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The Floating Island : Or, A New Dis- HEATH, JOHN. covery, relating the Strange Adventure The Hovse of Correction : Or, Certayne on a late Voyage, from Lambethana to Satyricall Epigrams. Written by I. H. Villa Franca, alias Ramallia, to the East- Gent. Together with a few Characters, ward of Terra del Templo: By_Three

called Par Pari : Or; Like to like, quoth Ships, viz. The Pay - nought, Excuse, the Deuill to the Collier. Least-in-Sight. Under the Conduct of Ficta voluptatis causa sint proxima veris. Captain Robert Over-much: Describing

Hor. de Art. Po. the Nature of the Inhabitants, their Re- London, Printed by Bernard Alsop for ligion, Laws and Customs. Published

Richard Redmer, and are to be sold at by Francis Careless, one of the Dis- his Shoppe at the West end of Saint

Pauls Church. 1619. 8o, A-D 4 in Longis erroribus actus

eights, the title, which is engraved, on Qui mores hominum

A 2. B. M. Printed in the Year 1673. 40. A, 2 The Characters commence with a new leaves : B-F in fours.

(printed) title on C8. Protevs Redivivus : The Art of Wheed- / HECTORS. ling . . . Compild and Publish'd formerly The Hectors : Or the False Challenge. by R. H. but now Reprinted with Addi- A Comedy written in the Year, MDCLV. tions to every Chapter, to almost one The Scene London. London, Printed for half of the Book, By the same Author. G. Bedel, and T. Collins, .. 1656. London, Printed for T. D. .. 1684. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-K in fours, K 4 12°, A-P 6 in twelves, P 6 blank. blank. HEATH, JAMES.

HEDELIN, M., Abbot of Aubignac. A New Book of Loyal English Martyrs The Whole Art of the Stage. Containand Confessors, who have endured the ing not only the Rules of the DramPains and Terrours of Death, Arraign- matick Art, but many curious Observament, Banishment, and Imprisonment, tions about it. now made English. for the Maintenance of the Just and Legal London, Printed for the Author, Government of these Kingdoms, Both in 1684. 4°, A-Y in fours. Church and State. By James Heath, Gent. (Quot. from Psal. 112, 6.) Lon: HEGATE, WILLIAM, of Glasgow. don, Printed for R. H. and are to be sold

Gvilielmi Hegati Scoti Glasgvensis Galby Simon Miller at the Star in St. Pauls

lia Victrix. Ad Nobilissimvm, Et amChurch-Yard. [Circa 1661.) 12°, B_X

plissima dignitatis virum, Valterum in twelves, besides the titlepage and a

Stuartum D. Blanterium, serenissimi leaf before it with a List of the Martyrs,

Principis Iacobi vj. Scotorum Regis both printed in red.

Logothetam meritissimum. Augustoriti

The Glories and Magnificent Triumphs

89, Title

(preceded by a blank), &c., 6 leaves : of the Blessed Restitution of his Sacred

À-K in fours. In verse, Majesty K. Charles II. From his Arrival in Holland 16% till this Present. Com

HELL. prising all the Honours and Grandeurs [A Description of the pains of Hell.] done to, and conferred by, Him. ... By

Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, W. GilbertJames Heath, formerly Student of Ch.

son, and J. Wright. A broadside in black Ch. Oxon. London, Printed and are

letter and two columns. In verse, with to be sold by N. G. R. H. 1662.

a large cut at the top. 8°, A-S in eights, A blank and A 3 Hell broke loose : Or, A Catalogue of misprinted A 2, besides *, 4 leaves with

many of the Spreading Errors, Heresies the summary of the contents.

and Blasphemies of these Times, for A Chronicle of the Late Intestine War in

which we are to be humbled. Lonthe Three Kingdoms of England, Scot

don, Printed for Tho. Underhill, at the land and Ireland ... By James Heath,

Bible in Woodstreet. March 9, 1646. Gent. The Second Edition. To which 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. is added A Continuation to this present A Journey to Hell : Or, A Visit paid to year 1675. ... By J. P. London: Printed

the Devil. A Poem. London, Printed by J. C. for Thomas Basset,

1700. Folio, A-H, 2 leaves each. MDCLXXVI. Folio, A-4 L 2 in fours, The copy used is only Part I.; perhaps no sign. B. With a frontispiece.

no more appeared.


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HENRIETTA (STUART], Duchess of the Vice Admirall, the Warwicke Frigot, Orleans.

and the Paramour, but she having a Galley Lachrymæ Cantabrigienses in Obitum of sixteen Oares, it is thought that all Illustrissimæ Principis Henrietta Caroli the Ships in the world could not overtake Imo Regis & Martyris Filiæ Ducissæ Au- her. Representing also, How that a Ship relianensis. Cantabrigiæ ... 1670. 4°,

called the Golden Sun, belonging to the A-I in fours, A blank.

King of Denmarke, was taken by the A collection of verses by J. Duport, J. Lord Admirall, and sent into Portsmouth, Beaumont, John Breton, &c.

to attend the pleasure of the Parliament. HENRIETTA MARIA, Queen of Great London, Printed for Mathew Walbancke, Britain.

July 22, 1644. 40, 4 leaves. B. M. A Copy of the Qveens Letter from the

A Dialogue Concerning the Rights of her Hague in Holland to the Kings Maiesty

most Christian Majesty. In the Savoy, residing at Yorke. Sent from the Hague

Printed by Thomas Newcomb 1667. 8°, by one of her Maiesties Gentlemen Ushers, A-E in eights. March 19. 1641. London, printed for A conversation between a Frenchman, a Iohn Price. 1642. A sheet.

Fleming, and a German, purporting to be

an abstract of a larger work on the subject. A Coppy of 1. The letter sent by the

It is on the claim of Charles the Second's Queenes Majestie concerning the collec

queen to certain estates in the Low Coun. tions of the Recusants Mony for the tries, and it appears that Henrietta Maria Scottish Warre, Apr. 27. 1639. 2. The endeavoured to arrange amicably the quesLetter sent by Sir Kenelme Digby and tion in dispute, but without success, The

little volume is said on the title to be Mr. Mountague concerning the Contribu

“Licensed by Authority.” tion. 3. The Letter sent by those asseinbled in London, to every Shire.

An Epicædium on the Death of Her most 4. The names of the Collectors in each

Serene Majesty, Henrietta Maria de BourCounty in England and Wales. And 5.

bon, Queen - Mother of England, and The Message sent from the Queenes

Daughter to the late most Puissant King Majestie to the House of Commons by

Henry le Grand

Obiit 31 August, Master Comptroller the 5. of Febr. 163

MDCLXIX. With Allowance. A broadPrinted at London in the yeare of the

side. Ouvry Cat., No. 154. discovery of Plots, 1642. 40, A-B 3 in HENRY III., King of England. fours.

A Brief Survey (Historical and Political) The Queenes Majesties Message and

of the Life and Reign of Henry the III. Letter from the Hague in Holland, di

King of England. Dedicated to his most rected to the Kings most excellent Ma

Sacred Majesty. London, Printed in the jesty, &c. Being sent in that Ship which

Year, 1680. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-D in

fours. was forced to put in at Yarmouth by reason of a Leake which she sprung at HENRY VI. Sea, and was bound for Newcastle, who The Life and Reign of Henry the Sixth. had in her fifty Commanders, besides

Giving a full Account of the English other common Souldiers, 400. Barrels of Glory Abroad. Their Factions at Home. powder, • . . And now comming up to

The Fatal Treaty of Tours. The Loss of London to be dispossessed by the Parlia- France, And, The Civil Wars in England. ment for the Kingdomes safety and

About the Hereditary and Parliamentary security, ... Also the Declaration and Right, between the two Houses of York Petition of the Palsgrave and the Queene

and Lancaster. London: ... 1712. 8°, his mother to both houses of Parliament A-I in fours, and the title. for their annuall pension, withall denying HENRY VII, and disclaiming in having any hand or The First Booke of the Preservation of consent to Prince Roberts unruly actions King Henry the vij. .. 1599. against the Parliament. London printed It is remarkable that, in the registration for I. Vnderhill. Octob. 14. [1642.] 4°,

of this work at Stationers' Hall (Arber, iii. 4 leaves.

154), it was said to contain at the end'" A

commendation of true poetry, A DiscomThe true Relation of the Qveenes Depar- mendation of all bawdy Rybald, and patyre from Falmovth into the Brest in the ganizde poetes, &c." west of France. After whom our Lord HENRY VIII. Admirall sent all his shipe to overtake Victoria Serenissimi Inuictissimi her, who made above a hundred shot at Hænrici Octaui Franciæ & Angliæ Regis the Ship, especially our three Ships called Christianissimi ac Hyberniæ de Scotis





reportata & de deditione ciuitatis Torna- 4°, a-.7 in fours, besides the 4 leaves of cen. _[1514.] 4°, 6 leaves. B. M. Indulgence. B. V.

This letter is addressed to Cardinal Bam. bridge, Archbishop of York. It is an ac.

De Supremo et Absolvto Regis Imperio. count of the Battle of Flodden. The above

Londini. M.D.XLVI.

[Col.] Londini in title is beneath an engraving in compart

ædibus Thom9 Bertheleti ... M.D.XLVII. ments.

8°, A-I in eights, I 7-8 blank. LamCopia originalis littere Serenissimi Regis beth. Anglie ad Sanctissimū dnm nostrū dnm An Acte Concerning the Kinges Gratiovs Leonem Papam. X. misse : de pace ac Generall Pardon. (Col.] God saue the federe per eum & Christianissimū Francor. Kyng. Excusum Londini, in ædibus Regem nouiter inita. [1514.] 4°, 4 Richardi Graftoni Regij Impressoris. Cum leaves, the 4th blank. B. M.

Priuilegio ... M.D.ŠLVIII. Folio, 4 leaves, Nobilissima Disceptatio super dignitate the last blank. Lambeth. & magnitudine Regnorum Britannici & Histoire Du Divorce de Henry VIII. Roy Gallici, habita ab vtriusq; oratoribus &

d'Angleterre, et de Catherine D'Arragon; legatis in concilio Constantiensi. (Çol.]

Avec La Defense de Sanderus : La RefuImprimebat Louanii Theodoricus Mar

tation des deux premiers Livres de l'Histinus Alussensis mense Martii anno a toire de la Reformation de M. Burnet : Et partu virgineo M.D.XVII. 4°, a—e in les Preuves. A Paris, . M.DC.LXXXVIII. fours : f, 6 leaves, the last with the

... 12o. 3 vols. printer's mark only. Grenv. Coll.

Sir Robert Wingfield superscribes a short HENRY, PRINCE, Son of James I. preface.

The Tryumphant and princelie newe Serenissimi ac Potentissimi Regis An

ballad Declaringe the royaltie and mag. gliæ Christianæ fidei defensoris inuictis

nificence performed at the Baptisinge of simi, ad illustrissimos ac clarissimos the prince of Scotland, Licensed to the Saxoniæ principes, de coercendá abigen

widow Butter, 25 Oct. 1594. dáq; Lutherana factione, & Luthero ipso Lvctvs Posthymvs Sive Erga Defvnctvm Epistola. Item lllvstrissimi Principis Illvstrissimvm Henricvm Walliæ PrinDucis Georgij ad eundem Regem rescrip- cipem Collegij Beatæ Mariæ Magdalena tio. Anno M.D.XXIII. 4°, A—B in fours. apud Oxonienses Mecænatem longè indulB. M.

gentissimum, Magdalensium ofticiosa PieA Protestation made for the most mighty tas. Serius, vt Sero . . . Oxoniæ, Excuand most redoubted kynge of Englande.

debat. Josephus Barnesius. 1612. 4°, &c. and his hole couusell and clergie,

A-I in fours: wherin is declared, that neyther his A farwell to Prince Henry or his funerall hyghnes, nor his prelates, neyther any teares shedd by his Country for his lyues other prynce, or prelate is bounde to come deare losse. A ballad licensed to William or sende, to the pretended councell, that Barley, 5 December, 1612. Paule byshoppe of Rome first by a bul

Englandes sorowe for the deathe of the indicted at Mantua a citie in Italy, & Most Vertuous and pierles Henry Fredenowe a late by an other bull, hath pro- rick prince of Wales eldest son to our roged to a place; no man can telle where.

souereign lord kinge James. Who De(Col.] Lordini in A Edibvs Thomae Ber- ceased the 6 of December (November) theleti Regii Impress. An. M:D.XXXVII. 1612 at Sainct James house A ballad

8°, A-C in eights, C 8 blank. licensed to Henry Lea, 7 December, 1612. Lambethi

A ballad called, A Complaynt againste Illvstrissimi ac Potentissimi Regis, Sena

Death for takinge away the highe and tus, populique Angliæ Sententia, & de eo

hopeful Prince Henry of greate Brittayne concilio, quod Paulus Episcopus Romanus

with the manner of his funerall. Licensed Mantue futurum simulauit (Col.]

to William Barley, 7 December, 1612. Vitembergae apud Iohannem Lufft. M.D.xxxvII. 8°, A-B 7 in eights. A ballad called, The first and second Librvm Hvnc Invictiss. Angliæ Regis

parte of the Lyfe and deathe of the late Fidei Defensoris contra Mart. Lvthervm

noble prince Henry, with the order of his

funerall. Licensed to Thomas Pavier, 11 Legentibvs, Decem Annorvm et totidem XL. Indvigentia Apostolica Avthoritate

December, 1612. concessa est. Cum Gratia et priuilegio. HENSHAW, NATHANIEL, M.D. [On the 5th leaf follows :) Assertio Septē Aero-Chalinos : Or, A Register for the Sacramētoz . . . [London, T. Berthelet.] Air ... The Second Edition. By Na




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thaniel Henshaw, M.D. London, HERBERT, GEORGE. Printed for Benj. Tooke 1677. 12°, The Temple :

The third Edition ... A-H in twelves.

Printed by T. Buck, and R. Daniel, HENTZNERUS, PAULUS.

1634. And are to be sold by Fr. Green, Itinerarivm Germaniæ, Galliæ ; Angliæ ;

12°. T, 4 leaves : A-H in twelves. Italiæ ; . . . Norinbergæ, Sumtibus Au- The Temple , . . The fourth Edition ... toris . . . 1612. 4°. Prefixes, 8 leaves :

Printed by T. Buck, and R. Daniel, A-Kkk in fours, and an extra' leaf after 1635. 12o. 1, 4 leaves : A-I 2 in Kkk 4.

twelves. HERACLITUS.

The Temple The fifth Edition. Heraclitus Ridens : Or, A Discourse be

Printed by T. Buck, and R. Daniel, : tween Jest and Earnest, where many a

1638. 12o. 1, 4' leaves : A-I'2 in true Word is spoken in opposition to all

twelves. Libellers against the Government. Lon- The Temple . . . The sixth Edition ... don, Printed for the use of the People, Printed by Roger Daniel, . . . 1641. 12o. Tuesdaie, Feb. 1. 1681. [to August 22, 1, 4 leaves : A-I 2 in twelves. 1682.) Folio, 82 Numbers, each con

The Temple . . . The seventh Edition, sisting of a single leaf.

with an Alphabetical Table ... London, HERBAL.

Printed by T. R. for Philemon Stephens The great herball newly corrected. The

1656. 12°, 6 leaves : A-K 6 in contents of this boke. : . God saue the

twelves: the Synagogue, third edition, Kynge. Londini in edibus Thome Gyb

A-C in twelves. With a portrait. Anno M.D.XXXIX. Folio, black let- The Temple . . The Eighth Edition. ter, printed in two columns. 'Title and London, Printed by R. N. for Philemon Table, 4 leaves : A-Bb in fours ; Cc în Stephens . . . 1660. 12o. 6 leaves : sixes.

A-K 6 in twelves : the Synagogue, 4th The Lyttle herball. Licensed to John

edition, A-C in twelves. King (as well as the Great Herbal) in The Temple ... The Ninth Edition .. 1560-1.

London, Printed by J. M. for Philemon

Stephens . . . 1667. 12°. *, 6 leaves : HERBERT, EDWARD, Lord Herbert of A-K 6 in twelves : the Synagogue, A-C Cherbury

10 in twelves. The Life and Raigne of King Henry the Eighth. Written by the Right Honour

The Temple. The Eleventh Edition able Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury.

London, Printed by S. Roycroft, for London, Printed by E. G. for Thomas

R. S. ... 1674. 12°, A-K 6 in twelves: Whittaker ... 1649. Folio. With a por

Synagogue, A-C in twelves : Life of trait of the King. A, 4 leaves : a leaf

Herbert, A-C 4 in twelves.

With a with verses, &c., by J. Howell: B_Cccc in portrait. fours : Dadd, 5 leaves.

The Temple . . . The Twelfth Edition

Corrected, London, Printed by J. The Life and Reign of King Henry the

Barber, for Jeffrey Wale, . . . 1703. 12°, Eighth London, Printed by And.

A-K in twelves : Synagogue and Life, Clark, for J. Martyn, MDCLXXII.

A-F 6 in twelves.
Folio. Title, I leaf : A, 2 leaves : B-4
O in fours. With a portrait.

The Temple ... The Thirteenth Edition

London : Printed for John Wyat, The Life and Reign of King Henry the 1709. 12°, A-K in twelves : SynaEighth , London : MDCLXXXIII.


and Life, A–F 6 in twelves. Folio. Title and portrait, 2 leaves : A,

A Priest to the Temple. . . . The second 2 leaves : B-04 in fours, last leaf

Edition, with a new Preface, by B. 0. blank.

London, Printed by T. Roycroft for Benj. De Religione Gentilivm, errorumque apud Tooke, . . 167}. 8o. X, 8 leaves : å, eos causis. Authore Edoardo Barone

8 leaves : B-0'in eights, A i with InHerbert de Cherbury, & Castri Insulæ primatur, and 0 8 blank. de Kerry in Hibernia, & a Sacris Belli The concluding portion is occupied by an Consiliis Regibus Optimis Jacobo & Ca- account of the life of Herbert by Barnabas rolo. Amstelodami, . . . MDCLXIII. 4o,

Oley. A-Gg in fours, besides title and preface, A Priest to the Temple ... The Third 2 leaves.

Impression. London, Printed by T. R.





for Benj. Tooke, ... 1675. 12o. A, 12 Iacob Blome . . . 1638. Folio, A-Bbb leaves : a, 8 leaves : B-L in twelves. in fours, and the frontispiece.

The second edition, revised and enlarged HERBERT, THOMAS.

by the author. Newes Newly Discovered, In a pleasant Dialogue betwixt Papa the false Pope, HERBERT, WILLIAM. and Benedict an honest Fryer, shewing

A booke called La Mallette de David, &c. the merry conceits which the Friers have in French by William Herbert. Licensed in their Cloysters amongst handsome

to N. Bourne, 2 March, 1634-5. Nuns, and how the Pope complains for Herberts Beleefe and Confession of Faith: want of that pastime, with the merry Made in CLX Articles. For Th' Inshifts of his friends in England. By struction of His Wife & Children. LonThomas Herbert. Printed for I. Wright. don, Printed by Jo. Dewer & Robert 1641. 8°, 8 leaves. In prose. M. B. Ibbitson. MDCXLVI. 12°, A-C 6 in Mercvries Message, Or The coppy of a

twelves, A 1 with the Premonition. In Letter sent to William Laud late Arch

prose. With a dedication “ To my most bishop of Canterbvry, now prisoner in the

Deare and New-Borne Babe Benjamin Tower. (Three Quotations.] Printed in

Herbert," from Pointington, 2. of March, the of our Prelates feare. 1641. 4",

and the 13. day of thy Life.' 1644. B. M. yeare, 4 leaves. In verse.

With the common Herberts Beleefe and Confession of Faith woodcut head of Laud on the title,

The second Edition, London An Elegie vpon the Death of Thomas Earle

Printed by Francis Leach, ... 1648. 8o, of Strafford, Lord Lievtenant of Ireland.

A–F in eights, A l with imprimatur and Who was beheaded upon Tower-Hill, the

F 8 blank. B. M, 12 of May, 1641. By Thomas Herbert. Herberts Child-bearing Woman From the

Take an example from Lord Wentworth all, Conception to the Weaning of the Child. Lest by high climbing you do chance to fall. Made in a Devotion Containing above Printed Anno Dom. 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. CLX. Meditations, Prayers & Songs :

For the use of Mrs. Frances Herbert. An Elegie on Thomas Earle of Strafford, Who was beheaded on Tower-hill, May

Now publisht for the good of all the wise

and pious women of England, Scotland, 12. 1641. A sheet, surmounted by a

Wales. London, Printed by R. A. & J. woodcut portrait, and the title enclosed

M. and are to be sold by John Hancock, in an ornamental border.

... and by Humphrey Tuckey ... 1648. HERBERT, SIR THOMAS.

8°, A-I 4 in eights, , 1 blank. B. M.; A Relation of Some Yeares Travaile, Be- Herbert's French and English Dialogues. gynne Anno 1626. Into Afrique and the

In a more Exact and Delightful Method greater Asia, especially the Territories of

then any yet Extant. London, Printed the Persian Monarchie : and some parts by D. Maxwell for T. Davis, & T. Sadof the Orientall Indies, and Iles adiacent. ler at the Sign of the Bible, over against Of their Religion, Language, Habit, Dis- the little North-Door of St. Pauls Church. cent, Ceremonies, and other matters con

1660. 8°, AA-QQ in eights. Douce cerning them. Together with the pro- Coll. ceedings and death of the three late Ambassadours : Sir D. 0. Sir R. S. and the


A ballett intituled Hercules and his ende. Persian Nogdibeg: As also the two great

Licensed to W. Griffith in 1563–4. Monarchs, the King of Persia, and the Great Mogul. By T. H. Esquier. London, HEREFORDSHIRE. Printed by William Stansby, 1634. Folio. The tru Reporte of the newes in HeryfordEngraved title by Marshall preceded by a shyre. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1570-1. blank, 2 leaves : printed title, i leaf : The miraculous Judgement of God showen dedication to Philip, Earl of Pembroke in Herefordshire, where a mightie barne and Montgomery; 2 leaves: verses, 1 leaf: filled with Corne was consumed with fire B-Hh in fours, the last leaf with colo

begynninge last Christmas Eaue, and phon. With cuts on the letterpress. Duringe Fyftene Dayes after. Licensed at the end of this book of Travels into

to Cuthbert Burby, 21 Feb. 1594–5. the East occurs : A Discourse and proofe that Madoc ap Owen Gwynedd first found

A ballad of the same. Licensed to the out that Continent now callid America." same on the same day. Some Yeares Travels ... by Tho: Her- A newe ballad of the late commotion in bert Esq. London Printed by R, Bi, for Herefordshire occasioned by the Death of

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