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Haward, studiente of Thauies In. Anno. 1564. (Col.] Thus endeth the Breuiary of Eutropius. Imprinted at London .. by Thomas Marshe. 8o, black letter, A-S 4 in eights. Dedicated to Master Henry Compton Esquire. EVANS, ARISE, The Voice of the People for a King, Shewing the only way for the Future Settlement and Peace of England. Hum. bly Presented to his Excellency the Lord General Monck. By Arise Evans. London, Printed for the Author, 1659 [Jan. 31, 1659–60.] 4', A-D in fours. EVANS, LEWIS. A brieue Admonition ynto the nowe made Ministers of Englande: Wherein is shewed some of the fruicte of this theyr late framed fayth : Made by Lewys Euans student in Louain. 24. Aug. 1565. (Quotation.] Antverpiæ Typis Æ. Diest. M.D.LXV. 8°, A-B in eights. Lambeth. The Hatefull Hypocrisie and rebellion of the Romishe prelacie. By Lewys Euans. (Quotation from St. Jerome.). Anno. M.D.LXX. [Colophon:] Imprinted at London in Paules Churchyarde, at the signe of the Lucrece, by Thomas Purfoote. 80, black letter, B-E in eights, no sign. A.

On E 8 recto the author apologises for any errors on the plea of absence. The copy here employed, a very bad one, for

merly belonged to Baynton. EVE. Anexcellente ballad Conteyninge a lamentacon fygurativelie mente by all people but spoken by Eve. Licensed to H. Carre, 21 Nov. 1580. EVELYN, JOHN, F.R.S. The State of France, As it stood in the ixth yeer of this present Monarch, Lewis XIIÍI. Written to a Friend. By [the arms of John Evelyn.] London, Printed by T. M. for M. M. G. Bedell & T. Col. lins. At the middle Temple gate, Fleetstreet, 1652. 12°, A-G in twelves, first and last leaves blank. With Evelyn's initials at the conclusion,

Sotheby's, May 12, 1879, No. 172. An. other copy, from Bindley's sale, Puttick's, May 28, 1879, No. 133. This volume has some verses omitted in the reprint among

the Miscellaneous Writings. A Panegyric to Charles the Second, Presented to His Majestie The xxxiii [sic] of April, being the Day of his Coronation. MDCLXI. By John Evelyn, Esquire. London, Printed for John Crooke :.. Folio, A-1), 2 leaves each. In prose.

Fumifugium : Or, The Inconveniencie of the Aer and Smoak of London Dissipated. Together, with some Remedies humbly proposed by J. E. Esq; To His Sacred Majestie, and To the Parliament now Assembled.

Lucret. 1. 5. Carbonumque gravis vis, atque odor insinuatur Quam facile in cerebrum ? London, Printed by W. Godbid for Gabriel Bedel, and Thomas Collins ...

4°, A-D in fours : a, 4 leaves: E, 1 leaf. Tyrannus Or the Mode : In a Discourse of Sumptuary Lawes. Nec affectata sordes nec exquisitæ munditiæ. London, Printed for G. Bedell, and T. Collins, ... 1661. 8°, A-B in eights. Sculptura : The History and Art of Chalcography and Engraving in Copper. With an ample enumeration of the most renowned masters, and their Works. To which is annexed' A new manner of Engraving, or Mezzo Tinto, communicated by his Highness Prince Rupert to the Authour of this Treatise London, Printed by J. C. for G. Beedle, and T. Collins, 1662. 89, A-L 4 in eights, and b, 8 leaves. With a frontispiece and folded plate at p. 144-5, containing an etching by Prince Rupert.

Dedicated to the Honourable Robert Boyle. Puttick's, May 28, 1879, No. 137, the author's own copy, with his MSS. notes, £17 (supposed to be bought for the

family). The History of the three late famous Impostors, viz. Padre Ottomano, Mahomed Bei, and Sabatai Sevi. The one, pretended Son and Heir to the late Grand Signior ; The Other, a Prince of the Ottoman Family, but in truth, a Valachian Counterfeit. And the Last, the supposed Messiah of the Jews . With a brief Account of the Ground, and Occasion of the present War between the Tyrk and the Venetian. Together with the Cause of the final Extirpation, Destruction, and Exile of the Jews out of the Empire of Persia. In the Savoy, Printed for Henry Herringman 1669. 8°, A-I in eights. Dedicated by Evelyn, the editor and translator, to Lord Arlington. Sylva, Or A Discourse of Forest-Trees, And the Propagation of Timber in His Majesties Dominions. By J. E. Esq; As it was Deliver'd in the Royal Society the xve of October, 1662. Upon Occasion of certain Quæries Propounded to that Illustrious Assembly, by the Honorable the Principal Officers, and Commissioners





of the Navy. To which is annexed Kalendarium Hortense : The Tenth Pomona ; Or, An Appendix concerning Edition, with many useful Additions. Fruit-Trees in relation to Cider; The London : Printed ... 1706. 89, Making and several ways of Ordering it. A-0 in eights including the frontisPublished by express Order of the Royal piece. Society. Also Kalendarium Hortense ; A Philosophical Discourse of Earth, ReOr, Gard'ners Almanac ; Directing what lating to the Culture and Improvement he is to do Monethly throughout the of it for Vegetation, and the Propagation Year. Tibi res antique ... Virg. Lon- of Plants, &c. as it was presented to the don, Printed by Jo. Martyn, and Ja. Royal Society, April 29. 1675. By J. Allestry, . . . MDCLXIV. Folio, A-R in

Evelyn Esq; Fellow of the Royal Society fours, A 1 with Imprimatur : Pomona,

London, Printed for J. Martyn, &c. (with new title), A-L in fours, but 1676. 8o, A—M 4 in eights, A i 6 leaves in F, and the Errata, 1 leaf. with the Imprimatur. Dedicated to Lord Sylva, Or A Discourse of Forest-Trees,

All which Treatises are in this

Puttick's, May 28, 1879, the author's copy

with his Notes for a new edition. Second Edition much Enlarged and Improved by John Evelyn Esq; Fellow of Numismata. A Discourse of Medals, Anthe Royal Society. London, "Printed for tient and Modern. Together with some Jo. Martyn, and Ja. Allestry, ... MDCLXX.

Account of Heads and Effigies of IllusFolio. Title and Imprimatur, 2 leaves : trious, and Famous Persons, in Sculps, a-d, 2 leaves each : C, 2 leaves : D-Kk and Taille-Douce, of whom we have no 2 in fours : the Pomona, B-K 2 in

Medals extant; and of the Use to be fours, besides title and following leaf :

derived from them. To which is added Kalendarium, Aa-e[e], 4 leaves each,

A Digression concerning Physiognomy. irregularly marked : 1-1, 2 leaves each. By J. Evelyn, Esq; S.R.S. Effigies ho

minum Plin. Nat. Hist. Lib. xxxiv. Kalendarium Hortense : The second

Cap. 4. London, Printed for Benj. Tooke Edition, with many useful Additions.

Folio, A-2 X in : : . London, Printed by Jo. Martyn and

fours : Yy-Aaa in twos. Dedicated to Ja. Allestry,

A, 4

Francis, son of Lord Godolphin. With leaves, A blank: B-I 2 in eights. Dedicated to the poet Cowley. Grenv.

numerous engravings accompanying the

letterpress. Coll. The first edition had been appended to

Acetaria. A Discourse of Sallets. By the Sylva, 1664. On the fiyleaf of this J. E. S.R.S. Author of the Kalendarium. copy occurs : “For the Rig : Honble: My

London, Printed for B. Tooke, ... 1699. La Arlington, from his most obedieut ser. vant I. Euelyn.”

8o. Title, 1 leaf : aA, 8 leaves : a-b3

in eights: B-R in eights. Dedicated Kalendarium Hortense :... The Seventh

to John, Lord Somers of Evesham. Edition, with many useful Additions

Acetaria ... The Second Edition . London, Printed for T. Sawbridge in

London : Printed for B. Tooke, Little-Britain, .. MDCLXXXIII. 8°, A

1706. 8°, A-R in eights, omitting Q, -I 4 in eights. Puttick's, May 28, 1879, No. 146, pre

besides the title and a large folded leaf

in H. sentation-copy with a letter in Evelyu's autograph on back of title.

Pepys, in his Diary, 5 Nov. 1665, men

tions that Evelyn read to him “a play or Kalendarium Hortense : The Eighth two of his making, very good, but not as he Edition, with many useful Additions. conceits them, I think, to be." By Jolin Evelyn Esq; Fellow of the (says Pepys) he read me, though with too Royal Society. :.. London, Printed for

much gusto, some little poems of his own,

that were not transcendant, yet one or two R. Chiswell

8°, A (4

very pretty epigrams, among others of a leaves including the frontispiece) : B-P lady looking in at a grate, and being pecked 2 in eights.

at by an eagle that was there." Kalendarium Horlense ; Or, The Gard'- EXCHANGE, THE ROYAL. ner's Almanac, Directing what he is to Cambium Regis : Or, The Office of His do throughout the Year ; And what Fruit Maiesties Exchange Royall. Declaring and Flowers are in Prime. The Ninth and iustifying his Maiesties Right, and Edition, with

many useful Additions. the Conveniencie thereof. Published by ... London, 1699. A, 4

Authoritie. London, Printed for B. F. leaves : B-O in eights.

1628. 4°, A-F 2 in fours.


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censed to J. Charlwood and Edward Reasons and grounds for the necessitie, White, 5 Nov. 1580. equalitie, and expediencie of an Excise, to EXPOSITIO. be granted upon the particulars con- Expositio hymnorum totius anni secuntained herein. [No place or printer, but dum vsum Sarum : diligentissime recog? Edinburgh, 1673.] 4°, 4 leaves.

pitorum multis elucidationibus aucta. EXCOMMUNICATION.

[Col.] This Impryntyd at London with

out Temple bar in saynt Clemento Excommunication Excommunicated: Or,

parysshe be me Julyan Notary dwellynge Legal Evidence, that the Ecclesiastical

at the sygne of the thre Kynges. 4°, Courts have no Power to excommunicate

A-H in eights and fours, except that II any person whatsoever for not coming to

has six. Lambeth, hiš Parish-Church. In a Dialogue be. On the back of the title, the greater part tween a Doctor of both Laws, and a Sub- of which is filled up by a woodcut, occurs stantial Burgher of Taunton-Dean. Lon- the preface of Johannes Badius, dated the don: Printed in the Year, 1680. 4°, A

tenth before the Calends of March, 1502 ; -C in fours, and a leaf of D.

but that date does not necessarily refer to

this edition. EXHORTATION,

Expositio sequentiarum secundum vsum A christian exortation of the good hus. Sarum Diligenter recognita et aucta. holder to his chyldren. A story [with [Col.] This Inprynted at London withpictures ?] Licensed to Giles Godet in out Temple bar in Saynt Clemente 1564-5.

parysshe be me Julyan Notary, Dwell

ynge at the sygne of the thre Kynges. An exhortacon to amendemente of life

(1505, May 2.] 4', aa-h[b] in eights and by Signes and tokens seene in yo ayre and

fours. Lambeth. of the late Blasinge Starre that began the

This seems really to form part of the viijth of october 1580. A ballad.


Expositio hymnorum.


F. F., ab Historiis & Satellitio Domini in being. By R. F. Conscia mens recti Protectoris, &c.

.. Hor. Licensed and Entered in the Apobaterion, Vel In Adventum Legati Stationers Hall Book. London Printed vere Excellentissimi Domini Marchionis by Robert Ibbitson 1651 (Feb. 3, 1650- 1.] de Lede, &c. Carmen Panegyricum. 4°, 4 leaves. In verse. B. M. Londini, Typis Newcombianis Excusum, F. R. MDCLV. [May 25.] Folio, a—d, 2 leaves

Eikon Basilike : Or, The True Pourtrai. each, B. M.

ture of His Sacred Majestie Charls the F. J.

II. In Three Books. Beginning from To our Valiant English Nation. An his Birth 1630. unto this present year, Encomium on the Worthy Exploit of 1660. Wherein is interwoven a Compleat Capt. John Baddison, Commander of the

History of the High-born Dukes of York Swallow, of 180 Tons, and 26 Men ; who and Glocester. By R. F. Esq; an Eyepreserv'd himself, and two other small witness. London, Printed for ”H. Ships, from a Turks Man of War, of 36 Brome, and H. Marsh, . . . 1660. 8°. Guns, and 220 Men ; whom he, after a Frontispiece containing four portraits : long and terrible Fight, very honourably A, 4 leaves : A (repeated)-F in eights, repulsed, and brought home 4 of the F 8 blank : The Second Book, A-E in Turks Prisoners. Sold by John Favel in eights : Third Book, A-C in eights : d, Exchange-Alley in Cornhil, over against 8 leaves : D, 4 leaves. the Royal Exchange, 1671. A folio leaf F. R. in verse.

The Present State of Carolina. With F. R.

Advice to the Setlers. By R. F. LonMercurius Heliconicus. Or, The Result of don, Printed by John Bringhurst, at the a safe Conscience : Whether it be neces- Sign of the Book in Grace-Church-Street, sary to subscribe to the Government now 1682. 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-F in fours. B.M.

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F. T.

Lycaon, is given from a MS. in the Bod. Newes from the North, Otherwise called leian in Philobiblon Miscellany, xii., and the the Conference between Simon Certain,

fourth of the series in Mrs. Cooper's Muses and Pierce Plowman, faithfully collected

Library, 1737, from a MS. then in the

possession of the family. It is entitled and gathered by T. F. Student. (1) Aut

Eglon and Alexis. bibe aut Abi. "Imprinted At London at FAIRFAX, SIR THOMAS, afterwards the long shop adioyning vnto S. Mildreds

Lord. Church in the Pultrie by John Allde.

A Second Letter

from the Right Honor1579. 4°, A-L in fours. Black letter.

able the Lord Fairfax, of his late proIn prose. Douce Coll.

sperous proceedings against the Earle of Dedicated “to the right honorable and New-Castle, and his Popish Army in his singuler good lord Sir Henry Sidney Yorke-shire. London, Printed for Knight.” The “Apologie and Conclusion of the Author," and two verses headed

Iohn Wright in the Old-baily, January “The Printer to Simon Certain and Pierce 5, 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Plowman” (on the back of the title), are all At the end is an order respecting the that is not prose.

London Trained Bands. Farmer, in 1798, W. Herbert's copy, A Letter Sent from the Right Honorable, Ils. 6d., bought by Douce.

The Lord Fairfax, To the Committee of F. W. Gent.

both Kingdoms : Concerning The great Animadversions on the Speech read by Victory, lately obtained (By Gods Blessthe late Lord Stafford, at the Place of ing) at Selby in York-Shire. Wherein Execution on Tower-Hill. Plainly shew- is more exactly set forth the manner of ing the Fallacy of all the Asseverations performing that gallant service, ... Toof his Innocency. By W. F. Gent. Lon- gether with a List of the Commanders don : Printed for Richard Janeway, . that were there taken prisoners. 1681. Folio, 10 leaves.

Printed for Edw. Husbands, April 19, FAGE, ROBERT, the Younger.

1644. 4°, 4 leaves. A Compendium of the Art of Logick and The Generals Dinner at the Lady Crispes, Rhetorick in the English Tongue. Con- with His Lady, and Officers of the Armie taining All that Peter Ramus, Aristotle, How his Excellency was invited by a and Others have writ thereon: With Cook. The Manner of the Dinner, Their Plain Directions for the more easie under- great danger of being all poysoned ; and standing and practice of the same. Lon- remedies used to preserve them. And the don, Printed by Thomas Maxey. 1651. Cooke who was the Chiefe Actor, Com12°, A-P 6 in twelves, P 6 blank. mitted. Printed in the Yeere, 1647. 4°, FAIRCLOUGH, SAMUEL.

4 leaves. The Prisoners Praises for their Deliver- A Declaration from His Excellencie St ance from their long Imprisonment in Thomas Fairfax, And his Councell of Colchester, on a day of publique thanks- Warre. Concerning their proceeding in giving set apart for that purpose by the the Proposalls, prepared and agreed to by Gentlemen of the Committee of Essex; the Councell of the Armie, to be rendred who for their fidelity in serving their to the Commissioners of Parliament. Country were surprised by the Enemie Together with the Heads of the said Pro. at Cheimesford. În a Sermon By posalls. . . . To which are added some Samuel Fairclough, Pastor of the Con- further particular desires. . . . London ; gregation at Ketion in Suffolk. London, Printed by M. Simmons, for George WhitPrinted by John Macock ... 1650. 4°, tington. 1617. 4°, A-B in fours. A-E in fours.

A Declaration : Or Representation from FAIRFAX, EDWARD, of Fuystone, co.

His Excellencie, Sir Tho. Fairfax, and York.

the Army under his command. Humbly A Discourse of Witchcraft, as it was Acted

tendred to the Parliament concerning in the Family of Mr. Edward Fairfax, in

the Just and Fundamental Rights and the Year 1621.

Liberties of themselves and the KingPrinted from the or a MS. in Philobiblon

dom. With some humble Proposals and Miscellanies, v.

desires. June 14. 1647. London, Printed Twelve Eclogues. By E. Fairfax. Pre

for George Whittington . . . 1647. 4°, sented to the Duke of Richmond (who

A-B in fours. died in 1624.)

An humble Remonstrance from His ExNot known to have been printed, and no

cellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the perfect M$. is traceable. One, Hermes and Army under his Command. Concerning




the present state of Affairs, in relation to themselves and the Kingdom ; with their Desires and present Resolutions thereupon Presented to the Commissioners at St. Albans, to be by them humbly represented to the Parliament. Also The Names of the Officers that were present at the Councell of War at the making of the said Remonstrance. Together with a Proclamation of the strict Discipline of the Army. London, Printed for Francis Coles, June 25. 1647. 4°, 8 leaves. An Humble Remonstrance from His Excel. Sir Thomas Fairfax. . . . London, Printed for George Whittington, 1647. 4°, A-B in fours, and a leaf of Imprimatur. An Humble Representation from his Excellencie Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the Councel of the Armie ; Concerning their past endeavours, and now finall desires for the putting of the Souldiery into constant Pay. For the immediate disburthening the Kingdom of free Quarter, the prevention of any further excesse of Arrears, and in order to the better disbanding of Supernumeraries, and other things concerning the Souldiery. Humbly presented to the Right Honourable the Houses of Parliament, by Colonell M". Hardresse Waller, and Colonell Whaley, Decemb. 7, 1647. Imprinted at London for George Whittington ... 1647. 40, A-D 2 in fours. A Particular Charge of Impeachment In the Name of his Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the Army under his Command, against Denzill Holles Esquire, Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir William Lewis, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir William Waller,

. . Members of the Honorable House of Commons. London : Printed for George Whittington, 1647. 4°, A-D in fours, A 1 and D 4 blank. A Letter sent from His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the chief Commanders in the Army. To the Right Honourable the Lord Major, Aldermen, and Common-Councell of the City of London. London, Printed by Richard Cotes, 1647. 4°, 4 leaves. The Declaration of his Excellencie the Lord Generall Fairfax, and his Generall Councell of Officers: Shewing the Grounds of the Armies Advance towards the City of London. London, Printed for John Partridge. 1648. 4o.

Printed by the appointment of Fairfax, dated from Windsor, November 30, 1648. A Letter From his Excellency the Lord

Fairfax Generall of the Parliaments Forces : Concerning the Surrender of Colchester, The Grounds and Reasons for putting to death Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George L'ysle. ... Imprinted at London, for John Wright .:. 2 Septemb. 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. A Remonstrance of His Excellency Thomas Lord Fairfax, Lord Generall of the Parliaments Forces. And of the Generall Councell of Officers held at St. Albans the 16. of November, 1648. Presented to the Commons assembled in Parliament, the 20. instant, and tendred to the Consideration of the whole Kingdome. London, Printed for John Partridge and George Whittington ... MDCXLVIII. 4°, A-I in fours, The Last Will and Testament of Tom Fairfax, and the Army under his Command : Who now lie about Colchester, in a very sick and weake estate, past hope of life, and given up for dead, by their sworn Doctour, the Earle of Norwich, the Lord Capell, and Sir Charles Lvcas. Published by the command of the aforesaid Doctors. Printed in the yeare 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. A Proclamation By His Excellency the Lord General. London, Printed for John Playford, . Feb. 13, 1648. A sheet. A Petition from His Excellency Thomas Lord Fairfax and the General Councel of Officers of the Army, To the Honorable the Commons of England in Parliament assembled, Concerning the Draught of an Agreement of the People for a secure and present Peace, by them framed and prepared. Together with the said Agreement presented Saturday, Jan. 20. And a Declaration of his Excellency and the said General Councel, concerning the

Tendred to the Consideration of the People. London, Printed for John Partridge, R. Harford, G. Calvert, and G. Whittington. MDcxlix. 4°, A-E 2 in fours, E 2 blank.

Printed by the appointment of Fairfax. Advice to a Young Lord, Written by his Father, Under these following Heads : viz. Religion, Study and Exercises, Travel, Marriage, . . . London, Printed for, and are to be sold by R. Baldwin, . . . 1691. 12°, A-F in twelves. With a frontispiece. FAIRIES Mormonostodismos, Sive Lamiarum Vestitus. A Poem on the King and Queen of Fairy. Translated into Latine, by Mr.

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