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hath bene doone durynge theyr Reygnes. STRADA, FAMIANUS.
Wyth also the names and yeares of all De Bello Belgico. The History of the
the Baylyffes, Custos, maiors, and sheriffes Low-Countrey Warres. Written in Latine
of the Citie of London, sens the Con- by Famianvs Strada ; In English by
queste, dyligently Collected by Iohn Sr Rob. Stapylton Kt. Illustrated with
Stow citisen of London, in the yere of divers Figures. London Printed for
our Lorde God 1565. Whervnto is Humphrey Moseley, ... MDCL. Folio,


, added a Table in the end, conteynyng A-4C in fours: Table, a-1 in twos. all the principall matters of this Booke. Dedicated by Stapylton to Lord DorPerused and allowed In ædibus

chester. Thomae Marshe. [Col.] Imprinted at There is the portrait of the translator by London in Fletestreete, nygh vnto S.

Marshall, worked in folio, and a series of Dunstones churche, by Thomas Marshe.

13 portraits by Vaughan. Anno Salutis. 1565. 8°, black letter. STRANGE, JAMES, LORD. Title and Calendar, &c., 8 leaves : a, 4 An Impeachment of High Treason Exleaves: A-Hh in eights : Ii, 11 leaves. hibited in Parliament, Against James, Dedicated to Robert Dudley, Earl of Lord Strange, Son and Heire apparant of Leicester. H. Pyne, Esq.

William, Earle of Derby, ... With an A Summarie of our Englysh Chronicles

Order . . . for the apprehending of the Diligently Collected by Iohn Stowe,

said Lord

Septemb. 17. London Citizen of London, In the yeare of oure

Printed for John Wright, 1642. 4°, 4 Lorde, 1566. . Perused and allowed

leaves. Imprinted at London in Flete-strete, STRUYS, JOHN.

by Thomas Marshe. 8°, black letter. The Perilous and most Unhappy Voyages Title and Calendar, 8 leaves: a, 4 leaves : of John Struys, through Italy, Greece, A-Mm in eights.

Lifeland, Moscovia, Tartary, Media, A Summarie of the Chronicles of Eng

Persia, East-India, Japan, and other land vnto this present yeare of

Places in Europe, Africa and Asia. ... Christ. 1575. Imprinted at London

To which are added a Narrative sent by Richard Tottle and Henry Binne

from Capt. D. Butler, relating to the man. 8°, A in eights : A (repeated)

Taking in of Astrachan by the Cosacz. Rr 2 in eights, Rr 2 with The 7. ages of

Illustrated with divers curious Plates, the world.

first designed and taken from the Life by

the Author himself. Rendred out of Neither Ames nor Herbert has drawn the necessary distinction between Stow's

Nether-dutch by John Morrison. LonSummary and Stow's Summary Abridged, don, Printed for Samuel Smith, although these are entirely different works, MDCLXXXIII. 4o. +, 6 leaves, the 6th the latter being always half the size of the blank, title on A 2: * and **, 4 leaves former. Stow's Summaries are here de. scribed as octavos, but they are as often

each : [second title) A, 3 leaves: A (recalled duodecimos, and in order to mark

peated)—3 C 2 in fours. With a frontisthe diminutive size of the Summaries piece, map, and plates, of which a list Abridged they are here entered as 24mnos. occurs on ** 4. Herbert, p. 853, has noticed the confusion The Notice to the Reader is dated by in the sizes, without suspecting the reason Morrison from St. Albans, July 30, 1683. for it.— Note in Mr. H. Pyne's Catalogue.

STUART. The Abridgement of the English Chro- Discovrs sur le suiect de la mort du nicles . . Augmented . . . by E. H.

Seigneur Struard Escossois, decapite Gentleman Imprinted at London

deuant le Chasteau du Louure à Paris. for the Company of Stationers, 1618. Le Lundy 27. de Feburier dernier. A 8°, chiefly black letter, A-Qq in eights,

M.DC.XVII. 8°, 4 leaves. first and last leaves blank. Dedicated

STUART, GEORGE. by Howes to Sir George Bolles Knight.

A Joco-Seriovs Discourse in Two DiaSTRACHAN, A.

logues, Between NorthumberlandPanegyricvs Inavgvralis, quo Autores, Gentleman, and his Tenant a Scotchman, Vindices, & Evergetæ Illustris Vniversi- Both old Cavaliers. With an Anagram tatis Aberdonensis Iustis elogiis ornaban- prefixt to them: Being some Miscellatur: ... 7. Kal. Sextil. 1630. Aber- neous Essays, Written upon several Occadonjis, Excudebat Edwardus Rabanus, sions. By George Stuart. Omne tulit... Anno Domini 1631. 4°, A-E in fours, London, Printed for Benjamin Tooke,.. and a leaf of F.

and John Story, in New-Castle, 1686.

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Paris ...


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4°, A-L in fours, and a, 4 leaves. In blank. Dedicated to Dr. Thomas Willis. verse,

With the music to some of the With a portrait. songs. Dedicated to Sir Henry Brabant,

A Censvre upon Certaine Passages ConMayor of Newcastle on Tyne. Grenv. Coll.

tained in the History of the Royal SoSTUART, JOHN.

ciety, as being Destructive to the EstaDe aduentu Henrici Valesii Christian- blished Religion of the Church of Engissimi Francorum Regis in Metropolim land. ... Oxford, Printed for Ric. Davis, Regni sui Lutetiam Parisiorum Oratio A.D. 1670. 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-I in habita à nobilissimo & generosissimo fours. Dedicated by H. Stubbe to Dr. iuuene Joanne Stevarto Scoto, Nonis Fell, Dean of Christ-Church. Julij. In gymnasio Prelleorum. Parisiis,

The Lord Bacons Relation of the Sweat1549. 4°, a-c in fours, c 4 blank.

ing-Sickness Examined, in a Reply to STUARTS.

George "Thomson, Pretender to Physick Vera Descriptio Avgvstissimæ Stewarto- and Chymistry . . . By Henry Stubbe, rum familiæ, in amplissimo Scotiæ regno Physician in Warwick. London, Linialter & jure succedentium, vna cum Printed for Phil. Brigs, . . : 1671. 40, veris ipsorum iconibus in ære ad vivum A-Mm in fours, besides title and dediexculptis. [Col.] Amsterodami, sump

cation to Sir Alexander Frasier, Physitibus Andreæ Hart Bibliopolæ Edinbur- cian to the King, and “the Glory of his gensis. Cum Previlegio regiæ Maiestatis. Profession." Folio, 11 leaves, including title.

This volume includes an answer to the D. Laing, 1879, No. 3452.

Calumnies of Glanvile, and a Relation of

the symptoms attending the bite of an A Trewe Description of the nobill race of

adder. the Stewards : Svccedinge Lineallie to the Croun of Scotland vnto this day :

A Justification of the Present War against with thair lywelie portraturs, declaring

the United Netherlands. Wherein The exactlie what tyme thay begane to ræigne,

Declaration of His Majesty is Vindicated, howe lange thay reigned, and of what

and the War proved to be Just, Honourqualities thay were. Folio, 11 leaves.

able, and Necessary; The Dominion of In this issue a letterpress description is

the Sea Explained, and His Majesties attached to each print. D. Laing, 1879,

Rights thereunto Asserted ; The ObligaNo. 3453, imperfect.

tions of the Dutch to England, and Their STUBBE, HENRY, of Christ - Church,

Continual Ingratitude : Illustrated with Oxford.

Sculptures. In Answer to a Dutch TreaThe Indian Nectar, Or A Discourse con

tise Entituled, Considerations upon the cerning Chocolata: Wherein The Nature

Present State of the United Netherlands. of the Cacao-nut, and the other Ingre

By an English Man ... London. Printed dients of that Composition, is examined,

for Henry Hills and John Starkey, : and stated according to the Judgment

1672, 4°, A-L in fours. With folded and Experience of the Indians, and

plates at D 2 and 4 by Sherwin, ridiculSpanish Writers, who lived in the Indies,

ing the English. and others; . . . By Henry Stubbe for- A Further Justification of the Present merly of Ch: Ch: in Oxon. Physician for War against the United Netherlands, his Majesty, and the Right Honourable Illustrated with several Sculptures By Thomas Lord Windsor in the Island of Henry Stubbe, a lover of the Honour and Jamaica in the West-Indies . . . London, Welfare of old England. . . . London, Printed by J. C. for Andrew Crook . . Printed for Henry Hills, and John 1662. 8°, A-N 4 in eights.

Starkey, MDCLXXIII. 4°, A-C in The Miraculous Conformist: Or An ac

fours, with the Preface: A (repeated)—G count of severall Marvailous Cures per

in fours: *-4* in fours: H (with p. 57 formed by the stroaking of the Hands of

repeated, and An Apology, &c.)-R in Mr. Valentine Greatarick; With a Physi

fours. With a frontispiece representing call Discourse thereupon, In a Letter to

the introduction of the Dutch ambassathe Honourable Robert Boyle Esq; With

dors to Thurlow by Hugh Peters, and a Letter relating some other of His Mira- folded plate (marked B) at p. 3, besides culous Cures, By Henry Stubbe,

two leaves of engraved medals, marked Physician at Stratford upon Avon in the

C-D. and a plate at p. 134, marked E. County of Warwick. ... Oxford, Printed STUBBES, PHILIP. by H. Hall Printer to the University, for The Anatomie of Abuses: Containing A Ric: Davis, 1666. 4°, A-F in fours, F 4 Discouerie, or briefe Summarie of such

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Notable Vices and Corruptions, as now to be sold at his Shop at the Signe of the raigne in many Christian Countreyes of Bible without Newgate. 1632. 4°, Athe Worlde: but (especially) in the C in fours. Alfred Wallis Esq. of Derby. Countrey of Ailgna . . . And now newly A Crystall Glasse, for Christian Women reuised and recognized, and augmented London, Printed for William Gil. the third time by the same Author. bertson 1658. 4°, black letter, A[Quot.] 1 Printed at London, by Richard C in fours, C 4 blank. Iones 12. October. 1584. [Col.] At Lon- STUDLEY, PETER, M.A., Minister at don Printed by Richard Iones: dwellyng

Shrewsbury. at the Signe of the Rose and the Crowne,

The Looking-Glasse of Schisme: Wherein neere vnto Holborne Bridge. 1584. 80,

by a briefe and true Narration of the exeA-R 4 in eights, R 4 with the colophon.

crable Murders, done by Enoch ap Evan, Halliwell, in 1857, imperfect after Q 8,

a downe-right Non-conformist, on the £2, 48. A perfect copy in the original vel

bodies of his Mother and Brother, with lum is in the possession of Mr. Alfred Wallis of Derby.

the cause moving him thereunto : The It has been said that Stubbes brought disobedience of that Sect, against Royall out two editions this year, a statement pot Majesty, and the Lawes of our Church is unlikely in itself, especially as 1583 had

plainly set forth. The second Edition exhausted two; but the fact seems to be that, as the title of the 1584 copy lately

enlarged and Corrected . . . London, discovered bears the month as well as the

Printed by R. B. for Thomas Alchorne year, and the colophon the year only, the 1635. 8o. A, 6 leaves: B_0 11 in inspection by two different persons of two twelves, O 11 blank: The Refutation of the copies, one deficient of the beginning, the

Author's opponents, with a fresh title, A, 6 other of the end, might have favoured the growth of such a notion.

leaves, the 6th blank: A-D in twelves. The Anatomie of Abuses:... now newly

STURME, ROBERT. reuised recognized, and augmented the

A ballad of the Lamentable lyfe and

deathe of Roberte Sturme who suffered at third time by the same Author. .. Printed at London, by Richard Iones

Tyburne the 24th of Januarie. Licensed 1585. 8o. A, 4 leaves: B-R 4 in eights,

to Abel Jeffes, 27 Jan. 1593-4. R 4 with the colophon.

STURTEVANT, SIMON. A perfect Pathway to Felicitie, Contein

The Etymologist of Æsops Fables, Coning godly Meditations, and praiers, fit for

taining the construing of his Latine all times, and necessarie to be practized

fables into English : Also The Etymoloof all good Christians. Imprinted at

gist of Phædrus fables, containing the London by Richard Yardley for Humfrey construing of Phædrus (a new found yet Lownes. 1592. 8o. 1, 8 leaves, the first

auncient Author) into English, verbatim. blank: A-P 5 in eights. Printed within

Both very necessarie helps for young borders. Br. Museum (imperfect).

schollers. Compiled by Symon ŠtvrteRecently presented by Mr. Furnivall. vant. London, Printed by Richard Field It seems not unlikely that this is the same for Robert Dexter, dwelling at the signe work as The Rosary of Prayers, 1583, of of the Brazen Serpent Paules Churchwhich no copy is at present known.

yard. 1602. Cvm Privilegio. 8o. A, 4 A Motive to good Workes. Or rather, to leaves : B-L in eights. true Christianitie indeede. Wherein by Metallica. Or The Treatise of Metallica. the waie is shewed, how farre wee are Briefly comprehending the Doctrine of Lehinde, not onelý our forefathers in

diuerse new Metallical Inuentions, but good workes, but also many other crea

especially, how to neale, melt, and worke tures in the endes of our creation : with all kinde of mettle-oares, Irons and Steeles the difference betwixt the pretended good with Sea-coale, Pit-coale, Earth-coale and workes of the Antichristian Papist, and Brush-fewell. Also a Transcript of his the good workes of the Christian Pro- Maiesties Letters Pattents of Priuiledge, testant. By Phillip Stubbes, Gentleman.

granted vnto Simon Sturtevant for the (Quot. from Matt. v, 16.) London, Prin- said Metallicall businesses, for one and ted for Thomas Man, dwelling in Pater thirty yeares. Published in Print before Noster-rowe, at the signe of the Talbot. the last day of this present Easter Terme, 1593. 8°, 114 leaves. In prose. Dedi- as the said Simon Sturteuant was by his cated to the Lord Mayor. Emm. Coll.

Highnesse inioyned. Imprinted at LonCamb.

don by George Eld. Cum priuilegio. A Chrystal Glasse for Christian Women Anno. 1612. May 22. 4o. 0, 4 leaves:

Printed for John Wright, and are A, 3 leaves : B-P in fours. B. M.

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Fragmenta Aurea . . . 1658.

Stans puer ad mensam. Licensed to W.
Revised Collation : Portrait and general Norton in 1561-2.
title, 2 leaves: To the Reader, 2 leaves : SUMMER AND WINTER.
title to the Poems and 4 other leaves under
A: Poems, Letters, and Plays, B-X in

The Debate and Stryfe betwene Somer eights, X 8 blank: Last Remains, with a and Wynter . . . [1530.] 4°. new title, 1 leaf : a, with the bookseller's I conclude this to be a translation by the dedication to the poet's sister, Lady South- English printer from the old French tract cot, 1 leaf : To the Reader, 2 leaves: A 4- with a similar title, republished in CrapeG in eights : Errata, 1 leaf.

let's Series of Poesies Gothiques Françoises

(Debat de l'Hiver et de l'Eté). SUETONIUS TRANQUILLUS, C. The Historie of Twelue Cæsars Emperors


The Case of the Inhabitants of the Town of Rome. Written in Latine by C. Suetonius Tranquillus and newly translated

and Parish of Croydon, in the County of into English By Philemon Holland Doc

Surrey; concerning the Great Oppressions tor in Phisick. Together with a Mar

they ly under, by reason of the Unparalginall Glosse and other briefe Anotations

leľă Extortions, and violent illegal and

unwarrantable Prosecutions of Doctor therevpon. Printed at London for Mathew Lownes 1606. Folio. Title (en

William Clewes, Vicar of the said Parish;

Humbly Presented to the Consideration graved) and other prefixes, 4 leaves : B

of Parliament. [London, 1672.) Folio,
Aa 4 in sixes : Annotations, A-B in
sixes : C, 8 leaves : Indexes and Errata,

A-D, 2 leaves each.
A-B in sixes.

A Warning for Bad Wives: Or The Man

ner of the Burning of Sarah Elston. Who SUFFOLK.

was 'Burnt to death [at] a Stake on KenThe holy & great Indulgence & pardon of nington-Common neer Southwark, on plenary remissió a pena & culpa graūted Wednesday the 24th of April 1678. For by dyuerse popes 1 & newly contirmed

murdering her Husband Thomas Elston with many amplyfications of ... Leo. X. And likewise the Execution and that nowe is vnto the holy hospytall of Confession of John Masters, and Gabriel the holy ghost otherwyse called the hos- Dean his Man, who were Executed for pytall of Seynt spiryte with in the holy Robbing on the 'Highway. . . . London: cytie of Rome / at the comaundemēt of Printed for D. M. 1678. 40, 4 leaves. our moost drede soueraygne lorde kyng SUSANNA. Henry the. viii. ben examyned by the

The Storye of Svsanna beinge the xiijth most reuerend father in god my lord archebysshop of Caunterbury prymat of to J. Wolf, 8 September, 1592.

Chapter of Danyell. A ballad. Licensed all England & Legate of the see aposto

lyke of Rome / with dyuerse other doc-
tours of both the lawes / is Institute /

Strange newes from Chichester of a mon

strous Childe borne ther the Firste of publysshed & erected in the conventuali the

Februarie 1580. Tolerated to E. White,

14 Feb. 1580-1.
towne of ypswiche / In the which howse
be deputed confessours lawfull for the The woofull murther donne at Lewes in
same. (London, 1517?] A small broad- Sussex the 13th of January last, where
side in octavo size, printed lengthwise. Seaven innocent people lost their lives
Black letter.

by_poyson. Licensed to Henry Gosson,
Sotheby's, Jan. 31, 1881, No. 207. 6 February, 1608–9.
A Discourse vpon the death of Elias A ballett of the manner of the killing of
Thaker and John Copinge executed at the serpent in Sussex. Licensed to Henry
Sainct Edmondes Bury. Licensed to E. Gosson, 5 September, 1614.
White, 5 Aug. 1583.

A True Report and exact discription of a A Dytty Towchynge the Ryghte honor-
mightie whale Cast vp neare Harwich in able earle of Sussex Lorde Depute of
Februarie Anno Domini 1616. Licensed Irelande of serten feates of Warre Donne
to Henry Holland, 15 February, 1616-17. in the north Iles of Skottlande. Li-
The Boon Companion ; or, the Merry censed to T. Hacket in 1561-2.
Loyal Boys of Suffolk's Jovial Health. SUTCLIFFE, MATTHEW.
To the tune of Fond Boy. London : An Answere to a Certaine Libel Svppli-
Printed for C. Burnet, 1696. A ballad catorie, Or Rather Diffamatory, and also
with a bar of music. Ouvry Cat. No. 75. to certaine Caluminious Articles, and In-




In prose.

terrogatories, both printed and scattered the causes, continuance, and qualities of in secret corners, to the slaunder of the things in Nature . . . Printed by the PrinEcclesiasticall state, and put forth vnder ters to the Vniversitie of Cambridge. 1635. the name and stile of a Petition directed 4°. Tand TST, 4 leaves each, first blank: to her Maiestie: Wherein not onely the A-3 U in fours: XXx, 1 leaf. Dedicated friuolous discourse of the Petitioner is re- by John Swan to James Duke of Lenox. futed, but also the accusation against the

SWEARING. Disciplinarians his clyents iustified, and

A ballett of admonyssion to leave swer. the slaunderous cauils at the present

ynge. Licensed to John Waley and the gouernement disciphred by Mathew Sut

Widow Toy in 1557–8. cliffe . . . Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher Barker, ... 1593.

A ballett persuadynge men from swer.

ynge. 4°, A–Ff in fours, Ff 4 with the Errata.

Licensed to John Sampson (or Dedicated to Chief Justice Anderson.

Awdeley) in 1560-1. The Practice, Proceedings, and Lawes of

Leave of your swerynge. A ballad. Li.

censed to T. Hacket in 1562–3. armes, described out of the doings of most valiant and expert Captaines, and

The noughty vse of swerynge. A ballad.

Licensed to W. Griffith in 1562–3. confirmed both by ancient, and moderne examples, and precedents.' By Matthew Agaynste Swerynge. A ballad. Licensed Sutcliffe. . . . Imprinted at London by

to T. Colwell in 1569. the Deputies of Christopher Barker, A Hopefull way to Cure that horrid 1593. 4°, black letter, A-Zz in fours. Sinne of Swearing Also a Curb Dedicated to the Earl of Essex.

against Cursing. (Col.] London, PrinThe Vnmasking of a Masse - monger. ted by E. Cotes, 1652. 8°, 10 leaves. Who in the Counterfeit Habit of S. Avgvstine hath cunningly crept into the

SWEDEN. Closets of many English Ladies. Or,

A Short Svrvey of the Kingdome of The Vindication of Saint Avgvstines

Sweden Containing A Briefe Description Confessions, from the false and malicious

of all the Provinces of this whole Domi. Calumniations of a late noted Apostate

nion. As also the riches of this King[Sir Toby Mathew.] By M. S[utcliffe) D.

dome, the antiquitie, nature, and manof Exeter. . . . London. Printed by B. A.

ners of this Nation London, Printed and T. Fawcet, for Nich: Bovrne .

for Michael Sparke, . . . 1632. 4°, A1626. 4o. 1, 2 leayes: A—M 2 in fours.

O in fours, and (a) i leaf. Dedicated to Sir Baptist and Lady Hicks.

The Whole Proceedings of the Treaty SWABIA.

Held at Roskild, between His Majesty A ballad of vij dronkardes whome the

the King of Sweden, And the King of evill spirit procured to Death at Ravens- Denmark. Together with the severall purgh" in Swaben. Licensed to John

Mediations from France, England, and Charlwood, 26 June, 1579.

Holland, ... Translated out of Latine SWALLOW, JOHN.

into English. London, Printed by J. M. Cinthias Revenge 1613.

for Daniel Pakeman, ... 1659. 4°, BCollation : A-S in fours.

The couplet

Y in fours, and the title. by F. C. ? Francis Crane, Jopson's "per

His Majesty The King of Swedens Letter fect friend,” seems to be tolerably conclu

to the States Generall of the United Prosive as to the authorship: “ One Swallow makes no Summer, most

vinces. Printed Anno Domini 1675. 4", men say,

4 leaves. But who disproues that Prouerbe,

SWETNAM, JOSEPH. made this Play.”

The Araignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward, The book is dedicated to the author's friend, Mr. John Dickinson, in an epistle signed

and vnconstant Women: ... London: I. S.

Printed for Thomas Archer, . . . 1619. SWAN, JOHN, of Trinity College, Cam

4°, A-I in fours. Br. Museum. bridge.

The Arraignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward, Specvlum Mundi. Or A Glasse Repre- and Vnconstant Women: Printed at senting the face of the World ; Shewing London by T. C. and are to be sold by F. both that it did begin, and must also end: Grove, 1634. 4°, A-I in fours. The manner How, and time When, being With a large cut on the title. Br. M. largely examined. Whereunto is joyned The Arraignment of Lewd, Idle, Froward, an Hexameron, or a serious discourse of and Unconstant Women : Or, The Vanity

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