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God's Especial Providence over the Eng- Lord Halifax and Preface, 1 leaf: (a), 2
lish Monarchy, and more particularly leaves : B-Yy, 2 leaves each.
over that Family which enjoys the same. Orphevs Britannicvs. . . . The Second
Printed for the Author, and are to be

Edition with Large Editions. . . . Lon-
sold by Ric: Davis in Oxon, 1664. 4°. don : Printed by William Pearson, and
Title, i leaf: Catalogue of books, 1 leaf : Sold by John Young, ... MDCCVI. Folio.
B-F in fours : an extra leaf unsigned. With the same portrait. Title and dedi-

cation, 2 leaves : a, 2 leaves: Table, I Sonnata's of III Parts : Two Viollins And

leaf : B-Dddd in twos, last leaf blank, Basse. To the Organ or Harpsecord.

and (Ccc) an extra leaf. Composed by Henry Purcell, Composer Orphevs Britannicvs. The Second in Ordinary to his most Sacred Majesty,

Book ... The Second Edition with and Organist of his Chappell Royall. Additions. . . . London: Printed by WilLondon, Printed for the Author,

liam Pearson for S. H. Sold by J. Young 1683. 4°. With a portrait of Purcell . 1711. Folio. Title, dedication, and æt. 24. The title of each part engraved Elegies, 3 leaves : B-3 F, 2 leaves each, by T. Cross, Jr.

3 F 2 blank. Viollino Primo, portrait, title, dedication, Orphevs Britannicvs. .. The Second and preface, 4 leaves: A (with the title re

Edition with Large Additions; and placed peated)-C in fours, followed by a leaf

in their several Keys according to the unmarked : Viollino Secondo, the title and AA--CC in fours, and an extra leaf after

Order of the Gamvt. Sould by J. Walsh CC 4: Basso, 11 leaves with the title: Musicall Instrument maker in Ordinary Organo, AAAA-CCCC in fours, and an to hir Majesty. . . . Folio. Portrait by extra leaf after 4 C 4.

White. Title, 1 leaf : pp. I-VIII: B Sonnata's of III Parts : Two Viollins 4 D, 2 leaves each. and Basse. To the Organ and Harpse- In the copy used the original imprint has cord. Composed by Henry Purcell : been pasted over with that here given. The Second Eddition. London, Printed Orpheus Britannicus. A Collection of for the Author ... 1684. Folio.

Choice Songs for One, Two, and Three A Collection of Ayres, Compos'd For the

Voices with a Through Bass for the HarpTheatre, and upon other Occasions. By

sichord Compos'd by Mr. Henry Purcell. the late Mr. Henry Purcell. London,

London. Printed for I. Walsh. ... [Circa Printed by J. Heptinstall, for Frances

1720.) Folio, pp. 120, besides the title

and Table. Purcell, Executrix of the Author ; 1697. Folio. Dedicated to Charles, Duke

This is an entirely different edition from

that merely with Walsh's imprint attached. of Somerset.

Mr. Hen? Purcell's Favourite Songs out Violino Primo, A-N, 2 leaves each : Violino Secundo, B-N, 2 leaves each, and the

of his most celebrated Orpheus Britannititle: Tennor, B-L, 2 leaves each, and cus and the rest of his Works the whole title, Bassus, the same.

fairly Engraven and carefully corrected. Orphevs Britannicvs. A Collection of all London Printed for & sold by Ino. Walsh. the Choicest Songs for One, Two and . . Folio, pp. 62 and the Table. Three Voices. Compos'd by Mr. Henry The Vocal and Instrumental Musick of Purcell. Together with such Symphonies the Prophetess, Or The History of Dio. for Violins or Flutes, as were by him clesian. Composed by Henry Purcell design'd for any of them; and a Through- .. London, Printed by J. Heptinstall, Bass to each Song; Figur'd for, the Organ, for the Author

MDCXCI. Folio. Harpsichord, or Theorbo-Lute. All which Title and dedication to Duke of Somerare placed in their several Keys accord- set, 2 leaves : pp. 1-173. ing to the Order of the Gamut. London, PURCHAS, SAMUEL. Printed by J. Heptinstall, for Henry Purchas his Pilgrimage. Or Relations of Playford :

Folio. Title

the World and the Religions observed in and dedication to Lady Howard, 2 leaves : all Ages and places discouered. . . . In a, 2 leaves : Table, 1 leaf: B—Rrr, 2 leaves foure Partes. This First containeth a each. With a portrait by R. White. Theologicall and Geographicall Historie Orphevs Britannicvs ... The Second of Asia, Africa, and America, with the Book, which renders the First Compleat. Islands Adiacent. ... With briefe DeLondon : Printed by William Pearson, scriptions of the Countries, Nations, . for Henry Playford, .. 1702. Folio. By Samvel Pvrchas, Minister at Estwood Portrait. Title, I leaf : dedication to in Essex. Vnus Deus, vna Veritas. Lon

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don, Printed by William Stansby for Henrie Fetherstone,

... 1613. Folio. 1, 6 leaves : a, 8 leaves : B, 4 leaves : C-Vvv in sixes, last leaf blank.

Dedicated to George, Archbishop of Canterbury. Pvrchas His Pilgrimage, The third Edition, much enlarged with Additions through the whole Worke; . . . London, Printed by William Stansby for Henry Fetherstone, ... 1617. Folio. and TT, six leaves each : A, 8 leaves : B6 C in sixes, 6 D, 4 leaves. The Kings Tower and Triumphant Arch of London, written by Samuell Purchas. Licensed to W. Stansby, 5 May, 1623. PYLBEROUGH, JOHN. A Commemoration of the Inestimable Graces and Benefites of God, infvsed throvgh the bryght lyght of the knowlege of his holy word, to our moste dradde soueraygne lorde Henry the eyght. . . Anno. M.D.XL. [Col.] Londini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti. . . . 4°, black letter, A-C in fours, D, 6 leaves. Dedicated by John Pylberough to Thomas Lord Cromwell. Lambeth. PYM, JOHN, M.P. The Declaration of John Pym Esquire, Vpon the whole Matter of the Charge of High Treason, against Thomas Earle of Strafford, April 12, 1641. With an Argument of Law ... Both Published by Order of the Commons House. Printed at London for Iohn Bartlet ... 1641. 4o. The Speech, A-D in fours, with separate title; the Argument, as separately; and a general title preceded by a blank.

A Speech delivered at a Conference with the Lords, January, xxv. MDCXLI. By occasion of the Petitions from the Citie of London, and the Counties of Middlesex, Essex, and Hertford. By Iohn Pym, Esquire. Published by Order of the House of Commons. Whereto are annexed two Orders of the said House. The one, Containing the Thankes of the Hovse, given to those of Hertfordshire. The other, for punishing of those who printed a false Copie of that Petition, and other libellous Pamphlets. Printed at London by R. Oulton, and G. Dexter, for John Rothwell ... 1641. 4°, A-C in fours. The Speech or Declaration of John Pymm, Esq. To the Lords of the upper House, upon the delivery of the Articles of the Commons assembled in Parliament, against William Lavd, Archbishop of Canterbury, in maintenance of their Accusation, whereby he stands charged of High Treason. Together with a true Copie of the said Articles. London, Printed for Ralph Mabb. 1641. 4°, AE in fours, E 4 blank. Two Speeches made by Iohn Pymm Esquire; the one after the Articles of the Charge against the Earle of Strafford were read. The other, after the Articles of the Charge against Sir George Ratcliffe were read. London, Printed for Iohn Bartlet, and are to be sold at the gilt Cup, neere St. Austins gate. 1641. 4°, A-B 2 in fours, first leaf blank. An Answer to a Letter Written out of the country, to Master John Pym, Esquire, one of the worthy Members of the House of Commons. London Printed Ann. Dom. 1643 [Feb. 23, 1642.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.


QUAKERS. A Brief Relation of the Persecution and Cruelties that have been acted upon the People called Quakers In and about the City of London, since the beginning of the 7th Month last, til this present time. With a general Relation of Affairs, signifying the state of the People through the Land. London, Printed in the Year 1662. 4°, A-C in fours. The Quaker's Art of Courtship: Or, The

Yea-and-Nay Academy of Compliments, Containing Several Curious Discourses, by Way of Dialogues, Letters, and Songs, betweene Brethren and Green-Apron Sisters . . . By the Author of Teagueland Jests. London, Printed, and are to be sold by most Booksellers. 1710. Price Bound One Shilling. 12°, A-G in twelves, including a curious woodcut frontispiece. QUARLES, FRANCIS. The Incomparable History, of Argalvs





and Parthenia . . . London, Printed by Printed by R. D. for Francis Egglesfield. M. F. for I. M. and are to be sold by John and are to be sold at the signe of the Stafford ... 1651. 4', A-U in fours, Marigold in St. Pauls Church-yard, besides the frontispiece and a leaf of ex- 1643. 8°, A-Bb 4 in eights. With the planation.

engraved title. Argalus and Parthenia. Written by Emblemes . . . London, Printed for J. Fra. Qvarles. London, Printed for M, R. W. & F. E. and are to be sold at the

Anno Dom. 1687. Sm.8°, A-S in Crowne and at the Marigold in St. Paules fours.

Church yard. 1669, 89, A-Bb 4 in eights. Boanerges and Barnabas: Judgment and With an engraved title after Marshall. Mercy, Or, Wine and Oyle for Wounded Emblems, By Fra. Quarles ; With the and Afflicted Souls. ... The fifth Edi- Hieroglyphicks: All the Cuts Being tion. London, Printed for R. Royston, newly Illustrated. London, Printed for . . 1660. 12°, A-L in twelves.

M. G. and W. F. ...

. . 1696. 8', A-Aa Divine Poems : Containing

in eights. Ionah.

The Loyall Convert. [Quot. from Virgil The History of Ester.

& Homer.] Oxford, Printed by Leonard Job.

Lichfield, . . . 1644. 4°, A-C in fours.

The Virgin Widow. A Comedie. Writ-

ten by Fra. Quarles The second An Elegie on Dr. Ailmer, not formerly

Edition. London, Printed for R. Royston printed. Written by Fra. Qvarles. Lon

1656. 4°, A-I 2 in fours. don, Printed for Iohn Marriott, ... 1630. In the stationer's preface we are told 8°, A-Bb in eights, A i with leaf of ex- that this interlude is offered “ to sweeten planation. With a frontispiece by Cecil the brackish distempers of a deluded age,' not included in the sheets. Dedicated to and that it had been privately acted at

Chelsea “with good approvement” by a the King.

company of young gentlemen. Divine Poems Written, and newly

QUARLES, JOHN. augmented, By Fra: Quarles. London,

Fons Lachrymarum:... The Third EdiPrinted for J. Marriot, . . . 1642. 8°,

tion. London, Printed for Obadiah BlaA-Ll in eights, besides the frontispiece

grave : : . 1677. 8°, A—M in eights, dated 1643. Ai has the leaf of metrical

including a frontispiece. explanation.

Gods Love and Mans Vnworthiness : Divine Poems, . Written and Aug

Whereunto is annexed a Discourse bemented by Fr. Quarles. Now Illustrated

tween the Soul & Satan. With several with Sculptures to the several Histories,

Divine Ejaculations. Written by John not in the former Editions. London,

Quarles. London, Printed for John StafPrinted for Tho, Sawbridge, : : . 1674.

ford, and are to be sold at his house in 8°, A-Hh 4 in eights, including the

St. Brides Church yard, and by Humfrontispiece, but exclusively of six plates in four compartments.

phrey Moseley . . . 1651. Sm. 8o. A,

4 leaves, not including the frontispiece: Divine Poems ... Written and Aug

B-L in eights, but only 7 leaves in H. mented by Francis Quarles. The Fifth

At p. 101 is an engraved plate. DediEdition. Now Illustrated with Sculp- cated to Edward Benlowes. tures London: Printed for Jeremiah

The History of the most Vile Dimagoras Batley .. 1717. 12°, A-T 6 in

who by Treachery and Poison blasted the twelves.

incomparable Beauty of Divine Parthenia: Divine Fancies: . . London, Printed by

Inter-woven with the History of AmorG. D. for Richard Marriot, and are to be onzo and Celania. By John Quarles. sold by William Sheares, . . . 1652. 12o. London, Printed by J. M. for John StafA, 6 leaves, the first having only Sheares's ford And H. Cřipps 1658. device: B—L 5 in twelves. With a por- 8o. Portrait and frontispiece, 2 leaves : trait and frontispiece.

title, 1 leaf : Epistle to the Reader, and Divine Fancies ... The Seventh Edition, dedication to the author's honoured friend, Corrected. London, Printed by T. D. for Richard Culme, of Canalee, co. Devon, John Williams, 1675. 8. A, 4 Esq. 4 leaves: B-N 4 in eights, B ap

В. leaves: B, 6 leaves, B 6 with Errata: Ć— parently misprinted C. N 4 in eights.

QUATERMAYNE, ROGER. Emblemes By Fra: Quarles Cambridge, Qvatermayn's Conqvest over Canterbvries

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... London:

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Covrt. Or A Briefe Declaration of seve- XXV. Queries : Modestly and Humbly, ral Passages between him and the Arch- And yet sadly and seriously propounded, bishop of Canterbury, with other Com- to the People of England, and their Remissioners of the High Commission Court presentatives: And likewise to the Army As also his imprisonment by vertue

in this Juncture of Affairs. of a Warrant from the Lords of the Coun- Printed for L. Chapman

1659. 4°, cil, . . . As also his tryall three severall 6 leaves. Sessions . . . And lastly, a Prayer, and Part. III. Select City Queries. By MerThanksgiving, in an acknowledgement of curius Philalethes. Gods mercy in his Deliverance. London

Ridentem dicere verum. Quis vetat ! Printed by Tho, Paine, for Roger Quater- London, Printed in the Year 1660. 4°, 4 mayne . . . 1642. 4o. A, 4 leaves: a, 4 leaves: B-G in fours.

A Few Sober Queries upon the late ProQUEEN.

clamation, for enforcing the Laws against The Queen, Or the Excellency of her Sex. Conventicles, &c. and the late Vote of the An Excellent old Play. Found out by a House of Commons for Renewing the said Person of Honour, and given to the Pub- Act for three years more.

By One lisher, Alexander Goughe. (Quotations.] that earnestly desires the Prosperity of London, Printed by T. N. for Thomas England. London, Printed in the Year, Heath: . . 1653. 4', A-F in fours. 1668. 4°, A-B in fours, B 4 blank. Printed in two columns.

Some Seasonable and Serious Queries Dedicated by Goughe “To the Vertu

upon the late Act against Conventicles. ously Noble and Truly Honorable Lady, The Lady Catherine Mohun, Wife to the

Tending to discover how much it is Lord Warwick Mohun, Baron of Okehamp

against the express Word of God, the ton, my highly honored Lord." With three positive Law of the Nation, the Law & copies of complimentary verses.

Light of Nature, and Principles of PruQUERIES.

dence & Policy. ... By a Friend to Truth Certain Queries lovingly propounded to

and Peace. Printed in the year 1670. Mr. William Prynne, to be by him in- 4°, A-B in fours. genuously resolved, from his large Treatise, entituled, The Soveraigne Power of QUERSITANUS, JOSEPHUS, Doctor of

Parliaments. Bonum est omnia scire.
It is good to know all things. Printed in

The Practise of Chymicall, and Herme

ticall Physicke, for the preseruation of the year of Liberty, 1647. 40, 4 leaves.

health . : . Translated into English, by A Legal Resolution of two Important Thomas Timme, Minister. London. Quæres of general present Concernment. Printed by Thomas Creede. 1605. 4°, Clearly demonstrating, from our Statute,

A-Cc 2 in fours, first and last leaves Common and Canon Laws, the bounden blank, Dedicated to Sir Charles Blunt, duty of Ministers, & Vicars of Parish

Earl of Devonshire. Churches, to administer the Sacraments, as well as to Preach to their Parishioners QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

London, Printed by F. L, in the Short questions, and answeares, contaynYeare, 1656.' 40, A-D Ž in fours. ing the Summe of Christian Religion ... Eighteen New Court-Quæries Humbly

London Printed by Mary Dawson. 1635. Offered to the serious consideration and

8°, black letter, A-C 4 in eights. mature deliberation of all the good honest QUIN, WALTER, of Dublin. hearted people of the Three Nations : of Corona Virtvtvm; Lvgd. Bat. ... great concernment towards the stopping CIÕICXXXIV. Sm. 8°. 8 prel. leaves : our Breaches, and the making up of the A-O in eights: P, 9 leaves. Divisions amongst us. By several well-QUINAULT, M. wishers to our Settlement.

London, Printed in the year MDCLIX. 4°, 4 leaves.

Agrippa King of Alba : Or, The False

Tiberinus. As it was several times Acted Ten Quæres, Upon Ten New Command

with great Applause before his Grace the ments of the General Council of the Offi

Duke of Ormond then Lord Lieutenant cers of the Armies Decemb. 22. 1659. of Ireland, at the Theatre Royal in Dub4°, 4 leaves.

lin. From the French of Monsieur QuiTwelve Qveries humbly proposed to the nault. London : Printed by J. C. for Consideration of the Parliament & Army Nich. Cox, neer Castle-Yard in Holbourn.

London: Printed MDCLIX. 4°, 4 1675. 4o. A, 3 leaves : B-I in fours, leaves.

I 4 blank. Dedicated by J. D. to the

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R. J. D., French Minister.

R. W., M.A. The Earth twice shaken wonderfully : The Christmas Ordinary, A Private Show; Or, An Analogical Discourse of Earth- Wherein is expressed the Jovial Freedom quakes, its Natural Causes, Kinds, and of that Festival. As it was Acted at a manifold Effects ; Translated into Eng- Gentleman's House among other Revels. lish ; With Reference to that universal By W. R. Master of Arts. London, One, that happened in Queen Elizabeth's Printed for James Courtney, at the Golden Reign .. gth of September 1602. Horse-Shoo, on Saffron Hill, 1682. 4°, London : Printed for the Author.

A-D in fours, D 4 blank. 1693. 4°, A-G in fours.

The preface is dated by W. R. from

Helmdon, Octob. 18, 1682. R. O. An Easie entraunce into the chiefe poynts RABELAIS, F. of Christian Religion: Gathered, and in a The Works of F. Rabelais, M.D. ... Done briefe order digested by a Minister, for out of French by Sir Tho. Urchard, Kt. the better discharge of his duetie towards and Others. With a large Account of the Gods people committed to his charge.

Life and Works of the Author, particuA New years-gifte ; very necessary both larly an Explanation of the most difficult for them and all other to knowe, that Passages in them. Never before Publish'd would be Christians in deede. Seene and in any Language. London, Printed for allowed. Printed by Robert Waldegraue. Richard Baldwin, ... 1694. 12o. 4 vols. 8°, 8 leaves, the last blank. Lambeth. With a portrait of Rabelais. At the end are the initials 0. R.

Gargantua his prophesie. Licensed to R. R.

John Wolf, 6 April, 1592. The House holders helpe for Domesticall A booke entytuled, Gargantua. Licensed discipline. Licensed to John Budge, 30 to some one, name not given, 16 June, October, 1615.

1592, and entry cancelled. R. T., Esquire.

The historie of Gargantua. Licensed An Essay upon the Third Punique War. conditionally to John Danter, 4 Dec. Lib. I. and II. To which are added Theo- 1594. dosius's Advice to his Son.

And the RABISHA, WILL. Phenix; Out of Claudian. By T. R.

The whole Body of Cookery Dissected, Esquire . . . In the Savoy, Printed by T. N. for William Nott at the Queens

Taught, and fully manifested, Methodi

cally, Artificially, and according to the Arms in the Pall-mall.


best Tradition of the English, French, A, 2 leaves : B-E in eights. Dedicated

Italian, Dutch, &c. Or, A Sympathie of to James Duke of Monmouth. In verse.

all varieties in Naturall Compounds in R. W., M.D.

that Mysterie. Wherein is contained cerA New and Needful Treatise of Wind tain Bills of Fare for the Seasons of the offending Mans Body. In which is de

year, for Feasts and Common Diets. scribed the Nature, Causes, and Symptoms Whereunto is annexed a Second Part of of wind. Together with its Speedy and Rare Receipts of Cookery: With certain easie Remedy. London. Printed for useful Traditions. With a Book of PreBenjamin Billingsley, ... 1676. 8°. A, serving, Conserving and Candying, after 4 leaves: a, 2 leaves: B-I 2 in eights. the most Exquisite and Newest manner :



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