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Considerations touching the Great Ques- primendum solum. Anno M.D.LX. 40, tion of the Kings Right in Dispensing black letter. Title, I leaf : Dedication to with the Penal Laws. Written on the the Earl of Bedford, 2 leaves : Table and Occasion of his Late Blessed Majesties “of the use of histories,” 2 leaves : Agranting Free Toleration and Indul- ZZ 3 in fours : A-C 2 in fours, C 2 with gence. London : Printed by H. H. for

the colophon. the Assignes of R. Langhorne 1687.

The additional leaves under signatures Folio, A-H, 2 leaves each, besides title A-C 2 carry down the narrative to the and dedication.

beginning of Elizabeth. On the back of

the title is an Admonition to the Reader, LANGTON, CHRISTOPHER.

warning him against the piratical edition of An introduction into phisycke, wyth an

1559, printed by Marsh. vniuersal dyet, gathered by christofer

Coopers Chronicle Conteinyng the whole Langton. [Col.] Imprinted at London

discourse. . . . Newly enlarged and augby Edwarde Whytchurche . . . 8°, black mented, aswel in the first part with diuers letter, A-M in eights. Dedicated to Sir profitable Histories, as in the later two, Arthur Darcy.

with the whole summe of those thyngs,

that Paulus Jouius and Sleidane hath LANQUET, THOMAS, AND COOPER, written of late yeares, that is now lately THOMAS

ouerseene, and with great diligence corAn Epitome of Chronicles conteining the

rected and augmented, vnto the .vii. whole discourse of the histories as well

yeare of the reigne of our most gracious of the realme of England, as all other Queene Elizabeth, that now is. Anno countries, with the succession of their

Domini. 1565. xx. die Mens. Aprill. No kynges, the tyme of theire reigne, & what

place or printer's name, black letter. a, notable actes thei did: much profitable 6 leaves : B, 2 leaves : C-d in eights: to bee redde : namely of magistrates and e, 6 leaves : A–Zz in eights : A, 8 leaves : suche as haue auctoritie in comen weales; B, 4 leaves : no C: D, 4 leaves. gathered out of most pr[o]bable auctors, Four titlepages were printed to this fyrst, by Thomas Lanquet, from the be- fourth edition of the work, and the preginnyng of the world to the incarnation liminary leaves were also republished with

variations. In three of these issues now of Christ, and now finished and continued

before me the Admonition to the reigne of our soueraine lorde Kynge

the back of the title, but in a fourth it Edwarde the sixt by Thomas Cooper. is omitted. Changes were likewise introAnno. M.D.LXIX. [Col.] Imprinted at duced into the ending leaves, the body of London in fletestrete in the house of the volume remaining the same. Two of

the 1565 issues are dated August 1, one Thomas Berthelet cum priuilegio ad im

April 20, and the other has only the year. primendum solum. Anno M.D.XLIX. 4°,

There is little or no doubt that, as in the black letter. A, 4 leaves, with title and

case of Halle's Chronicle, copies were made dedication to Edward VI. : then A (re- up at the time. peated)—F in fours, F 4 blank : A (again An Epitome of Chronicles. Conteyninge repeated)—Dddd in fours, the last leaf the Whole discourse of the histories as having on the recto the colophon and the well of this realme of England as al other Lucretia Romana on the reverse.

coutreys, with the succession of their This edition ends with the year 1547-8. kinges, the time of their reigne, and what Coopers Chronicle Conteininge the whole notable actes they did : much profitable discourse of the histories as well of this to be redde, namelye of Magistrates, and realme, as all other countreis, with the such as haue auctoritee in commo weales, succession of their kynges, the time of gathered out of most probable auctours. their raigne, and what notable actes were Firste by Thomas Lanquet, from the bedone by them, newly enlarged and aug- ginning of the worlde to the incarnation mented, as well of the first part with of Christe, Secondely to the reigne of our diuers profitable Histories, as in the latter soueraigne lord king Edward the sixt by ende with the whole summe of those Thomas Cooper, and thirdly to the reigne thinges that Paulus Jouius and Sleidane of our soueraigne Ladye Quene Elizabeth, hath written of late yeres, that is, from by Robert Crowley. Anno. 1559. Lonthe beginnyng of kyng Henrie the eightes dini. In (Edibus Thomæ Marshe. (Col.] raigne vnto the late death of Queene Imprinted at London by William Seres Marie, by me Thomas Cooper. Londini. at the Weste ende of Poules towarde Lud1560. [Col.] Imprinted at London in gate at the signe of the Hedgehogge and Fletestrete, in the house late Thomas are there to be solde. 1559. The v. day Berthelettes. Cum priuilegio ad im- of Apryll. 4°, black letter. A, 4 leaves,


occurs on




with the title, &c. : A-F in fours, F 4 by R. Y. for George Lathum . . . Anno blank: A (repeated)—Gggg in fours, and 1634. 12°, A-C6 in twelves. In verse. two leaves beyond unmarked.

Dedicated to the Earl of Elgin. This is the pirated reprint of the edi. tion by Berthelet's successors, already LATIN SPEECH. alluded to.

A Delysious Surupe newly Claryfied for LANTHORN AND CANDLELIGHT.

yonge schollers that thruste for the swete Lantron and Candle lyghte. A ballad.

Lycoure of laten speache. Licensed to

Thomas Purfoot in 1569–70.
Licensed to W. Griffith in 1569–70.

LAUD, W., Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Voyage of Italy, Or A Compleat

A Speech delivered in the Starr-ChamJourney through Italy. In Two Parts.

ber, on Wednesday the xivth of Iune,

MDCXXXVII. At the Censvre of Iohn With the Characters of the People, and the Description of the Chief Towns,

Bastwick, Henry Burton, & William Churches, Monasteries, Tombs, Libraries,

Prinn, Concerning Pretended Innovations

in the Church. By the Right Reverend Pallaces, Villas, Gardens, Pictures, and

Father in God, William, L. Archbishop Antiquities. As also of the Interest, Government, Riches, Force, &c. of all the

of Canterbury his Grace. London, Printed Princes. With Instructions concerning

by Richard Badger. MDCXXXVII. 40, A-L Travel. By Richard Lassels, Gent. who

in fours, first and last leaves blank, and Travelled through Italy Five times as

a, four leaves,

Dedicated to Charles I. In the Forster Tutor to several of the English Nobility

collection at South Kensington should be a and Gentry. Never before Extant. Newly copy of this tract on large paper, which Printed at Paris, and are to be sold in I saw Mr. Forster buy at the Surrenden London, by John Starkey . . . 1670. 8o.

auction. Frontispiece and title, 2 leaves : dedi

A Relation of the Conference betweene cation by S. Wilson to Richard Viscount

William Lawd, Then, La Bishop of St. Waterford, and Table, 4 leaves : ă-i in

Davids ; Now, Lord Arch - Bishop of sixes, last leaf blank: A vi-L in twelves :

Canterbvry: And M. Fisher (John Aa—Tt 10 in twelves, including Table to Piercey] the Jesuite, by the Command of Part 2, which has a separate title.

King Tames of ever Blessed Memorie. A posthumous volume.

With an Answer to such Exceptions as LATHAM, SIMON.

A. C. takes against it. By the sayd Lathams Falconry:... London: Printed Most Reverend Father in God, William, by Thomas Harper, for Iohn Harison, Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbyry. Lon1633. 4o. 4 leaves : a, 4 leaves : don, Printed by Richard Badger, Printer to 1, 4 leaves : B-V 2 in fours.

the Prince His Highnes. Lathams Faulconry . . . London Printed

Folio. A, 4 leaves : 8 leaves marked §

and *: B-3 F in fours. Dedicated to by S. Griffin for Wil. Lee ... 1662. 80. a,b in eights : A-L in eights, M,

the King by Laud. 1 leaf : Second Book, A-L 4 in eights, A true Description, Or Rather a Parallel L 4 blank, and A with the frontispiece : betweene Cardinall Wolsey, Arch-Bishop the Gentleman's Exercise, A-H in eights, of York, And William Laud, Arch-Bishop A with the frontispiece. Woodcuts. of Canterbyry. Printed in the Yeare 1641.

A 2 in the first portion is occupied by a 4°, 4 leaves. duplicate title: "The Whole Work of Mr. Latham's Books of Faulconry To

An exact Copy of a Letter Sent to Wilwhich is added this yeer 1662 an Excellent liam Laud late Arch-bishop of CanterTreatise called The Gentlemans Exercise bury, now Prisoner in the Tower, Novem[By A. H.]

ber the 5. 1641. At which his Lordship LATHUM, W.

taking exceptions, the Author visited him Phyala Lachrymarum. Or A Few in his owne person : and having admitFriendly Teares, shed over the dead tance to him, had some private discourse Body of M'. Nathaniel Weld Mr of Arts with him ; concerning the cruelty, in of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge; who

which he formerly raigned in his power. in the short journey of his life, died

London Printed for H. W. and T. B. betweene the five and sixe and twentieth 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. With a cut on title. yeare of his youth, 1633. Together with B. M. sundry choyce Meditations of mortalitie. A new Play Called Canterburie His Dignus longiore vita. . . . London. Printed Change of Diet. Which sheweth variety


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of wit and mirth : privately acted neare Arch-Bishop of Canterbury. Wrote by the Palace-yard at Westminster. Himself, during his Imprisonment in the Printed Anno Domini, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. Tower. To which is prefixed The Diary With cuts. B. M.

of his own Life Faithfully and entirily Ladensivm Autocatacrisis, The Canter

Published from the Original Copy : And byriaus Self-Conviction. The third subjoined A Supplement to the Preceding Edition augmented by the Author, with

History : London : Printed for Ri. a large Supplement. And corrected in Chiswell,

Folio. Title, 1 Typographike faults, not those onely leaf : A, 2 leaves : a-c, 2 leaves each : which in a large number did escape

B-4 I in fours : 4 K, I leaf. through negligence and ignorance that Edited by Henry Wharton, who subPrinter at Amsterdam, but these also,

scribes the preface. which in the very first Edition were but LAURENTIUS, ANDREAS. too many. Helped also in sundry mate- A Discovrse of the Preservation of the riall Passages, where in the Author hath Sight: of Melancholike diseases ; of received better information. Printed for Rheumes, and of Old age. . Translated Nathaniel Bytter. 1641. 4o. +, 4 leaves, out of French .. by Richard Syrphlet, first blank: A, 4 leaves: B, 4 leaves : Practitioner in Phisicke. At London B-S 2 in fours; the Supplement, A-L Imprinted by Felix Kingston, for Ralph in fours : Postscript for the personate Iacson, 1599. 4°, A-Dd 2 in fours, Iesuite Lysimachus Nicanor, *a—*e in last leaf blank. Dedicated to Sir Thomas fours, *e 4 blank.

West, Lord De la Warr. With several New Lambeth Fayre Newly Consecrated copies of commendatory verses by Gabriel and Presented by the Pope himselfe, Car

Powell, &c. dinals, Bishops, Jesvits, &c. Wherein all LAW, W., M.A. Romes Reliques are set at sale, With the

Law Outlaw'd : Or, A Short Reply to old Fayre corrected and enlarged, Open

Mr. Law's Long Declamation against the ing and Vending the whole Mistery of

Stage. Wherein the Wild Rant, Blind Iniquity. By Richard Overton. With

Passion, and False Reasoning of that remarkable Annotations declaring under Piping-hot Pharisee are made apparent what Pope, and in what yeere of our Lord

to the meanest Capacity. Together with every Relique and Ceremonie came into

An Humble Petition to the Incurable the Church. London, Printed by R. O.

Ward of Bethlehem to take pity on the and G. D. 1642. 4°, Á-B in fours. In

poor distracted Authors of the Town ...

Written at the Request of the OrangeThe Copy of the Petition presented to Women, and for the Publick Good, by the Honourable

Houses of Parliament, by the impartial Pen of Mrs. S-0–, a the Lord Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, &c. Lover of both Houses. London, Printed Wherein the said Arch-Bishop desires that for the Benefit of the Candle-Snuffers ... he may not be transported beyond the Seas 1726. (Price Four Pence.) 4°, A-B in into New-England with Master Peters, in fours. regard to his extraordinary age and weakLondon printed for Io. Smith,

LAWES, HENRY AND WILLIAM. neare the new exchange. 1643. 4°, 4

Ayres, And Dialogues, for One, Two, and leaves. With the common cut of Laud

Three Voyces. By Henry Lawes on title. B. M.

The Third Book. London, Printed by

W. Godbid for John Playford, The Archbishop of Canterbury's Speech :

Folio. Title with portrait, Or His Funerall Sermon, Preacht by him- &c., 3 leaves : B-N, 2 leaves each: 0, self on the Scaffold on Tower-Hill, on i leaf. Friday the 10. of Ianuary, 1644. London, printed by Peter Cole ... 1644.

The Treasury of Musick : Containing 4°, 4 leaves.

Ayres and Dialogues to sing to the

Theorbo-Lute or Basse-Viol. Composed Relation Memorable de l'Arrest de mort,

by Mr. Henry Lawes, late Servant to His donné contre l'Archeuesque de Cantor

Majesty in his Publick and Private bery, dans la Ville de Londre. A Orleans, Musick: And other Excellent Masters. 1645. 8°, 4 leaves.

In Three Books. London, Printed by The History of the Troubles and Tryal William Godbid for John Playford, ... of the Most Reverend Father in God, 1669. Folio With a finely engraved and Blessed Martyr, William Laud, Lord frontispiece.




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Book First, title, dedication and table, The Anti-Confederacy, Or, A discovery 3 leaves : B-Ff, 2 leaves each: Book

of the iniquity and hypocrisie of the Second, A, 4 leaves : B-Ff, 2 leaves each : Book Third, title, &c., 3 leaves : B-N, 2


Leagve and Covenant. Prepared leaves each, and 0, 1 leaf.

for the Presse some weeks before ChristLAWRENCE, HENRY, M.P.

mas, but newly printed and published. Militia Spiritualis. Or A Treatise of (Quotations.] Printed in the Yeare, 1644. Angels ... Wherein is likewise Shewed :

40, A-I in fours, and 2 unsigned leaves What incredible power secret Influences,

after I 4 with an address “ to the candid

Reader." Wiles and Wayes, Methods and Moods, the Good and Bad Angels doe daily exer- The Anti-Confederacie: Or An Extract of cise ... By Henry Lawrence, Esquire, A certaine Quæres, concerning the Solemne Member of Parliament. London, Printed League and Covenant. Framed according by M. Simmons . 1652. 4°. Title, 1 to those Rules of an Oath, prescribed by leaf : Dedication “To my Most deare and God Himselfe : [Jerem. 4. 2.) ... Oxford, Most honour'd Mother, the Lady Law- Printed in the Yeare M.DC.XLIV. 4°, A-Ö rence,” 4 leaves : A-Bb in fours, the last in fours, and a leaf of D. leaf with the Errata.

A Dismal Account of the burning of our LAWSON, DEODAT, Minister of the Solemn League and National Covenant Gospel.

(with God) and one another. At LinChrist's Fidelity the only Shield against lithgow, May 29. 1662. Being the birth Satan's Malignity. Asserted in a Sermon Day of Charles 2d. [1662.] A sheet in Deliver'd at Salem-Village the 24th of verse and prose. March, 1692. Being Lecture-day there, and a time of Publick Examination, of

LE BLANC, VINCENT. some Suspected for Witchcraft. The

The World Surveyed : Or, The Famous Second Edition ... Reprinted in London

Voyages & Travailes of Vincent le Blanc, by B. Tookey for the Author, . . . 1704.

or White, of Marseilles : Who from the 12o. A, 6 leaves : B-F in twelves.

Age of Fourteen years, to Threescore and

Eighteen, Travelled through most parts LAWYER.

of the World. Originally written in The Just Lawyer his Conscyonable Com

French, and faithfully rendred into Engplaint. Licensed to George Purslow, 17

lish by F. B. Gent. London, Printed for April, 1631.

John Starkey, 1660. Folio. A, 2 LAYTON, ALEXANDER.

leaves : B-3 N in fours : 3 0, 6 leaves. Speculum Belli sacri : Or The Looking With a portrait. Glasse of the Holy War, Wherein is discovered : The Evill of War. The Good LA CHAISE, PERE. of Warr. The Guide of War. In the

The History of Father La Chaise, Jesuite, Last of these I give a Scantling of the

and Confessor to Lewis XIV. Present Christian Tackticks, from the levying of

King of France. Discovering, The Secret the Souldier, ... [Printed abroad.) 1624. Intreagues by him carried on, as well in 4', A-C 2 in fours : D-Vv 2 in fours.

the Court of England, as in all the Dedicated to Prince Charles.

Courts of Europe, to advance the Great

Designs of the King his Master. Made LEADER, THOMAS. The Wounded-Heart; Or, The Jury

English from the French Original. LonMan's Offences Declared, and Ingeniously

don, Printed by J. Wilde, for H. Rhodes,

.. 1693. 12°, A-R in twelves. Acknowledged, for the Satisfaction of those who were thereby troubled. By LECTURER. Thomas Leader

London, Printed in The Juniper Lecturer Corrected, And his the Year, 1665. 40, A-B 2 in fours. Latin, Pagan, putid Nonsence Paraphrazed. LEAGUE AND COVENANT.

Also, the Coffee ScofferCuffed, and Kicked; Two Speeches delivered before the Sub

Or, The Pittifvll Pædagoog's Latin Vindiscribing of the Covenant, the 25. of Sep

cation. London, Printed in the year 1662. tember, at St. Margarets in Westminster.

4°, A-B in fours. In verse. The one by Mr. Philip Nye. The other LEE, NATHANIEL. by Mr. Alexander Henderson. Published Gloriana, Or the Court of Augustus Cæsar. by speciall order of the House of Com- Acted at the Theatre-Royal.

By their Edinburgh, Printed by Robert Majesties Servants. By Nat. Lee. Bryson, Anno Dom. 1643, 4°, A-C in London, Printed for J. Magnes and R. fours.

: . MDCLXXVI. 4°, A-K 2


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very fine.

in fours. Dedicated to the Duchess of yere of our lorde god. M.ccccc.ij. Folio, Portsmouth.

black letter. Title and Table, 4 leaves :

A-Kk in sixes. The Tragedy of Nero, Emperour of Rome:

The title is under a As it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal, By

woodcut. Magdalen College Cambridge His Majesties Servants. By Nathaniel (Pepys's copy). Lee, Gent. London, Printed by T. R.

An imperfect copy, with the date altered

to 1503, is at King's College, Cambridge, and N. T. for James Magnus and Richard

and a third, very incomplete, is in the Bentley 1675. 4°, A-H in fours, Grenville Collection. Dedicated to the Earl of Rochester.

The only other perfect copy, known

occurred at a sale in Holland, and is now Mithridates King of Pontus, A Tragedy:

in an American library. It is said to be Acted at the Theatre Royal, by their Majesties Servants. Written by Nat. Lee.

The Destruction of Troy, In Three Books. London : Printed by R. E. for James

The Seventh Edition, Corrected and Magnes and Rich. Magnes ... 1678. 4°, much amended. London, Printed by A-L in fours. Dedicated to the Earl of

R. I. for S. S. to bee sold by F. Coles in Dorset and Middlesex.

the Old-Bayley, and C. Tyus on London. Cæsar Borgia

; Son of Pope Alexander Bridge. 1663. 4°, black letter. Book the Sixth: A Tragedy Acted at the Duke's I.-., 2 leaves : B-Cc in fours : Book Theatre By their Royal Highnesses Ser

II.-A-S in fours : Book III.-A-R 2 vants. Written by Nat. Lee. London : in fours. Printed by R. E. for R. Bentley, and M. The Destruction of Troy. .. The Magnes 1680. 4°, A-K 3 in fours. Eleventh Edition, Corrected and much Dedicated to the Earl of Pembroke.

amended. London, Printed for T. PasLucius Junius Brutus ; Father of his singer, 1684. 4°, black letter, A, Country. A Tragedy. Acted at the 2 leaves, and B-Bb in fours : part 2, Duke's Theater, by their Royal High

A-R in fours : Part 3, A-Q2 in nesses Servants. Written by Nat. Lee.

fours. London, Printed for Richard Tonson, and The Destruction of Troy The Jacob sonson ... 1681. 4°, A-K in Thirteenth Edition, Corrected and much fours, and a leaf of L. Dedicated to the Amended. London, Printed for Eben. Earl of Dorset and Middlesex.

Tracey .. 1708. 4°, roman letter, Constantine the Great: A Tragedy. Acted

A-Dad 2 in fours. With separate titles at the Theatre-Royal, By their Majesties

to Books 2 and 3. Servants. Written by Nat. Lee, Gent.

Les Fais et Prouesses du Noble et VailLondon, Printed by H. Hills Jun. for R. lant Chevalier Jason. [W. Caxton, circa Bentley . . . and J. Tonson . . . 1684. 1475.) Folio, 134 leaves, the first and 4°, A-I 2 in fours.

last two blank. Without numerals, catchCopies of these dramas occasionally occur words, &c. Eton College and National with a general titlepage.

Library Paris. LEACH, BENJAMIN.

LE FIN, MONSIEUR. The Case of Mr. Benjamin Leach Brick- Sermo Mirabilis : Or The Silent Lanlayer, at the Old-Baily, The Fourteenth guage.

Wherein One may learn perday of October, 1682. Printed for A. fectly in the space of six hours to impart Green. Folio, 2 leaves.

his mind to his Friend in any Language.

By Monsieur Le Fin, once Secretary LE FEVRE, RAOUL.

to his Eminence the Cardinal of Richlieu. Le Recueil des Histoires de Troye. Com

The second Edition, with Additions posé en l'an de grace 1464. No place,

of an Account of several Ingenious New &c. [Circâ 1476, by W. Caxton.] Folio,

Books, lately published by T. Salusbury. 286 leaves, including two blanks. Br.

. . London, Printed for T. Salusbury Museum, Windsor Castle, and Althorp.

. 1693. 12°, 7 leaves, besides a fron. The recuyles or gaderīge to gyder of ye tispiece and two curious plates. hystoryes of Troye how it/ was destroyed The copy here used had no catalogue of & brent / twyse by ye puyssaunt Hercules

books. & ye thyrdě & i generall by ye grekes. LE GRAND, ANTOINE. [Col.] Thus endeth the boke of the The Divine Epicurus, Or, The Empire of recules or syege of Troye. Enprynted in Pleasure over the Vertues. Compos’d by London in Flete strete at the sygne of that most Renown'd Philosopher, Mr. A. the sonne by Wynken de Worde. The Le Grand ; And Rendred into English by


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