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black letter, A-F in eights, first and The Logitians Schoolemaster. Licensed last leaves blank, besides a title and the to John Bellamy, 7 December, 1622. preface by John Fox. Lambeth.

A Pitvovs Lamentation of the Miserable RICHARDSON, ROBERT. A godly medicene which hath done mooste

Estate of the Chvrche of Christ in Enggood, by Roberte Rychardson. Licensed

lande, in the time of the late reuolt from to William Norton in 1567-8.

the gospel, . . . wrytten by . . . Nicolas

Rydley, late Byshoppe of London. Neuer RICHWORTH, WILLIAM.

before this tyme imprynted. wherevnto Rushworth's Dialogues. Or The Judg. are also annexed certayne letters of John ment. . . . Last Edition, Corrected and Careless, written in the tyme of his imenlarg’d by Thomas White, Gent. [Quot. prisonment. Pervsed and allowed. . . from Isaiah, 35, 8.] A Paris. Chez lean Col.] Imprinted at London by Willyam Billaine . . . 1654. 12o. *, 7 leaves : Powell, dwelling in Fletestrete, at the ***, 8 leaves : **, 4 leaves : B-P 4 in signe of the George, nere to Sainct twelves.

Dunstons Church. [1566.] 8°, A-G in The Preface gives a very interesting eights. Lambeth. account of Rushworth or Richworth, a

The date is on the title to the second native of Lincolnshire, who died in 1637,

portion. and who wrote under the name of Robinson, besides living and engaging in official | RIDLEY, SIR THOMAS, Knight, D.C.L. duties in France under the name of Charles A View of the Civile and Ecclesiasticall Rosse.

Law : And wherein the Practice of them RICRAFT, JOSIAII.

is straitned, and may be relieved within A Perfect Table of Three hundred fourty this Land. The second Edition, by 1. G. three Victories obtained since the Kings DIY of Arts. Oxford, Printed by William attempt to enter into Hull at the begin- Turner. . . . 1634. Cum Privilegio. 4°. ning of these Wars, July 26. 1642. to * 4 leaves : **, 2 leaves : A-Q99 in Septemb. 14. 1646. by their Excellencies fours, last leaf blank. the Earl of Essex, and Sir Thomas Fair- RIVE, EDMUND. fax, Captains Generals of the Parliaments

Ten Grammaticall Chapters, with Latine, Forces. Printed for William Ley. [1616.] Construed and Parsed according to them, A large broadside with portraits of Essex For to Introduct vnto the vnderstanding and Fairfax and smaller prints of Crom

of Lillies Grammar. By Edmund Riue, well, &c.

Instructer in the Originall Languages ; RIDDLES.

Dwelling neere Christ-Church in London. A Booke of merry riddles. Assigned by London Printed by Authority. 1620. 4°, Ralph Blower, 26 August, 1617.

black letter, A-H in fours. The Age of Riddles : Or, A true List of RIVET, ANDREW. certain extraordinary Positions, formerly The Last Houers, Of the Right Reverend called Contradictions, but now distin- Father in God Andrew Rivet, On his life guish'd by no Name at all. Faithfully time D'. And Professour Honorable of extracted from several Modern Doctrines Divinity, in the Universitie of Leyden, and Practices. A sheet. [Circa 1700.] Tutor to the late High and Mightie RIDER, MR.

P. William . Prince of Orange. Mr. Rider's Case [relating to a Conduit- Faithfully Collected. . . . Translated by Wharf, &c., on the beach at New-Deal.]

G. L. Hagh, Printed by Samuel Broun A broadside. [Circů 1700.]

English Bookeseller. 1652. 8°, A-F in Mr. Warner's Answer to Mr. Rider's Case.

eights, F 7-8 and A i blank. With a A broadside.

portrait of Rivett.

Translated by George Lauder, who has a RIDLEY, NICHOLAS, Bishop of London. copy of verses to the memory of Rivet on

A Frendly Farewel, which Mester Doctor the back of the title. Ridley, late Bishop of London did write ROBBERIES. beinge prisoner in Oxeforde, vnto all his A Discovery of many, great, and Bloudy true Louers and frendes in God, a little Roberies : Committed of late by Dissolvte before that he suffred for the testimony and Evill affected Troopers, În severall of the truthe of Christ his Gospell. Newly places of this Kingdome, but chiefly about set forth and allowed . . . Imprinted at the City of London. Since the late disLondon by Jhon Day ... 1559. The. banding of the Army in the North. 10. of Nouembre. Cum gratia. • , . 8°, Wherein is inserted the Description of




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a bloudy Combate, fought betwene 9 | ROBINSON, CLEMENT.
Troopers and 6 Butchers. . . . Printed at Very pleasante Sonettes and storyes in
London for John Thomas, 1641. 4°, 4 myter by Clement Robynson. Licensed
leaves. B. M.

to R. Jones in 1565-6. ROBERT III., King of Scotland.

ROBINSON, JOHN, Pilgrim Father. Robert the III King of Scotland, His A Ivst and Necessarie Apologie of CerAnswer to a Summonds sent by Henry tain Christians, no lesse contumeliously the IV of England, to do Homage for the then commonly called Brownists or BarCrown of Scotland. Edinburgh, Printed rowists. By Mr. Iohn Robinson, Pastor in the Year, M.DCC. 8°, 4 leaves.

of the English Church at Leyden, first ROBERTS, JOHN.

published in Latin in his and the

Churches name over which he was set; The Compleate Cannoneire, or the Gunner's Art. Licensed to John Okes, 25

after translated into English by himself, Jan. 1636-7.

and now republished for the speciall and

common good of our own Countrimen. ROBERTS, LEWES.

Printed in the yeare of our Lord M.DC.XIV. The Merchants Map of Commerce : ..

4°, A-I in fours. The Fourth Edition, carefully Corrected, and Enlarg'd. London : Printed for

ROCHE, THOMAS. Thomas Horne, ... 1700. Folio. Ad Eruditissimos, Clarissimos, & Eximios

Academiae Oxoniensis Doctores. OxROBERTSON, W., A.M.

oniam jam depulsis è Gracia Musis, Phraseologia Generalis ; . ., A Full, Liberalium Artium Sedem, Et Nutricem Large, and General Phrase Book ; Com

existere. [Circů 1700.] A folio leaf of prehending, Whatsoever is Necessary and

Latin verses. most Usefull; in all other Phraseological Books . . . By William Robertson, A, M.

ROCHEFORTH, HENRY. Cambridge, Printed by John Hayes

Almanacke and pronostication of Henry 1681. . . . and are to be sold by George

Rocheforthe. Licensed to Owen Rogers

in 1560. Sawbridge ...8o. A, 4 leaves: B-Ssss 4 in eights.

An almanacke and a pronostication of his ROBIN.

own makynge for the yere of our lorde

god 1565. Licensed to Henry RochePoor Robins Character of France: Or,

forth in 1564, France Painted to the Life. In a Brief Dialogue of the Description of that Nation, ROCHESTER, JOHN WILMOT, Earl of. their Manners, Customs, Complements,

Poems on Several Occasions, Written Language, Discourse, &c. As also, An

by a late Person of Honour {Wilmot, Exact Character of the City of Paris, of Earl of Rochester.] London, Printed for their Gentry, Peasants, Women, &c. By

A. Thorncome ... 1685. 8°, A-H in
Poor Robin, Knight of the Burnt-Island, eights.
a Well willer to the French Taylors. The Works of John Earl of Rochester.
London, Printed in the Year 1666. 4°, Containing Poems, On Several Occasions:
A-D in fours.

His Lordships Letters to Mr. Savil and
Poor Robins Perambulation from Saffron-

Mrs. With Valentinian, A Tragedy. Walden to London: Performed this Month

Never before Publish'd together. Lonof July, 1678. London. Printed for T. don : Printed for Jacob Tonson, E. and are to be sold by the General As- MDCCXIV. 12°, A-O in twelves; with a sembly of Hawkers, 1678. 4°, A-C in portrait, a Preface by Rymer, and Oldfours. In verse.

ham's Pastoral on Rochester's death. ROBIN REDBREAST.

The Works of the Earls of Rochester, Lettell Robyn Red breaste. A ballad.

Roscomon, and Dorset; The Dukes of Licensed to W. Copland in 1562–3.

Devonshire, Buckinghamshire, &c. With

Memoirs of their Lives. In 'Two Volumes. ROBINSON, BARTHOLOMEW.

Adorned with Cuts. London: Printed in Adagia Latten and English, being a

the Year M.DCC.XXXI. Price 51. 120. treatise contayning 500 proverbs for the

A, 12 leaves: [al—[b] in twelves : B-H vse of those who aspire to the further in twelves, Vol. 2-A, 5 leaves : a, 13 perfection of the Latten tongue. Col- leaves : B-H in twelves : I-K 6 in fected by Bartholomew Robinson. Li

twelves. censed to Bernard Alsop, 23 August, The plates are at pp. i, xli, 1 (of text), 1621.

26, 113; vol. 2, pp. i, 184.




The Works of the Earls of Rochester, second. [Translated by R. Basset) Roscomon. In Two Volumes. With G(entleman).] London Printed by N. Additions, and Adorned with Cuts. Lon- and I. Okes, and are to be sold by George don: Printed in the Year M.DCC.LII. Hutton . . . 1636. 8°, A-Bb in eights. Sm. 8o.

With a frontispiece by Marshall.

The name of the translator is ascertained Valentinian : A Tragedy. As tis Alter'd

from the Stationers' Registers. by the late Earl of Rochester, and Acted

ROME. at the Theatre-Royal. Together with a Preface concerning the Author and his

See Italy and Popery. Writings. By one of his Friends. Lon- ROMULUS. don: Printed for Timothy Goodwin . . Romulus and Hersilia : Or, The Sabine 1685. 4o A, 4 leaves: a-c in fours: War. A Tragedy Acted at the Dukes B-M 2 in fours.

Theatre. [Quot. from Ovid.] London,

Printed for D. Brown, and T. BenROGERS, JOHN.

skin . . . 1683. 4°. A, 2 leaves : B-I To His Excellency the Lord-General

in fours. Cromwell, A few Proposals, Relating to Civil-Government. Humbly offered by

ROOKWOOD, AMBROSE. John Rogers, an unworthy Servant of

A True Copy of the Paper Delivered by Christ, and Preacher of the Gospel now

Brigadier Rookwood, To the Sheriff, at at Tho. Apostles, London. [April 25,

Tyburn, the Place of Execution, April 1653.] A sheet.

29. 1696. London, Printed in the Year

1696. A folio leaf. ROGUES. The manner of the Rogges. A ballad.

True Copies of the Papers which BrigaLicensed to Alexander Lacy in 1563–4.

dier Rookwood, and Major Lowick, de

livered to the Sheriff's of London and ROLLE, RICHARD.

Middlesex, at Tyburn, April 29. 1696. Rycharde Rolle hermyte of Hampull in Published by Authority. London: Prinhis contemplacyons of the drede and loue ted for John Lawrence, and William of god. With other dyuerse tytles as it Rogers, 1696. A folio leaf. sheweth in his table. [Col.] Deo Gratias.

ROSARY. Enprynted at London in Fletestrete at

The Mystik sweet Rosary of the faythful ý sygne of the sonne By Wynkyn de

soule : garnished rownde aboutei as it Worde. Anno dñi. 4o, black letter, with a woodcut on the title. A,

were with fresshe fragraunt flowers /

according to the trwthe of the Gospel : 8: B, 4; C, 8: D, 4: E, 8: F, 4, F 4 with the device on the verso and a cut on the

with fyftye pagens of the hole lyfe and

passion of our lorde Jesu Cryst, with cerrecto. Grenv. Coll.

tain placis of the holy scripture correROLLE, SAMUEL, Minister of the Word, sponding euery pagen : vnto eche place

and sometime of Trinity College, Cam- added a deuoute prayer. Also ynto bridge.

euery saynge or facte of Cryst / ther is The Burning of London in the Year 1666. correspondent a fayer picture : that the Commemorated and improved in OX. Dis- inwarde mynde might sauour the thinge courses, Meditations, and Contemplations that the vtwarde eye beholdeth.

London, Printed by R. I. for Natha- Prynted in Anwerpe at Martyne Emniel Ranew, and Jonathan Robinson prowers. M,D, &. xxxiij. Small 8o. A1667. 8°. In four parts, each with G in eights. Black letter, Douce Coll. separate title, &c.


The prayse of the Rose and the maryTo the chosen and betrusted Knights, golde. A ballad.

Licensed to Henry Citizens, and Burgesses ... The humble Kyrkham in 1569–70. Petition of Alice Rolph, wife to Major ROSENCREUTZ, CHRISTIAN. Edmond Rolph, close prisoner in the The Hermetick Romance: Or The Chymi. Gate-house Westminster, &c. Presented cal Wedding. Written in high Dutch to the Honorable House of Commons, by Christian Rosencreutz. Translated Iuly 10, 1648. A sheet.

by H. Foxcreft, late Fellow of Kings ROMAN EMPERORS.

Colledge in Cambridge ... Printed by The Lives of all the Roman Emperors, A. Sowle ... 1690. 8, A-M in eights, being exactly collected from Iulius Cæsar, last leaf with the Errata. There are no unto the now reigning Ferdinand the prefixes.

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The Causes & Cure of the Pestilence :
Or, A Brief Collection of those provoking
Sins, . . . for which the Lord hath usually
sent' the sore destroying Pestilence or
Plague ... London, Printed in the Year,
MDCLXV. 8°, A-R in eights.
A Trve Relation of the most prosperous

made this present yeere 1605, by Captaine George Waymouth, in the Discouery of the land of Virginia : where he discouered 80 miles vp a most excellent Riuer; together with a most fertile land. Written by Iames Rosier, a Gentleman employed in the voyage. Londini Impensis Geor. Bishop.1605. 40, A-E in fours. Black letter. Grenville Coll. ROSS, ALEXANDER. The first booke of questions and answers vpon Genesis by Alexander Rosse. Licensed to F. Constable, 6 May, 1620. Tonsor ad cutem rasus ; qui Forsiculis, pectine, radulis, . . . onustus; Ex Ingolstadiana Tonstrina Britannos tondendi ergo emissus

Operâ A. R. Tonsoris Aberdonensis Londini, Excudebat Miles Flesher, ... 1627. 8', A-F 4 in eights. Commentvm De Terræ Motv Circulari : ... Opera, Alexandri Rossaei, Aberdonensis ... Londini, Apud Thomam Harperum. M.DC.XXXIV. 4°, A-I in fours. Virgilivs Evangelisans. Sive Historia Domini & Salvatoris nostri Iesu Christi,

.. Operâ Alexandri Rossæi. Londini Per Johannem Legatum, pro Richardo Thrale, M.DC.XXXIIII

. 8°, A-E in eights, E 8 blank. Dedicated to Charles I. in

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course, that the Earth may be a Planet

. . London, Printed by J. Young, and are to be sold by Mercy Meighen, and Gabriel Bedell, 1646. 4", A-Q in fours, Q 4 blank.

Dedicated to George, Lord Berkley. Mystagogvs Poeticvs, Or, The Muses Interpreter: Explaining the historicall Mysteries, and mysticall Histories of the ancient Greek and Latine Poets. ...

.. By Alexander Ross . . . London, Printed for Richard Whitaker, M.DC.XLVII. 89, A-V in eights, A and V 8 blank, and A 8 with Errata. Dedicated to Sir Edward Banister. Gnomologicum Poeticum : hoc est, sententiæ veterum Poetarum insigniores, in ordinem Alphabeticum digestæ. In usum Puerorum. Per Alexandrum sæ Londini, Typis Thomæ Brudenelli, . Anno Domini M.DC.XLVII. 8°, A-C in eights. B. M. Alexandri Rossæi Isagoge Grammatica, In Gratiam illorum qui nolunt memoriam multis & longis regulis gravari, concinuata. . . . Londini, Typis Guil. Dugard : impensis Jehos. Kirton, ...

.. 1648. 8°, A-C 4 in eights. Br. M. Som Animadversions And Observations upon St Walter Raleigh's Historie of the World. Wherein his mistakes are noted, and some doubtful passages cleered. By Alexander Ross. London, Printed by William Du-gard for Richard Royston, [Circa 1650.] 12°. *, 5 leaves,

2: a-cin twelves. Arcana Microcosmi: Or, The hid Secrets of Man's Body discovered ; In an Anatomical Duel between Aristotle and Galen concerning the Parts thereof : As also, By a Discovery of the strange and marvellous Diseases Symptomes & Accidents of Mans Body. With a Refutation of Doctor Brown's Vulgar Errors, The Lord Bacon's Natural History, and Doctor Harvy's Book De Generatione, Comenius, and Others. Whereto is annexed a Letter from Doctor Pr{imrose] to the Author, and his Answer thereto, touching Doctor Harvy's Book De Generatione, By A. R. London, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, and are to bee sold by John Clark ... 1652. 89, A-T 4 in eights.

Dedicated to Edward Watson, Esq., son and heir to Lord Rockingham. An Appendix has a separate inscription to Andrew

Henley, Esq. Pansebeia : Or, A View of all Religions

The Third Edition, Enlarged and perfected, by Alexander Ross. To which

title on

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Virgilii Evangelisantis Christiados Libri XIII. ... Londini. Pro Richardo Thrale

. . 1638. 89, A-X 4 in eights, and a, 2 leaves, besides the frontispiece by W. Marshall. The Philosophicall Touch-Stone : Or Ohservations upon Sir Kenelm Digbie's Discourses of the nature of Bodies, and of the reasonable Souls. In which his erroneous Paradoxes are refuted. . . . By Alexander Ross. London, Printed for James Young, and are to be sold by Charles Green ...1645. 4°, a, 4 leaves : A-S 2 in fours. Dedicated to John, Earl of Rutland. The New Planet no Planet: Or, The Earth no wandring Star; Exeept in the wandring heads of Galileans. By Alexander Rosse. In answer to a Dis.





are annexed, The Lives, Actions, and A New Anatomie, Or Character of a Ends of certain Notorious Hereticks. Christian, or Round-head. Expressing With their Effigies in Copper-Plates. His Description, Excellencie, Happiness, Printed for John Saywell, .. 1658. and Innocencie. Wherein may appear 8°, A—3 F in eights, and a, 8 leaves. how far this blind World is mistaken in With a portrait of the author.

their unjust Censures of Him. [QuotaROSSE, LORD.

tions.] London, Printed for Robert LeyThe Case of Divorce and Re-Marriage

1645 [October 17.] 8°, 8

leaves. B. M. thereupon Discussed. By a Reverend Prelate of the Church of England and a ROUS, FRANCIS. private Gentleman (Sir Charles Wolse- Oile of Scorpions. The Miseries of these ley). Occasioned by the late Act of Par- Times turned into Medicines and Curing liament for the Divorce of the Lord Rosse, themselues. By Francis Rous. Cypr. London, Printed for Nevill Simmons. Epist. 8. Deus vtiq, . London Printed 1673. 12°, A-G in twelves, title on by W. Stausby for John Parker, A 3.

1624. 12o. A, 8 leaves, title on A 2:

B-P 3 in twelves. In prose. Dedicated ROSSETER, PHILIP.

“To my Deare Covntry, and especially For the Flute. Lessons for Consort :

to the dearest part of it, my Country-men Made by sundry Excellent Authors, and

of Heauen.” set to sixe seuerall instruments : Namely,

Treatises and Meditations Dedicated to the Treble Lute, Treble Violl, Bass Vioil,

the Saints, and to the Excellent throughBandora, Citterne, and the Flute. Now

out the three Nations. By F. Rous Esq; newly set forth by Philip Rosseter, one

... London, Printed by Robert White,

London : of his Maiesties Musitions.

and are to be sold by J. Wright ... Printed by Tho. Este alias Snodham, for Iohn Browne,

1657. Folio, A-5 B in fours, including 1609. 4°, A-B in fours. Dedicated to Sir William Gascoyne

an engraved title in compartments. of Sedbury.

Rimbault, August, 1877, No. 1280, the The Firste parte of Rowlands godson
Flute part only.

moralized. A ballad. Licensed to John ROSSO, GIULIO RAVIGLIO.

Wolf, 18 April, 1592. I Svccessi D'Inghilterra dopo la Morte di

The Seconde parte of Rowlands god sonne Odoardo Sesto Fino alla Givnta in quel moralised. A ballad. Licensed to John Regno Del Sereniss. Don Filippo D'Aus- Wolf, 29 April, 1592. tria Principe di Spagna. Scritte volgar- The Seconde parte of the gigge betwene mente da Givlio Raviglio Rosso da Ferrara. Rowland and the Sexton. Licensed to Con Alcvne Annotationi a maggiore in- T. Nelson, 16 Dec. 1591. telligenza di quelli. Et vna Oratione di ROWLAND, JONAS. M. Alberto Lollio nel ritorno di detto

Apostacy Punish'd : Or, A New Poem Regno all' obedienza della Sede Apos

on the Deserved Death of Jonas Rowtolica a Principi di quel Consiglio. In land, the Renegado, Lately Executed at Ferrara Appresso Francesco di Rossi da

Morocco. Printed by T. H. for the Author. Valenza M.D.LX. 4°. A, 4 leaves : + 1682. A folio leaf. and ++, 4 leaves each : B-Ii 2 in fours.


The Betraying of Christ . . . 1598. The rote or myrrour of consolacyon and For a copious account of this tract, and cõforte. (Col.] Thus endeth the Rote

its two differing editions in the same year,

see Corser's Collectanea, part 9, p. 199 et or myrrour of consolacyon and conforte.

8099. Lately imprynted and amended in many places where

The Letting of Hvmovrs Blood ... 1600. ony faute was / by Wynkyn de Worde / dwellynge in Flete Strete /

Of the three copies in the Bodleian, one

exhibits a text corrected in some places. at the sygne of the Sonne. M.CCCCC.XXX. See Mr. Smith's Preface to the Hunterian the .xxiii. daye of Marche. 4o. A-B in Club edition of the Works. The Malone sixes : C, 4: D, 6: E, 4: F, 6: G, 4: copy wants A 3, while the Crynes copy has H, 6:1, 4: K, 6.

a leaf of verses to the author's friend,

Master Hugh Lee, not in the other two. ROUNDHEADS.

A Theatre of Delightful Recreation . Twenty Lookes over all the Roynd-Heads

1605. that ever lived in the world ... 1643

This is, no doubt, the work licensed to [Jan. 19, 1642-3.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. Arthur Johnson, 8 October, 1605, as a


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