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V. G. L.

boundes. Licensed to John Sampson (or Brittish Lightning Or Suddaine tumults, Awdley) in 1560-1. in England, Scotland and Ireland ; to Arber, i. 157. This appears to be the warne the united Provinces to understand parent-production which suggested the sub

sequent preparation of the prose tract on the dangers, and the causes thereof : to

the same subject. Whether the present · defend those amongst us, from being par- ballad, which is no longer known, was takers of their plagues. . . Written first written, as well as printed, by Awdley, I in lowe-dutch by G. L. V. and translated cannot determine. for the benefit of Brittaine. Printed | VALDESSO, JOHN. [abroad, probably in Holland) in the yeare The Hundred and Ten Considerations of 1643. 40, A-I in fours.

Signior Iohn Valdesso : Treating of those V. J., Catholic.

things which are most profitable, most To Catholiko Stillingfleton. Or, An ac- necessary, and most perfect in our Chriscount given to a Catholick Friend, of Dr.

tian Profession now translated out Stillingfleets late book against the Roman of the Italian Copy into English, with Church. Together with a short Postil

notes. Oxford, Printed by Léonard

Lichfield upon his Text. In three Letters. By

..Anno Dom. 1638. 4o. I. V. C. Bruges, Printed by Luke Ker- *_****, in fours : A-Rr in fours, and a chove. 1672.89, A-F in eights, and

leaf of Ss. the title, or pp. 80: A 2 (with To Catho- VALENTINE AND ORSON. lico)-F 3 in fours : a new paging, (a)- An enterlude of Valentyne and Orsson. (b) in eights : a new paging, with To Licensed to Ralph Hancock and Thomas

Catholico. Fanaticism, A-G 4 in eights. Gosson, 23 May, 1595. V. J. D.

Valentine and Orson : . Printed at The Translation of a letter written by a London by Robert Ibbitson Anno Dom. Frenche Gentilwoman to another Gentle- MDCXLIX. 4o, black letter, A-Gg in woman straunger, her frind, vpon the fours, first leaf with the frontispiece. death of the most excellent and vertuous Valentine and Orson, London, Ladye, Elenor of Roye, Princes of Conde, Printed by J. R. for T. Passenger, contaynyng her last wyll and Testament.

MDCLXXXVIII. 4°, black letter, A-Ee in Doone by Henry Myddelmore Gentylman

fours. With cuts. at the request of the Ladye Anne Throk

Valentine and Orson, . Printed by A. morton. Imprinted at London by John

M. for E. Tracy, 4°, A-Z in fours, Day,' for Humfrye Toye, dwellyng in Paules Churchyarde. Cum priuilegio...

including the frontispiece on Al. With

cuts 1564. 8°, black letter, A-D in eights. The initials I. D. V. occur at the end as

Valentine and Orson,... London, Printed those of the writer of the letter. The ori. by A. Purslow for T. Passinger.

ginal French appeared the same year. A-Gg in fours. With cuts. VAGABONDS.

The Famous History of Valentine and A ballett called the Description of vaka- Orson ... The Sixteenth Edition. Newly

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In prose.



Corrected and Amended ; with New Cuts, The Life and Death of Sir Henry Vane, lively Expressing the History. London: Kt. Or, A short Narrative of the main Printed for James Hodges ... 1736. 12°, Passages of his Earthly Pilgrimage : ToA-P in twelves. White letter.

gether with a true Account of his purely

Christian, Peaceable, Spiritual, GospelVALERIAN, JOHN.

Principles, Doctrine, Life, and way of A Treatise Writen by Iohan Valerian a

Worshipping God, for which he Suffered greatte clerke of Italie, which is intitled

Contradiction and Reproach from all sorts in latin Pro Sacerdotum barbis translated

of Sinners, and at last, a violent Death, into Englysshe. Londini In Aedibvs Tho.

June 14, Anno, 1662. To which is added, Bertheleti. M.D.XXXIII. Cvm Privilegio.

His last Exhortation to his Children, the 89, A-C in eights.


day before his Death. Printed in the letter. Dedicated to the Cardinal Medici.

Year, 1662. 49, A-X 2 in fours. Bodleian.

The Substance of what Sir Henry Vane VALERIUS MAXIMUS, QUINTUS. intended to have spoken upon the ScafRomæ Antiquæ Descriptio. A View of fold on Tower-Hill, at the time of his the Religion, Laws, Customs, Manners, Execution, being the 14th of June 1662. and Dispositions of the Ancient Romans, Published to prevent false Reports. LonAnd Others : Comprehended in their most don, Printed in the Year, 1662. 4°, 6 Illustrious Acts and Sayings Agreeable ito History. Written in Latine by that VAN GALE, CHRISTOPIIER BER| famous Historian Quintus Valerius Maxi.

NARD. mus : And now carefully rendred into

The Life and Actions of the late renowned English. Together with the Life of the

Prelate & Souldier Christopher Bernard Author. London : Printed by J. C.

von Gale, Bishop of Munster, ... In for Samuel Speed, 1678. 8° A, 4

which is an account of the most Considerleaves, besides title and frontispiece :

able Actions of Europe in his time. LonA-Ff in eights. Dedicated to Heneage don : Printed for Benj. Tooke . . . 1680. Finch, Baron of Daventry, Lord Chan

8o. A, 3 leaves : B-M in eights. With cellor.

a portrait. VANBRUGH, SIR JOHN.

VAN HERRING. The Relapse ; Or, Virtue in Danger : From Aboard the Van-Herring, Being a Being the Sequel of the Fool in Fashion, full Relation of the present State and A Comedy. Acted at the Theatre-Royal Sad Condition of that Ship. In a New in Drury-Lane. By the Author of a late Letter from Legorn, to a Merchant in Comedy, call’d, The Provok'd Wife. Lon- London. [Col.) London, Printed Anno don, Printed for S. B. and Sold by R. Dom. 1681. A folio leaf. Wellington, 1698. 4°, A-K in

Compare p. 346. fours.


The Jollitie of ladye Vanitie. Licensed Eliza. Sive' de Laudibus Augustissimæ

to R. Jones. 31 March, 1579. & Serenissimæ Principis Elizabethæ, ... VAN SHOETTEN, CORNELIUS. Lvgd. Batav. [1619.) 8o. 6 leaves : A new and further Discovery of the Isle A-E in sixes : F, 8 leaves : G, 4 leaves. of Pines in a Letter from Cornelius Van Partly in verse.

Shoetten a Dutch-man (who first disThe latter portion is occupied by a Life covered the Same in the Year, 1667) to a

of the Queen. The date is in the colophon. Friend of his in London. With a RelaVANE, SIR HENRY.

tion of his Voyage to the East-Indies. The Retired Mans Meditations, Or The Wherein is declared how he happened Mysterie and Power of Godlines Shining to come thither, the Scituation of the forth in the Living Word, . . . In which Country, the Temperature of the Climate, Old Light is restored, and New Light the manners and conditions of the people justified, Being the Witness which is that inhabit it; their Laws, Ordinances, given to this Age, By Henry Vane, and Ceremonies, their way of marrying, Knight. London,

Printed by R. W. and Burying, &c. the Longitude and Latitude are to be sold by T. Brewster . 1655. of the Island, the pleasantness and felicity 4o. Title, 1 leaf : To the Reader, from thereof, with other matters of concern. Belleau, 20 April, 1655, signed H. V. Licensed according to Order. London 6 leaves : Table, 2 leaves : B-Sss 2 in Printed for Allen Bankes and Charles fours.

Harper, 1668. 4°, A-C in fours.

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VAUGHAN, LEWIS. A Declaration And full Narrative of the ij almanackes and pronostication[s] of proceedings of Admiral Vantrump With waghens. Licensed to Thomas Marsh in the Dutch Fleet at Sea ; his entring of 1560. Cales Bay : And the manner of the taking VAUGHAN, THOMAS. of ninety saile of the Hollanders ships by the English : with the proceedings of the

The Man-Mouse Taken in a Trap, and French Fleet therupon. Also a Message

tortur'd to death for gnawing the Margins to the English Consull at the City of

of Eugenius Philalethes. . . . Printed in

London, and Sold at the Castle in CornVenice, and Vantrumps Letter to the Princes of Italy. Likewise, the Jesuits

hill. 1650. 8°. Title, 1 leaf : A, 5 leaves, proceedings of the City of Genoa.

with dedication to Mr. Mathew Harbert : London, Printed for 1. Clowes Anno

B-I 4 in eights, I 3–4 blank. (ii.) The Dom. 1651. [Novemb. 24.] 4°, 4 leaves.

Second Wash : Or, The Moore Scour'd B. M.

once more, Being A Charitable Cure for

the Distractions of Alazonomastix. By A Declaration of the L. Admiral Van- Eugenius Philalethes. Loripedem rectus trump, Concerning the King of Scots, derideat, AEthiopem Albus. London, and the Parliament of England ; pub- Printed' by T. W. and are to be sold at lished by sound of Trumpet throughout the Castle in Cornhill. 1651. 8°, Ahis whole Navie. With his Protestation N 6 in eights, and the title, besides a leaf thereupon; and his Preparations and Re- with the Errata for this and the former solution to fight the English Navie ... part (the Man-Mouse, &c.) Also, The last Engagement of the English and Dutch,

London : Printed for VAUGHAN, SIR WILLIAM. Sam: Cotton, 1652 [June 25.] 40,4 leaves.

Natvrall and Artificiall Directions for B. M.

health, deriued from the best Philoso

phers, as well moderne as auncient. VARAMUNDUS, ERNESTUS, of Fries- Newly corrected, reuised, and enlarged land.

by the former Authour. The third EdiDe Fvroribvs Gallicis, horrenda & indignation. At London Printed for Roger Amirallij Castillionei, Nobilium atq; Iackson, . . . 1608. 8°, A-G in eights. illustrium virorum cæde, scelerata ac inaudita piorum strage passim edita per

VAUS, JOHN, of Aberdeen, Grammarian. complures Galliæ ciuitates, sine vllo dis- [Rudimenta Puerorum in Artem Gramcrimine generis, sexus, ætatis & condi

maticam et] in Primam doctrinalis Alex

adrini de nominum ac verborum decli. tionis hominum ; Vera & simplex Narratio. Ernesto Varamvndo Frisio Avctore.

nationibus atque formationibus partem Vis consili expers mole ruit sud. Edim

Ab Jodico Badio Ascensio recognitam bvrgi, Anno salutis humanæ. 1573. 8°,

Magistri Joannis Vaus, natione Scoti et A-O 2 in eights.

percelebris Abredonensium academiæ

grammatici : commentarii, ab eodem AsDe Fvroribvs . . . Londini, Ex officina censio itidem recogniti atque impressi. Henrici Bynneman. 1573.' 8°, A-0 2 [On the last leaf but one occurs :) Sub in eights.

prelo Ascensiano Ad Idus Martias MDXXII.

On the last leaf :] Parrhisiis ex collegio VASSALL, SAMUEL.

bonæ curiæ. Anno, 1522. 4°, a-m in To the Parliament of the Common-wealth

eights, a 6-8 blank. Univ. Lib. Aberof England. The humble Petition of

deen. Samuel Vassall Esq; [Sept. 1654.] A sheet. B. M.

Rudimenta Puerorum in Artem Gram

maticam per Joannem Vaus Scotum ex VAUGHAN, SIR JOHN.

variis collecta : in quibus tres praecipui The Reports and Arguments of that sunt libelli. Primus de Octo partibus Learned Judge Sir John Vavghan Kt orationis fere ex Donato. Secundus de Late Chief Justice of His Majesties Court earundem partium interpretatione lingua of Common Pleas. . . . Published by his vernacula. Tertius, de vulgari Scotis Son Edward Vavghan Esq; London, eruditione, . . . [Col.] Hæc Rudimenta Printed by Thomas Roycroft for Richard Grammatices impressa sunt rursus prelo Marriott, MDCLXXVII. Folio. Title Jodoci Badii Ascensii Scoticæ linguae imand portrait by White, 2 leaves : A-B 2 periti : proinde si quid in ea erratum est, in fours : B (repeated), 2 leaves : C-3P minus est mirandum. Finem autem acin fours.

ceperunt VIII Calend. Novemb. 1531.

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4', aa—hh 6 in eights, hh 6 with the colo- lish By Si Robert Le Grys Knt. Lonphon and device. Univ. Lib. Aberdeen. don, Printed by M. F. for R. Swaine, in

This appears to have been intended to Britaines Burse at the Signe of the Bible. form part of the first-quoted publication, MDCXXXII. 12°, A-T8 in twelves, A 1 though it is not of the same edition. Pro

with "The names of the Commenters” bably both portions passed the press in 1522 and in 1531.

and T8 with the Errata. Dedicated by

Le Grys to Si Thomas Jarmyn Knight, Rudimenta Artis Grammaticae per Jo.

Vice-Chamberlain. Vaus Scotum selecta et in duo divisa .. Parisiis Ex officina Roberti Masselin. / VENABLES, COLONEL ROBERT. 1553. 4°, aa—ee 4 in eights : A-D in

The Experienc'd Angler ; Or, Angling fours, A 4 blank.

Improv'd. Being a General Discource This and the two preceding works by

of Angling ... The Third Edition much Vaus are bound together at King's College, Enlarged. London, Printed for Richard Aberdeen. I have not met with them else- Marriot, ... 1668.8°, A-H 4 in eights, where, and have been thus led to describe H 4 blank. them somewhat at length. There was evidently an earlier edition, not only of No. 2,

VENICE. but of No. 1. The words between brackets

A Declaration of the Variance betweene in the title of the latter are deficient in the the Pope, and the Segniory of Venice, Aberdeen copy, and are supplied from a With the proceedings and present state very imperfect one sold among David Laing's books in December 1879, NO. 3699.

thereof. Whereunto is annexed a De

fence of the Venetians, written by an VAUX, JOHN, of St. Helen, Auckland. Italian doctor of Diuinitie, Against the Vaux. 1625. A Prognostication, for the Censure of Paulus Quintus, . Anno yeare of our Lord God. 1625. Being the Dom. 1606. 4°, A-M 2 in fours. first from Leape-yeare. Calculated and VENNER, TOBIAS, M.D. especially referred to the latitude and

Via Recta ad Vitam Longam ... London, Meridian of the Citie of Durham, With diuers prettie notes and pleasant Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for Richard

1628. 4o. A, 4 leaves: a, 2

Moore, obseruations fit for Schollers. By Iohn Vaux Curate of S. Hellen Awckland.

leaves : B-Ff in fours : The Baths of London. Printed for the Company of

Bath, A-D 2 in fours. Stationers, 1625. 8° Bagford Papers

Via Recta ad Vitam Longam ... much (original title).

more enlarged than the former Impres

sions London, Printed by James VAUX, LAURENCE.

Flesher, for Henry Hood, 1650. 49, A Catechisme or Christian Doctrine ne

A (2 leaves)-Ddd 2 in fours, and a, 4 cessarie for Children and ignorant people, briefly compiled by Laurence Vaux

Via Recta ad Vitam Longam . . . The Bacheler of 'Diuinitie: ... Cvm Privi.

fourth Impression, amplified with many legio. 1583. 8°. Title and Printer to

profitable Additions. London, Printhe Reader, 4 leaves : A-M in eights : ted for Abel Roper

Anno 1660. 4°, A Brief Fovrme of Confession, with a new

A-Ggg 2 in fours, title on A 2. le, a-8 4 in eights.

This edition is dated from Bath, 26 [VAUX, THOMAS, Lord Vaux of Har- March, 1660[-1,] by the author. rowden.]

VERE, SIR FRANCIS. The Aged lover Renownceth love. A Extremities Vrging the Lord Generall... ballad. Licensed to R. Serrle in 1563–4. Printed for Thomas Pauyer. 1602. 4°, VEEL, RICHARD, Gentleman.

black letter, A-C in fours, C 4 blank. New Court-Songs, And Poems. London,

This is a different titlepage from that Printed for R. Pagke at the Stationers

noticed in Coll. and Notes, 1st Ser. p. 437 ;

but the tract itself seems the same. There Arms and Ink-Bottle in Lumbard-street, are one or two orthographical variations, and W. Cademan in the Lower Walk of as ould Toune for olde Towne. the New-Exchange. 1672. 8°, A-K in VERGIL, POLYDORE, of Urbino. eights. Dedicated to his friend Mr.

The Works of the Famous Antiquary Thomas] D'[urfey ?)

Polidore Virgil. Compendiously Eng. VELLEIUS PATERCULUS.

lish'd by John Langley, late Master of Velleius Paterculus, His Romane His- Paul's School, London. Containing the torie: In two Bookes. Exactly translated Original of all Arts, . . . A Work useful out of the Latine Edition supervised by for all Divines, Historians, Lawyers, and Ianus Gruterus. . . And rendred Eng- all Artificers. London, Printed for Simon


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Miller, 1663. 8°, B-Y in eights, A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence... besides the title and a printed notice be- London, Printed by T. Newcomb for fore it.

Joshua Kirton. 1655. 8°, A-T 4 in Polydore Virgils English History, Edited eights. by Sir Henry Ellis from MSS.' in the Restitution of Decayed Intelligence ... British Museum. Camden Soc. 1844-6. London: Printed for Samuel Mearne, 4o. 2 vols.

John Martyn, and Henry Herringman. Unfortunately, this undertaking was left 1673. 8°. *, 4 leaves: A-Cc 4 in eights. incomplete. Only vol. 1, embracing the

With engravings. period prior to the Conquest, and vol. 4, that of the reigns of Henry VI., Edward VESEY, H. IV., and Richard III., were printed. Two The Scope of the Scripture. Containing intermediate volumes are required to make the publication perfect.

a Briefe Exposition of the Apostles Creed,

the tenne Commandements, the Lords An abridgemente of the Notable worke of Polidore Virgile. Conteining the

Prayer, and the Sacraments, by short

Questions and Answers. Wherein the deuisers and fyrste fyneders oute aswell of Antyquities, Artes, Ministeries,

Ignorant are taught the sauing know

ledge of God and of themselues. By H. Compendiouslye gathered and newlye perused by Thomas Langley. [Col.] Im

Vesey, late Minister of Gods Word at M. prynted at London by Jhon Tisdale

B. in Essex. . . . London, Printed by I.
B. for Samuel Man,

1639. 8°,

Adwellyng in Knight riders streate, neare

E 4 in eights, to the Quenes Wardrop. 8°, black letter, A in eights, and a-x in eights, x 7 with VICARS, JOHN. the device and x 8 blank.

England's Remembrancer, Or, A thankVERNON, GEORGE.

full acknowledgment of Parliamentary The Life of the Learned and Reverend Mercies to our English-Nation. Wherein Dr. Peter Heylin, Chaplain to Charles I.

is contained a breife enumeration of all, & Charles II. Monarchs of Great Britain.

or the most of God's free favours and Written by George Vernon, Rector of

choise Blessings multiplied on us since Bourton on the Water in Gloucestershire.

this Parliament first began. By Iohn ... London: Printed for C. H. and sold by

Vicars. London, Printed for Thomas Edward Vize, ... 1682. 8o. A, 8 leaves:

Vnderhill, and are to be sold at the Bible

in Wood-street. a, 5 leaves: B-V 2 in eights. Dedicated

M.DC.XLI. 4°, 4 leaves. to the author's friends, Henry Heylin, of

In verse.

With marginal notes throughMinster-Lovell, Esq. and Henry Heylin,

out. Gentleman, son of Dr. Heylin.

A Looking-Glasse for Malignants : Or, VERNULIUS, JOH., A.M.

Gods hand against God-haters. ContainA Nomenclator of such Tracts and Ser

ing A most terrible yet true Relation of mons as have beene Printed, or Trans

the many most fearefull personall examlated into English upon any place, or

ples (in these present times, since the Booke of Holy Scripture. Now to be had

yeere, 1640.) of Gods most evident and in the most Famous and Publique Library

inimediate wrath against our malevolent of St Thomas Bodley in Oxford. Editio

Malignants. Together with a Caveat for secunda correctior, & duplo auctior. Ox

Cowards and unworthy (either timorous ford, Printed by Henry Hall, 1642. 12°,

or treacherous) Newters. Collected For A-K 6 in twelves.

Gods honour, and the ungodlies horrour,

By John Vicars. . . . London, Printed VERSES.

for John Rothwell . . . 1643. 4°, A-F A Copy of Verses Delivered to a Minister

in fours, A i blank. Dedicated to Sir of the Church of England, whilst he was John and Lady Wollaston. Officiating the Divine service of Thanksgiving, Appointed by His Majesty, Sep

Babylons Beautie: Or The Romish-Catho

licks Sweet-Heart. tember the gth 1683. London, Printed

Containing a most by J. Redmayne, for William Batters by

lively and lovely Description of Romes

Cardinall Vertues and 'rarest Endow1683. A folio leaf.

ments, with her Apostolicall Benedictions VERSTEGAN, RICHARD.

of Kings and Kingdomes, under her tyA Restitvtion of Decayed Intelligence : rannicall Subjection; briefly and bravely

London. Printed by Iohn Norton, depainted, in their Native-splendour. for Ioyce Norton, . . . 1634. 4o. *_3* By John Vicars. ... London, Printed by in fours: A-2 X in fours, last leaf blank. G. M. for Ralph Rounthwait. M.DC.XLIV.

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