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Imprinted at London in Fleetestreat be- [? 1768.] 12°, A-G in twelves, besides
neath the Conduyt at the sygne of S. à frontispiece in two compartments.
John Euangelist, by Thomas Colwell. The date in this copy has been tampered
Anno Domini 1574. 4°, black letter, 52

with. leaves. Br. Museum (Corser's copy). JESUIT. JERICHO.

A gentle Jyrke for the JesuitLicensed A ballad of the spies yt went to Hierico.

to R. Jones, 13 Feb. 1580-1. A ballad. Licensed to R. Jones, 16 April, 1578. The Arrainment of the Whole Societie of JERSEY.

Iesuits in France, holden in the honour

able Court of Parliament... At London A ballad of iij women burnt in Jarsey and of the burninge of a child yssuinge

Printed by Charles Yetsweirt Esq. 1594. from one of them as she was burninge.

Cvm Privilegio. 4°, A-H in fours.

Black letter. H. Pyne, Esq. Licensed to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586.

The Jesuites Commedie. Acted at Lyons JERUSALEM.

in Fraunce the 7. and 8. of August 1607. A newe ballad of the destruccon of Jeru

Licensed to Edward Allde and Arthur salem. Licensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. Johnson, 14th October, 1607. 1586.

A ballad of the Jesuites Commedie or A Briefe Description of Hierasulem and

newes from Lyons. Licensed to John of the Suburbs therof, as it Aorished in

Trundle, 19 October, 1607. the time of Christ. Wherto is annexed

A ballad of Gods wrath shewed at Lyons a short Commentarie concerning those

in Fraunce vppon a College of Jesuytes places which were made famous by the Passion of Christ, and by the Actes of

in A stage play, to the Tune of Essex

good night." Licensed to Thomas Pavier, holye men, confirmed by certeine princi

23 October, 1607. pali Histories of Antiquity. . . . Hereunto also is appertaining a lively and

A Report of the play at Lyons by the beawtifull mappe of Hierasulem, with

Jesuites Certified by a French factor to Arithmeticall directions ... Translated

his master in England. Licensed to out of Latin into English by Thomas

John Busby, 26 October, 1607. Tymme Minister. London, Printed by A bloody tragedye or Romishe masque Peter Short for Thomas Wight. 1595. Acted by fyve Jesuytes and 16 younge 49. 1, 4 leaves : A-Q in fours, Q 3-4 Germayne froes translated out of Dutche. blank. Dedicated to Sir John Puckering. Licensed to John Trundell, 7 November, With verses by Thomas Newton.

1607. JEST.

The Iesuites Downefall, Threatned against A mery ieste made of the alphabett. A them by the Secvlar Priests for their ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1565-6. wicked liues, accursed manners, HeretiA pretie newe Jeste to make you laughe

call doctrines, and more then Machiaat. Licensed to John Allde, 20 Aug.

villian Policie. Together with the life 1578.

of Father Parsons an English Iesvite, A merie Jest of John Tomson and Jaka

At Oxforde, Printed by Ioseph Barnes...

1612. 4o. 4 leaves: **, 2 leaves : man his wife. A ballad. Licensed to Yarath James, 1 Aug. 1586.

A-E in fours. Dedicated by T. James

to the Judges and Justices of Oxfordshire. A mery iest of a puddinge, &c. Licensed to W. Wright, 20 November, 1587.

A booke called A Discouery of the Jesuits

in their most secret and intimate Consul. A merye newe ieste of a wife that threst

tations. Licensed to William Jaggard, 8 her husband with a Flealle. Licensed

March, 1618–19. to T. Scarlet, 15 Aug. 1590.

The Plots of Jesuites : viz. of Robert JESTER.

Parsons an Englishman, Adam Coutzen The Universal Jester : Or, A Compleat a Moguntine, Tho. Campanella, a SpanBook of Jests. Containing a pleasant iard, &c. How to bring England to variety of English Jests, Irish Jests, Ox- the Romane Religion without Tumult. ford Jests, Cambridge Jests, Coffee-House Translated out of the Originall Copies. Jests. To which is added, Hell in an Printed for Mich. Spark at the Blue Uproar . . . London: Printed and Sold Bible in Green Arbor, London, 1653. by Vavasour Harris, at the Golden-Boars 4°, A-B in fours, including a frontisHead in Grace Church Street. 1668 piece.

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The Jesuits Morals. Collected by a The Jesuits New Discoveries. A sheet.
Doctor of the Colledge of Sorbon in [Circa 1688.]
Paris. Who hath faithfully extracted

Religions Reliques. Or, the Sale at the them out of the Jesuits own Books, which

Savoy, upon the Jesuits Breaking up are printed by the permission and appro- their School and Chappel. A sheet in bation of the Superiours of their Society, verse and in two columns. [1688.] Written in French, and exactly Translated into English.

London, Printed for JESUS CHRIST. John Starkey,

MDCLXX. Folio.

Hic Incipit Tractatus qui Intitulatur Title and following leaf : A, 4 leaves :

Infancia saluatoris. (W. Caxton, circů a-b in fours: *, 2 leaves: c, i leaf : A

1475.] 4°, 18 leaves. Without signa- 3 C in fours.

tures, &c. Univ. Lib. Göttingen. The translator appears to have been Dr.

A ballett intituled Of Christe our faythTongue.

full Dere. Licensed to W. Griffith in

1564. The King - Killing Doctrine of the Jesuites: Delivered in a Plain and Sin- A complaynte of the wecked enymes of cere Discourse To the French King Con- Christe, shewynge ye very Cause and cerning the Re-establishment of the Remedy of the Dearth. A ballad. LiJesuites in his Dominions. Written in censed to W. Pickering, 4 Sept. 1564. French by a Learned Roman Catholick The maryage of Jhesu Christe and the and now translated into English, and

sowle of man. A ballad. Licensed to humbly recommended to the Considera- W. Pickering, 1565–6. tion of both Houses of Parliament. Lon

The byrth of Christe. A ballad. Lidon : Printed for W. Crooke, and T. censed to R. Jones in 1569–70. Dring, neer Temple-bar. 1679. 4°, B

The viij blessynges of Christe taken out L in fours, L 4 blank, besides the title

of yo v chapter of saynct Mathewes gosand dedication.

pell. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell Jesuitical Aphorismes ; Or, A Summary in 1569–70. Account of the Doctrine of the Jesuites, A newe ballad of the end of the world and some other Popish Doctors : By and of the signes and tokens afore the which true Christianity is corrupted, the second comminge of Christ taken out of publick Peace troubled, ... Extracted holie Scripture. Licensed to John Charlout of the Writings, Sentences, and pub- wood, 11 Sept. 1578. lick Acts of the Jesuites, and other Popish

A ballat of many miracles donne by our Doctors. Englished by Ezerel Tonge, saviour Jhesus Christ while he remained D.D. who first discovered the horrid

on the earthe perfect man sune [sin] Popish Plot_to_ His Majesty. London, only excepted. Licensed to John CharlPrinted by R. E. for John Starkey

wood, 11 Sept. 1578. 1679. 4°, B-E in fours, and the

A Christian conference betwene Christ title.

and a synner. A ballad. Licensed to The Jesuits Intrigues : ... The Second T. Nelson, 7 Nov. 1586. Edition. London, Printed for Ric. Chis

Certain Devovt and Godly Petitions well . . . MDCLXXIX. 4°, A, 3 leaves : commonly called, lesus Psalter. Cum a, 3 leaves: B-I in fours, I 4 blank.

Priuilegio. No place, &c. 8°, A-G in The Jesuites Firing-Plot Revived : Or,

fours. Lambeth. A Warning to House-Keepers. Being Several Arguments against Bowing at the Full and true Relation how Eliza- the Name of Jesus. By a Learned beth Owen, on the gth of this Instant Author. Printed in the Year 1660. 4°, November, set fire to the House of one A-C in fours. Mr. Cooper, living in Fleet-street between

JEVON, THOMAS. S. Dunstans Church and Fetter-lane-end:

The Devil of a Wife. Or A Comical she being a Servant in the said House.

Transformation. As it is Acted by their [Col.] London, Printed for L. Curtiss.

Majesties Servants at the Queens Theatre 1680. Folio, 2 leaves.

in Dorset Garden. Veni, Vidi, Vici. A Dialogue between two Jesuits, Father London, Printed, by J. Heptinstall, for Anthony and Father Ignativs, at Amster- J. Eaglesfield . . . MDCLXXXVI. 4°. A, dam, the one coming from England, and 4 leaves, title on A 2: (a), 2 leaves: B-H the other going thither. [1681.] A folio in fours. Dedicated to the author's leaf.

friends at Locket's ordinary.

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This tract is drawn up in the form of a The Wandering Jew. A ballad. Licensed discourse by one of a party of adventurers to John Marriott and John Grismand, 9

returned from Virginia, and assembled to

gether in London. October, 1620. The Wandering Jew; or, the Shoemaker JOCELINE, NATH. of Jerusalem who lived when our Saviour

Parliament Physick for a Sin-Sick Jesus Christ was Crucified, and by him

Nation. Or, An Ordinance of Parliaappointed to wander till his coming

ment explained, and applyed to these again. Printed and Sold in Aldermary

diseased times. Containing A CatholiChurch Yard. A ballad, with a cut.

call Medicine for all Natures and Nations, Ouvry Cat., No. 105.

but especially, a Generall Receipt for all

the sickly people in our English-HospiJEWELL, JOHN, Bishop of Salisbury. tall, and Welch Spittle, compounded The Apologie of the Church of England. after the art of the Apothecary. By With a briefe and plaine declaration of Philo-Parl. London, Printed for E. the true Religion professed in the same. Blackmore .. M.DC XLIV. 4°, A-R in Published by the most reuerend Father

fours, and a leaf of S. With two dedicain God, Iohn Iuell, Bishop of Sarisbury. tions, the second to the Lady Dudley, and [Quot.] At London, Printed by I. R. for

her daughter the Lady Hobart, being Thomas Chard. 1600. 12°, A-P 6 in

subscribed with the name of Nathaniel twelves, A i blank.

Joceline in full. JEWELS.

JOHANNES DE SACROBOSCO, A Proclamation prohibiting the wearing, buying, or selling of Counterfeit Jewels.

Sphaerae myndi compēdium foeliciter [18 April, 1635.] Imprinted at London

inchoat. [Col.] Impressum est Venetiis by Robert Barker, .;. 1635. Forster

per Magistrum Guillielmum de Tridino

de Monteferrato Anno Salutis. M.CCCC. Coll.

Lxxxi. die, xiiii. Ianuarii. 4°, A-F in JIG.

eights, the first leaf occupied by the enA merrie newe Jigge betwene Jenkin the graved frontispiece and the last by the collier and Nansie. Licensed to John

Register. Woodcuts. Charlwood, 14 Jan. 1591-2.

[Sphaera Mundi.] At the end : ImpresA ballad of Cuttinge George, and his hostis beinge a Jigge. Licensed to

sum hoc est opusculū mira arte & dili

gentia Ervordi Ratdvlt Augustensis 2 Thomas Gosson, 17 Feb. 1594-5.

Non. Julii. Anno Salutis. 1482. 4°, A pleasant Jigge betwene a tincker and a-b 4 in eights. Woodcuts. a Clowne. Licensed to E. White, 4 Feb. There is no titlepage, the first leaf of a 1594-5.

being occupied only by a plate of a sphere Јов.

on one side. The story of Jobe the faythfull servaunte Sphaerae Myndi Cõpendiū ... [Col.] of God. A ballad. Licensed to G. King- Prid. die calen. Aprilis. Anno Salutis. ston in 1564-5.

M.CCCC.Lxxxviii. completū est. venetiis. This was entered the same year to W.

4o. A, 10 leaves: B, 8 leaves : BB, 12 Pickering.

leaves : C, 8 leaves : D, 9 leaves : E-F, Threnothriam bos. Sive Liber Job Græco 8 leaves each : F, 6 leaves, F 6 with the carmine redditus per J[acobum] D[upor- colophon. Woodcuts. tum] Cantabrigiensem. S. T. B.

Sphaera Mvndi. Sphaerae mundi com. Cantabrigiæ, . . . 1653. 8o. 1,8 leaves:

pendium fæliciter inchoat. [Col.) ImA-N in eights, besides a frontispiece.

pressum est venetiis ... Anno Salutis Greek and Latin.

M.CCCC.LXXXX. quarto nonas Octobris. JOBSON, RICHARD.

4', a-f in eights, a with the engraved Nova Britannia. Offering most Excel- frontispiece and f 8 with the Registrum. lent fruites by Planting in Virginia. Woodcuts. Exciting all such as be well affected to JOHN CARELESS. further the same. London Printed for

A ballad of John Careles, &c. Licensed Samvel Macham, and are to be sold at

to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586. his Shop in Pauls Church-yard, at the Signe of the Bull-head. 1609. 40, A- JOHN OF CONACE. E in fours, first and last leaves blank. A ballad called the storye of John of Black letter. Dedicated to Sir Thomas Conace. Licensed to George Eld, 18 Smith.

Dec. 1612.

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JOHN, Curate of Colignac.

Champions of Christendome. . . LonA Sermon Preached_by Fryer John, don, Printed by William Stansby. (ii.) Curate of Colignac in France. Upon the The Famoys Historie of the Seauen Feast of Epiphanie, commonly called Champions of Christendome. The second Twelfth-Day. London, Printed in the Part. London, Printed by William Year M.DC.LXXX. 4°, 4 leaves.

Stansby. [Circa 1620.] 4o. Part 1, AJOHNS, W.

Ee in fours : Part 2, A-Cc in fours, first The Traitor to Himself, Or Mans Heart

and last leaves blank.

At the end of the first part, the compiler his greatest Enemy. A Moral Interlude in Heroic Verse. Representing

says: Thus fare you wel, from my house

at London, the two and twenty day of May. Careless

1616. Finis. R. I.” Hardned the Returning Heart.

The Famous History of the Seven ChamDespairing

pions of Christendom.... London, Printed Renewed

by R. W. for T. Basset, J. Wright, and With Intermaskes of Interpretation at the

R. Chiswel. 1675. 4o. In two parts. close of each several Act. As it was Acted

Black letter. Part 1, A-Aa in fours : by the Boys of a Publick School at a

Part 2, A-Y in fours. Breaking up, And Published as it may be

The Garland of loue and good will, by useful, on like occasion. Oxford, Printed

Richard Johnson. Licensed to Cuthbert by L. L. and are to be sold by Edward Wright, 15 May, 1621. Forrest, Booksellour, in Oxford, and Hugh A booke Called, Johnsons hearb-John, Kent, Booksellour in Evesham, Anno by Richard Johnson. Licensed to Henry Dom. 1678. 4°, A-G 2 in fours, Gosson, 31 Jan. 1621-2. JOHNSON, FRANCIS, Franciscan, a JOHNSON, ROBERT. native of Norfolk.

Essaies, Or Rather Imperfect Offers. By A Narrative of the Proceedings and Tryal Rob. Iohnson Gent. Seene and allowed. of Mr. Francis Johnson a Franciscan, at London Printed by Iohn Windet, for Worcester, last Summer-Assizes, Anno Iohn Barnes: 1601. 8°, B-H in eights, Dom. 1679. Written with his own Hand and the title. B. M. as followeth. To which is annexed His JOHNSON, THOMAS. Speech at his Execution, August 22. 1679. A maniarye or hande Dyall, Contayninge Folio, A-D in twos.

an easie and brief meane to knowe the Mr. Johnson's Speech Which he deliver'd houre of the clock when the sunne shinto his Friend to be Printed (as he men- ethe by the hand without other instrutioned at the place of Execution.) No ment published by Thomas Johnson. place, &c. Folio, 4 leaves.

Licensed to John Danter, 12 April, 1593. JOHNSON, J., Master in Writing. Cornvcopiæ, Or diuers secrets : Wherein A new Coppie Booke of the vsuall Hands is contained the rare secrets in Man, of England. By J. Johnson. . . . Lon- Beasts, Foules, Fishes, Trees, Plantes, don Printed and sould by P. Stent at the Stones and such like, most pleasant and white Horse in Giltspur street, with- profitable, and not before committed to out New-Gate. 1667. Oblong 8°. En- bee printed in English. Newlie drawen graved title and frontispiece, 2 leaves : out of diuers Latine Authors into English A, 4 leaves : the plates of writing, 20 by Thomas Iohnson. At London, Printed leaves numbered.

for William Barley, and are to be solde at JOHNSON, JOHN, Professor of Divinity.

his shop at the vpper end of Gratious An confortable exhortacion : of oure

streete nere Leaden-Hall. 1595. 4°, black

letter, A-F in fours, A and F 4 blank, mooste holy christen faith / and her frutes

Br. Museum. writte (vnto the Christē bretherne in Scotlāde) after the poore worde of God. At JOHNSON, THOMAS, Botanist. Parishe. m.d.xxxv. [Col.] At Parishe Mercurius Botanicus. Sive Plantarum | by me Peter conseth A.M.D.xxxv. xx. gratiâ suscepti Itineris, Anno M.DC.xxxiv. Januarij. 8°, A-F in eights, C omitted. Descriptio. Cum Earum nominibus LaBr, Museum (the Ickworth copy).

tinis, & Anglicis, &c. Huic accessit de On the last page is a woodcut portrait, Thermis Bathonicis Tractatus. (Per Thoperhaps intended for the author.

mam Johnsonum.] Londini, Excudebat JOHNSON, RICHARD.

Thom. Cotes. M.DC.XXXIV. 8. A, 4 The Famovs Historie of the Seauen leaves : B-H 4 in eights, H 4 blank :

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Pars Altera Mercurii, dated 1641, I, 4 opened / that the reader can be stopped leaves : K-M 4 in eights, M 4 blank. out with no sotilte or false doctrines of

Dedicated by Johnson under the nom man / from the true sense and vnderde plume of Socius Itinerans to Dr. Theo.

stondynge therof. [Printed abroad, circa dore Mayerne, Dr. Lister, &c. The copy

1530.] 8°, black letter, A-C in eights. here used (Sotheby's, Aug. 29, 1877, No. 252) appears to have belonged to the author;

Br. Museum (the Ickworth copy). it had MSS. notes and matter added in a Jonas. A ballad. Licensed to W, Grif. coeval hand.

fith in 1562-3. JOHNSON, SAMUEL, Nonconformist.

The myssedeades of Jonas. A ballad. An Argument Proving, That the Abroga- Licensed to John Arnold in 1569–70. tion of King James by the People of England from the Regal Throne, and the JONES, D. Promotion of the Prince of Orange, one

The Secret History of White-Hall, From of the Royal Family, to the Throne of the

the Restoration of Charles II. Down to Kingdom in his stead, was according to

the Abdication of the late K. James. the Constitution of the English Govern

Writ at the Request of a Noble Lord, ... ment, and Prescribed by it. In Opposi- London, Printed ... MDCXCVII. 8°, 6 G tion to all the false and treacherous

in eights. Hypotheses, of Usurpation, Conquest, JONES, HENRY. Desertion, and of taking the Powers that

A Remonstrance of Divers Remarkeable are upon Content. By Samvel Johnson.

Passages, concerning the Church and London, Printed for the Author ..

Kingdome of Ireland, Recommended By 1692. 4°. A-E in fours : F-1, 2 leaves

Letters from the Right Honourable the each : K, 4 leaves, K 4 with a list of

Lords Justices, and Counsell of Ireland, Johnson's Works, 18 in number.

And Presented by Henry Jones Doctor JOHNSON, WILLIAM, Chemist.

in Divinity, and Agent for the Ministers Lexicon Chymicum. Cum Obscuriorum of the Gospel in that Kingdom, To the Verborum, Et Rerum Hermeticarum, Honourable House of Commons in EngTum Phrasium Paracelsicarum, In Scrip- land. London, Printed for Godfrey Emer. tis ejus : Et aliorum Chymicorum, son, and William Bladen, . . . 1642. 4°, Londini, Excudebat G. Ď. ... 1652. 89, A-L in fours, A l with the Imprimatur. A-R 6 in eights. Dedicated to Dr. A Remonstrance of the beginnings and Francis Prujean, President of the College proceedings of the Rebellion in the County of Physicians.

of Cavan, within the Province of Ulster JOHNSTON, ROBERT, Scoto-Britannus. in Ireland, from the 23. of October, 1641. Historia Rerum Britannicarum : Vt et untill the 15. of June, 1642. Whereof mvltarvm Gallicarum, Belgicarum, & Ger

hitherto nothing hath been reported. manicarum, tàm Politicarum, quàm Eccle- Whereunto is added, The Acts, and twenty siasticarum, ab Anno 1572, ad Annum nine Conclusions of that great and gene1628 : Amstelædami M.DC.LV. rall Congregation of Archbishops, Bishops, Folio, *, 2 leaves : A-C5 in fours.

and others, all of the Romish Clergy in The colophon gives Gouda as the place of Ireland, met in the City of Kilkenny in printing.

that Kingdom, on the 10. 11. and 13. of The Historie of Scotland, During the May 1642. Concerning the present State Minority of King Iames. Written in of the Warre in Ireland, and for the Latine by Robert Johnston, Done into ordering of matters appertaining to the English by T. M. London, Printed by same, both there, and by Negotiation W. Wilson, for Abel Roper, . . . 1646. with forraign Princes. Written, set forth, 12o. A, 6 leaves : B-H in twelves, H 12 and presented to the most Honourable blank, and H 11 with Imprimatur. the Houses of Parliament, By Henry JONAS, THE PROPHET.

Iones, D.D. There is also added a Letter The prophete Jonas / with an introducció

written from Dublin, August 4. 1642. before teachinge to vnderstöde him and Containing some late and very remarkthe right Vse also of all the scripture /

able passages in Ireland. August 11. and why it was written / and what is

London, Printed for Godfrey Emerson. therin to be sought | and shewenge where

1642. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-F in fours. with the scripture is looked ypõ that he JONES, JOHN, M.D. which readeth it / can not vnderstöde it / A Dial for all Agves, Conteininge the though he studie therin neuer so moch: names in Greeke, Latten, and Englyshe, and agayne with what keyes it is so with the diuersities of them, Symple and

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