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of May, 1662. at the Prorogation of the TURNER, ROBERT, of Barnstable. Parliament. London. Printed by D. Roberti Turneri Deuonij Oratoris et PhiMaxwell for Henry Twyford, and are losophi Ingoldstadiensis Panegyrici to be sold at his shop in Vine-Court, Eiusdem Orationes . . . Ingoldstadii . Middle-Temple. 1662. Folio, 6 leaves. Anno M.D.XCII. 8°, A-O in eights : The Speech of Sr Edw: Turnor Kt.. Orationes, a-Aa in eights. to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, and

I conclude that it was Turner of Barnboth Houses of Parliament, on February

stable who wrote under the name of Ober

tus Barnestapolius, q. v. 9, 1664. At the Passing of the Act, entituled, An Act for granting a Royal Aid TURNER, WILLIAM, M.D. unto the Kings Majesty, of Twenty four

The Names of herbes, in Greke, Latin, hundred threescore and seventeen thou- Englishe, Duche, & Frenshe wyth the sand and five hundred pounds, to be commune names the Herbaries and ApoRaised, Levied, and Paid in the space of

tecaries vse. Gathered by William TurThree years. London: Printed by John ner. [Col.] Imprinted at London by Bill . . . 1664 . . . Folio, 4 leaves. John Day and Wyllyam Seres, Cum The Speech of Sr Edw. Turnor, Kt.. gratia 8', black letter, A-H 6 in To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty,

eights. And both Houses of Parliament, Delivered

Dedicated to Edward Duke of Somerset

from His Grace's house in Sion, March 16, at Oxford, on Tuesday the One and Thir

1548-9. tieth day of October, 1665. at the Prorogation of the Parliament. Oxford, Printed

A new Herball, wherin are conteyned by Leonard Lichfield, for John Bill . .

the names of Herbes in Greke, Latin, 1665. Folio, 4 leaves.

Englysh, Duch, Frenche, and 'in the The Speech of Sr. Edw. Turnor, Kt ...

Potecaries and Herbaries Latin, with the To the Kings most Excellent Majesty,

properties degrees and naturall places of Delivered on Friday the Eighth Day of

the same, gathered and made by Wylliam February 1666. Upon the Prorogation

Turner, Phisicion ynto the Duke of of the Parliament. London, Printed by

Somersettes Grace. Imprinted at London Tho. Ratcliffe, for Robert Pawlet,

by Steven Mierdman. Anno 1551. Cum 1666. Folio, 6 leaves.

Priuilegio . . . And they are to be solde

in Paules Churchyarde. Col.] Imprinted TURNER, JAMES.

at London | By Steuen Myerdman, and The Life and Death of James Commonly

they are to be soolde in Paules church. called Collonel Turner, Executed at Lime

yarde at the sygne of the sprede Egle by street end Ianuar, the 21, 1663. For a

John Gybken. Folio, black letter. A, Burglary and Fellony committed in the

6 leaves : B, 7 leaves : C—0 in sixes : House of Mr. Francis Tryon of Lime

P, 8 leaves. With woodcuts. street, Merchant. Licensed and Entred. London, Printed for T. J. 1663. 4°, The seconde parte of Uuilliam Turners B-D in fours : E, 2 leaves : F, 4 leaves,

herball / . . . Here vnto is ioyned also a and the titlepage.

booke of the bath of Baeth in England /

and of the vertues of the same wyth TURNER, JOHN.

diuerse other baths moste holsom and The History of the Whiggish-Plot: Or, A brief Historical Account of the Charge

effectuall/both in Almany and Englande/ and Defence of William Lord Russel,

set furth by William Turner Doctor of Capt. Tho. Walcot, John Rouse, William

Physik. Imprinted at Collen by Arnold

Birckman. În the yeare of our Lorde Hone, Captain Blague, Algernoon Sidney Esq; Sir Sam. Barnardiston, John

M.D. Lxjj. Cum Gratia . . . Folio. A,

4 leaves, A 4 blank: A (repeated)-Ff in Hambden Esq; Lawrence Braddon, Hugh Speak Esq; Together with an Account

sixes, Ff 5-6 with Errata : the Book of of the Proceedings upon the Outlawry

Baths, A, 4 leaves : B-D in sixes, D 6

blank, against James Holloway and Sir Thomas Armstrong. Not omitting any one mate- A preseruatiue, or triacle, agaynst the rial Passage in the whole Proceeding.

poyson of Pelagius, lately renued, & Humbly Dedicated to his Royal High- styrred vp agayn, by the famous secte of

London, Printed by T. B. and the Annabaptistes: deuysed by Wyllyam are to be sold by Randal Taylor, Turner, Doctor of Physick. (Col.] 'ImMDCLXXXIV. Folio, A-S, 2 leaves each, printed at London, for Androw Hester besides title and John Turner's dedication dwellyng in Powles Churchyarde, at the to the Duke of York.

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wyte horsse next to Powles scole. An.


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1551. The 30. of Januarij. Cum Priui. Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry. legio . 8°, A-N in eights. Lambeth. At London, Printed for the Company

Dedicated to Hugh Latimer. With of Stationers. An. Dom. 1630. 4°, black verses to Latimer by Nicholas Grimoald.

letter, A-L 2 in eights.
Ad Nobilem Britannicum. Or An Ab-
stract for Englands Royall Peeres. By

Five Hundred points of good Husbandry. that worthie Gentleman M. W. Turner.

London : Printed by I. O. for the D. of Physicke. Printed in the Yeare,

Company of Stationers. 1638. 4, A-L

2 in eights. 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. TURNER, WILLIAM, M.A., vicar of

Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry Warbleton, Sussex.

London, Printed by J. M. for the A Compleat History of the most Remark. Company of Stationers. 1663 4°, black able Providences, both of Judgment and

letter, A-L 2 in eights. Mercy, which have Hapned in this Pre- Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry. sent Age. Extracted from the Best .. London, Printed by T. R. and M. D. Writers, the Author's own Observations, for the Company of Štationers, 1672 and the Numerous Relations sent him 4°, A-T in fours. from divers Parts of the Three Kingdoms. A fair account of this valuable and in. . . London : Printed for John Dunton, teresting book, which passed through so at the Raven, in Jewen-street. M DC XC VII.

unusually long series of impressions be

tween 1557 and 1672, and enjoyed a very Folio. Title and dedication, 2 leaves :

wide popularity, will be found in Hazlitt's (a)(i), 2 leaves each : B-Xxx in fours:

edition of Warton, iv. 220-9, with a sketch Yyy, 2 leaves: Aaaa-Ffff, 2 leaves each: of the author's life and extracts. A ner the Wonders of Nature, with a fresh title; edition of the Husbandry has just been title and preface, 2 leaves : A-K in fours,

issued by the Dialect Society, from the # and a leaf of L: Curiosities of Art, with

of 1580, 8, 1879, but it is unluckily full of

inaccuracies. a new title-title and preface, and B-E in fours.


To the Parliament of the CommonTURNOR, THOMAS.

Wealth of England Scotland and Ireland The Case of the Bankers and their Credi.

The humble Petition of Richard Tuttell, tors, more fully stated and Examined; and a second time printed, &c. By a true

Barbican London. [Sept. 1654.] A sheet.

B. M. Lover of his King and Countrey, and Sufferer for Loyalty. Printed in the Year, TUVILL, DANIEL. 1675. 4to, A-H in fours.

The Doues innocency and the Serpents A “Postscript to the Letter" is signed

subtilty &c. The first Part by D. T. Thomas Turnor;” on p. 54 is an initial

Licensed to R. Badger, 15 June, 1637.
letter “W,"containing within the compass
of a square inch recognisable full-length TWINE, BRIAN, M.A.
portraits of Charles I. and his Queen.

Antiqvitatis Academiæ Oxoniensis ApgThe Case of the Bankers and their Cre

logia. In tres libros divisa. Avthore ditors, Stated and Examined ... The Briano Twyno in facultate Artium MaThird Impression, with Additions amount- gistro, & Collegij Corporis Christi in ing to a third part more than hath been

eadem Academia Socio. Oxoniæ, Excuat any time before Printed. . . . London:

debat Iosephus Barnesius. Anno Dom. Printed in the Year 1675. 8°, A-K in 1608. 4°, 1, 4 leaves : A-Ll in fours. eights.

TWINS. The Joyful News of opening the Ex

A booke called Two twynnes. Licensed chequer to the Gold-Smiths of Lombard

to George Norton, 15 November, 1613. street, and their Creditors.

As it was This may possibly, or even probably, recelebrated in a Letter to the same Friends fer to the lost drama, called The Terinnes in the Countrey, to whom the Bankers Tragedy, by Richard Niccols. Case was formerly sent. By the Author TWISS, DR. of the same Case ... London, Printed by A Briefe Catetheticall Exposition of T. N. for William Place, ... MDCLXXVII. Christian Doctrine. Diuided into foure Folio, 5 leaves, subscribed Tho. Turnor.

Catechismes, Comprizing the Doctrine of TUSSER, THOMAS.

the l. Two Sacraments. 2. Lords Sup1610. Fiue hundred points of good Hus- per. 3. Ten Commandments. 4. And bandry. At London, Printed for the the Creed. [By Dr. Twisse.] London, Company of Stationers. 4°, black letter, Printed by I. N. for Robert Bird, A-2 in eights.

1633. 8°, A-D in eights, D 8 blank.






at London by Thomas Rainalde and WylA new Counsell against the Pestilence, lyam Hyll, and are to be solde at the declaring what kinde of disease it is, of north dore of Paules by Rychard Jugge what cause it procedeth, the signes and at the sygne of the Byble. 8°, black lettokens thereof: With the order of curing ter, A-Z 4 in eights. the same. Imprinted at London by Iohn The only copy I have seen wanted the Charlewood for Andrew Maunsell, in

title. Paules Church yard, at the signe of the The Obedyence of a Christian man: Parrot. [1573.) 80, black letter, A-I No place, printer's name, or date, [but ? in fours. Dedicated by T. T[wyne] to W. Hyll, London, circa 1550.] 40, black Sir James Hawes, Lord Mayor.

letter. A, 4 leaves : B_S in eights, last

two leaves blank. TYBURN.

The monogram of the printer appears to A ballet of Tyborne tydinges of Watt have been cut out of the block at the bote Foole and his felloes, of the lamentable tom of the title, perhaps to favour the end they made at the galloes. [By W. supposition that the volume was printed Elderton.] Licensed to R. Jones, 4 July,

abroad. However, the edition printed by

Hill of the Parable has his name at end, 1581.

and the title within the same border, with TYE, PETER.

the vacant space at bottom. The boke of wysedome by Peter Tye.

[The Parable of the wicked Mammon.] Licensed to John Allde in 1562–3.

That fayth the mother of all good workes TYLER, ALEXANDER.

iustifieth vs / before we cā bringe forth Signal Dangers and Deliverances both by

anye good worke: . . . [on A 2 follows:]

William Tyndale otherwise called hychins Land and Sea. Comprehending a short

to the reader. [on A 5 verso occurs as a Account of the Raising of the Siege of

headline:) The parable of the wicked Vienna, one of the most Memorable in this last Age. Together with a Descrip

mammon. [The colophon is:] Printed at

Malborowe in the londe off hesse / by tion of a Violent Tempest on the Forth. In two Poems. Printed in the Year 1684.

Hans luft the. viii. day of May. Anno 8°, 8 leaves.

M.D.xxviij. 89, A-I in eights, I 8 blank.

Br. Museum.
D. Laing, part 4, No. 1213.
Memoires of the Life and Actions of the

The parable of the Wycked Mammon. Most Invincible and Triumphant Prince;

Imprynted at Lõdon by Jhon daye dwell. Ihon the Great, Third of that Name, Pre

yng in Sepulchres Parysshe at the signe sent King of Poland : Containing A Suc

of the Resurrectio, a litle aboue Holbourne

Coduit. m.d.xlvii. 8°, black letter, A-I cinct Series of affairs from his Craddle to this present Day. . . . Done in Verse,

6 in eights. (out of H. G.'s Historical Account of the

The parable of the wycked mammon... said Prince's Life and Actions)... Edin

[Col.] Imprynted at London at the sygne bvrgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew

of the hill by Wyllyam hill The. xv. day Anderson ... Anno Dom. 1685. 4o.

of September. 4°, black letter. A-B in Title, preceded by a blank, 2 leaves : A,

fours : C, 8 leaves : D, 8 leaves : E–F, 8 2 leaves : (+), 2 leaves: (*), 3 leaves: (I),

leaves each : G, 8 leaves: H, 4 leaves: 1, 3 leaves (1st and 2nd marked alike): B

8 leaves. Z 2 in fours : T, 4 leaves.

The Parable of the Wicked Mammon. Dedicated (in separate epistles) to James [Col.] Imprinted at London in the VynII., Lord Strathmore, &c.

tre vpon the thre krayned warfe by wyl. TYLNEY, EDMUND.

lyam Coplande. 8°, black letter, Å-I 6 A briefe and pleasant discourse of duties

in eights. in Mariage, called the Flower of Friend- TYPING, WILLIAM, Esquire. ship. Imprinted at London by Henrie

The Preachers Plea : Or, A short DeclaDenham, Anno domini 1577. Cum

ration touching the sad condition of our priuilegio. 8, A-E in eights, E8

Clergy, in relation to the smalnesse of blank.

their maintenance, throughout the KingTYNDALE, WILLIAM.

dome. London, Printed by W. Wilson, The Obediēce of a Christen man [Col.]

for Christopher Meredith,. . . 1646. Imprinted at London in Fletstrete by 12°, 4-B 6 in twelves. Wyllyam Coplande. 8°, A-Z 4 in eights. TYRANNY. Black letter.

A Display of Tyranny: Or Remarks upon [The Obedyence. . . . Col.] Imprinted the Illegal and Arbitrary Proceedings in

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UBALDINI, PETRUCCIO, of Florence. liana da Petruccio Vbaldino Cittadin Descrittione del Regno di Scotia, et delle Fiorentino. Londra Appresso Giouanni Isole sve Adiacenti di Petruccio Vbaldini Volfio. 1591. 4°, A-Q in fours, and Cittadin Fiorentino ... Anversa Il Di 3 leaves, with dedication to Q. Elizabeth. Primo di Gennaio. M.D.LXXXVIII. Folio. Rime di Petrvccio Vbaldino, Cittadin A, 4 leaves, A blank : B-E in sixes : F,

Fiorentino. 1596. [London, John Wolfe ] 4 leaves.

4°, roman letter, A-E in fours. A Discovrse concernyng the Spanishe Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. fleete inuadinge Englande in the yeare UDALL, JOHN. 1588 and ouerthrowne by her Maties Nauie

The state of the Church of Englande, vnder the conduction of the Right-hon- laide open in a conference betweene Dioorable the Lorde Charles Howarde highe

trephes a Byshopp, Tertullus a Papiste, Admirall of Englande: written in Italian Demetrius an vsurer, Pandochus an Inneby Petruccio V baldino citizen of Florence,

Keeper, and Paule a preacher of the and translated for A. Rytter. vnto the worde of God. No place, &c. 8°, A which discourse are annexed certaine tables

-I 2 in eights. Lambeth. expressinge the seuerall exploites, and conflictes had with the said fleete. These ULSTER. bookes with the tables belonginge to them

A Collection of Sych Orders and condi. are to be solde at the shoppe of A. Rytter tions, as are to be observed be the Vnder. beinge a little from Leaden hall next to takers, Vpon the distribution and Plantathe signe of the Tower. [Col.] Imprinted

tion of the Eschaeted Lands of Vlster, at London, by A. Hatfield, and are to be Edinburgh Printed be Thomas Finlason. sold at the shop of A. Ritter, . . . 1590. 1609. Cum Privilegio . . . 4°, A-B in 4°. Engraved title and following leaf fours. with arms and emblems, 2 leaves : A, 2 Conditions to be Observed by the Brittish leaves: B-E 2 in fours, besides the Tables, Vndertakers of the Escheated Lands in which are of a much larger size than the Vister, Consisting in three principall book.

points, Viz. 1. What the British VnderDedicated by Rytter to Lord Charles takers shall haue of his Maiesties gift. Howard. There are two preliminary

2. What the said Vndertakers shall for stanzas by T. H. On the 13th Oct. 1590, was licensed to

their parts performe. 3. In what maner John Wolfe, to be printed in all the lan- the same performance shall be. Impringuages usual in the case of official reports : ted at London by Robert Barker, ...

'The tables and mappes of the Spaniardes 1610. 4°, A-B in fours, A i blank. pretendid Invasion. by Sea. / together with

A reprint of the former article. the discription thereof, by booke and otherwise in all languages," which reads very UNDERHILL, JOHN. much like this work.

Newes from America; Or, A New and Le Vite Delle Donne Illustri. Del Regno Experimentall Discoverie of New Eng. D'Inghilterra, & del Regno di Scotia, & di land; Containing, A Trve Account of quelle, che d' altri paesi ne i due detti their War-like proceedings these two Regni sono stato maritate. Doue si con- yeares last past, with a Figure of the Intengono tutte le cose degne di memoria dian Fort or Palizado. Also a discovery da esse, o da altri per i rispetti loro state i

of those places, that as yet have very few operate, tanto di fuori, quanto di dentro or no Inhabitants which vould yeeld de i due Regni. Scritta in lingua Ita- speciall accommodation to such as will

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The scene,

plant there ... By Captaine Iohn Under- [Col.] Here endeth the Boke / of seynge hill, a Commander in the Warres there. of Waters. Imprynted by me Robert London, Printed by J. D. for Peter Cole, Wyer / dwellynge at the sygne of saynt and are to be sold at the signe of the John Euangelyst in saynt Martyns parGlove in Corne-hill neere the Royall Ex- ysshe. 8°, black letter, A-H in fours. change. 1638. 4°, A-F in fours, A 1 blank, besides the folded plate. Grenv. URQUHART, SIR THOMAS, of CroColl.


The Most Easy and Exact manner of UNGRATEFUL FAVOURITE.

Resolving all sorts of Triangles, whether The Ungrateful Favourite. A Tragedy. Plain or Sphericall, ... By T. U. Student Written by a Person of Honour.

in the Mathematick, London, Printed Ficta, voluptatis causa, sint proxima veris. for William Hope, . . . 1650. 4o. Title,

Horat. de Arte Poet. &c., 3 leaves : A, 4 leaves : a, 2 leaves : London: Printed by J. Cottrell, for B-P2 in fours. With a full-length porSamuel Speed, 1664. 4. A, 2 trait of the Author by Glover, Dedi. leaves : B-N in fours,

cated to the author's mother. Naples.

Logopandecteision, Or An Introdvction UNION.

to the Vniversal Langvage.

By Sir The Union-Proverb: Viz.

Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie, Knight. If Skiddaw has a Cap,

Now lately contrived and published both Scruffell wots full of that.

for his own utilitie, and that of all pregSetting forth, I. The Necessity of Unit- nant and ingenious Spirits. London ing. II. The good Consequences of Printed, and are to be sold by Giles Cal. Uniting III. The happy Union of vert, ... and Richard Tomlins England and Scotland.

In Case of a 1653. 40, A-H in fours, besides the Foreign Invasion ... London: Printed Errata. "Dedicated to Nobody. With for George Sawbridge 8o.

A, 4

a frontispiece by Glover, representing leaves: a-c in fours : B-Z in eights : Urquhart" ou a hill crowned by the A-B 3 in fours.

Muses. UPTON, NICHOLAS, Canon of Salisbury

The frontispiece to this work is the print

of which so much was said in the Bliss and Wells, about 1441, AND OTHERS. Catalogue. It was inserted in Dr. B.'s copy Nicolai Vptoni De Stvdio Militari, Libri

of the Epigrams of Urquhart, 4., 1646. Quatuor. Badio Aureo, Tractatvs

The portrait of the author, described as de Armis. Henrici Spelmanni Aspilogia,

attached to the book on Triangles, is also

found occasionally with the volume of Edvard vs Bissævs E Codicibus MSS.

Poems, 1641 or 1646;. it occurs in two primus publici juris fecit, Notisque illus- states. Eravit. Londini, Typis Rogeri Norton, USHER, JAMES, Archbishop of Armagh. 1654. Folio. A, 4 leaves : b, 2

Vox Hiberniæ Or Rather the voyce of leaves: B-D in fours : plates, 4 leaves:

the Lord from Ireland: A Sermon. E-Ll 2 in fours : Tractatus de Armis, A-F in fours, and the title: the Aspilo

Wherein the miserable estate of the King

dome of Ireland at this present is laid gia, A, 3 leaves: B-li in fours, and Kk, 1 leaf, besides the portrait of Spelman. Doctor, Iames Vsher Bishop of Armagh

open, . .. By the laborious and reverend With plates on the letterpress.

and Primate of Ireland. ... Printed at The Book of St. Albans, by Dame Juliana Berners, 1486, includes a paraphrase of the

London for Iohn Nicolson, 1642. second portion of this work.

4°, 8 leaves. URANO.

The Reduction of Episcopacie unto the A booke called The most famous and de. Form of Synodical Government Received lightfull History of Vrano otherwise in the Antient Church :

By Ja: called the Grene knight and the moste Usher, Armachanus. . . . London, Printed bewtifull Princes Beroshia Daughter to by T. N. for G. B. and T. C. ... 1656. Lucius Kinge of Brittaine. Licensed to 40, 4 leaves. Francis Burton, 12 September, 1605. The Prophecy of Bishop Usher. To URINES.

which is added Two Letters touching the Here begynneth the seyng of Urynes of all the coloures that Urynes

be of And | Charles the First. The second Edition the Medycynes annexed to euery Uryne : more Corrected. London : Printed in very necessary for euery man to knowe. the Year 1688. 4°, 4 leaves.

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