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dication by W. Dewy to the Dean and 1686. 40, A-H in fours, a leaf of I, and,
Canons of Christ Church, Oxford, 2 leaves: between Á and B, 2 leaves of b. Dedi-
a, b, 2 leaves each : B—Xx in fours, Xx cated to George, Earl of Dartmouth.
4 blank. With plates, all on the letter-

JUXON, JOHN, AND COWTON, press, except at pp. 46, 73, 116. The Per

THOMAS. sius has a separate title.

A ballat of the strange childe in Italie Juvenalis Redivivus, Or The First Satyr

and an epitaphe vpon the deathe of Marof Juvenal taught to speak plain English. maduke Lacye esquyr Justyce of the A Poem. . . . Printed in the Year 1683,

peace within the Est Rydinge of the and are to be sold by most Booksellers. Countie of York who died the xiiij' of 4°, A-F 2 in fours.

December 1578: the ballat made by Jhon A Modern Essay on the Thirteenth Satyr | Juxon and thepitaphe by Thomas Cowof Juvenal. By Henry Higden. ton. Licensed to Henry Kyrkham, 7 Feb. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1578-9.


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K. P.

lye Imprinted at the request of mistres The Scholar's Instructor, In a Familiar Élizabeth Rous, and is intytuled The Way of Speaking. Whereby the Young sweete songe of a synner. 1587. Licensed Beginner may speedily attain the Know- to John Charlwood, 18 Aug. 1587. ledge of the English, Latin and Greek

KEACH, BENJAMIN. Tongues : Gathered for the Use and Delight of Masters and Scholars :... Lon

The Grand Impostor Discovered : Or, don : Printed for George Conyers.

The Quakers Doctrine weighed in the

Ballance, and found wanting. A Poem, Price 1/. [Circa 1720.] 8°, A-K in half sheets or fours.

By way of Dialogue : wherein their Chief,

and most Concerning Principles are laid KATE, CURST.

down, and by the Authority of Gods Holy A ballad intituled. The coolinge of curst

Word clearly Refuted. By B. K. . Kate. Licensed to T. Gosson and Joseph London, Printed for B. Harris at the Hunt, 16 Oct. 1594.

Stationers Arms in Sweetings Rents by KATHERINE [PARR], Queen of Eng- the Royal Exchange. M.DC.LXXV. 8o. A, land.

4 leaves: B-V in eights. The Lamentatio of a Sinner made by the Sion in Distress : ... London : Printed, most vertuous Lady Queen Katherin, be- and are to be Sold by most Booksellers. wailing the ignorance of her blinde life 1692. 12°, A–F 10 in twelves. With a first set foorth & put in Print at the frontispiece. instaunt desire of the right gratious Lady

The Progress of Sin ; Or, The Travels of Katherin Duches of Suffolke, and the

Ungodliness. .. The Third Edition, ernest request_of the right honorable

Corrected. With some Additions by the Lord William Parre, Marquesse of Nor

Author. London, Printed for Nicholas thamton. And now againe newly Im

Boddington 1700. 12°, A-I 6 in printed 1563. [Col.] Imprinted at Lon

twelves, A 4 apparently blank. [d]on at the long Shopp adioining vnto S. Mildreds Churche in the Pultrie by

Believers Baptism : Or, Love to the AnJohn Alde. 1563. 89, black letter. Title

tient Britains Displayed. Wherein, the and preface by William Cecil, 7 leaves : Chief Arguments for Infant Baptism, A-H 4 in eights, H 4 with the colophon.

are collected, By Benjamin Keach.

London : Printed for John Marshall, ... Praiers or meditacons collected out of cer

1705. 8o. ten holie workes by the moste vertuous Pryncesse Katheryne Parre Queene of KEEPE, HENRY, of the Inner Temple. England &c. Anno 1545, and nowe new- Monumenta Westmonasteriensia ; Or an




Historical Account of the Original, In- KELTON, ARTHUR. crease, and Present State of St. Peter's, A Chronycle with a Genealogie declaryng Or The Abby Church of Westminster. that the Brittons and Welshemen are

. . London, Printed for C. Wilkinson lineallye descended from Brute. Newly and T. Dring 1682. 8°, A-Aa and very wittely compyled in Meter. in eights. Dedicated to Henry, Earl of [Col.] Imprinted at London in the Arundel.

parishe of Christes Church within new KEITH, GEORGE.

gate by Richard Grafton, Prynter to our The Presbyterian and Independent Visi

soueraigne lorde Kyng Edward the VI.

1547. ble Churches in New England And else

Cum priuilegio. 8. a, 4

In where, Brought to the Test, and examined

leaves : be in eights : f, 11 leaves. according to the Doctrine of the holy |

7-line stanzas. Dedicated to the King. Scriptures,

Grenv. Coll. (the White Knights and By George Keith. Lon

Heber copy.) don : Printed for Thomas Northcott, 1691. 89, A-Pin eights, including a KENDALL, TIMOTHY. leaf of quotations before the title.

Flowers of Epigrams 1577.

On the 8th July, 1577, Isaac Kendall, KELLIE, SIR THOMAS.

son of William Kendall, of Northaston, Pallas Armata, Or, Militarie Instructions co. Oxon. bound himself apprentice to for the Learned : And all Generous Spi

John Shepherd, the publisher of the Epirits, who affect the Profession of Armes.

grams, &c., for eight years, beginning at The First Part, Containing the Exercise

Michaelmas, 1577. This was evidently a

relative of the poet. Shepherd was the of Infanterie, as well Ancient, as Moderne: son of Richard Shepherd of Gresby, co. Wherein are Clearely set downe all the Oxon. Postures and, Motions, belonging to Bat- KENNEDY, QUINTIN. talions of Foote. Printed at Edinburgh, by the Heires of Andro Hart. 1627. 4o.

Ane compendius Tractiue conforme to Title, 1 leaf : dedication to John Earl of

the Scripturis of almychtie God, ressoun,

and authoritie, declaring the nerrest, and Rothes, 2 leaves : prefaces, 5 leaves :

onlie way, to establische the conscience verses by W. Drummond, &c., 2 leaves :

of ane christiane man, in all materis the work, A-Q in fours, a leaf of R, and

(quhilks ar in debate) concernyng faith a large folded leaf in D. B. M.

and religioun. Set fyrth be Maister KELLISON, MATTHEW.

Qvintine Kennedy, commendator of the A Svrvey of the New Religion, Detecting abbay off Crosraguell, and dedicat to his many Grosse Absvrdities which it im- derrest, and best beluiffit Nepuo, Gilbert plieth. Set forth by Matthew Kelli- maister of Cassillis. In the Zeir of God, son, Doctor and Professor of Diuinitie. Ane thousand fyue houndreth fifty aucht Divided into eight bookes. Newly aug- Zeris. [Saint Andrews, 1558.] 4°, black mented by the Author. ... Printed at

letter. "A, 4 leaves: B-G in eights: H, Doway by Lavrence Kellam,

6 leaves. 4o. —ŭ in fours : *, 4 leaves : 2 KENNET, THE RIVER. leaves : A-Eeee 3 in fours. Dedicated Answers to the (pretended) Reasons, to James I.

Humbly Offer'd for making the River KEMPE, W., Actor.

Kennet a Free River. [About 1700.] A

sheet. A plesant newe Jigge of the broomeman. [By W. Kempe.] Licensed to Thomas KENNETT, WHITE, Bishop of PeterCreede, 16 Jan. 1594-5.

borough. A ballad called Kemps newe Jigge be

Parochial Antiquities Attempted in the twixt a souldiour and a Miser and Sym

History of Ambrosden, Burcester, and the clown. Licensed to Thomas Gosson,

other Adjacent Parts in the Counties of 21 Oct. 1595.

Oxford and Bucks. By White Kennett

vicar of Ambrosden ... Oxford, Printed KELLO, JOHN.

at the Theater, M.DC.XCV. 4o. Title and The Confessiovn of Maister Iohn Kello

dedication to Sir William Glynne, 4 Minister of Spot, togidder with his ernist leaves : b, 4 leaves : A-5 0 in fours. Repentance niaid vpon the Scaffald befoir

With plates at pp. 22, 50, 54, 430, 508, his suffering, the fourt day of October.

558, 638, and 682 (2). 1570. Imprintit at Edinburgh be Robert

Reprinted with all the plates, and with Lekpreuik. Anno Do. 1570. 89, 8 leaves. corrections from the author's own copy, D. Laing, 1879, No. 1772.

Oxford, 1818, 2 vols, 4o.







Synods holden at London, Anno Domini A[n] almanack and pronostication of 1640. London: Printed by Robert Kennyngham. Licensed to John Day in Barker, . . . 1640. 4°, A-D in fours, 1557-8.

Al and D 4 blank.
Probably an error for Cunningham.

To the Honorable Hovses of Parliament KENT.

Now Assembled, The humble Petition of The Grantes, Ordinances and lawes of

many of the Inhabitants of his Majesties Romeney marshe. [Col.] Londini in

County of Kent. Printed in the Yeare, ædibus Thomæ Berth. typis impress. 1641. A sheet. Cum priuilegio Anno. M. D. XLIII. 8°, black letter, A-B in eights, B 8 with

To the Right Honourable the Lords and

Commons. The humble Petition of the colophon. Grenv. Coll.

many of the Gentry, Ministers, FreeholdThe Charter of Romney Marsh. Lon

ers, and other Inhabitants of the County don, Printed by Iohn Wolfe. 1597. 8°, A-E in eights.

of Kent, the Cities of Canterbury and

Rochester, and the County of Canterbury, The Charter of Romney Marsh. Lon- the Cinque ports and their Members, don, Printed by Tho. Cotes, for John

and other Corporations within the said Parker, 1647. 8°, A–F 4 in eights, County. London printed for Edward Al and F 4 blank.

Blackmore at the Angel in Pauls ChurchThe Charter of Romney-Marsh ... Lon- yard. [1641?] A sheet. don, Printed by S. R. for Samuel Keble To the Right Honourable the House of

.. 1686. 8o, A-F in eights, A 1 with Peers assembled in Parliament. The Imprimatur and F 8 blank.

humble Petition of the Knights, GentleA lamentable reporte of a greate tem

men, Ministers, Freeholders, and other peste of haile, that fell in Kent the 19

Inhabitants of the County of Kent. [8 of June 1590. Licensed to the Widow

Feb. 1841-2.] A sheet. Butter, 9 July, 1590.

The Hvmble Petition of the Commons of A ballad intituled The poore widowe of Kent ... the first of August, 1642 . Copthall in Kent and her Seaven children Printed at Yorke, and reprinted at Oxhow wonderfullie the Lord fed them in

ford by His Majesties speciall command. their wante. Licensed to Thomas Mil.

Anno Dom. 1642. 4°, A-B in fours. lington, 31 Oct. 1594.

The Humble Petition of the Commons of An order for publike Prayers to be vsed Kent, Agreed upon at their Generall Ason Wednesdayes and Fridayes in euery sizes, Presented to His Maiestie the First Parish Church within the Prouince of

of August. 1642. With certaine InstrucCanterburie, conuenient for this present tions from the County of Kent to Mr. time. Set forth by authoritie. Imprinted Augustine Skinner, ... With His Maiesat London by Christopher Barker, ties Answer ... First printed at Yorke, 40, A-F in fours. Lambeth,

and now reprinted at London for William Articles to bee enquired of by the Church. Smith, 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. wardens and Sidemen of euery Parish The Petition of the Gentry, Ministers, within the Archdeaconrye of Canterbury, and Commonalty of the County of Kent. whereunto by vertue of their oathes they Agreed upon at the Generall Åssizes last are to make answere seuerally to euery holden for that County. . . . London, Article. Printed at London by Thomas Printed. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Este. 49, black letter, A-C in fours.

A Gloriovs Victorie obtained by Sir The Just Judgement of God vppon William Waller and Sir William Bal. Cicelie Norrington who vnnaturally mur

foure, against the Lord Hoptons Forces, thered her owne children. Executed at

neere Alsford, on Fryday last March 29. Sandwiche, 20 Julij 1605. Licensed to

With the names of the severall John Wright, 12 August, 1605.

Commanders . . . With a true Coppie Strange newes out of Kente of a mon- of the thanksgiving for the same strous child borne in old Sandwiche vpon April 1. Printed for Thomas Bates Sunday the 30th of July 1609. Licensed 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. to William Barley, 26 August, 1609. The humble Petition And Resolution of A Grant of the Benevolence Or Contri- the Covntie of Kent: Presented and Read bution to His most Excellent Majestie, to the Right Honourable the Lords asby the Clergie of the Province of Canter- sembled in Parliament, August 30, 1642. burie. In the Convocation of Sacred With the Answer of the Lords thereunto

[blocks in formation]

annexed. September 1, Printed for John Wright. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. A Petition and Protestation of the County of Kent: Presented the 30th of August, 1642. to the Honorable Houses of Parliament by Sir John Sidley Knight, with many thousands of hands thereuntó.. Together with Sir John Sidleys Speech upon the presenting of the said Petition. Also, the Answer of the House of Commons to the said Petition delivered by their Speaker. London, Printed by Luke Norton and John Field for E. Husbands and J. Franck, ... September 1. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. A True and perfect Relation of the seizing the House of one Master William Barnes a Cavalier, and apprehending him neer Wollage in Kent, by Captaine Willoughby and his Company of Volunteers, and of the finding of a Trunk of Plate valued at a thousand pounds, a Trunk of Books, . . . Also the manner of their dressing of one of their Souldiers in the priests garments, which they found with a Book in his hand of popish prayers . London, Printed for T. S. September 2, 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. A True and Exact Relation of the whole proceedings of the Parliaments Forces, that went out under the command of Colonel Brown with Colonell Manwerings Forces into Kent, To appease the tumult raised there by the Malignants and illaffected to the Parliament. Wherein is a true Relation of the taking of the Towne of Tunbridge, Printed by R. Austin and A. Coe. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. The Kentish Conspiracy: Or, An Order and Narration Declaring the late Plot for the Surprizing of Dover Castle: And the setting a foot of a Commission of Array in the County of Kent. Taken and extracted out of the Examination of the severall Conspirators. Published by Order of the Committee at Alesford, Ianua. 9. 1645. London, Printed by R. Cotes for Michael Spark, Junior. 1645. 4', A-B in fours, B 4 blank. A Relation of the Troubles of the three forraign Churches in Kent. Caused by the Injunctions of William Laud 1634 . . . Imprinted at London for Sam. Enderbie . . : 1645. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-H 2 in fours. Bloody Newes from Dover. Being a True Relation of the great and bloudy Murder, committed by Mary Champion (an Anabaptist) who cut off her childs

head, being 7 weekes old, and held it to her husband to baptize. Also another great murder committed in the North, by a Scottish Commander, for which Fact he was executed. Printed in the Yeare of Discovery, Feb. 13. 1647. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. The Manifest of the County of Kent. [1648.] A sheet. The Lawyers Clarke Trappan'd by the Crafty Whore of Canterbury.

Or, A True Relation of the whole Life of Mary Mauders, the Daughter of Thomas Mauders, a Fidler in Canterbury. With her strange and unparalleld Pranks, witty Exploits, and unheard of Stratagems, touching her being a Wife for a Week, and a Lady of Pleasure. London, Printed for J. Johnson. 1663. 4°, 4 leaves. A True Relation Or Accompt of the whole Procedure between the Corporation of Canterbury, and Mr. John Somner, concerning the New-Market-House there. [Quot. from Seneca, Nihil charius ...] London, Printed. 1666. 4o. Title and preface, 3 leaves : B-C in fours. A True Discovery of Mr. Edmund Halley of London Merchant who was found Barbarously Murthered at Temple - Farm, near Rochester, in Kent. London Printed by E. Mallet, 1684. A folio leaf. The Kentish Sampson ; Or, A Brief Account of the Strong man William Joyce, his wonderful Exploits set forth in Three Parts. Licensed according to Order. Printed for B. Deacon at the Angel in Guilt-spur Street, [14 Nov. 1699.) 80, 4 leaves. In verse.

Woodcut on title. The Gravesend Tilt - Boat. London, Printed in the Year, 1699. 8o. A in eights and B-E in fours. Chiefly in prose.

A collection of tales. The History of the Kentish Petition, Answer'd Paragraph by Paragraph : Wherein the Anti-Parliamentary Faction are Discover'd; Their Ill Design Detected ; And their Abuses offer'd to the Publick are Exposed ; For the General Satisfaction of all true Lovers of their Country. London : Printed in the Year MDCCI. 4°, A-0, 2 leaves each. Jura Populi Anglicani : Or The Subjects Right of Petitioning set forth. Occasioned by the Case of the Kentish Petitioners. With a List of the Members of the present Parliament who refused the Voluntary Association, Answer'd

[blocks in formation]

Paragraph by Paragraph, London, Immodicis brevis est cetas & rara Senectus. Printed in the Year 1701. 8°, A-P in

Mart. 1. 6, Ep. 29. fours.

.. London: Printed for Samuel Lowndes Reasons Humbly offered to the Honour

.. 1686. 4o. Title, 1 leaf : [a][b], 4 able the House of Commons, Against the

leaves each: [c], 1 leaf : B-02 in fours. Clause for Exempting Fishermen within

With a portrait engraved by Beckett from the Vice-Admiralty of Kent being Regis

a painting by the author. tered by the Company. And also an

Prefixed to the copy here used is an elegy

in MS. by E. E., dated October 29, 1688, on Answer to an Objection made by the

the death of Mrs. Killigrew, who was reFishmongers, against the passing of the lated to the writer's wife. Fishermens Bill. A sheet. [Circa 1700.] The Substance of the Petition of Henry

KILLIGREW, HENRY. Farmer, Ralph Sheldon, Thomas Stoner, The Conspiracy A Tragedy, As it was John Weedon, Esqrs; and Winfird

intended for the Nuptialls, of the Lord Brooke Widow, Papists, praying to be

Charles Herbert, and the Lady Villers. heard by their Council against the Bill

Written by Mr. Henry Killigraew. Lonfor the Discovery of all Lands and Re

don, Printed by Iohn Norton, for Andrew venues given to Popish Superstitious

Crooke, 1638. 40, A-N in fours. Uses; and for applying the same to Pallantus and Eudora A Tragoedie. Greenwich Hospital. A sheet.

Written by Mr. Henry Killigrew. (Quot.]

London. Printed in the Year, 1653. KEYMIS, LAWRENCE. A Relation of the Second Voyage to

Folio. A-R, 2 leaves each, A 2 occupied Guiana. Performed and written in the

by a Preface. yeare 1596. By Lawrence Keymis, Gent. KILLIGREW, SIR WILLIAM. Imprinted at London by Thomas Daw- Three New Playes. . . . Written by the son, . . [1596.] 4', A-G in fours, Honourable Sir William Killigrew . but A repeated. Dedicated to Raleigh. London, Printed for Simon Neale. With commendatory poems by G. C. and MDCLXXIV. 8o. B-H, B-G, and B-G L. K. B. M.

in eights, and the titlepage.

A reissue of the edition of 1665, with the KIDDER, E.

separate titles cancelled. E. Kidder's Receipts of Pastry and Cookery, for the Use of his Scholars. Who KING, COLONEL EDWARD. teaches at his School in Queen Street near

To the Honourable the House of ComSi Thomas Apostles, on Mondays, Tues- mons, the humble Petition of Colonell days & Wednesdays, in the Afternoon. Edward King of the County of Lincoln Also on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays Esquire. [London, 20 May, 1646.] A in the Afternoon, at his School next to

sheet. B. M. Furnivalls Inn in Holborn. Ladies may KING, HENRY, Bishop of Chichester. be taught at their own Houses. (Circa 1700.) 8°, 50 engraved leaves, besides a

The Psalmes of David, from the New

Translation of the Bible turned into portrait.

Meter:... London, Printed by S. G. KILBURN.

and are to be sold by Humphrey Moseley, A pamphlet of the mother that murdered .. 1654. 8vo. With the same engraved hir children at Kylborne. Licensed to title. William Bartlett, 18 August, 1578.

This is a reissue of the copies of 1651 with

a new printed title and 6 leaves after p. 288 KILBURNE, RICHARD.

marked u, besides a new and enlarged leaf A Topographie Or Survey of the County of Errata. The copy here used has on a of Kent. With some Chronological, His

fiyleaf: “Cha Chappel Giuen him by the

Lady How." Lady Howe was the Bishop's torical, and other matters touching the

daughter. And the several Parishes and Places therein. By Richard Kilburne

A Sermon Preached at Pavls Crosse, The of Hawkherst, Esquire. Nascimur par

25. of November, 1621. Vpon occasion tim Patriæ. London, Printed by Thomas

of that false and scandalous Report (lately Mabb for Henry Atkinson,

Printed) touching the supposed Apostasie

1659. 4°, A-lii in fours, and a leaf of Kkk,

of the Right Reuerend Father in God, With a portrait of the author by T. Cross.

Iohn King, late Lord Bishop of London.

By Henry King, his eldest Sonne. WhereKILLIGREW, MRS. ANNE.

unto is annexed the Examination, and Poems By Mrs. Anne Killigrew,

Answere of Thomas Preston, P. taken

same :

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