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Printed by Roger Daniel, Printer to the . . . Col.] Imprinted at Londo in Paules University 1647. 8°. General title, 1 Churche yarde, at the signe of the Lambe, leaf : A, 3 leaves : B-Hh in eights, the by Abraham Veale. M.D.CVI.

8°, black last leaf with the Errata.

letter, A-K in eights, Dedicated to his dear father, Alexander More, Esq.

A Most pleasant, fruitfull, and wittie

worke, ... And now this third Edition, A Collection of several Philosophical newly corrected and amended. London Writings of Dr. Henry More Fellow of

Printed by Thomas Creede. 1597. 4°, Christ's Colledge in Cambridge . . . The black letter, A-T in fours. second Edition more correct and much

In this edition Robinson is described as enlarged. London, Printed by James sometime of Corpus Christi College, OxFlesher, for William Morden Book-seller ford.” in Cambridge. MDCLXII. Folio.

The Common-Wealth of Vtopia : ConMORE, JOHN, Preacher at Norwich.

taining a Learned and pleasant Discourse A Table from the Beginning of the world

of the best state of a Publike Weale, as it

is found in the Government of the new to this day. . . . Printed by Iohn Legate 1599. 89, A (repeated)-R 4 in

Ile called Vtopia. Written by the Right eights.

Honourable, Sir Thomas Moore, Lord

Chancellour of England. London, Printed MORE, SIR THOMAS, Knight, Lord by B. Alsop & T. Fawcet, and are to be Chancellor of England.

sold by Wil: Sheares 1639. 12o. Thomæ Mori Angli, Viri Ervditionis Printed and engraved titles, 2 leaves : pariter, ac virtvtis nomine clarissimi, dedicated by B. Alsop to Cresacre Moore, Angliæqve olim Cancellarii. Omnia of Moore place, North Mimes, co. of quæ hucusque ad manus nostras peruene- Hertford, next of kin to the Chancellor. runt, Latina Opera, quorum aliqua nunc

Utopia : Written in Latin by Sir Thomas primum in lucem prodeunt, reliqua verò multo quàm antea castigatiora. Horvm

More, Chancellor of England: Translated

into English [by Gilbert Burnet.] LonOmnivm Elenchym Pagina duodecima

don ; Printed for Richard Chiswell

, commonstrabit. Lovanii, Apud Ioannem

MDCLXXXIV. 8°, A-P 4 in eights, first Bogardum sub Biblijs Aureis, Anno 1566.

and last leaves blank. Folio. Prefixes, 6 leaves marked A: A (repeated)—Y in sixes : Z, 4 leaves.

Epigrammata Clarissimi disertissimiq; De Optimo Reip. Statv, Deqve noua in

uiri Thomae Mori . . . Apvd Inclytam sula Vtopia, libellus uere aureus, nec

Basileam. [Col.] Basileae Apvd Ioannem minus salutaris quàm festiuus, clarissimi

Frobenivm Mense Decembri. Anno. disertissimiq; uiri Thomae Mori inclytæ

M. D. xx. 4°, a-n in fours : 0, 6 leaves. ciuitatis Londinensis ciuis & vicecomitis. A dyaloge of syr Thomas More knyghte : Epigrammata clarissimi disertissimiq;

one of the counsayll of oure souerayne uiri Thomae mori, pleraq; è Græcis

lorde the kyng & chauncellour of hys uersa. Epigrammata, Des. Erasmi Ro- duchy of Lancaster wherein he treatyd terodami. Apud inclytam Basileanı. dyuers maters / as of the veneration & [Col.] Basileae Apvd Io. Frobenivm

worshyp of ymagys & relyques / praying Mense Decembri. An. M.D.XVIII. 4o. to sayntys & goyng o pylgrymage. Wyth a—z in fours : A-T in fours: V in many othere thyngys touchyng the pessixes. With several woodcut initials and tylent sect of Luther and Tyndale | by headpieces designed by Holbein.

the tone bygone in Saxony / and by the De Optimo Reip. Statv. . . . Epigram

tother laboryd to be brought in to Engmata

lond. [Col.] Enpryntyd at London at Apud inclytam Basileam. [Col.] Basileæ, Apvd Ioannem Fro

the sygue of the meremayd at Powlys benivm, Mense Martio. An. M.D.XVIII.

gate next to chepe syde in the moneth of 4°, a-s in fours : t-u in sixes: the

June the yere of our lord. M. v. C. xxix. Epigrammata, with a new title, x-z in

Cum priuilegio Regali. Folio, black letfours : A-I in fours : K in sixes. Lam

ter, printed in two columns. A, 4 leaves : beth.

B-V in sixes : X, 8 leaves, the colophon Thomæ Mori Utopia, A Mendis vindi

on X 8 verso: Errata, followed by a cata. Oxonii, Typis W. Hall ... 1663.

blank, 2 leaves more. Guildhall Library.

This copy has a marginal note pasted on 12°, A-L in twelves.

Q 3 verso. A frutefull pleasaunt, & wittie worke ... The cöfutacyon of Tyndales answere made Imprinted at London, by Abraham Veale by syr Thomas More knyght lorde chaū




cellour of Englonde. Prentyd at London impress. Cum priuilegio. . Anno. by wyllyam Rastell. 1532. Cvm Privi. M.D.xxxix. 8°, black letter, A-D in legio. Folio, black letter, Aa-Ee in eights. fours; a-v in fours : x, 6 leaves : A-S

MORGAN, JOHN. in fours : T, 6 leaves, T 6 with the Errata.

A most bloody vnnaturall and vnmatchLambeth.

able murther Comitted in WhitechapExpositio Fidelis De Morte D. Thomæ

pell by Nathanaell Tindall vpon his owne Mori & quorundam aliorū insignium mother. Licensed to John Trundle and uirorum in Anglia. Anno M.D.XXXV. 4°, Richard Hodgkinsson] 16 Sept. 1624. roman letter, A-C in fours.

MORGAN, SHINKIN AP, pseud. Beschreyvung des vrtheyls vnd todts /

See Wales. weiland des Grosz Canzlers in Engenlande / heren Thomas Morus /. ... No MORGAN, SYLVANUS. place, printer's name, or date, [1534.] 4°, London, King Charles His Augusta, Or black letter, 4 leaves.

City Royal. Of the Founders, the Names, More has some lambic verses, addressed and oldest Honours of the City. An His. "Ad Candidum," at sign. M ii. of a book torical and Antiquarian Work, Written called “De Generibus Ebreosorum,” 4°, first in Heroicall Latin Verse. .. and 1515; they are intended to show Qualis

now translated into English Couplets, uxor diligenda.”

with Annotations. London. Printed MORELL, WILLIAM.

for William Ley bourn, 1648. 4°, A-C Verborvm Latinorvm Cvm Graecis An- 2 in fours. glicisqve Conivnctorum, locupletissimi Commentarij : Ad Elaboratvm Gvilielmi MORISON, ROBERT, M.D., Professor of Morelii .. Archetypum accuratissimè


Plantarum Umbelliferarum Distributio excusi.. Londini, In ædibus Henrici Bynnemani, per assignationem Richardi

Nova, Per Tabulas Cognationis et AffiniHuttoni. Cum Priuilegio Folio.

tatis Ex Libro Naturæ Observata & deTitle, dedication by Hutton to Dudley,

tecta. . . . Oxonii, E Theatro Sheldoniano.

Anno Domini M.DC.LXXII. Folio. Title Earl of Leicester, lines by Abraham Fleming Londinigena to Morelius, &c., 4 leaves :

and two dedications, 3 leaves : Preface,

2 leaves : A-Z, 2 leaves each : eight A-5 E in sixes.

leaves of tables : . Tabula Generalis, 2 MORESYNE, RICHARD.

leaves : plates (12). Apomaxis Calvmniarvin, Convitiorvmqve, quibus Ioannes Cocleus homo theologus

MORLAND, SAMUEL. exiguus artiủ professor, scurra procax,

The History of the Evangelical Churches Henrici octaui, serenissimi regis Angliæ

of the Valleys of Piemont Containing a famam impetere, nomē obscurare, rerum

a most exact Geographical Description of gestarü gloriam fædare, nuper edita, non

the Place, and a faithfull Account of the tam ad regē, q in regis invidiā, epistola

Doctrine, Life, and Persecution of the

Ancient Inhabitants. Together with a studuit. Authore Ricardo Morysino Anglo. [Col.] Londini In A Edibvs Thomae

most naked and punctual Relation of the Bertheleti . . . An. M.D.XXXVII. . . . 4°,

late Bloody Massacre. 1655. And a NarA, 4 leaves : A-Z in fours : a-c in

rative of all the following Transactions, fours, c 4 with the colophon. Dedicated

to the Year of our Lord, 1658. All which to Thomas Cromwell.

are justified, partly by divers Ancient

Manuscripts written many hundred Years An Invective agenste the great and de- before Calvin or Luther, and partly by testable vice, treason, wherein the secrete

other most Authentick Attestations. practises, and traiterous workinges of

London. Printed by Henry Hills . . for theym, that suffrid of late are disclosed.

Adoniram Byfield. ... 1658. Folio. With made by Rycharde Morisyne. (Col.] Londini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti typis

a portrait of Morland by Lombart and a

folded map. A, 6 leaves : [b], 2 sheets of impress. Cum priuilegio ad imprimen

four : [c]—[h] in fours, but [f] omitted : dum solum. Anno. M. D. xxxix. B-Xxxx in fours ; no Mmm 4. black letter. a, 8 leaves, a 7-8 blank :

There are some curious engravings on the A-F 4 in eights.

letterpress; but they appear to have been An Exhortation to styrre all Englyshe

used for another purpose, and at any rate

have a strong resemblance to those in men to the defence of theyr countreye,

Cranford's book. Morland was Cromwell's made by Richarde Morysine. [Col.] Commissioner at Geneva to inquire into the Londini in ædibus Thome Bertheleti typis wrongs of the Waldenses; the volume is

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dedicated to the Protector. Morland was for diuers others his frendes which deafterwards knighted. The print of him light in Musicke. Printed at London in attached to this book was engraved from his portrait by Lely.

Little Saint Helens by V Villiam Barley,

the Assigne of Thomas Morley, and are The Description and Use of Two Arith

to be solde at his shop in Gratious-streete. metick Instruments. Together with a

Cvm Privilegio Ad Imprimendum solum. Short Treatise, explaining and Demon

1599. Folio, A-C in fours. Bodleian strating the Ordinary Operations of Arith

(Douce). metick. As likewise, A Perpetual Alma- To the right honorable, Sir Stephen nack, And several Useful Tables Pre

Some, Knight, Lord Mayor of the citty of sented to His Most Excellent Majesty London and to the right worshipfvl the Charles II. ... By S. Morland. London,

Aldermen of the same, Thomas Morley Printed, and are to be sold by Moses Pitt

Gent. of her Maiesties Chappell, wisheth

long health and felicitie." ... 1673. 8°, A-G 2 in eights : the Almanack, &c., 30 leaves, the last blank,

The First Booke of Consort Lessons, besides a folded leaf, all irregularly

Collected by Thomas Morley Gentleman, marked and paged. With a portrait.

and now newly corrected and enlarged. A Specimen of a Dictionary English and

London : Printed by Thomas Snodham

for Iohn Browne, 1611. Folio, ALatin, Compild by the late Mr. S. Mor

B in fours. Dedicated to Sir Stephen land F.R.S. As Propos'd to be Publish'd

Some, Lord Mayor of London. by his Son S. Morland F.R.S. London,

This is the treble viol portion only. MDCCXXIII. 4°, 8 leaves. B. M.

Rimbault, August, 1877, No. 1191. MORLEY, HENRY PARKER, Lord. MORPETH, MARY. The Exposition and declaration of the To the Most Illustrious John, Earle of Psalme, Deus ultimum Dominus, made Lauderdale, &c. His Majesties High by syr Henry Parker Knight, lord Mor- Commissioner for the Kingdom of Scotley, dedicated to the Kinges highnes. land, His Grace, A Congratulatory wel[Col.] Londini in ædibus Thome Ber- come of an Heart-well-wishing Quill : theleti . . . Anno. M.D.xxxix. 8°, A-C Hecatombe. A folio sheet.

In verse. in eights, C 7-8 blank. Lambeth. [1670.] MORLEY, THOMAS.

To the Right Honourable James Earl of A Plaine and Easie Introdvction to Prac- Perth, Lord Drummond, and Stow-hall, ticall Mvsicke. Set downe in forme of a &c. Lord High Chancellour of His Maiesdialogue. Deuided into three partes. ties most Ancient Kingdom of Scotland. The first teacheth to sing with all things The Congratulatory Welcome of an Obnecessary for the knowledge of prickesong. liged Quill. [1684.] A poetical broadThe second treateth of descante ... The side. third and last part entreateth of compo- These two pieces are assigned to Mary sition of three, foure, five or more parts.

Morpeth. By Thomas Morley, Batcheler of MORTON, THOMAS, Bishop of Durham. musick, & one of the gent. of her Maiesties

Episcopos Apostolokos, Or The EpiscoRoyall Chappell. Imprinted at London

pacy of the Church of England Justified by Peter Short . . . 1597. Folio. Title to be Apostolical, From the Authority of within broad woodcut border and dedica- the Antient Primitive Church : ... By tion to Master William Bird, 2 leaves : Thomas Morton, late Lord Bishop B-Bb in fours: 2 leaves engraved : of Duresme. Before which is Prefixed Annotations, T, 4 leaves : *, 4 leaves : A Preface to the Reader concerning this (:::) 4 leaves.

Subject : By Sir Henry Yelverton BaroA Plaine and Easie Introdvction. net. . . . London, Printed for J. Collins Imprinted at London by Humfrey 1670. 8°. A, 4 leaves : B-Q 4 in Lownes 1608. Folio. Title and eights, Q 4 blank. With a portrait of the dedication, 2 leaves : B-Bb in fours, &c. Bishop. (as before.)

MORTON, ANN DOUGLAS, Countess of. The First Booke of Consort Lessons, The Countess of Morton's Daily Exercise; made by diuers exquisite Authors, for six Or A Book of Praiers, and Rules How to Instruments to play together, the Treble spend the Time in the Service and PleaLute, the Pandora, the Cittern, the Base- sure of Almighty God. London, Printed Violl, the Flute & Treble-Violl. Newly for R. Royston, Bookseller to His most set forth at the coast & charges of a Sacred Majesty. 1666. 12°, A-F in Gentle-man, for his priuate pleasure, and twelves, including a frontispiece, in which


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a lady (perhaps the authoress) is repre- many dyuers Infyrmytes and dyseases sented kneeling in prayer.

Dedicated that hurteth the body of Man. [Col.] by M. G. to Anne Countess of Mareshall, Thus endeth the Myrrour or Glasse of and to the memory of her mother, Anne, Helthe. Imprynted at London in FleteCountess of Morton. Br. Museum.

strete at the sygne of the George by The Imprimatur is dated March 28, Wyllyam Myddelton dwellynge nexte to 1665 [-6.]

Saynte Dunstones Churche. [Circa 1540.] MOSSE, MILES, D.D., Pastor of Combes. 8°, black letter, A-H 4 in eights. Scotlands Welcome. A Sermon Preached MOXON, JOSEPH. at Needham in the Countie of Suff, on Mechanick Dyalling :

The Third Tuesday, April 5, 1603. By Miles

Edition. By Joseph Moxon. LonMosse, Pastor of the Church of God in

don, Printed for James Moxon, . . . 1697. Combes, and Doctor of Diuinity. With

4', A—G in fours. With diagrams. some notes and allegations then omitted by reason of the time, and the capacitie

MUCEDORUS. of the audience. London, Printed by

A Most Pleasant Comedie of Mucedorus. Melchisedech Bradwood for Thomas Man. At London, Printed for Iohn Wright 1603. 8°, A-F 4 in eights, F 4 blank.

1618. 40, A-F in fours, first and Dedicated to John Earl of Mar.

last leaves blank, MOSSOM, R., Preacher at St. Peter's, MUGGLETON, L. Paul's Wharf, London.

The Blasphemer Tryed and Cast : Or a Englands Gratulation for the King and more full Narrative of the Tryal of Lodohis Subjects Happy Union. First Preacht wick Muggleton, on Wednesday the 17th on the Day of Publique Thanksgiving,

of this Instant January, at the Sessionsappointed by the Parliament, May the House in the Old-Bayly. With a Relaloth 1660. Since Publisht as a Common tion of the Charges delivered to the Jewry, Tribute to Cæsar, at his so much long'd

and the Sentence passed upon him for Arrival. London, Printed by [London, 1676.) 4°, 12 leaves. Tho. Newcomb, for William Grantham,

The imprint in this copy was cut off. 1660. 4°, A-F in fours, first leaf MUN, THOMAS. blank. With a portrait of the King. A Discovrse of Trade, From England vnto MOTTEUX, PETER.

the East-Indies : Answering to diuerse The Gentleman's Journal : Or The

Obiections which are vsually made against Monthly Miscellany. By way of Letter

the same. By T. M. London. Printed to a Gentleman in the Country. Con

by Nicholas Okes for John Pyper. 1621. sisting of News, History, Poetry, Musick,

40, A-H 2 in fours, A 1 and H 2 blank, Translations, &c. . . . London, Printed;

besides (d), 4 leaves. and are to be sold by R. Baldwin, England's Treasure by Forraign Trade. 1692-4. 4°. Three volumes or 36 num

London, Printed by J. Flesher 'for hers, each number separately signatured Robert Horne . . . 1669. 8°, A-N 4 in and 'titled. The dedications are signed | eights. P. M. or Peter Motteux.

MUNDAY, ANTHONY. Love's a Jest. A Comedy, As it is Acted A Discouerie of Edmund Campion, and at the New Theatre in Little Lincolns

his Confederates, their most horrible and Inn-Fields. By his Majesties Servants.

traitorous practises, against her Maiesties Written by Mr. Motteux. London,

most royall person, and the Realme. MDCXCVI. 4o. A, 4 leaves : (a) 2 leaves :

Wherein may be seene, how thorowe the B-L 2 in fours. Dedicated to Charles, whole course of their Araignement: they Lord Clifford of Lanesborough,

were notably conuicted of euery cause. MOULTON, THOMAS.

Whereto is added, the Execution of EdThe Myrrour or Glasse of helth necessary mund Campion, Ralphe Sherwin, and and nedefull for euery person to loke in Alexander Brian, executed at Tiborne the that wyll kepe theyr body from the seke- 1. of December. Published by A. M. nes of the Pestylence. And it sheweth sometime the Popes Scholler, allowed in howe the Planettes reygne in euery houre the Seminarie at Roome amongst them : of the daye and the nyght with the a Discourse needefull to be read of euery natures and Exposycyons of the .xii. man, to beware how they deale with such Sygnes, deuyded by the .xii. Monthes of secret seducers. Seene and allowed. Imthe yere. And sheweth the remedyes, for printed at London for Edward White ...




the 29. of Janua. 1582. 8°, A-G in eights, Bloody Cruelties, And Barbarous and A 8 and G 8 blank.

Unheard of Murthers, And Tragical VilDedicated to Sir Edward Bromley,Knight, lanies, Lately Committed in Several and others.

Counties of England. ... London, Printed A Briefe Chronicle, of the Successe of by W. D. for J. Conyers at the BlackTimes, from the Creation of the World to Raven in Duck-Lane, 1684.

4°, 4 leaves. this instant. Containing the Originall & B. M. liues of our ancient Fore-Fathers, before The counties are Cambridgeshire, Kent, and after the Flood; As also, of all the Essex, Surrey, Middlesex, and Yorkshire. Monarchs, Emperours, Kinges : : in MURE, OR MOORE, SIR WILLIAM, most Nations of this Worlde: And how of Rovallan, Knight. in alteration, or succession, they have The Trve Crvcifixe for True Catholickes continued to this day. Printed by W. Or The Way for true Catholickes to have laggard, Printer to the Honourable Citiy the true Crucifixe. By S: William Moore, of London, and are to be sold at his house

Yo: of Rovvallane, Knight. . . . Edinin Barbican. 1611. 89, chiefly black

burgh, Printed by Iolin Wreittoun, and letter, A--B 4 in eights : C—Ss 2 in are to bee sold at his shop, a litle beneath eights.

the Salt-Trone. 1629. 8°. *, 8 leaves : Dedicated (1) to Sir William Cravon, Lord A-Q 4 in eights, Q 4 blank. In verse. Mayor, Sir Henry Montague, King's Serjeant, &c., and (2) to the Merchant Taylors'

With commendatory verses by W. DrumCompany. In the latter address there is

mond, John Adamson, &c. B. M. an interesting account of Sir Thomas White The Cry of Blood, And of a Broken Coveand his beneractions.

nant. Written out at first on the sad MURDER.

Relation of our late Soveraignes most The murder Donne by Anne Harrison treacherous and inhumane Murther. Most alias Myddelton. Licensed to Thomas humbly dedicated, and (then) propos'd to East, 24 Feb. 1579-80.

have been Published and Presented to the A brief discourse of Foure cruell murders,

Kings most Excellent Majestie, if so Pro&c. A ballad. Licensed to Thomas Nel

vidence had dispensed. And now, how 801, 2 Nov. 1584.

late soever, (all obstructions being reA booke intituled The murder of murders.

moved) adventured upon his Majesties Licensed to John Kyd, 24 July, 1591.

gracious acceptance and favour of all

herein concernd:.. By Sir William A Collection of murders committed in Moore of Rowallane Knight. Edinburgh, England, with many of their strange Printed by the Heires of George Anderand miraculous revealinges. Licensed to son, 1650. 4°, A-D 2 in fours. In verse. George Eld, 15 June, 1609.

B. M. The inhumane, bloodie and cruell murder MURRAY, SIR DAVID, of Gorthy. committed by one William Hollis vpon Hounslowe Heathe with his arraynement

Sophonisba. . . . 1611.

Collation : A-E in eights. and execucon. Licensed to Joseph Hunt, 16 January, 1612–13.

MURRAY, WILLIAM. A ballett of a murder done vpon one

A Short Treatise of Death in Sixe Chap

ters. Together with the Ænigmatick master Noble at Montague house by one Francis Rubye a stranger. Licensed to

description of old age and death written

Ecclesiastes 12. Chap. exponed and paraHenry Gosson, 12 July, 1614.

phrased in English Meeter. Written by The Lawes and Statutes of God, Concern- Mr. William Morray, Minister of Gods ing the punishment to be inflicted upon Word. . . . Edinbvryh, Printed by Iohn wilfull murderers. . . London, Printed

Wreittoun, Anno Dom. 1631. 89, A-C for Matthew Simmons, . . 1646. 4°,

in eights, C 8 blank. Dedicated to the A-B in fours, B 4 blank.

Lady Agnes Morray, Mistress of StorMurther will out. Or, Honest-men look mont. to yourselves. Or, A brief Discourse A Short Treatise of Death. . . . Edinshewing all Loyall Subjects what good

bvrgh. Printed by Iohn Wreittoun, 1633. they can exspect from a Perfidious City, 8o. Title, &c., 4 leaves : A-C in eights, a Perjured Parliament, and a Bloudy

C 8 blauk. Army. [14 lines of verse.] Printed, Anno

A verbatim reprint of 1631. Domini, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves.

MURRELL, JOHN. Murther upon

Murther : Or A True and The Ladies practise, or a plaine and easie Faithful Relation, of Six Horrid and direction for ladies and gentlemien, by


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