathered, &c., *, 8 leaves, and **, 7 leaves : Certain Important Points, A, 7 leaves. Lambeth.

The first portion is a vindication of Mary Queen of Scots and the Duke of Norfolk, the second, an exposure of the treasonable designs of "a few base and ingrate persons,' against Q. Elizabeth. The initials G. T. are to A Table Gathered, &c., and also to A Copie of a Letter addressed from Antwerp

the xxvi. of Iune to Mr. Hatton. By the Quene. [A Proclamation against Popish traitors.] Geuen at our Manour of Greenewiche, the .xi. day of June 1573. The fyfteenth yere of our raigne. God saue the Quene. Imprinted at London




in Powles Church-yarde, by Richarde Jugge . .. A broadside. Grenv. Coll. A Discourse of the happines of this our age. Licensed to Toby Cooke, 11 Sept. 1578. ij Litle Anthemes or thinges in meeter of hir maiestie. Licensed to Christ. Barker, 15 Nov. 1578. A songe for yche subiect that in Eng

land beares breath, To praise God and saie God save Quene

Elizabeth. Licensed to R. Jones, 15 Nov. 1578. Quake, quake, yt is tyme to quake, When towers and townes and all Doo

shake. A ballad. (Per Elderton.] Licensed to R. Jones, 25 April, 1580.

This is given to Elderton in the margin of the Register. The moste Traiterous protestacon of Henrie Everit alias Everit Duckette. Licensed to R. Jones, 31 July, 1581. A ballad intituled the Entertainemente of the Frenchemen. Licensed to Roger Ward, 1 October, 1581. Clintons lamentacyon. A ballad. Licensed to T. Purfoot and T. Nelson, 19 Aug. 1583. By the Quene. A Proclamation against certaine seditious and scismatical Bookes and Libelles &c. ... Giuen at her Maiesties Mannor of Greenewich the last day of June, in the fiue and twentieth

yeere of her highnesse Reigne. God saue the Quene. Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker.

· [1583.] A broadside. Grenv. Coll. [The Queenes Maiesties entertainment at Woodstocke] At the end occurs ; Imprinted at London, for Thomas Cadman. 1585. 4°, mixed letter, A-G in fours, G 4 blank. A Declaration of the Cavses mooving the Qveene of England to giue aide to the Defence of the People afflicted and oppressed in the lowe Countries. Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker [1585.]4°, roman letter, A-.D in fours, first and last leaves blank.

Mr. Pyne says that this was printed two or three times in English. It was also

translated into French, Latin, and Italian. The Copie of a Letter to the Right Honourable the Earle of Leicester, Lieutenant generall of all her Maiesties forces in the vnited Prouinces of the lowe Countreys, written before, but deliuered, at his return from thence : With a report of certeine

petitions and declarations made to the Qveenes Maiestie at two severall times, from all the Lords and Commons lately assembled in Parliament. And her Maiesties answeres thereunto by her selfe deliuered, though not expressed by the reporter with such grace and life, as the same were vttered by her Maiestie. Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker

1586. 4°, A-E in fours, E 4 blank, and A with the Royal Arms. Orders deuised by the speciall commandement of the Quenes Maiestie, : . . Sent from the Court at Greenewich abroad into the Realme, ... Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker, 1586. 4o, black letter, A-C in fours, C 4 blank. A ballad in praise of the quenes shippes. Licensed to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586. The quenes passage into the parlament. 23 novembris. A ballad. Licensed to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586.

This refers to an incident of 27 Eliz, [1584.) A ballad in praise of the quenes shippes, begynnynge o ye Eliz Jonas. Licensed to E. Allde, 8 Aug. 1586. The Victory of the Prymrose against the Spanyardes and thescape of the Violet. A ballad. Licensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. 1586. The confession of 9. Rovers. Clinton and Purser beinge chief. A ballad. Licensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. 1586. A praier for the quenes maiestie and the state. Licensed to R. Jones, 22 Aug. 1586. A proper newe ballad which settes in our

viewe The manifold daungers yt are like t'ensue. Licensed to E. Allde, 6 Dec. 1586. An exhortation to true love loialty and vnfained fidelytie to her maiestie.

Licensed to T. Dawson, 10 Dec. 1586. The Briefes of all letters Patentes to be granted vnder the greate seale of England for gatheringe by reason of Casualtyes and losses. happenynge as well by sea as by Land. Licensed to Thomas Purfoot, 28 Jan. 1586-7. A ballat of the thankfull hartes of the poore Commons to our gracious quene, &c. Licensed to T. Purfoot, 6 Feb. 1586–7. A ballat of the peoples Reioycinge for the late orders appointed by her maiestie for their Relief, Licensed to R. Jones, 6 Feb. 1586–7. A prayer and thancksgyvynge vnto God for the prosperous estate and longe Con


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