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Brother Francis Newton, Esquire, one of as well those already gone before, as the four Squires of the Body unto His shortly to enter this honest society. Amare Maiestie. From the Hague, March 18. di sapere vix Dijo conceditur. By Alex. New stile, 1641. A sheet.

Nicholes, Batchelour in the Art he neuer NICHOLAS, HENRY, of the Family of by G. Ela, for Leonard Becket, and are

yet put in practise. . . . London, Printed Love. Documentall Sentences : eauen - as those

to be sold at his Shop in the Temple.

1620. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-I in fours. - same were spoken - fourth by H. N.

Chiefly black letter. In prose and verse. and writen - vp out of the Woordes of his Mouth. And are by him pervsed and NICHOLL, JOHN. more - diffinetlie declared. Translated

An Houre Glasse of Indian Newes. Or out of Base-almayne. [Quotations.] No A true and tragicall discourse, shewing place, printer's name, or date. 8°, A-F the most lamentable miseries, and disin eights, F 8 blank.

tressed Calamities indured by 67 English

men, which were sent for a supply to the NICHOLAS, JEROME.

planting in Guiana in the yeare. 1605. News Certain and Terrible from the

Who not finding the saide piace, were for Kingdom of Poland, Being The Copie of

want of victuall, left a shore in Saint a Letter, sent by Jerome Nicholas to a

Lucia, an Island of Caniballs, or Menfriend of his, dwelling at Gravesend.

eaters in the West-Indyes, vnder the conRelating how the Turke hath past the

duct of Captain Sen-Iohus, of all which Confines of the Kingdom, ... London:

said number, onely a 11. are supposed to be Printed for Andrew Coe. 1642. 4°,

still liuing, whereof 4. are lately returned 4 leaves.

into England. Written by Iohn Nicholl, NICHOLAY, NICHOLAS.

one of the aforesaid Company. Homo est The Nauigations, peregrinations and

humani nil a te alienum puto. London voyages, made into Turkie by Nicholas

Printed for Nathaniell Butter, ... 1607. Nicholay daulphinois, Lord of Arseuile, 4°, black letter, A–F 2 in fours, A i occuChamberlaine and Geographer ordinarie pied by a common woodcut of a ship. to the King of Fraunce : conteining

Dedicated to Sir Thomas Smith, Governor sundrie singularities which the Authour

of the East India Co. of Merchants in hath there seene and obserued : Deuided

London. into foure Bookes. With threescore NICHOLS OR NICCOLS, JOHN. figures, naturally set forth as well of men Iohn Niccols Pilgrimage, wherein is disas women, according to the diuersitie of

plaied the liues of the proude Popes, amnations, their port, intreatie, apparrell, bitious Cardinals, lecherous Bishops, fat lawes, religion and maner of líuing, aswel bellied Monkes, and hypocriticall Iesuites. in time of warre as peace: With diuers [Two quotations.] Imprinted at London faire and memorable histories, happened by Thomas Dawson, for Thomas Butter, in our time. Translated out of the and Godfrey Isaac. 1581. 8°, black French by T. Washington the younger. letter. A-M in eights : N, 6 leaves : Imprinted at London by Thomas Dawson. 0-R in eights; besides the prefixes, 8 1585. 4o. 1,4 leaves : A, 4 leaves : B- leaves marked * Y 2 in eights, the plates counting in the A declaration of the recantation of Iohn sheets. Dedicated to Sir Henry Sidney Nichols (for the space almost of two yeres by John Stell.

the Popes Scholer in the English SemiStell does not say whether this was a

narie or Colledge at Rome) which desireth posthumous book; but he refers to it as

to be reconciled and receiued as a member * the commendable labours of an adventurous and skilful travelled gentleman.”

into the true Church of Christ in EngThe engravings are copies of those found in land. [Quotations.] Imprinted at Lonthe French.

don by Christopher Barker . . . Anno. NICHOLES, ALEXANDER.

1581. Februarii. 14. 89, black letter, A Discovrse, Of Marriage and Wiving: A-N 2 in eights. Dedicated to Sir And Of the greatest Mystery therein con- Owen Hopton, Lieutenant of the Tower. tained : how to chuse a good Wife from a A Trve Report of the late Apprehension bad. An Argument of the dearest vse, and Imprisonment, of Iohn Nicols Minibut the deepest cunning that man may ster at Roan, and his confession and erre in ; which is, to cut by a thrid between answers made in the time of his durance the greatest good or euill in the world. there. Wherevnto is added the satisfacPertinent to both Sexes, and Conditions, tion of certaine, that of feare or frailtie NICHOLSON.




haue latly fallen in England. Printed at Dedicated to the Provost, &c., of EdinRhemes, By Iohn Fogy. 1583. 8, A -F 2 in eights, the last two leaves occu

NICOLLS, PHILIP. pied by an Admonition. B. M.

The copie of a letter sente to one maister NICHOLSON, FRANCIS.

Chrispyne chanon of Exceter for that he The Confession of Francis Nicholson, denied ye scripture to be the touche stone (who coinmitted that most barbarous or trial of al other doctrines wherunto is Murther upon the Body of John Dim- added an appologie and a bulworke, in bledy, Servant to Mr. Marriot) at the defence of the same letter. [Col.] WritPlace of Execution, which was upon the ten the, vii. of Nouembre Anno Domini. Green over against Hampton-Court, and M. D. xlvii. P. N. Imprinted at London near the Place where he did the murther, by John Day and Wyllyam Seres . on Wednesday last, it being the 27th of 8°, black letter, A-E in eights : F, 10 October 1680, who was afterwards carried leaves. Dedicated by Nicolls to Sir Peter to Hounslow-Heath, and there hang'd up Carew, Knight. Lambeth. in Chains. Printed, and are to be Sold Here begynneth a godly newe story of. by Richard Janeway . . . 1680. Folio,

xii. men that moyses (by the Comaund2 leaves.

dement of god) sent to spye owt the land NICOLLS, FERDINAND,

of canaan : of whiche. xii. onely Josua and The Life and Death of Mr. Ignatius Jur- Caleb, wer found faythful messengers, dain, one of the Aldermen of the City of [Col.] Imprented at London the Tenthe Exeter; Who departed this Life July daye of Maye : Anno dominice incarna15th 1640. . Drawn up and published by tionis mcxl viii [sic for 1548.] By wilFerd. Nicolls, Minister of the Gospel at liam hill remaynyng at the Signe of the Mary Arches, Exon. London, Printed for hill in Paules Churche Yarde: and be Tho. Newberry, . . . 1654. 4o. Title, there by him to be solde, 8°, black i leaf : a, 4 leaves : B-D in fours, D 4 letter, A-G 4 in eights, G 4 blank, blank.

The History of the xij. men that were NICODEMUS.

sent to spye out the Land of Canaan. Nichodemus gospell [This title is in Imprinted at London by John Allde for white letters on a black ground over a J. Hariso. 8°, black letter, A-E in series of small blocks. At the end occurs:] eights, E 8 blank. Lambeth. Thus endet nychodemus gospell. Enprynted at London in the fletestrete at the NICOLS, THOMAS, of Jesus College,

Cambridge. sygne of the Sonne by wynkyn de worde. In ye yere of our lord god. M.ccccc.

A Lapidary Or, The History of Pretious xviii. the.x, daye of Marche. 4°, black

Stones : with cautions for the undeceivletter, with cuts. A, 8 leaves : B, 4

ing of all those that deal with Pretious leaves : C, 8 leaves : D, 6 leaves. Br. M.

Stones. ... Cambridge : Printed by Tho(slightly imperfect.)

mas Buck. . . . 1652. 4o A, 4 leaves, This formerly made the first of 14 tracts

first marked A: B, 2 leaves : a folding bound together. The original contents in leaf : C-li in fours. a hand coeval with the publication are pre- NIGER, F. P., of Cremona. served in a flyleaf.

Franc. Petreii Nigri Cremonen. A Se[Nychodemus gospell. The colophon at

cretis Senatvs Mediolanen. Britannicar. the end is :) Thus endeth Nychodemus gospell. Imprynted at London in Poules Nvptiar. Libri Tres. Mediolani, Ex Ty

pographia Moscheniana. M. D. LIX. 4°, chyrche yarde hy me John Skot. In the

A-H in fours, H 4 blank. Italic letter. yere of our lorde god . M.ccccc. XXIX. day of Apriell. 40, A-E in

With portraits of Philip and Mary on the

title. In verse. fours. Douce Coll. (A 1-2 wanting.)

A Prophesie of Doomesday of the high

The nightingales good nightt. A ballad. illuminate Doctor Phil. Nicolas. lib. 2.

Licensed to Henry Kyrkham, 28 July,

1592. de regno Christi. Shortly collected and augmented by Niels Nithelstone. NIGHT-WALKER. Newly translated out of the German The Night-Walker : Or, Evening Ramby David Forbes. . The second Edi- bles in Search after Lewd Women. With tion. Edinburgh. Printed by Iohn the Conferences held with them, &c. Wreittoun. 1631. 8°, A-G3 in eights.

Dedicated to the Whore-Masters of LonNINEVEH.



don and Westminster. London, Printed cipal Rivers in England. By a Lover of for James Orme, . 1696-7. 4o. the Sport.--- Trahit sua quemq; voluptas.

This edifying periodical runs from Sep- London, Printed by T. James for Tho. tember, 1696, to March, 1697.

No. 1, Helder ... 1682. 80, A-G 2 in eights. A-E 2 in fours : No. 2, A-D in fours,

With a few cuts. Dedicated to James and a leaf of E: No. 3, A-D in fours, and a leaf of Advertisements: No. 4, A-D Tryon, Esq., of Bullwick, co. Northin fours, and a leaf of E: Vol. II, No. 1, ampton. With two or three copies of A-D in fours : No. 2, A-D in fours, and complimentary verses, and two poems by a leaf of E: No. 3, A-D 3 in fours.

the author, 1. On the Antiquity and InNINEVEH.

vention of Fishing ; 2. The Fisherman's The Repentaunce of ye Nenyvetes. Li. Wish. censed to John Allde in 1569.

NOBODY. Newes from Nenyvye to Englonde by Nobodies Complaint. A ballad. Licenthe profeett Jonas. A ballad. Licensed

sed to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586. to Ilenry Denhamn in 1569–70.

NON-RESIDENT. A ballad of nowe haue with ye to Ninive A Remonstrance against the Non-Rebeing a sonnet of Repentaunce. Licensed sidents of Great-Brittaine : Or Nonto R. Jones, 5 Sept. 1586.

Residency condemned by Scripture, by NINUS AND SEMIRAMIS.

strength of Arguments, London, The tragedie of Ninus and Semiramis,

Printed by T. Badger, for Rich. Royston, the first Monarchs of the world. Licensed

1642. 4o. ):(, 4 leaves, the first to John Hardy, 10 May, 1595.

occupied by a printed leaf before the

title : A-Ġ in fours. With a curious NIXON, ANTHONY.

engraving on the title of the Careless NonThe Three English Brothers. Sir Thomas

Resident. Sherley his Trauels, with his three

yeares imprisonment in Turkie ; his Inlarge- | NORDEN, JOHN, M.A. ment by his Maiesties Letters to the

The Mirror of Honor: Wherein euerie great Turke : and lastly, his safe returne

professor of armes, from the Generall, into England this present yeare, 1607.

Chieftains, and high Commanders, to the Sir Anthony Sherley his Einbassage to

priuate officer and inferiour souldier, may the Christian Princes. Master Robert

see the necessitie of the feare and seruice Sherley his wars against the Turkes, with

of God, and the vse of all diuine vertues, his marriage to the Emperour of Persia

both in commaunding and obeying, prachis Neece. London Printed, and are to

tising and proceeding to the most honourbe sold by John Hodgets in Paules

able affayres of warre. A treatise most

necessarie. Church-yard. 1607. 40, A-K in fours,

. . Printed at London by A 1 with a common woodcut of a ship.

the Widowe Orwin for Thomas Man. Dedicated by Nixon to the Earl of Suf

1597. 4°, A-N in fours. _Dedicated by folk, Lord Chamberlain. Grenv. Coll.

Norden to Robert Earl of Essex. Londons Dove: Or A Memoriall of the The Popes Anatomye and Elizas glorye life and death of Maister Robert Doue, wrytten by John Norden Esquier. Epistle Citizen and Marchant-Taylor of London, not vnto One but all, I write in generall. and of his severall Almesdeeds and large

Licensed to Edmund Bollifant, 9th July, bountie to the poore, in his life time. He

1597. departed this life, on Saterday the 2. day NORDEN, JOHN, Topographer. of this instant Moneth of May, 1612. 1598. Specvli Britanie Pars. The disLondon Printed by Thomas Creede, for cription of Hartfordshire. By John loseph Hunt, and are to be sold by

Norden. 4o. 1, 4 leaves, including the Edward Marchant, 1612. 49, A-D

engraved title and a leaf with the Queen's in fours, first leaf blank. Chiefly black arms: A-D in fours. With a folded letter. Dedicated by Nixon to Sir John

map. Swinnerton, Knight. Br. M.

The Surueyors Dialogue. Divided into NOBBES, ROBERT, M.A.

fiue Bookes : very profitable for all men The Compleat Troller, Or, The Art of to peruse, that haue to do with the reTrolling. With A Description of all uenues of Land, or the manurance, vse, the Utensils, Instruments, Tackling, and or occupation thereof, both Lords and Materials requisite thereto : With Rules Tenants; as also and especially for such and Directions how to use them. As as indeuor to be seene in the faculty of also A Brief Account of most of the Prin- surueying of Lands, Mannors, Tenements,




&c. By I. N. . . . London, Printed for Yarmouth to York. London : Printed Hugh Astley, dwelling at S. Magnus by Gertrude Dawson, 1656. 4°, A-B corner. 1607. 4°, A-R in eights, first in fours. and last two leaves blank.

A Full Relation of a Barbarous Murther, Dedicated by Norden from his house at

Committed upon the Body of Esq: Hendon, 1 January, 1607, to Lord Salisbury.

Beddingfield, On Sunday the 20th day of NORFOLK.

July, 1684. By Mr. Barney : As also A Forme to bee vsed in Common praier

The further Account of the Tryal and

Conviction of the said Mr. Barney, who euery Wednesdaie and Fridaie, within

is to be Executed for the same, at the the Citie and Dioces of Norwiche: to

Market-Cross in Norwich, on Friday, the excite all godlie people to praie vnto God for the deliuerie of those christians, that

First day of August, 1684, London, Im

Printed by George Croom, 1684. are now inuaded by the Turke.

A folio leaf. printed at London, by Ihon Waley. [1565.] 4°, 4 leaves. Lambeth.

NORFOLK, Duchess of. A ballat of the Receyvinge of the Quenes

The Epytaphe of the Deathe of the Wor. maiestie into Norwiche. Licensed to

thye prynces Margrete late Duches of John Charlwood, 24 March, 1578-9.

Norfolke. Licensed to T. Colwell in

1563–4. A pleasant sonnet of the Joyfull Recey vinge of ye Quenes maiestye into Nor- An Epytaph vpon the Duches of Norwyche with the Dolor of the same at

folke. Licensed to Richard Hudson in

1567-8. hir departure. Licensed to R. Jones, 31 March, 1579.

NORRIS, CAPTAIN, afterwards SIR A ballad concerninge ye plag[ue] at Nor

JOHN. wich beinge a manner of ballat peticon.

The Conqueste atchived by Captaine Licensed to R. Jones, 24 July, 1579.

Norrice generall Colonell in the Campe

in Friesland the ixth of Julie 1581. The complaint of Norwich. Licensed to

Licensed to J. Charlwood and E. White, H. Carre, 4 Sept. 1579.

4 Aug. 1581. The ioyfulle and harty thankes gyvinge [given) of Norwyche to God for the Re- NORTH, FRANCIS DUDLEY, fourth

Lord. coueringe of hir health and ceasinge of hir grievous plages. Licensed to H.

A Narrative of some Passages in or relaCarre, 1 March, 1579-80. A ballad.

ting to the Long Parliament. [Quot.

from Eccles. 10, 20, and 1 Sam. 15, 23.] A lamentable Discourse of the Burninge

By a Person of Honor. London, Printed of Est Durham in Norfolke 1581. Licensed

for Robert Pawlet, . . . 1670. 8o, A-H to R. Hollins, 9 October, 1581.

4 in eights, first and last leaves blank, The lamentable confession of mistres

and A 2 having only the Imprimatur. James for consentinge with Lowe her There is an interesting Preface, setting servante to the deathe of her husband. forth the author's object in publishing a Licensed to Thomas Pavier, 8th July, tract, which, we are to infer, had been 1609.

written some years before. Lord North

was a member of the Long Parliament. A ballett of the arraignement of John

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. Floder for burneing the towne of Windham in Norfolke.

The Witches of Northampton-Shire. Licensed to John

Agnes Browne | Arthur Bill Trundle, 26 September, 1615.

Ioane Vaughan | Hellen lenkenson Witches. Articles to be Enqvired of, in the Dio

Mary Barber, cesse of Norwich. In the ordinarie Who were all executed at Northampton Visitation of the Reuerend Father in

the 22. of Iuly last. 1612. London, God, Francis, Lord Bishop of Norwich. Printed by Tho: Purfoot, for Arthur Anno Domini 1629. Imprinted at Lon- Iohnson. 1612. 4°, A-D in fours, A 1 don by Iohn Bill. 1629. 4°, 8 leaves. and D 4 blank. With a cut on the title. To his Highness, Oliver, Lord Protector B. M. of the Common-Wealth ... is Humbly Articles to be Enqvired of Throvghovt Presented A Mediterranean Passage by the whole Diocesse of Peterborovgh : In Water between the Two Sea Towns Lynn the first Visitation of the Right Reverent & Yarmovth, Upon the Two Rivers the Father in God, Francis by Gods proviLittle Owse, and Waveney. With farther dence Bishop of Peterborough. Anno Results. Producing the Passage from Dom. 1634, & consecrationis suæ primo.





Printed at London by Nicholas Okes. the Garison, And of their proceed1634. 4°, A-B in fours.

ings at the siege at Newcastle, and their Articles to be enquired of within the propositions sent to Col. Glenham, to Diocese of Peterburgh. In the first deliver, up Newcastle to them, and Col. Visitation of the Reverend Father in

Glenhams answer to it. With other pasGod John Lord Bishop of Peterburgh.

sages concerning the Sheelds and TinPrinted by Thomas Buck, one of the

mouth Castle. London Printed for printers to the Universitie of Cambridge. Andrew Coe, ... M DC XLIV. 4°, 4 leaves. 1639. 4o A, 3 leaves : B-D in fours. A Full Relation of the Scots march from The true Relation of the Entertainment

Berwicke to Newcastle, with Eighteen of my Lord of Essex at Northampton.

thousand Foot, three thousand Horse, With the just number of horse and foot

five hundred Dragoons, . . . Also, their that flocke from Neighburing Countries

Message to the Governour of Newcastle, to assist His Person. Also the Relation

and their Propositions to the Cavaliers, of 4. Holland Ships that purposely ar

and their several Answers about the surrived thither for to help his Excellency. rendring of Newcastle. Together, with Here is likewise the true Relation

a Relation of 11. of the Earle of Warwicks of Captaine Legs discoueries, who being Ships appointed to fall upon 7. Ships taken by our men upon condition of free which lay at Newcastle, . . . By a Mespardon did divulge all the Cavaleers pro

senger from the Scots Armie.

London, jects and intentions. Shewing how many

Printed by Andrew Coe, ... 1644. 4°, of them were sent to the Ile of Wyght

4 leaves. and the Ile of Man, to take away and NORTHUMBERLAND, HENRY seize upon the money pretended for the PERCY, Earl of. relife of our poore Brethren in Ireland. A true and Summarie reporte of the deAlso the manner of my Lord of Hollands claration of some part of the Earle of taking a seminary Priest. London, Northumberlands Treasons, deliuered printed for Tho. Bankes. Septem. 21. publiquelie in the Court at the Starre(1642?] 4°, 4 leaves.

Chamber by the Lord Chauncellour and The Copy of a Letter Written from Nor

others of her Maiesties most Honourable thampton : Containing A true Relation priuie Counsell, and Counsell learned, by of the Souldier's Preaching, and murder

her Maiesties speciall commandement, ing a Woman : Which are very grosly together with the examinations & de misreported by the Diurnal, and Moderate positions of sundrie persons touching the Intelligencer. Together with some more

maner of his most wicked and violent New-Light from Mr. Dell, the Chaplain

murder committed vpon him selfe with to the Army. As also, the Quarter the

his owne hand, in the Tower of London, Souldiers give to the Country where they

the 20. day of lune, 1585. In ædibus are Quartered. London, Printed for Ralph

C. Barker. 4°, black letter, A, 3 leaves : Smith, ... 1646. 4°, 4 leaves.

B-D in fours, D 4 blank. The Speech of Robert Clerk, Esq;

The fall of therle of Northumberland yt Deputy-Recorder of Northampton to the

killed himself in ye Tower. A ballad. Mayor-Elect For the Year ensuing, 1684.

Licensed to E. White, 1 Aug. 1586. London, Printed for Rob. Chown, 1684. NORTHUMBERLAND, ROBERT A single folio leaf.

DUDLEY, Duke of.

Dell' Arcano Del Mare di D. Roberto NORTHAMPTON, HENRY HOWARD, Earl of.

Dvdleo Dvca di Northvmbria, e Conte A Defensative against the

di Warvick, Libri Sei ; . . . In Firenze, poyson of


... 1646-7. Folio. 2 vols. With diaposed Prophecies. . . . Printed by lohn Charlewood, and reprinted by W.

grams and charts. Iaggard, and to be sold by Mathew

Arcano del Mare ...

.. Impressione Se Lownes. 1620. Folio. A, 8 leaves :

conda. Corretta, & accresciuta, In B-Tt in fours, Tt 4 blank.

Fiorenza, MDCLXI. Folio. 2 vols.

With diagrams, &c. NORTHUMBERLAND.

This great work is of singular importThe praise of bonny Newcastle. A ballad. ance to the American collector. The Maps Licensed to Thomas Lambert, 14 June, and Charts, which it contains, are all the 1634.

result of long and profound study, and

judicious criticism. Dudley was himself a A Trve Relation of the Scots taking of

practical mariner and scientific man, as well Cocker Iland: where they have taken as a great noble, who spent forty years of his

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