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A True Relation of a most desperate London, Printed by John Darby in BarMurder, committed vpon the Body of Sir tholomew Close. M.DC.Xc.ix. 8°, A-L Iohn Tindall Knight, one of the Naisters 3 in eights. Dedicated to Thomas Rauof the Chancery; who with a Pistoll lins Esq of Kilraeg in Herefordshire. charged with 3. bullets, was slaine poing Amyntor: Or, A Defence of Milton's Life. into his Chamber within Lincolnes-Inne,

Containing I. A general Apology for all the 22. day of Nouember, by one Iohn Writings of this kind. II. A Catalogue Barterbam Gent: which Barterham after

of Books attributed in the Primitive wards hanged himselfe in the Kinges- Times to Jesus Christ ... III. A ComBench in Southwarke, on Sunday being plete History of the Book, Entituled, the 17. day following: 1616. London Icon Basilike . . . London, Printed, and Printed by Edw: All-de, for L. L. dwell

are to be Sold by the Book-sellers of
ing in Pauls Church-yard, at the Signe London and Westminster. M.DC.XC.IX.
of the Tygers Head. 1617. 4", A-C in 8o. Title and Toland's Letter to a Friend,
fours, first and last leaves blank. With 2 leaves: B_N 2 in eights.
three cuts. B. M.

The jolly Tinker. A ballad. Licensed

The Female Duel, Or, The Ladies Lookto John Trundle, 22 March, 1615–16.

ing-Glass, Representing a Scripture Com

bate about business of Religion, fairly TIRWHYTT, LADY ELIZABETH. carried on, between a Roman Catholicke Morning and Euening Prayer, with diuers Lady, and the wife of a Dignified person Psalmes, Himmes, and Meditations. Made in the Church of England ... Now Pubby the Lady Elizabeth Tirwit. Seene and lished by Tho. Toll Gent. . . . London, allowed. Printed by H. Middelton, for Printed by H. Bell and P. Lillecrap, ... Christopher Barker." [Col.) Imprinted 1661. 8°, A-X 4 in eights, and a frontisat London, by Henrie Middelton, for piece. Dedicated to the two Princesses Christopher Barker, 1574. Small 89

, of Great Britain.
A-M in eights, M'8 blank. The title
is within a border.

Licensed to O. Barker in 1569.

New Descriptions or Mad Toms mighty

Travells. Licensed to John Wright A Reioycynge of Tytus. A ballad. Li- Junior, as "a pamphlet," 28 April, 1640. censed to John Allde in 1568-9.

Titus Tell-Tryth : Or, The Plot-Founder A ballett of Thomalyn. Licensed to
Confounded. A Pleasant New Song. To John Waley and the widow Toy in
- the tune of, Hail to the Myrtle Shades. 1557-8.

London: Printed for Allen Banks, 1682. TOM TELL-TRUTH.
A sheet with verses and music.

A ballett intituled Tom Tell Truth. Li-

censed to T. Colwell in 1564-5. A ballad of Titus Andronicus. Licensed

Tom Tel-Tryths come to towne againe to John Danter, 6 Feb. 1593–4.

with his humors Vnder which Humour TOBIAS.

is contained these particulars; Viz. A godly ballett taken out of ye iiijth

A Rope for a Parot.
chapeter of Tobeas. Licensed to A. Lacy A Bable for a Foole.
in 1568.

A Springe for a Woodcocke.

And a Snare for a Fox.
The ballett of Tobacco and the Fidlers Collected and published to make honest
Cach. Licensed (as one piece) to John and wise men merry, or fooles and knaves
White, 5 June, 1616.

mad. Printed at London for Tho. LamBy the King. A Proclamation restrain. bert neere the Red Crosse in Little Bri. ing the abusive venting of Tobacco. Im- taine. 1643. (April 12.] 4°, 4 leaves. printed at London by Robert Barker,

B. M. 1633. [March 13, 1633-4.] Forster 'Col. The Character of an Ordinance of ParliaTOLAND, JOHN.

ment in generall. Written by Tho. TelThe Life of John Milton, Containing, be

troth, Clerk to the long-abused Commons sides the History of his Works, Several in England, Scotland and Ireland. PrinExtraordinary Characters of Men and ted at Amsterdam 1647. 4°, 4 leaves. Books, Sects, Parties, and Opinions.

Printed without a titlepage.
Victrix Causa Diis placuit, sed victa Catoni. The Knavery of Astrology Discover'd, In





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observations upon Every Month of the Reprinted, Revised and Corrected, by J. Year 1680. Together with the Nature D. M.D. London, Printed by R. Holt of the Seven Planets, &c. By Tom Tell

and W. Horton ... MDCLXXXVIII. Folio, Troth, Star-gazer in Ordinary to the A-Ddddd in fours, and a leaf of Eeeee. Great Mogul

London, Printed for Dedicated by John Davies to Maria T. B. and R. E. 1680. 4°, A-C 2 in D'Este, Queen of England. fours.


An Impartial Account of some RemarkTom Tyler. A ballad. Licensed to T. able Passages in the Life of Arthur Earl Colwell in 1562-3.

of Torrington: Together with some moTOMBES, JOHN, B.D.

dest Remarks on his Tryall and AcquitFelo de Se. Or, Mr. Richard Baxters ment. London, Printed for Robert FowSelf-destroying : Manifested in .twentyler, 1689. 4°, A-E 2 in fours. Arguments against Infant-Baptism .

TORY, London : Printed by Henry Hills The Tories Confession, Or, A merry song 1659. 4°, A-H in fours.

in Answer to The Whigs Exaltation : TOMPSON, JO.

To the same Tune of Forty One. London A Garden of Delight, Deck'd with Choice Printed for T. H. MDCLXXXII. A sheet Flowers, of English Poetry;

Or, A Collec- of verses. tion of Humours, Fancies, Epigrams, and

A Looking-glass for a Tory ; Satyrs, &c. Semel in Anno ridet Apollo.

Or the Bogg-Trotters Glory. Mirth pleaseth some, to others’tis offence:

To the Tune of Hey Boys up go we. LonSome plain conceits commend, some elo

don Printed for L. C. 1681. A sheet in quence : Some to hear follies told delight, some that Dislike; and most affect they know not what: then he that would

A Description of His Majesties True and please all and himself too, Takes more in

Loyal Subjects, Scandalously called hand than he is like to do. London,

Toreys. London: Printed by J. Wallis Printed by T. M. for Stephen Lewis and

for Randall Taylor, 1682. A folio leaf. Thomas Lewis, and are to be sold at their The Character of a Through-Pac'd Tory, Shop in Shoe-lane, at the signe of the Ecclesiastical or Civil. London,...1682. Book binders, 1658. 8o, A-M in eights. 4°, A-B 2 in fours. Bodleian.

A New-Years-Gift to the Tories : Or a The Museum copy has been long mislaid.

few Sober Queries concerning them. By TONGUE, EZEKIEL, D.D.

an Honest Trimmer. London, Printed The New Design of the Papists Detected: for Francis Smith Sen. . . . 1683. A Or, An Answer to the Last Speeches of sheet. thé Five Jesuits lately Executed, viz.

The Anatomy of a Jacobite-Tory : In a Tho. White alias Whitebread, William

Dialogue between Whig and Tory, OccaHarcourt alias Harison, John Gavan

sioned by the Act for Recognizing King alias Gawen, Anthony Turner and John William and Queen Mary. London : Fenwick. London, Printed for Robert

Printed for Richard Baldwin 1690. Boulter, ... 1679. Folio, A-B, 2 leaves

4", A-D in fours, and the title, D 4 with each.

advertisements. TONSTALL, GEORGE, M.D.

A New-Years-Gift for the Tories, Alias Scarbrovgh Spaw Spagyrically Anatomized. By Geo. Tonstall, Doctor of Phy

Rapperees alias Petitioners of London. sick. London, Printed by J. M. for the

Representing, in a few particulars, a ComAuthor. MDCLXX. 89, A-N 4 in eights, Publick Affairs (especially in the City)

parison of the Administration of some A i occupied by the Imprimatur.


in the Mayoralty of Sir Thomas PilkingTORQUEMADA, ANTHONIO DE. ton with the Administration in the The Spanish Mandevile of Miracles . . Mayoralty of Sir John Moore ... (1690.] London, Imprinted by Bernard Alsop, by A sheet. the Assigne of Richard Hawkins,

TOSIER, JOHN. 1618. 4o. Title, 1 leaf: B—K in fours: L-Cc in eights.

A Letter from Captain John Tosier,

Commander of His Majesties Ship the TORRIANO, GIO.

Hunter at Jamaica. With a Narration Vocabolario Italiano & Inglese: A Dic- of his Embassy and Command in that tionary, Italian and English“. . . Now Frigat to the Captain General and Gover

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nour of Havannah, to demand His Ma- M.ccccc.xliii. in the moneth of Decemjesty of Great Brittains Subjects kept bre. 8°, A-D in eights, D 7–8 blank. Prisoners there :... Printed in the Year Grenville Coll. and Lambeth. 1679. 4°, 4 leaves.

Puttick's, May 28, 1879, a Grenville dupli.

cate in morocco, with the arms on sides, TOTTENHAM.

£3, 10s. Lowndes states that there are A ballett of Tottenham Crosse. Licensed two editions of this book in the Grenville to W. Pickering in 1560-1.

library-a statement occasioned by an error

in the catalogue. TOURNEUR, CYRIL. The Atheist's Tragedie: At London,

A bryef & short declaracyon made, wherPrinted for Iohn Stepneth, and Richard

bye euery chrysten man maye knowe,

what is a sacrament. Of what partes a Redmer, 1612. 4°, B-L 3 in fours, and the titlepage.

sacrament consysteth and is made, for

what intent sacramentes were instituted, The edition of 1611 reissued.

and what is the pryncypall effect of sacraTOWERSON, GABRIEL, D.D.

mentes, & finally of the abuse of the A Sermon Concerning Vocal and Instru

sacrament of chrystes body and bloud. mental Musick in the Church. As it was Imprinted at London by Robert StoughDelivered in the Parish Church of St.

ton Dwellynge wythin Ludgate, at the Andrew Undershaft, Upon the 31th of sygne of the Bysshoppes Myter. [Col.] May, 1696, being Whit-Sunday, being Compyled by Rychard Tracye. Finis. the Day wherein the Organ there Erected

Anno. 1548. the. 20. of Nouember. 8', was First made Use of, London, Printed

black letter, A-B in eights, B 8 blank. for B. Aylmer, MDCXCVI. 4°, A-D in fours, A with half-title, D 3'with a

TRACY, WILLIAM. Hymn, and D 4 with Advertisements.

The Testament of master Wylliam Tracie TOWNSHEND, HEYWOOD, M.P.

esquire expounded both by William Tin

dall and Jho Frith. Wherin thou shalt Historical Collections: Or, An exact Ac

perceyue with what charitie ý chaunceler count of the Proceedings of the Four last

of worcester Burned whan he toke vp the Parliaments of Q. Elizabeth ... Wherein

deed carkas and made asshes of hit after is contained the Compleat Journals : :

hit was buried. M.D.xxxy. (Col.] Thus Faithfully and Laboriously Collected, By endethe the Testament of M. Vvilliā Heywood Townshend Esq; a Member in Tracie expounded by J. frith. [Printed those Parliaments. The like never Ex

abroad.] Black letter. 89, A-0 in tant before. London: . . . 1680. Folio. eights, but B in fours, C 7–8 blank. Br. A-Zzzz, two leaves each, and the Table,

Museum (the Ickworth copy). 5 leaves.


The mournfull Cryes of many thousand Four Tracts.

Poore Tradesmen, who are ready to I. A Short Discourse about Divorce and famish through decay of Trade. Or, the

its Causes, Fornication and Adultery. warning Teares of the Oppressed. [1641?] II. A Charge to Judges, Juries, and wit- A sheet.

nesses concerning Oaths. III. About Infant Baptism.

A Discourse consisting of Motives for the

Enlargement and Freedome of Trade. IV. A Letter to a Lady, who hath for

Especially that of Cloth, and other Wool. saken the Protestant Religion for the len Manufactures, Engrossed at present Romish.

contrary to the Law of Nature, the Law (Quotations.] Inest_sua gratia parvis.

of Nations, and the Lawes of this KingLondon, Printed for D. Brown, ... and R. Smith, ... 1699.80, A-Q in fours,

dome. By a Company of private men

who stile themselves Merchant-Advenand (the Letter) A-B in eights.

turers. The First Part. London, Printed TRACY, RICHARD.

by Richard Bishop for Stephen Bowtell A supplycation to our moste soueraigne 1645. 4°, A-G in fours, G 4 blank. i lorde Kynge henry the eyght / Kynge of The Trade of England Revived: And the England of Fraunce and of Irelande / & Abuses thereof Rectified. In relation to moste ernest defender of Christes gospell/ Wooll and Woollen-Cloth, Silk and Silksupreme heade vnder God here in erthe Weavers, Hawkers, Bankrupts, Stagenext & immedyatly of his churches of Coaches, Shop-keepers, Companies, MarEnglande and Irelande. Matthei. ix. kets, Linnen-Cloath. Also what Statutes The harueste is greate , . . Col.] En- in force may be injurious to Trade and prynted in the yeare of our Lorde. Tradesmen, with several Proposals.

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Humbly offered to this present Parlia- the 8. Traytors. Licensed to Ralph ment. London: Printed for Dorman Blower, 3 February, 1605-6. Newman 1680. [8 Nov.] 4°, B-I The Traytors Tragedy: Or, their great in fours, and the title.

Plot and Treasonable Design Discovered: The date has been altered by a coeval With the Names of the Grand Conspirahand in this copy, apparently from 1681.

tors, that are to be tryed for their Lives Trades Release : Or, Courage to the London : Printed for R. Cotton, .. Scotch-Indian Company. Being an Ex- 1660. 4°, 4 leaves. cellent new Ballad ; To the Tune of The Turks are all Confounded. A broadside

TRANSFIGURATION. in verse [1699-1700.]

[Servitium De Transfiguratione.] Octauo

IP Augusti fiat seruio: | de tõsfigu. TRADESCANT, JOHN.

[Col.] Caxton me fieri fecit. [Circâ 1491.] Museum Tradescantianum: Or, A Collec- 4', 10 leaves. Br. Museum. tion of Rarities Preserved at South-Lambeth neer London By John Tradescant. TRAVELLER. London, Printed by John Grismond, The Travellers Breviat, Or An historicall M.DC.LVI. 8o. A, 4 leaves : a, 4 leaves : description of the most famous kingdomes B_N 4 in eights. With two portraits

in the World : Relating their situations, and a shield of arms, all by W. Hollar. manners, customes, ciuill gouernment,

and other memorable matters. TransTRAHERON, BARTHOLOMEW.

lated into English. Imprinted at London An Avnsvere made by Bar. Traheron to

by Edm. Bollifant, for Iohn Iaggard. a Privie Papiste, which crepte in to the

1601. 4°, B-Aa 2 in fours, besides the english congregation of christian exiles

title and dedication by Robert Johnson vnder the visor

of a fauorer of the gospel, to Edward, Earl of Worcester. Br. M. but at lenghth bewraied himselfe to be

The Amorous Travellers, or, the Night Adone of the popes asses, thorough his slouche eares, and than became a laugh

ventures. Written Originally in Spanish, ing stocke to al the companie, whom he

by a Person of Honour. Translated into had amased before with his maske.

French by the Exquisite Pen of the Sieur Hereunto is added the subscription of the

dė Ganes : And into English by J. B.

Advertised at the end of The Interest of cheifest of the companie first, and after

England, by W. de Britaine, 4°, 1672. ward the subscriptio of M. Ro. Watson alone . . . Imprinted Anno. 1558. 8°, TRAVERS, WALTER. A-D in eights. Lambeth.

An Answere to a Svpplicatorie Epistle,

of G. T. for the pretended Catholiqves : TRAITOR.

written to the right honorable Lordes of A viewe to all Traytors to warne them from yeir wycked dealinge and howe God

her Maiesties priuie Counsell. By Walter

Travers Minister of the word of God, shall prosper their prynce to their great Confusion. A ballad. Licensed to Henry

[Quotations.] Imprinted at London by

Thomas Vautroullier for Toby Smith. Carre, 15 Oct. 1578.

1583. 8o. A, 7 leaves : B, 8 leaves : A ballad of the three laste Traytours that A-Bb 4 in eights, Bb 4 blank. suffered at Tiborne the .8. of October

TREASON. 1586. Licensed to John Charlwood, 10 Nov. 1586.

Treason Arraigned, In Answer to Plain

English ; Being a Trayterous, and PhanaLondons gladd tydinges Or A comfortable

tique Pamphlet, which was condemned reporte of the Arraynement Condemnation by the Counsel' of State, Suppressed by and execution of Eight of the most prin

Authority, and the Printer declared cipall Traitours that ever breathed Lyfe

against by Proclamation London, in any Kingdom who were Arrayned at

printed in the year, 1660. 4°, A-E 2 in Westminster the 27 of January 1605[

fours. 1606] and Executed the 30. and 31. of the same moneth. Licensed to Edward TREASURE. Allde, 31 January, 1605-6.

Here begynneth a good Booke of Mede

cines called, the treasure of poore men. A ballett called the , Traytours Downfall

[Col.] Imprinted at London in FleteDeclaringe their Araignement condemp[na]con and Execucons. Licensed to

strete, beneath the Conduit : at the Signe

of Saint Iohn Euangelyste, by Thomas Thomas Pavier, 1 February, 1605–6. Colwell. 1565. 8°, black letter, 2,4 A ballad Concerninge the Execucon of leaves : A-K in eights.


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TREASURY. The Treasvrie of hidden Secrets. Commonlie called, The good Huswiues Closet of prouision, for the health of her Houshold : Gathered out of sundry experiments, practised by men of great knowledge: And now newly inlarged, Printed at London by Richard Ihones,

1596. 4°, A-I in fours. Black letter. With a preface by the printer, and a short copy of verses by the author, who does not, however, disclose himself. TREATISE A Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle ... W. de Worde. 40

Annexed to the second edition of the Book of St. Albans, 1496. The authorship is unknown, and is, no doubt, improperly

given to Dame Barnes. A treatyse of the donation or gyfte and endowmēt of possessyons / gyuen and granted vnto Syluester pope of Rhome by Constantyne emperour of Rome ! what truth is in the same graūt thou mayes se / and rede ý iugement of certayne great lerned men / whose names on | the other page of this leafe done appere. [Col.] Here endeth the donation of Constantine. Imprynted at London by Thomas Godfray. Cum priuilegio. Folio, black letter, A-L in sixes: M, 4: N, 3. Lambeth. A treatise declaring and shewing dyuers causes taken out of the holy scriptures, of the sentences of holy faders, and of the decres of deuout emperours, that pyctures and other ymages, which were wont to be worshiped, ar in no wise to be suffred in the temple and churches of christen men, &c. The authors of this little treatise ar the open preachers of Argenteyne. [So far Herbert. The colophon from the

Museum copy :) Printed for W. Marshall With the kynges moost gratiouse priuylege. 8°, black letter, A-F in eights. Br. Museum (the title wanting).

The dedication : "All the whole cöpany of them which in Argentoratum do preche and teache Christ / vnto the good and godly

reders do wyssh grace.” A treatise cocernynge diuers of the consticucyons prouynciall and legantines. Printed at London by Thomas Godfray. Cum priuilegio regali. 8°, black letter, A-G*6 in eights. A Treatise Concernynge generall councilles, the Byshoppes of Rome, and the Clergy: [Col.] Londini in ædibús Thomæ Bertheleti

regii impressoris excus. Anno. M.D.XXXVIII. Cvm Privilegio. 8°, A

D in eights, and 2 leaves of Table. Lambeth. A briefe treatise concerning

the burnynge of Bucer and Phagius, at Cambrydge, in the tyme of Quene Mary, with theyr restitution in the time of our moste gracious souerayne Lady that nowe is. Wherein is expressed the fantasticall and tirannous dealynges of the Romishe Church, togither with the godly and modest regimēt of the true Christian Church, most slaunderouslye diffamed in those dayes of heresye. Translated into Englyshe by Arthur Goldyng. Anno. 1562. Reade and iudge indifferently accordinge to the rule of Gods worde. Imprinted at London in Flete-strete nere to saynct Dunstans Churche by Thomas Marshe. 89, black letter. Title and to the Reader, 4 leaves : A-M 4 in eights. A brief treatise conteinyng many proper Tables and easie rules, verie necessary and needeful, for the vse and commoditie of all people. . . . Newly set foorth and allowed Imprinted at London by Ihon Waley. 80, black letter. A, 4 leaves : A (repeated)-H 2 in eights. With a few cuts. A treatise of play and gaming. Licensed to Richard Stevenson, 12 June, 1640. A Treatise of the Nobilitie of the Realme. Collected ovt of the Body of the Common Law, with mention of such Statutes as are incident hereunto, upon a debate of the Barony of Abergavenny. . . . London, Printed by A. N. for Mathew Wallbanke and Richard Best ... 1642. 8o. A, 2 leaves : B-Z in eights. A Treatise of Taxes & Contributions. Shewing the Nature and measures of Crown - Lands, Assessments, Customs, Poll-Moneys, With several intersperst Discourses and Digressions concerning Warrs, The Church, Universities, Rents and Purchases, ... The same being frequently applied to the present State and Affairs of Ireland. London, Printed for Nath. Brooke ... 1667. 4°, A-K in fours, and (a) 4 leaves. TREBY, SIR GEORGE, Recorder of

London. The Speech of the Honorable Sir George Treby, Knight, Recorder of the City of London, upon the Presenting the honorable Dudley North and Peter Rich Esquires, Sheriffs of the City of London and County of Middlesex, in the Exchequer Chamber at Westminster, on the 30th of September, 1682. London, Printed for Jonas Hyther, 1682. A folió leaf.

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