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of their Antient and Undoubted Rights The Gospelles and Pystles of all yo according to the Law of the Land, as the Sõdayes & sayntes dayes. Ricardus best means of their Safety ; With some Grafton excudebat. 1540. 8°, A-R 7 in Observations upon the late Act against eights (perhaps R 8 had the device). Conventicles. Printed in the year 1670.

Here begynneth the Pystles and Gospels 4°, A-B in fours.

of the Sondayes and festiuall holye dayes, The Englishmans Right. A Dialogue newlye corrected and amended. [Col.] betwene a Barrister at Law, and a Jury- Imprinted at London in Paules churche Man : Plainly setting forth I. The Anti

yarde at the sygne of the Hyl, by Wylliam quity, II. The excellent designed use, Hyl. 4°, black letter, A-Pin fours, but III. The Office and just Priviledges, of Pin sixes, P 6 blank. Without any reguJuries, By the Law of England. London: lar title. Lambeth. Printed for Richard Janeway, ... 1680.

ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS, of Rotterdam. 4°, A-E in fours.

De Civilitate Morvm Pverilivin, per des. EPICTETUS.

Erasmum Roterodamum, Libellus nunc Epicteti Enchiridion made English, in a primum conditus & æditus, Roberto Poetical Paraphrase. By Ellis Walker Whitintono interprete. A lytle booke of of London-Derry. London, Printed by good maners for chyldren, [Col.] Ben. Griffin for Sam. Keble ... 1692. Thus endeth this litle booke of good 8o. A, 7 leaves, besides a frontispiece : maners. Imprinted at London in Foster a, 3 leaves : B-I 4 in eights. Dedicated Lane by John Wallye. Anno, M,D,LJJJJ. by the translator to his honoured uncle, Sm. 8°, black and roman letter, A-D 4 Mr. Samuel Walker, of York.

in eights. Br. Museum (Grenville). Epicteti Enchiridion ... London, Printed De Contemptv Myndi. Londini in for Sam. Keble . . 1702. Small 8o. A Edibvs Thomæ Bertheleti. M.D.XXXIII. A, 6 leaves, including the frontispiece : 89, A-L in eights, and the Table, after b-c 4 in sixes : B-K 2 in sixes.

L'8, 1 leaf. Dedicated to the Lady Mary, EPICURUS.

Dowager of France by Thomas Paynel Epicvrys's Morals, Collected Partly out of

the translator. Br. Museum (Dr. Far

mer's copy). his owne Greek Text, in Diogenes Laertivs, and Partly out of the Rhapsodies of

De Immensa Dei Misericordia. [Col.] Marcus Antoninvs, Plutarch, Cicero, &

Londini in AEdibvs Tho. Bertheleti. Seneca. And faithfully Englished. .

M.D.XXXIII. Cvm Privilegio. 8°, black London, Printed by W. Wilson, for Henry letter, A-M in eights, M 7 with coloHerringman, ... 1656. 4o A, 4 leaves, phon, and M 8 blank. B. M. title on A 2: a-e 2 in fours, with W.

Dedicated by Gentian Hervet, the transCharleton's prefatory A pology for Epicu

lator, to the Countess of Salisbury. At the

end the book purports to be “in many rus: B-Aa in fours. With a portrait.

places better amended than it was before, EPISTLES AND GOSPELS.

that is to say, I presume, the Latin ori

ginal. The Epistles and Gospelles with a brief Postil vpon the same from after Easter

De Immensa Dei Misericordia. [Col.] tyll Aduent, which is the Somer parte,

Imprinted at London in Fletestrete by

Tho. Berth. 1547. set forth for the singuler comoditie of all

Cum priuilegio ad good christen men and namely of Prestes imprimendum solum. 8°, black letter, and Curates. . . . Cum priuilegio.

A-K 4 in eights. B. M. [Col.] Imprinted at London by Rychard A booke called in latyn Enchiridion Bankes. Title and Table, &c., A-S militis christiani / and in englysshe the in fours : the part from Trinity to Ad- manuell of the christen knyght / replenvent, with a fresh title, R (repeated)- yshed with moste holsome preceptes / by Zz in fours : zz, 4 leaves : the Winter the famous clerke Erasmus of Roterdame Part from Advent till Low Sunday, with / to the whiche is added a newe and a new title, A-Qq in fours, Qq 4 blank, meruaylous profytable preface. [Col.] besides title and table, 4 leaves. The co- Imprinted at London by Wynkyn de lophon on Qq 3 verso is : Imprynted at Worde / for Johan Byddell / otherwyse London by Rycharde Bankes, and are to Salisbury / the .xv. daye of Nouembre. be solde in Powles churche yarde by And be for to sell at the sygne of our Thomas Petyt. . : The Gospels on the Lady of pytie next to Flete bridge. 1533. Holy dayes, &c., aa—hh in eights, the title Cum priuilegio regali. 8, A-K in eights: on a headline only.

S, 10 leaves. B. M.





On the back of the title occur: 1. The booke speaketh; 2. The printer to the

faythfull reder-both in verse. A playne and godly exposytion or declaratio of the comune Crede (which in the Latin tonge is called Symbolum Apostolorum) and of the .x. comaundementes of goddes law / newly made and put forth by the famouse clarke / Mayster Erasmus of Roterdame / at the requeste of the moste honorable lorde / Thomas Erle of wyltshyre / father to the moste gratious and vertuous Quene Anne wyf to our most gracyous soueraygne lorde kynge Henry the .viii. Regali priuilegio. (Col.] Imprynted at London in Fletestrete : by me Robert Redman / dwellynge at the sygne of ye George / next to Saynt Dunstones churche. Cvm Privilegio Regali. 8°, black letter, A-X in eights, and Y, 10 leaves, the last page with Pynson's cypher.

The title is within a neat architectural compartment. The Comparation of a Vyrgin and a Martyr. Àn. M.D.XXXVII. (Col.] Londini in A Edibvs Thomæ Bertheleti Regii Impressoris. Cvm Privilegio. 8°, AD in eights, D 8 blank. Lambeth.

A translation from Erasmus by Thomas Paynel, who dedicates it to John Ramsay,

Lord Prior of Merton Abbey. Apothegmes, that is to saie, prompte, quicke, wittie and sentencious saiynges of certain Emperours, kynges, Captaines, Philosophiers and Oratours, aswell Grekes, as Romaines, bothe veraye pleasant & profitable to reade, partely for all maner of persones, especially Gentlemen. First gathered and compiled in Latine by the ryght famous clerke Maister Erasmus of Roterodame. And now translated into Englyshe by Nicolas Vdall. Excusum typis Ricardi Grafton. 1542. Cum priuilegio. .

(Col.] Londini. In officina Richardi Graftoni. Anno post natum Christum. M.D.XLII. Mense Septembr : 8°, black letter. *, 8 leaves : ** 8 leaves ? ***, 4 leaves : a-z in eights: A-Y 5 in eights. Flores Aliqvot Sententiarvm ex Variis collectis scriptoribus.

The Flowers of Sentences gathered out of sundry wryters by Erasmus in Latine & Englished by Richard Tauerner. Huic libello non male conuenient Mimi illi Publiani nuper ab eodem Richardo versi. Londini, Exi ædibus Wilhelmi Middilton. Anno. M.D.XLVII. 8°, A-B 4 in eights, B 4 with the mark only. B. M. Proverbes Or adagies with newe addicions

gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus by Rychard Tauerner. Hereunto he also added Mimi Publiani. Imprinted at Lõdon in Fletstrete at the sygne of the whyte Harte ... 1539.80, A-H in eights, H 8 blank : Mimi Publiani, with new headline, A-E 4 in eights. [Col.] Londini per Richardum Bances. Proverbes or Adagies gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus by Richarde Tauer

With newe additions as well of Latyn prouerbes as of Englysshe. Edwardus Whytchurche excudebat. Anno. M.D.XLV. Čum privilegio ... 8o, black letter, A-K in eights. (Col.] Anno domini. M.D.xlv. The .x. daye of August. This booke is to sel at the west dore of Paules churche in London by wyllyam Telotson. [The Epicure. The Interlocutours | Heidonivs

Spodevs. Translated by Philip Gerard, Groom of Edward the Sixth's Chamber. London, R. Grafton, about 1548.] 8°, black letter, A-F 5 in eights. Dedicated to Edward VI.

The copy used wanted title, &c. It had belonged to Dr. Farmer, and was probably the one sold at the White Knights sale in 1819. Lowndes cites no other. Not in

Herbert. The Censure and iudgement of the famous clark Erasmus of Roterodam whyther dyuorsemente betwene man and wyie stondeth with the lawe of god. With diuers causes wherfore it is permitted, with the mynde of the olde doctours, wrytten by the said Erasmus in the booke of his Annotations, translated by Nycolas Lesse . . . [Colophon :] Prynted at London in Aldersgate strete, by the wydowe of Jhon Herforde, for Robert Stoughton, dwellyng by Ludgate at the sygne of the Byshops Myter. (About 1550.) 8°, A-K in eights. B. M. The prayse of Follie. Moriae Encomium, a booke made in Latine by that great clerke Erasmus Rotoerodame. Englished by Sir Thomas Chaloner Knight. Imprinted at London nigh vnto the three Cranes in the Vintree, by Thomas Dawson, and Thomas Gardiner. 1577. 8°, black letter, A-P 2 in eights. Moriæ Encomivm ; Or, The Praise of Folly ..

Translated into English by John Wilson. London, Printed for William Leake ... 1668. 8. A, 4 leaves : B-L in eights. Witt against Wisdom, Or A Panegyrick ERATOSTHENES.



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upon Folly : Penn'd in Latin by Desiderius Erasmus, Render'd into English.

-Sæpe jocum vestri movere tumultus Oxford Printed by L. Lichfield, .

for Anthony Stephens, . . . 1683. 8. (a) -(e) in fours : A-X 2 in fours. ERATOSTHENES, of Cyrene, Curator

of the Alexandrian Library. Eratosthenes, hoc est, Brevis et Lvcvlenta Defensio Lysiæ pro cæde Eratosthenis, prælectionibus illustrata Andreæ Dynæi in Academia Cantabrigiensi Græcæ linguæ Regij professoris : ... Excudebat Iohannes Legatus [Cantabrigiæ.] Anno Dom. 1593. 80, 1-3 T in eights: A-Q 4 in eights. ERONDELLE, PIERRE. A Declaration and Catholick exhortation to all Christian Princes to succour the Church of God and Realme of France. Written by Peter Erondelle, natife of Normandie. Faithfully translated out of the French. At London, Imprinted for Edward Aggas, 1586. 8o. A, 8 leaves : B-E in fours. Engl. and French. Lambeth. ERRA PATER. A Table made by the Learned Astronomer Erra Pater, Shewing that the Twelve Signes and Seuen Planets haue as great a Predominacion ouer all Trades, and Callings, which are the Members of the Body of a Commonwealth as ouer the Body of Man. [Circa 1620.] A sheet. Br. Museum. ESSAYS. Spirituall Essaies Conteyninge diuerse poeticall and Divine passions and Poemes. Licensed to Henry Rocket, 30 March, 1602, Essayes upon Several Subjects : Not unworthy consideration in these times. Communicated by Letters to private Friends, and at their request to the Publick.

Si quis novisti rectius istis, Candidus imperti. London, Printed by Richard Cotes for Edward Husband, at the Golden Dragon in Fleetstreet, 1651. 4°, A-E in fours. ESSEX. A true reporte of the strange Commynge and breedinge of myse in the marshes of Dengie Hundred in Essex. Licensed to Robert Waley, 4 May, 1581. A newe ballad of the life and deathe of Three wyches Arrayned and executed at Chelmisford. 5. Julij 1589. Licensed to H. Carre, 29 July, 1589.

The Hymble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Countie of Essex, who to the number of twenty thousand hands, have subscribed and presented to the Committee of the House of Commons at Grocers-Hall in London, Jan. 18. 1641. London, Printed for John Thomas, 1641. A sheet. Three Petitions The One, Of the Inhabitants of the Town of Colchester: The other Two Of the Covnty of Essex. London, Printed for Benjamin Allen, 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. The humble Petition and Resolution of the County of Essex ... with the Answer thereunto annexed, London Printed June the 18 For Joseph Hunscott, and John Wright. 1642. A sheet. The Humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Covnty of Essex to His Majesty. With His Maiesties Gratious thereunto. Also The Petition presented by the Inhabitants of the afore said County to both Houses of Parliament. Printed, by His Majesties Command, at Oxford, Ianuary 11. By Leonard Lichfield ... 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. False Prophets Discovered. Being a true story of the Lives and Deaths of two Weavers (late of Colchester) viz. Richard Farnham and Iohn Bull ; who affirmed themselves the two great Prophets which should come in the end of the world, Mentioned Revel. 12. Also that the Plague should not come nigh their dwelling. Neverthelesse being Prisoners, the one in Old-Bridewell, the other in NewBridewell, by a strange Providence of Almighty God, both the one and the other dyed of the Plague in a House where they usually met, in Rosemary-Lane, in Ianuary last, 1641. Here is also laid down their strange Prophecies. London, Printed for I. W. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. To the Right Honorable the House of Lords, . The humble Petition of the Deputy Lieutenants . . . of the County of Essex, on behalf of themselves, and the County. [March 13, 1646-7.] A sheet. B. M. The Essex Watchmen's Watchword to the Inhabitants of the said County respectively, dwelling under their several Charges, By way of Apologetical Account, of the true Grounds of their first Engagement with them in the Cause of God, King and Parliament, for their Vindication from unjust Aspersions. . . . London, Printed for Ralph Smith, . 1649. 4°, A-B in fours.

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Bloody News from Chelmsford ; or, a and Armie Admonished. Matter of Law Proper New Ballad, containing a true delivered by the Judges, at the Arraignand perfect Relation of a most barbarous ment of the Earl of Essex. . London, Murther committed upon the Body of a Printed in the Year, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. country Parson, who died of a great ESSEX, ARTHUR CAPEL, Earl of. Wound given him in the Bottom of his

The Earl of Essex His Speech at the Belly, by a most Cruel Country-Butcher

LonTo the tune of Chevy Chase. Ox

Delivery of the Petition. [Col.] ford : Printed in the year MDCLXIII.

don, Printed for Francis Smith, ... 1681. A

Folio sheet. sheet. Ouvry Cat., No. 36. The Essex Ballad. To an old Tune new

A Speech lately made by a Noble Peer of reviv'd. Printed at London, in the Year

the Realm. [Col.] London, Printed by 1680. A folio leaf.

F. S.... 1681. A sheet.

A Modest Answer to a Printed Pamphlet, ESSEX, ROBERT DEVEREUX, Earl of.

Entituled, A Speech lately made by a A ballad of the noble departinge of the Noble Peer of the Realm. (1681.) Folio, right honorable the Erle of Essex lieu

2 leaves. tenant generall of her maiesties forces in

A Letter to a Noble Peer of the Realm, Fraunce and all his gallant companie.

about his late Speech and Petition to His Licensed to E. White, 23 July, 1591.

Majesty. [1681.] A sheet. A Declaration of the Practises & Treasons

A New Answer to a Speech said to be attempted and committed by Robert late Earle of Essex and his Complices, against

lately made by a Noble Peer of this her Malestie and her Kingdoms, and of

Realm. [1681.] A sheet. the proceedings as well at the Arraign- Essex’s Innocency and Honour_Vindiment and Conuiction of the said late cated: Or, Murther, Subornation, Perjury, Earle, and his adherents, as after: To- and Oppression, Justly charg'd on the gether with the very Confessions and Murtherers of that Noble Lord and True other parts of the Euidences themselues, Patriot, Arthur (Late) Earl of Essex. As word for word taken out of the Originals. Proved before the Right Honourable Imprinted at London by Robert Barker (late) Committee of Lords, or ready to be

Anno 1601. 4°, A-Q in fours, first Deposed. In a Letter to a Friend. leaf blank.

London : Printed for the Author, and The official account.

Sold by most Booksellers. 1690. 4°, ESSEX, ROBERT DEVEREUX, Earl of.

A-I in fours, I 4 blank. Printed in two The Earle of Essex His Desires to the

columns. With a very singular frontisParliament. Also A Catalogue of those

piece. Tradesinen Volunteers, with the number A True and Impartial Narrative of the of them in each trade, And the true copie

Murder of Arthur Earl of Essex, who of a Speech made to them by Captaine

was committed to the Tower on the 10th Floyd. Printed for T. Thomson. 1642. of July 1683, and found dead with his August 15. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.

Throat cut three Days after . . . With Robert Earle of Essex, Captaine Generall

Observations and Remarks on the Eviof the Army imployed for the Defence of

dence pro and con. By Laurence Brad

Lonthe Protestant Religion, the Safety of his

don, Esq; The Second Edition.

don:. Majesties Person, and of the Parliament,

1729. 8°, A-I in sixes, and To all those whom it may concerne;

the titlepage. [May 18, 1643.] A sheet.

ETHERINGTON, JOHN. A Letter from His Excellency, Robert

The Defence of Iohn Etherington against Earl of Essex, to the Honorable House Steven Denison, and his Witnesses, their of Commons : Concerning the Sending of Accusations, and Depositions. Wherea Commission forth with to Sir William

in their whole Proceedings and ground Waller : Wherein His Excellency de

whereupon he was Centenced and comclareth himself to be confirmed in the mitted to prison by the high Commission justnesse of the Cause, so long as he hath Court, is in briefe declared . . . Printed one drop of Blood in his Veins. Pub- in the Yeare, 1641. 4°, A-H in fours. lished by Authority. Printed for Lan- ETIENNE, HENRI. rence Blaiklock, January 13. 1644. 4°,

The Art of Making Devises :... Lon4 leaves.

don : Printed for Iohn Holden ... 1650. King Charles Vindicated: And the People 4°. Engraved title and frontispiece, 2

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leaves : A, 4 leaves : a, 4 leaves : B-L Conclusion. The second Edition. With in fours : M, 6 leaves.

a Word of Advice to T. P. London, ESTWICK, S., D.D., Chaplain of Christ

Printed by T. J. for F. Cossinet, at the

Anchor and Mariner in Tower - street. Church, Oxford.

Anno 1659. 8°. 6 leaves : A-I in The Vsefulness of Church-Musick Preach'd

twelves, last leaf blank, at Christ - Church, Novemb. 27. 1696. Upon Occasion of the Anniversary-Meet- EUNAPIUS OF SARDIS. ing of the Lovers of Musick, on St. Cecilia's The Lyves, Of Philosophers and Oratours : Day. . . . London, Printed for Tho Ben- Written in Greeke, by Eunapius, net, • 1696. 4°. A, 2 leaves : B-D Brought into light, Translated into Latine, in fours.

and Dedicated to the Queenes most exEUCLID OF MEGARA.

cellent Maiestie, ... By the great learned The Elements of Geometrie of the most

man, Hadrianus Iunivs Hornanus. 1568. auncient Philosopher Evclide of Megara.

And now set foorth in English, at his Faithfully (now first) translated into the

request : and Dedicated to the right Englishe toung, by H. Billingsley, Citizen

Honourable, the Lord Chauncellour of of London. Whereunto are annexed cer

England. 1579. [Here follows a descriptaine Scholies, Annotations, and Inuen.

tion of the contents.] Imprinted at Lontions of the best Mathematicians, both of

don by Richard Iohnes, . . . 4°, black time past, and in this our age. With a

letter, A-N in fours, A repeated. With very fruitfull Preface by M.[aster] I[ohn]

an acrostic on Queen Elizabeth and an Dee . . . Imprinted at London by Iohn

Agdoasticon on Junius and Eunapius. Daye. [Col.] At London Printed by EUONYMUS. Iohn Daye

1570. Folio. Black The Treasure of Euonymus 1559. letter. With diagrams and the large Collation : Title (verso blank), “ Iohn woodcut print of Day the typographer on

Daye to the Christi/an Reader,” | + ii, one

leaf. the last page. , 4 leaves : *, 4 leaves :

“The prefaces of the author / to the

Reader,” | Ai (ending on verso Bi). “The amd in fours : A-EEE in fours, last authors alleged," &c.—“A Table," &c. (on leaf blank, besides a large folded Table verso Bii). The prefixes (including title) between A and B.

are 10 leaves, ending on verso Biv with a A finely printed book. There are two

fine full-page cut of the Stationers' Arms

What Destillation is," &c. B (p. 1) alphabets of three letters, A Aa-YYy and

-Y 4 (omitting Z (p. 168) + Aa-Yy 4 AAA-EEE.

(p. 344) + AA – HH 4 in fours. With Euclids Elements of Geometry. In XV. numerous woodcuts (initials, plants, and Books With a Supplement of divers Pro- apparatus). Some of the initials had been positions and Corollaries. To which is

previously used in the Bible (Matthew's,

revised by Becke) published by Daye and added, a Treatise of Regular Solids, By

Seres, 1549, fol.
Campane and Flvssas. Likewise Euclids
Data : and Marinus his Preface.

A new booke of destillatyon of waters,

called the Treasure of Evonymvs, conPublished by the Care and Industry of John Leeke and George Serle, Students

taining the wonderful hid secrets of in the Mathematicks. London : Printed

nature, touching the most apt formes to by R. & W. Leybourn for George Saw

prepare & destill Medicines, for the con

seruation of helth : bridge. Folio. Title and

as Quintessence,

Aurum Portabile. Translated dedication to the Duke of York, 2 leaves: A, 3 leaves: (a)-(e) in fours: The Ground

out of Latin, by Peter Morwyng.

Wherunto is added a profitable Table. Plat, a folded leaf : A-4 S in fours.

. . Imprinted at London by John Day, Dee's Preface to his edition is retained.

dwellyng ouer Aldersgate, beneath Saynt EUGENIUS THEODIDACTUS.

Martines. Cum priuilegio Regiæ MaiesAdvice to a Daughter, In opposition to tatis. [To the colophon is added] 1565. the Advice to a Son. Or, Directions for 4o, black letter. Title and To the Reader, your better Conduct through the various 2 leaves : A-B in fours : B (repeated)— and most Important Encounters of this Kk 3 in fours, Life. Under these general Heads : EUTROPIUS. I. Studies, &c.

A briefe Chronicle, Where in are described II. Love and Marriage.

shortlye the Originall, and the successive III. Travel.

estate of the Romaine weale publique, IV. Government.

Collected and gathered first by V. Religion.

Eutropius, and Englished by Nicholas



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