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Hatfield. ...


A spirituall consolation, written by Iohn A tru certificat sente from Gibralter in Fyssher Bishoppe of Rochester, to hys Spayne of a Wonderful fysshe. Licensed sister Elizabeth, at suche ty me as hee was to A. Lacy in 1565-6.

prisoner in the Tower of London FISHER, JAMES.

No place, &c. 8°, black letter, A-I in The Wise Virgin : Or, A Wonderful

eights, A 6–8 blank. Lambeth. Narration of the various dispensations of FISHER, JOHN, of Magdalen College, God towards a childe of eleven years of Oxford. age; She is the Daughter of Mr. Poems . . . 1558. Anthony Hatfield Gentleman in Laugh

Collation : A-G in fours. ton in York-shire; her name is Martha

London, Printed for Charles FISHERY. Tius,

MDCLXIV. 8°, A-M in Londons Blame, If not its Shame : Manieights.

fested by the great neglect of the Fishery,

which affordeth to our Neighbor Nations FISHER, JOHN, Bishop of Rochester.

yeerly, the Revenue of many Millions This treatise concernynge the fruytful

Or the inestimable riches of the Sayinges of Dauyde the Kynge & pro- British Seas which do yeild a monthly phete in the seuen penytēcyall / psalmes Harvest of several Fish in their season, Deuyded in seuen sermons was made and

which being brought into the Land, com/plyed [sic] by the ryght reuerente would make Flesh at a low rate, encrease fader in god Johan fyssher / Doctour of

Shipping ... Printed for T. J. ... 1651. dyuynyte & bysshop of Rochester at the

4°, A-B in fours. ex / ortacion and sterynge of the mooste excellente pryncesse / Margarete coun

Icthyothera, Or, The Royal Trade of tesse of Rychemoūte and Derby & Modder

Fishing. Discovering the inestimable to our souerayne lorde Kynge Hēry the

Profit the Hollanders have made thereof, vij on who / se soule Jesu haue mercy.

with the vast Emolument and Advan[Col.] Enprynted at London in the tages that will redound to his Sacred Hetestrete at the sygne of ye sonne / by

Majesty and his three Kingdomes by the Wynkyn de Worde. In the yere of our

Improvement of it. Now seasonably lorde. M / CCCCC. viii. ye .xvi. day of ye

published by command for the Benefit moneth of Juyn. The .xxiii. yere of ye

of the Nation. London, Printed by J. reygne of our souerayne lorde Kynge

F. for R. Royston . . . MDCLXII. 4o. Hē / ry the seuenth. 4°, Aa-zz in The only Design of the Company of eights and fours alternately: &&, 6 leaves. Fishermen, By the Bill depending in the This treatyse concernynge the fruytful

Honourable House of Commons, as far as sayinges of Dauyd the Kynge & pro

relates to themselves ... A sheet. phete. . . . [Col.] Enprynted at London Collection of Advertisements, Advices, in the Fletestrete at the sygne of the and Directions, Relating to the Royal sonne by Wynkyn de Worde . . . In the

Fishery within the British Seas, &c. yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCC. and .ix.

Transcribed out of divers English Writers, ihe .xii. daye of the moneth of Juyn. 4°, Observators, : . . Published in order to aa—zz in eights and fours, zz in eights, the Inciting the People of these Nations, followed by 6 leaves, the last page with &c. to iniprove the Advantages thereof, the device only.

London, Printed for H. M. and are This Treatise concernynge the fruytfull to be sold by J. Whitlock . . . 1695. 4°, sayinges . . . [Col.] Imprinted at Lon- B-K in fours, and the title. don in Fletestrete at the sygne of the

An Answer to the Allegations of the Prynces armes by Thomas Marshe. Anno.

Fishmongers, in their Paper, intitled, M.D.L.V. 89, A-Z in eights, followed by

Reasons humbly Offered for passing the a sheet in sixes. Lambeth, &c.

Bill for preventing the Importation of De Veritate Corporis et Sangvinis Christi Fresh Fish canght by Foreigners. [About in Evcharistia per reuerendum in Christo 1700.] A sheet. patrem, ac dominum D. Ioannem Roffensem Episcopum, adversus Ioannem Oc

The Case of the Company of Free Fishercolampadum. Coloniæ, Anno domini,

men of the River of Thames, and other

Fishermen of this Kingdom using the M.D.XXVII. Æditio Prima. 40, A-D in fours : a-z in fours : A-Ddd in fours :

Lobster-Trade. [About 1700.] A sheet. Eee, 6 leaves.

Further Reasons Humbly Offerd for

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Passing the Fish Bill. (About 1700.) A Law and Proceedings of the Court of sheet.

Kings-Bench thereupon, in Easter Term The Case of the Coasting-Fishermen of

1681. London, Printed for Fr. Tyton, the Kingdom of Great Britain, in relation

1681. Folio, A-S, 2 leaves each, to a Clause concerning the Size of Nets.

A l with the Imprimatur and S 2 with an [About 1700.] A sheet.

Advertisement. Reasons Humbly Offer'd for Passing the A Narrative, Being a true Relation of Bill, for Preventing the Importation of what Discourse passed between D' HawFresh Fish caught by Foreigners, and the kins and Edward Fitz-harys, Esq; Late Preservation of the Brood and Fry of Prisoner in the Tower; with the manner Fish. [About 1700.] A sheet.

of taking his Confession. Published by An Answer to the Case of the Coasting Authority. London, Printed for Samuel Fishermen. [About 1700.] A sheet. Carr, 1681. Folio, 6 leaves. Reasons of Several Owners of Fishing- The Tryal and Condemnation of Edw. Vessels, Humbly Offer'd Against a Clause, Fitz-Harris Esq; For High-Treason, at proposed by some Fishmongers, To Re- the Barr of the Court of King's Bench, at peal the Law, now in Force, prohibiting Westminster, on Thursday the 9th of Lobsters being Imported by Foreigners. June, in Trinity Term, 1681. As also [About 1700.] A sheet.

the Tryal and Condemnation of D' Oliver Remarks humbly offer'd by some of the Plunket, Titular Primate of Ireland, For Fishmongers, in Answer to the other Part High-Treason, at the Barr of the Court of of the Fishmongers Reasons for repealing King's Bench, the same Term. London, that Part of the Billingsgate Act, which

Printed for Francis Tyton, and Thomas relates to the prohibiting Lobsters being


... 1681. Folio, A-Dd in caught by Foreigners. [About 1700.) A twos. sheet.

Fitz-Hary's Last Sham detected : Or a FISTULA.

Vindication of His Sacred Majesty from A bill for the cure of the Fistola. Li- those foul Aspersions cast upon him by censed to John Wolf, 16 May, 1594. that impudent Libel called, Fitz-Hary's FITZ, SIR JOHN.

last Confession, left under his own Hand,

and published by D' Hawkins. London, A ballet vppon the Lamentable Murthers of Sir John Fitz executed_vppon himself

Printed for R. Baldwin. 1681. Folio, 2

leaves. and others. Licensed to Thomas Pavier, 28 Aug., 1605.

The Confession of Edward Fitz-barys, Sir John Fitz his Ghost, or the dolefull Esquire, Written with his Own Hand, dreames of Lusty Jack his chief Associate And delivered to Doctor Hawkins Minisand companion in mischief. Licensed to ter of the Tower, The First of July, 1681. Edward White Junior, 13 Sept., 1605. Being the Day of his Execution. To

gether with his last Speech. London, FITZ-GEFFREY, CHARLES.

Printed for S. Carr. 1681. Folio, 4 The Blessed Birth-Day Celebrated in

leaves. some Pious Meditations, on the Angels Anthem, Luke 2. 14.

Also Holy Rap- Truth Vindicated : Or, A detection of tvres in contemplating of the most ob- the Aspersions and Scandals cast_upon seruable Adjuncts about our Sauiours Sir Robert Clayton and Sir George Treby, Nativitie. By Charles Fitz-Geffry. [Quo- Justices; and Slingsby Bethell and Henry tation.] Oxford, Printed by Iohn Lich- Cornish Esquires, Sheriffs, of the City of field Printer to the University, and are London, In a Paper published in the to be sold by Ed. Forrest. An. Dom. Name of Dr Francis Hawkins Minister 1634. 4°, A-G in fours, and the title. of the Tower, Intituled, The Confession In verse.

of Edward Fitz-Harris Esq; &c.

London: Printed for Rich. Baldwin, 1681. FITZ-HARRIS, EDWARD. An Answer to the Protestation of the

4°, A-E in fours, E 4 blank. Nineteen Lords against the Rejecting of FITZHERBERT, A., of Norbury, Derbythe Impeachment of Mr. Fitz-Harris. shire. [Col.] London, Printed for Cave Pulleyn,

Surveyinge. An. M.D.XLVI. (Col.] Lon1681. Folio, 4 leaves.

dini in ædibus Thome Bertheleti. The Arraignment and Plea of Edw. Fitz- Anno. M.D.XLVI. 89, black letter, A-H Harris Esq; with all the Arguments in in eights.




Syrveyinge. Anno Domini 1567. [Col.] Discovered by Colonell William Fleet..8, black letter, A-I in eights. wood, an unfortunate Commander in that The copy used wanted last leaf.

untoward service. London, Printed for Svrveyenge. [Col.) Londini in edibus R. Smith. 1648. 4°, 8 leaves. Thome Bertheleti, . .. 80, A-I 4 in

The Lord General Fleetwoods Answer to eights.

the Humble Representation of Collonel The booke of Husbandrye ... Anno do. Morley, and some other late Officers of M.D.LIJJ. Imprynted at London by John

the Army.

Wherein he declares his Awdely. 8°, black letter, A-K 7 in

Judgement and Conscience what is the eights.

Good Old Cause, and for a Free ParliaFitzherberts Booke of Husbandrie . ment, as the onely Expedient for Eng. now newlie corrected, amended, and re- lands Settlement. Novemb. 8, 1659. 4°, duced, into a more pleasing forme of Eng- A-C in fours. lish then before. At London, Printed by FLEMING, ABRAHAM. I, R. for Edward White, Anno Dom.

A Panoplie of Epistles, Or, a looking 1598. 89, A-Dd in fours.

Glasse for the vnlearned. Conteyning a Dedicated in this impression to Master

perfect plattforme of inditing letters of Henry Jackman Esquire by the printer.

all sorts, to persons of al estates and FITZHERBERT, THOMAS.

degrees, ... Gathered and translated out The First Part of a Treatise concerning

Latine into English, by Abraham Policy, and Religion. Wherein the in

Fleming . . . Imprinted at London, for firmitie of humane wit is amply declared,

Ralph Newberie, ... 1576. 4o. 1, 6 with the necessitie of Gods grace. leaves: A-B in fours: A (repeated)With a refutation of the arguments of

Gg in eights. Dedicated to Sir William Atheists, against the prouidence of God

Cordell, Knight, Master of the Robes. Written by Thomas Fitzherbert

Some of the epistles are taken from Had. Esquire, and Catholique priest, for the

don and Ascham. benefit of yong Statists. ...|Printed with licence of Superiors Anno Domini 1615. FLEMING, GILES, Rector of Wadding40, A-3 F in fours. Dedicated to the

worth, co, Lincoln. author's son Edward Fitzherbert.

Stemma Sacrym, The Royal Progeny De

lineated, and with some Notes explained, FLATMAN, THOMAS.

Shewing His Sacred Majesties Royal and Poems and Songs. By Thomas Flatman.

Lawful Descent to His Crown and KingThe Second Edition with Additions and

doms, from all the Kings that ever reigned Amendments, London, Printed by S. and

in this Nation. London, Printed for Robert B. G. for Benjamin Took, ... 1676. 8o.

Gibbs, 1660. 8°, A-D in eights. DediA, 8 leaves : a, 8 leaves ; 3 leaves :

cated to Viscount Castleton. With a fron. B-K 7 in eights.

tispiece. Poems and Songs. By Thomas Flatman, FLETCHER, ANDREW, of Saltoun. The Third Edition with Additions and

A Discourse of Government with relation Amendments. London, Printed for Benjamin Tooke ... 1682. 8o. A, 7 leaves:

to Militia’s. Edinburgh ; Printed in the a-b in eights : B-M6 in eights. With

Year MDCXCVIII. 8°, A-D in eights, and the same portrait.

a leaf of E. A Pindarique Ode on the Death of the Two Discourses Concerning the Affairs Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Ossory.

of Scotland ; Written in the Year 1698. By Thomas Flatman, Esq; Amotum ex

Edinburgh, 1698. 89, A-G 4 in eights. oculis quærimus invidi. Horat. London, Discorso delle Cose di Spagna, scritto nel Printed by J. G. for Benjamin Tooke ... mese di Luglio 1698. Napoli. 1698. 8°, 1681. Folio, 4 leaves.

A-H 2 in fours, On the Death of the Illustrious Prince A Speech upon the State of the Nation, Rupert ; A Pindarique Ode. By Thomas in April 1701. No place, &c. 8°, A-C3 Flatman. Vtinam Viveres ! London, in eights. Printed for Benj. Tooke ... 1683. Folio, Speeches, By a Member of the Parliament, 4 leaves.

which began at Edinburgh the 6th of May FLEETWOOD, W.

1703. Edinburgh ; Printed in the Year

1703. 89, A-F in eights. An Unhappy View of the Whole behaviour of my Lord Duke of Buckingham, at the An Account of a Conversation concerning French Island, called the Isle of Rhee. a right Regulation of Governments for




In a

the common Good of Mankind.

Imprinted at London in Fleetstreet by Letter to the Marquiss of Montrose, William How : for John Allde and Wil. the Earles of Rothes . . . from London, liam Pickeryng, 1571, 89, A-E in halfthe 1st of December, 1703. Edinburgh ; sheets or fours. Printed in the Year 1704. 8o. A-B, 8 Sotheby's, August 20, 1878, No. 604, imleaves each : C-F in fours : G-H 6 in perfect. eights.

The harmes of the great floodes. A ballad. FLETCHER, GILES, LL.D.

Licensed to E. White, 25 Jan, 1579–80. Israel Redux : Or The Restauration of

A lamentable Dyttie of Diuers overflowIsrael, Exhibited in Two Short Treatises.

inge of Waters in Somersett Sheire, NorThe First contains an Essay upon some

foulke, Northwales, and other partes in probable grounds, that the present Tartars

England. Licensed to John Hardy, 1:1th near the Caspian Sea, are the Posterity

February, 1606-7. of the Ten Tribes of Israel. By Giles Myracle vpon myracle or a true relacon Fletcher LL.D. The Second, a dis

of the great floodes happened in Coventry, sertation concerning their ancient and Lynne the 16. and 17. of Aprill successive state, . . . By S. L[ee.] .

1607. Licensed to John Wright, 14 May, London, Printed by S. Streater, for

1607. John Hancock, . . . 1677. 12°, A-L in FLORIDA. twelves,

A Notable Historie containing foure FLETCHER, JOHN.

voyages made by certayne French CapPhilaster, . : . The fourth Impression. taynes vnto Florida : Wherein the great London, Printed by W. J. for Richard riches and fruitefulnes of the countrey Hawkins, 1634. 4°, A-L 2 in with the maners of the people hitherto fours.

concealed, are brought to light, written A King, and No King ... now the third

all, sauing the last, by Monsieur Lantime Printed. . . . London, Printed by A.

donniere, who remained there himselle M. for Richard Hawkins · 1631. 4°,

as the French Kings Lieuetenant a yere A-M in fours.

and a quarter: Newly translated out of

French into English by R. H. In the A King and No King. . . . London,

end is added a large table. Printed for William Leake 1655.

London, Imprinted by Thomas Dawson 4°, A-I in fours, I 4 blank, and the title.

1587. 4o. Title, 1 leaf : Hakluyt's dediThe Maides_Tragedie : . . . The fourth cation to Raleigh, 3 leaves : A-R in Impression, Revised and Refined. Printed fours. Grenv. Coll. by E. G. for Henry Shepherd, . : : 1638. FLORIO, JOHN. 4°, A-L 2 in fours, with a cut on the title.

Florio His firste Fruites : which yeelde

familiar Speech, merie Prouerbes, wittie The Woman Hater. . . . London, Printed

Sentences, and golden sayings. Also a for Humphrey Moseley : .. 1648. 4°,

: . . 1648. 40, perfect Induction to the Italian, and EngA-E in fours. Printed in two columns.

lish tongues, as in the Table appeareth. The Scornefyll Ladie. A Comedie . The like heretofore, neuer by any man The third Edition. London. Printed by published. Imprinted at the three Cranes B. A. and T. F. for T. Iones . . . 1630, in the Vintrie by Thomas Dawson for 4°, A-I in fours, first leaf blank.

Thomas Woodcocke. [Col.) Di Londra The Tragedy of Thierry and Theodoret. a di 10. Agosto. 1578. Vostro del tutto. London, Printed for Humphrey

G. F. Tutto d'altrui. Imprinted at LonMoseley 1648. 4°, A-E in fours,

don. ... 4°. *, 4 leaves : **, 4 leaves : E 4 blank. Printed in two columns. ***, 4 leaves: A—Tt in fours, Tt 4 blank, The Elder Brother.... London: Printed

Dedicated to Robert Dudley, Earl of Lei

cester. With commendatory verses by in the Year, 1661. 4o. A, 2 leaves : BK 2 in fours.

Stephen Gosson and others.

Florios Second Frvtes, to be gathered of FLEUR DE LIS.

twelue Trees, of diuers but delightsome A booke intituled La fleur de lice, &c.

tastes to the tongues of Italians and Licensed to John Wolf, 12 April, 1593.

Englishmen. To which is annexed his FLOODS.

Gardine of Recreation yeelding six thouA declaration of such Tempestions, and sand Italian Prouerbs. London Printed outragious Fluddes, as hath been in divers for Thomas Woodcock, dwelling at the places of England. 1570. [Colophon :) Black-beare, 1591. 4o. A, 4 leaves : *, 2

... At

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leaves : B-Dd in fours : the Gardens, London, printed by Ridibundus, in the A-Aa 3 in fours.

present yeare of wits and fancies, 1643. Dedicated to Master Nicholas Saunder of 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. Ewel, Esquire, who, it appears, had shown kindnesses to Florio at Oxford and also FORBES, JOHN, Pastor at Middelburgh. in London. After the Author's preface A Letter First Written and Sent by Io. occur some very well-written lines headed : Forbes, Pastour of the English Church at “Phaëton to his friend Florio."

Middelbvrgh, vnto certen of the comQveen Anna's New World of Words, Or panie of Marchands Adventurers at Dictionarie of the Italian and English Stoade, at their earnest desire, for resolvtongues, Collected and newly much aug. ing this Question : How a Christian man mented by Iohn Florio, Reader of the may discerne the testimonie of Gods Italian ynto the Soueraigne Maiestie of Spirit, . . . And now againe renewed and Anna, Crowned Queene of England . enlarged by the Authour, . . . At MiddelAnd one of the Gentlemen of hir Royall burgh, Printed by Richard Schilders ; Priuie Chamber. Whereunto are added 1616.8°, A-F in eights, F 8 blank. certaine necessarie rules and short obser- FORBES, JOHN. uations for the Italian tongue. London, Irenicum Amatoribvs Veritatis et Pacis Printed by Melch. Bradwood for Edw.

in Ecclesia Scoticana. Prece & studio Blount and William Barret. Anno 1611.

Ioannis Forbesii, S. S. Theologiæ Doctoris, Folio. 1, 6 leaves, and portrait of Florio & ejusdem Professoris in Academia Aberby W. Hole : A-Fff 3 in sixes : the

donensi. . . . Aberdoniæ, Excvdebat EdRules, with a new title, Ggg—Qq9 in vardvs Rabanvs. Cum Privilegio. 1629. fours, last leaf blank (as also Fff 4). 4°, A-3 N 2 in fours, besides the title and Dedicated to Queen Anne. With verses

dedication by Forbes to Patrick Forbes, by n Candido [M. Gwinne), S. Daniel, John Thorius. The Rules are from a

Bishop of Aberdeen (his father). Grendifferent press.


FORBES, PATRICK, Bishop of AberThe Roman Histories of Lucius Iulius deen. Florus Translated into English.

Eubulus, Or A Dialogue, Where-in a London Printed by R. Bishop, and are to

rugged Romish Ryme, (inscrybed, Cathobe sold by Fr: Bowman in Oxford. 1636.

licke Questions, to the Protestant) is con12°, A-P in twelves. The title is en

futed, and the Questions there-of answer

ed. graved as in the earlier edition.

By Patrick Forbes, Bishop of]

A[berdeen.] Answere a Foole . ProFLUDD, DR.

verbs, 26, 5. Aberdene, Printed by EdDr. Flvdds Answer to Mr. Foster. Or,

ward Raban, dwelling vpon the MarketThe Sqvesing of Parson Fosters Sponge, place, At the Towns Arms, 1627. With ordained by him for the wiping away of Priviledge. 40, A-X in fours, X 4 with the Weapon-Salve. . . . London, Printed

the Errata. Dedicated to Anna, Lady for Nathaniel Butter, 1631. 4°, A-I in

Gordon, by P. A. Grenv. Coll. fours, and a*-* 2 in fours.

Funerals of a Right Reverend Father in FOLLY.

God Patrick Forbes of Corse, Bishop of Follie Moderator, with a Curtaine Lec

Aberdene. To en agiois Reverendissimi ture. Wherevnto is annexed the garden in Christo Patris Patricii Forbesii A of Wisdome by Sir W. R. Licensed to

Corse, Episcopi Aberdonensis, Tymvlvs. John Okes, 6 July, 1636.

A multis omnium ordinum collachrymanFOOL.

tibus variegato opere exornatus. The Fooles Complaint to Gotham Col- Aberdene, Imprinted by Edward Raban, ledge, And Resolution taken up by free

1635. 4° 1-3 | 2 in fours, besides Subjects, in and about the City of London the portrait : A-Hh in fours, first and and Westminster, of that Society: in the

last leaves blank. behalfe of themselves, and the priviledges FORD, EMANUEL. of their Hospitall, with their requests, The Most Famous, History of Paristhat


The Twelfth Impression, newly Policy

Corrected and Amended. London, Printed Curiosity may be Judges.

by M. H. and J. M. for J. Wright, J. Solicitude

Clarke, W. Thackeray, and T. Passinger. Study, the Chiefe Warden,

1684. 4°, black letter. Part 1, A-Aa Diligence, the Atturney Generall, and in fours, Ai with the woodcut frontispiece: Fame, the Beadle of the Court.

Part 2, A--G: 2 in fours.

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