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The Perfect Politician: Or, A Full View and Country Jests, New, and suitable to of the Life and Actions (Military and the Humours of the Times ; Witty and Civil) of 0. Cromwel. Whereunto is Familiar for the Encrease of Merriment, added His Character; And a Compleat and Improvement of Friendly ConversaCatalogue of all the Honours conferr'd tion, As they are used among the Wits by him on several Persons. Qui nescit of the Age. To which are added, in a dissimulare, nescit Kegnare. London : Second Part, Bulls, Banters, Quibbles, Printed by J. Cottrel, for William Ray- Repartees, Pleasant Stories, and Poems; bould ... 1660. 8o. A, 4 leaves: B-Aa The Qualifications of an Expert Town4 in eights. With a portrait.

Wheedle ; With the Art and Mystery of S. J., a Lover of all laudable Arts and

Wheedling. Done by a Lover of Sciences.

Merriment. London, Printed by J. Wilde, The Starr-Prophet Anatomiz'd & Dis- for N. Boddington, 1693. 12. A, sected : Or, Judicial Astrologie, And 6 leaves : B_I 6 in twelves, besides the the Astro-Mancers, With their Mago- frontispiece. B. M. Romantical, Mayo-Physical, and Mago

Englands Merry Jester: ... The Second Diabolical Divinations of the future

Edition. London, Printed by J. Wilde, Events of Secular Affairs, exploded by ... 1694. 12°. With the same frontisthe sacred Scriptures and force of Reason piece. B. M. ... London, Printed for M. D. Anno

A new title only.
Domini, 1675. 4°, A–F 2 in fours.

S. L.
This tract also deals with wizards and

Natures Dowrie: Or The Peoples Native fortune-tellers. The Store-House of Nature Expos'd to

Liberty Asserted. [Quotations.] London, View: Or, The Discription and Physical

Printed for W. R. at the signe of the vertues of such Herbs and Plants as are

Vnicorn in Pauls Church-Yard, 1652. commonly found in this Nation. Lon

[June 29.] 4°, A-H in fours. B. M. don, Printed for William Firder: 1684. | S. M. 4°, 6 leaves. With cuts. Br. Museum. To His Highness the Prince of Orange : S. J.

A Poem. By M. S. Published by AuDevotions. First Part: In the Ancient thority. London: Printed, and are to be Way of Offices. With Psalms, Hymns,

Sold by most Booksellers . . . MDCLXXXIX. and Prayers ; for every day in the Wek,

49. A, 5 leaves : B-C in fours: D, 3. and every Holiday in the Year. Third S. R. Edition : Corrected and Augmented. The Covnter Scvfile. Whereunto is Roan, MDCLXXXIV. 12°, A-Bb in added, the Covnter-Ratt. Written by R. twelves.

S. London, Printed by William Stansby, Of Devotion. By J. S. Printed in the 1635. 4°, A-G in fours, G 4 blank. Year, 1678. 8o. A, 6 leaves: a, 4 leaves: With two engravings. B. M. B-H7 in twelves. Dedicated to the The Counter Scuffle . . . London, Printed Countess of Kinnoul.

by R. B. and are to be sold by Iohn StafS. J.

ford. 1647. 4°, A-G in fours, G 4 Scotch Politics : In a Letter to a Friend. blank. London Printed for Richard Janeway, The Counter Scuffle . . . London, Printed 1682. Folio, A-C, 2 leares each. for R. Scot, T. Basset, J. Wright, and R. Victoriæ Anglicanæ: Being an Historical Chiswell. 1680. 4°, 28 leaves. Collection of all the Memorable and Stu- S. R. pendious Victories Obtain'd by the Eng- A Jovial Garland. Or, Iish against the French, Both by Sea and

Variety of Songs, full of Mirth and PleaLand, since the Norman Conquest :

sure, London : Printed for Richard Baldwin

For Young-Men and Maids to read at 1691. 12o. A, 8 leaves: B-G 4 in

their leisure. twelves, besides the frontispiece of por- [This is a headline on A 4.]. 8, A-G in traits.

eights, G 8 blank. Black letter. DediA Poem to the Memory of His Late Ma- cated by R. S. to Sir Richard Mangie. jesty William the Third. . . London, The copy here used had no title, and Printed for D. Brown ... MDCCII. Folio,

commenced with dedication on A 2. ProA-D, 2 leaves each.

bably printed for Thomas Passinger, as it is

among the books advertised by him at the S. J.

end of an early edition of the Loyal GarEnglands Merry Jester: Or, Court, City land.

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S. R.

from England in the yeare of our Lord A Defence of Their Majesties King Wil- 1606 till this present 1612, with all their liam and Queen Mary, Against an In- accidents that befell them in their lourfamous and Jesuitical Libel, Entituled, nies and Discoueries. Also the Salvages A True Portraicture of William Henry discourses, orations and relations of the Prince of Nassau, &c. . . Latrant, sed bordering neighbours, and how they benon Lopuuntur. London, Printed for came subiect to the English. . . . perJohn Taylor ... MDCLXXXIX. 4°. Title, used and confirmed by diverse now resi. and half title, 2 leaves: A, 2 leaves: B_I dent in England that were actors in this in fours, I 4 blank. Dedicated to Fre- business. By W. S. At Oxford, Printed derick, Duke of Schomberg.

by Joseph Barnes. 1612. 4°, A-P2 in S. S.

fours, P 2 blank. The Loyal and Impartial Satyrist : Con- S. W., a Lover of Art. taining Eight Miscellany. Poenis, Polygraphice : Or The Art of Drawing, London, Printed for Richard Baldwin, Engraving, Etching, Limning, Painting, . . 1694. 4', A-G 2 in fours.

Washing, Varnishing, Colouring and Edited by S. S., who dedicates them to Dying. In Three Books. . . . London, George Lucy, Esq.

Printed by E. T. and R. H. for Richard S. T.

Janeway [1671.] 8°. A, 4 leares Love a la Mode. A Comedy. As it was besides a frontispiece: B-V 4 in eights, lately Acted with great Applause at V 4 blank. Middlesex-House. Written by a Person SAAVEDRA FAXADO, DON DIEGO. of Honour. London, Printed by J. C. for John Daniel, ... 1663. 4°, A-M

The Royal Politician Represented in One

Hundred Emblems ... With a large in fours. The preface to the Reader is subscribed

Preface, ... Done into English from the T. S.

Original. By Sir Ja. Astry. London ...

8o. 2 vols. With a portrait of S. T. The Second Part of the Pilgrims Progress,

William Duke of Gloucester and plates. From This present World of Wickedness S-CY, ED. and Misery, to an Eternity of Holiness The Country Gentleman's Vade Mecum: and Felicity ; Exactly Described under Or His Companion for the Town. In the Similitude of a Dream, Relating the Eighteen Letters, from a Gentleman in Manner and Occasion of his setting out London, to his Friend in the Country. from, and difficult and dangerous Journey Wherein he passionately diswades him through the World ; and his Arrival at from coming to London. . . . London, last to Eternal Happiness. . . London, Printed for John Harris 1669. 8 Printed for Tho. Malthus at the Sun in A, 8 leaves: a, 4 leaves, the fourth blank: the Poultry, 1683. . 12o. Title and fron- B-L 4 in eights, including 2 leaves with tispiece, 2 leaves: Explanation of the Em- the Country Gentleman's Reply (in verse), blem, in verse by R. B., and verses by him and 2 more of advertisements. to the Author, 3 leaves: The Author's Dedicated to Lord Beaumont, Deputy Apology, 3 leaves : the Dedication, 2

Lieutenant of Leicestershire, leaves: A 4-I 6 in twelves,

The Second Part of the Pilgrims Progress,

A sackfull of newes being an old copie.
. . . Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Licensed to E. White, 5 Sept. 1586.
Andrew Anderson, 1684. 12°, A- SACKVILLE, SIR WILLIAM.
G in twelves, G 12 blank.

A Commemoration of the most valiant Youth's Comedy, Or The Souls Tryals and worthie Knight Sir William Sackand Triymph: A Dramatick Poem. With vill slayne in the Warres of Fraunce. Divers Meditations intermixt upon seve

Licensed to John Wolf, 19 July, 1592. ral Subjects. Set forth to Help and En. SADLER, ANTHONY. courage those that are seeking a Heavenly

Mercy in a Miracle. Shewing, The DeCountrey. By the Author of Youth's

liverance, and the Duty, of the King, and Tragedy, London, Printed for Nath.

the People. In a Sermon Preached at Ponder 1680. 8o. A, 4 leaves: B

Mitcham in Surry, June 28. 1660 for a -I in eights, I 8 with the Contents.

Solemne Congratulation for the Restora

tion of his Maiesty to his Royal Throne. The Proceedings of the English Colonie By Anthonie Sadler, late Chaplain, to the in Virginia since their first beginning

Right Honourable Letitia, Lady Pagett,

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S. W.

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Dowager, Deceased. London, Printed by ST. LO, GEORGE. T. C. for L. Sadler, 1660. 4o. A-D 2 in England's Safety : Or, A Bridle to the fours, including a fine frontispiece by French King: Proposing a Sure Method Vaughan and a leaf of metrical explana- for Encouraging Navigation, and Raising tion. Dedicated to the King.

Qualified Seamen for the well Manning SADLER, THOMAS.

their Majesties Fleet on any Occasion, in Sadler's Memoirs : Or, The History of

a Months time, without Impressing, And

a Competent Provision for all such as the Life and Death of that Famous Thief

shall be Wounded in Service against the Thomas Sadler. Giving a True Account of his being Fifteen times in the Goal of

Enemy . . . Also an Insight into the Newgate, and a Relation of his most

Advantages may he had by the Herring

and other Fisheries Notorious Pranks in City and Countrey.

By Captain With a particular Description of the

George St Lo. London: Printed for W. manner of his Robbing the Lord High

Miller, at the Gilded Acorn in Paul's

Church-yard . . . 1693. 4°, A-F in Chancellour of England; For which he

fours, including a curious emblematical was Condemned to Dye, and Executed at

woodcut frontispiece. Tyburn on Fryday the Sixteenth of March, 1677. Printed for P. Brooksby,

England's Safety:... By Captain George in Westsmithfield. 4°, A-C 2 in fours.

St. Lo. The Second Edition with AddiB. M.

tions. London: Printed for W. Miller,

1693. 4°, A-G in fours, A 1 with SAINTBARB, RICHARD.

a woodcut frontispiece and G 4 blank. Certaine Points of Christian Religion. England's Interest ; Or, A Discipline for (London, 1589 ?] 8°, chiefly black letter,

Seamen : Wherein is Proposed, A Sure A–Min eights, A 1 and 8 blank. Dedi

Method for Raising Seamen, for the well cated to Sir Francis Walsingham, and to manning their Majesties Fleet on all the Lady Ursula his wife, from the Occasions. By Captain George St. author's house at Kingswood in Wilts, Lo. London: Printed for Robert Clavell, the 2nd of September, 1589.

4°, A-M, 2 leaves each, The copy employed wants the titlepage.

and a*, 2 leaves. Dedicated to the ComCompare Herbert, pp. 1357-8.

missioners of the Great Seal. SAINT-DEDIER, M. DE.

ST. PETER. The City and Republick of Venice. In Saint Peters Teares. London Printed Three Parts. Originally written in French for William Iones, 1602. 4°, A-C by Monsieur De S. Desdier. [Translated in fours, A 1 and C 4 blank. by Fra. Terne.] London : Printed for

Char. Brome ... 1699. 8°. a, 8 leaves:
A-3 G 4 in eights.

Tarugo's Wiles : Or, The Coffee-House.

A Comedy. As it was Acted at his HighST. HELENA.

ness's, the Duke of York's Theater. WritA Relation of the Re-taking of the Island ten by Tho. St. Serfe, Gent. London, of Sta Helena, And Three Dutch East- Printed by Henry Herringman... 1668. India Ships. Published by Authority. 40, A-H in fours. Dedicated to George, In the Savoy, Printed by Thomas New- Marquis of Huntly. comb.

Folio, 2 leaves.


The Parliaments Kalender of Black ST. JOHN, OLIVER, M.P.

Saints : Or a New Discovery of the Plots Mr. St John's Speech to the Lords in the

& Treasons, against our Religion, Lawes, Vpper house of Parliament Ianuary 7,

and Lives, by the Popish Faction, 1640. Concerning Ship-Money. Printed

London, Printed for G. Bishop, August Anno Domini, 1640. 4', A-F in fours. 24. 1614. 4°, 4 leaves.

The tract, which is quaintly and smartly An Argument of Law concerning the written, ends with a short account of the Bill of Attainder of High Treason of victories of Essex, Cromwell, &c. Thomas Earle of Strafford : At a Con- A Nest of Perfidious Vipers: Or, The ference in a Committee of both Houses Second Part of the Parliaments Kalender of Parliament. By Mr. St. John his Ma- of Black Saints. Pictured forth in a jesties Solicitor Generall. Published by second Arraignment or Jayl-Delivery of order of the Commons House London, Malignants . . . London, Printed accordPrinted Anno Domini, 1641. 4°, A-K ing to Order, for G. Bishop. Septemb. 21. in fours.

1644. 4°, 4 leaves.




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SALESBURY, HENRY, of Denbigh. Bytter. 1617. 8, A-Z in eights, 2 8 Grammatica Britannica in usum ejus blank. Dedicated to Sir F. Bacon. linguæ studiosorum succinctâ methodo & perspicuitate facili conscripta ; & nunc

SALL, ANDREW. primum in lucem edita ; Henrico Sales

True Catholic and Apostolic Faith mainburio Denbighensi Autore. (Quotation

tain'd in the Church of England By from Quintilian.] Londini, Excudebat

Andrew Sall, Doctor in Divinity Thomas Salesburius. 1593. 8o. 2

Printed at the Theater in Oxford, 1676. leaves: **

4 leaves: A-K in fours. De- 8o. *-4* in sixes: A-Q in sixes, title dicated to Henry Earl of Pembroke from

to part 2 on Q 6: part 2, A-U 3 in sixes. Denbigh, the third of the Nones of SALLUSTIUS, C. C. February, 1593, by H. Salesbury. Lam- The Conspiracie of Catiline, written by beth.

Constantius, Felicius, Durantinus, and SALESBURY, WILLIAM.

translated by Thomas Paynell: with the A Dictionary in Englyshe and Welshe historye of Jugurth, writen

by the famous moche necessary to all suche Welshemen

Romaine Salust, and translated into Eng. as wil spedly learne the englyshe tõgue

lyshe by Alexander Barcklaye. [Col.] thought vnto the kynges maiestie very

Thus endeth the conspiracy of Catiline. mete to be sette forthe to the vse of his

Imprinted at London in Foster lane by graces subiectes in Wales: wherevnto is

John Waley. A-Y in fours. (ii.) Here pfixed a litle treatyse of the englyshe begynneth the famous Cronicle of Warre pronūciacion of the letters, by Wyllyam

Newely Imprinted in the yere of Salesbury. (Col.] Imprynted at Lon

oure Lorde God M.D.L.vij. [Col.] Imdon in Foster lane, by me John Waley. printed at London in Foster lane by (1547). Cum priuilegio ... 40, A-C in

Jhon Waley. Title and dedication, 2 fours, C 4 blank: A (repeated)—S in

leaves : a-z in fours, and Aa-Hh in fours, S 4 blank. Dedicated to Henry

fours. 4°, black letter. VIII.

The two most worthy and Notable HisReprinted for the Cymmrodorion Society,

tories ... 1608. 4°, 1877.

Collation : title and dedication, &c., 3

leaves : and IT in fours, last leaf blank: SALISBURY, ROBERT CECIL, Earl of. B-Pp in fours, Pp 4 with Errata. Brittaynes Generall teares shedd for ye

The Workes of Caius Crispus Salustius greate losse it hadd by the death of the righte noble and worthy Robert Erle of

Contayning the Conspiracie of Cateline.

The Warre of Iugurth. V. Bookes of Salisbury lord high threasurer of England. Licensed to Ralph Blower, 27 May, Cæsar

Historicall fragments. II. Orations to

Translated by William 1612.

Crosse.] Are to be Sould at the Eagle The State and Dignitie of a Secretarie of and Child in Brittaines Burse by Tho. Estates Place, with the care and perill Walkley. 1629. 12°. A, 6 leaves, with thereof. Written by the Right Honour- engraved title by Vaughan, dedication able Robert Late Earle of Salisbvry, With to the Marquis of Hamilton, and verses His Excellent Instructions to the late by Sir F. Wortley, &c. B42 G 10 in Earle of Bedford, for the Government of twelves. Barwick. A work worthy of memory: SALLEE. London, Printed in the yeare 1642. 4°,

Newes from Sally: Of A Strange Delivery A-C in fours, C 4 blank.

of Foure English Captives from the The Instructions to Lord Bedford are subscribed by William Cecil, Viscount

slavery of the Turkes." Printed in the Wimbledon, from his house at that place.

yeare. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. However, at A3, they are described as his SALTMARSH, JOHN. "requested” instructions.

Wonderfull Predictions Declared in a SALKELD, JOHN.

Message, as from the Lord, to his ExcelA Treatise of Paradise. And the Princi- lency St Thomas Fairfax and the Counpall contents thereof : Especially of the cell of his Army. By John Saltmarsh greatnesse, situation, beautie, and other Preacher of the Gospell. His severall properties of that place : of the trees of speeches, and the manner of his Death. life, good and euill; of the Serpent, Printed at London by Robert Ibbitson, in Cherubim, fiery Sword, ... Collected Smithfield, neer the Queens-head Tavern, out of the holy Scriptures, London, 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. With two cuts on Printed by Edward Griffin for Nathaniel title.

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12, A, 6 Picturæ Loquentes, Or Pictvres drawne leaves: B-I 6 in twelves. With a fronforth in Characters. With a Poeme of a tispiece of the Weighing Chair. DediMaid.. The second Edition inlarged. cated by the translator to W. Witherings, London, Printed by Tho. Cotes, and are Esq. to be sold by William Hope, . . . 1635. SANDER, NICOLAS, D.D. 120, A-H 6 in twelves. This edition has 38, instead of 26, charac

A Briefé Treatise of Vsvrie, made by ters.

Nicolas Sander D. of Diuinitie. [Quot.

from Luke 6.] SALTPETRE.

Lovanii, Apud Ioannem By the King. A Proclamation for pre

Foulerum, Av. 1568. Cum Priuilegio ... seruation of Grounds for making of Salt

8o. A-I in eights, I 7 with the colophon,

and I 8 blank. peter, and to restore such grounds as are now destroyed, and to command Assist- SANDERSON, ROBERT. ance to be giuen to His Maiesties Salt- Logicæ et Physicæ Artis Compendivm. peter-Makers. 14 March, 1633[-4.] Im- Authore Rob. Sanderson, Oxoniæ, printed at London by Robert Barker, ...

Excudebat Hen. Hall, 1672. 1634. Forster Coll.

title, &c., 4 leaves: A-X in eights.

A second title describes this as the 8th SAMMES, AYLET, of Christ's College,

edition. Cambridge, and of the Inner Temple.

Britannia Antiqua Illustrata: Or, The
Antiquities of Ancient Britain, Derived

A Compleat History of the Lives and from the Phænicians : Wherein the Ori

Reigns of Mary Queen of Scotland, And

of her Son and Successor, James the Sixth ginal Trade of this Island is discovered, the Names of Places, Offices, Dignities,

Reconciling several Opinions, In as likewise the Idolatry, Language, and

Testimony of Her, and Confuting others,

in Vindication of Him, against two scanCustoms of the Primitive Inhabitants are

dalous Authors, 1. The Court and Chaclearly demonstrated from that Nation, London, Printed by Tho. Roycroft

racter of King James. 2. The History

of Great Britain. for the Author, MDCLXXVI. Folio. Title,

.. By William San

derson, Esq; London, Printed for Hum. i leaf : A, 4 leaves: B-C, 2 leaves each:

phrey Moseley, Richard Tomlins, and D, 4 leaves: Map: E-4 F in fours. Dedicated to Lord Finch, Lord Chancellor.

George Sawbridge, MDCLVI. Folio.

A, 4 leaves: a-b 2 in fours: four leaves With plates on the letterpress.

of Particular Passages : B-4 I in fours : SAMPSON.

4K, 1 leaf. With portraits of Q. Mary Sampson the story Doth shewe by Dalyda and K. James, and a separate title to the falslye he was over throwen. Å ballad.

History of the latter. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1563-4.

A Compleat History of the Life and An history of Sampson.

Licensed to Raigne of King Charles from his Cradle Lucas Harrison in 1565-6.

to his Grave. Collected and written by A Dittye of Sampson Judge of Israell. William Sanderson Esq. London, PrinLicensed to H. Carre, 15 Aug. 1586.

ted for umphrey Moseley, . . . 1658. SAMPSON, THOMAS.

Folio, A-6 I 2 in fours, and (B] 4 leaves. A letter to the trew professors of Christes

With a portrait of the King and an epistle

to the author by James Howell. Gospell / inhabitinge in the Parishe off Allhallowes / in Bredstrete in London/SANDYS, EDWIN. made by Thomas Sampson / sometyme A Declaration of Coll: Edwyn Sandys, In their Pastore. [Quot. from 2 Cor. 6.] Vindication of himself from those calumImprynted at Strasburgh in Elsas at the nious Aspersions cast upon him by the signe of the goldē Bibell / in the moneth Lord Falkland and Secretary Nicholas : of Auguste, the yeare of our Lord. 1554. Published and subscribed with his own 8°, black letter, A-B in eights, B 7-8 hand at the Randevouze at Worcester, blank. Lambeth.

Octob. 11. 1642 ... Printed for E. HusSANCTORIUS, of Padua.

bands and J. Franck, Octob. 17. 1642. Medicina Statica : Or, Rules of Health,

4°, 4 leaves. In Eight Sections of Aphorisms. Ori- SANDYS, GEORGE. ginally Written by Sanctorius Chief Pro- A Relation of a Journey begun An: Dom: fessor of Physick at Padua. English'd 1610. Fovre Bookes. Containing a deby J. D. London, Printed for John scription of the Turkish Empire, of

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