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by Lord Beaconsfield in 1878—"If the one in fours, besides the separate title to the side cries out for, Peace with Honour and Tables and a folded leaf between H and I the other, Peace with Truth; and scorn to entertain Peace unless they may have so MOLYNEUX, WILLIAM. much of both as they demand; surely this Ireland's Case Briefly Stated : Or, A Sumunhappy Nation betwixt these their great

mary Account of the inost Remarkable Champions is likely to lose its Peace, Truth,

Transactions in that Kingilom since the and Honour."

Reformation. The First Part. By a True MOFFAT, THOMAS, M.D.

Lover of his King and Country. Healths Improvement: Or Rules Com

Printed in the year 1695. 8°, à, 4 leaves : prizing the Discovering the Nature,

è, 2 leaves : A-Y in fours and twos Method and Manner of Preparing all

alternately. sorts of Food Used in this Nation.

The second part commences on sign. L. Written by that ever Famous Thomas Printed abroad. Muffett, Doctor in Physick. Corrected MONARDUS, N. and Enlarged by Christopher Bennet,

Ioyfvll Newes ovt of the newe founde Doctor in Physick . . . London, Printed

worlde, wherein is declared the rare and by Tho. Newcomb for Samuel Thomson

singuler vertues of diuerse and sundrie 1655. 4°, A-Pp in fours.

Hearbes, Trees, Plantes, and Stones, with MOHUN, CHARLES, LORD.

their aplications aswell for Phisicke as The Tryal of Charles Lord Mohun, Before Chirurgerie, the saied beyng well applied the House of Peers in Parliament, For bryngeth suche present remedie for all the Murder of William Mountford ; Which diseases, as seme altogether inbegan the 31 of January 1692. And Con- credible : notwithstandyng by practize tinued by several Adjournments till the founde out, to bee true: Also the porFourth of February following; The Most trature of the saied Hearbes, very aptly Honourable the Lord Marquis of Carmar- discribed ; Englished by Jhon Frampton then, Lord President of Their Majesties Marchaunt. Imprinted at London in Council, Being Lord High Steward pro Poules Churche-yarde, by Willyam Norhac vice. Together with the Questions in ton. Anno Domini. 1577. 4o. Black Points of Law, Put by their Lordships to letter. Title and dedication to Maister the Judges; with the Arguments of my Edwarde Dier Esquire, dated from LonLord Mohun's Counsel, And the Opinions don, October 1, 1577, 3 leaves : A-Yy in of the Judges upon the said Questions. fours. With cuts. Publishd by Command of the House of The Continuation commences with a new Peers. Printed by Edward Jones in the

title dated 1580, and a second epistle to Savoy; . : MDCXCIII, Folio, A-P, 2

Dyer, dated 15 June, 1580, on sign. Ee 3. leaves each.

Ioyfvll Newes out of the newfound world. MOLIÈRE, J. B. DE POQUELIN, dit.

. Newly corrected as by conference The Metamorphosis : Or, The Old Lover

with the old copies may appeare. WhereOut-witted. A Farce As it is now Acted

ynto are added three other bookes treating at the New Theatre in Lincolns-Inn

of the Bezuar stone, the herbe EscuerFields. Written Originally by the Famous

çonera, the properties of yron and steele, Moliere. London : Printed for Bernard

in Medicine and the treatise of snowe. Lintott. 1704. 4', A-H in fours.

Imprinted at London, in Paules ChurchDedicated by John Cory to Clayton Mil

yard, at the signe of the Quenes Armes, bourn, Esq.

by William Norton. 1580. 4°, black MOLLIER, M. A.

letter. *, 4 leaves, title on * 2, and A

Zz 2 in fours. Dedicated by Frampton to The Happy Virgin. A Faithfull Narra

Master Edward Dier Esquire. tive of one Maria Anna Mollier, Aged 13 Years, who being Lame from her

Ioyfvll Newes Out of the New-found Cradle, was Restor'd to her Limbs again

Worlde. London, Printed by E. after a most strange and miraculous Man

Allde, by the assigne of Bonham Norton. . . Printed for T. Pyke in Fleet

1596.' 4o, black letter. Title and dedistreet. [1694.] 8°, 4 leaves.

cation, 3 leaves : A-Yy in fours, first MOLYNEUX, WILLIAM, F.R.S.

leaf probably blank. Sciothericum Telescopicum ; Or, A New MONEY. Contrivance of Adapting a Telescope to a

The act and Proclamatioun anent the vniHorizontal Dial. . . . Dvblin, Printed by uersale course of the new markit money. Andrew Crook and Samuel Helsham, Iames Regent. At Halyruidhous the last 1686. 4°, Title, &c., 5 leaves : B-N 2 day of May. M.D.Lxxv. Imprentit at





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Edinburgh be me Iohne Ros. Cvm Privi.
legio Regali. A sheet in black letter,

D. Laing, 1879, No. 2738.
A booke called the death and buriall of
Mistris Money by

Licensed to Francis Grove, and the author's name omitted, 22 February, 1630-1. A Letter of Advice to a Friend About the Currency of Clipt Money. . . . London, Printed for A. and J. Churchill ... 1696. 8°, A-D in fours. A Review of the Universal Remedy for all Diseases Incident to Coin. With Application to our present Circumstances. In a Letter to Mr. Locke. London, Printed for A. and J. Churchill . . . 1696. 8°, A-D in eights. MONIERS. The Answer of the Corporation of Moniers in the Mint, at the Tower of London, to two false and scandalous Libells printed at London, and lately come forthe without date. The First Intituled, The humble Representation of Peter Blondeau. The Second Intituled, A most humble memorandum from Peter Blondeau. Printed for the Corporation of Moniers. 1653. Folio, A-L, 2 leaves each. MONIPENNIE, JOHN. The abridgement or Summarie of the Scots Chronicles, with a short description of their originall, from the comming of Gathelys their first Progenitor out of Græcia into Egypt. And their comming into Portingall and Spaine, and of their Kings and Gouernours in Spaine, Ireland, and Albion, now called Scotland. . . . By Iohn Monipennie. Printed at Brittaines Bursse by Iohn Budge. 1612. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-02 in fours. Dedicated to the King MONK, GEORGE, Duke of Albemarle. The Pedigree and Descent of His Excellency, General George Monck. Setting forth how He is descended from King Edward the Third, by a Branch and Slip of the White Rose, The House of York. And likewise, His Extraction from Richard King of the Romans.

... London, Printed for W. Godbid,

1659. 4°, 8 leaves. The Speech and Declaration of His Excellency the Lord Generall Monck Delivered at White-hall upon Tuesday the 21. of February 1659. To the Members of Parliament at their meeting there, before the Readmission of the formerly - secluded Members into the Parliament House. ...

London, Printed by S. Griffin for John Playford . . . 1659. 4°, 4 leaves. A Letter of General George Moncks, Dated at Leicester 23 Ian. and directed unto Mr. Rolle to be communicated unto the rest of the Gentry of Devon : occasioned by a late Letter from the Gentry of Devon dated at Exceter 14 Jan, and sent by Mr. Bampfield to the Speaker to be communicated unto the Parliament. London, Printed by Iohn Redmayne in Lovels Court in Pater noster row. 1660. 4°, 4 leaves. The Lord General Monck His Speech Delivered by Him in the Parliament on Munday, Feb. 6. 1659. London : Printed by John Macock. 1660. 4°, 4 leaves. A Collection of several Letters and Declarations sent by General Monck unto the Lord Lainbert, the Lord Fleetwood, and the rest of the General Council of Officers of the Army, as also to that part of the Parliament called the Rump. London, Printed in the Year 1660. 49, AF 2 in fours.

This copy has on the title an old autograph, “George Monck G+ cosin to y• General," and on the half-title, in the same handwriting, “Evil (I mean deceit) may be

done and good may come of it.” A Letter from the Lord Gen. Monck, to Major General Overton : Together with Major Gen. Overtons Answer thereunto. London, Printed by James Cottrel. 1660. 4', 4 leaves. A Letter from His Excellencie the Lord General Monck, and the Officers under his Command, to the Parliament; In the Name of themselves, and the Souldier's under them. London : Printed by John Macock. 1660. 4°, A-B in fours. To His Excellency The Lord General Monck, Capt. General of all the Armies and Forces in England, . . . and one of the Generals at Sea, The humble Address of the Officers of your Excellencies Army, in the name of Themselves and their Brethren, as it was presented to his Excellency the 2d day of May, 1660. By us whose names are Subscribed. London, Printed by William Godbid for John Playford. [1660.] A folio leaf. On the Death of His Grace the Duke of Albemarle. London, Printed in the Year M.DC.LXX. A folio leaf of verses. Observations upon Military & Political Affairs. Written by the Most Honourable George Duke of Albemarle, &c. Published by Authority. London, Printed







by A. C. for Henry Mortlocke, . and annexed the Abridgement of Exercise, James Collins, . . . 1671. Folio, A-Y 2 London, Printed by William Jones in fours. Dedicated by John Heath to in Red-Crosse streete. 1637. Folio. Title, Charles II.

&c., 4 leaves : A-3 H 1 in fours. Dedi

cated to the Prince Elector. MONMOUTH, JAMES SCOTT, Duke of.

D. Laing, 1879, No. 2368, large paper, A Congratulatory Poem on the Sale

King Charles the First's copy in old black Arrival of His Grace James Duke of gilt morocco. Monmouth at Utretch, on Saturday Sept. MONSTER. 27. 1679. London, Printed by Nat.

A strange monster which came oute of Thompson at the Cross Keys in Fetter

the sea, and was slayne in the Judea. lane, MDCLXXIX. A folio leaf.

Licensed to Edmund Halley in 1565–6. Jemmy Returned : Or, The Nations Joy.

A thinge beinge A Monster which he A Pleasant New Ballad. To the Tune of,

vndertaketh to print of his own perill. Let Traytors Plot on. Printed for J.

Licensed to R. Jones, 4 Nov. 1583.
Conyers : and are to be sold at the Black
Raven in Duck Lane. A folio leaf of

The Trve Portrityre of a Prodigiovs Mon-
ster Taken in the Mountaines of Zardana.

[With a description and large copperplate Young Jemmy. An Excellent New Ballad.

engraving.] Sould by Willm Faithorne To an Excellent New Tune. London: Printed for Alexander Banks, 1681. A MONTAIGNE, MICHEL EYQUEM,

at the Shipp within Temple Bare. folio sheet. Monmovth and Bvclevgh's Welcom from

Seigneur de. the North : Or the Loyal Protestants Joy

Essayes Written in French By Michael

Lord of Montaigne. ... London : Printed for his Happy Return. To the Tune of

by Melch. Brad wood for Edward Blovnt York and Albani's Welcome to England.

and William Barret. 1613. Folio. A, [Circa 1684.] A sheet in verse.

5 leaves : B_Iii in sixes : Kkk, 4 leaves, An Account of what passed at the Exe- the last blank. With a portrait of Florio cution of the late Duke of Monmoutlı, on

by W. Hole. Wednesday, the 25th of July, 1685. On The print is from the same plate as that Tower-hill. Together with a Paper Signed attached to Florio's Dictionary, 1611. See by Himself that morning in the Tower.

a note in Mr. Huth's Catalogue upon the

differences between the folios of 1603 and And also, The Copy of His Letter to

1613. His Majesty, after he was taken. Dated

In this edition the translator prefixes a at Ringwood in Hantshire, the 8th of July. notice to the Reader, in which he mentions [Col.] London, Printed for Robert Horne, his ignorance, and almost implies his indif1685. Folio, 2 leaves.

ference, whether the printer has attended

to the list of Errata, with which he had DIONRO, ROBERT.

supplied him, apologising for his inattention Monro His Expedition with the Worthy by saying that he had an engagement at

Court, which absorbed all his time. The Scots Regiment (Called Mac-Keyes Regi

verses ascribed to Shakespeare, are here ment) levied in August 1626 by S' Donald

printed for the first time. Mac-Key Lord Rhees, Colonell for his Majesties service of Denmark, and reduced

Essays of Michael Seigneur de Montaigne.

To which is added a Short Character after the Battaile of Nerling, to one Com

of the Author and Translator, by way of pany in September 1634. at Wormes in the Paltz. Discharged in severall Duties

Letter; Written by a Person of Honour.

London, Printed for T. Bassett .. and Observations of service ; first under

1693. 8o. 3 vols. Portrait. the magnanimous King of Denmark,

Vol. 1, A-Nn in eights, Nn 7-8 with during his warres against the Emperour; advertisements: vol. 2, A (3 leaves only) afterward, under the Invincible King of Aaa 4 in eights : vol. 3, A, 2 leaves : B-Nn Sweden, during his Majesties life time; in eights. and since, under the Directour-Generall, MONTANUS, ARNOLDUS. the Rex-chancellor Oxensterne and his Atlas Japannensis : Being Remarkable Generalls. Collected and gathered to- Addresses by way of Embassy from the gether at spare-houres, by Colonell Robert East-India Company of the United ProMonro, at first Lievetenant under the vinces, To the Emperor of Japan. Consaid Regiment, to the Noble and worthy taining a Description of their Several Captaine, Thomas Mac-Kenyre, of Kil- Territories, Cities, Temples, and Fortdon, Esq. after to the noble Lord, the resses ; Their Religions, Laws, and CusLord Earle of Seafort ; . . . To which is toms; Their Prodigious Wealth, and




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Gorgeous Habits;

. . English'd, and A Discovery ... lately Translated Adorn'd with above a hundred several Imprinted at London by Iohn Day, Sculptures, by John Ogilby Esq; 1569. 4o. A, 4 leaves : 1,3 leaves : TB, London, Printed by Tho. Johnson for the 4 leaves : B, 4 leaves : B-Ee in fours, Author, and are to be had at his House in Ee 4 with the colophon. White Fryers. M.DCLXX. Folio, B—Qq Dedicated in this edition by V. Skinner in fours, besides frontispiece, title, and to Archbishop Parker, from Lincoln's Inn, dedication. With engravings chiefly with

7 February, (1568-9.] the text.

MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER. There are folded plates at pp. 94 (map), The Cherrie and the Slae . . . 1597. 100, 138, 266, 274, 382, 384, 388, 404, 472.

The Author appears to speak of it as MONTANUS, JOHANNES FABRI- composed at leisure intervals during more CIUS.

arduous occupations. In Watson's CollecAn Oration of Ihon Fabritius Montanus.

tion it is said to have been written in 1590. Whereby he teacheth that Christian men

The Cherrie and the Slae ... Glasgow, cannot resorte to the Councel of Trent, Printed by Robert Sanders, and are to be without committing an haynous offence.

sold at his Shop, 1668. 12°, white letter. Englyshed by L. A. Anno. 1.5.62. (Col.] A, 8: B, 4: C, 8: D—E, 4: F, 2. Imprynted at London in Powles Church- Cerasum et Sylvestre Prunum ... Edyard by Humfrie Toye, dwellynge at the inburgi, Excudebant Hæredes & Successygne of the Helmet. Cum priuilegio sores Andreæ Anderson, ... Anno Dom.

8°, black letter, A-D in eights. 1696. 8°, A-F in fours. With the title in John Cawood's compart- The Flyting betwixt Montgomerie and ment.

Polwart. Newly corrected and amended. MONTANUS, JOANNES FERRA- Printed in the Year 1679. 12°, A-B 4 RIUS.

in eights. A Woorke .. touchynge the good MOONE, PETER. orderynge of a common weale : wherein aswell magistrates, as priuate persones,

A short treatyse of certayne thinges abused bee put in remembraunce of their dueties,

In the Popysh Church, longe used :

But now abolyshed, to our consolation, not as the Philosophers in their vaine

And Gods word aduanced, the lyght of traditions haue deuised, but according to

our saluation. the godlie institutions and sounde doctrine of christianitie. Englished by wil.

[Four scriptural quotations. Cum priui. liam Bauande. 1559. Imprinted at

legio ad imprimendum solum. (ColoLondon by Jhon Kingston, for Jhon

phon :) Imprinted at Ippyswyche by me Wight, dwellyng in Poules Churchyarde.

Îhon Oswen. [1548.] 40, A-B in fours.

Black letter. In verse. Corser's Collec4°, black letter. C, 4 leaves : A-Ggg in fours : Table, 2 leaves : Errata, 1 leaf.

tanea, part 9, p. 27. Dedicated to Q. Elizabeth.

MOORE, JOHN, Minister of Knaptoft, The translator appears to have been of

Co. Leicester. the Middle Temple.

The Crying Sin of England, Of not caring MONTANUS, REGINALDUS GON

for the Poor. Wherein Inclosure, viz. SALVIUS.

Such as doth unpeople Townes, and unA Discovery and playne Declaration of corn Fields, is Arraigned ... Being the sundry subtill practises of the Holy In- chief Heads of two Sermons, Preached at qvisition of Spayne. Certaine speciall

the Lecture at Lutterworth in Leicesterexamples set aparte by them selues, be- Shire in May last . . . London, Printed sides others that are here and there dis- by T. M. for Antony Williamson . persed in their most conuenient places,

1653. 4°. A, 2 leaves : B-E in fours, wherein a man may see the forsaid prac

last leaf blank. tises of the Inquisition, as they be prac- [Considerations Concerning Common tised and exercised very liuely described. Fields and Inclosvres, Dialogvewise, Set forth in Latine, by Reginaldus Gon- Digested into a deliberative Discourse saluius Montanus, and now newly Trans- between two supposed Friends, Philopeulated. [Quot. from Psalm 74] Im- stus and Parrhesiastes. And tending printed at London, by Ihon Day partly to state and determine the question and are to be solde at his shop vnder of lawfulnesse or unlawfulnesse between the gate. 1568. 4°, black letter, A-Dd Inclosures, and Common Fields, Partly in fours, Dd 4 blank, and sign. B re- to answer some passages, which may be peated twice 12 leaves,

thought to make against Inclosure in

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general, in another discourse lately pub- the Year of Our Lord, MDCLXXXV. lished by Mr. John Moore, under this Folio. Title, The Crying Sinne of England, of Collation : Title and Halstead's dedica. not caring for the poor. London,

tion to Lord Peterborough, 2 leaves : PrePrinted for Abel Roper, 1654. 4°,

face, 2 leaves : C, 2 leaves : D, 1 leaf : Effigy A-F in fours.]

and Arms of Alno, 2 leaves : half-title to

Proofs, 1 leaf : E-H in twos: 1, 1 leaf : MOORE, SIR JONAS.

Arms, &c., of Broc, 2 leaves : half-title to A Mapp of ye Great Levell of ye Fenns

Proofs, 1 leaf: K-O in twos: Arms, &c.,

of Latimer, 2 leaves : P-Z in twos : Arms, extending into ye Countyes of North

&c., of Vere, 2 leaves : 2 A-2 M in twos, amton, Norfolk, Suffolke, Lyncolne, 3 leaves with Arms, &c., of Mauduit in 2 L, Cambridge & Huntington & the Isle of and 2 L 2 with half-title : 2 N-2 S in twos: Ely, as it is now drained, by St Jonas 2 T, 1 leaf : Arms, &c., of Greene, 3 leaves: Moore Suruey' Genll. Printed and Sold

2 V-3R in twos: Arms of De Vere, 3 leaves:

3S-4 N in twos : 40, 1 leaf : 4P, 2 leaves: by Christop" Browne at the Globe near

4 Q, 2 leaves, besides 3 others with Arms, the west end of St. Pauls Church London. &c., of Fitz-Lewes : 4R-4 Z in twos, be1685. 16 folio sheets.

sides 3 leaves in 4 Z with Arms of Howard:

5 A-5 Z in twos, besides 4 leaves in 5 Z MOORE, MARY.

with Mordaunt Arms: 6 A--8 Z in twos, Wonderfull News from the North. Or, Chap. 17 in 8 K left blank: Collateral A True Relation of the Sad and Grievovs Branches of Mordaunt, a half-title, a leaf Torments, Inflicted upon the Bodies of

of text, and 9 of Arms. With numerous three Children'of Mr. George Muschamp,

engravings accompanying the letterpress.

Several blank spaces are left for matter to late of the County of Northumberland,

be supplied, but not forthcoming. by Witch-craft : And how miraculously Printed at the cost of Lord Peterborough, it pleased God to strength them, and to and, it is said, only 24 copies taken off. In deliver them : As also the prosecution of

compiling it he had the assistance of his the sayd Witches, ... London, Printed

chaplain, the Vicar of Turvey, Co. Bedford.

The name of Halstead is considered ficti. by T. H. and are to be sold by Richard

tious, but perhaps on insufficient grounds. Harper, at his shop in Smithfield, 1650.

If such were the case, however, it is to be 4°, A, 2 leaves : B-E 2 in fours. B. M. presumed that the Rev. Mr. Rane, Lord

Peterborough's coadjutor, adopted that MOORE, PHILIP.

pseudonym. The hope of Health wherin is conteined In the Grenville Collection is Lord Peter. a goodlie regimente of life : as medicine, borough's own copy; a second, from the good diet and the goodlie vertues of son

Towneley sale, is in the King's Library,

B. M. derie Herbes, doen by Philip Moore. Imprinted at London, by Jhon Kyngston. MORALIST. Maii, Anno salutis, m.d.lxiiii. 8°, black The Moralist: Or, A Satyr upon the letter. *, 8 leaves : **, 8 leaves : A-H Sects. Shewing some Disputing Passages in eights.

by way of Dialogue, between a wellMOORE, THOMAS.

Principled Lay-Man, and a Professor of A Brief Discourse about Baptisme. By

Theology. .

By the Author of the Thomas For his Friends. Lon.

Weesils. London, Printed in the Year, don, Printed by Geo. Dawson, for Tho;

MDCXCI. 4°, A-T, 2 leaves each. In Brewster and G. Mont. 1649. 4o. verse, except the Postscript. A, 2 leaves : B-G 2 in fours.

MORE, HENRY, M.A., of Christ's College, MORDAUNT, HENRY, Second Earl of Cambridge. Peterborough.

Psychodia Platonica : Or A Platonicall Succinct Genealogies of the Noble and Song of the Soul, Consisting of foure Ancient Houses of Alno or de Alneto.

severall Poems ; viz. Psychanexia. AntiBroc of Shephale. Latiner of Duntish. psychanexia Antimonopsychia. Hereto Drayton of Drayton. Mauduit of Wer- is added a Paraphrasticall Interpretation minster. Greene of Drayton. Vere of of the answer of Apollo consulted by Addington. Fitz-Lewes of Westhorneden. Aurelius, about Plotinus soul departed Howard of Effingham. And Mordaunt of

this life. By H. M. Master of Arts, and · Turvey. Justified by Publick Records,

Fellow of Christs Colledge in Cambridge. Ancient and Extant Charters, Histories

... Cambridge Printed by Roger Daniel, and other Authentick Proofs, and En

. . 1642. 8°, A-Q in eights. riched with divers Sculptures of Tombs, Philosophicall Poems, By Henry More : Images, Seals, and other Curiosities. By Master of Arts, and Fellow of Christs Robert Halstead. London, Printed in Colledge in Cambridge. Cambridge,

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