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Walter Dennestone. Printed in the Year, MDCXCI. 4°, 4 leaves. Latin and English.

Reprinted in the first part of Watson's Collection, 1706. This is an abridged and altered copy of the poem called “King Oberon's Apparel.” See Hazlitt's edition

of Herrick, p. 473. The History of the Tales of the Fairies.

Dedicated to the Ladies of GreatBritain. With Cuts suitable to each Tale. London :... 1769. 12°, A-F in twelves. FAIRING. A fayrering [fairing.) A ballad. Licensed to John Awdeley in 1560, 19 Aug. A fayrerynge : The fayre will comme as the fayre Doth

goe The more ye rede the more ye knowe. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1564-5. A newe fayreringe: the fayre Doth nowe begynne. A ballad. Licensed to J. Allde in 1564-5. A fayringe. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1567. A profitable and pleasant Fayrynge. Licensed to John Allde in 1568. A Fayrynge for mayd and wyf. Licensed to R. Jones in 1570-1. A proper faringe well worth the meaninge. Licensed to John Charlwood, 20 Aug. 1578. The finest newe fairinge that euer ye

Licensed to John Allde, 20 Aug. 1578. The newe married wyfes fayringe. A ballad. Licensed to John Danter, 26 June, 1594. FAITHORNE, WILLIAM. The Art of Graveing. And Etching. Wherein is expressed the true way of Graueing in Copper. Allso The manner and method of that famous Callot & Mr. Bosse in their Seuerall ways of Etching. Published by Will. Faithome. And sold at his Shop next to ye Signe of yo Drake without l'emple Barr. 1662. 8°, A-D in eights, besides engravings at pp. 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 18 (2), 22, 42, 44, and the engraved title. With verses by T. Flatman. FALCONER, JOHN. Cryptomenyses Patefacta : Or the Art of Secret Information Disclosed without a Key. Containing, Plain and Demonstrative Rules, for Decyphering all Manner of Secret Writing . : . London, Printed

for Daniel Brown, 1685. 89, A-N in eights. Dedicated to Charles, Earl of Middleton, FALE, T. Horologiographia. The Art of Dialling: teaching an easie and perfect way to make all kinds of Dials vppon any plaine plat howsoeuer placed : With the drawing of the twelue Signes, and houres vnequall in them all. Whereunto is annexed the making and use of other Dials and Instruments . . . At London Imprinted by Thomas Orwin, . . . 1593. 4°, A-U in fours. FALKLAND, LUCIUS CARY, VIS

COUNT. The Speech or Declaration of the Lord Favlkland ... London, Printed for John Bartlet, 1641. 4°, A-B in fours, A i blank. The Lord Favlkland His Learned Speech in Parliament, in the House of Commons, Touching the Judges and the late Lord Keeper. Printed in the Yeare, 1641. 4°, Å-B 2 in fours. The Speech or Declaration of the Lord Favlkland, to the Lords of the Vpper House, upon the delivery of the Articles of the Commons Assembled in Parliament: Against the Lord Finch. London, Printed in the Yeare, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. FALLE, PHILIP, M.A., Rector of St.

Saviour. An Account of the Isl of Jersey, The Greatest of those Islands that are now the only Remainder of the English Dominions in France. With a New and Accurate Map of the Island, London, Printed for John Newton, .. 1694. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B-Q 4 in eights. Dedicated to the King. FALLOWES, EDWARD. A dolefull Discourse or sorowfull sonnet made by one Edward Fallowes who Lately suffred Death at Saint Thomas waterings for a Robberie. Licensed to Richard Jones, 30 August, 1578. FANATICS. Fanatique Queries, Propos'd to the present Assertors of the Good Old Cavse, London, Printed for Praise-God-Barebones, the Rumps Leather-seller[March 1, 165960.] 4°, 4 leaves. Bibliotheca Fanatica : Or, The Phanatique Library : Being a Catalogue of such Books as have been lately made and by the Authors presented to the Colledge of


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Bedlam. Printed in the year 1660. 4°, Septima, cui accesserunt Phrases aliquot 4 leaves.

Poetica Cura & opera Tho. Farnabii. FANE, SIR FRANCIS.

Londini, Excudebat Felix Kingstonius. A Panegyrick to the Kings most excellent 1638. 8°, A-G 3 in eights. Majesty, Upon His Happy Accession to FARNEHAM, RICHARD, AND BULL, the Crown: And his more Fortvnate JOHN Marriage : By S" F[rancis] F[ane.) K.B. The Propheticall and strange opinions of London, Printed by W. Wilson for Henry

Richard Farneham and John Bull, who Herringman, 1662. Folio, 6 leaves.

suppose themselues to be prophettes. Chiefly in prose.

Licensed to Francis Smith, 16 June, Love in the Dark, Or The Man of Bus'- 1636. ness. A Comedy : Acted at the Theatre FARTHING TOKENS. Royal By His Majesties Servants. Written At the Starre-Chamber the twentieth of by Sir Francis Fane, Junior ; Knight of June, 1634. [A Declaration respecting the Bath,

Farthing-Tokens] Imprinted at London Naturam expellas furcô licet, usque recurret. by Robert Barker,

M.DC.XXXIIII. Hor. Black letter. Forster Coll. In the Savoy. Printed by T. N. for

A Proclamation concerning Farthing Henry Herringman ... 1675. 4°, A-N

Tokens. [1 March, 1634-5.] Imprinted in fours.

at London by Robert Barker, ... 1635. Dedicated to John, Earl of Rochester,

Forster Coll. Gentleman of his Majesty's bedchamber, in a tone of affectionate regard.


Fascicvlvs Florvm:... London, Printed A Farewell

by M.P. and are to be sold by Robert To Alas I love you over well.

Wilson at his Shop at Grayes-Inne gate A ballad. Licensed to W. Griffith in in Holborne. 1638. 12o. A, 6 leaves, 1567-8.

first blank : B-L 6 in twelves. FARMER, JOHN.

FAST. Diuers & sundry waies of two parts in one, A Proclamation for a generall Fast to be to the number of fortie, vppon one playn- kept thorowout the Realm of England. song: sometimes placing the ground abone,

[11 Nov. 1640.] Imprinted at London & two parts beneath, and other while thé by Robert Barker, ... 1640. Forster Coll. ground beneath and two parts aboue : A Proclamation for a Generall fasti. or againe otherwise the ground some

[8 Jan. 1640-1.] Imprinted at London times in the midst betweene both, like

by Robert Barker,... 1641. Forster Coll. wise other conceites, which are plainly set downe, for the profite of those which FAUSTUS, DOCTOR. would attaine vnto knowledge. Per

A ballad of the life and deathe of Doctor formed and published by Iohn Farmer

Faustus the great Coungerer./ Licensed in fauour of such as loue musicke, with

to R. Jones, 28 Feb. 1688–9. the ready way to perfect knowledge. Im- The Poeticall history of Doctor John printed at London by Thomas Este, the Faustus. Licensed to Francis Grove, 8 assigne of William Byrd, and are to be March, 1632-3. sould in Broadstreete neere the Royall ex- FEATLEY, DANIEL. chaunge at the Authors house. 1591. 8o.

The Dippers dipt. Or, The Anabaptists A, 4 leaves : B-C in eights : D, 4 leaves.

Dyck'd and Plung'd over Head and Eares, Dedicated to Edward de Vere Earl of

at a Disputation in Southwark. Together Oxford. With complimentary verses by

with A large and full Discourse of their Richard Wilkinson and Francis Yomans.

Originall... By Daniel Featley, D.D. ... FARMER, W., Chirurgeon.

London, Printed for Nicholas Bourne, A Prognostication for this yeere. 1587. And Richard Royston . . . 1645. 49, Wherein is declared the inal ground B-Ff in fours, besides the printed title of the late alteration of the yere,

and a curious frontispiece by W. Marshall, collected and gathered by W. Farmer representing the Anabaptists bathing, Chirurgian . . . Imprinted at London, surrounded by small portraitures of a by Richard Watkins and James Robertes. variety of sects. Dedicated to both Cum priuilegio. 4o. Bagford papers.

Houses of Parliament. FARNABY, THOMAS.

FEDERICI, CESARE. Phrases Oratoriæ Elegantiores. Editio The Voyage and Trauaile : Of M. Cæsar FELTHAM.



Frederick, merchant of Venice, into the

pryses. and Schollers prises, &c. Entered East India, the Indies, and beyond the conditionally to Thomas Purfoot, 30 Oct. Indies. Wherein are contained very 1587. pleasant and rare matters, with the customes and rites of those Countries. Also,


The Tales and Fables of the late ArchHerein are Discovered the Merchandises

bishop and Duke of Cambray, Author and commodities of those Countreyes, aswell the aboundance of Goulde and Silver,

of Telemachus, in French and English.

Written originally for the Instruction of as Spices, Drugges, Pearles, and other

a Young Prince, the Duc de Bourgoigne.] Iewelles. Written at Sea in the Hercvles

And now publish'd for the Use of Schools. of London : comming from Turkie, the 25. of March 1588. For the profitable

To which is prefix'd, An Account of the

Author's Life, extracted from the Meinstruction of Merchants and all other

moirs of the Chevalier Ramsay, Author trauellers, for their better direction and

of the Travels of Cyrus. By Nathaknowledge of those Countreyes. Out of Italian, by T. H. At London, Printed

niel Gifford, of the Inner-Temple, Gent.

Illustrated with Twenty-nine Copperby Richard Jones and Edward White, 18.

Plates Engraven by George Bickham, Iunij. 1588. 49, A-L in fours. Black

Junior. London : Printed for John letter. Dedicated by T. Hickock to Lord

Hawkins . . . M.DCC.XXXVI. 89. Title Howard of Effingham. Grenv. Coll.

and dedication to the translator's kinsFELTHAM, OWEN.

woman, Mrs. Martha Bellamy, of KingResolves a Duple Century. Yo 3d Edition ston School, 2 leaves : a-c in fours, c 4 By Owen Felltham wth a large Alpha- with an advertisement of the terms of beticall Table therunto . . . London Im- Kingston School : B-M 2 in eights. printed for Henry Seile . . . 1628. 4o. The plates are on the letterpress. A, 4 leaves, including engraved title and

FENNOR, DUDLEY. explanation : B-Ff in eights : Gg—li in fours, last leaf blank. Dedicated to

A shorte and profitable treatise of lawfull

and ynlawfull recreacons. [By Dudley Thomas, Lord Coventry.

Fennor.] Licensed to Thomas Gosson, Resolues A Duple Century the vi Edition 15 Jan. 1591-2. by Owen Felltham. With a large Alpha- A proposed reprint of the Middleburgh betical Table thervnto Et sic demulceo edition. vitam. London Printed for Henry Seile FENWICK, SIR JOHN.

1636. 4°, A-Ff in eights, except A True Copy of the Paper Deliver'd by A, which is in fours, the first leaf having

Sir John Fenwicke, Baronet, to the the “Face of the Booke" in verse : Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, on Gg-Ii 3 in fours. The title is engraved

Tower-Hill, the Place of Execution, on by W. Marshall.

Thursday Jan. 28. 1699.

London, Resolves The eiyht Impressio, with New Printed by J. Orme, for R. Bentley, ... & Severall other Additions both in Prose A folio leaf. and Verse. . . . London Printed for A:

The Proceedings against Sir John FenSeile . . . 1661. Folio. Frontispiece and wicke, Bar, upon a Bill of Attainder for the Face of the Book unmasked, 2 leaves :

High Treason. Together with a Copy of A-Eee 2 in fours : Lusoria, with a new a Letter sent by Sir John Fenwick to his title, a-n in fours, n 4 with the Errata.

Lady, upon his being taken in Kent. Resolves. ... In this Twelfth Edition, Printed in the Year, 1698. 89, References are made to the Poetical Cita- B-Aa 3 in eights and the title. tions, heretofore wanted : and the Language refin'd . . . London : Printed by

FERDINAND II., Emperor of Germany. Benj. Motte for Cha. Harper ... MDCCIX.

The Particular State of the Government 8°, Å-Uu in eights, including a frontis

of the Emperour, Ferdinand the Second. piece and an explanation of it.

As it was at his decease in the yeere 1636.

London, Printed by E. G. for Thomas FELTON, JOHN.

Nichols, and are be sold at his shop at A ballett of Felton. Licensed to Francis

the signe of the Bible in Popes head Alley Goodlyf in 1570.

1637. 4°, B-L 2 in fours, and the title. The Death of John Felton. Licensed to FERGUSSON, DAVID. H. Bynneman in 1570.

Scottish Proverbs : Gathered together by FENCING.

David Fergusson sometime Minister at Billes for pryses at fencinge, as masters Dumfermline: And put ordine Alphabetico

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when he departed this life, Anno 1598. William Thomas, by the maiour aldermen Edinburgh, Printed by Robert Bryson, and Citizens of Bristoll 4to Augusti and are to be sold at his Shop at the 1590. Licensed to Henry Carre, 10 Aug. signe of Jonah 1641. 4°, A-F 2 in 1590. fours.

FESTIVAL, THE. Nine hundred and fourty Scottish Pro- Incipit liber qui uocatur festialis. [This verbs : The greatest part of which were occurs on the second leaf, the first being at first gathered together by David Fer- occupied on the recto and also (with the gusson. Sometime Minister at Dum

exception of a few lines of text at the farmlin: ... Printed in the Year 1675. foot of the page) on the verso with wood8°, A—D 4 in eights.

cuts. At the end occurs :) Here endith FERNE, JOHN, Gentleman.

the boke that is callid, festiuall. the The Blazon of Gentrie : Deuided into yere of oure lorde Mcccc.lxxxvi. the two parts. The first named The Glorie of day aftir saint Edward the kyng. [No Generositie. The second, Lacyes No- place or printer's name. Antwerp or bilitie. Comprehending discourses of Bruges.] Folio, printed in two columns, Armes and of Gentry. Wherein is treated black letter. Leaf with woodcuts, &c., of the beginning, parts, and degrees of

followed by text, 8 leaves : a-d in Gentlenesse, with her lawes: Of the eights : d 3, 8 leaves : e-g 4 in eights : Bearing and Blazon of Cote-armors : of

h-1 in eights : m, 6 leaves : n-q in the Lawes of Armes, and of Combats. eights : r, 6 leaves : 8, 8 leaves : E-v Compiled by Iohn Ferne Gentleman, for in sixes : x, 8 leaves : 5 in sixes : 2, 3 the instruction of all Gentlemen bearers

leaves. With woodcuts. Lambeth. of Armes, whome and none other this

The only copy known. worke concerneth. At London, Printed Here begynneth the festyuall. (Colo

[ by John Windet, for Andrew Maunsell. phon :) Here endeth the festyuall En1586. 4o. A, 8 leaves : a, 2 leaves : prynted at London by me Rychard B-2 4 in eights, Z 4 blank: Aa-Ii 4 Faques dwellyg in Paulys chyrche in eights : Kk, 2 leaves, the second blank. yarde. 4°, A-Kk in eights and fours : With cuts. With a folded leaf in Cc. LI, 4 leaves. Lambeth.

Dedicated to Edmund, Lord Sheffield, FIDGE, GEORGE. from the Inner Temple, 13 September, 1586, after which is a second inscription to the

Hinds Ramble, Or, The Description of Inns of Court.

his manner and course of life. Wherein

is related the several Robberies he hath FERRERS, RICHARD. A Booke called, The worth of a woman.

committed in England, and the Escapes Licensed to William Jones, 20 July,

he hath made upon several occasions. 1622.

With His voyage into Holland, and how

he cheated a Dutch-man there of 200£ See Mrs. Delany's Letters, 1st Series, iii. 324. A copy appears to have been lent

And from thence went into Ireland, by George Ballard to Mrs. Dewes. It was where he did many Robberies, and was a poem

But I am not aware that any wounded by some of his own Party. copy is known.

With a Relation of His Going to the FERRIS, RICHARD, ? of Perin, co. Corn. Scotch King, Where he was made Scoutwall.

master General, and afterwards (as 'tis The most dangerous ... Aduenture generally reported) was the onely man . . 1590.

that conveyed the Scotch King to LonDedicated to Sir Thomas Heneage Kt. don, who since is shipt away far beyond At the end is a ballad of eleven stanzas by Seas. A Book full of Delight, every James Sarjent on the arrival and entertain.

Story affording its particular Jest. [By ment of Ferris at Bristol, Aug. 3, 1590 ; Sarjent calls it a sonnet. Reprinted by Mr.

George Fidge.] London, Printed for Collier.

George Latham, 1651 [October 27.] 8°, This appears to be the prototype of the A-C in eights, including a woodcut series of schemes and publications, on a frontispiece. B. M. similar model, by Taylor the water-poet.

The English Gusman ; Or The History A ballad of Richard Ferrys cominge to of that Unparalleld Thief James Hind. Bristowe on the Third of Auguste 1590. Wherein is Related I. His Education and Licensed to E. White, 7 Aug. 1590. manner of Life ; also a full Relation of all A ballad of the ioyfull entertainement of the severall Robberies, madd Pranks, and the wherry and iij wherrymen viz., handsom Jests done by Him. II. How Richard Ferrys, Andrewe Hilles, and at Hatfield he was Enchanted by a Witch

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for three years space; and how she Be- Lord Fiennes, Commissioner of the Great witch'd his Horse with a white Rod, and Seal ; Made before His Highness and gave him a thing like a Sun-dial, the Both Houses of Parliament, on WednesPoint of which should direct him which day the 20th of January, 1657. Being way to take when persued. ... With the first day of their Sitting. Published several Cuts to illustrate the Matter. by His Highness special Command. LonWritten by G. F. London, Printed by don, Printed by Henry Hills, and John T. N. for George Latham Junior, Field, . . . 1657. 40, A-D 2 in fours. 1652. 4°, A-H 2 in fours. B. M. (imperfect.)

FILMER, EDWARD. The Great Eater of Grayes-Inne, Or The

The Unnatural Brother : A Tragedy. As Life of Mr. Marriot the Cormorant.

it was Acted by His Majesty's Servants,

at the Theatre in Little Lincolns-InnWherein is set forth, all the Exploits and Actions by him performed, with many

Fields. London, Printed by J. Orme, for

Richard Wilkin ... MD.CXCVII. 4°, A-H pleasant Stories of his Travells into Kent

in fours. and other places. Also, A Rare Physicall Dispensatory, being the manner how FINCH, HENRY, of Gray's Inn. he makes his Cordiali Broaths, Pills,

Nomotechnia ; Cestascavoir, Vn DescripPurgations, Julips, and Vomits, to keep tion del Common Leys DAngleterre his Body in temper, and free from Sur

Solonqve les Rules del Art ... London feits. By G[eorge) F[idge] Gent. London, Printed for the Societie of Stationers, An. Printed for the Author, and are sold by Dom. 1613. Folio. 1, 6 leaves : AWilliam Raybould at the Unicorne iu

Bb in sixes, first and last leaves blank. Pauls Church-Yard, 1652. 4°, A-F in

Dedicated to James I. fours, title on A 2. B. M.

The Field of Blood : Or, Rebellion Bla-

The Accvsation and Impeachment of zoned in all its Colours. In a Lively

John Lord Finch, Baron of Fordwich,

Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of EngRepresentation (Grounded upon Fact) of the Fatal Consequences of Inhability in

land, By the House of Commons. Printed

Anno Dom. 1640. 4°, A--B in fours, A i a Prince, Exorbitant Ambition in the

and B 4 blank. Nobility, and Licentious Insolence in the Commons. London : Printed for James FINETT, SIR JOHN. Vade at the Cock and Sugar-loaf near Su Finetti Philoxenis : Som Choice ObserDunstans Church in Fleetstreet. 1681. vations of Sr John Finett Knight, And 4o. A, 4 leaves : a, 2 leaves : B-D in Master of the Ceremonies in the two last fours.

Kings, Touching the Reception, and PreFIELD, RICHARD, D.D.

cedence, the Treatment and Audience, Of the Church, Five Bookes. By Richard

the Puntillios and Contests of Forren AmField Doctor of Divinity ... The Second

bassadors in England. London, Printed Edition Very much Avgmented, in the

by T. R. for H. Twyford and G. Bedell third Booke, and the Appendix to the

1656. 8°, A-Ř in eights, first leaf At Oxford Imprinted by William

blank. Dedicated by James Howell to

Viscount Lisle. Tvrner, ... 1628. Folio, *, 8 leaves : A-4 G in sixes. Dedicated (in an addi- FIRES. tional epistle) by Nathaniel Field, the Diuerse Lamentable fiers in these shires author's relative, to George, Duke of followinge. viz. Kent, Middlesex, Surrey, Buckingham.

Essex, Hertford, Bedford, ... Licensed FIENNES, NATHANIEL.

to John Trundle, 7 March, 1606-7. A Speech of the Honorable Nathanael FIRMIN, GILES. Fiennes, (second Son to the right Hon

Weighty Questions Discussed: ...Whereourable the Lord Say) in answer to the unto is added A Prediction of Mr. Daniel Third Speech of the Lord George Digby.

Rogers, Minister in Essex, long before the Concerning Bishops and the Citty of Beheading King Charles I. and ArchLondons Petition; both which were made

Bishop Laud, foretelling that they should the gth of Feb. 1640 Printed in the

not dye a Natural Death. By Giles Fir4°, A-D in fours, D 4 min, Author of the Real Christian. Lonblank.

don, Printed for the Author. 1692. 4°, The Speech of the Right Honourable the A-E 2 in fours, and the titlepage.


yeare 1641.

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