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for all young students in any profession two parts of the 4th edition. Sotheby's, to find out thereby the truth in any April 11, 1878, No. 15. doubtful speech, ... London Imprinted

The Novels and Tales of the Renowned by Iohn Windet, 1599. 4. A, 4 John Boccacio, the first Refiner of Italian leaves, title on A 2: A*, 4 leaves: B-Ź 1 Prose : Containing A Hundred curious in fours. Black letter.

Novels. ... The fifth Edition, newly The Arte of Logick. Plainely taught in

Corrected and Amended. London : the English tongue, according to the best

Printed for Awmsham Churchill approued Avthors. Very necessary for MDCLXXXIV. Folio. A, 4 leaves : a, 4 all Stvdents in any Profession, how to

leaves : B-Kkk in fours, last leaf blank. defend any Argument against all subtill Il Decamerone. One Hundred Ingenious Sophisters, and cauelling Schismatikes... Novels : Written by John Boccaccio ... By M. Blvndevile. London, Printed by London : Printed for John Nicholson ... William Stansby 1617. 4°. *, 4 James Knapton . . . and Benj. Tooke leaves: B (repeated)—Cc in fours, Cc 4 1702. 8°, A-T in eights, and (a) blank.

8 leaves. BLUNT, LEONARD [? pseud.).

BOETHIUS. Asse upon Asse. Being a Collection of Boecius de consolacione philosophie, several Pamphlets written for, and against [Col.] Deo gracias. Explicit boecius de the Author of the Asses Complaint against consolacione philosophie. [Translated by Balaam, or the cry of the Countrey against Geoffrey Chaucer. W. Caxton, circa Ignorant and Scandalous Ministers. To- 1478.] Folio, 94 leaves, the first' blank, gether with some choice Observations Br. Museum (3 copies, one imperf.), upon them all. By Leonard Blunt, Esq; Exeter and Magdalen Colleges Oxford, London, Printed for the Author, MDCLXI. St. Albans Grammar School, and Duke of 8°, A-C 4 in eights, C 4 blank.


The five bookes of Boetius treating of Here begynneth the boke of Johan Bo- philosophy, translated into English by chas / discryuing the fall of prices / prin- Master Brathwayt. Licensed to Robert cesses / and other nobles : Translated in Bostock, 6 June, 1631. to Englysshe by John Lydgate monke of An. Manl. Sever. Boeth. Consolationis Bury / begynnyng at Adam and Eue /

Philosophiæ Libri V. Anglo-Saxonice and endyng with kyng Johan of Fraunce/

Redditi ab Alfredo, Inclyto Anglo-Saxotaken prisoner at Poyters by prince num Rege. Ad apographum Junianum Edwarde. (Colophon:] "Thus endeth the

expressus edidit Christophorus Rawlinnynth and laste boke of John Bochas /

son, à Collegio Reginæ. Oxoniæ, E whiche treateth of the fall of princes Théatro Sheldoniano MDCXCVIII. ... 8°, princesses / & other nobles. Imprinted a-b 2 and A-Bb in fours. With a porat London in flete strete by Richarde

trait of Junius. Pynson / printer vnto the kynges moste noble grace / & fynisshed the . XXI. day

BOHEMIA. of Februarye / the yere of our lorde god.

The Last Newes from Bohemia, with all M.CCCCC. XXVII. Folio, black letter. In

the adioyning Prouinces that be now vp two columns. a, 6 leaves : A-X in sixes,

in Armes. Wherein is related all the no Y-Z: AA-00 in sixes : PP in

passages that haue happened since the eights. With woodcuts, including a large

high and mighty Prince Elector PALATINE one occupying the greater part of the

of the Rhine was elected and Crowned title.

King of BOHEMIA. With other accidents The Decameron Containing an hundred

very delightfull to the Reader. (Woodpleasant Nouels. Witily discoursed, be

cut of Mercury.] 1620. 4°, A-E in fours. twene seauen Honourable Ladies, and

In prose. Bodleian. three Noble Gentlemen. London, printed BOIARDO, M. M. by Isaac Iaggard, 1620. Folio.

Histoire de Roland L'amoureux ComBoccace's Tales : Or, The Quintessence

prenant les Chevaleureux faictes d'armes of Wit, Mirth, Eloquence, and Conver

et d'amours Devisee en trois livres to be sation; ... The Fourth Edition. Lon

translated into Englishe. Licensed to don, Printed by E. Cotes, and are to be

John Charlwood, 26 June, 1592. sold by Joseph Cranford ... 1657. 12° BOLOGNA. or sm. 8o.

A Letter of a Baker of Boulougne, sent This is a new general title given to the to the Pope, Translated out of the Ita

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lian Copy. (printed at Florence) into French and Dutch and now into English, [Woodcut.] London, Printed for William Ferebrand, and are to bee solde at his Shop in the Popes-head Pallace neere the Royall Exchange. 1607. 4°, A-B in fours,

At the end occurs :-" from my Bakehouse in Boulougne, vpon this good Sunday, of Quasimodo.' A copy is in the Malone

Collection. BOND, JOHN. King Charles his welcome home, Or A Congratvlation of all his loving Subiects in thankefulnesse to God for his Maiesties safe and happie returne from Scotland, 1641. By John Bond, Cantabrid: Coll: St. Johns. London, Printed by F. L. for T. Bates and F. Coules, and are to be sold at their shops in the old Baily. 4°, 4 leaves. In verse. B. M. The Downfal of Old Common-CovnselMen. Being their great Repulse at Gvild-Hall last Friday by the Committee, who extruded the Old out of their corrupted Offices, and elected New in their Places. Shewing their manifold corruptions, . . . Exactly describing, how they have oftentimes robbed the poore of their due, : . . Lastly, Shewing the Manner of their Arraignment at Guild-Hall, . Composed by John Bond, . . . London, Printed for T. H. MDCXLJ. 4°, 4 leaves. [An Answer to a late Scvrrilovs and Scandalovs Pamphlet, Entituled, The Downfall of old Common Councill men. London, Printed in the yeare 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. In prose.] BONDE, CIMELGUS. Scutum Regale, The Royal Buckler; Or, Vox Legis, A Lecture to Traytors : Who most wickedly murthered Charles the 1, And Contrary to all Law and Religion banished Charles the II 3d Monarch of Great Britain, &c. Salus populi, salus Regis. London, 1660. 8°. Folding plate, 1 leaf : title, 1 leaf : A, 9 leaves ; BDd 4 in eights. BONDOCK, RICHARD. A new ballad of A Desperate murder committed by Richard Bondok vppon his father in Lawe and his own sister whome he braynd with an Ax. Licensed to H. Carre, 29 July, 1589. BOOK. [The Royal Book, or the Book named the Ryal. W. Caxton, circa 1487.) Folio, 162 leaves, including two blanks. Without printer's name, place, and date.

A translation by Caxton from the French, finished, as the colophon tells us, 13 Sept.

1484. Publ. Lib. Cambridge, Althorp, &c. The Boke named the Royall. [Col.] Here endeth the boke called the ryoall (sic). Enprynted at London in fletestrete at the sygne of ye sonne by Wynkyn de worde. 4°, black letter. With a few woodcuts. Title and table, 4 leaves unmarked : A-Ff in sixes : Gg-Hh in fours. In prose. Br. Museum.

In the last paragraph above the colophon this volume is said to have been translated in 1507, or rather the translation is said to have been "achieved, finished, and accom: plished” on the 16th September, 1507. But it is substantially a reprint of Caxton's

edition, the preface and colophon altered. The prouffytable boke for mānes soule / And right comfortable to the body / and specyally in aduersitee and trybulacyon / which boke is called The Chastysing of goddes Chyldren. [W. Caxton, 1491 ?] Folio, 48 leaves. With a titlepage. Br. Museum, P. L. Cambridge, Hunterian Museum Glasgow, Duke of Devonshire, Althorp, and . Huth, Esq.

Mr. Blades considers that this book appeared after Caxton's death, as that printer never used a titlepage ; and he adduces

other grounds for the opinion. A boke called have an eye to your consyence. Licensed to John Awdeley in 1560. A booke intituled howe a yonge gentleman may behaue him selfe in all companies. Licensed to R. Jones, 17 July, 1576. A booke declaringe diuers approved remedies to take owt spottes and staines in silkes veluettes and wollen clothes with diuers cullors howe to die silkes, &c. Licensed to T. Purfoot and W. Ponsonby, 1 Feb. 1582-3. A profitable booke declaring dyuers approoued remedies, to take out spotts and stains, in Silkes, Veluets, Linnen, and Wollen Clothes. With diuers colours how to die Veluets and Silkes, Linnen and Woollen Fustian and Threade. Also to dresse Leather, and to colour Felles. How to Gild, Graue, Sowder, and vernishe. And to harden and make soft Yron and Steele. Verie necessarie for all men, specially for those which hath or shall haue any doings therein: with a perfect table.

Taken ovt of Dutche, and Englishe by L. M. Imprinted at London by Thomas Purfoot, dwelling in the newe Rents. 1596. 40, A-L in fours, L 4 blank.

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The booke of foure thinges translated out diuers disorders in printing and vttering of Latin. Licensed to R. Jones, 22 April, of Bookes. 29 June, 1566. A broadside. 1588.

Soc. of Antiq. A Derie booke for huswyfes. Licensed

A reprint in roman letter, perhaps about to Thomas Hacket conditionally, 9 July,

1620, of the original sheet. 1588.


A Booke called The Fortuneteller reA newe copie booke conteyninge theis handes followinge viz. Englishe and

soluing thirty six questions, &c. transFrenche, Secretarie, with the Italian,

lated out of Dutch into English. Li

censed to Edward Blackmore and Samuel Roman, Chancerie, and Courte handes, and the Spanishe Jerman and Duche

Browne, 1 January, 1639-40. handes. Licensed to T. Scarlet, 10 Sept.

By John Booker. 1590.

No Mercurius Aquaticus, But a CableThe Booke of Breds, of girdles, of pointes,

Rope Double twisted for John Tayler The

Water-Poet, who escaping drowning in a of Bracelets, and of Letters. Licensed to

Paper-wherry-voyage, is reserved for anJohn Grismand, 6 Sept. 1622.

other day, as followeth, viz. [Here occurs A Booke of Jiggs, conteyning three bookes a cut of Taylor suspended from a gibbet or partes. Licensed to Francis Grove, 3 erected on a boat.] By John Booker. Sept. 1623.

Printed according to order for G. B. A booke of Graces and prayers for chil- July 19. 1644. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. dren. Licensed to William Sheppard, 12 BOOTH, ROBERT. Sept. 1624.

Encomivm Herovm, Carmine Acrostiko A booke of 4. thinges. Licensed to John Tentatvm: Per Rob. Booth. Londini, Grismand and others, 7 December, 1629. Excvsum per Gvielmvm Jones. 1620. A Coppie booke of Complementall Let

40, A-C in fours. Dedicated to Lord ters and Merry Questions and Answeres

Verulam. B. M. or Morrall Ridles merrily propounded. BOOTHBY, RICHARD, Merchant. Licensed to Francis Smith, 17 March, A Briefe Discovery or Description of the 1634-5.

most Famous Island of Madagascar or St. A booke called The Life of William Lavrence in Asia neare unto East-India. Somers. John Overs the Ferriman. The London, Printed by E. G. for John Life and death of old Cole of Reading. Hardesty 1646. 40, A-K in fours, The Life and death of Sir Richard Whit- a leaf of Errata, and T, 2 leaves after A. tington, and the Phenix of this tyme.

B. M. Licensed as one entry to John Okes, 25 BORDE, ANDREW. Jan. 1636–7, for the usual charge of six- A Pronostycacyon or an Almanacke for pence.

the yere of our lorde. M.ccccc.xlv, made Was this a volume, containing an assem. by Andrewe Boorde of Physycke doctor blage of popular stories? Yet the last

an Englysheman of the vniversite of item, at any rate, is known, and forms in

Oxforde. A sheet (?). Bagford Papers itself a tract of several leaves. The allu. sion to old Cole is very curious.

(a fragment). A Booke called the Loyall Page. Licensed

The boke for to Lerne a man to be wyse to John Cowper, 8 July, 1639.

in buyldyng of his howse for the hesth A Book of Drawing, Limning, Washing

of body & to holde quyetnes for the helth or Colouring of Maps and Prints : And

of his soule, and body. The boke for the Art of Painting, with the Names and

a good husbande to lerne. (Col.] ImMixtures of Colours used by the Picture

prynted by me Robert Wyer, dwellynge Drawers. Or, the Young - mans Time

at the sygne of St. John Euangelyst, in well-spent. In which, He hath the

S. Martyns parysshe in the felde besyde Ground-work to make him fit for doing

the Duke of Suffolkes place, at Charing any thing by hand, when he is able to

Crosse. Cum priueligio, ad impredraw well. London . Printed by M.

mendum solum. [Circa 1540.] 8°, black

letter, A-D in fours or half-sheets. Simmons, for Thomas Jenner, : . . 1652.

Br. Museum. Folio, pp. 40, besides the title. With

At the end are some verses unnoticed by numerous engravings on the letterpress,

Ritson. Andrew Borde incorporated this including a large portrait of Albert

pamphlet with his Dietary of Health, 1542. Durer.

Hereafter foloweth a compendyous RegyOrdinances decreed for reformation of ment or a dyetary of Helth, made in

[blocks in formation]

Moutpyllier, compyled by Andrew Boorde of the Duchess, who died, it appears, in

her ninetieth year. of Physycke_doctour, dedycated to the armypotent Prynce, and valyant Lorde BORLASE, E. Thomas Duke of Northfolche. [Col.] Latham Spaw in Lancashire: With some Imprynted by me Robert Wyer dwell- Remarkable Cases and Cures Effected by ynge in seynt Martyns parysshe besyde it. [By E. Borlase.] London : Printed charynge Crosse, at the sygne of seynt for Rob. Clavel, Anno Dom. 1670. 8o. John Euangelyste. For John Govghe. A, 8 leaves : a, 4 leaves : B-F 4 in Cum priuilegio regali. Ad Imprimendum eights. Dedicated to Charles Earl of solum. 89, black letter, A-N in fours. Derby, Lord of Man and the Isles, &c.

The dedication to the Duke of Norfolk is dated 5 May, 1542.

The Reduction of Ireland to the Crown Here Foloweth a Compendyous Regy

of England, With the Government since

the Conquest by King Henry II. Anno ment or a Dyetary of helth, made in

MCLXVII. With some Passages in their Mount-pyllor : Compyled by Andrew

Government. A Brief Account of the Boorde, of Physicke Doctor. [Col.] Rebellion Anno Dom. MDCXLI. Also, Imprynted by me Robert Wyer : Dwell

The Original of the Universitie of Dvblin, ynge at the sygne of seynt Iohñ Euan

and the Colledge of Physicians. London, gelyst, in S. Martyns Parysshe, besyde

Printed by Andr. Clarke, for Robert Charynge Crosse. Cum priuilegio ad Clavel, ... 1675. 8o. A, 7_leaves, imprimendum solum. 8°, black letter,

title on A 2: a—b 4 in eights : B_U4 A-Q in fours. Publ. Libr. Cambr.

in eights. Dedicated to Charles, Earl of Here Foloweth a Compendyous Regy- Derby. mente or Dyetary of health, made in

BOSSEWELL, JOHN. Mountpyllor : Compyled by Andrewe

Workes of Armorie, deuyded into three Boorde, of Physicke Doctor. Anno Domini. M.D.LXII. XII. Die Mensis Janu.

bookes, entituled, the Concordes of

Armorie, the Armorie of Honor, and of arij. [Col.] Imprinted by me Thomas

Coates and Creastes, collected and gaColwel. Dwellynge in the house of

thered by John Bossewell Gentleman. In Robert Wyer, at the Signe of S. John

ædibus Richardi Tottelli. Anno domini. Euangelyst besyde Charynge Crosse. 89, black letter, A-H in eights. Publ. Lib.

1572. Cum priuilegio . . . [Col.] Im. Cambridge.

prynted at London in Fletestrete . . .

Rychard Tottyl, Anno 1572. Cum priuiThe Breviarie of Healthe . . . Imprinted legio. 4o. C, 4 leaves, with title, dedicaat London by Thomas East. 1587. 4°, tion to Sir W. Cecil, verses by Nicolas black letter. The first book, A-Q in Roscarrock, &c. : A-Hh 4 in eights : eights : the second book, A-D 4 in fours. the third book, A-D 6 in eights. The merry tales of the mad men of Workes of Armorie . . At London, Gotham. ”Licensed to [Miles] Flesher, Printed by Henrie Ballard, dwelling 26 August, 1617.

without Temple-barre, ouer against Saint The Mad men of Gotham with shorte

Clements Church, at the signe of the proper Questions. Assigned to Francis Beare. An. Do. 1597. 4o. 1, 4 leaves : Williams, 16 Jan. 1625-6.

A-C in eights : D-Hh in fours : the

third Book, X-D 5 in eights. A booke called the second part of the wise men of Gotham. Licensed to Master BOTERO, GIOVANNI. Harrison, 13th April, 1637.

A Briefe Description of the whole worlde. BOREMAN, R.

Wherein is particularly described, all the

Monarchies, Empires, and Kingdomes of A Mirrour of Christianity, and A Miracle

the same : with their seuerall titles and of Charity ; Or, A true and Exact Nar

scituations thereunto adioyning. At Lonrative of the Life and Death of the most Virtuous Lady Alice Dutchess Dvddeley,

don Printed by T. Iudson, for Iohn

Browne, and are to be sould at the signe Published after the Sermon at S. Giles in of the Bible in Fleete-streete. 1599. 4°, the Fields by R. B. D.D. Rector of the

A-E 2 in eights. said Church on Sunday the 14th of March, MDCLXIX . . . London, Printed by E. C.

An Historicall description of the most for R. Royston ... and J. Collins famous kingdomes and Common-weales 1669. 40, A-G in fours, first leaf blank.

in the Worlde. Relating their scituations, Dedicated to Katherine, relict of Sir

manners, customes, ciuill gouernment, Richard Levison, Bart., and only daughter and other memorable matters. Translated





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into English, and enlarged with an Ad- Gg 2 in fours;

Aaa—Fff in fours, Fff 4 dition of the Relation of the states of blank: Aaaa-Ffff 2 in fours : 5 A, 2 Saxony, Geneua, Hungary and Spaine ; leaves : 5 B-5 E 3 in fours. Dedicated in no language euer before imprinted. to Sir William Winter, Master of the Printed at London for John Jaggard, Ordinance by Sea. 1603. 4o A, 2 leaves : B-Mm 2 in The Arte of Shooting in Great Ordnance fours. Dedicated by Robert Johnson to London, Printed in the yeare, 1643. Edward, Earl of Worcester.

4', A-N 2 in fours. Relations, of the Most Famovs Kingdoms BOWES, SIR MARTIN. and Commonweales thorovgh the World. The epethaphe of syr Marten Bowes. Discoursing of their Scituations, Manners, Licensed to Dunstan Whaplode in 1566. Customes, Strengths, Greatnesse, and

BOYER, A. Policies. Enlarged, according to moderne

The Compleat French-Master. ... The Obseruation. London, Printed for John

Eleventh Edition, Carefully Corrected, Jaggard, : . . 1616. 4°, A-Ff in fours,

and much Improved. London, Printed Ff 4 blank, Dedicated as in the edition

for Samuel Ballard.

MDCCXXXIII. of 1603.

8°, A-Cc in eights. BOURCHIER, THOMAS, Franciscan.

BOYLE, THE HON. CHARLES. Historia Ecclesiastica de Martyrio Fratrvm Dr. Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles Ordinis Divi Francisci, Dictionvm de ob

of Phalaris, and the Fables of Æsop, seruantia, qui partim in Anglià sub Hen

Examin’d by the Honourable Charles rico octauo Rege : partim in Belgio sub Boyle, Esq: London, Printed for Principe Auriaco, partim & in Hybernia Tho. Bennet

1698. 8. A, 4 tēpore Elizabethæ regnātis Reginæ, id leaves : B-T in eights : U, 1 leaf. quo ab anno 1536. veque adhunc nostrum

BOYLE, THE HONOURABLE præsentē annum 1582. passi sunt. Parisiis,

ROBÉRT, F.R.S. .. 1586. 8°. ā, 8 leaves : A-V in

Some Motives and Incentives to the Love eights; X, 4 leaves ; Y, 2 leaves.

of God. Pathetically discours'd of, in A BOURMAN, NICHOLAS.

Letter to a Friend. By The Honbló R. B. A Ballad Intituled, A Frendlie well Esq; Let us consider one another, to prowishinge to such as endure, &c. By Nicholas voke unto Love. Heb. 10. 24. London, Bourman. Licensed to John Charlwood, Printed for Henry Herringman, 10 March, 1580–1.

1659. 8o. A, 8 leaves : a, 4 leaves, a 1 BOURNE, EDWARD.

not marked : B-M in eights, M 8 blank. A Warning from the Lord God out of Dedicated by the author to his sister, the Sion, who is Mighty and Terrible,

Countess of Warwick. Sounded forth unto the Inhabitants of

The work is addressed to Lindamor, and

at the end Boyle dates “ From Leese, this the City of Worcester, And of the Towns

6th of Aug. 1648." and Villages round about them

Some Considerations Touching the VseLondon, Printed for Robert Wilson

fvlnesse of Experimental Natural Philo1660. 4°, A-B in fours.

sophy. Propos'd in a Familiar Discourse BOURNE, WILLIAM.

to a Friend, by way of Invitation to the Inuentions & Deuises. Very necessary for Study of it. By the Honourable Robert all Generalles and Captaines, or Leaders Boyle, Esq; Fellow of the Royal Society. of men, as wel by sea as by Land. A Second Edition [since the first, PubWritten by William Bourne. An. 1578. lished June 1663.] Oxford, Printed by At London Printed for Thomas Wood- Hen: Hall. Anno Dom: 1664. 40. cock, ... 4o. 1, 4 leaves : *, 4 leaves : *, 4 leaves : A-R in fours : a-z in A-N 2 in fours. Dedicated to Lord fours : Aa-Zz in fours : 3 a- -3 g in Howard of Effingham.

fours : T, 4 leaves : * and **, 4 leaves : A booke called the Treasure for traueilers, A-G 2 in fours, G 2 blank : A-C in deuided into fiue Bookes or partes, con

fours : A-B in fours : A-E 2 in fours : teynyng very necessary matters, for all [Essay X.] A-G2 in fours : A-D 2 in sortes of Trauailers, eyther by Sea or by

fours. Lande, written by William Bourne. Im. Essays of the Strange Subtilty, Deterprinted at London for Thomas Wood- minate Nature, Great Efficacy of Efflucocke, 1578. 4o, black letter. viums. To which are

annext New *_***, in fours, the last leaf blank : Experiments to make Fire and Flame A-H in fours, an extra leaf in H: Aa- Ponderable : Together with a Discovery

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