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before my Lords Grace of Canterbury, touching this Scandall. Published by Authority. At London, Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, for William Barret. 1621. 40, A-M'in fours, first and last leaves blank. KINGSMYL, ANDREW, of All Souls

College, Oxford. A Most Excellent and comfortable Treatise, for all such as are any maner of way either troubled in mynde or afflicted in bodie. . . . Imprinted by the assignment of C. Barker, and are to be solde at the Blazing Starre at the East ende of Paules. 1585. 8°, A-G 3 in eights. KIRIE, SERJEANT-MAJOR. A Coppy of a Letter Writ from Serjeant Major Kirie, to a friend

adsor. [1642, March 6.) 4°, 4 leaves. KIRK, EDWARD. The Behaviour of Edward Kirk after his Condemnation for Murdering his Wife; With the Advice and Prayers which he left with the Ordinary, desiring him to publish the same for the Reclaiming of Vicious Youth. Together with the Behaviour of the other Condemned Malefactors in Newgate. London, Printed by Geo. Croom,

1684. Folio, 2 leaves. KITCHIN, JOHN. Le Covrt Leete et Covrt Baron collect per John Kitchin .. Ore nouelment imprimee, . . . London, Printed for the Companie of Stationers, 1623. Cum Priui. legio. 8o. T-IT 4 in eights. : A-00 4 in eights. KNAVE. A newe ballad Intitled the hangmans Daunce shewing the iust Reward of a bribed knave. Licensed to T. Gosson, 13 Jan. 1588-9. A Knavish Consort, or the foole, the knave and the vilan. Licensed to John Smethwick, 16 February, 1603–4. Two Knaves for a penny Or, a Dialogue between Mr. Hord the Meal-man and Mr. Gripe the Broker. Wherein is discovered the unjust and oppressive practises of those Caterpillers. London, Printed by I. M. 1647. 4°, 4 leaves. A Caveat for Knares. You pearless Peers, that sit in Parliament,

as many of you as have Traitors been, Beware least that too late you do repent your unjust dealings with your sove

raign King.

Let all of you upon your knees fall down, and re-inthrone him with his Princely

Crown; So may you gaine free pardon for your

lives, and live in peace, whence plenty will

arise. Printed in the Year, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. KNIGHT. A pleasante history of an adventurus knyghte of Kynge Arthurs Couurte. А ballad. Licensed to R. Jones, in 1565–6. The Worthy Knight, a poem. Licensed to James Roberts, 10 July, 1606. KNOLLES, RICHARD. The Generall Historie of the Turkes, from the first beginning of that Nation to the rising of the Othoman Familie : with all the notable expeditions of the Christian Princes against them. Together with the Lives and Conquests of the Othoman Kings and Emperours. Faithfullie collected out of the best Histories . . . By Richard Knolles. London, Printed by Adam Islip 1603. Folio, A-5 B in sixes. Dedicated to King James. With the title engraved by Laurence Johnson. The Generall Historie of the Turkes, .. Written by Richard Knolles somtyme fellowe of Lincoln College in Oxford. The second edition printed by Adam Islip. 1610. Folio, A-6 B in sixes : 6 C, 8 leaves.

The dedication to the King is dated from Sandwich, the last of March, 1610. The Generall Historie of the Turkes, ... The Fourth edition. printed by Adam Islip. 1631. Folio, A-6 S 4 in sixes, title on A 2: the Table, 1–71, 6 leaves each : 3 T, 4 leaves. The Turkish History, From the Original of the Nation, To the Growth of the Ottoman Empire : ... By Richard Knolles, With a Continuation to this Present Year. MDCLXXXVII. Whereunto is added the Present State of the Ottoman Empire. By Sir Paul Rycaut late Consul of Smyrna. The Sixth Edition, with the Effigies of all the Kings and Emperors. Newly Engraven at large upon Copper. London, MDCLXXXVII. Folio, 3 vols.

This is considered the best edition. KNOLLIS, LADY. A heavenly Recreation or comforth to the sowle by lady Knowelles. Licensed to Richard Watkins in 1569.




KNOWLEDGE. The Knowledge of Things Unknown : ... London : Printed for J. Clarke, . and A. Wilde, MDCCXLIII. 12°, AG 6 in twelves, including a frontispiece. KNOWLS, THOMAS. Hinds Elder Brother, Or The Master Thief Discovered Being a notable pithy Relation of the Life of Major Thomas Knowls his many Exploits Escapes, and witty Robberies. [Woodcut of Hind and Knowls on horseback.] Imprinted at London by John Clows An. Dom. 1651. [Jan. 30, 1651-2.] 40, A-B in fours, B 4 blank. B. M. KNOX, JOHN. An Admonition or warning that the faithful Christiās in London, Newcastel & Barwycke & others, may auoide Gods vengeaūce, both in thys life and in the life to come : Compylid by the Seruaunt of God John Knokes. [Col.] From Wittonburge by Nicholas Dorcaster Anno M. D. Liiii, the .xvi, of May. Cum priuilegio. .. 89, black letter, A-E in eights.

An Answer to A Letter of a Iesvit named Tyrie, be Iohne Knox. (Quotation from Prov. xxvi. &c.] Imprentit at Sanctandrois. be Robert Lekpreuik. Anno Do.

1572. 89, A-F 5 in eights, KYD, THOMAS. The Spanish Trage/die. Containing the lamentable / end of Don Horatio, and Bel-imperia with the pitifull death of old Hieronimo). Newly corrected and / amended of such grosse faults as passed in / the first impression. London. Printed by Abell Ieffes, and are / to be sold by Edward White. / 1594. / 4°, 40 leaves.

Communicated by Mr. F. J. Furnivall. The copy was lately (1877) discovered by

Professor Wagner of Hamburgh. The Spanish Tragedy : : : . London, Printed by Augustine Mathewes, and are to bee sold by Thomas Langley ... 1623. 40, A-L in fours. Woodcut on title. The Spanish Tragedy London, Printed by Augustine Mathewes, for Francis Groue . . . 1633. 4°, A-L in fours. Cut on title.


L., S.
A Letter To the Right Honorable The
Lord Lambert, From a Lover of Peace
and Truth (S. L.] Being a most faithful
Advice how to chose the safest way

to the happy Ending of all our Distractions. Also, A Declaration from the King of Scots, How the Army shall be fully satisfied all their Arrears, with a large Overplus. . . . Printed in the Year, 1659. 4°, 4 leaves.

S. L. are probably the initials of Samuel

Langley. LABOUR. Labour in Vain : Or, What Signifies Little or Nothing?... London 1700. 4°, A-D in fours.

A series of observations, interspersed

LADIES, Gyve place, you Ladyes. A ballad. Licensed to Owen Rogers in 1560-1. Gyve place, ye ladyes. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1566-7.

See a piece so entitled in Collier's Old Ballads and Songs,'1869, p. 25, printed from

an early MS. In the prayse of a serten Ladye. A ballad. Licensed to T. Hacket in 1561-2. Ladyes, in your ladyes name I grete you every eche one. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1569-70. A ballad. The prayse of vertuous dames. A ballad. Licensed to W. Pickering in 1570. The comly behavyour for ladyes and gentlewomen. A ballad. Licensed to R. Jones in 1570-1. A tablet for ladyes. Licensed to John Day, 26 March, 1579. Divers Remarkable Orders of the Ladies


with verses. LABYRINTHUS. Labyrinthys Comedia Habita Sereniss. Rege Iacobo in Academia Cantabrigiensi. Londini, Excudebat H. R. 1636. 12°, A-F 6 in twelves.





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These Orders are reprinted in Miscel. Pronosticatio of Ja[spar) Laet doctor of lanies, Historical and Philological, being a Phisicke and Astro[nomy] for the yere of Curious Collection of Private Papers found in the Library of a Nobleman lately Deceas'd

our Lorde God. m. v. xliiii. A sheet. (Marquis of Halifax.) 8., 1703.

Bagford Papers (a fragment).

Probably this formed part of the preThe Ladies Calling. In Two Parts. By

oeding. the Author of the Whole Duty of

An Almanacke and P[rog]nostication of Man, ... Favor is deceitful . . . Prov.

the re[now]med doctor in Astron[omy] 31. 30. Oxford, Printed at the Theater.

Jaspar Laet the yere of sour] Lord God. M. DC. LXXIII. 8o. Title, Editor to the

M.CCCCC. ... And the declaracion of the Reader, &c., 4 leaves : b-c in fours :

[xii.] signes and theyr qualisties) with A-Nn in fours.

the son rysynge. Imprinted in Lon[don] LAET, JASPER.

by John Waley. [Circa 1550.] 120 The pronosticació of maister Jaspar laet Bagford Papers (a fragment). of borchloon doctour in astrologie of LAKIN, DANIEL. the yere. M.CCCCC.xvi. Translated in to

A Miraculous Cure of the Prusian SwalYnglissh to the honoere of ze moost noble

low-Knife : Being dissected out of his & victorious kynge Henry the .viii. by

stomack by the Physitians of Regimonto, your moost hūble subiect Nicholas long

the chief city in Prusia. Together with water goeuerner of our lady coception in

the Testimony of the King of Poland, of ye renowmed towne of Andwarp in sinte

the truth of this wonderful Cure, Jorge perys. [Antwerp, John of Does

By Dan. Lakin, P. C. Printed at London borch, 1515.] 4o. Black letter.

by I. Okes, and are to be sold in Pauls D. Laing, 1879, No. 2968, sheet a only.

Church-yard, at the white Lyon. 1642. A Pronosticacyon of Master Jasper Laet 40, A-Å 2 in fours, black letter. Dediof borchloen Doctor in medycyne for ye cated to Sir Peter Wuch [Wych] Knight, yere of our lorde god M. v. Č. & xxiiii. Comptroller of the Household. With a Cum gracia et priuilegio. Jasper Laet. three-quarter portrait of Lakin. A broadside [1].* Bagford Papers (a frag- LAMB, JOHN, Dean of Arches. ment).

A briefe description of the notorious life Pronosticum Magistri Gasparis Laet de of Iohn Lambe ... 1628. Borchloen medicine doctoris ad meri. Mr. Arber, in his Introduction to the dianum insignis emporii Antwerpiensis Martin Marprelate Controversy, 1879, p. pro Anno domini. compi

51, describes him as Laud's right-hand man

for repressing the liberty of the press, and Îatum et practicatum. These be for to

as having made in 1635 inquiries into the sell at the Sygne of seynt John Euange- history of licensing books." He speaks of lyste / in seynt Martyns parysshe besyde him as Sir John Lamb. charynge Crosse.

120. London, R. LAMBARDE, W. Wyer.) Bagford Papers (a fragment). A Perambulation of Kent ... first pubThe pronosticació [calculed] by mayster

lished in the yeere 1576, and now inJaspar Laet [of an]warpe / vpon the

creased and altered, after the Authors merydian of the sayd towne / for the yere

owne last Copie. Imprinted at London, of our lorde god. M.D.xxxiij. A sheet (?).

by Edm. Bollifant. 1596. 4°, A—Pp 6 Bagford Papers (a fragment).

in eights, besides the folded Card of the

Beacons. An Almanack & Pronosticatio of ye yere

The Perambulation of Kent. ... Corof our Lord. M. VC. XL. Practised by Jasper Laet. 12o. Bagford Papers (a

rected and Enlarged. To which is added

the Charters, Laws, and Privileges of fragment).

the Cinque Ports, Never before printed. Pronosticació of the yere of our Lorde London, Printed for Matthew Walbancke, M, v, xlj. Practysed by the renowned and Dan. Pakeman. 1656.

8. a, 8 doctor in Astronomy and Physicke Jasper leaves, besides duplicate title undated : Laet. Bagford Papers (a fragment). A (misprinted B) – Vv 3 in eights : the Almanack and Pronostication of Jaspar

Charters, &c. A-E 4 in eights, E 4

blank. Laet. Of the yare of our Lord God. M.D.XLIIII. In this Almanacke ye shall LAMENTATION. fynde all the Epystles and Gospels of A lamentation of the mesyrye of maneuery Sondaye and holy daye. Bagford kynde. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy Papers (a fragment).

in 1561-2.




A Lamentation showynge the cause of the late plage. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1563-4. The lamentation of an olde servynge man lamentynge his estate. Licensed to W. Pickering in 1564. A ballad. The lamentation of a Desperate synner. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1565–6. The lamentation for ye Towne[s] of Chensford, Wrekell Spryngfylde / Ipswich and Waltham. Licensed to W. Pickering (with a ballad on the same subject separate) in 1565–6. The lamentation of a Dampned sowle. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1565-6. A Lamentation for our Wycked synnes. A ballad. Licensed to John Allde in 1569. The lamentacon of a yonge man confessinge his former lyfe that he hathe led. A ballad. Licensed to Thomas Man, 15 Nov. 1578. The lamentacon of a synner troubled in conscyence. A ballad. Licensed to John Hynd, 28 Feb. 1578-9. The lamentations of Hecuba and the ladies of Troye. A ballad. Licensed to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586. The lamentacon of a mayde that throughe her owne follye Did suffer her selfe to be stollen awaie with a yonge man. A ballad. Licensed to John Wolf, 8 Sept. 1592. The Lamentation of Agnes Bruen, &c. A ballad. Licensed to Abel Jeffes, 1 July, 1592. The sadd lamentacon of a Constant yonge gentlewoman. A ballad. Licensed to Abel Jeffes, 27 June, 1593. LAMPOONS. Lampoons. A sheet in verse. [1688.] Ouvry Cat., 186. More Lampoons. Printed, 1688. A sheet. Ibid., 164, LANCASHIRE. A caveat for all men to beware of false Coseners by a Late example of a Lancashire man Cozened of vli. Licensed to R. Jones, 9 Febr. 1579-80. A new northerne songe of a Lancashire lad. Licensed to E. White, 8 Aug. 1586. Lankeshiers lamentacon for the Deathe of the noble Erle of Derbie. Licensed to John Danter, 11 Oct. 1593. A Lancashire mans ioye for the late marriage of the right honorable the Erle of Derbie. Licensed to T. Gosson, 6 Feb. 1594-5.

Strange Newes of a prodigious Monster

1613. Licensed to Samuel Man, 12 June, 1613. A ballad of a murder in Lancashire revealed by a Calfe. Licensed to John Trundle, 12 March, 1614-15. Newes out of Lancashire, or the strange and miraculous revelacon of a murther by a ghost, a Calf, a pigeon, &c. Licensed (conditionally) to John Trundle, 12 September, 1615. A Lancasheire wonder. A ballad. Liceused to Thomas Lambert, 7 Feb. 1637-8. The Petition of divers of His Majesties faithfull Subjects, of the true Protestant Religion, in the County Palatine of Lancaster : Presented to His Majestie at York the last of May. ... With His Majesties Answer, June 6. 1642. London : Printed by Robert Barker MDCXLII. 4°, 4 leaves. A True Relation of a great and wonderfull Victory Obtained By Captain Ashton and the Parliaments Forces, Against the Earl of Derby at Whalley in Lancashire.

London, Printed for Edw. Husbands, . . . May 8. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. Lancashires Valley of Achor, Is Englands Doore of Hope : Set wide open, in a brief History, of the Wise, Good and Powerfull hand of Divine Providence, Ordering and Managing the Militia Lancashire; Not onely to the Preservation, but Exaltation of a Poor, and Praying people, in two Hundreds ; Against, and above a considerable Armie, of Popish, and illaffected persons in foure Hundreds : London : Printed for Luke Fawne, 1643 (Sept. 23.] 4°, A-E in fours, B. M. An Excellent Ballad, Intituled, The Un. fortunate Love of a Lancashire Gentleman, and the hard Fortune of a fair

To the tune of, Come follow my Love. London: Printed by and for T. Norris. ... A sheet, with cuts. Ouvry Cat., No. 58. A True and Exact Relation of the Death of Two Catholicks, Who Suffered for their Religion at the Summer Assizes, held at Lancaster in the Year 1628. Republished with some Additions, an Account of a wonderful Cure wrought by the Intercession of one of them F. Edmund Arrowsmith. ... London: Printed in the Year, MDCCXXXVII. 8°, pp. 68 + xii. With portraits of Arrowsmith and Herst.

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young Bride.




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LANE, A., M.A.

LANGBAINE, GERARD. A Rational and Speedy Method of attain- Momus_Triumphans: Or, The Plagiarie ing to the Latin Tongue. In Two Parts. of the English Stage; Expos’d in a CataThe first containing such Precepts as are logue of all the Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, common to all Languages. The Second Masques, Tragedies, Operas, Pastorals, contains what is more peculiar to the Interludes, &c. both Ancient and Modern, Latin Tongue. The whole being accom- that were ever yet Printed in English. modated to the meanest Capacities, The Names of their known and Supposed By A. Lane, M.A. . . . London, Printed Authors . . . By Gerard Langbaine Esq; by J. D. for the Author, 1695. London : Printed for N. C. and are to be 80. Title and dedication “To the Right sold by Sam. Holford at the Crown in Honourable Sir Richard Reynell, Lord the Pall-Mall. 1688. 4o. A, 4 leaves : Chief Justice of Ireland," 2 leaves : [a] 4 leaves : B-F in fours. B-K 2 in eights.

An Account of the English Dramatick The author acknowledges his obligations

Poets. Or, Some Observations and Reto Sir Richard, and states that the latter suggested the plan to him, in connexion

marks on the Lives and Writings of all with the education of his eldest son, a boy

those that have Publish'd either Comeof eight, to whom Lane was at one time dies, Tragedies, Tragi-Comedies, Pastorals, tutor.

Masques, Interludes, Farces, or Opera's in A Key to the Art of Letters : Or, English the English Tongue. By Gerard Langa Learned Language. Full of Art, Ele- baine. Oxford, Printed by S. L. for gancy and Variety. Being an Essay to George West, and Henry Clements. An. enable both Foreiners, and the English Dom. 1691. 8o. a, 8 leaves : A-00 in Youth of either Sex, to speak and write eights, 00 7 with the Errata, and 00 8 the English Tóngue well and learnedly, with the label only. Dedicated to James, according to the exactest Rules of Gram

Earl of Abington. With a Preface shewing the The Lives and Characters of the English Necessity of a Vernacular Grammar.

Dramatick Poets. . . . First begun by Mr. By A. Lane, M.A. late Master of the Free

Langbain, improv'd and continued down School of Leominster in Herefordshire, to this time, by a Careful Hand [Gildon.] now Teacher of a private School at London : Printed for Tho. Leigh Mile-end-green near Stepney. London, and William Turner . . .8°, A-O 7 in Printed for Ralph Smith,


eights. William Hawes . . 1705. 8. A, 8 leaves : a, 4 leaves : B-H in twelves. LANGFORD, T. Dedicated to William, Duke of Glou- Plain and Full Instructions to raise all cester,

sorts of Fruit-Trees that prosper in Eng

land . . . London, Printed by J. M. for LANE, MOSES, Schoolmaster in Lon.

Rich. Chiswel

1681. 8. A, 8 don,

leaves : a, 2 leaves : B-L 6 in eights, the The Protestant School: Or, A Method, last 4 leaves with advertisements. Containing Several Forms of Prayers A short note from Evelyn to the publisher Psalms, Lessons, Thanksgivings, and is printed at the beginning. Graces, for the Bringing up, and well LANGHORNE, RICHARD, of the Inner Grounding Children and Elder Persons

Temple. in the Protestant Religion, by the most Reverend and Learned Bishop Usher :

The Tryall of Richard Langhorne Esq;

Counsellor at Law : For Conspiring the Also a Catalogue of all the English

Death of the King, Subversion of the Words, Beginning with one Syllable.

Government, ... To which is Added, An Historical

Who upon Full Evi

dence was found guilty of High Treason, Account of several Plots and remarkable

and received Sentence accordingly. Passages, from Queen Elizabeth to the

the 14th of June 1679. Published by present Time, Lively Represented in Copper Plates. Fitted to the Com

Authority. London, Printed for H.

Hills, 1679. Folio, A-S in twos, mon Use of all English Schools.

Al' blank, S 2 with an advertiseLondon, Printed for John Kidgell . 1682. Price ls. 6d. 8o.


Portrait of Charles II. and printed title, 2 leaves : The Speech of Richard Langhorn Esq; Dedication, 1 leaf : A Method for Chil- At his Execution July 14, 1679. Being dren, 7 leaves : plates with letterpress left in writing under his own hand. Folio, account, 4 leaves : C—M 6 in eights. 2 leaves.



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