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The Life & Death of Captain William Bedloe one of the Chief Discoverers of the Horrid Popish Plot. Wherein all his more Eminent Cheats, and whatever is remarkable of him, both good and bad, is Impartially Discover'd. London: Printed by George Larkin, for John Hancock and Enoch Prosser, 1683. 8. A, 4 leaves : B-I in eights, I 8 blank. BEE. The Spiritual Bee Oxford, Printed by W. H. for John Crosley. Anno 1667. 12o. A, 6 leaves : B-F in twelves. BEEDOME, THOMAS. Poems Divine and Hvmane. By Thomas Beedome. London, Printed by E. P. for Iohn Sweeting : 1641. 8°, A-H in eights, except D, which has only 4 leaves.

With a brief introduction by Henry Glapthorne, and commendatory verses by Edward May, H. Glapthorne, W. C., &c. A pos

thumous book (Bold, Farley). BEER. A booke howe to brewe all sortes of beire, &c. Licensed to John Wolfe, 30 April, 1591. BEGUINUS, JOHN, Almoner to the King

of France. Tyrocinium Chymicum : Or, Chymical E ys, Acquired from the Fountain of Nature, and Manual Experience. London : Printed for Thomas Passenger, 1669. 8o. A, 4 leaves, including a frontispiece : b, 1 leaf : B_I in eights : K, 4 leaves : 1, 2 leaves. BEHN, APHRA. The Amorous Prince, Or, The Curious Husband. A Comedy, As it is acted at his Royal Highness, the Duke of York's Theatre. Written by Mrs. A. Behn. London, Printed by J. M. for Thomas Dring

1671. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-M 2 in fours. The Town-Fopp : Or Sir Timothy Tawdrey. A Comedy. As it is Acted at his Royal Highness the Duke's Theatre. Written by Mrs. A. Behn. London, Printed by T. N. for James Magnes and Rich. Bentley

49. A, 2 leaves : B-K 2 in fours, K 2 with the Epilogue by Mrs. E. R. Sir Patient Fancy: A Comedy. As it is Acted at the Duke's Theatre. Written by Mrs. A. Behn, the Authour of the Rover. London, Printed by E. Flesher for Richard Tonson . and Jacob Tonson . . . 1678. 4o, A-N 2 in fours, and the title. The Feign'd Curtizans, Or, A Nights Intrigue. A Comedy. As it is Acted

at the Duke's Theatre. Written by Mrs.
A. Behn. London, Printed for Jacob
Tonson. 1679. 4°, A-K in fours.
Dedicated to Mrs. Ellen Gvin.
The Roundheads, Or, The Good Old Cause,
A Comedy, As it is Acted at His Royal
Highness the D es Theatre

By M A. Behn. London, Printed for D. Brown : : . MDCLXXXII. 4°, A-H in fours, and the Epilogue, i leaf. Dedicated to the Duke of Grafton. The False Count, Or, A New Way to play an old Game. As it is Acted at the Duke's Theatre. Written by Mrs. A. Behn. London, Printed by M. Flesher, for Jacob Tonson ... 1682. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-K 2 in fours. The City-Heiress : Or, Sir Timothy Treatall. A Comedy. As it is Acted at his Royal Highness his Theatre. Written by Mrs. A. Behn. London: Printed for D. Brown ...

T. Benskin ... and H. Rhodes. 1682. 4°, A-I in fours. Dedicated to Henry Earl of Arundel. The Young King: Or, The Mistake. As it is Acted at his Royal Highness The Duke's Theatre. Written by A. Behn. London : Printed for D. Brown ... T. Benskin ... and H. Rhodes . 1683. 4o. Title, 1 leaf: a, 2 leaves : B_I in fours, I 4 blank. Poems upon Several Occasions : With a Voyage to the Island of Love. By Mrs. A. Behn. London, Printed for R. Tonson and J. Tonson . 1684. 8°, A-K in eights, a leaf of L, and (b), 8 leaves. Dedicated to James, Earl of Salisbury. A Pindarick on the Death of our late Sovereign; With an Ancient Prophecy on his Present Majesty. Written by A. Behn. Dublin, Reprinted by Andrew Crook and Samuel Helsham; . : . [1685.] 4°, 4 leaves. The Luckey Chance, Or An Aldermans Bargain, À Comedy. As it is Acted by their Majesty's Servants. Written by Mrs. A. Behn. London, Printed by R. H. for W. Canning 1687. 40, A-K in fours. Dedicated to Laurence Hyde, Earl of Rochester. The Emperor of the Moon: A Farce. As it is Acted by their Majesties Servants, at the Queen's Theatre. Written by Mrs. A. Behn. London : Printed by R. Holt, for Joseph Knight, and Francis Sanders 1687. 4°, A-K 2 in fours. Dedicated to the Marquis of Worcester. A Congratulatory Poem to the King's Most Sacred Majesty, on the Happy Birth


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of the Prince of Wales. By Mrs. A. Behn. cipem Scotiæ et Walliæ. Parisiis, London, Printed for W. Canning, at his M.DC.XV. Cvm Privilegio Regis. 8°. Shop in the Temple-Cloysters, 1688. A Title, 1 leaf: dedication to Prince Charles, sheet.

3 leaves wrongly paged : Index, i leaf : Lycidus : Or The Lover in Fashion. Being

the Work, B iii-F 8 in eights. an Account from Lycidus to Lysander, BELLEWE, RICHARD, of Lincoln's-Inn. Of his Voyage from Island of Love. Les Ans Dv Roy Richard Le Second From the French. By the same Author.

Collect Ensembl' hors de les Abridgments Of the Voyage to the Isle of Love. To- de Statham, Fitzherbert et Brooke gether with a Miscellany of New Poems. 1585. At London, Imprinted by Robert By Several Hands. London : Printed Robinson. 8°. Prefixes, 4 leaves : Afor Joseph Knight, and Francis Saunders, Y 4 in eights, and Aa, 4 leaves. Lam1688. 89, A, 8 leaves : a-d in eights :

beth. Table, 2 leaves : B-M in eights.

BELLIN DUN. Dedicated by A. Behn to the Earl of A ballad entituled Bellin Duns Confes. Melford. The poems are by Sir George

sion. Licensed to John Danter, 2 Aug. Etherege, Robert Wolseley, Edmund Arwaker, and Mrs. Behn herself ; but many

1594. are anonymous.

BELLIANIS OF GREECE. The Widdow Ranter Or, The History of The Honour of Chivalry London, Bacon in Virginia. A Tragi-Comedy, Printed for Tho. Passinger . . . 1683. Acted by their Majesties Servants. Writ- 4°, black letter. Part I. A-Hh in ten by Mrs, A. Behn. London, Printed fours : Parts II. and III. with separate for James Knapton, .. 1690. title : A, 2 leaves : B-Y in fours. A-H in fours. Dedicated to the much BELLOMAYUS, JOHANNES. Honoured Madam Welldon.

Gradus comparationum cum verbis anoBEL, THOMAS.

malis simul & eorū compositis. (This The Downefall of Popery. Proposed by

title is on A l as a head line. The coloway of a new Challenge, to all English phon]: Imprynted at London by Wynkyn Iesuites, and Jesuited or Italianized

de Worde in Flete strete / at the sygne papists : daring them all iointly, and of the Sonne. 4°, 8 leaves. B. M. euery one of them seuerally, to make an- Sotheby's (Thorpe), April 8, 1879, No.

293. swere thereunto if they can, At London Printed by Thomas Purfoot, for

Gradus coparati[o]nū cum verbis anomalis Arthur Iohnson, ... 1605. 4°, A-X

simul cum eorum compositis. [Col.] Im2 in fours, preceded by title and á leaf of

prynted at Lõdon in poules chyrche Bell's dedication to James I.

yarde at the sygne of saynt Nicolas : by

me John Toye. The yere of our lorde BEL, WILLIAM.

god. M.D.xxxi. The. xxx. day of Maye. The Testament of William Bel, Gentle

4°, A-B in fours, with John Scot's deLeft written in his owne hand.

vice occupying the last page.

B. M. Sett ovt above 33. yeares after his Death.

BELLMAN. With Annotations at the end, and Sentences, out of the H. Scripture, Fathers,

The bel mannes good morrowe. A ballad.

Licensed to E. White, 21 Nov. 1580. &c. By his sonne Francis Bel, of the Order of Freers Minors, Definitor of the A belman for England. A ballad. LiProvince of England : Guardian of S. censed to E. Allde, 6 December, 1586 Bonaventvres Colledge in Doway: and

(two stanzas suppressed). Professor of the sacred Hebrew tongue in The bell mans alarum. A ballad. Licensed the same. Permissu Superiorum. At to Thomas Orwin, 27 Nov. 1589. Doway, By Balthazar Bellervs at the BELLOT, JAMES. golden Compass, Anno 1632. 89, A—M

The englishе skoolemaster sett forth by 2 in eights. Dedicated by the Editor to James Bellot for the teachinge of Strangers Mr. Edward Sheldon of Beoley, co. Wor

to pronounce Englishe. Licensed to cester. Br. Museum.

Henry Disley, 26 Jan. 1579-80. BELLENDEN, WILLIAM.

BENEDICT, SAINT. Gvlielmi Bellendeni Magistri Svpplicvm Here begynneth the Rule of seynt Benet. Libellorvm Avgvsti Magnæ Britanniæ, [The rest of the page is occupied by two &c. De Statv Prisci Orbis in Religione, woodcuts with ornamental enclosures. Re politica, & Literis Liber vnus. Ad The colophon is :) Imprinted (by the Serenissimum Principem Carolvm Prin- cāmāudement of the reuerend fader i






god/ Richard Bishope of Winchester) by common weale, begynnyng where the me Rycharde Pynson printer vnto the Byble or Scriptures leaue, TransKynges noble grace. Folio, A-F in lated into Englyshe by Peter Morwyng, sixes : G, 8 leaves : D 8 with the mark. of Magdalen College in Oxforde. And Grenv. Coll. (last leaf wanting) and Bod- nowe newly corrected and amended by leian (Dyson's copy).

the sayde translatour. 1567. [Col.] The Grenville copy has been Hibbert's. Imprinted at London in Powles Church The work is a translation executed for Fox,

yarde by Richarde Iugge, . . . 1567. 8°, Bishop of Winchester, who held that see,

black letter, A-Kk in eights, Kk 8 1501-28.

blank. The Bodleian copy is on vellum. The Rvle of the Most Blessed Father A compendious and most marueilous HisSaint Benedict Patriarke of all Mynkes.

torie of the latter times of the lewes [Quotation from Gregory the Great with a common weale, .. nowe newely cortranslation.] Printed at Gant by Joos rected and amended by the sayde transDooms. [1632.] (ii.) Statytes Compyled

latour. 1575. [Col.] Imprinted at Lonfor the Better Observation of the Holy don by Newgate marget next ynto Rvle of the Most Glorioys Father and Christes Churche, by Richard Iugge, Patriarch S. Benedict Confirmed by printer to the Queenes Maiestie. 1575. the ordinary Authoritie of the right

Cum priuilegio 8°, black letter, honorable ād Reuer. Father in Chr. the A-Kk 6 in eights. Lo. Matthias Hovivs Archbishop of Mack- A Compendious and most maruellous

and by him deliuered to the Historie . . . At London. Printed by English Religious Woemen of the Monas- V. Sims, for Thomas Adams, ..An. tery of our blessed Lady the perpetuall Do. 1596. 8°, black letter, A-Gg in Virgin Mary in Bruxelles, and to all their eights, Gg 8 blank. Succissours. Printed at Gant by

BENTIVOGLIO, CARDINAL. Joos Dooms. (ii.) The Second Parte

Historicall Relations of the United Proof the Statytes ... At Gant. Printed

vinces & of Flanders, Written origiby Joos Dooms. 1632. (iv.) The Third

nally in Italian by Cardinall Bentivoglio : Parte. Of those Matters that are more

And now Rendred into English by the extrinsecally and externally appertayn

Right Honourable Henry Earle of Moning to the Congregation, and Monas

mouth. London, Printed for Humphrey tery, and are belonging to the Temporali

Moseley, 1652. Folio. Portrait of ties of the same. At Gant. Printed by

Bentivoglio by Cross, title and table, 4 Joos Dooms. 1632. 8°. Grenv, Coll.

leaves : folded map : B-Lll in fours : Collation : the Rule, A-G 4 in eights, besides 4 leaves with title, Alexia Gray's

Mmm in sixes : Nnn-Rrr, 2 leaves each. dedication to the Lady Eugenia Pouton,

With portraits.
Abbess of the Monastery of St. Benedict at BERGERAC, CYRANO DE.
Ghent, and the Brevə of S. Gregory, &c. :
the Statutes, Part 1, A-D 7 in eights : the

Satyrical Characters and handsome Desame, part 2, A-E 6 in eights: the same, scriptions in Letters, Written to severall part 3, A-B in eights, B 8 with a curious Persons of Quality. Dedicated to the Note.

Duke of Arpaion. By Monsieur de BENESE, SIR RICHARD, Canon of Cyrano Bergerac. Translated out of the Merton Abbey.

French, By a Person of Honour. LonThe boke of measuring of lande don, Printed for Henry Herringman, Southwark, James Nicolson, 4o.

1658. 8°, A-M in eights. See Collier's "Bibl. Cat., ii. 135. Mr.

The Comical History of the States and Collier states that the volume makes 103 leaves; but he does not mention the colo

Empires of the Worlds of the Moon and phon, in which alone the name of the pub

Sun. Written in French by Cyrano lisher occurs.

Bergerac. And newly Englished by A. The Boke of measuring of Lande . . Lovell, A.M. London, Printed for Henry [Col.] Imprinted at London in S. Brydes Rhodes, ... 1687. 8°. A, 4 leaves: B-K Churchyarde by Thomas Colwell. Sene in eights : the History of the World of the and allowed : accordyng to the ordre Sun, B—in eights, 0 8 with the Errata. appoynted in our Hall. 8°, black letter,

With a frontispiece. A-G in eights. B. M.


Historical Applications Written by A compendious and most marueilous a Person of Honour. London, Printed Historie of the latter tymes of the Iewes for L. Meredith, MDCXCVIII. 8°,




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A-N in eights, A with the Impri- rightly placing it in the mouthes of the matur,

Romists, by the Rhemists, in their EngBERKSHIRE,

lish Translation of the Scriptures. .. A Proclamation of His Majesties Grace,

At London, Imprinted by Felix KingsFavour, and Pardon, to the Inhabitants ton, for Ed. Blackmore, 1626. 4o. of his County of Berks. Given at our

A, 4 leaves : (a) 4 leaves : B-Y in fours. Court at Oxford, this first day of Novem-.

Dedicated by R. Bernard to Sir Ralph

Hopton. ber. [1642.] A sheet.

The Isle of Man : Or, The Legall ProThe Windsor Lady. To an excellent Northern tune. Printed and Sold in Bow

ceeding in Mannshire against Sinne.

By R. B. Rector of Batcombe, Somers. church-yard ... A ballad, with cuts.

The fourth Edition much enlarged. Lon. Ouvry Cat., No. 112.

don, Printed for Edw. Blackmore at the BERMUDA.

great South doore of Pauls. 1627. 12°, A Letter from the Burmudoes concern

A-P in twelves, P 12 blank. Dedicated inge a fearefull Storme which happened to Sir Thomas and Lady Katherine in those Islands in August last. Licensed Thynne. to N. Butter and N. Bourne, 6 April, The Isle of Man. ... The fifth Edition 1630.

much enlarged. London, Printed for BERNARD, JEAN, Secretary of the King's Edward Blackmore

1628. Chamber.

A-N in twelves. Discovrs des plvs Memorables Faicts des

A Gyide to Grand-Ivry Men, Divided Roys & grāds Seigneurs d'Angleterre

into two Bookes. In the First is the depuis cinq cens ans. Auec les Genealo

Authors first aduice to them what to doe gies des Roynes d'Angleterre, & d'Ecosse.

before they bring in a Billa vera in cases Plus vn traicté de la Guide des chemins,

of Witchcraft ... In the Second is a les assiettes & description des prin- Treatise, touching Witches good and bad cipales villes, Chasteaux & riuieres

By Rich. Bernard. London, d'Angleterre. A Paris, . 1579

Printed by Felix Kingston for Ed. Black89, A—M 2 in eights.

1627. 12°, A-M in twelves, Discovrs . . . A Paris, 1587. 8°, first leaf blank. A-M 2 in eights.


Book of St. Albans, 1486 and 1496. The Life & Death of the Most Reverend I suppose that the Wilton copy of 1496 and Learned Father of our Church DT.

on parchment, as well as the copy there of

1486, was given to Lord Pembroke by John James Usher, Late Arch-Bishop of Ar

Anstis. See Nichols' Literary Illustrations, magh, and Primate of all Ireland. Pub

iv. 145. lished in a Sermon at his Funeral at the

The boke of hawkynge . [Colophon.] Abby of Westminster, Aprill 17, 1656.

Imprynted at London, in Forster Laen, And now re-viewed with some other

by John Waley. 4°, A—M in fours. Enlargements. By Nicholas Bernard

J. R. Smith's Catalogue, 1856, p. 16. The Doctor of Divinity, and Preacher to the

copy there noticed had only 2 leaves in Honourable Society of Grayes - Inne, sign. I. London London, Printed by E.

The boke of haukyng . . . [Col.] ImTyler, 1656. 80, A-I in eights,

prynted at London in Flete strete at the first and last leaves blank. With a por

sygne of the George next to Saynt Duntrait.

stones Church by. Wyllyam Powell. 4°, BERNARD, RICHARD.

A-M in fours. Looke beyond Luther: Or An Answere J. R. Smith's Cat. 1856, p. 16. to that Qvestion, so often and so insvlt- The boke of hawkynge

[Col.] Imingly proposed by our Aduersaries, asking

prynted at London, in Pauls chyrch yerde, vs; Where this our Religion was before by me, Hary Tab. 40, A-M in fours. Luther's time? ... By Richard Bernard Bodleian (Cryne's books). of Batcombe in Sommersetshire. Lon

The booke of Haukyng, . . . [Col.] Imdon, Imprinted by Felix Kingston, and are to be sold by Edmund Weauer,

prynted at London, in Saynt Martyns 1623. 40, A-H in fours, A i blank.

paryshe in ye vinetre, vpon the thre crane

wharfe, by Wyllyam Coplande. 4°, ARhemes against Rome : Or, The Remoov- M in fours. ing of the Gagg of the New Gospell, and J. R. Smith's Catalogue, 13. This seems


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to establish that Copland issued two editions BEVIS OF HAMPTON.
at St. Martin's in the Vintry.

Bevys of Hampton. Licensed to John
Mr. Russell Smith, in his Catalogue of

Tisdale in 1560-1.
Works on Angling, 1856, pp. 10-16, de-
scribes at considerable length the editions Bvovo d'Antona In Milano
of this work; but he seems to confuse the

12°, A-P in twelves. In verse,
trade impression by W. Copland at the
Rose Garland, with the names of the re-

BE WISE AND BE WARNED. spective persons for whom it was executed Be wise and be warned. [Quot. from in different copies, with the distinct separate Sirach, v. Make no tarying, &c.] Printed issues.

by Thomas East for [Fraun ]ces Coldock, BEROALDUS.

the first of Ianuary. 157[3.] 8°, black A Short view of the Persian Monarchie, letter, A-E in fours. In prose, except and of Daniels weekes : Beeing a peece of “The petition of the penitent” at the Beroaldus workes : with a censure in end. Lambeth. some points. London Imprinted by

BEYER, WILLIAM. Thomas Orwin. 1590. 4°, A-F in fours, besides a leaf of Errata,

The right Instruction of three languages,

French, English, and Dutch : Consisting BEST, GEORGE.

in Succinct fundamental Rules, a CollecA Trve Discovrse of the late voyages of tion of most usual words, and Profitable discouerie, for the finding of a passage to and pleasant Dialogues . . . Tot DordCathaya, by the Northweast, vnder the recht, By de Vedawe van Jasper, en by conduct of Martin Frobisher Generall : Dirck Goris. Anno 1681. 8o. Two Deuided into three Bookes. In the first

titles, to the Reader, and dedication to wherof is shewed, his first voyage William, Prince of Orange, 4 leaves : Also, there are annexed certayne reasons, A-S in fours : Aa-Ii in fours. to proue all partes of the Worlde habit- This was the second edition, "enlarged able, with a generall Mappe adioyned. In and amended. the second, is set out his second voyage; BEZA, THEODORE.

. . In the thirde, is declared the strange An Oration made by Master Theodore de fortunes which hapned in the third Beze, Minister of the word of God, accomvoyage With a particular Card panyed with. vi. other Ministers and . ix. therevnto adioyned of Meta Incognita, so deputies of the refourmed churches of the farre forth as the secretes of the voyage Realme of Fraunce, in the presence of the may permit. At London, Imprinted by

King, the Quene mother, the King of Henry Bynnyman, Anno Domini. Nauarre, Tuesday the. ix. day of 1578. 40, black letter. a-i 2 in fours, September. 1561 [Col.] Imprinted besides the Map: A–0 2 in fours. De- at London in Powles Churchyarde by dicated by George Best to Sir C. Hatton. Richarde Iugge printer to the Quenes Lambeth (no card).

Maiestie . . . (1562.] 8°, black letter, BETHEL, SLINGSBY.

A-E 4 in eights. The Interest of the Princes and States of A Little Catechisme, that is to saye, a Europe. The Second Edition with Ad- short instruction on teaching christian ditions. By Slingsby Bethel, Esq; religion set forth by Theodorus Beza London, Printed by T. M. for John ..(Col.] Imprinted at London by Wickins 1681. 8°, A-Aa 3 in Hugh Singleton ... Anno 1579. 8, Å eights.


xiiij holy psalmes Chosen forth of the The petition for the poore distracted people newe and old testament by Theodore in the house of Bethlem. Licensed to Beza. Licensed to Henry Denham, 13 William Jones, 8 March, 1619-20. June, 1581. BEVIN, ELWAY.

Christian meditations vpon eight Psalines A Briefe and Short Instrvction of the of the Prophet Dauid. Made and newly Art of Mvsicke, to teach how to make set forth by Theodore Beza. Translated Discant, of all proportions that are in out of Frenche for the common benefite, vse ; very necessary for all such as are into the vulgare tongue by J. S. Imdesirous to attaine to knowledge in the printed at London in Bacon house, by Art; . . . London, Printed by R. Young, Christopher Barker, printer to the Queens at the signe of the Starre on Bread-street most excellent Maiestie. [Col.] Imhill. 1631. 4°, A-H 2 in fours. De- printed at London in Bacon house dicated to the Bishop of Gloucester. 1582. 8°, black letter, A-H 4 in eights.


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