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containing a portrait of the Prince of Orange.

A compilation from various sources by an anonymous pen. Published at ls. The English and Dutch Affairs Displayed to the Life : Both in matters of Warr, State, and Merchandize ; How far the English Engaged in their Defence, against the most potent Monarchy of Spain, and how ill the Dutch have since requited the English. By a true Lover and Asserter of his Countries Honour. London, Printed by Thomas Mabb, for Edward Thomas. . . . 1664. 4°, B-H in fours, and the title. A Deduction Wherein is proved by most clear Arguments, that the Right of Devolution hath no Place among Soveraign Princes of the Low Countries, as some have gone about to perswade : And that the Delay of Paying the French Queen's Dowry doth not annull the Renunciation which she made at her Marriage. London, Printed for Richard Royston, 1667. 89, A-B in eights. The Dutch Gazette: Or, The Sheet of Wild-Fire, that Fired the Dutch Fleet. [London, 1667 ?] A folio leaf of verses.

The imprint of this copy was cut off. A Placat of the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Netherlands ; Conteining a Sharp Prohibition to the Inhabitants of these Lands, and also concerning the Navigation and Commerce of the Neutrals to the Havens of France and England, and the Goods of Contrabande, and Assurances of Ships and Goods belonging to the Subjects of France and Great Brittany. In the Hague, Printed by Jacobus Scheltus, . . . Anno 1672. Folio, 4 leaves. In two columns, Eng. and Dutch. The Lyon Disturbed. † Amsterdam bij Steven Swart. [At the end occurs:] Faithfully Translated out of Dutch into English, according to the copy Printed at Amsterdam by Steven Swart, Bookseller. Novemb. 30. 1672. 4°, A-G in fours, besides 26 leaves of portraits and plates.

On the top of A 2 occurs : The Lyon Disturbed : Containing An Historicall Relation of the most remarkable Passages since the beginning of this War ...

as a head. line. A Narrative of the Siege and Surrender of Maestricht, To the Most Christian King. On the 30 of June. In the Savoy : Printed by Tho. Newcomb. 1673. Folio, 6 leaves. . B. M.

The Letter sent by the States General of the United Provinces of the Low Countreys to His Majesty, By their Trumpeter: Together with His Majesties Answer to the said Letter. Translated out of French into English. Published by His Majesties special command, London,... 1673. Folio, A-E, 2 leaves each, and a leaf of F.

and Terrible News from Holland of a most Lamentable Tempest that happened at Utrecht and Amsterdam. London, Printed for Thomas Wood, 1674. 4°, 4 leaves. A True Narrative of the Great and Bloody Fight between the French and Dutch, on August the 10th New-Style. Being a Full and True Relation of all the Passages between the two Armies.

London, Printed for D. M. in the Year 1674. 4°, 4 leaves. The Netherland-Historian, containing A true and exact Relation of what hath passed in the late Warrs between the King of Great Britain, and the French King with their Allyes, against the States-Generall of the United Provinces ; from the beginning thereof Anno 1671 to the conclusion of Peace. . . . Illustrated with above 60 Sculptures. .. Amsterdam, Printed by Stephen Swart, 1675. 8°. Leaf of Arms, Label leaf, title, &c., 5 leaves : A-Mm in eights, exclusively of the plates. An Intimation of the Deputies of the States General, in a late Discourse with Mr. Sidney Extraordinary Envoy from His Majesty of Great Britain. [1681.] Folio, 2 leaves. The Deputies of the Republick of Amsterdam to the States of Holland Convicted of High Treason, Written and Proved by the Minister of State. According to a true Copy printed at the Hagve 1684. London, Printed for Randal Tay. lor.

. . 1684. 4°, A-G in fours. A Letter Writ by Mijn Heer Fagel, Pensioner to the Great and Mighty Lords, the States of Holland and Westfriesland. Writ in French on the gth of April, N. Stile 1688. To the Marquiss of Albeville, Envoy Extraordinary of His Majesty of Great Brittain, to the High and Mighty the States General of the United Provinces. To which is prefixt an Account of the Letter writ by Mijn Heer Fagel on the 4th of November in the vear 1687 to Mr. Stewart ... Transjated out of the French and Dutch into English. Folio, 2 leaves.




The Confession of Faithi, Of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands. With the Formes which they use in the Administration of the Sacraments. ... Translated out of Dutch into English. Amsterdam, Printed by the Widow of Steven Swart, 1689. 4°, A-F 3 in fours. The Siege and Surrender of Mons. A Tragi-Comedy, Exposing the Villany of the Priests, and the Intrigues of the French. London, Printed for Richard Baldwin. 1691. 4° Title and Dramatis Personce, 2 leaves : C, 4 leaves (no B): c, 2 leaves : D-E in fours. An Accurate Description of the United Netherlands, And of the most considerable Parts of Germany, Sweden, & Denmark, Containing A Succinct Account of what is most Remarkable in these Countries : And Necessary Instructions for Travellers. Together with an Exact Relation of the Entertainment of His Most Sacred Majesty King William at the Hague. Written by an English Gentleman. London : Printed for Timothy Childe ... 1691. 8°.

Title and preface, 2 leaves : B-N in eights, Ñ 8 blank. With a folding plate at p. 18 and 4 others at pp. 2, 6, 10, and 16 of the second portion.

The Relation is a reprint of the separate

tract printed in the same year. NEVILE, ALEXANDER. Norfolke Furies, and their Foyle. Vnder Kett, their accursed Captaine. With a Description of the Famous Citie of Norwich. . . . London, Printed for Edward Casson, dwelling in Norwich, and are to bee sold at his Shop in the Market Stead, at the signe of the Bible. 1623. 4°, A-H in fours. Dedicated to Sir Thomas Hiem, Mayor of Norwich. NEVILE, HENRY. Plato Redivivus : Or, A Dialogue Concerning Government.... The Second Edition, with Additions. London ... 1681. 8°, A--V 2 in eights. NEWBURY, NATHANAEL, M.A., Mini

ster of Ludenham, Kent. The Yeomans Prerogative, Or, The Honour of Husbandry. A Sermon Preached to some, and Dedicated to all the Yeomen and Farmers of Kent. May 27. 1652.

London, Printed by J. Moxon, for J. N. MDCLII. 4°, A-E 2 in fours. NEWCASTLE, WILLIAM CAVEN.

DISH, Duke of. A Proclamation by his Excellency William Earle of New Castle, Lord Generall of All His Majesties Forces in the North

Parts of England, For bringing in of
Arms. Printed at York by Stephen
Bulkley, 1642. By speciall Comniand.
A sheet.
Observations Vpon the Earle of New-
Castles Declaration. London Printed in
the yeare, 1643. 4°, 8 leaves.
The Triumphant Widow, Or The Medley
of Humours. A Comedy, Acted by His
Royal Highness's Servants. Written by
His Grace the Duke of Newcastle. Lon-
don, Printed by J. M. for H. Herringman,

1677. 40. A, 2 leaves : B–0 2 in fours, 0 2 with the Epilogues. The Humorous Lovers. A Comedy, Acted by His Royal Highnes's Servants. Written by His Grace the Duke of Newcastle. London, Printed by J. M. for Henry Herringman, 1677. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-I 2 in fours.

Pepys, who witnessed the performance of this piece, and saw the noble author and his wife also at the theatre, attributes it to the Duchess, an apparent error, which the

editor of the Diary has not detected. NEWCASTLE, MARGARET CAVEN.

DISH, Duchess of. Poems, And Fancies : Written by the Right Honovrable, The Lady Newcastle. London, Printed by T. R. for J. Martin, and J. Allestrye . 1653. Folio. A, 8 leaves : B-Kk in fours. Dedicated to “Sir Charles Cavendish, my Noble Brother-in-Law." B. M. Poems, and Phancies, The Seconil Impression, much Altered and Corrected. London, Printed by William Wilson, Anno Dom. M.DC.LXIV. Folio. A, 4 leaves : b-c in fours : B-Qq 2 in fours. With a portrait of the Duchess, fulllength, in a niche. B. M. (the Bliss and Stainforth copy.) The Worlds Olio. 'Written by the Most Excellent Lady the Lady M. of Newcastle. London Printed for J. Martyn and J. Allestrye ... 1655. Folio. A, 5 leaves, besides the title and a full-length portrait of the Duchess in a niche by Deipenbeke: B-Ee in fours : Fi, 5 leaves. B. M. The Worlds Olio. The Second Edition. London, Printed by A. Maxwell, in the Year 1671. Folio. A, 2 leaves : b-f, 2 leaves each : B, 2 leaves : C-3 I in fours. With the portrait surmounted by Cupids, the Duchess seated in a chair. B, M. The Philosophical and Physical Opinions, Written by her Excellency, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. London, Printed for J. Martin and J. Allestrye . . . 1635. NEWCASTLE.



some verses.

Folio. Title, 1 leaf : A-B in fours : (a), 4 leaves : C-Aa 2 in fours. B. M. Philosophical and Physical Opinions. Written by the ... Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. London, Printed by William Wilson, Anno Dom. M.DC LXIII. Folio. Title, i leaf : a-e 2 in fours, no a 4: B-3 M in fours : (3 N), 1 leaf : 3 N in fours : (3 N 2), 1 leaf : 30—3 Q in twos : B. M.

The signatures in this copy are misplaced. Grounds of Natural Philosophy : Divided into Thirteen Parts : With an Appendix Containing Five Parts. The Second Edition, much altered from the First, which went under the Name of Philosophical and Physical Opinions. London, Printed by A. Maxwell, in the Year 1668. Folio, A-2 R in fours, and *, 2 leaves. B. M. Natures Picture Drawn by Fancies Pencil. ... The Second Edition. London, Printed by A. Maxwell, in the Year 1671. Folio. A, 2 leaves : b-c in twos : B-8 T, 2 leaves each : 8 V, 1 leaf. With the portrait of the authoress standing in a niche, supported by two full-length figures, with 12 lines of verse beneath. B. M. Orations of Divers Sorts, Accommodated to Divers Places. Written by the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. London, Printed Anno Dom. 1662. Folio. Title, 1 leaf: A, 5 leaves : B-Rr in fours: Ss—Tt in twos. B. M. Playes Written by the Thrice Noble, Illustrious and Excellent Princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. London, Printed by A. Warren, for John Martyn, James Allestry, and Tho. Dicas, at the Bell in Saint Pauls Church Yard, 1662. Folio. Title, 1 leaf : Dedication, 1 leaf : Epistle Dedicatory, 1 leaf : To the Readers (various addresses), 6 leaves : coniplementary verses by the Marquis of Newcastle, i leaf: General Prologue, 2 leaves : then B-Hhhhhhhh, 2 leaves each, and Iiiii, 4 leaves. Plays, Never before Printed. Written by the Thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princesse the Duchess of Newcastle. London, Printed by A. Maxwell, in the Year M. DC. LX. VIII. Folio. Portrait in a niche by Van Schuppen with verses beneath, 1 leaf : title, I leaf : To the Readers, Actors' names, &c., 2 leaves : B-Bb, 2 leaves each : B (repeated)—Z, 2 leaves each : Aa, i leaf : Bb-Rr 2 leaves each : B (repeated)—X, 2 leaves each: A-O, 2 leaves each : A-D, 2 leaves each : E, 3 leaves.

Philosophical Letters : Or, Modest Reflections upon some Opinions in Natural Philosophy, Maintained by several Famous and Learned Authors of this Age, Expressed by way of Letters : By the... Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. London, Printed in the Year, 1664. Folio. Title and verses by the Duke, 2 leaves : a-b, 2 leaves each : c, 1 leaf : 3—6 y, 2 leaves each, the last leaf occupied by

B. M. CCXI. Sociable Letters, Written by the

.. Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. London, Printed by William Wilson, Anno Dom. M.DC.LXIV,

Folio. Title and verses by the Duke, 2 leaves : b-d, 2 leaves each: A-3 K in fours : 3 L-M, 2 leaves each, 3 M 2 blank. B. M. Observations upon Experimental Philosophy. To which is added, The Description of a New Blazing World. . London, Printed by A. Maxwell, in the Year, 1666. Folio. Title and verses by the Duke, 2 leaves : b—f, 2 leaves each : 8, 4 leaves : h–9, 2 leaves each : Table and Catalogue of the Duchess's Works, 3 leaves : B-3 P, 2 leaves each : 3 Q, 1 leaf : 3 R, 2 leaves : Further Observations, A-B, 1 leaf each : C-55, 2 leaves each : Blazing World, B-Gg in twos, besides title and three other introductory leaves: Hh, 4 leaves : Second Part, A-I, 2 leaves each. B. N. The Description of a New World, Called The Blazing-World. Written by the Duchess of Newcastle. London, Printed by A. Maxwell, in the Year M.DC.LXVIII. Folio. Title, verses by the Duke to his wife, and preface by the latter to the ladies, 3 leaves : B-X in fours. In

B.M. The Life of the Thrice Noble, High and Puissant Prince William Cavendishe, Marquess, and Earl of Newcastle ; ...; who had the honour to be Governor to our most Glorious King, and Gracious Soveraign, in his Youth, when He was Prince of Wales; and soon after was made Captain General of all the Provinces beyond the River of Trent, and other parts of the Kingdom of England, with Power, by a Special Commission, to make Knights. Written by the thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princess, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle, His Wife. London, Printed by A. Maxwell, in the Year 1667. Folio. Title and dedication to Charles II., 2 leaves : (a)—c), 2 leaves each : (-1), 3 leaves : (e),





2 leaves : B-3 E, 2 leaves each, but 3 Tho. Parkhurst, . 1692. 4°, A-L 2 leaves in Gg.

in fours. De Vita et Rebus Gestis. . . . Londini,

The Light appearing more and more toExcudebat T. M. MDCLXVIII. Folio. wards the perfect Day, Or, A farther DisA-D in twos: B (repeated)—3 O in covery of the present state of the Indians twos. B. M.

in New-England, Concerning the ProA Latin translation of the Life.

gresse of the Gospel amongst them. Mani

fested by Letters from such as preacht to NEW ENGLAND.

them there. Published by Henry WhitNewes from newe England. A ballad. Licensed to John Bellamy, 29 June, 1622.

field, late Pastor to the Church of Christ

at Gilford in New-England, who came A briefe Relation of the Discovery and late thence. . . . London, Printed by T. Plantation of New England : And of R. & E. M. for John Bartlet, . . . 1651. Syndry Accidents therein occurring, from 4°, A-G 3 in fours. the yecre of our Lord M.DC.VII. to this

NEWGATE. present M.DC.XXII. Together with the state thereof as now it standeth ; the

Strange Newes from Newgate and the generall forme of gouernment intended,

Old-Baily : Or The Proofs, Examinations, and the division of the whole Territorie

Declarations, Indictments, Conviction, into Counties, Baronries, &c. London,

and Confessions of I. Collins, and T. Printed by John Haviland, and are to be

Reeve, two of the Ranters taken in Moresold by William Bladen. M.DC.XXII. 4°,

lane, at the Generall Sessions of GaolA-ER2 in fours, A 2 blank. Dedicateu

Delivery, . with the strange and to Prince Charles.

wonderfull judgement of God shewed A Proclamation to restrain the transport

upon one T. Kendall, a Ranter in Drury

lane, London, Printed by B. Alsop, ing of Passengers and Provisions to New England, without Licence. [May 1, 1638.]

1651 (Jan. 21, 1650–1.] 4°, 4 leaves. With cuts.

B. M. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, ... 1633. Forster Coli.

NEWINGTON. Newes from New England or Old Eng

A True and Wonderful Relation of a

Murther committed in the Parish of landes new birth. Licensed to Michael Sparkes, 5 March, 1629–30.

Newington the 12th Day of this present

January, By a Maid who poisoned her Church-Government and Church-Cove

self. And cut the Throat of a Child. nant Discussed. In an Answer of the Elders of the Severall Churches in New

London, Printed for T. Benskin, ..

1681. Folio, 2 leaves. England to two and thirty Questions, sent over to them by divers Ministers in Eng- NEWPORT, M. land, to declare their judgments therein.

Sereniss. Principi Carolo Secundo ... Together with an Apologie of the said

Votum Candidum Vivat Rex. Authore Elders in New-England for Church-Cove- Mauritio Neoporto Anglo. Editio altera nant, : . . London, Printed by R. O. and emendatior. Londini. Typis NeucomiG. D. for Benjamin Allen 1643. 4o. anis 1669. 8°, A-Y 2 in fours. Title and preface, 2 leaves : A-K in fours, K 4 blank, and F 3 and G i occupied by NEW RIVER. two titles, An Apologie, and An Answer: The leeses of the newe river lately brought The xxxii Questions Stated, on a headline, from Amwell to London by master Hugh A-L 2 in fours.

Middleton. Licensed (finally) to Felix A Short Story of the Rise, reign, and ruin Kingston, 6 June, 1614. of the Antinomians, Familists & Liber- NEWS. tines, that infected the Churches of New

Newes from Nymmynghen : of Skynes England : ... Published at the instant

farewell to England. Licensed to Abel request of sundry, by one that was an

Jeffes, 5 Nov. 1589. eye and eare-witnesse of the carriage of matters there [T. W.] ... London, Prin

Straunge Newes out of Calabria : Progted for Ralph Smith, 1644. 4°, A

nosticated in the yere 1586. vpon the -L 2 in fours.

yere 87, and what shall happen in the A Short Story of the Rise, Reign, and

said yere : Praying the Lord to be mer

cifull vnto us. [London, 1586.] 4°, black Ruin of the Antinomians, Familists, and

letter, A in fours [?] Libertines that Infected the Churches of

The above title has been copied from A 3 New-England. . . . London, Printed for

verso, the tract having no title, and com


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mencing on A 2 with a woodcut occupying and burning his sacred word and Bible ; the whole of the page. A 2 verso has The the name of a new God by them chosen, Preface to the Reader, which extends to A 3

and his Speech and promise unto them ; recio. Attributed to John Doleta.

. . Published according to Order. LonA proper newe ballad conteyninge news

don, Printed by J. C. 1650 [Jan. 20, from Spayne, Rome, and Genevæ. Li

1650–1.] 4°, 4 leaves. With a woodcut censed to W. Wright, 28 April, 1590. on title. B. M. Newes out of Fraunce Savoy Dauphine Alepo Soria and Tripole. Licensed to

A Cruel Tragedy : Or, Strange and Won

derful News from Swan-alley in GoldenJohn Wolfe, 2 March, 1590-1.

lane, in the Parish of St. Giles CrippleNewes from Rome, Spaine, Palermo,

gate. Being a perfect and true Relation Geneuæ, and France. With the miser

how one Mr J. A. a Master Glover, slaved able state of the Citty of Paris, and the

his six [female] Prentices . . . After a late yeelding vppe of sundrie Towns of

most barbarous and inhumane manner. great strength, vnto the King. Trans

. . London, Printed for Absalom Chamlated out of Italian and French into

berlain, a Running Bookseller, 1684. A English. London Printed for Thomas

broadside. Nelson, and are to be sold by William Wright. 1590. 4°, black letter, A-B

Great News from St Johns-street, of a in fours. With woodcuts. Lambeth.

Stone-Cutter that Whipped his Wife after

a most Barbarous and Inhuman manner, Newes from Rome, Venice, and Vienna,

that the like hath been scarcely Paralleld touching the present proceedings of the Turkes against the Christians in Austria,

in our latter Age. London, Printed for

Absalom Chamberlain, and Sold by the Hungarie, and Heluetia, otherwise called

Running Booksellers in every Street, Seuenbergh. Also the true Copie of a

1685. A broadside. Lamentable Petition exhibited in the names of the afflicted Christians in those NEWTON, ROBERT. parts, to the Christian Kingdomes in the The Countesse of Montgomeries Eusebia, West. Printed at London by Iohn Dan- written by Robert Newton. Licensed to ter, for Thomas Gosson, and are to be Master Gilmyn, 9 November, 1620. sold at his shop adioyning to London NEWTON, THOMAS, of Cheshire. Bridge Gate. 1595. 40, A-C in fours,

A Notable Historie of the Saracens. first and last leaves blank. With two

Briefly and faithfully descry bing the oricommon cuts. Lambeth.

ginalĩ beginning, continuaunce and sucThe sacke full of newes. Licensed to

cesse aswell of the Saracens, as also of Henry Bell by assignment from Ralph Turkes, Souldans, Mamalukes, Assassines, Blower, 26 August, 1617.

Tartarians and Sophians. With a disNewes from forraigne parts for the last course of their Affaires and Actes from two weekes past; very fitting for this the byrthe of Mahomet their first peeuish State to take notice of in this time of Prophet and founder for 700 yeeres space. division and distraction. . . Printed at Wherunto is annexed a Compendious London for Nath: Butter, March 5. 1641. Chronycle . . . Drawen out of Augustine 4°, A-B in fours.

Curio and sundry other good Authours Terrible News from Yorke: Hull, and

by Thomas Newton. Imprinted at LonNewcastle, Concerning the Kings Majes

don by William How, for Abraham ties intent to take up Arms against the

Veale. 1575. 4°, A-Pp 2 in fours, title Parliament. Together with three votes

on A 2. Dedicated to Lord Howard of of both Houses concerning the Kings

Effingham. Standard betwixt York and Hull, May NEWTON, THOMAS, the Younger. 20... With His Majesties threatnings A pleasant new History . 1604. to imprison the Lord Fairfax, Sir Philip I suppose this to be the work entered to Stapleton, and the rest of the Committee William Jones, 4 June, 1604, as

** Three appointed by the Parliament to sit at

flowers gathered by Narcissus Anglicanus

whose leaues first florished in his hart, York. . .. May 24. Printed for Ioh.

and at last withered in his hand, called Greensmeth. An. Cov. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Three Roses pulled in May." See Arber, Bloudy Newse from the North, And the

iii. 263. Ranting Adamites Declaration concerning NEWTON, WILLIAM. the King of Scotland, With their new The Copy of a Letter Written by Mr. League, Covenant, and Protestation ; William Newton, one of the Gentlemen their denying the great God of heaven, Ushers unto the Lady Elizabeth, unto his

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