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the Nonconformists are Examined and Posterity. Together with their Camprepelled. . . . Printed, 1678. 12°, A- retinus and Fems Covert. By Verax 0 10 in twelves.

Philobasileus. . . . London, Printed by W. H.

T. M. for Typographus at the Signe of Clasmata. , [1636.] 4°, 21 leaves printed

the World, 1661. 89, A-K 6 in eights, on one side only. Without_signatures

and T, 2 leaves. In prose and verse. and catchwords. In verse. Britwell.

With verse to the author by L. G. [of] On the 19th page, at the end of a poem

A. C. C. on Lent, occurs :

'H. W. Etatis suæ 76, W. M. 1636."

Animadversions upon Generall Monck's W. J. Certaine Reasons why the Booke of Com

Letter to the Gentry of Devon: Wherein

his Arguments for Anarchy are mon-Prayer being corrected shovld Con

sidered, and the weaknesse of his Hartinue. By I. W. London, Printed by

ringtonian Principle is detected. By M. A. N. for Richard Lownds, .. 1641.

W. ... Printed in the year 1659. 4°, 4 4°, A-C 2 in fours, C 2 blank.

leaves. W. J.

W. R. The Taking of Winchester by the Parlia

Technipolimogamia : Or, The Marriage of ments Forces. As also the surrendring

Armes and Arts, July 12. 1651. Being up of the Castle. Wherein they tooke

an Accompt of the Act at Oxon. to a two Regiments of the Cavalleres that

Friend. By R. W. London, Printed by were under the command of the Lord

J. G. for Ř. Royston, Grandison. By I. W. an eye witnesse.

1651. 4°,4

leaves. In verse. B. M. London, Printed for the Authour. 1642. 4°, A-B 2 in fours. In verse. W. T. 1, of the Middle Temple. B. M.

An Exact Character Or, Narrative of the W. J., Gentleman.

late right Noble, and magnificent Lord, A strange speedy posting post with a Oliver Cromwell, The Lord Protector of packet of letters and their severall An- England, ... Together with a brief ReLicensed to William Sheares, 15

capitulation (or Declaration) of His Jan. 1624-5.

many Miraculous Victories, Vertues, and

Atchievements, throughout the three A speedie post with certaine new letters

Nations. With His Decease on Friday, or The first fruites of New Conceits by J. W. Gent. Licensed to Francis Coules,

the 3d of Septemb. 1658. being above 60

years of Age; And the Election of His 21 May, 1629.

eldest Son the Lord Richard, to be Lord W. J.

Protector... With the Proclaiming of The Academy of True Wisdom : Or, The His Highness on Saturday, (the 4th inSchool of Vertue. Wherein, One is your stant). Written by T. Î W. of the Master even Christ. Rotterdam, Middle Temple. .. . London, Printed for Printed for the Author, 1694. 8°. A, 8 J. Jones, 1658. 4°, 4 leaves. leaves, title on A 2 : a, 8 leaves : B

W. T. Dd 6 in eights. Dedicated to Lord Car

The Optick Glasse of Ilvmors. . . . Oxington,

ford Printed by W. T. and are to be sold W. J., M.D.

by M. S. at the Blue Bible in greene An Answer to the Late King James's

arbor. 8o. Title and plate with view of Declaration to all His Pretended Subjects Oxford and Cambridge, 2 leaves : 1, 8 in the Kingdom of England, Dated at

leaves : A-L in eights, L 8 blank, Dublin-Castle, May 8. 1689. Ordered by

In one copy examined was an extra leaf a Vote of the Right Honourable the of dedication “ To my worshippefull, good House of Commons, to be burnt by the

friend M. Carye." Common - Hangman. By J. W. M. D. W. W. Published according to Order. London, Physick for Families : Or, The new, Safe Printed for Dorman Newman, and powerfull way of Physick, upon conMDCLXXXIX. 4o. Title and half-title, 2 stant proof Established. By W. W. leaves : B-E in fours.

Healths Student, At the Star in the PosW. K.

tern by little Morefields. . . . London, Confused Characters of Conceited Cox- Printed, by J. R. and are to be sold by combs, Or, A Dish of Trayterous Tyrants, Robert Horn 1674. 89, A-G in dressed with verjuice and pickeled too eights.


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W. W., Gentleman.

The Indian Inhabitants, their Features The New Help to Discourse : By W.

With remarkable Occurrences in the W. Gent. The Second Edition. London, South-Sea, and elsewhere.... Illustrated Printed by T. J. and sold by the Book- with several Copper-Plates. London: sellers of London and Westminster. 1672. Printed for James Knapton, : : . 1699. 12o. A, 6 leaves : B-0 in twelves. 8o A, 4 leaves : B-Q in eights, Q 8

with advertisements. With a map and WADSWORTH, JAMES. The English Spanish Pilgrime. Or, A

plates at pp. 28, 122, 140. Dedicated to New Discouerie of Spanish Popery, and

Henry Earl of Romney. Iesviticall Stratagems. With the estate WAGER, LEWIS. of the English Pensioners and Fugitiues A new Enterlude, neuer before this tyme vnder the King of Spaines Dominions, imprinted, entreating of the Life and Reand else where at this present. Also laying pentaunce of Marie Magdalene: not only open the new Order of the Iesuitrices and godly, learned and fruitefull, but also preaching Nunnes. Composed by James well furnished with pleasaunt myrth and Wadsworth Gentleman, newly conuerted pastime, very delectable for those which into his true mothers bosome, the Church shall heare or reade the same. Made by of England, with the motiues why he left the learned clarke Lewis Wager. The the Sea of Rome ; a late Pensioner to his names of the Players. Imprinted at Maiesty of Spaine, and nominated his London, by Iohn Charlewood, dwelling Captaine in Flanders ; Sonne to Mr. in Barbican, at the signe of the halfe lames Wadsworth, Bachelor of Diuinity, Eagle and the Key. Anno. 1566. 4°, sometime of Emanuell Colledge in the A-I in fours, I 4 blank. Black letter. Vniuersity of Cambridge, who was per- Without prefixes. uerted in the yeere 1604, and late Tutor This is dated a year earlier than the to Donia Maria Infanta of Spaine. Pub

Museum copy; but it is probably the same lished by speciall License. Printed at

impression. London by T. C. for Michael Sparke . WAGENAR, LUKE, of Enchusen. 1629. 4°, A-N in fours, first leaf blank. The Mariners Mirrovr Wherin may The English Spanish Pilgrime.

playnly be seen the courses, heights, disPrinted at London by T. C. for Michael tances, depths, soundings, flouds and ebs, Sparke . . . 1630. 4, A-N in fours, risings of lands, rocks, sands and shoalds, A blank.

with the marks for th’entrings of the Förther Observations of the English

Harboroughs, Havens, and Ports of the Spanish Pilgrime, Concerning Spaine.

greatest part of Europe : their seueral Being a second part of his former Booke,

traficks and commodities : Together wth

the Rules and instrumēts of Navigation and containing these particulars : Thé description of a famous Monastery, or

First made & set fourth in diuers exact House of the King of Spaines, called the

Sea Charts, by that famous Nauigator Escuriall, ... A briefe relation of cer

Lyke Wagenar of Enchusen. And now taine Dæmoniacall stratagems of the

fitted with necessarie additions for the

use of Englishmen by Anthony Ashley. Spanish Inquisition. ... London Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for Robert Herein also may be understood the exAllot, 1630. 4°, A-G 2 in fours, ploits lately atchieved by the right Hon. and the title. Dedicated to Henry, Earl

orable the L. Admiral of Englād with her of Holland. With several copies of intro

Maties Nauie and some former seruices ductory verses.

don by that worthy Knight St Fra:

Drake. No place, &c. [Printed in Hol. The Present Estate of Spayne, . . . Com

land. 1588.1 Folio. posed by Iames Wadsworth, Gent.

Collation: Title engraved by Theodore Imprinted at London by A. M. for Richard

De Bry, 1 leaf : Arms of Sir C. Hatton, Thrale and Ambrose Ritherden, ... 1630. with six Latin lines beneath them, 1 leaf : 4°, A—M 2 in fours.

Dedication to Hatton, 1 leaf: the Author's

Admonition to the Reader, and verses by WAFER, LIONEL.

Janus Dousa, &c., 4 leaves on : A, 6 A New Voyage and Description of the leaves : B, 8 leaves : C, 6 leaves : A DescripIsthmus of America, Giving an Account

tion and Povrtraict, &c., 22 maps with of the Author's Abode there, The Form

letterpress, Numbers 1-22: Description ..

of the Chiefest Part of England, Denmark, and Make of the Country, the Coasts,

&c., 23 maps numbered. Lambeth. Hills, Rivers, &c. Woods, Soil, Weather, The maps are by De Bry, Hondius, &c.Trees, Fruit, Beasts, Birds, Fish, &c. Ryther, &c.





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WAKEFIELD, ROBERT. Roberti Wakfeldi sacrarum literarum professoris eximij Regisq; sacellani syntagma de hebreorum codicü incorruptione. Item eiusdem Oratio Oxonij habita, vnacum quibusdam alijs lectu ac annotatu. (London, W. de Worde.] 40, A-L 2 in fours. [ii.] Roberti Wakfeldi . . oratio de laudibus & vtilitate triū linguaro Arabicę Chaldaicæ & Hebraicę atq; idiomatibus hebraicis quæ in vtroq; testamēto iūeniūtur. Londini apud Winandum de Vorde. [1523-4.] 49, A-Q in fours, A 4 blank, and Q 4 occupied by the device. Lambeth. WAGSTAFFE, JOHN, M.A. Historical Reflections on the Bishop of Rome : Chiefly Discovering Those Events of Humane Affaires which most advanced the Papal Vsurpation. By John Wagstaffe, M.A.O.C. Oxford, Printed by Hen. Hall, for Ric. Davis. .. 1660. 4o. A, 2 leaves : B-F in fours. WAGSTAFFE, THOMAS. A Defence of the Vindication of K. Charles the Martyr; Justifying His Majesty's Title to Eikon Basilike, In Answer to A Late Pamphlet Intituled Amyntor. By the Author of the Vindication. London, Printed by W. Bowyer, MDCXCIX. 8°, A—M in fours. WAGSTAFFE, WILLIAM, M.D. A Comment upon the History of Tom Thumb.[Quot, from Horace.] The Second Edition, corrected. London, Printed for J. Morphew. 1711. 8°, A-C in fours. WAKE, ISAAC. Rex Platonicvs : Editio Quarta. Oxoniæ,

1627. 12°, A-L in twelves. WALES. The lateny in welshe. Licensed to John Waley in 1562-3. A catechesme in Welshe. Licensed to Richard Jones in 1566. A True and dreadfull testimonie of Gods wrathe shewed in the parishe of Llandrillo in the Countie of Merioneth in Wales. Licensed to R. Jones, 23 Feb. 1581-2. A dolefull songe made by Robert Randole borne in Wales. Licensed to Edward Allde, 23 Feb. 1593-4.

Compare p. 511. A brief Relation of some of the grievances of such of the Inhabitants of the Isle of Anglesey as have a desire that God were rightly honoured, the King faithfully

served, the Laws of the land duely obey'd, and the common good of all men chiefly respected, justly conceaved against the Magistrates and chief governors of the same Island, as well secular as spirituall, that, by their mere sloth and negligence, in their severall charge and vocations, suffer all iniquity to encreace and superabound, and therefore the estate of the whole Island to runne upon wheels to ruin, and at last totall perdition, and horrible desolation. [1613.)

A MS. printed by Halliwell, 80, 1860. A Trve Relation of a Company of Brownists, Separatists, and Non-Conformists, In Monmouthshire in Wales. With the manner of their Doctrine, Christnings, Weddings, and Burialls.

With a relation of the knavery that some of their Teachers practised to enrich theniselves withall. . .. Printed in the yeare 1611. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. His Majesties Speech to the Inhabitants of Denbigh and Flint-shire. 27. Septemb. 1642. London, Printed for R. L. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. The Welch-Mans Warning-Piece. As it was delivered in a Sermon in Shropshire at the Assembly when the Resolution was agreed upon. And now published for the cood of all her Country-men in these parts. By Shon ap Morgan. In the AntiPrelatian Yeer. 1642. Wherin her gives Cot thanks that her was no Beshit. Lon. don: Printed for Robert Wood and Henry Marsh. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. The Welsh - Mans new Almanack and Prognostication for this present yeare, 1643. Likewise, Giving notice to all good peoples to beware of the danger that will befall them, if they take not heed in good time: Wherein if there be found any one lye, her will be content to lose ali her credite, and also her other Legge and Arme, as her did at Kenton Battailes. Withall, Her doe forbid to have any red letters to be printed in her Almanacke, because her doe not love the red colour never since her lost so much of her bloud at that time, as her did at Edge-hil. Lon. don printed 1643 [Jan. 22, 1642-3.] 40, 4 leaves. Black letter. B. M. The Welch Doctor: Or, The Welch-man turned Physitian, being a New Way to Cure all Diseases in these times. . . . By Shinkin ap Morgan, Professor of her Medicall Arts and Sciences. Printed for the good of her Country-men, this present yeare. 1643 [Feb. 16, 1642.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.


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The true Copy of a Welch Sermon We the Inhabitants of the Isle of Angli. Preached before Prince Mavrice in Wales sey, whose names are hereunto subscribed, upon his departure thence; by Shon ap after mature consideration had, ... doe Owen, Priest. Wherein is desired that Remonstrate and Declare to our FellowPrince Maurice would not plunder her Subjects . . . [July 14, 1648.] A sheet. Townes and Villages, for they were all

A Royalist manifesto. poo men and not able to buy her a new Te Humple Remonstrances of Rice ap Cushion to make her Preech on. For Meredith, ap Morgan, Shentilman of which Sermon Shon ap Owen was com- Wales; To te Parliaments of Enghelandts, mitted to prison, put by her Benefice, and and her cood Lord Shenerals. Wherin exiled the Country : Whereunto is added is set forth, awl her troubles and crieIohn ap Owens complaint for her sad vances, . . . Awlso, Her makes a tiscolosse. Printed for I. Vnderwood. 1643 very of awl te chief (wat you call 'ems) [April 29.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.

incentiaries and tisturbers of te peace ... Wonders Foretold, By her crete Prophet

Togeter, with a fery brave new Ballacks of Wales, which shall certainly happen or Songs, made py her nown cousins, this present yeare 1643, by strange fires, Shon ap Shefferies, ... London, Printed and crete waters, by spirits and Tivills,

by Robert Wood, . 1650. 4°, 4 leaves. appearing in many places of this King

B. M. dome, especially in and about te City of Reprinted by Halliwell, 120, 1861. London and Westminster. And the effects Mercurius Cambro-Britannicus, Or, News tat will ensue tereof. London Printed from Wales, Touching the Glorious and with her free consent and leave,

Miraculous Propagation of the Gospel in Anno Dom. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. Wood- those parts. Being a clear Discovery & cut on title, B. M.

Manifestation of the late invented Trade The Welch Embassadour, or the happy

of Tith-Gathering there . London, Newes his Worship hath brought to

Printed in the Year, 1652. 4°. *, 4 leaves: London. Together with her thirteene

A-C in fours. B. M. Articles of acreements, which her pro- The Publick Dispute betwixt John

ounds to all her Coosens in her Coun- Tombs, B.D. Respondent, John Cragge, ciles and her Cities to consider of. Printed and Henry Vaughan, M.A. Opponents. for T. Vnderwood. 1643. [April 13.] 4°, 4 Touching Infant-Baptism, The fifth of leaves. With a curious cut on title. B. M. September, 1653. in the Church of St. The Welch - mans Propositions to the

Maries in Abergavenie in Monmouthshire. Arch-Bishop of Yorke, Commander in

London, Printed for H. Twyford, chiefe before Conoway Castle in Wales.

N. Brook, I. Place, . . . 1654. 89, A-H With their new Lawes, and Orders of

in eights, besides the title and following Warre propounded by them, and a motion

leaf. for Peace. Printed in the Yeare, of her Novus Reformator Vapulans : Or, The Cosen Taffies Carier, 1646. [Aug. 3.) 4°,

Welch Levite tossed in a Blanket. In a 4 leaves. With a cut on title. B. M. Dialogue between Hickseringill) of Col. Crete Wonders foretold By Her crete

chester, David J[0]nes and the Ghost of Prophet of Wales, which shall certainly

Wil. Pryn. London: Printed for the Ashappen this present year 1647. by strange

signs of Will. Pryn, next Door to the fires, and crete waters, by spirits and

Devil. MDCXCI. 4°, A-E 2 in fours. Tivills appearing in many places of tis The Welsh-Mans Glory; or, the Famous Kingdome, ... Also her Kings coming Victories of the Ancient Britons obtain'd home to her Crete Counsell. Printed upon St. David's Day. London: Printed with her free consent and leave, to be by Thomas Dawks, His Majesties British published and sold to her teere Pretren Printer, at the West-End of Thamesof England, with all her plood and heart. Street. A ballad. Ouvry Cat, No. 78. 1647 (1646.] 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. An Ancient Survey of Pen Maen Mawr, The Welsh Physitian, Her New way to

North Wales; From the Original Manucure all kind of Diseases in her Churches script of the time of Charles I. Attriand Common-Wealths. . By Shinkin buted to Sir John Gwynne or Wynn, of ap Morgan, professor of her Medicall Arts Gwedyr. and Sciences. Printed for the good of

A MS. printed by Halliwell, 89, 1860. her Countrey-men, this present year, 1647. WALKER, ANTHONY, D.D. 4°, 4 leaves. With a cut of the physician Fax Fonte Accensa, Fire out of Water : on title. B. M.

Or, An Endeavour to Kindle Devotion,

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from the Consideration of the Fountains with Perfect Copies of all the Votes, LetGod hath made. Designed for the Bene- ters, Proposals, London: Printed by fit of those who use the Waters of Tun- W. B. for Sam. Keble . . . 1705. Folio. bridg-Wells ... Two Sermons


A, 2 leaves (but repeated): a, 2 leaves: b, Anthony Walker, D.D. London, 2 leaves, with the reverse of b 2 occupied Printed for Nathaniel Ranew

by an equestrian portrait of Charles I: MDCLXXXIV. 8°, A-H in twelves. B—3 0 2 in fours. With a plate of the WALKER, CLEMENT.

King, attended by the author writing on

a drum-head. Dedicated to the Queen. The History of Independency, with the

The engraving attached to this volume Rise, Growth, and Practices of that power- appears to be an indifferent copy of an ori. full and restlesse Faction. Printed

ginal picture formerly in the possession of in the yeare, 1648. 4°, A_K in fours. the Clopton family. Relations and Observations, Historical WALKER, GEORGE. and Political, upon the Parliament begun

A True Account of the Present State of Anno Dom. 1640. Divided into II. Ireland, Giving A full Relation of the Books: 1. The Mystery of the two Junto's New Establishment made by the late .. 2. The History of Independency, &c.

King James, as it was presented to the Together with an Appendix, touching

Right Honble the Earl of Shrewsbury, the Proceedings of the Independent Fac

His Majesties Principal Secretary of State, tion in Scotland. ... Printed in the Year and others of His Majesties most Honour1648. 4°, A-Bb in fours : the Second able Privy Council. With an account of Part, with a fresh title, A-Ll in fours,

what Sums of Money, Arms, and Number LI 4 blank, besides *, 3 leaves, and a

of Officers arrived there from France : large folded engraving of Cromwell di- Together with the State of Derry and recting the demolition of the Royal Oak. Enniskilling, and several other Affairs

The dedications to the King and Fairfax relating to that Kingdom, particularly of are signed Theodor. Verax.

the Proceedings of their Parliament there. The High Court of Justice, or Cromwels By a Person that with great difficulty New Slaughter-House in England, With left Dublin, June the gth 1689. Licensed the Authority that Constituted, and Or- and Entred according to Order. Printed dained it. Arraigned, Convicted, and by Edw. Jones, for Robert Clavel . Condemned, for Usurpation, Treason, MDCLXXXIX. 4°, A-E 2 in fours, inTyranny, Theft and Murder. Being thé cluding a half-title. Third Part of the History of Indepen- An Apology for the Failures Charg'd on dency, written by the same Authour. the Reverend Mr. George Walker's PrinPrinted Anno Domini 1651. In the ted Account of the late Siege of Derry, second Year of the States Liberty, and In a Letter to the Undertaker of a more the Peoples Slavery. 40, A-I in fours. Accurate Narrative of that Siege. PrinWALKER, SIR EDWARD, Knight,

ted in the Year 1689. 4°, B-E 2 in fours,

and the title. Garter, Principal King of Arms, Secretary of War to Charles I., and Clerk of WALKER, HENRY, the Ironmonger. the Council to Charles II.

A Remarkable Revelation of the WanHistorical Discourses upon Several Occa

drings of the Church of England in Idolsions: I. The happy Progress and Success atry, Superstition, and Ceremonies, of the Arms of K. Charles I. ... from

By H. Walker Cantab. Printed by Tho: the 30th of March, to the 234 of Novem- Harper. 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. ber, 1644. Written by His Majesty's A Gad of Steele, wrought and tempered especial Command, and corrected, almost for the Heart to defend it from being in every Page, with His own Hand. II. battred by Sathans temptation, ... By

Ву Memorials of His said Majesty's unfortu- Hen. Walker . . . London, Printed by nate Success in the Year following. III.

B. A. and T. F. 1641. 4°, 6 leaves. A Journal of several Actions performed

With a cut on the title. B. V. in the Kingdom of Scotland, . . . IV. Corda Angliæ: Or, The Generall Expres. The Life and Actions of Thomas Howard, sions of the Land: Moving XXV. ParticuEarl of Arundel and Surrey . . . V. A lars to the Honourable Assembly in the full Answer to a Book entituled, Mon- High Court of Parliament. That the archy or no Monarchy ... VII. Obser- Chvrch of England may become a glovations on the Annals of the Reign of rious Church of God. By H. Walker.] King Charles the First Publish'd by Printed in the yeare 1644. 4°, A, 4 leaves: Hamond L'Estrange, Esq. . . . Together B-E, 2 leaves each. B. M.


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