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Folio, A–Ffff in sixes. Dedicated to A Short View of the Fravds, and abvses Colonel Horatio Vere. committed by Apothecaries : Ву Traheron appears to have been a soldier Christopher Merrett The Second in Holland, probably under Vere, and to Edition more correct. London, Printed

have left the service through ill-health. for James Allestry, : . : 1670. 4°, A

The Imperial Historie : Or The Lives of K in fours, A and K 4 blank.

the Emperovrs, from Ivlivs Cæsar,

Vnto this present Yeere : Containing MERVIN, SIR AUDLEY.

their Lines and Actions ... First writA Speech made before the Lords in the

ten in Spanish by Pedro Mexia : and Vpper Hovse of Parliament in Ireland, since continued by some others, to the by Captaine Avdley Mervin. March the death of Maximilian the Second ; Trans4th 1640. At the Impeachment of Sir lated into English by W. T. : and now Richard Bolton Knight, L. Chancellour ; Corrected, amplified and continued to Iohn L. Bishop of Derry ; Sir Gerrard these times by Edward Grimeston SerLowther Knight, Lo. Chiefe Justice of his geant at Armes. London, Printed by H. Maiesties Court of Common Pleas, and L. for Mathew Lownes, ... 1623. Folio, Sir George Ratcliffe Knight, of High A-Cecc in sixes : Dddd in eights, beTreason. By the Knights, Citizens, and sides the engraved title. Dedicated to Burgesses of the Commons House of Par

Lionel, Earl of Middlesex.
Printed in the Yeare of our

The Treasvrie of Avncient and Moderne Lord, 1641. 4°, A-D in fours, last leaf

Times. Containing the Learned Collecblank.

tions, Judicious Readings, and Memorable Captaine Audley Marvins Speech : De- Obseruations : Not onely Diuine, Morall livered in the Vpper Hovse to the Lords and Phylosophicall, But also Poeticall, in Parliament, 24. May, 1641. Concern- Martiall, Politicall . . . Translated out ing the Judicature of the High Court of of that Worthy Spanish Gentleman, Pedro Parliament. Dyblin, Printed Anno Dom. Mexia. And N. Francesco Sansouius ... 1641. 4°, 9 leaves. A-B in fours, and As also, of those Honourable Frenchmen, a leaf of C. Forster Coll.

Anthoine de Verdier, ... London, Printed Captaine Audley Mervin's Speech, De- by W. Jaggard, 1613. Folio. livered in the Upper House to the Lords Times Store-Hovse Containing the Learned in Parliament, May 24, 1641. Concern- Collections, Juditious Readings and meing the Judicature of the High Court of morable Obseruations of sundry worthy Parliament. London, Printed for R. Roy- Personages .. London, Printed by ston, Anno 1641. 4°, A--C 2 in fours. William Taggard. 1619. Folio. A-0000 A Speech made by Sir Audley Mervyn in sixes, but 8 leaves in last sheet, the his Majesties Prime Serjeant at Law .. last blank, besides an engraved title. Printed at Dublin, by William Bladen,

The translator's initials are A, M. by special Order, and re-printed at Lon | MICHEL, W. don 1661. 4°, A-B in fours.

1634. The Speech of Sir Audley Mervyn,

Collation : A-F in fours, F 4 blank. Knight; His Majesties Prime Serjeant at MIDAS. Law, ... Delivered to his Grace James The mesyrable state of Kynge Medas. Duke of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Licensed to Robert Hackforth in 1569. Ireland, the 13 day of February, 1662. MIDDLESEX. in the Presence-Chamber in the Castle The Free Cystomes, Benefits and Priviof Dublin. Containing the Sum of Affairs ledges of the Copyhold Tennents of the in Ireland; But more especially the In- Mannors of Stepny and Hackny. ... terest of Adventurers and Souldiers. At London printed by William Iones, Dublin, Printed for William Bladen, 1617. 4°, A-L in fours, last leaf blank. 1663. 4°, A-E in fours.

The Free Customs, Benefits and PriviMEXIA, PEDRO.

ledges of the Copy-hold Tenants of the The Historie of all the Romane Emperors,

Manors of Stepny and Hackny... Beginning with Caivs Ivlivs Cæsar London, Printed for Henry Twyford, First collected in Spanish by Pedro 1675. 4°, A-H in fours. Mexia, since enlarged in Italian by Lodo- An Additionall Ordinance of the Lords vico Dolce and Girolamo Bardi, and now and Commons To a former Ordienglished by W. T[raheron.) London nance of the 19. of February last past, Printed for Matthew Lownes. 1604. granted to divers persons of the County

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of Middlesex, Therein named, for putting The Changeling : As it was Acted (with the said County into a Posture of Defence, great Applause) at the Privat house in by the better regulating of the Trained Drury Lane, and Salisbury Court. WritBands, And Raising other Forces of Horse ten by Thomas Midleton, and William and Foot, for the preservation, defence, Rowley. Gent. Never Printed before, and safety of the said County. London: London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley, Printed for Edw. Husbands, October 29. 1653. 4°, B-I in fours, last leaf 1644. 4°, 4 leaves.

blank, and the titlepage. Epistola Medio-Saxonica, Or, Middlesex The Mayor of Quinborough: A Comedy. first Letter to his Excellency, the Lord As it hath been often Acted with much General Cromwell: Together with their Applause in Black Fryars, By His MajesPetition concerning Tithes and Copy- ties Servants. Written by Tho. Middleholds of Inheritance, presented to the ton. London, Printed for Henry HerringSupreme Authority, the Parliament of man. . . . 1661. 4°, A-K 2 in fours. England. ... The second Edition ; To There is a curious, though short, preface, which is added a Reply, Styld, Tithes apparently by the publisher. totally routed by Magna Charta. London, MIDDLETON, SIR THOMAS. Printed by F. L. for William Larner, . A Declaration Published by Sir Thomas 1659. 40, A-C 2 in fours : the Reply, Middleton Knight, Serjeant Major-Gene4 leaves, with a separate title.

rall, and Vice-Admirall for the sixe Strange News from Hicks's Hall, Or, An Counties of North-Wales. Setting forth Order of some of the Justices of the Peace the Illegality and Incongruity of a perfor the County of Middlesex, in the last

nicious Oath and Protestation, imposed Quarter-Sessions, for the Bailiffs of Liber- upon many peaceable Subjects within the ties to return Juries. . . . London, Printed

said Counties. . . . And likewise, Setting for R. Harbottle. 1681. Folio, 4 leaves.

forth the use and intentions of the Forces An Account of the General Nursery,


raised for the Service of the King and Colledg of Infants, Set up by the Jus

Parliament, under the Command of the tices of Peace for the County of Middle

said Sir Thomas Middleton. Lonsex, With the Constitutions and Ends don, Printed for Io. Thomas, 1644. 4°, thereof. London: Printed by R. Roberts.

4 leaves. With a rough woodcut on the 1686. 4to, A-B in fours.

back of the title, purporting to represent

Middleton on horseback. MIDDLETON, RICHARD. The Carde and Compasse of Life. Con- MIDDLETON, WILLIAM, B.D., Minis

ter of Hardwicke in Cambridgeshire. taining many Passages, Fit for these times. And directing all men in a True,

Papisto-Mastix, Or The Protestant ReliChristian, Godly and Ciuill course, to

gion Defended. Shewing briefely when arriue at the blessed and glorious harbour

the great compound heresie of Poperie of Heauen. [Quot.] London, Printed by

first sprange; how it grew peece by peece W. S. for Walter Burre, ... 1613. 88,

: . and when it shall be cut downe and A-Q in eights, Q 8 blank, Dedicated

withered . . . At London, Printed by

T. P. for Arthur Iohnson,... 1606. 4°, to Prince Charles.

A-Dd 2 in fours, and 1,4 leaves. MIDDLETON, THOMAS.

The last page has two copies of Latin A Fair Quarrell ... Printed at London verses by the author. by A. M. for Thomas Dewe, • . . 1622. MIDWIVES. 4o. A, 4 leaves : B, 2 leaves : C-K in The Mid-Wives just Petition : Or, A fours. Woodcut on title.

complaint of divers good Gentlewomen The Spanish Gipsie. As it was Acted of that faculty. Shewing to the whole (with great Applause) at the Privat House Christian World their just causes of their in Drury-Lane, and Salisbury Court. sufferings in these distracted Times, for Written by Thomas Midleton, and their want of Trading. Which said comWilliam Rowley. Gent. Never Printed plaint was tendered to the House on Monbefore.

London, Printed by I. G. for day last, being the 23. of Ian. 1643. With Richard Marriot .. 1653. 4. A, 2 some other notes worthy of observation. leaves : B—K 2 in fours.

Printed at London, 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. The Spanish Gipsie.

The Second | MILES GLORIOSUS. Impression. London, Printed by T. C. The Heroicall Acts of Miles Gloriosus, or and L. P. for Robert Crofts . . . 1661. the Thrasonicall Spanish Bragadochio, 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-K 2 in fours. Translated into English by James Wadess

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worth. Licensed to Robert Bostock, 12 MILLER. April, 1630.

A ballett of a mylner. Licensed to John MILITARY DISCIPLINE.

Waley and the Widow Toy in 1557–8. An Abridgment of the English Military A myller I am. A ballad. Licensed to Discipline. Printed by Especial Com

W. Pickering, 4 Sept. 1564. mand, For the Use of His Majesties Forces. London, ... 1686. 8°, A-R in eights. MILLES, THOMAS.

The Mysterie of Iniqvitie. Plainely layd MILITIA.

open by a Lay-Christian, no profect Divers Questions upon His Majesties last

Diuine, out of Trvth in Humanity, and Answer, concerning the Militia, Resolved

Rules of Naturall Reason. Whereby upon by both Houses of Parliament.

the World may See, Read and VnderMarch i. London, Printed for Ioseph

stand, The Proud and Vaine Comparison Hunscott. 1641. A sheet.

of a Cardinalls Red-Hat, and a Kings Militia Old and New. One thousand six

Golden Crowne. Alwayés prouided, in hundred forty-two. Read All or None,

Reading, Read all, or Read nothing at all. And then Censure. London, Printed 18

No place or printer's name. 1611. Folio. of August. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

A-0,2 leaves each, reckoning a blank His Majesties Message to Both Houses of before the title : P, 4 leaves. With marParliament, April 28. 1642. Concerning ginal notes pasted on (in this copy). his Refusall to passe the Bill for the The name of Thomas Milles occurs at the Militia. London: Printed by Robert end. Barker, . . . And by the Assignes of John MILTON, JOHN. Bill. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

The Ivdgement of Martin Bucer, ConA Declaration of Both Houses of Parlia- cerning Divorce, Written to Edward the ment, in Answer to His Majesties last sixt, in his second Book of the Kingdom Message, Concerning the Militia. Pub- of Christ. And now Englisht. Wherin lished by Command. May 5. Printed a late Book restoring the Doctrine and for Joseph Hunscott. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Discipline of Divorce, is here confirm'd and An Ordinance from His Majesty, And justify'd by the authoritie of Martin Bucer. both Houses of Parliament: For the To the Parlament of England. : : . Pubordering of the Militia of the Kingdome lisht by Authoritie. London, Printed by of England, and Dominion of Wales. Matthew Simmons, 1644. 4', A-E in Also for setting the same in a posture of fours : A Post-Script, 1 leaf. War. Feb. 10. London, Printed for The Preface or Address to the Parlia. John Wright, 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

ment is signed by Milton. Argvments, Proving that we ought not to

Joannis Milton) Angli Pro Se Defensio

contra Alexandrum Morum Ecclesiasten, part with the Militia, to the King, nor indeed to any other, but the Honourable Libelli famosi, cui titulus, Regis sanguiHouse of Commons. London, June [13.]

nis clamor ad coelum ... authorem rectè 1646. A sheet. B. M.

dictum. Londini, Typis Neucomianis.

1655. [August 8.] 80, A-0 6 in eights. New Presbyterian Light springing out of Independent Darkness. Or VI. important

The History of Britain, That part espe

cially now call’d England. From the new Qveries proposed to the Army, And their Friends and Party of the Houses ; first Traditional Beginning, continu'd to concerning the late Ordinance for Repeal

the Norman Conqvest. Collected out of of the New Militia of London, setled by

the antientest and best Authours thereof an Ordinance of both Houses, Dis- by John Milton, London, Printed by covering the dangerous consequences of

J. M. for James Allestry repealing Ordinances and Votes'. 4°, B-Aaa 2 in fours, besides the title London, Printed in the Year, 1647. 4°, and portrait by Faithorne, an, æt. 52,

1670. B-C 2 in fours, besides title and a leaf with a woodcut.

Poems, &c. Upon Several Occasions. By A Discourse of Government with relation Mr. John Milton. Both English and to Militia’s. Edinburgh ; Printed in the Latin, &c. Composed at Several Times. Year MDCXCVIII. 8°, A-D 2 in eights. With a Small Tractate of Education to MILKMAID.

Mr. Hartlib. London, Printed for Tho. A Defence of mylke maydes agaynste the Dring. ... 1673. 8o. Title, &c., 4 leaves : terme of Mawken. A ballad. Licensed

A-S in eights. to W. Griffith in 1563–4.

Literæ Pseudo-Senatûs Anglicani, Crom



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wellii, Reliquorumque Perduellium no- Welsh. 3. Low Dutch. 4. High Dutch. mine ac jussu conscriptæ A Joanne Mil- 5. French. 6. Italian. 7. Spanish. 8. tono. Impressæ Anno 1676. 120.

Portuguez. 9. Latine. 10. Greeke. 11. 2 leaves : A-K 8 in twelves.

Hebrew, &c. By the Industrie, Mr John Miltons Character of the Long Studie, Labour, and at the charges of Parliament and Assembly of Divines in

Iohn Minsheu Published and Printed MDCXLI. Omitted in his other Works,

Anno 1617. Cum Gratia ...& vendi. and never before Printed, And very sea

biles extant Londini, apud Ioannem sonable for these times. London, Printed

Browne ... And are to be sold at lohn for Henry Brome, .. 1681. 4°, 8 Brownes Shop a Booke-seller in little leaves.

Brittaine in London. Folio. Title and Paradise Lost. A Poem in Twelve Books.

dedication, 2 leaves : A, 6 leaves : A (reThe Authour John Milton. The Fourth

peated)— Zz 4 in sixes: A (with the Edition, Adorn'd with Sculptures. Lon

Anglo-Latin-Spanish vocabulary)-Q2 in

sixes. don, Printed by Miles Flesher, for Richard Bentley, .. and Jacob Tonson

Minshæi Emendatio, vel à mendis ExMDCLXXXVIII. Folio. Title and The

purgatio ... The Guide into the Tongues. Verse, 2 leaves : B, 2 leaves: C—Xx in With their agreement and consent . fours : Yy-Aa, 2 leaves each. With a The second Edition. London, Printed portrait by White and plates.

by Iohn Haviland, and are to be sold at The first folio and first illustrated edition. his House in the little Old-Baily in Eliots At the end occurs a list of the subscribers.


Folio, A-li 4 in The book was published by the encouragement of Lord Somers and Bishop Atter.

sixes, besides the title and dedication (in bury.

this reprint) to John Bishop of Lincoln. Paraphrasis Poetica in tria Johannis Mil- This edition omits the Welsh and Portutoni, Viri Clarissimi, Poemata, viz. Para

guese languages, and has only nine tongues. disum Amissum

Autore Gvlielmo MIRROR. Hogæo. Londini, . MDCXC.

8. A,

[The Mirror of the World. Second Edi7 leaves : a, 7 leaves : b, 2 leaves : sepa

tion. Colophon :) Caxton me fieri fecit. rate title : B—Kk in eights, Kk 8 blank.

(Circa 1490.) Folio, 88 leaves, the first MINADOI, JOHN THOMAS.

blank. Without title, folios, and catchThe History of the Warres betweene the words. Publ. Lib. Cambridge, Pepysiun, Tyrkes and the Persians. Written in Baptist College Bristol, Duke of DevonItalian by Iohn Thomas Minadoi, and shire, Althorp, &c. translated into English by Abraham

The mirroure of golde for the Synfull Hartvell. . . . Imprinted at London by Iohn Wolfe 1595. 4°, A-lii in fours,

soule. [The rest of the page has woodbut 5 leaves in S. Roman letter. Br.

cuts only, the portcullis crowned, &c. Museum,

The colophon is :] Here endeth the

Myrroure of Golde. Imprynted at Lon. MINE ADVENTURE.

don in the Fletestrete / at the sygne of A Familiar Discourse Or Dialogue con- the Sonne by Wynkyn de Worde. The cerning the Mine-Adventure. The

yere of our lorde. M.D. xxvi. The. xxx. Second Edition. London : Printed for

daye of Maye. 4°, black letter. A-I 5 F. Collins. . . . 1701. [Price sticht 6d.] in sixes (I 6 having perhaps had the 8o. A, 8 leaves: a, 8 leaves : large folded mark). Lambeth. leaf: B-M in eights.

The A List of all the Adventurers in the

of pollice, a Worke no lesse myrrour

profitable then necessarye for all monMine Adventure. May the First, 1700.

arckes Kynges prences lordes maigestrates London : Printed by F. Collins, in the

and other Rulers of the common Welth. Old-Bailey. 1700. Folio, 2 leaves.

Licensed to H. Denham in 1565-6. MINSHEU, JOHN.

The myrror of tru fryndshyppe. A balDuctor in Linguas, The Gvide into

lad. Licensed to J. Charlwood in 1569– Tongves, Cum illarum harmonia ..

70. The Guide into the tongues. With their agreement and consent one with another, A myrror for all men from moste to the as also their Etymologies, that is, the

Leaste Reasons and Deriuations of all or the By this mery morisdaunce at the Birdes most part of wordes, in these eleuen lan- [bride's] feaste. guages, viz. 1. English. 2. British or Licensed to R. Jones, 20 Nov. 1577.





A myrror most true to beholde

obseruat ritus / consuetudinesq; / debito Howe frendship in Kynred ys waxen full compilantur ordine. ... 1527. Venuncolle.

dantur apud Franciscum byrckman. A ballad licensed to R. Jones, 25 Jan. Folio. t 8 leaves : a-x in eights : 1577-8.

[Ordinarium misse] A-C in sixes : [In A myrtour of Gods mercye,

vigilia scti andree apo.] A-I in eights : Declaringe his fatherly care ouer our sin- [In vigi. vnig apo. siue euāge.] A-G in full cuntry.

eights, and H, 4 leaves. With woodcuts A ballad. Licensed to W. Barthlet, 11

and music, April, 1580.

Missale ad vsum ecclesie Sarisburiensis, A myrrour to all that love to followe the M.D.xxxiiij. [Paris, F. Regnault.) Folio. warres / Wherevnto is added the Beseiy. 7, 8 leaves: a-x in eights: [Ordinarium inge of Berghen vppon Zomme. Licensed misse,] A-C in sixes : [In vigilia scti to J. Wolf, 20 Jan. 1588–9.

Andree apli.] A-I in eights : In vigi. MISCELLANIES.

vui apo. siue euāge.] A-G in eights : Miscellanies Historical and Philological : H, 4 leaves. With woodcuts and music. Being a Curious Collection of Private Missale ad vsum insignis ecclesie SarisPapers Found in the Study of a Noble- buriensis nunc recens typis elegantioribus man Lately Deceas'd [Charles, Marquis exaratum Parisijs Apud Guillelof Halifax.] London : Printed for J. T. mum Merlin ... 1555. Folio. 7, 8

1703. 8o. A, 5 leaves, including leaves : A–U 6 in eights (t 4—5 printed half-title : B-P 2 in eights.

on vellum in this copy): the Offices of MISCELLANY.

Saints' Days, A-I in eights : the Offices Miscellany, Being a Collection of Poems of the Apostles or Evangelists, A-K 6 in by Several Hands. Together with Re- eights. With woodcuts. flections on Morality, or Seneca

MITCHELL, JAMES. masqued. London1: Printed for J. Hind

Mr. James Mitchell's Tragedie. (January marsh, 1685. 89. A, 4 leaves : a,

M.DC. LXXVIII.) 3 leaves : B-Dd 2 in eights. Dedicated

A broadside description in verse printed to Sir William Clifton by Mrs. Behn.

from a contemporary MS. by Laing. Seneca Unmasqued is in prose, in the form of a series of maxims.


The Way to True Honour and Happiness. De Caede et Interity Gallorvm Regis,

A Friendly Address to all Parents, MasHenrici Tertii, Valesiorum Vltimi, Epi

ters of Families, and Landlords, ... To

which is added, A Memorandum for grammata. Oxoniæ. Ex officina Iosephi

Mothers. London, Barnesii, ... 1589. 4°, 4 leaves. Lam

1697. 8°, A

F in fours. beth. MISSALE.

MOCKET, RICHARD, D.D. Missale ad vsū insignis ecclesie Sarū:.

Doctrinia, Et Politia Ecclesiae Angli[Col.] Impressü Rothomagi per Magistrā

canæ, A Beatissimæ Memoriæ Principibvs Martinů Morin, Anno dñi. Mil.

Edovardo Sexto, Regina Elizabetha die vero, xij. mēsis maij. 4o. bilitæ, et a Religiosissimo, & Potentissimo

Monarcha Iacobo, ... continuatæ. QviMissale ad vsum insignis ac preclare bvs Eivsdem Ecclesiæ Apologia præfigitur ecclesie Sar cosummatū in alma

Londini, Apud Ioannem Billivm. Parisiorum academia. Anno domini

1616. 4°, A-Z in eights, A 1 and 8 and M.CCCCC.xix. (Col.] Impressum

Z 8 blank. Br. Museum. Parisiis


Nicolaum higman ... sump- Reprinted in 1617 and (with additions) in tibus Frācisci regnault. et Fran

1688. This first edition is said to have cisci Byrekman ... Anno dñi Millessimo been suppressed. quingentessimo decimo nono Die võ. xxix.

MODERATOR. Octobris. Folio. * 8 leaves : a—x 7 in

The Moderator expecting Svdden Peace, eights: A (with a new le, Proprium

or Certaine Ruine. Directed by Reason, festivitatum sanctorum officium)—K in

arising out of the Consideration of what eights: the Office of the Saints not having

hath already happened, Our present Conspecial days, with a new title, A-H in

dition, and the most likely Consequences eights.

of These. London, Printed Anno DoMissale ad usum insignis ecclesie Sarum : mini, 1642. 4°, A-D 3 in fours. in quo quidem et illi 7 quos dicta ecclesia This tract contains a phrase reproduced

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