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40, A-E in fours, E 4 blank, and the London, Printed by F. L. for Luke Mere-
title. Dedicated to Lady Rebeccah Wol- dith . . . 1685. Folio, 2 leaves.
laston, Lady Mayoress. In prose.

Jehovah-Jireh. God in the Mount. Or, A Discoverie of Errovrs In the first Edi-
Englands Parliamentarie-Chronicle. Con- tion of the Catalogve of Nobility, Pvb-
taining a most exact Narrative of all the

lished by Ralph Brooke, Yorke Herald, most materiall Proceedings of this re- 1619. And Printed herewith word for nowned and unparalel'd Parliament; the word, according to that Edition. With Armies which have been or are in the A Continuance of the Successions, from severall parts of this Land; the manner of 1619. vntill this present yeare, 1622. At the Battails and Seiges of Keinton, the end whereof, is annexed a Review of Brainford, Stafford, Litchfeild, Cheshire,

a later Edition, by him stolne into the Lancashire, ... from the yeare 1642. to world. 1621. By Avgvstine Vincent this present moneth of October, 1643. Rouge-croix Pursuiuant of Armes. Concluding, with the late Covenant of

Pro captu Lectoris, habent sua fata libelli. Great Britain and Ireland. Collected and

Terent. Maurus. published By.. John Vicars. London, Printed by William Iaggard ... London, Printed by T. Paine and M.

M.DC.XXII. Folio. Title, 1 leaf : dedicaSimmons, for J. Rothwell and T. Vnder

tion to James the First, 1 leaf : dedicahill. 1644. 4°, A-3 M in fours, 3 M 4 tion to T. Howard, Earl of Arundel, 2 with some verses. Dedicated separately leaves : Aug. Vincent to Ralph Brooke, to the Parliament and the City.

3 leaves : The Printer, 3 leaves: The Opinions & Offices, 1 leaf : verses,



PP. The Memorable, and Tragical History, of

John Selden's Epistle, 6 leaves: A-5 X the Persecvtion in Africke : vnder Gen

in fours, 5 X 4 blank. sericke and Hynricke, Arrian Kinges of VINCENT, T. the Vandals. Written in Latin by the Gods Terrible Voice in the City ... The blessed Bishop Victor of Vtica, who per

sixth Edition Corrected By T. Vinsonallie (as also S. Avgvstine the famous cent ... London, Printed for George Doctor) endured his part thereof. With Calvert ... 1668.8°, A-P 4 in eights. a Briefe Accomplishment of the same Fire and Brimstone from Heaven, From History, out of best Authors : togither Earth. In Hell. Or, Three Discourses with the life and acts of the holy Bishop I. Concerning the burning of Sodom and Fulgentius, and his conflicts with the Gomorrah formerly. II. Concerning the same Nation ... Printed with Licence.

burning of Ætna, or Mount Gibel more 1605. 8°, A-O in eights. Grenv. Coll. lately, III. Concerning the burning of VIENNA.

the Wicked Eternally, By Fire and BrimA True and Exact Relation of the Raising

stone. By Thomas Vincent, sometime of the Siege of Vienna, And the Victory

Minister of Maudlins Milk-street, London obtained over the Ottoman Army, the

London, Printed for George Calvert, 12th of September 1683. [Col.] Dublin,

and Samuel Sprint, 1670. 89, A, 2 Printed by Joseph Ray, at Colledge

leaves: B-K 6 in eights. Green. 1683. 4°, 4 leaves.

Words whereby we may be saved. By

Thomas Vincent, ... London, Printed VILLAULT, THE SIEUR.

for the use of the Poor, . 1668. 8o. A Relation of the Coasts of Africk called

A, 2 leaves: B-G 2 in eights.
Guinee; ... Being Collected in a Voyage VINCENTIO AND MARGARET.
By the Sieur Villault, Escuyer, Sieur de

A book called Vincentio and Margaret
Bellefond, in the years 1666, and 1667.
.. The Second Edition.

was licensed to Valentine Sims, 26 No

London, Printed for John Starkey ... 1670. Sm. 8°.

vember, 1605. a, 4 leaves: A—M 8 in twelves.


Vinculum Societatis, or the Tie of good VILLIERS, GEORGE, Second Duke of Company. Being a Choice Collection of Buckingham.

the Newest Songs now in Use. With The Litany of the D. of B. [London,

Thorow Bass to each Song for the Harpabout 1675.] A folio sheet in verse.

sichord, Theorbo, or Bass-Viol. London, The Duke of Buckingham His Grace's Printed by F. Clark, T. Moore, and J. HepLetter to the Unknown Author of a

tinstall, ...

... Anno Domini, 1687. Folío. Paper, Entituled, A Short Answer .. With a dedication signed John Carre.




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Book First, A-K, 2 leaves each: Book the Court of Admiraltie, Against the Second dated 1688, . ; Book Third,

Ships Sampson Salvador, and George, dated 1691, A-H, 2 leaves each, and (H) 2

their Silver and Lading. And An Acleaves.

compt presented of what Silver was taken VINTNERS.

out of the said Ships, and coined in the The Petition of the retailing Vintners of Tower, being above two hundred sevents. London, and their Propositions and De- eight thousand pounds,) all which Silver maundes contrived and made amongst the Commonwealth got by the chargeable themselves at their Hall, in Novemb. Prosecution and Discovery of Tho. Violet, 1637 Whereby it may appeare who pro- By Tho. Violet of London, Goldjected the penny a Quart on Wines. smith. . . . London, Printed Anno Dom. (1641 ?] A sheet.

1659. 4°, A-V 2 in fours, and a, 4 The Art and Mystery of Vintners and

leaves. With a frontispiece representing Wine - Coopers : containing Approved

the three ships. Directions for the Conserving and Curing VIQUES, CAPTAIN. all manner and sorts of Wines, whether

Les Rodomontades Du Capitaine Viqres, Spanish, Greek, Italian, or French, ..

and a letter of a Frenchę gent to my London : Printed for Will. Whitwood

lady Jaquet Clement. Licensed to John 1682. 12o. A, 4 leaves: B-D in twelves : E, 8 leaves.

Wolf, to be printed in French and Eng

lish, 4 Nov. 1590. VIOLET, THOMAS.

See my note in the Huth Catalogue, PA True Discoverie to the Commons of

1260-1. England, How they have been Cheated of VIRGILIUS MARO, PUBLIUS. almost all the Gold and Silver Coin of

The Works of Publius Virgilius Maro. this Nation, which hath been, and is daily Translated by John Ogilby ... London, Transported into Forrain Parts. And, Printed by T. R. and Ě. M. for John How the people of this Nation are, and Crook. 1649. 8°. A, 4 leaves : B-LI have been abused by Light and Clipped 4 in eights ; besides a portrait of Ogilby English Monie. . . . By Thomas Violet, by W. Marshall and an engraved title a true lover of his Countrie. London,

by the same artist, containing a bust of Printed by W. Du-Gard, in the Year Virgil. Dedicated to William Marquis 1651. Folio, M-Zz, 2 leaves each, but of Hertford. Ss in duplicate, 4 and 2. This in fact forms part of the Answer

The Works of Publius Virgilius Maro. of the Corporation.

Translated, adorned with Sculpture, and Narrative of Som Remarkable Proceed

illustrated with Annotations. By Johu ings Concerning the Ships Samson, Sal

Ogilby . . . London, Printed by Thomas vador, and George, and several other Warren for the Author, and are to be had Prize-ships depending in the High Court

at his House in Kings-head Court in Shoeof Admiraltie : most humbly presented

lane. 1654. Folio. Title and portrait to the Parliament ... By Tho. Violet of

of Ogilby by W. Faithorne, 2 leaves : London, Goldsmith ... London, Printed

dedication to the Marquis of Hertford, by William Du-Gard, An. Dom. 1653.

3 leaves : B-4 D in fours. With 111 Folio. A-Cc, 2 leaves each: Da, 1 leaf:

page engravings by Hollar and Lombart, (ee)-(ff), 2 leaves each : Ee, 2 'leaves : chiefly on the text. (aa)-(bb), 2 leaves each. Sign. A has 3 The Works of Publius Virgilius Maro. leaves, there being two titlepages.

Translated by John Ogilby. ... London,

Printed for Andrew Crooke. ... 1665. Mysteries

and Secrets of Trade and Mintaffairs : With several Reasons against

8°, A-P in twelves, and R, 8 leaves, no transporting Treasure ; and waies set

Sign. Q, besides a portrait and engraved

title. down for preventing the same : formerly presented to the Right Honorable the Lord The Works of Publius Virgilius Maro Bradshaw (at whose desire I undertook Translated by John Ogilby. & Adorn'd this pains)

and now enlarged wth Sculpture. Sold by Tho: Guy at Aug. 1653. By Tho. Violet of London, ye Oxford Arms on ye West side of Goldsmith. London, Printed by William the Royall Exchange 1684. 8°, A-Cc Du-Gard, Anno Dom. 1653. Folio. A, 2 in eights. With the engravings sepa2 leaves : (a)

—d), 2 leaves each : B-L, rate. 2 leaves each.

The Works of Virgil: Containing His A True Narrative of the Proceedings in Pastorals, Georgics, and Æneis. Trans

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lated into English Verse, by Mr. Dryden. xxixth of June 1612 declaringe the names Adorn'd with a Hundred Sculptures. of suche as haue prices or rewards. LiSequiturque Patrem non passibus Æquis. censed to William Welby, 2 July, 1612.

Virg. Æn. 2.

The Articles sett downe for the second London, Printed for Jacob Tonson, Lottery. Licensed to William Welby, 17 MDCXCVII. Folio. Title, 1 leaf : A, 2

July, 1612. leaves : * and **, 4 leaves each : t, 2

A poeme on the late massacre in Virginia. leaves : tt, 3 leaves : ttt_*****, 2

Licensed to Robert Mylbourne, 11 Sept. leaves each: B-GGGG 2 in fours :

1622. Hhhh_Kkkk 2 in fours.

The Inconveniencies that have happened The Thirteene Bookes of Aeneidos. London Printed by Tho. Creede, dwelling

to some Persons which have transported

themselves from England to Virginia, in the Old Chaunge, at the Signe of the

without prouisions to sustaine themselues, Eagle and Childe, neare Old Fish-streete.

hath greatly hindred the Progresse of that 1600. 4°, black letter. a, 4 leaves : A -X 3 in eights.

noble Plantation : For preuention of the

like disorders heereafter, that no man The Thirteene Bookes of AEneidos.

suffer, either through ignorance or misLondon, Printed by Bernard Alsop, by information, it is thought requisite to the Assignement of Clement Knight. publish this short declaration. ... [Here 1620. 4°, black letter. T, 4 leaves, and follows a list of necessaries for emigrants.] A-X 3 in eights.

Imprinted at London by Felix Kyngston. Virgil's AEneis, Translated into Scottish 1622. A broadside. Grenv. Coli. Verse, By the Famous Gawin Douglas Query, by Edward Waterhouse. Bishop of Dunkeld. A new Edition.

A Perfect Description of Virginia : Being, Wherein the many Errors of the Former A full and true Relation of the present are corrected, and the Defects supply'd, State of the Plantation, their Health, from an excellent Manuscript. To which Peace, and Plenty : the number of people, is added A Large Glossary, ... And to with their abundance of Cattel, ... Being the whole is prefix'd An Exact Account sent from Virginia, at the request of a of the Author's Life and Writings. Gentleman of worthy note, who desired Edinburgh, ... MDCCX. Folio.

to know the true State of Virginia as it Edited by the Rev. John Sage.

now stands. Also, A Narration of the The Destruction of Troy, An Essay upon Countrey, within a few dayes journey of the Second Book of Virgils Æneis. Writ- Virginia, West and by South, ... With ten in the year, 1636. [By Sir John the manner how the Emperor NichoDenham.] London : Printed for Hum

rawance came to Sir William Berckley, phrey Moseley ... 1656. 4°, A-E 2 in

E attended with five petty Kings, . . . Lonfours.

don, Prin[te]d for Richard Wodenoth ... Virgils AEneis : The Third, Fourth, 1649. 4o. Title and leaf of royal arms, Fifth and Sixth Books. Translated by 2 leaves : B-D 2 in fours. James Harrington. London: Printed by The Lawes of Virginia Now in Force. J. Cottrel, for Henry Fletcher, ... 1659. Collected out of the Assembly Records, 8°, A–F 4 in eights, title on A 2, and A

and Digested into one Volume. Revised 4-5 wrongly marked.

and Confirmed by the Grand Assembly The fourth booke of Virgills Æneids held at James-City, by Prorogation, the Englished by Robert Stapleton Esquire. 234 of March 1661.... London : Printed Licensed to William Cooke, 11 Nov. by E. Cotes, for A. Seile .. M.DC.LXII. 1634.

Folio, A-X, 2 leaves each. Dedicated Ænæas his Descent into Hell ... 1661. by Francis Moryson (one of the two a, 4 leaves : A-Gg in fourg, Gg 4 blank.

Editors) to Sir William Berkeley.
Dedicated to Sir Edward Hyde, Lord VIRTUE, HENRY.

A Booke called A Plea for Peace, LiA booke called Deus nobis hæc otia fecit, censed to John Clarke, 11 October, 1637. or Dedo's death, Translated out of the VIVES, LUDOVICUS. best of Latine poets in English. To be An Introdvction to wysedome, made by printed in Latine and English together. Ludouicus Viues, and translated into Licensed to Walter Burre, 11 Dec, 1621. Englyshe by Rycharde Morysine. [Col.] VIRGINIA.

Londini in ædibus Thome Bertheleti The Lottery for Virginea opened the typis impress. ... Anno. M.D.XL. 89,

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-K in eights, and L, 10 leaves. The I dyde accomplysshe and fynysshe att last leaf of A is blank.

Tempell baar the .xvi. daye of Feuerer. Dedicated to Master Gregory Cromwell. The yere of oure lorde &. Thousande. A Very Frvtefvl and Pleasant Booke ccccc. iii. And in the .xix, yere of the Called the Instruction of a christen reynge of kynge Henry the .vii. By me woman, made firste in latyne, by the Julyan Notary. Folio. Printed in two right famous clerke mayster Lewes Viues, columns, black letter. Title, prologue, and tourned out of latyne into Englishé and Table, 2 leaves : A-X in eights : A by Rycharde Hyrde. "Londini. Anno (repeated in a Gothic character)—K in M.D.LVII. [Col.] Imprinted at London eights, E repeated and no F, and L, 10 in Fletestrete, by Henry Wykes. Cum leaves, with the printer's mark occupying priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. 4°, the whole of the last page in an enclosure black letter. A, 2 leaves: B-Nn in fours. of pieces. With woodcuts.

The translator does not prefix any notice Immediately above the device occurs : of his own.

Thys Emprynted at temple barre be me : A very Fruitfull and pleasant booke,

Julyan Notary Dwellynge in saynt clemētys called the Instruction of a Christian

parysshe. Woman. . . . At London, Printed by

[The Golden Legend. The colophon :] Iohn Danter, ... 1592. 8°, black letter, Thus endeth the legende named in latyn A-Dd in eights, A blank.

legende aurea that is to saye in englysshe The office and duetie of an husband, made

the golden legende, Wherin ben by the excellēt Philosopher Lodouicus

conteyned all the hygh and grete feestes Viues, and translated into Englyshe by

of our lorde. The feestes of our blessyd Thomas Paynell. Imprinted at London

lady. . . . Whiche Werke was fynysshed in Pouls Churcheyarde, by John Cawood,

the fourth daye of Septembre. The yere

of our lorde M.CCCCC. & vii. Enprynted prynter vnto the Quenes hyghnes ...8°, black letter, A-Dd 4 in eights. Dedi

at Londo in Fletestrete in the sygne of cated by the translator to Sir Anthony

the George. By Rycharde Pynson. Folio, Browne Knight.

printed in two columns. A-G in eights,

A l with a large page-cut only: LeVOCABULARY.

genda. sctor (a headline in white letters Sex Lingvarvm, Latinæ, Gallicæ, His- on a black ground)—the Table, 2 leaves : panicæ, Italicæ, Anglicæ, & Teutonice a second table, 2 leaves : a—z in eights :

A Vocabulary in six languages A-Z in eights : A-D in eights : E, 6 M.D.xlyiij (Col.] Gedruckt in Nürn- leaves. With cuts. Lambeth. berg ..8, A-N 4 in eights, N 4 Compare my edition of Warton, 1871, blank.

i. 249. Italion frynsshe englesshe and laten. Li. VORTIGERN. censed to Edward Sutton in 1567.

The lewde life of Vortiger kinge of Frynshe, englesshe and Duche. A book Bryttaine and of the firste commynge of so called, Licensed to John Allde in Hingeste and the Saxons into this Lande. 1568-9.

Licensed to Stephen Peele, 10 May 1589. VOILLERET, FRANCOIS.

VOX. Le Preau des fleurs meslees, Contenant Vox Piscis : Or, The Book-Fish Contaynplusieurs et differends discourse, ensemble ing Three Treatises which were found in maintes sentences ditz notables des An- the belly of a Cod-fish in Cambridge cients, et autres curieuses reserches. Li- Market, on Midsummer eue last, Anno censed, to be printed in English and Domini 1626. London, Printed for Iames French, on the English translation being Boler and Robert Milbovrne. M.DC.XXVII. approved, to George Fairbeard, 3 Feb. 12o. A-B in twelves, A occupied by a 1620–1.

woodcut of the fish : A (repeated)- 6 VORAGINE, JACOBUS DE.

in twelves, L 6 blank : a third title, A

I 6 in twelves, I 6 blank: a fourth title, Here begynneth the legende named in

A-H 10 in twelves, the last three pages latyn legenda aurea That is to saye in

blank. Englysse the golden legende : For lyke

The three tracts here reprinted are, 1. as passeth golde valewe all other metalsys.

Tracy's Preparation to the Crosse; 2. Frith's So thys legende excelleth all other bookes. Book made, while he was in the Tower ; (A large woodcut occupies the remainder 3. The Treasure of Knowledge. of this page. The colophon is :) Thus Vox Plebis, Or, The Peoples Out-cry endeth the legende ... Whyche Werke against Oppression, Injustice, and Ty

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ranny. Wherein the Liberty of the Sub- Printed for John Starkey and Thomas ject is asserted, Magna Charta briefly but Basset, . 1669. Folio, Title and pithily expounded." Lieutenant Colonell frontispiece, 2 leaves : A-B in twos : Lilburnes Sentence published and re- Table, 6 leaves : B–3 I 2 in fours. futed. Committees arraigned, Goalers

Compare p. 434. condemned, and remedies provided. Relations Historiques et Curieuses de London printed 1646. in the sitting of Voyages, en Allemagne, Angleterre, HolParliament ... 4°, A-I in fours. lande, Suisse, &c. Par C. P. D. M. de la A new and true Eccho from old and bold Facultè de Paris. A Rouen, Chez Jacques Avthoyrs Resonating regall-legall satis- Lucas, . M.DC.LXXVI. 8°. Title, &c., factorily reflexing on the great contro- 3 leaves : A-Aa 2 in eights. versies of the Times, and presented to

Voyages and Discoveries in South America. every just Patriot; by Vox veridica preterea

The First up the River of Amazon to nihil." (July 14, 1648.] 4°, 4 leaves.

Quito in Peru, By Christopher B. M.

D’Acugna. The Second up the River of Vox Veritatis. Anno M.DC.L. No place Plata, by Monsieur Acarete. The or printer, 4°, A-D in fours, and a leaf

Third from Cayenne into Guiana, in of E.

search of the Lake of Parima, . . . by M. A tract evidently printed abroad, and Grillet and Bechamel. Done into Engfull of curious allusions to persons and

lish. ... The whole illustrated with localities, including Cromwell and NewEngland.

Notes and Maps. London, Printed for Vox Populi Vox Dei Or, England's Gen

S. Buckley, ... 1698. 8°. A, 4 leaves : erall Lamentation for the Dissolution of

B—Y 4 in eights, but Y 1-4 repeated. the Parliament (Col.] Printed for T. B.

With two maps. Grenv. Coll. in the Year, 1681. A folio leaf.

A Collection of Original Voyages : ConVox Regni : Or, The Voice of the King- taining I. Capt. Cowley's Voyage round dom. Being a Dialogue between the City

the Globe. Iİ. Captain Sharp's Journey and Countrey. [1681.] Folio, 2 leaves.

over the Isthmus of Darien, . . . III.

Capt. Wood's Voyage thro’ the Streights VOYAGES.

of Magellan. IV. Mr. Roberts's AdvenThe Voyages and Travells of the Ambas

tures among the Corsairs of the Levant sadors sent by Frederick Duke of Hol.

Illustrated with several Maps and stein, to the Great Duke of Muscovy, and

Draughts. Published by Capt William the King of Persia. Begun in the year

Hacke. London, Printed for James M.DC.XXXIII, and finish'd in M.DC.XXXix.

Knapton, . 1699. 8o. A-D 7 in Containing a Compleat History of Mus

eights : Aa-Ff 2 in eights : Aaa—Ddd covy, Tartary, Persia, and other adiacent

4 in eights. With a few cuts on the text Countries. With several Publick Trans

and six maps and other engravings. actions reaching near the Present Times ; In VII. Books. Whereto are added The VULCAN AND VENUS. Travels of John Albert de Mandeslo .. A ballett intituled Volcan and Venus. The Second Edition Corrected. London, Licensed to J. Awdelay in 1562-3.


W. F.
Warm Beere, Or A Treatise wherein is
declared by many reasons that Beere so
qualified is farre more wholesome then
that which is drunke cold. With a con-
futation of such objections that are made
against it, published for the preservation
of health. Cambridge, Printed by R. D.
for Henry Overton, And are to be sold at
his shop entring into Popes-head. Alley

out of Lombard-street in London. 1641. 12o. 1, 12 leaves, the first blank: A-F in twelves. With a copy of verses “in commendation of warm beer” by W. B. W. G. Melius Inquirendum. Or A Sober Inquirie, Into the Reasonings of the Serious Inquirie : Wherein The Inquirers Cavils against the Principles, his Calumnie against the Preachings and practises of

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