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tynuance of the Queenes maiestie to be throw in July last 1588. Licensed to H. songe on the xvijth of November 1587. Carre and T. Orwin, 3 Nov. 1588. Licensed to John Charlwood, 14 Nov. A Joyfull ballad of the Roiall entrance 1587.

of Quene Elizabeth into her cyty of LonA newe yeres remenibrance wherein we don the [24 ?] Day of november 1588 and may

howe muche we be beholden to of the solemnity vsed by her maiestie the quene. Licensed to Thomas Duffild, to the glory of God for the wonderful 20 Nov. 1587.

ouerthrowe of the Spaniardes. Licensed The oration of Neptune to Jupiter in the

to John Wolf by anticipation, 14 Nov. prayse of Queen Elizabeth, &c. Licensed

1588, but no sum named. to John Wolf, 10 Dec. 1587.

An excellent dyttie of the Quenes com

minge to Paules Crosse the 24th Daie of
Warachtighe Relatie / ... Tot Dellf..

November 1588. Licensed to Thomas
Anno 1588. 4°, A-Ć 2 in fours. Grenv.

Nelson, 26 Nov. 1588.
“This is a German translation of the

The ioyfull Tryumphes performed by
Spanish account of their Armada.

dyuerse Christian princes beyond the
The Recantations as they were seuerallie

Seas for the happines of England and the pronounced by Wylliam Tedder and An- ouerthrowe of the Spanishe Navye, shewthony Tyrrell: (sometime two Seminarie inge also the Justinge at Westminster on Priests of the English Colledge at Rome,

the Coronacon Daie in the xxxjth yere of and nowe by the great mercie of almightie her maiesties reigne. A ballad. Licensed God conuerted, vnto the profession of the

to John Wolf, 27 Nov. 1588. Gospell of Iesus Christ) at Paules Crosse, A ballad wherein is Declared the greate the day and yeere to be mentioned in their goodnes of God in preservinge our graseuerall Tytles of theyr Recantations. tious sovereigne ladie from soe manye With an Epistle dedicatorie vnto her conspiracies, &c. Licensed to H. Carre, Maiestie, and their seuerall Præfaces vnto 20 Jan. 1588-9, but no sum namad. the Reader, contayning the causes that A ballad of her maiesties Ridinge to her mooued them to the same. At London,

highe Court of parlamente. Licensed to Printed by Iohn Charlewood and Wil- William Blackwall, 3 Feb. 1588–9. liam Brome, and are to be sold by Thomas Gubbin, dwelling in Pater-noster Rowe,

A songe to be printed in Duch, French

or English of thouerthrowe of the Spanysh at the signe of the Gryffin. Anno. Dom.

navies. Licensed to John Wolf, 4 March, M.D.LXXXVIII. 4°, A-F in fours, besides

1588-9. a general title as above, with a portrait of Q. Elizabeth on the back.

A Skeltonicall Salvtation,

Or Condigne Gratvlation, Trivmphalia De Victoriis Elisabethae

And Ivst Vexation Anglorvm, Francorvm, Hybernorvmqve Of the Spanishe Nation, Reginæ Avgvstissimae,

Contra Classem Instrvctissimam Philippi Hispani

That in a Bravado,

Spent many a Crvsado, arvm Regis ... Anno Christi Nati 1588. Ivlio et Avgvsto Mensibvs. 4°, A-H in

In setting forth an Armado fours. In verse.

England to Invado.

Printed at Oxford By Joseph Barnes, and A godlie prayer, for the preservation of bee sold in Paules Churchyeard, at the quenes maiestie, and for her Armyes the signe of the Tygres head. 1589. both by Sea and lande againste the Eny

A-B 2 in fours. Lambeth, mies of the churche and this Realme

Declaratio Cavsarvm, Qvibvs Serenissiof Englande. Entered conditionally to mæ maiestatis Angliæ Classiarij adducti, Thomas Woodcock, 31 July, 1588. in expeditione suâ Lusitanensi, quasdam An excellent songe of the breaking vp of

naues frumento, alióque apparatu bellico the campe. Licensed to John Woll, 23

ad vsus Hispaniarum Regis, LonAug. 1588.

dini Excudebant Deputati' Christopheri

Barkeri . . . 1589. 49, A-C 2 in fours. A Ballad of thankes gyvinge vnto God for his mercy toward hir maiestie begyn

An Answer to the Vntrvthes, Pvblished

and Printed in Spaine, in Glorie of their nynge Reioyce England. Licensed to H. Kyrkham, 7 Oct. 1588.

svpposed Victorie atchiened against the

English Navie, and the Right Honorable A ballad of the most happie Victory ob- Charles Lord Howard, Lord high Admiral tained ouer the Spaniardes and yeir ouer- of England, &c. Sir Francis Drake, and the






rest of the Nobles and Gentlemen, Captaines and Soldiers of our said Navie. First written and published in Spanish by a Spanish Gentleman ; who came hither out of the Lowe Countries from the seruice of the Prince of Parma, with his wife and familie, since the overthrow of the Spanish Armada, forsaking both his countrie and Romish religion, as by this Treatise (against the barbarous impietie of the Spaniards, and dedicated to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie) may appeare. Faithfully translated by I[ames] L[ea.] London, Printed by lohn Iack son, for Thomas Cadman. 1589. 40, A-H in fours.

Dedicated to Lord Howard of Effingham. On the back of the title occur two copies of verse: “England to her Queene,” S. D.,

and “England to hir Admirall," I. Lea. Following the dedication to Howard is a second to Queen Elizabeth by the author, and this is succeeded by “The Author to hir Majestie,” subscribed S. D., and “The translator,” subscribed I. L. The former may be the initials of Daniel.

This is a very curious volume, and is partly in verse. At p. 31 occurs An answer to the songs of Christovall Bravo, of Cordova, blinde of bodie and soule, in praise of the victorie which the Spanish Armada had.

With the answers are given translations of the songs. At p. 49 we have, A song in the praise of the English Nobilitie,” followed by another by

the translator “to the same effect.” A Treatise Wherein is manifestlie proved, that Reformation and those that sincerely fauor the same, are vniustly charged to be enemies, ynto hir Maiestie, and the state. Written both for the clearing of those that stande in that cause : and the stopping of the sclaunderous mouthes of all the enemies thereof. [Quot. from Zephaniah, 3, 18. 19.] 1590.4°, roman letter, A-I in fours, besides 1, 2 leaves. A ballad made vppon the late fighte at the Sea betwene 2 ships of Dunkerke, and a small ship of 80 Tonne apperteyninge to the Erle of Cumberland, the 26 of July 1590./ Licensed to W. Wright, 5 Aug. 1590. A rare and due Comendacon of the singuler vertues and governement of the quenes most excellent maiestie with the happie and blessed estate of Englande and howe God hathe blessed her highnes from tyme to tyme. Licensed to W. Wright, 5 Jan. 1590-1. A ballad shewinge the treasons of George Bysley alias Parsey and Mountford Semynarie prestes whoe suffered in Flete

streete the Firste of Julye 1591. Licensed to Abel Jeffes, 19 July, 1591. A letter sent from a gentleman of accoumpte concerninge the true estate of the Englishe forces nowe in Fraunce vnder the conduct of the right honorable the Erle of Essex, &c. Licensed to Johu Wolfe, 6 Sept. 1591. A joyfull newe ballad of our quenes goinge to the parliament shewing her most happie and prosperous reigne and the great care she hath for the government of her people made this yere 1593. Licensed to Abel Jeffes, 18 March, 1592-3. The chief occurrences of bothe the armyes from the viijth of aprill to the xvijth of the same monethe. Licensed to John Wolf, 21 April, 1592. The honnour of the tilthe, xvijo Novembris. 1593. A ballad. Licensed to John Danter, 21 Nov. 1593. The renewing of certaine Orders deuised by the speciall commandement of the Quenes Maiestie, for the reliefe and stay of the present dearth of Graine within the Realme : in the yeere of our Lord 1586. Now to bee againe executed this present yere 1594. V pon like occasions as were seene the former yere. With an addition of some other particular orders for Reformation of the great abuses in Ale-houses and such like. Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, . . . 1594. 4°, A-C in fours. Black letter. A ballad of the triumphes at the tilte and thanksgyvinge the xvjjth of November 1594 for her maiesties xxxvij yeares Reigne. Licensed to E. White, 15 Nov. 1594. A New Charge giuen by the Queenes commandement, to all Iustices of Peace, and all Maiors, Shiriffes, and all principall Officers of Cities, Borroughs, and Townes Corporate, for execution of sundry orders published the last yeere for staie of dearth of Graine. With certaine addi. tions nowe this present yeere to be well obserued and executed. Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, 1595, 4°, black letter, A-C in fours. Discovrs veritable de Diverses Conspirations nagueres descouuertes contre la propre vie de la tres-excellente Majeste de la Royne : par assassinemens autant barbares, comme la conseruation a esté miraculeuse de la main du Tout-puissant, opposée aux desseings pernicieux de ses




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Anglois rebelles, & aux violences de ses The Honour of Englishmen/ Shewing the trespuissants ennemis estrangers.

A gloriouse tryumphes performed by the Londres, Par Charles Yetsweirt. Et a la cheife of the English Nobility at Tilt beHaye, Chez Albert Henry ... 1595. 4°, fore the King and Queens Maiesties, the A-D in fours.

Paulsgraue and the Ladie Elizabeth at Elizabethae Angliae Reginae Haeresim White Hall vppon the 24th of March 1612. Calvinianam propvgnantis saevissimvm

Licensed to Ralph Blower, 25 March, in Catholicos svi Regni Edictum,

1612-13. Promulgatum Londini 29. Nouembris. Englandes Joye or the happie nuptialles M.D. XCI. Cvm Responsione ad singvla of prynce Friderick and the Lady Elizacapita . . . Per D. Andream Philopatrum beth. Licensed to Edward White, 20 Presbyterum, ac Theologum Romanum, February, 1612–13. ex Anglis olim oriundum Cvm

Englandes comfort or A ioyfull newe Licentia Svperiorvm. Romæ 1593.

songe of the Ladye Elizabeth and the 4o. Title and summary, 2 leaves : Count Palatine, which Princes were A-Rrr 2 in fours.

betrothed together in his maiesties ChapA most ioyfull newe ballad shewinge the pell at Whitehall vppon Saint Johns Day happines of England for her maiesties Last before his maiestie and diuerse of blessed reigne and the subiectes ioy for the Nobilitie. Licensed to George Eld, the same. Licensed to E. White, 15 Nov. 14 January, 1612–13. 1594.

A farewell to prynce palatine and his Certaine Prayers set foorth by Authoritie, fayre bryde the lady Elizabeth being to be vsed for the prosperous successe of their passages through Kent, their Arriher Maiesties Forces and Nauy. Im- valles in the Lowe-Countreyes, with their printed at London by the Deputies of entertaynement there, and their Royall Christopher Barker, ... 1597. 40, A-C retourne home into his owne Court. in fours, first and last leaves blank. Licensed to John Wright, 16 April, 1613. Lambeth.

A ballad called, The Roiall pedygree of Cavsarvm Explicatio Qvibus hoc Anno the Lady Elizabeth. Licensed to the 1597. ... Londini ... 1597. 4°, 4 leaves, widow White, 28 April, 1613. Speciall Orders and directions set foorth

The journall of the Journey of the Countie By the Queenes maiesties commande

Palatine and the lady Elizabeth from ment, to all Iustices of Peace, and all England to Hedelberghe in Germany, and Maiors, for stay and redresse of

their entertaynement by the Way. Lidearth of Graine. Imprinted at London censed to Nathaniel Butter, 30 June, by Robert Barker, Anno 1600. 4, 1613. A-B in fours. Lambeth.

The portrature of the most gratious and The Last Speech and Thanks of Queen right Vertuous Ladie Elizabeth prinElizabeth of ever Blessed memory, To her cesse of great Britton, &c. By F. Delaram. last Parliament, after her Delivery from Licensed to Henry Holland, 6 December, the Popish Plots, &c. London, Printed, 1616. 1679. Folio.

An Elegy Upon the Decease of the most Queen Elizabeth's Opinion concerning Incomparable Pious Lady, the Princesse Transubstantiation, Or the Real Presence Elizabeth, who Dyed in Carisbrook Castle of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, with in the Isle of Wight, Septemb. 8. 1650 some Prayers and Thanksgivings com- [Feb. 24th.] 4°, 4 leaves. Br. Museum. posed by Her in Imminent Dangers. Lon- ELLIOT, ADAM, M.A., a Priest of the don : Printed for F. E. (1688.] A large

Church of England. sheet, surmounted by a portrait of the

A Modest Vindication of Titus Oates the Queen.

Salamanca-Doctor from Perjury : Or an ELIZABETH, Queen of Bohemia.

Essay to Demonstrate him only Forsworn Triumphes or a description of the ho, and

in several instances. . . . London, Printed roiall celebracon of the pryncesse Eliza- for the Author, and are to be sold by beth and prince Palatines nuptialles, Joseph Hindmarsh,

1682. Folio, with the true maner of the fyreworkes, A-O in twos. seafightes, &c. Licensed to Henry Gosson, 30 January, 1612–13.

A ballad on the subject was licensed the

The Lieutenant of the Tower his Speech same day to Gosson.

and Repentance, at the time of his Death,

[blocks in formation]

who was executed vpon Tower Hill, on the 20. day of Nouember. 1615. Together with a Meditation and Vow of his that hee made not long before hee dyed. Mors mihi Lucrum. Printed by G. Eld for Na: Butter, and are to be sold at his shop neere Saint Austenes gate. 4°, A --D 3 in fours. ELYOT, SIR THOMAS. Bibliotheca Eliotae. Eliotes Dictionarie the second tyme enriched, and more perfectly corrected, by Thomas Cooper, schole maister of Maudlens in Oxforde. This last edition, beside the addition and correction of verie manie thynges, hath the propre names of most herbes that be agreed of among phisicians the correction of weightes, measures, and coynes, with the applyinge of the same to our tyme. Londini in Aedibys T. Bertheleti. Cum priuilegio. [Cpl.] Thys endeth this Dictionarie printed at London in the bouse of Thomas Berthelet, Anno Domini. M.D.LII. The .x. daie of December. Cum priuilegio. Folio. A, 8 leaves, with title, &c. : A (repeated)--4 E in sixes, last leaf blank. Dedicated to Dr. Haddon, President of Magdalen, by Cooper. Printed in two columns. Bibliotheca Eliotæ. Eliotes Dictionarie, by Thomas Cooper the third tyme corrected, and with a great number of phrases enriched . . . Londini in Ædibus nuper Tho. Bertheleti. Anno Domini. 1559. Cum priuilegio.

Folio. Title, &c., 9 leaves : A (repeated)—4 F in sixes, 4 F 6 blank. The Castel of Helthe. Gathered, and made by syr Thomas Elyot knight, one of the chief authors of Phisyke, whereby euery man may knowe the state of his owne body, the preseruation of helthe, and how to instruct well his phisition in sicknes, that he be not deceyued. M.D.XXXIX. (Col]Londini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti typis impress. ... Anno M.D.XXXIX. 40, A-X° in fours : Y, 6 leaves. Dedicated to Thomas, Lord Cromwell. Lambeth. The Castel of Helth. . . . [Col.] Londini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti. M.D.XLVII. 8°, black letter, A-R in eights, R 7 with the colophon only, and R 8 blank. The Castell of Helth . .. 1572. Imprinted at London, by Thomas Marshe. 8°, A-N in eights. Black letter. The Castle of Health, . . . Now Newlie Pervsed, amended, and corrected, this

present yeare, 1610. London, Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1610. 4°, black letter. T, 4 leaves : A-8 in fours. Pasqvill the Playne. Anno. M.D.XL. [Col.] Londini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti typis impress. Cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum. Anno M.D.XL. 8°, A=C 6 in eights, C 6 occupied on the verso by a large woodcut device with the motto Face avt Tace.

In prose. It is an interlocution between Pasquillus, Gnatho, and Harpocrates. The Banket of Sapience, Anno Christi. 1564. [Col.] Londini Excudebat Henricus Wykes

Anno. M.D.LXIIII. 8°, A-G in eights, G 8 blauk. Lambeth. ELLIS, THOMAS. A true report of the Late woorthie fight performed in the voiage from Turke by fyve shippes of London against xj galleis and ij fregates the strongest of christiandom in the passage of the straightes the 13 of Julye 1586 by Thomas Ellis marryner. Licensed to Humphrey Bate, 10 Nov. 1586. ENS, GASPAR. Magnæ Britanniæ Deliciæ seu Insvlarvm et Regnorvm qvae magnae Britanniae

. imperio hodie comprehenduntur, Descriptio Coloniæ .. Anno

8o. Title and dedication to the Duke of Lenox, 2 leaves : A-H 6 in eights. ENCHIRIDION. Enchiridio preclare ecclē Sarisburiēsis deuotissimis precationibus ac venustissimis imaginibus ijs quidē non paucis refertū. [Col.] Impressum est hoc orariū Parisiis in edibus spectabilis viri Germani Hardouyn. ... [1533.) 8°, A-Z 4 in eights. With woodcuts.

Described from a fine copy, which I examined at Mr. John Bohn's, Canterbury,

October 18, 1878. ENFIELD. Cruelty punished, Or A full and perfect Relation of the unparalleld inhumanity of William Deane, Robert Deane, and Margaret Deane, Practised upon the Body of Jane King A young beautiful Maiden, living at Clay-Hill at Enfield : Together, With their Tryal at the OldBayly, London, Printed for C. N. in the Year 1677. Folio, 2 leaves. ENGINES. A booke of Engins for the destruction of certayne Crowes and Sparrowes, with

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the gouernement of Oxen, Kyen, Calues, horse, shepes, . . . Licensed to Robert Waley, 14 Sept. 1583. An Invention of Engines of Motion lately brought to perfection. Whereby may be dispatched any work now done in England or elsewhere, (especially Works that require strength and swiftness) either by Wind, Water, Cattel or Men. And that with better accommodation, and more profit then by any thing hitherto known and used. London, Printed by I. C. for Richard Woodnoth, . . . 1651. 4°, AB in fours. ENGLAND. [A Chronicle of England to A.D. 1447. No place, printer's name, or date, W. de Machlinia, circů 1480 ?] Folio. Prologue, 6 leaves (?): A–Z in eights : 2, 8 leaves : aa

in eights. Br. Museum (Grenville).

This copy is not perfect; it wants the end of the Table, aa 8, and the conclusion. [The Chronicles of England. Colophon:] Thus endeth this present booke of the cronicles of englond / en printed by me william Caxton In thabbey of westmynster by london Fynysshid and accomplishid the x. day of Juyn the yere of thincarnacion of our lord god M.CCCC. LXXX. And in the xx. yere of the regne of Kyng Edward the fourth. Folio, 182 leaves, including two blanks. Publ. Lib. Cambridge, Lambeth, and Duke of Devonshire. [The Chronicles of England. Second Edition. Colophon :] Thus endeth this present book of the Cronycles of England | Enprynted by me William Caxton In thabbey of westmestre by london / Fynysshed" | and accomplysshyd the vij/ day of Octobre / The yere of the Incarnacyon of our lord God / M / cccc , lxxxij And in the xxij yere of the regne of Kyng Edward the fourth. Folio, 182 leaves, including two blanks. Br. Museum, &c. (all imperfect).

All the copies known appear to be more or less defective. The cronycle of Englonde. [There is no regular title. The colophon :) Here endyth this present cronycle of Englonde wyth the frute of tymes : compiled in a booke / & also enprented by one somtyme scole mayster of saynt Albons, on whoos soule god haue mercy!

And newly in the yer of our lord god. M.cccc. 1xxxxvij. enpryntid at Westmestre by Wynkyn de Worde. [A new title :) The descrypcyon of Englonde. Here foloweth

a lytell treatyse the whiche treateth of the descrypcyon of this londe whiche of olde tyme was named Albyon And after Brytayne And now is called Englonde and spiketh of the noblenesse and worthynesse of the same. (A second colophon :] Fynysshed and enprynted at Westmestre by me Wynken de worde / the yere of our lorde A.M.CCCC. and foure score and xviij. Folio. Printed in two columns. Table, 6 leaves : Prologue, with commencement of text, a-z in sixes : , 6 leaves : A-H in sixes, I in fours, with the fainiliar large mark on I 4 verso: the Description of Britain, A-D in sixes. Grenv. Coll.

The leaf which was in facsimile in this copy has since been supplied from another

imperfect one. Hic incipit fructus tempore, (This occurs on the first column of the leaf marked a ij, there being no regular title. Col. :) Fynysshed & enprynted in flete strete in the syne of the sonne by me wynkyn de worde / the yere of our lorde a. M.ccccc. and ij. mensis Mayus. Folio, black letter, printed in two columns. Collation : a leaf making Aai(wanting in this copy), and probably blank or with a page-cut : Table, 5 leaves : a-z in sixes : 2, 6 leaves : aa-pp in sixes : ce, 7 leaves, with a colophon on the 2nd column of c 7 recto, c 7 verso occupied by the device : the Description of Britain, A-D 3 in sixes. Grenv. Coll. Hic incipit Frūctus tempore [This occurs as a headline on the 2nd column of a i verso immediately after the close of the Prologue. Col. :) Fynysshed and enprynted at Temple barre be me Julyan Notary Dwellynge in Saynt Clemente parysse / the yere of oure lorde a.M.CCCCC. and inj. mensis Augusti. Folio, black letter, printed in two columns. Collation : Table, 4 leaves marked A, A recto occupied by a woodcut composed of pieces : a-x in sixes : y, 4 leaves : the Description of Britain, with a new title, A-C 5 in sixes. With cuts. Grenv. Coll. Hic incipit Fructus tempore [This occurs, as in Notary's impression of 1504, on a i verso, col. 2.

The colophon is :) Enprynted at Londo in powlys chyrche yarde at the west dore of powlys besyde iny lorde of londons palays by me Julyan Notary +. In the yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC.XV. Folio, black letter, printed in two columns. Collation : +, 4 leaves, occupied with woodcuts on the first and last pages, the rest with the Table: a-z

sixes : ', 4 leaves. Grenv. Coll.


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