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of them, chuse you whether. With a SYMONS, HENRY, M.A., Minister of Commendation of the Wise, Vertuous, South fleet, Kent. and Honest Woman. Pleasant for Mar- The Lord Jesus His Commission (Under ried Men, profitable for young-Men, and the Broad Seal of his Highnes the Royal hurtfuil to none. London, Printed by E. & Real Lord Protector of Heaven and C. for F. Grove . . . 1662. 4°, A-I in Earth) as Man, to be the alone Judge of fours. Woodcut on title.

Life and Death, in the Great and General

Assize of the World ; Proved and ImSWINBURNE, HENRY.

proved before the Reverend Judges at A Treatise of Spousals or Matrimonial

the Assize holden at Maidstone March Contracts. Wherein all the Questions

17. 1655. For the County of Kent .. relating to this Subject are ingeniously Debated and Resolved. By the late

London, Printed by J. H. and are to be

sold by H. Crips . 1657. 4°, A-G 2 Famous and Learned Mr, Henry Swin

in fours, burne, Author of the Treatise of Wills and Testaments. London ... 1686. 40, SYMSON, ANDREW. A-Hh in fours, and a, 4 leaves.

Rvdimenta Grammatices. Secunda TonAt p. 192 is a curious reference to Robert sura: In gratiam Inuentutis Scoto-BriGreene and his tracts on coneycatchers, tannicæ Conscripta. Authore Magistro]

A[ndrea) S[ymsono.] ... Edinbvrgi, ExSYMEONI, GABRIELLO.

cudebat Thomas Finlason. Anno 1607. Messer Gabriello Symeoni his Metamor- Cum priuilegio ..

4°, 4 leaves. foses d'Ovidio Abbreuiato: With other

D. Laing, 1879, No. 3637. No earlier Stanzas concerning the Effect of the

impression seems to be known; this proMoon: the Description of the Fountain fesses to be revised and augmented. of Overain: & his Apology generall. All by him dedicated to the most Illustrious

Christes Testament vnfolded: Or, Seauen

Godlie and learned Sermons, By Lady the Dutchese of Valentinois. Englisht. Folio. 114 leaves.

M[aster] A. Symson, Minister of the Gos

pel at Dalkeith. Printed at Edinbvrgh, An unpublished MS. Puttick & Simp

by Edward Raban, dwelling at the Cowson, March 21, 1877, No. 696.

gate Port, at the signe of A BC. 1620. SYMMONS, EDWARD.

With License. 8°, black letter, A-M in A Vindication of King Charles : Or, A eights, M 8 blank. Loyal Subjects Duty. Manifested in vin- This is said to be the only book printed dicating his Soveraigne from those Asper

by Raban at Edinburgh. sions cast upon Him by certaine persons, SYMSON, ANDREW. In a scandalous Libel, Entituled, The Unio Politico - Poetico - Joco . Serio. Kings Cabinet Opened: And published Writen in the latter end of the year 1703: (as they say) by Authority of Parliament. and afterwards, as occasion offered, very Whereunto is added, A true Parallel be- much enlarged, in severall Paragraphs. twixt the sufferings of our Saviour and By the Author of Tripatriarchicon (Anour Soveraign, in divers particulars, &c. drew Symson.] Edinburgh. Printed by

Printed in the Yeere, 1648. 4°, A the Author. 1706. 4°, A-D in fours, -Xx in fours.

and the title. In English verse.



T. M.

God 1642 ... Antwerpe Printed by The Flaming Hart Or The Life of the Iohannes Mevrsivs. Anno. M.DC.XLII. 8o. Gloriovs S. Teresa, Foundresse of the ***** 4 in eights: A—Tt in eights, Reformation, of the Order of the All- last leaf blank. Immaculate Virgin-Mother, our B. Lady, of Mount-Carmel. This History of her TABLE. Life, was written by the Saint her selfe A table contaynynge many prety pleain Spanish; and is newly, now, Trans- saunte pastymes. Licensed to Henry lated into English, the yeare

of our Lord Denbam in 1568-9.




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" the neces

... A sheet


A Table Collected of the yeres of our The Annales of Cornelivs Tacitvs. The Lord God, and of the yeares of the Kings Description of Germanie. London, Prinof England ... Imprinted at London ted by I. L. for Richard Whitaker, by Iohn Waley. M.D.LXXI. 8°, A-L in 1640. Folio. 1, 4 leaves, first blank : eights.

A-Z 4 in sixes. A Table Collected . . . Imprinted at TAFFIN, JOHN. London by Iohn Waley. 1576. 8°, black The markes of the children of God, and letter, A-L in eights, and M, 2 leaves, of their comforts in afflictions. To the with additions and a second colophon faithfull of the Low-Countrie. By Iohn dated 1579.

Taffin. Ouerseene againe and augmented A Table of the postures both of the Mus- by the Author, and translated out of ketterian and the pikeman, with the French by Anne Prowse. . . . At Lonseuerall partes of their Armes. Licensed don, Printed by Thomas Orwin, for to Thomas Purfoot, 26 May, 1619.

Thomas Man. 1590. 89, A-Q in eights: A Table Contayninge the Lordes prayer,

R, 4 leaves: S, with verses on the ten Comandementes and the beleife,

sitie and benefite of affliction,” 2 leaves. in verse. Licensed to John Marriot, 18

Dedicated by the translator to the CounSeptember, 1619.

tess of Warwick. Tables for Renewing & Purchasing of the TAMERLANE. Leases of Cathedral-Churches and Col- A ballad entituled the storye of Tamburleges, Also Tables for Renewing and Pur- layne the greate, &c. Licensed to John chasing of Lives . . . Cambridge, Danter, 6 Nov. 1594. 1686. 8°, A-D in eights.

TANGIER. A Royal Table of Time for ye Year. 1709

A Brief Relation of the Present State of Sold by J. Nutting next the Flower de

Tangier, And of the Advantages which luce in Little Carter lane

his Excellence the Earl of Tiveot hath engraved by Nutting. Bagford Papers. obtained against Gayland. Edinburgh, TABLE TALK,

Printed in the year, 1664. 4°, 4 leaves. Table talke, or musique to a banquet of Articles of Peace concluded and agreed wine. Licensed to Leonard Becket, 16 between His Excellency the Lord BelleNov. 1620.

syse His Majesties Governor of His City I merely offer, as a suggestion, the idea

and Garison of Tangier in Affrica, &c. that this entry refers to the little work

And Cidi Hamet Hader Ben Ali Gaypublished by L. Becket in 1620 under the title of A Help to Discourse.

land, Prince of West-Barbary, &c. The TABLET.

Second of April, 1666. Printed by ComA Tablet for Ladyes and Gentlewomen.

mand. London : Printed by Tho. NewLicensed to Master Judson, 26 March,

comb living over against Baynards Castle 1577.

in Thames-street. 1666. Folio, 4 leaves.

Divers Prospects in and about Tangier. TACITUS, CORNELIUS. The End of Nero and Beginning of

Exactly delineated by W. Hollar his Galba. Fower Bookes of the Histories

Mayties designer and by him afterwards

to satisfie the curious etshed in Copper. of Cornelivs Tacitys. The Life of Agri

And are to be Sold by Iohn Overton at cola. M.D.LXXXXI. [Col.] Printed at

the White Horse without Newgate LonOxforde by Ioseph Barnes for Richard Wright. Cvm Privilegio. Folio. T

don. [1670.] Oblong 4', 12 leaves, in

cluding title. (twice), 6 leaves each: A-Gg in sixes.

One of the plates is dated 1670. Dedicated by Sir Henry Savile to the

A Particular Relation of the Late Success Queen. Lambeth, B. Mús., &c.

of His Majesties Forces at Tangier against Besides Savile's dedication, there is a Preface to the Reader by A. B. (Robert,

the Moors. Published by Authority. In Earl of Essex.]

the Savoy: Printed by Tho. Newcomb, The Annales of Cornelivs Tacitys. The 1680. Folio, 2'leaves. Description of Germanie. M.DC.XII. [Col.] The Moores Baffled: Being a Discourse Printed at London by Arnold Hatfield Concerning Tangier, Especially when it for Iohn Norton. Anno 1612. Folio, was under the Earl of Teviot ; By which T, 4 leaves, first blank: A-Y in sixes : you may find what Methods and GovernZ, 4 leaves: End of Nero, &c., with a new ment is wisest to secure that place against title, 1, 6 leaves : A-V in sixes, V 6 the Moors. In a Letter from a Learned blank.

person (long resident in that place) at the




desire of a person of Quality. London: from the Aminta of Tasso, by Mr. OldPrinted for William Crooke, 1681. mixon. London, Printed for Rich. Parker 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-G in fours.

1698. 4°, A-G in fours, and the

title. TANNER, ROBERT, Practitioner in Astrology and Physic.

TATE, NAHUM. A Mirror for Mathematiques : A Golden Poems. By N. Tate. London, Printed Gem for Geometricians: A sure safety for by T. M. for Benj. Tooke at the Signe Saylers ; And an auncient Antiquary for of the Ship in St. Pauls Church-yard. Astronomers and Astrologians. Contain- MDCLXXVII. 89, A-K 4 in eights, K 4 ing also an Order howe to make an Astro- blank. Dedicated to Dr. Walter Neednomicall Instrument, called the Astrolab, ham, of the Charterhouse. with the vse thereof. Also a playne and

Mausolæum: A Funeral Poem on our late most easie instruction for erection of a

Gracious Sovereign Queen Mary, of Blesfigure for the 12. houses of the heauens.

sed Memorie. By N. Tate, Servant to A Work most profitable for all such as

His Majesty. London : Printed for B. are studious in Astronomie .... Imprinted Aylmer, . 1695. Folio, B-F in twos, at London by J. C. and are to be sold in

and the title. Paules Churchyard by Richard Watkins.

A Present for the Ladies : Being an His1587. 40, A-0 in fours. Black letter,

torical Account of several Illustrious With woodcuts.

Persons of the Female Sex. To which Dedicated to Lord Howard of Effingham. The headline throughout is: The Trauailers

is added, The Character of an Accomioy and felicitie.

plish'd Virgin, Wife, and Widow, in Verse. TAPSTER.

Written by N. Tate, Servant to their MaThe Tapsters Downfall And the Drunk

jesties. The Second Edition Corrected,

with Additions. London, Printed for ards Joy, Or, A Dialogue between Leather-beard the Tapster of the Sheaves,

Francis Saunders, . . . 1693. 8°, A-I and Ruby-nose, one of his ancient ac

in eights, A. 2–4 repeated. Dedicated

to the Countess of Radnor, quaintance, who hath formerly eaten three stone of Rost Beefe on a Sunday TALBOT, J. morning ; but now (being debarred of

Instructions to a Painter, upon the Death that Priviledge) sleights him, and resolves and Funeral of Her Late Majesty Q. Mary to drinke wine altogether. Printed in the of Blessed Memory. London, Printed yeare, M.DC.XLI. 4°,. 4 leaves. With a for Jacob Tonson, 1695. Folio, 8 cut on title.

leaves. In verse. TASSO, TORQUATO.

TATHAM, JOHN. Godfrey of Bovlogne: Or The Recouerie The Distracted State, A Tragedy. Writof Iervsalem. Done into English Heroi

ten in the Yeer, 1641. By J. T. Gent. call verse, by Edward Fairefax Gent. And

Seditiosi sunt Reipublicæ ruino. London, now the second time Imprinted, and De

Printed by W. H. for Iohn Tey, dicated to His Highnesse: Together with

1651. 40, A-E in fours, E 4 blank. the life of the said Godfrey. London, Printed in two columns. Printed by Iohn Bill . 1624. Folio.

Dedicated to Sir William Sidley, BaroT, 4 leaves:)(, 4 leaves: A, 4 leaves: B- net. There are commendatory verses by -Kk in sixes: L1, 4 leaves. With a por- J. R., W. D., and G. Lynn. trait of Godfrey by Pass..

Londons Glory Represented by Time, There are copies described as large paper Truth and Fame : At the Magnificent Aminta : The Famous Pastoral Written

Triumphs and Entertainment of His in Italian by Signor Torquato Tasso. most Sacred Majesty Charls the II. The And Translated into English verse by Dukes of York and Glocester, The two John Dancer. Together with divers In- Houses of Parliament, Privy Councill, genious Poems. London, Printed for Judges, &c. At Guildhall on Thursday, John Starkey 1660. 89, A-L in

being the 5th day of July 1660, and in eights, first and last leaves blank (title the 12th Year of His Majesties most marked A 2), and the leaves after L 3

happy Reign. Together with the Order occupied by advertisements. Dedicated and Management of the whole Days to “My much Honoured, And Truly Business Published according to Order. Noble Friend, Mr. R. B."

London, Printed by William Godbid in Amintas. A Pastoral, Acted at the The- Little Brittain. 1660. 4°, A-B in fours, atre Royal. Made English out of Italian B 4 blank.

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The Rump: Or, The Mirrour of the late ing a Description of the Several Pageants Times, A New Comedy, written by J. and Speeches, Together with a Song for Tatham, Gent. Acted Many Times with the Entertainment of their Majesties, Great Applause, at the Private House in who with their Royal Highnesses the Dorset-Court. London, Printed by W. Prince and Princess of Denmark, the Godbid for R. Bloome. 1660. 4°. A, 2 whole Court, and both Houses of Parlialeaves : B-K 2 in fours.

ment, Honour'd his Lordship this Year Knavery in all Trades: Or, The Coffee- with their Presence. All set forth at the House. A Comedy. As it was Acted in Proper Costs and Charges of the Right the Christmas Holidays by several Ap- Worshipful Company of Skinners. By prentices with great Applause. With M. T. License. London, Printed by J. B. for Londinum Vrbs Inclyta Regum. W. Gilbertson, and H. Marsh. . 1664. London, Printed for Langley Curtis at 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-F 2 in fours.

Sir Edmondbury Godfrey's Head near

Fleet-bridge. 1689. 4°, A-C 2 in fours. TAUBMAN, MATTHEW. An Heroick Poem to His Royal High- TAVERNER, RICHARD. ness the Duke of York, on his Return The garden of wysedome, conteynyng from Scotland. With some Choice Songs pleasaūt floures, that is to saye, propre and Medleyes on the Times. By Mat. and quycke sayinges of Princes, Philoso. Taubman, Gent. . . . London, Printed phers and other sortes of men. Drawen for John Smith in Russel-street, Covent- forth of good authours, by Richarde Garden, 1682. Folio, A-F 2 in twos, Tauerner Newly recognised and aug. and a, 2 leaves. With music.

mented. Imprynted at London by EdLondon's Yearly Jubilee : Perform’d on

warde Whytchurche. Cum priuilegio ... Friday, October xxix. 1686. For the

[Col.]. Here endeth the fyrst booke.

These bookes are to be solde at the west Entertainment of the Right Honourable Sir John Peake, Knight, Lord Mayor of

dore of_Poules, by Wyllyam Telotson. the City of London. With a Description

89, A–F in eights. of the several Pageants, Speeches, and

The secod booke of the Garden of wyseSongs, made proper for the Occasion. All dome, wherein are conteyned wytty, set forth at the proper Costs and Charges pleasaunt, and mete sayinges of renoumed of the Right Worshipful the Company of personages collected by Rycharde TauerMercers. Composed by M. Taubman.

Anno, M.D.XXXIX. Cum priuilegio Londinum Regni firmata Columna.

[Col.] Prynted at London by Richard Printed and Published by Authority,

Bankes . 80, A-F in eights. London, Printed for H. Playford, near

D. Laing, 1879, both parts, No. 3266. the Temple Church, 1686. 4. A, 2

The Garden of wysdome .. Newly leaves : B-C in fours.

recognised and augmented. Imprynted

at London in Fletestrete at ye sygne of London's Triumph, Or The Goldsmiths Jubilee: Perfornied, on Saturday, October

the George nexte to saynt Dunston

Churche by Wyllyam Myddylton. 8°, XXIX. 1687. For the Confirmation and

black letter. First Part, A-F in eights: Entertainment of the Right Honourable

Second Part, A-F in eights : Aliqvot Sir John Shorter, Kt. Lord Mayor of the

Sententiarvm Flores, A-B 4 in eights. City of London. Containing A Description of the several Pageants and Speeches

Each part has a separate title.

It will be seen by reference to p. 205, inade, proper for the Occasion. Together

that W. Myddylton printed the Flores, at with a Song, For the Entertainment of any rate, in 1547. Perhaps all three porHis Majesty All set forth at the tions were then issued; but I have not yet proper Costs and Charges of the Wor- seen the Garden of Wisdom of such a date. shipful Company of Goldsmiths. By M. TAVERNIER, J. BAPTISTA. Taubman ... Printed and Published by

A Collection of Several Relations & TreaAuthority. London, Printed by J. Leake, tises Singular and Curious, Of John Bapin Jewin-street, 1687. Folio. A-D, 2 tista Tavernier, Baron of Aubonne. Not leaves each.

Printed among his first Six Voyages. Londons Great Jubilee Restor'd and Per- Divided into Five Parts . . . Published forni'd on Tuesday, October the 29th 1689. by Edmund Everard, Esquire. London, For the Entertainment of the Right Hon- Printed by A. Godbid and J. Playford, ourable Sir Thomas Pilkington, Kt. Lord for Moses Pitt ... 1680. Folio. Title Mayor of the City of London. Contain- and Advertisement, 2 leaves: b-e, 2


[blocks in formation]

leaves each: B-M in fours: Relation of Japan, B_H in fours. With plates at pp. 14 and 52 and two extra leaves at p. 46. Dedicated to Sir Robert Clayton, Lord Mayor Elect. TAYLOR, JOHN. The True Levellers Standard Advanced : or, The State of Community opened,

and Presented to the Sons of Men. By William Everard [&c.] Beginning to Plant and Manure the Waste land upon GeorgeHill, in the Parish of Walton, in the County of Surrey. London, Printed in the Year, MDCXLIX. 4°, A-C in fours.

John Taylor's Preface is dated April 20,

1649. TAYLOR, JOHN, the Water Poet. The Pennyles Pilgrimage, Or The Moneylesse perambulation of Iohn Taylor, Alias the Kings Majesties Water-Poet. How he travailed on foot from London to Edenborough in Scotland, not carrying any Money to or fro, neither Begging, Borrowing, or Asking Meate, drinke or Lodg. ing. With his Description of his Entertainment in all places of his Iourney, and a true Report of the vnmatchable Hunting in the Brea of Marre and Badenoch in Scotland. With other Obseruations, some serious and worthy of Memory, and some merry and not hurtfull to be Remembred. Lastly that (which is Rare in a Trauailer) all is true. London Printed by Edw: All-de, at the charges of the Author. 1618. 40, A-G in fours, G 4 blank. In prose and verse. Taylor his Trauels From the Citty of London in England, to the Citty of Prague in Bohemia. The manner of his abode there three weekes, his obseruations there, and his returne from thence. How he past 600 miles downe the riuer of Elue, through Bohemia, Saxony, Anhalt, the Bishoprick of Madeberge, Brandenberge, Hamburgh, and so to England. By John Taylor. London Printed by Nicholas Okes, for Henry Gosson, and are to bee sold by Edward Wright. 1620. 4°, A-D in fours. In prose and verse, with a preface to the Reader, Br. Museum. Fill Gut and Pinch Belly . . . 1620.

This pleasantry appears to be borrowed from Bicorne or Bigorne, and Chichevache or Chicheface. See A. de Montaiglon's collection of Anciennes Poesies Françoises, 1855, ii. 192 et seqq., where an elaborate essay on the subject will be found. The French editor describes this and the other pieces at the Antiquaries' Library as “une precieuse collection de canards.

Superbiæ Flagellum. Or, The Whip of Pride. By Iohn Taylor. London, Printed by G. Eld. 1621. 8°, A-D in eights, A1 with verses to the frontispiece and D 8 blank, besides the copperplate engraving. In verse. Grenv. Coll. A booke of the murther committed by John Rouse vpon two of his Children in Ewill in Surrey. Licensed to John Trundle and Henry Gosson, 10th July, 1621.

It is not clear whether this is Taylor's Unnatural Father, or another production

on the same incident. The Fearefull Summer: Or Londons Calamitie, The Countryes Discurtesie, & both their Miserie. By John Taylor. Oxford, Printed by I. L. and W. T. 1625. 8°, A -B in eights. In verse, including the dedication to Sir John Millisent, SerjeantPorter to Charles I. Grenv. Coll.

In the notice to the Printer, Taylor de. scribes himself as of Oriel College, Oxford. At the end he promises his tract against

Cursing and Swearing. The complaint of Christmas or the teares of Twelfetide by John Taylor. Licensed to J. Boler and H. Gosson, 4 Dec. 1630. Beschrijvinge van den Ouden / Ouden / heel Ouden Man: ... Tot Delff, 1636. 4°, 6 leaves. Black letter. With a copperplate portrait of Old Parr on the title.

A Dutch version of the Life of Parr, Two Pictures of Lent and Shrouetide with verses to them by John Taylor, Licensed to Matthew Simmons, 15 February, 1635–6. A pamphlett call'd wee be seauen by John Taylor. Licensed to Edward Griffin, 8 March, 1636-7. A Booke called an Eligie vpon the Death of Beniamin Johnson Poett, by John Taylor. Licensed to Henry Gosson, 9 October, 1637. A booke called Newes from the great Mogull of their Religion and foppish rites, &c., by John Taylor. Licensed to John Okes, 5 March, 1637-8. Most fearefull signes and sightes seene in the Ayre in Germany, by John Taylor, Licensed to John Okes, 1 Aug. 1638. A booke called [The] Contention between French Hood, Felt Hatt, Beaver and Black Bagg, by John Taylor. Licensed to John Okes, 17 October, 1638. A booke called A most horrible terrible, termagant Satyre, by John Taylor. Licensed to John Okes, 23 Feb. 1638–9.

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