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taph, and Contents, 3 leaves : B-T in Mercurius Bellicus. The fourth Intellifours.

gence from Reading. Dated from His A posthumous publication. Some of the Excellency His Quarters in Reading, pieces are of biographical interest.

April the last, at five a clock at night. RAWLINS, PAUL.

Wherein is the certain Relation of the A booke called, a man or a monster dis- taking of Hereford by Sir William Waller, coueringe the most inhumane Conspi- London, Printed for Samuel Gellibrand, racye of one Paule Rawlins a Butcher in

May 1. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. his apprentice reuealed by a miraculous READING, JOHN, D.D., Prebend of Canaccident. Licensed to George Eld, 10

terbury. September, 1613.

A Sermon Lately delivered in the Cathe

dral Church of Canterbury, Concerning RAY, JOHN, F.R.S.

Church-Musick. London : Printed by A Collection of English Words Not Gene- Tho. Newcomb. 1663. 4°, A-C in fours, rally used, with their Significations and C 4 blank. Originals, in two Alphabetical Catalogues.

READING, SIMON. The one of such as are proper to the Northern, the other to the Southern Counties.

A true reporte of the wicked practises With Catalogues of English Birds and

and devillishe proceedinges of Synon Fishes : And an Account of the preparing

Readinge in his abusinge and cozeninge and refining such Metals and Minerals as

of Diuerse people in the citye of London

with the true Discours of his coniuring are gotten in England. London, Printed by H. Bruges, for Tho. Burrel 1674.

in Sainct Georges feildes. Licensed to 89, A-L 4 in eights, first and last leaves

Martin Clerk, 11th March, 1606-7. blank.

REBEL. Dedicated to the author's friend Peter A Solemne songe of the Rebelles State, Courthope of Danny in Sussex Esquire. To whome the Popes blessinge Camme Nomenclator Classicus, Sive Dictionario- somewhat to late. lum Trilinguis. ... A Classical Nomen- Licensed to H. Carre, 20 Dec. 1580. clator, with the Gender and Declension The Rebels Doom : Or, an Historical of each Word, and the Quantities of the Account of the Most Remarkable RebelSyllables. By John Ray, M.A. . . . The lions from Edward the Confessor's Reign Eighth Edition. For the Use of to His Present Majesties Happy RestauSchools. London, Printed by T. Wood, ration. With the Fatal Consequences

M.DCC.XXXVI. 8°, A-L in fours. that have always attended such Disloyal RAYMOND, JOHN, Gentleman.

Violations of Allegiance.

. . London, An Itinerary Contayning A Voyage Made

Printed by T. B. for Robert Clavel . . through Italy, In the yeare 1646, and

1684. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-02 in fours. 1647. Illustrated with divers figures of RECORDE, ROBERT. Antiquities. Never before Published. The groūd of artes teachyng the worke London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley, and practise of Arithmeticke, much neces

1648. 8o. A, 16 leaves : a, 6 leaves : sary for all states of men. After a more B-N in twelves, N 12 blank. With a easyer & exacter sorte, then any lyke frontispiece and engravings on the text. hath hytherto ben set forth : with dyuers Dedicated to Prince Charles.

newe additions, as by the table doth partly READING.

appeare. Robert Recorde. [Col.] ImThe Last joyfull Intelligence from His prynted at London in Powls church rarde Excellency His Quarters in Reading : at the sygne of the Brasen serpent by R. Wherein is contained, the Propositions of Wolfe. In the yeare of our Lord Christ agreement, vpon which the town was de- M.D.xliii. in October. 8°, black letter. livered, London, Printed for Thomas Title, 1 leaf : Table, 1 leaf : dedication by Watson. 1643. [April 29.] 4°, 4 leaves.

the author to Richard Whalley Esquire, B. M.

5 leaves : Figures of number, 1 leaf: the Victory Proclaymed, In an Exact Rela

work, A-T in eights, T 8 blank. Grenv. tion of the Valiant proceedings of the

Coll. Parliament Forces in their Seige before

On the back of the title occurs, The bokys verdicte, 4 lines of verse.

In this copy, on Reading, From Aprill 15. to 27. .

the spare leaf at the end, we have in an London : Printed for Benjamin Allen, in Italian Elizabethan hand, “Sum Barnardi Popes-head-Alley. Aprili 29. 1643. 4°, hampton eiusq. amicor.” 4 leaves. B. M.

The Grovnd of Arts. . . . London, Printed

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by Iohn Harison . . . 1605. 8°, black REFLECTIONS. letter, A-Mm in eights.

Occasional Reflections upon Several SubThe Castle of Knowledge. [Col.]_Im

jects. Whereto is premis'd A Discourse

about such kind of Thoughts. [Quot. printed at London by Reginald Wolfe,

from Seneca Nat. Quæst.] London, PrinAnno Domini, 1556. Folio. A, 8 leaves :

ted by W. Wilson for Henry HerringA (repeated)-S in sixes. With wood

man, cuts.

8o. Title and fol

lowing leaf : a, 8 leaves: b, 3 leaves: BThe pathewaie to knowledge, 1574. Pp in eights. [Col.) Imprinted at London, by Ihon The copy here described has By Isaac Harrison. Anno Domini. 1574. 4°, black

Walton written on the title. letter. *, 4 leaves : **, 4 leaves : A-M2 REFORMATION. in fours, M 2 with the colophon. With

A Trve, Modest, and Ivst Defence of the cuts.

Petition for Reformation, exhibited to the The Urinal of Physick.

... London.

Kings most Excellent Maiestie. ConPrinted by G. D. 1665. 8o, A-R 3 in taining an Answere to the Confutation eights.

published under the names of some of At the end is annexed Cotta's Detection the Vniversitie of Oxford. . . . Imprinted of Unskilful Physicians, with a separate 1618. 8o. A, 8 leaves: a, 8 leaves: 8 title dated 1662.

2 leaves: B-Q in eights. RECOVERY.

Reformation no Enemie. Or a true DisThe Recovery. A sheet in verse. [Circú covrse, betweene the Bishops and the 1688.)

Desirers of Reformation: Wherein is RECREATION.

plainely laid open the present corrupt A plesaunt recreacon for an indifferent Government of the Church, and the mynde. Licensed to John Allde, 18

desired forme of Government plainely May, 1582.

proved by the word of God. . . . Printed RECUSANT.

in the yeare, 1641. 4°, A-H 2 in fours. To the Honovrable the Knights, Citizens REGIMEN SALERNI. and Bvrgesses of the Commons Hovse. Regimen Sanitatis Salerni.... translated

The humble Petition of the into Englishe by Thomas Paynell Lay-Catholiques Recusants of England. 1575. Imprynted at London by Printed, 1641. A sheet.

Wyllyam How for Abraham Veale. 8o, A Trve Coppy of a bold and most peremp

black letter. A, 8 leaves: *, 8 leaves: B tory Letter, sent to the Honourable Earle

-P in eights. of Salisbury, By A. B. C. &c. To mitti- Regimen Sanitatis Salerni: Or, The gate his prosecuting of Recusants. Lon- Schoole of Salernes Regiment of Health don, Printed by B. Alsop ... 1641. 4°,

London. Printed by B. Alsop and 4 leaves.

T. Fawcet ... 1634. 4°, A-Gg in REDINGSTONE, JOHN.

fours, first leaf blank. Plain English To the Parliament and REGIUS, URBANUS. Army and to the rest of the People. To A lytle treatise after the maner of an convince the Obstinate. Undeceive the Epystle Wryten by the famous clerk simple. Vindicate the innocent. Settle Doctor urbanus Regius vnto a specyall the wavering. London, Printed by frende of his, wherin he declareth the Henry Hils, M.DC.XLIX. 4°, 4 leaves. cause of the great cotrouersy that hath

bene & is yet at this day in the chrysten REES, JOHN DAVID, of Anglesey. Cambrobrytannicae Cymraecæ-ve Lingvae

relygyon and also the dyuersyte betwene Institvtiones et Rvdimenta accuratè, &

the ryght worshyppyng & seruice of God,

and the ceremonis inuented by mannis (quantum fieri potuit) succintè & com

institucion, very fruteful and profytable. pendiosè conscripta à Joanne Dauide Rhæso Monensi Lannaethlay Cambro

[Col.] Imprinted by me Gwalter Lynne, brytanno, Medico Senensi ‘Ad Illust.

dwellyng vpon Somers Kaye, by Bylvirum Edouardum Stradlingum Equestris

lynges gate. In the yeare of our Lorde ordinis Cambrobrytannum :...

God. M.D.xlviij ... 80, black letter, A . . Londini

-D 4 in eights. Excudebat Thomas Orwinus. 1592. Folio.

4 leaves each: A–Pp in fours, Pp REID, JOHN. 4 blank, besides two folded leaves be- The Scots Gard'ner In two parts. The tween A 2-3 and I 3—4.

First of Contriving and Planting Gardens,





Orchards, Avenues, Groves The A Relation or Remonstrance of what was
Second of the Propagation & Improve- negotiated by the Remonstrant, in the
ment of Forrest, and Fruit-Trees, Kitchen- name of this Commonwealth, at the Court
Hearbes, Roots and Fruits; . . . Where- of Savoy. No place, printer's name, or
unto is annexed The Gard'ners Kalendar. date [1652.] 40, A-D_in fours, D 4
Published for the Climate of Scotland blank, and Ď 3 with the Errata.
By John Reid Gard'ner. Edinburgh,

A Full and True Relation As well of the
Printed by David Lindsay, and his Part-

Blowing-Up of the Ann Frigat As also of ners, at the foot of Heriots Bridge, 1683.

the Examination, Tryal, and Condemna4°, A-R in fours: the Calendar, A-B 3

tion of John Adams the Gunner Therein fours. With four leaves of plans.

unto Belonging: As the Occasioning that RELATION.

Accident by His Default. For which he A True relation of the faction begun at was on the 24th of this instant December, Wisbich, by Fa. Edmunds, alias Weston, Sentenced by a Councel of War to be a Iesuite, 1595, and continued since by Hang'u. With Allowance. Printed by Fa. Walley, alias Garnet, the Prouincial A. Purslow in the Year, 1673. 4°, 4 of the Iesuits in England, and by Fa.

leaves. Parsons in Rome, with their adherents : A True Relation of the late Transactions Against vs the Secular Priests their

at Rensborough, Between His Majesty brethren and fellow Prisoners, that dis- the King of Denmark, and His Highness liked of nouelties, and thought it dis- the Duke of Holstein Gottorse. Comhonourable to the auncient Ecclesiasticall

municated by a Letter from a Gentleman Discipline of the Catholicke Church, that of Holstein, to a Friend of his in London, Secular Priests should be gouerned by dated at Keel the 12. of Feb. 1676. In Iesuits. Newly Imprinted. 1601. 4°, Answer to a Scandalous Paper, pretended A-N 2 in fours, N 2 blank,

to be written by a Gentleman of Holstein, A Relation of All Matters Passed, espe

London, Printed in the Year 1676. cially in France and the Low-Countries,

Folio, 4 leaves. touching the causes of the warre now in A Relation of the Adventures of a Chris. Cleueland. Together with sych occur- tian-Ship at Alexandria in Egypt. Derences of Note as have happened in livered in a Letter to a Person of Honour, Spaine, Italie, England, Germany, ... from Tunis in Barbary. [1680.] Folio, since March last to this present, 1614. 2 leaves. Translated according to the Originall of Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus. London, Im

A True and Exact Relation of the Great printed for William Welby, . . . 1614. Victory Obtained by General Schults 49. A, 2 leaves, with title and dedica- over Count Teckely in the Upper Huntion by Robert Booth the translator to garia, on the 20th of Septemb. 1684. William Booth, Esquire, son and heir of Together with an account of the Battle Sir George Booth.

between the Duke of Lorraine and the Booth styles himself the other's kinsman. Serasquier Bassa before Buda. London, This appears to be the only portion of the Printed by Thomas Snowden, Anno Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus ever published Dom. 1684. A folio leaf. in English. The original French makes, in the British Museum copy, eighteen volumes | RELIGIO. octavo, and extends from 1588 to 1632.

Religio Clerici. [Quotations from EpicJonson, in the Poetaster, 1601, speaks of Gallo-Belgic phrases,” but whether, as

tetus and 1 Tim. 4. 16.] London: PrinGifford supposes, in reference to this peri

ted for Henry Brome, . . . 1681. 12o. odical, or not, I cannot quite say.

A, 6 leaves : B-L in twelves. With a

frontispiece on A i.
A True and Joyful Relation of two
Famous Battels fought against the Lord REMEDY.
Marquesse of Hartford, Together

The remedy ayenst the troubles of tempwith the Earl of Pembrokes Proceedings tacyons. [Col.] Imprynted at London in in the County of Wiltshire . . . Printed Flete strete at the sygne of ý soñe. By for R. Watkins August 27. 1642. 4°, 4 Wynkyn de Worde. The yere of our leaves.

lorde M.ccccc.xix. the. xxi. daye of Janu-
The first parliamentary victory obtained arius. 4°, A-C in sixes, D in eights.
was by the combined forces of the Earls of

With the title on a ribbon over a wood-
Pembroke and Bedford, near Sherborne-
Hill; the second, against the Cavaliers

cut of the portcullis, &c. With two cuts.
near Norwich.

Grenv. Coll.

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ster ...



The Most Pleasant and Delightful HisA Discourse or history of Bees. Licensed tory of Reynard the Fox. The Second to Thomas Slater, 12 May, 1637.

Part. Containing much Matter of PleaREPLY.

sure and Content Written for the DeA Reply to Dictated thoughtes By a more

light of young men, Pleasure of the Aged,

and Profit of all. To which is added Proper Emblem. [December 7, 1646.] A small sheet with the emblem, beneath

many excellent Morals.

London, which are merely 12 engraved lines.

Printed by A. M. and R. R. for Edward

Brewster. B. M.

1681. 4°, A-0 in fours.

With cuts. REPORT.

The Shifts of Reynardine the Son of A Report of certen travelers touchinge Reynard the Fox, Or A Pleasant History the age and captivytie of a grecian borne of his Life and Death, Full of Variety, in Candia, &c. Licensed to Henry Kyrk- &c. And may fitly be applied to the ham, 17 Oct. 1580.

Late Times. Now Published for the The true reporte of a greate Gali that

Reformation of Mens Manners. ... Lonwas broughte to Rochell on the Sixte of

don, Printed by T. J. for Edward BrewFebruarye last. Licensed to John Wolf,

and Thomas Passenger. . . 28 Feb. 1591-2.

1684. 4°, A-X in fours. Comical Remarks on the Publick Re

The Most Delightful History of Reynard

the Fox : In Heroic Verse. Much Illusports. Loudon : Printed . . . 1690. A sheet.

trated and Adorned with Alegorical

Phrases, and Refined English, containing REVERSE.

much Wisdom and Policies of State... The Reverse : Or, The Tables Turn'd. The like never Published to the World A Poem Written in Answer, Paragraph before. London, Printed_for Thomas by Paragraph, to a late Scurrilous and Passinger ... and Charles Passinger . . Malicious Medly of Rhimes called the 1681. 4o, A-0 in fours, A i blank. Foreigners. London, Printed and Sold With cuts and an engraved title. by John Nutt... 1700. Folio, 6 leaves. The only introductory matter is a Preface In verse.

by John Shirley. REVETT, ELDRED.

The Crafty Courtier : Or The Fable of Poems, By Eldred Revett.

Horat. Ep.

Reinard the Fox : Newly done into Englib. 2.

lish verse, from the Antient Latin IamAd August.—Quia nil rectum . . London, Printed by E. T. for the

bics of Hartm. Schopperus. . . . London: Author. Anno Dom. 1657. 89. A, 8

Printed for John Nutt, near Stationersleaves : B-I 2 in twelves.

Hall, 1706. 8°, A-X 4 in eights, inDedicated “To the best Worthy of Hon.

cluding a half-title. A has only 4 leaves. our, his Noble Kinseman, Robert Henley REYNELL, CAREW. Esquire," under date of October 19, 1647. With verses by R. Lovelace, B. H., and

The Fortunate Change : Being a PaneWilliam Revett the writer's brother.

gyrick to His Sacred Maiesty, King At p. 6 occurs a copy of verses “To his Charls the Second, Immediate Honoured Friend, Col. R. L. upon his Coronation, being the 23. of Aprill 1661. second failing," and at p. 34 a second set

By Carew Reynell, Esq; London, Printed “To my honoured Friend, Coll. Richard Lovelace on his second Poems.” At p. 46

for Henry Herringman, . . . 1661. Folio, is the Elegy on Lovelace.

4 leaves. In verse. Br. Museum.

Reprinted in Hazlitt's Fugitive Tracts, REVOLTER.

1875, 2d Series. The Revolter. A Trage-Comedy Acted

REYNOLDS, JOHN. between the Hind and Panther, and Re

The Trivmphs of Gods Revenege, against ligio Laici. London, Printed in the Year

the crying, and execrable Sinne of Mur1687. 4o. A, 4 leaves : B, 2 leaves :

ther: Or His Miraculous discoueries and C-D in fours : E, 3 leaves.

seuere punishments thereof: In thirty REYNARD THE FOX.

seuerall* Tragicall Histories (digested in Raynolde the foxe. Licensed to William

sixe Bookes) acted in diuers Countries Powell, 30 November, 1560.

beyond the Seas, and never till now pubThe most Delectable History of Reynard lished, or imprinted in any Language. the Fox.... London: Printed by A. M. Written by Iohn Reynolds and R. R. for Edward Brewster ... 1681, London, Printed by Felix Kyngston for 4°, A_U in fours. With cuts.

William Lee, ... 1621. 4o.

on his

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Book I. 1, 4 leaves, with title and dedi. bearers. Licensed to John Tisdale in cation to the Marquis of Buckingham, and 1562-3. A-Bb 2 in fours, Bb 2 with Errata : Book II. A-Ff 2 in fours, and 1, 2 leaves : RIBAULD, CAPTAIN. Book III. A-Hh in fours, Hh 4 blank,

The Whole and true discouerye of Terra and (a) 1 leaf. Book 2 is dated 1622, Book

Florida, (englished the Florishing lande) 3, 1624. The fourthe booke of Gods revenge

Conteyning aswell the wonderfull straunge by John Reynolds. Licensed to W. Lee,

natures and maners of the people, with

the merueylous comodities and treasures 19 Dec. 1633.

of the country : As also the pleasaunt The fift booke or parte of Gods revenge Portes, Hauens, and wayes therevnto. . . . Licensed to W. Lee, 14 June, 1634. Neuer founde out before the last yere The sixt booke . . . Licensed to W. Lee, 1562. Written in Frenche by Captaine 20 Aug. 1634.

Ribauld the fyrst that whollye discouered

the same. The Triumphs of Gods Revenge ... The

And now newly set forthe in Sixth Edition, very Carefully Corrected.

Englishе the xxx of May, 1563. Prynted To which is Added, Gods Revenge against

at London by Rouland Hall, for Thomas the Abominable Sin of Adultery, Con

IIacket. 89, A-C in eights, C 8 blank, taining Ten Several Histories, Never

besides the dedication of Hacket to Sir Printed before. Illustrated with New Martin Bowes. Lan th. Sculptures. London, Printed by J. Ben

RICH, JEREMIAH. net, for Thomas Lee ... 1679. Folio.

The Pens Dexterity Invented and Taught Title and frontispiece, 2 leaves : a, 6

by Jeremiah Rich. ... The whole comleaves : b, 4 leaves : B-000 in fours :

pleted in this Fifth Edition, with many the second portion, with a separate title, A, 2 leaves : B-N 2 in fours : Aa-Mm

necessary and delightful Additions. Lon

don, Printed for William Leach, ... 1680. in fours, Mm 4 blank.

8', A-D 2 in eights. With a portrait. The Flower of Fidelity. . . . London, Printed for Robert Horne, and are to be

The Pen's Dexterity ; . : London : sold at his shop at the signe of the Turks

Printed for John Marshall, · [1705.] head in Corn-hill near the Royal Ex

8o. Title and Directions, 2 leaves : Enchange. 1660. 8°. A, 4 leaves : B_N graved plates, 9 leaves. in eights, N 8 blank.

RICH, ROBERT, Earl of Warwick. RHÉ, ISLE OF

The Earl of Warwicks Letter From aboard L'Entiere Deffaite des Anglois Et Levr His Majesties Ship, called the James, in Hontevse Fvite de l'Isle de Re, par the Downs, to an Honorable Lord in Parl'Armee du Roy, commandee par Mon- liament; Dated July 4. 1642. Concernsieur le Mareschal de Schomberg ing His calling a Councell of War, and ou il a estè tué quatre mille Anglois, & how His Rear-Admirall, and four other huict cens prisonniers, outre quatre grands

Captains refused to obey his Lordships Milors, auec le grand Colonnel Morgant,

Summons. With many other passages of Á Lyon, M.DC.XXVII. Avec great consequence. Also, Another Letter Permission. 8°.

from aboard the same Ship to Master The copy used ended imperfectly on A 4; Nichols a Member of the House of Com

probably there should be A in eights. mons; Dated July 5. 1642. With many RHODES, JOHN.

Remarkable Passages amongst the CapThe Spy Discovering the Danger of Ar- tains and Officers. London, Printed by minian Heresie and Spanish Trecherie : Luke Norton and Iohn Field, for Edward Written by I. R. Possibile est Satyras non

Husbands and Iohn Frank. July 7. 1642. scribere? ... Printed at Strasburgh 1628. 4°, 4 leaves. 4o. Title and Epistle “To all zealous

The Remonstrance and Declaration of Professors, and true-hearted Patriots in

His Excellencie Robert E. of Warwick, Great Britaine," from Strasburgh, Aug.

Lord High Admirall of England, Con23, 2 leaves : A-G 2 in fours, G 2 blank.

cerning the King, Parliament, Army, and With a large folded engraving, of which

Kingdome. ... Also, A Letter and Declathere is a long metrical explanation com- ration from the Navy, to the Apprentices mencing at sign. A 3. In verse.

of the City of London, and the Marines RHYME.

and Water-men upon the River of Thames. A mery Ryme Consernynge butchers .. London, Printed for John Woolridge, graysers schole maisters and tankerde 1618. 4°, 4 leaves.

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