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Mercvrivs Morbicus, Or, Newes from dith, : : . MDCXCII. 12°, A-L in twelves, Westminster, and other Parts. Printed L 12 blank. in the Yeare, 1647. 4o.

Dedicated by C. G. in a new Epistle to The number before me is marked 4.

"all the Fair-Sex." He speaks of the book The Protestants Grammar, For Helpe to

as written supposedly by a learned bishop. Beleevers to understand the Scriptures.

Artis Rationis.

Maxima ex parte ad

mentem Nominalium. Written by Henry Walker, S.S.

Libri Tres. Theol. S. London, Printed for Robert

Oxonii, . Anno Dom. 1673. 8o. a, Ibbitson & John Clowes, 1648.

6 leaves: A—M in sixes. With a frontissmall 8°, A-D in eights. Dedicated to

piece. the Earl of Manchester. B. M.

WALKER, WILLIAM. Collections of Notes Taken at the Kings

The Jovrnall, Or Dayly Register, ConTryal, at Westminster Hall, on Saturday

tayning A Trve manifestation, and Hislast, Janua. 20. 1648. . . Which Notes

toricali declaration of the voyage, accomwere taken by H. Walker, who was pre

plished by eight shippes of Amsterdam, sent at the Tryall that day. London,

vnder the conduct of Iacob Corneliszen Printed for Robert Ibbitson. 1649. 4°,

Neck, Admirall, & Wybrandt van War4 leaves.

wick'Vice-Admirall, which sayled from A Sermon Preached in the Chappell at

Amsterdam the first day of March, 1598. Sommerset - House in the Strand, on

Shewing the Covrse they kept, and what

other notable matters happened vnto Thursday the 27 day of June 1650. It

them in the sayd voyage. Imprinted at being the day on which the Lord Generall Cromwell entred into the power of

London for Cuthbert Burby & Iohn

Flasket: ... 1601. 4°, A-Q in fours, Q 4 being Captain Generall and Commander in Chief of all the Forces called, and to

blank, besides a leaf of dedication by be raised by Authority of Parliament,

Walker to Master Thomas Smith, Sheriff within the Common-wealth of England.

of London, &c. Grenv. Coll. By Hen: Walker, Minister of Gods WALKER, WILLIAM. Word, at Knightsbridge in Middlesex. A Treatise of English Particles Shewing Printed at London for Robert Ibbitson How to render them according to the

1650. 4°, A-D in fours. B. M. Proprietie and Elegancie of the Latine The coeval hand has scored out Minister with a Praxis upon the same. Whereand substituted Ironmonger.

unto is Affix't Idiomatologiæ Anglo-latina Trathmata, Sweet-Meats. Or, Resolves Specimen Or, A Taste of an Englishin all Cases who are Beleevers. By latine Phraseologie. At first intended H. Walker, Pastor (Ironmonger) of the for the private benefit of Louth-School Church of Christ at Martins Vintry Lon- but now published for the

Common good don. Printed at London for R. Ibbitson, By W. W. Master of the Free Grammar... 1654. 12o. Title preceded by verses School of K. Edward the VI., in Louth by Laurence Castle, 2 leaves : A, 8 leaves: in Lincolnshire. London, Printed by R. B-H 2 in twelves. Dedicated to the & W. L. for T. Garthwait... 1655. 8o. Protector. B. M.

Title, and two dedications, 3 leaves : ASerious Observations: Lately made,

3 L in fours. Touching his Majesty Charles the Second, The Royal Grammar, commonly called King of England, Published to in. Lilly's Grammar, Explained Ву form the People. Per H. Walker, S.S. William Walker ... The Second EdiT.S. London, Printed for R. I. and are tion. London, Printed for Robert Powlet to be sold by William Gilbertson.

1674. 8°, A-Ii 4 in eights. 1660. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.


Victorious Love : A Tragedy, As it is A Discourse of Auxiliary Beauty. Or Acted at the Theatre-Royal in DrewryArtificiall Hansomenesse. In point of Lane. Written by Mr. William Walker Conscience between Two Ladies. Printed Heu ! quamvis puerum me quoque vexat for R: Royston, at the Angel in Ivie- amor. London, Printed for Ralph Smith Lane, 1656. 8o. A, 4 leaves: B-N in 1698. 49, A-F in fours. Dedi. eights: 0, 4 leaves. With a small slip of cated to James Kendal Esq, one of the Errata at Bl.

Lords of the Admiralty. A Discourse of Artificial Beauty; In Marry or do Worse. A Comedy. As it Point of Conscience between Two Ladies. is now Acted, At the New Theatre in London, Printed by J. L. for Luke Mere- Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields, By Her Ma




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jesty's Servants. London, Printed for Richard Basset, . . . 1704. 4, A-K in fours. WALLACE, SIR WILLIAM. The Life and Acts of ...Sir William Wallace Edinburgh, Printed by Gideon Lithgow. Anno Dom. 1661, 128, black letter, A-R 6 in twelves, R 6 blank. The Life and Acts of Sir William Wallace ... Glasgow, Printed by Robert Sanders . . 1685. 12°, black letter. *, 12 leaves : **, 4 leaves : A, 8 leaves : B-P 3 in twelves. A New Edition of the Life and Heroick Actions of the Renown'd General and Governour of Scotland. Wherein the Old obsolete Words are rendered more intelligible Glasgow, Printed by William Duncan, A.D. M.DCC.XXII. 8°, a— 2 in fours : A-Z in eights, Z blank. Dedicated by William Hamilton of Gilbertfield to the Duke of Hamilton, The Life and Acts of Sir William Wallace . . . Belfast. Printed by James Blow ... 1728. 12°, A-S in twelves and sixes. De Gestis Illustrissimi Herois Gulielmi Vallæ Scotiæ olim Custodis, Collectanea Varia. Quorum pleraque Nunc primum e Manuscriptis in Lucem prodeunt : .. Edinburgi Excudebat M. Andreas Sym

1705. 8o. Title and dedication, 2 leaves : A*_C* in fours : D*, 1 leaf : [a title_to Valliados,] title, &c., 4 leaves : A–F 3 in fours : [a new title:] Valliados Libri Sex ... A-G 4 in fours; Relationes quædam, a-q in fours. Edited

by Sir Robert Sibbald, M.D. WALLER, EDMOND. The Works of Edmund Waller Esqr. In Verse and Prose. Published by Mr. Fenton. London Printed for I. Tonson in ye

e Strand. MDCCXXIX. 4°, pp. 1–450 + (Observations) pp. i-xcii, besides portrait, four plates, title, Fenton's dedication, 4 leaves : Contents, 4 leaves. Poems, &c. .

By Edmond Waller, Esq; Never till now Corrected and Published with the approbation of the Author. . . London, Printed for Henry Herringman,

1664. 8° A, 4 leaves : B-O in eights, O 8 blank. Poems, &c. By Edmond Waller, Esq; The third Edition, with several Additions. Never before Printed London, Printed for Henry Herringman, 1668. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B-Q in eights.

Poems, &c. Written upon several Occasions The fourth Edition, with several Additions, Never before Printed. London, Printed for Henry Herringman

. . 1682. 89. A, 6 leaves: B-V 2 in eights. With a portrait by Van der Banck. Poems, &c. . . . By Edmond Waller, Esq; The Sixth Edition with several Additions. Never before Printed London, Printed for H. Herringman, and sold by Francis Saunders ... 1693. 8o. A, 3 leaves : B-V in eights.

With a portrait. Poems, &c. By Edmond Waller, Esq; The Eighth Edition, with Additions. To which is Prefix'd The Author's Life. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson .. 1711. 8o. A, 4 leaves: a-f 4 in eights: B-Ee 4 in eights. With two portraits of Waller, portraits of Lady Carlisle and Lady Sunderland, and a plate of the monument. Poems, &c. ... The Ninth Edition, with Additions. To which is Prefix'd The Author's Life. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson ... 1712. 12o. A, 12 leaves: amb in twelves: B-N in twelves. With a portrait. A Worthy Speech made in the Hovse of Commons this present Parliament, 1641. 1. That Parliaments are the only way

for advancing the Kings affaires. 2. That the restoring of the property

of goods and freedome of the Subject is a chiefe meanes to maintaine Religion and obedience to his Ma

jestie. By Mr. W. London, Printed for John Nicholson, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves. A Speech Made by Master Waller Esquire, in the Honorable House of Commons, concerning Episcopacie, whether it should be committed or rejected. Printed, 1641. Iuly 3. 4°, 4 leaves. An Honorable, And Learned Speech made By Mr. Waller in Parliament, Against the Prelates Innovations, False Doctrine, and Discipline ; reproveing the Perswation of some Clergie-men to his Majestie of Inconveniencies: ... Printed for Richard Smithers, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves.

From some coeval memoranda in a copy of Waller's Poems, 1645, sold among Mr. Way's books, July 1, 1881, it appears that these speeches are very unsatisfactorily given there, and that the same is the case with some of the poems. I have not compared the texts of the original 4. impressions of the former, but should imagine them to be very faulty.

son ...






A Panegyrick to My Lord Protector, of WALLIS, RALPH. the present Greatness and joynt Interest Room for the Cobler of Gloucester and of His Highness and this Nation. By E. his Wife with several Cartloads of AboW. Esq.

London, Printed for Richard minable Irregular, pitiful stinking Priests: Lowndes at the White Lyon in S. Pauls as also a Demonstration of their Calling Church-yard, . . . 1655. 4°, A-B in after the manner of the Church of Rome, fours, A 1 and B 4 blank. In verse. but not according to Magna Charta, the A Poem on St James's Park As lately

Rule of the Gospel. Whereunto is Added, improved by his Maiesty. Written by Bishop, and the Honour of a Cobler, the

A Parallel between the Honour of a Lord Edmund Waller, Esq; London, Printed for Gabriel Bedel and Thomas Collins

Cobler being proved the more Honour... 1661. Folio, A-D, 2 leaves each.

able Person. “Printed for the Author,

1668. 4, A-E in fours. Chiefly in Instructions to a Painter For the Drawing of the Posture & Progress of His

Dedicated to his wife by R. Wallis. At Maties Forces at Sea, Under the Command the end occurs an Imprimatur also subof His Highness Royal. Together with scribed by him. the Battel & Victory obtained over the

WALSH, PETER. Dutch, June 3, 1665. By Edm. Waller Esq; London, Printed for Henry P[eter] W[alsh's] Reply, To the Person Herringman . . . 1666. Folio, A-D, 2

of Quality's Answer: Dedicated to His

Grace, The Duke of Ormond. [Quot. leaves each, and a leaf of E. The following letter to a gentleman, re

from 2 Kings, 15, 31.] Paris, Printed in commending Christopher Wase as governor

the Year 1664. 4°, A-Y 2 in fours, and to the Earl of Devonshire's son, is entirely *A, 2 leaves. in the autograph of Waller, except the date :-“April, 1652. Si My Noble freind

Four Letters on severall Subjects, To the Earle of Deuenshire being now about

Persons of Quality. The Fourth being to send the young Lord his sonn into the an Answer to the Bishop of Lincoln's world hath asked my aduise conserning a Book, Entituled, Popery, &c. By Peter gouerner for him wch occasion I tooke to

Walsh, of St. Francis's Order, Professor comend our good frend Mr Wase, speaking 80 well (that is so deservedly) of him, that

of Divinity ... Printed Anno 1686. 8o. my Lord hath a great desire to see & con.

Title and dedication to the Duke of Orferr wth him & to that end will beare his mond, 3 leaves: a-c 4 in eights: B-Pp charges to Latimers in Buckinghamshire, in eights. where his Ldp now is. Truly (S") if M' Wase be not provided of some other very WALSINGHAM, EDWARD. good imployment, he can not come into a Britannica Virtutis Imago.

Or, The nobler family in England, n" have better Effigies of Trve Fortitvde, Expressed to entertainment any where. This is the opinion of, S, Y' obedient Servant,

the life, in the famous actions of that in

“WALLER." comparable Knight, Major Generall This letter occurred at Sotheby's, July Smith, Who is here represented, June, 23, 1870, and was sold for £7. 28. 6d. 1644. Oxford, Printed by Henry Hall, WALLER, WILLIAM.

in the Yeare 1644. 4°, A-D in fours. The Confession of a Papist Priest Who

Grenv. Coll. was hanged drawn and quartred at Ti

WALSINGHAM, FRANCIS. burne, For seducing the Kings people,

Arcana Aulica ... To which is added the 26. of July 1641, and had foure severall names which are these, William

Fragmenta Regalia By Sr Robert

Nannton. London, Printed for Matthew Waller, alias Walker, alias Ward, alias Slater. [1641.] A broadside,

Gilliflower : : : 1694. 12°, A—M 6 in

twelves, including the frontispiece. WALLER, SIR WILLIAM.

Walsingham's Manual, Or, Prudential An Answer to Dagons Fall; Or the

Maxims for Statesmen and Courtiers : Knight turned out of Commission: Being

With Instructions for Youth, Gentlemen, a Vindication of Sir W. W[aller.] Folio,

and Noblemen. By Sir Walter Raleigh, 2 leaves. In verse. [1680.]

Lord Treasurer Burleigh, and Cardinal Sir William Waller His Vindication. By Sermonetta. The Second Edition. Lona Friend that understood his Life and

don: ... MDCCXXVIII (Price 2s. 6d.) 12°, Conversation. Printed in the Year 1680.

A-0 in twelves, last leaf with the Folio, 2 leaves subscribed Jonathan Errata. Heading.

The copy here used has MSS. notes by A satirical piece.

Thomas Baker, the socius ejectus.


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An epitaphe in verse vpon the complaint An Antidote against Master Edwards of the people for the death of Sir Francis His Old and New Poyson : Intended to Walsingham. Licensed to W. Wright, preserve this long distempered Nation 27 April, 1590.

from a most dangerous Relaps . . . By WALSINGHAM, THOMAS.

William Walwin. London, Printed by Historia Breuis Thomæ Walsingham, ab

Thomas Paine, ... 1646. 8°, A-B4 Edwardo primo, ad Henricum quintum.

in eights. B. M. Londini Excusum apud Henricum Binne- A Prediction of Mr. Edwards His Conman ... Anno Domini 1574. Folio, A- version and Recantation. By William Rr 2 in sixes, besides the title and Table. Walwin. London, Printed by T. P. for WALTON, IZAAK.

G. Whittington and N. Brookes, ... 1646. The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry 8', A-B 4 in eights, B 4 blank. B. M. Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George WANLEY, NATHANIEL, M.A. Herbert. Written by Izaak Walton. To The Wonders of the Little World : Or, which are added some Letters written by A General History of Man. In Six Books. Mr. George Herbert, at his being in Cam- Wherein by many Thousands of Examples bridge : with others to his Mother, the is shewed what Man hath been from the Lady Magdalen Herbert, written by John First Ages of the World to these Times. Donne, afterwards Dean of St. Pauls ... By Nath. Wanley, M.A. and Vicar London, Printed by Tho. Newcomb for of Trinity Parish in the City of Coventry Richard Marriott ... 1670. 8°. With

. . London, Printed for Thomas Basset, portraits of the four persons named. A- .. 1678. Folio. A, 2 leaves : a, 4 G 4 in eights, A with 7 leaves : the Life leaves : B-Nnnn in fours : 40, 2 leaves: of Wotton, A-F 4 in eights, but A, 4 4P, 1 leaf : 4 Q, 2 leaves. Dedicated to leaves only: the Life of Hooker, A, 4 Sir Harbottle Grimston, Master of the leaves: B-F in eights : the Life of Her- Rolls. bert, A-G 4 in eights.

WAPPING. The Lives of Dr. John Donne. The

A Full and True Aceount of the LamenFourth Edition London, Printed by table and Dreadful Fire that Began in Tho. Roycroft for Richard Marriot ... Cinnamon-Street in Wapping on the 1675. 80, A-Aa 4 in eights, including Nineteenth of this Instant November, the four portraits, which count in the 1682. About Nine of the Clock in the sheets, that of Donne occupying A l. Evening, by which were consumed a The Life of John Donne, Dr. in Divinity, Thousand Houses, besides vast quantities and late Dean of Saint Pavls Church of Goods, Forty People Kill'd in attemptLondon. The second impression corrected ing to extinguish it ... London, Printed and enlarged. [Quot. from Ecclus. 48, 14.] for Langley Curtis, 1682. Folio, 2 leaves. London, Printed by J. G. for R. Marriot,

A True Relation of the late Dreadful 1658. 8°, A-G in twelves, title on A 2. Dedicated to Sir Robert Holt, of

Fire, in Wapping, ... which happened

on Sunday, the 19th of November, beAston, co. Warwick.

tween Nine and Ten at Night As also of First separate edition, the first having been printed with Donne's Sermons.

another Fire, that happened on Thursday, The Life of Mr. George Herbert. Written

the 23th of November, in Winchesterby Izaack Walton. [Quot. from Wisdom

Parke in Southwark. [Col.] London, of Solomon, 4, 10.] London, Printed by

Printed by George Croom, in ThamesTho: Newcomb for Richard Marriott, sold

street, over against Baynard's Castle. by most Booksellers. M.DC.LXX. 8°, A

1682. Folio, 2 leaves. -K 2 in eights, but only 7 leaves in A.

A Wonder of Wonders Or The Dumb With a portrait by R. White.

Maid in London, in Wapping, restored to The Life of Dr. Sanderson, Late Bishop

her Speech again. . . . Edinburgh, Reof Lincoln. Written by Izaak Walton.

printed in the Year 1709. 8°, 4 leaves. To which is added, Some short Tracts or

WAR. Cases of Conscience, written by the said The Free Schoole of Warre, Or, A TreaBishop. [Quot. from Eccles. 3.) London, tise, whether it be lawfvll to beare armes Printed for Richard Marriott. 1678. 8o. for the seruice of a Prince that is of a A, 7 leaves : a-o in eights : A-T 4 in diuers Religion. London, Printed by eights. With a portrait by R. White. Iohn Bill, ... 1625. 4°, A-K in fours, Dedicated to the Bishop of Winchester. first leaf blank.

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A translation from the French by W. B. nicarum Regnante Henrico VII, Annales Copies occur on large paper.

Nunc primum in lucem editi. Londini, The Miseries of Warre. By a lover of Typis E. Tyler, ... MDCLVIII. 8°, A-Gg Trvth and Peace: And by him Dedicated in eights, first and last leaves blank, to all that are such. Printed for Nicholas besides the frontispiece by Hollar. Vavasour. 1643. 4°, 4 leaves. B. M. The Hunting of the Romish Fox, and the WARD, ROBERT.

Quenching of Sectarian Fire - Brands : Animadversions of Warre : Or, A Mili- Being a Specimen of Popery & Separatarie Magazine of the Trvest Ryles, and tion, Collected by the Honourable Sir Ablest Instrvctions, for the Managing of James Ware Knight, out of the Memorials Warre. Composed, of the most Refined of Eminent Men both in Church and Discipline, and Choice Experiments that State, viz. A. B. Cranmer. . . . And now these late Netherlandish, and Swedish Published for the Publick Good, By warres have produced. With divers new Robert Ware Gent, Dublin, Printed by inventions, both of Fortifications and J. Ray, for Will. Norman, Bookbinder Stratagems. As also Sundry Collections to His Grace James Duke of Ormond. out of the most approved Authors, ancient 1683. 89, A-R 4 in eights, and the title. and moderne, : . . In two Bookes. By WARING, ROBERT. Robert Ward, Gentleman and Commander An Account of Mr. Pryn's Refutation of

. . London, Printed by Iohn Dawson, the Vniversity of Oxfords Plea. Sent to and are to be sold by Francis Eglesfield, a Friend in a second Letter from Oxford.

1639. Folio. (*) 8 leaves : A-li Printed in the yeare, 1648. 4°, A-B in in sixes. With woodcuts on the letter

fours, B 4 blank. press and folded plates at pp. 62, 84. The letter is signed at the end Basilius There are 8 leaves in I, and prefixed is a

Philomusus. frontispiece by W. Marshall." Dedicated The Effigies of Love: Being A Translation to Charles I.

from the Latine, of Mr. Robert Waring With some verses at the beginning. of Christ-Church in Oxford, Master of WARDS AND LIVERIES, COURT OF. Arts, and Proctor of that University. A Commission with Instrvctions and To which is prefixt A Tombstone-EncoDirections, granted by his Maiestie to the mium, By the same Author, Sacred to the Master and Counsaile of the Court of niemory of the Prince of Poets, Ben. Wards and Liueries, For compounding Iohnson ; Also made English by the for Wards, Ideots, and Lunaticks, And same hand. [Quot. from Cowley's Misgiuen vnder His Highnesse great Seale of tress.] London: Printed in the Year 1680. England the eleuenth day of December 89. [a]—[c 4) in eights, including a fron1618. London, Printed by Bonham tispiece by T. Cross: A, 2 leaves : B-I 2 Norton and Iohn Bill, . M.DC.XVII. in eights. Br. Museum. 4, A-E 2 in fours, first and last leaves Dedicated by Robert Nightingale to the blank.

Fair and Excellent Lady Madam Sarah Compare p. 309.

Cock, and by the translator, W. Griffith, A Commission ...

in a second Epistle, to Sir John Birkenfor compounding for

head. The name of Nightingale has been Wards ... 21. of August 1622. London, stamped in. Printed by Bonham Norton and Iohn WARNER, LADY. Bill . . . M.DC.XXII. 4°, A-E in fours, The Life of the Lady Warner. In which first and last leaves blank.

the Motives of her Embraceing the Roman WARE, SIR JAMES.

Catholick Faith, quitting her Husband De Hibernia & Antiquitatibus ejus, Dis- and Children to become a Poor Clare at quisitiones. In Qvibvs, Præter ea quæ de Grittling, her Rigorous Life, and Happy Hiberniâ antiquâ explicantur, Mores & Death are declar'd. The Third Edition, Consuetudines Hibernorum, tàm veterum,

To which is added An Abridgment of the quàm mediorum temporum, describun- Life of her Sister-in-law Mrs. Elizabeth tur. Unâ cum formâ Imperii eorum ... Warner, in Religion Sister Mary Clare. Avthore Jacobo Waræo Equ. Aur. Lon- Written by a Catholick Gentleman. Londini, Typis J. Grismond, ... MDCLIV. 8°, don, Printed by Thomas Hales, in the A-R in eights, R 8 blank.

Year. 1696. 8°. a, 9 leaves : b, 8 leaves : Jacobi Waræi Equitis Aurati De Hiber.

c, 2 leaves : A-Aa 4 in eights : Con. nia & Antiquitatibus ejus, Disqvisitiones.

tents, 8 leaves. With a portrait. Editio Secunda Emendatior & quarta WARNER, WILLIAM. parte auctior. Accesserunt Rerum Hiber- Albions England : A Continued Historie

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