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Theatre of divine Recreation, &c. See the high Court of Parliament. Printed
Arber, iii. 303.

for Thomas Walkly. 1641. 4°, A-C The History of Guy Earl of Warwick

in fours, first and last leaves blank. [1608.] As this piece was not registered till the

La Harangve dv Cheualier Benjamain 23rd June, 1608, by W. Ferbrand, it is not Rudyert faite ou Parlemēt d'Angleterre likely to have been printed till that year. pour l'envoy des propositions de paix a sa The Hunterian Club, in their reprint, Majesté Britannique. A Orleans, Par adduced an edition of 1607, printed by Maria Paris,

M. DC. XLIII. 89, 4
Elizabeth Allde, in the British Museum.

But that copy is dated 1632, and indeed
Elizabeth Allde issued nothing before 1628.

This and other French translations of Some one has dated the book 1607 in MS. contemporary English tracts are not less on the title, although 1632 is at the end.

curious than rare.
A Poeme Intituled the Bride, written by RUDDOKE, THOMAS.
Samuell Rowlands. Licensed to Thomas A Remembraunce for the maintenaunce
Pavier, 22 May, 1617.

of the liuynge of ministers and preachers, A Pair of Spy-Knaves. 4o. [1620.] nowe notably decayed, exhibited vntó

This tract was licensed to Philip Birch, the right reuerend father in god Thomas 6 December, 1619, and assigned by him to byshop of Elye, synguler patron of all Robert Bird, 7 Feb. 1622-3. We cannot tell whether the Collier fragment belongs

good lernynge. Anno dñi. 1551. Imto Birch's original issue, or a reprint by

printed at London by Wylliam Seres, Bird.

dwellynge at Peter Colledge. 8', A-D 2 Doctor Meryman the second parte. Li

in eights. Lambeth. censed to Francis Coules, 4 July, 1626. RUGGLE, GEORGE. ROWLANDSON, MARY.

Ignoramus. Editio Tertia, locis serThe Sovereignty & Goodness of God, centis emendatior. . . Londini. Ex Together, with the Faithfulness of His Officina R. D. An. 1658. 12o. *, 11 Promises Displayed ; being a Narrative leaves, including the frontispiece: A-G of the Captivity and Restauration of Mrs.

5 in twelves. Mary Rowlandson. Commended by her,

Licensed to Walter Burre, 18 April, 1615. to all that desires to know the Lords Ignoramus

Editio Quarta doings to, and dealings with her. Espe

Londini. Ex Officina J. S. An. 1663. cially to her dear Children and Rela- 12o. *, 12 leaves : A-G 6 in twelves, tions. The Second Edition Corrected and last leaf blauk. amended. Written by Her own Hand Notwithstanding the date on the title, for Her private Use, Cambridge.

the colophon reads in this copy: Excudebat

J. R. 1070.
Printed by Samuel Green, 1682. 80,
A-E in eights. Grenv. Coll.


The Rymps Last Will & Testament which A rich purchase for the poore and vn

the Executors herein named (being out learned. By Alexander Rowley of Glos

of hopes of the Monsters Recovery) have

thought good to publish and exhibite. ter Hall in Oxford. Licensed to John

London, Printed by John Tailor, 1660. Okes, 3 October, 1634.

4°, 4 leaves. The Learners Help : The first Part By which yee may presently finde out the

The Rumps Looking-Glasse Or, A Collec

tion of such Peices of Drollery as were Root of any Hebrew Word in the Bible. Never don by any before. London,

London, prepared by severall Wits to purge the
Printed by William Du-Gard, . 1650.

Rump. London; Printed, and are to be
sold at the

Royal Exchange and at [West8°, A-F 2 in fours.

minster Hall. 1660 ?] 4°, A-Ö 2 in ROWZEE, L., M.D.

fours, or 10 leaves. The Queens Welles. By Lodwick

The words between brackets were cut off
Rowzee . . . London, Imprinted by Ger- in the copy used.
trude Dawson. 1656. 8o. A, 4 leaves : Ratts Rhimed to Death. Or, The Rump-
B-F in eights.

Parliament Hang'd up in the Shambles.
The Queens Wells. By Lodwick

London, Printed in the Year 1660. 8o.
Rowzee London, Printed for Robert A, 3 leaves : B-H 5 in eights.
Boulter, 1678. 8o. A, 4 leaves :

The Proceedings, Votes, Resolves, and
B-F in eights.

Acts of the late Half-quarter Parliament, RUDYERD, SIR BENJAMIN, M.P. called the Rump: As it was taken out of The Speeches of S" Benjamin Rvdyer in their own Journal-Books, and Printed


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for the general Satisfaction of the Nation. Wright. ... April 12. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves.
London, Printed for John Thomason. B. M.
1660. Folio, A-C, 2 leaves each.

Prince Rvperts Burning love to England:
The Rump Carbonadod, or, a New Discovered in Birminghams Flames. Or
Ballad. To the tune of the Black-smith. A more Exact and true Narration of Bir-
A sheet. [1660.] Ouvry Cat. No. 26. mingham's Calamities, under the barbar-

ous and inhumane Cruelties of P. Rupert's Judge Ramsey's [sic] Instrument to

forces . . . Published at the request of cleanse the Stomack. As also, Divers

the Committee at Coventry, Lon

don : Printed for Thomas Vnderhill. new Experiments of the Vertue of Tobacco and Coffee ; how much they con

1643 [May 1.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. duce to preserve Humane Health. Re- Ruperts Sumpter, and Private Cabinet commended to Publick View by Sir rifled. And a Discovery of a Pack of his Henry Blount, Mr. James Howell. The Jewels. By way of Dialogue between third Edition with new Additions. Ex

Mercurius Britannicus and Mercurius Auperto credo.

London: Printed for S. licus. London, Printed by J. Coe, Anno Speed . . . 1664. 8°, A-F in eights,

Dom. MDCXLIV. [July 20.) 40, 4 leaves. first and last leaves blank.

With a large cut on title. Dedicated to the Marquis of Dorchester, His Highness Prince Ruperts Letter to with an introductory letter from the author

the Earl of Arlington ... From on board to Sir Henry Blount and Blount's reply,

the Royal Charles off the Osterbank, the and a second letter to Rumsey from Howell.

xxixth of May, 1673. Distant from East RUPERT, PRINCE.

Capel Seven Leagues, at One of the Clock Prince Roberts Declaration to the Kings

Afternoon, the Wind S.S.W. Published inost Excellent Majesty, October 11. 1642.

by Authority. In the Savoy : Printed Declaring His Resolution to leave the

by Tho. Newcomb. 1673. Folio, 2 leaves. Kings Army here in England, and with

His Highness Prince Ruperts Letter to all expedition to go for Holland, hav

the Earl of Arlington, His Majesties ing seriously considered of the present differences betwixt His Majesty and his

Principal Secretary of State. From on

board the Soveraign Now under Sail, two Houses of Parliament. Also The

June 5. About Seven Leagues off Lastproceedings of the Lord Willoughby of

off [Lowestoft, ] at Nine in the Morning, Parham, and Sir William Balfoure, who

the Wind at E.N.E. Published by Authohave joyned their Forces with his Excel

rity. In the Savoy : Printed by Tho. lency. With the proceedings of both

Newcomb. 1673. Folio, 2 leaves.
Armies neer Shrewsbury, from the 8. of
October to the 13. London, Printed for RUSH.
Th. Thompson. October 13. 1642. 4°, The History of Frier Rush, How hee
4 leaves.

came to a House of Religion to seek a

service, . . . London, Printed by Jane An Answer to Prince Rvperts Declaration. Printed in the Yeare, 1643. Feb

Bell, and are to be sold by her at the

East end of Christ-Church. 1659. 4°, ruary 16. 4°, 4 leaves.

A-E in fours. With cuts.
A Dialogve, Or, Rather a Parley between
Prince Ruperts Dogge whose name

RUSHWORTH, JOHN, Clerk-Assistant is

to the House of Commons.
Pvdule, and Tobies Dog whose name is

Historical Collections of Private Passages
Pepper, &c. Whereunto is added the
Challeng which Prince Griffins Dogg

of State. Weighty Matters in Law. Recalled Towzer, hath sent to Prince Ru

markable Proceedings in Five Parlia

ments. Beginning the Sixteenth Year perts Dogg Puddle, in the behalf of honest Pepper Tobies Dog. Moreover

of King James, Anno 1618. And ending the said Prince Griffin is newly gone to

the Fifth Year of King Charls, Anno Oxford to lay the wager, and to make up

1629. Digested in Order of Time, And the Match. Printed at London for R.

now Published, By John Rushworth of

Lincolns-Inn, Esq; London, ... 1659 Smith, 1643 [Feb. 23, 1642.] *°, 4 leaves.

[-1701.] Folio. 7 volumes. With a cut on title. B. M.

The second volume of part 4 carries the A True Relation of Prince Rvperts Bar- collections down to the death of Charles I. barous Cruelty against the Towne of Bir- The Trial of the Earl of Strafford generally mingham. To which place on Monday

forms an 8th volume of this series. Apr. 3. 1643. he marchi with 2000 horse RUSSELL, JOHN, Doctor in Decrees. and foote . . . London, Printed for John Propositio Clarissimi Oratoris. Magistri




Johannis Russell decretorum doctoris ac adtunc Ambassiatoris christianissimi Regis Edwardi . . . [W. Caxton, circa 1479.] 4°, 4 leaves. Althorp and Holkham.

Russell was one of four persons sent by Edward IV. in 1469-70 to invest the Duke of Burgundy with the insignia of the Garter, and this was the address delivered on the

occasion. RUSSELL, LORD WILLIAM. The Last Speech & Behaviour of William late Lord Russel, Upon the Scaffold in Lincolns-Inne-Fields, a little before his Execution, on Saturday, July 21. 1683. Being Condemned for High-Treason

Together with the Paper delivered by him to the Sheritfs, and signed with his own Hand. Also the last Speeches, Behaviour, and Prayers of Capt. Thomas Walcot, John Rovse Gent. & William Hone Joyner. A little before their Execution at Tyburn, on Friday the 20th of July 1683.

London : Printed by F. Č. and J.C. for Thomas Fox ... 1683. Folio, A-E in twos, and the title. Animadversions upon a Paper, Intituled, The Speech of the Late Lord Russell, &c. [Col.] London, Printed for Thomas Dring, ... 1683. Folio, 2 leaves. RUSSIA. The Reporte of a bloudie and terrible Massacre in the Citty of Mosco, with the fearefull and tragicall end of Demetrius the last Duke, before him raigning at this present. At London Printed by Val. Sims, for Samuel Macham, and Mathew Cooke, 1607. 4°, black letter, AD 2 in fours. B. M. RUSTERS. Agaynste the abuse of a companye of Rusters. A ballad. Licensed to Hugh Singleton in 1569–70. RUSTICUS ET SAPIENS. Rusticus and Sapyence. A ballad. Licensed to J. Allde in 1561-2. RUTHERFORD, S. Lex, Rex : The Law and the Prince. A Dispute for the past Prerogative of King and People. Containing the Reasons and Causes of the most necessary Defensive Wars of the Kingdom of Scotland, and of their Expedition for the ayd and help of their dear Brethren of England. In which their Innocency is asserted, and a full Answer is given to a Seditious Pamphlet, Intituled, Sacro-sancta Regum Majestas . . . Under the Name of J. A. But penned by Jo: Maxwell the Excommunicate P. Prelate. ... London: Printed for Iohn Field, Octob. 7. 1644.

4o. A, 4 leaves, A 1 occupied by a quotation from Seneca's Octavia : a-d in fours: B-30 2 in fours. Mr. Rutherfoords Letters, The Third Edition Now divided in three Parts.. Printed in the Year 1675. 8o. *, 4 leaves: B—Ss in eights, F and Ff repeated. RYCAUT, SIR PAUL. The Capitvlations and Articles of peace betweene the Maiestie of the King of England, ... And the Svltan of the Ottoman Empire, as they haue beene augmented, & altered in the times of euery Embassadour: And as now lately in the City of Adrianople in the month of January 1661 they haue beene aug. mented, renewed, & amplifyed with diuerse additionall articles, & priuiledges, which serue towards the maintenance of a well grounded Peace, & securitie of the trade, & trafficke of his Maiesties subiects in the Leuant, by his Excellency Heneage [Finch] Earle of Winchilsea, . Set forth, & Published by Pavl Ricavt Esquire Secretary to his Excellencie the Lord Embassadour. Licensed by his Excellencies speciall Order. Printed in Constantinople by Abraham Gabai chafnahat in the yeare of our Lord 1663. 4o. Title, 1 leaf : dedication to Sir Andrew Riccard and the Company of Levant Merchants, 2 leaves : A-C in fours, C 4 blank. Grenv. Coll. The Present / State / of the / Ottoman Empire. / Containing the Maxims of the / Turkish Politie, / The most material Points of the Mahometan Religion, / Their Sects and Heresies, their Convents and / Religious Votaries, / Their / Military Discipline, / With an exact Computation of their / Forces both by Land and Sea. / Illustrated with divers Pieces of Sculpture, representing the variety of / Habits amongst the Turks. / In Three Books. / By Paul Rycaut Esq; / Secretary to his Excellency the Earl of Winchlsea, Embassadour Extra-/ ordinary for His Majesty Charles the Second, dc. to Sultan Mahomet / Han the Fourth, Emperour of the Turks. / London, / Printed for John Starkey and Henry Brome, at the Mitre between the / Middle-Temple-Gate and Temple-Bar in Fleet-Street, and the / Gun in Ivy-Lane. 1667. || Folio.

Collation: The Epistle Dedicatory, 2 leaves. The Epistle to the Reader, 1 leaf. The Contents of the several Chapters, 2 leaves. The Maximes of the Turkish Policie (2 books), pp. 1-168. Signatures B-V.X. Y in fours. The Third Book (separately

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paged) pp. 1-50. Signatures Aa-Gg 1. Complaint of the barbarous Out-rages The other three leaves of Gg contain lists

Committed by the Sectaries of this late of books printed for and sold by John Starkey and Henry Brome respectively.

flourishing Kingdome. Together with a At the end of the volume, on a separate

briefe Chronologie of the Battails, Sieges, leaf, is a coloured plate containing “A Conflicts, and other most remarkable pastrue Representation of / The Grand Visir's sages from the beginning of this unnaStandard taken at Vienna, / by yo most Invincible John ye III4 King of Poland, /

turall Warre, to the 25. of March, 1646.

[Quot, fr And by his Majesty sent to his Holyness

Jer. 15, 13. Oxford :] PrinInnocent y• XI."

ted in the yeere, 1646. 8°. A-P in This copy belonged to Samuel Pepys, eights: [a new title: Querela Cantabriand is now with the rest of his Library in giensis, &c.] A-B in eights: C, 4 leaves: Magdalene College, Cambridge, No. 2372. D, 6 leaves: [new title], Mercurius BelHe mentions it in his Diary under the date 8 April 1667 (ed. Bright, vol. iv. p. 297) as

gicus, &c., title and preface, 2 leaves: Bone of six copies in which the plates are

C, 8 leaves each: D, 6 leaves: E, 8 leaves. coloured. At the back of the title is the

With this copy are bound up two leaves, following MS. note: Aprill. 8. 1667.

one being apparently the titlepage and preReceiued then of Mr. Pepys for my Maister

face of an intended Oxford edition or issue Mr. Starky for this Booke by mee ..

in 1645 of the Chronology of Events, called ffifty fiue Shillings. John fford.

in the other Mercurius Belgicus, and re

ferred to in the first title. In this other as this & coloured for 2016" Oxford title it runs: Sold before ye fire and lor.

“Englands Iliads in [The present article was drawn up for

a Nyt-Shell. Or, A briefe Chronologie, me by Mr W. Aldis Wright.]

&c. Oxford, Printed in the Yeare, 1645."

Prefixed is an engraved frontispiece in The History of the Turkish Empire

compartments. By Paul Rycaut Esq; late Consul of Smyrna. London, Printed by J. M. for

Mercurivs Rusticus . . . [Then follows John Starkey MDCLXXX.

Folio. the printed title :) Angliæ Ruina : Or, Title, 1 leaf : B, 2 leaves : 2—1, 4 leaves

Englands Ruine, Represented in the Bareach : m, 1 leaf: B (repeated)—Uu in

barous, and Sacrilegious Outrages of the fours : Xx-Aaa, 2 leaves each. With Sectaries of this Kingdome, Committed portraits of the Author, and of the Sultans upon the Lives, Consciences, and Estates Amurath and Ibrahim, the latter at

of all His Maj: Loyal Subjects in genesign. B, p. 1.

rall; but more particularly upon the

Churches, Colledges, Clergie, and Scholars RYMER, THOMAS.

of the same. Containing two briefe CataThe English Monarch: An Heroick Tra

logues of such Heads and Fellowes of gedy. Written by Tho : Rymer, Esq; Colledges in the University of Cambridge, London: Printed for James Kimpton ..

and other Learned and Pious Divines, 1691. 4°, A-I in fours, first leaf blank.

within the City of London, as have been Dedicated to the King. A drama on the


Whereunto is added, A life of Edgar.

Chronologie . . . Anno 1647. 8°. EnThe Tragedies of the last Age, Consider'd

graved title in compartments, 1 leaf: A, and Examin'd By the Practice of the

7 leaves: a, 8 leaves: B-S in eights, S 8 Ancients, and By the Common Sense of

blank: Querela Cantabrigiensis, A-C in all Ages in a Letter to Fleetwood Shep

eights: Micro-chronicon, A, 2 leaves, Bheard, Esq; by Mr. Rymer Servant to

H 5 in eights. their Majesties. Part 1. The Second Edition . . . London, Printed and are to

Mercurius Rusticus : Or, The Countries be sold by Richard Baldwin, ... 1692.

Complaint London: Printed for 8', A-K in eights.

Richard Green, Bookseller in Cambridge. A Short View of Tragedy ; It's Original,

1685. 8°, A-Cc in eights, first leaf with

the engraved title and the last blank. Excellency, and Corruption. With some Reflections on Shakespear, and other RYVIUS or RYVE, THOMAS. Practitioners for the Stage.

By Mr.

Regiminis Anglicani In Hibernia DefenRymer . . . London, Printed and are to sio, Adversus Analecten. Libri Tres. be sold by Richard Baldwin, . . . 1693.

Avtore Tho: Ryvio I. C. Regis Advocato. 8°, A-N 4 in eights, first leaf blank. [Quot. from Isaiah.] Londini, Excus. pro Dedicated to Charles, Earl of Dorset and

Iohanne Bartlet. Ann. Dom. 1624. 4°. Middlesex.

A-K 2 in fours: A-H in fours: A-Li

in fours. RYVES, BRUNO, D.D., Dean of Chiches

Dedicated to Prince Charles. The ter, and afterwards of Windsor.

author, in an address to the Reader, states Mercurius Rusticus : Or, The Countries that the work had lain by him since 1617.

[blocks in formation]


S. C. Sacræ Heptades, Or Seaven Problems Concerning Antichrist. 1. Of his Place. 2. Of his State. 3. Of his Names. 4. Of his Rising. 5. Of his Reigne. 6. Of his words and actions. 7. Of his sinnes. Necessarie to be read and knowne of all men, who professe Christ Iesus, and hope to be saved by no other Name. By C. S. [Quot. from Mal. 4. 5. 6. and 2 Thess. 2. 3. 4.] Printed [abroad] in the yeare

4o. Title, Preface, and Srmme, 10 leaves: A-Dd in fours. S. E. De Rebus Gestis Britanniae ... Hamburgi Apud Theodosium Wolacrum . 1598. 8°, A-14 in eights. S. G. A Letter from an Ejected Member of the House of Commons, To Sir Jo: Evelyn: Shewing, the Constitution of that Councell, and the Intluence it hath had on the present Times, with a judgement of future Events. Printed in the yeare, 1648. 4°, A-D 2 in fours. S. J. A Newe Reuenge for an olde Grudge. Lately sette forth by J. S. Imprinted at London by Henry Wykes, for Frances Coldocke. 8°, A-B 6 in eights. Lambeth. S. J., of the Society of Jesus. S. Mary Magdalens Pilgrimage to Paradise Wherein are liuely imprinted the foote-steps of her excellent Vertues, for Sinners to follow, who desire to accompany her thither. By I. S. of the Society of Iesys. Permissu Superiorum. M.DC.XVII. 89, A-I in eights, I 8 blank. In prose and verse.

Br. Museum. The Triall of the Protestant Private Spirit. Wherein their Doctrine, making the sayd Spirit the sole ground & meanes of their Beliefe, is confuted ... Permissu Superiorum. 4o. Br. Museum (Part 2 only).

Collation: * and ** in fours: A-3 D in fours.

S. J. Malignancy Un-Masked. With a Plea for the Publique Fayth. Briefely and Promiscuously Disputed, by J. S. Gent. Qui monet, amat, ave, cave, vale. London, Printed for Iohn Wright, January 26. 1612. 4°, A-B in fours. A Letter from Edinburgh, Concerning the difference of the Proceedings of the well affected in Scotland, from the proceedings of the Army in England. [1648.] 4°, 4 leaves, subscribed I. Š. A Shield against the Parthian Dart, Or, A Word to the Purpose, Shot into Wallingford-House. Answered in Defence of the present Actions of State here in England, that produced the late Change of Government. Printed in the Year, 1659. 4°, A-C in fours. The Jesuite Discovered ; Or, A Brief Discourse of the Policies of the Church of Rome, in Preserving it Self, and Dividing of Protestant States and Kingdomes . . . London, Printed, 1659. 4°. A, 2 leaves: B-D 2 in fours.

The Preface is subscribed J. S. A Continuation of this Session of Parliament, Justified ; And the Action of the Army touching that Affair Defended : And Objections to both answered; according to the best Rules of Law, Reason, and just preserving Policie. By J. S. London, Printed, MDCLIX, 4", A-B in fours.


Aristocracie, Government Described:

Oligarchie, 'is. Viz. What


Democracie, With a Brief Model of the Government of the Common-Wealth, Or, Free State of Ragouse. , Fit for View at this present Juncture of Settlement. By J. S. London, Printed MDCLIX. 4°, 4 leaves.


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