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Famovs Doctovr of the Chvrch, and R. R. and W. C. ... 1671. 8°, A-H Preacher of Gods word John Wickliffe, in eights, first leaf blank. sometime fellow of Merton, and Master

Flagellvm Poeticvm : Or, A Scourge for of Ballioll Coll. in Oxford, and afterwards

a Wilde Poet. Being An Answer to Dr. Parson of Lutterworth in Leicestershire.

Robert Wild's Letter, Directed to his Faithfully Printed according to two

Friend Mr. J. J. Upon Occasion of His ancient Manuscript Copies, extant; the

Majesties Declaration for Liberty of Conone in Benet Colledge in Cambridge, the

science. London, Printed for J. L. Anno other remaining in the Publike Librarie

Dom. 1672. 4°, A-B in fours. In prose at Oxford . .. At Oxford, Printed by

and verse. Ioseph Barnes, printer to the Vniversitie. 1608. 4o. 1, 4 leaves : A-H in fours: WILKINS, JOHN, Bishop of Chester. H 4 occupied by a short glossary.

The Discovery of a World in the Moone, Edited by Thomas James, and dedicated Or, A Discovrse tending to prove, that by him, in an interesting epistle, to Sir tis probable there may be another habiThomas Flemynge, Chief Justice of Eng. table World in that Planet. (Quot. land.

London, Printed by E. G. for Michael WIDOW.

Sparke and Edward Forrest. 1638. 8°. I will have a Wydow, yf ever I marye. A, 4 leaves, including a double titlepage, A ballad. Licensed to John Waley and the first leaf having an engraving: B-P the widow Toy in 1557-8.

4 in eights. The Complaynte of a Wedowe that now A Discourse concerning A New world & Weded ys / with a Warnynge to women Another Planet In 2 Bookes. Printed to take hede of this. A ballad. Licensed

for Iohn Maynard . . . 1640. 8°. Ento T. Colwell in 1564-5.

graved title by Marshall, i leaf : A, 4 A Warnyng for Wydowes that aged be / leaves : aa, 2 leaves : B-Q in eights, and How lusty yonge yough and age can R, 1 leaf : (a new title] A Discovrse conagre. A ballad. Licensed to W. Powell cerning A New Planet. Tending to prove, in 1566.

That 'tis probable our Earth is one of the

Planets. The second Booke, now first WIGMORE, DAME ANNA. A ladies present to a princesse, or godly

published. . . . London, Printed by R. H.

for Iohn Maynard, . . . 1640. prayers. Licensed to Hugh Perry, 19 June, 1627.

leaves : B-R 4 in eights, R 4 with


Mercvry, Or The Secret and Swift Mes. A short, yet a true and faithfull narration of the fearefull fire that fell in the towne

senger : Shewing, How a Man may with

Privacy and Speed communicate his of Wooburne, in the countie of Bedford,

Thoughts to a Friend at any distance. on Saturday the 13. of September last,

London, Printed by I. Norton, for Iohn Anno 1595. Together with a Christian admonition as to the particular people of

Maynard, and Timothy Wilkins, ...1641.

8°, A-) in eights, A 1 and M 7-8 blank. that place, so to the inhabitants of the

Dedicated by J. George Lord Berkewhole land, to make profitable and good

ley, with commendatory verses by Sir F. use of the same, as likewise of all judge

Kinaston, R. West of C. C. C. Oxford, ments past, as of those that are feared

Anthony Aucher, Richard Hatton, &c. may iustly fall upon us for our sinnes. [Three quotations.] At London Printed

Mercury : Or The Secret and Swift Mesby the Widdow Orwin, for Thomas Man.

senger. The Second Edition 1595. 89, 36 leaves. Dedicated by

London, Printed for Rich. Baldwin, Thomas Wilcocks from London, 1 Nov.

1694. 8°, A-M 6 in eights. 1595, to Sir John Popham and Sir Wil- Mathematicall Magick. Or, The Wonders liam Perrain. Mrs. How of Aspley Guise. That may be performed by Mechanicall

Geometry. In two Books. Concerning WILD, ROBERT. Iter Boreale. Together with some other

| Powers. Mechanicall

Motions. Select Poems, Not heretofore Printed.

Being one of the most easie, pleasant, useBy the same Author. London, Printed for

full, (and yet most neglected) part of L. F. and are to be sold at the Parrot in

Mathematicks. Not before treated of in St Paul's Church-yard 1661. 8°, A-D this language. By I. W. M.A. ... Lonin eights, A blank.

don, Printed by M. F. for Sa: Gellibrand Iter Boreale. . . . London, Printed for 1648. 8°, A-V 4 in eights, A I

aa, 6

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blank. With engravings. Dedicated to M.DC.XC. 4°. A, 2 leaves : B-E 1 in the Elector Palatine.


“This Book was sent me by Mr. Anthony Mathematical Magick. London :

Izzard on Fryday Aprill the 4th, 1690."-
Printed by Edw. Gellibrand 1680. MS. note on flyleaf.
89, A-V°4 in eights, first leaf blank. WILLIAM III., King of Great Britain.
With a portrait and cuts.

A Letter from His Highness the Prince An Essay Towards Real Character, of Orange, written in the Camp at QuarAnd a Philosophical Language. By John ringuan, the 18th of August, 1674. Wilkins D.D. Dean of Ripon, And Fellow Directed to the Lords in Council, conof the Royal Society. London, Printed cerning the late Fight. [Col.] London, for Sa: Gellibrand, . . . 1668. Folio. Printed for Henry Eversden,... [1674.] Title, 1 leaf : a-d 2 in fours, a 2 with

Folio, 2 leaves.
Errata : B-3 T3 in fours. Dedicated to

The Address of the Lords Spiritual and
Lord Brouncker, P.R.S.

Temporal, and Commons, To the WILKINS, RICHARD.

King's Most Excellent Majesty, Presented The Sope-Patentees of Londons Petition by the Lord Marquis of Halifax, ... with Opened and Explained. Or, The Un- His Maiesties Most Gracious Answer masking of these cruel Sope-Patentees thereunto. London, Printed by James deceitful Petition, presented by them to Partridge, ... 1682. Folio, 6 leaves, the Honorable House of Commons. including an Imprimatur. Wherein you have a Discovery made (in The True Copy of a Paper delivered by part and but in part) of the great Suffer- the Lord De to the Mayor of Darby, ings of this Common-wealth : As also of

where he quartered the One and Twentieth the special Sufferings of some Free-born

of November, 1688. London, Printed Subjects in their Liberties and Estates,

for John Goodman, 1688. A folio leaf. sustained by these cruel Sope-Monopolers. [Quotations.] London, Printed by I. F.

An Excellent New Song Or, The Orange for Iohn Rothwel, 1646. 4° A-C

Flag Display'd. To the Tune of, Hark in fours.

how the Thundring Cannons Roar. Printed

in the Year, 1688. A sheet, with the WILKINSON, JOHN, of Barnard's Inn. music. A Treatise Collected ovt of the Statvtes

An Answer to a Paper importing a Petiof this Kingdom, and according to common experience of the Lawes, concerning

tion of the Archbishop of Canterbury,

and Six other Bishops, to His Majesty, the office and authorities of Coroner and Sherifes. Together with an easie and

touching their not Distributing and Pub

lishing the late Declaration for Liberty of plain methode for the keeping of a Court

Conscience. With Allowance. LonLeet, Court Baron, and Hundred Court,

don, Printed by Henry Hills . . . 1688. &c. London, Printed for the Companie of Stationers. 1628. Cum Priuilegio.

4', A-C in fours. 8°, black letter, A-Cc in eights.

Rules and Articles for the better Govern

ment of His Majesties Land-Forces In WILKINSON, WILLIAM.

Pay. Published by his Majesties ComSystema Africanvm : Or A Treatise,

mand. London, . . . 1688. 8°, A-C 2 Discovering the Intrigues and Arbitrary

in eights. Black letter. Proceedings of the Guiney Company. And also how prejudicial they are to the

A Letter from the Archbishops and American Planters, the Woollen, and

Bishops, to the King's most Excellent other English Manufactures : To the

Majesty. [With the Answer.] Edinburgh, Visible Decay of Trade, and consequently

Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson greatly impairing the Royal Revenue,

...1688. A broadside, divided into two

leaves. which would be Infinitely Encreased, provided Merchants and Mariners were An Address to His Grace the Lord ArchEncouraged, who can discover several bishop of Canterbury, And the Right Places not yet known, or traded unto, by

Reverend the Bishops, upon account of the African Company. Together with a their late Petition. By a true Member True Account of their Fortifications. of the Church of England. With AllowHumbly submitted to their Majesties,

London, Printed, and are to be and to the consideration of both Houses sold by Randall Taylor. 1688. 4°, 4 of Parliament. By William Wilkinson

leaves. Mariner. London, Printed in the Year A Letter to the Honourable Major

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Slingsby, Lieutenant-Governour of Portsmouth. [Circa 1688.] A folio leaf. The Declaration of the Nobility, Gentry, and Commonalty at the Rendezvous at Nottingham, Nov. 22. 1688. A sheet. The Aphorismes of the Kingdome. [London, circa 1688.] 4°, A-H 2 in fours. Without a regular title or any other indi. cation. The Declaration of the Lords and Commons Assembled at Westminster, Presented to their Highnesses, The Prince and Princess of Orange, At White-Hall the 13th of February, 1689. Printed in the Year 1689. Folio, 2 leaves. A Third Collection of Papers Relating to the Present Juncture of Affairs in England. Viz. I. The Expedition of the Prince of Orange for England ; . . . II. A Further Account of the Prince's Army, in a Letter from Exon, ... III. Three Letters. 1. A Letter from a Jesuit of Leige, IV. Popish Treaties not to be rely'd on : In a Letter from a Gentleman at York, • . . London printed, . 1688. 4°, B-F in fours, F 4 blank, and the title. A Short Historical Account Touching the Succession of the Crown. London, Printed for Richard Baldwin, in the Year 1689. A folio leaf. The Grievances of the Church of England which are not in the power of the Governours of it to remedy. By a Member of the Church of England. Printed for R. Baldwin, ... 1689. A folio leaf. The Address of the Lords Spriritual & Temporal, and Commons, to the King's most Excellent Majesty, for Maintaining the Church of England as by Law Established: With His Majesty's Most Gracious Answer thereunto. In the Savoy: ... 1689. A folio leaf. A Speech Made by the Right Honourable the Earl of Arran, to the Scotch Nobility and Gentry, met together in, the Council Chamber in White-Hall, on the Eighth of January 1688, about an Address to His Highness the Prince of Orange, to take upon him the Government of the Kingdom of Scotland. London, Printed for T. J. 1689. A folio leaf. The Form of the Intended Coronation Oath Agreed upon by the Committee. London, Printed for J. Lyford. 1689. A folio leaf. The Publick Grievances of the Nation, Adjudged Necessary, by the Honourable

the House of Commons, to be Redressed. Printed in the Year, 1689. A folio leaf. A Word to the Wise, for Setling the Government. London, Printed for Richard Janeway. 1689. A folio leaf. The Address of the Honourable the House of Commons: Presented to His Majesty on Thursday the 25th day of April, 1689. With His Majesty's Answer thereunto. London, Printed by Charles Bill, and Thomas Newcomb, MDCLXXXIX. Folio, 2 leaves. To the Honourable the Commons of England Assembled in Parliament. A Short Account of One of the Great Grievances of the Nation, Humbly Presented by James Whiston. [May 14, 1689.] Folio, 6 leaves.

This tract relates to imprisonment for debt. Their Highness the Prince & Princess of Orange's Opinion about a General Liberty of Conscience, &c. Being a Collection of Four Select Papers. . . . London, Printed, and are to be sold by Richard Janeway,

1689. 4°, A-Ě 2 in fours, and the title. The Advantages of the Present Settlement, and the Great Danger of a Relapse. London: Printed for Ric. Chiswell, . . MDCLXXXIX, 4°, A-E in fours. A Specimen of a Declaration against Debauchery, Tendered to the Consideration of His Highness the Prince of Orange, and of the Present Convention of the Nation. [1689.] 4°, 2 leaves. K. William, or K. Lewis: Wherein is set forth the Inevitable Necessity these Nations lye under, of submitting Wholly to one or other of these Kings; And that the Matter in Controversie is not now between K. William and James, but between K. William and K. Lewis of France, For the Government of these Nations, Written out of Cheshire by a Gentleman lately arrived there from Ireland. London, Printed for Ric. Chiswell ... MDCLXXXIX. 4', A-B 2 in fours. A Friendly Conference concerning the New Oath of Allegiance to K. William, and Q. Mary. ... London : Printed for Samuel Smith ... 1689. 4°, A-E in fours, first leaf having an Advertisement. Considerations humbly Offered for taking the Oath of Allegiance to King William and Queen Mary. . . . London, Printed by J. Leake, for Awnsham Churchill... MDCLXXXIX. 4°, A-I in fours, last leaf with advertisements.





The Courtly Triumph ; or an Excellent Entituled, The Character of a Jacobite, By new Song upon the Coronation of K. what Name or Title soever Dignify'd or William and Q. Marie ; which was Distinguish'd ; written by a Person of splendidly celebrated on the 11th of April Quality. London, Printed for Richard 1689. To the tune of Cannons roar. A Baldwin ... 1690. 4°, A-D in fours. ballad. Ouvry Cat. No. 73.

Reflections on the Petition & Apology for An Enquiry into the Present State of

the Six Deprived Bishops. With a VinAffairs : And in particular, Whether we dication of those that refused to subscribe owe Allegiance to the King in these Cir

the said Petition. London, Printed for cumstances ? And whether we are bound

J. Johnson, 1690. 4°, A-B in fours. to Treat with Him, and call Him back again, or not? Published by Authority,

The True Cause of all our Miseries, DisLondon : Printed for John Starkey, and

covered in their Visible Effects : As I Ric. Chiswell ... MDCLXXXIX.

4°, 8 find it (to my great Satisfaction) most leaves.

manifest, in The Layman's Religion, lately An Answer to two Papers, Called, A Lords

published, Licensed, Octob. 1. 1690.

Col.] London, Printed for Walter KetSpeech Without-Doors, and a Commoners Speech. Wherein the Objections against

tilby ... 1690. Folio, 5 leaves. the present Management of Affairs are

Two Dreams: Viz. 1. The Dream of the dissolved. By a Lover of his Countrey.

French King Lewis XIV. called the With Allowance. London Printed. . Great, and the Immortal ; as he lately 1689. 4°, A-E in fours, and the title- told it to the Lords of his Court. II. page.

The Dream of Mary d'Esté Princess of The Royal Voyage, Or The Irish Expedi

Modena, and Wife to James II. late King tion : A Tragicomedy, Acted in the Years

of England. With the Interpretations

thereof. Translated out of French. Lon1689 and 90.Regis ad E.cemplum. Claud. London: Printed for Richard Baldwin,

don, Printed by J. D. ... MDCXC. 4°,

A-E 2 in fours. in the Old-Bailey, A.D. 1690. 4°, Title and to the Reader, 3 leaves : B-I 2 in Plain English: Humbly offered to the fours.

Consideration of His Majesty, And his A Letter to a Friend, upon the Dissolving Great Council, The Lords and Commons of the Late Parliament, and the Calling Obsequium amicos, veritas odium parit. of a New One. Together with a List of London, Printed in the Year, 1690. 4°. those who were against making the Prince Title and Errata, 2 leaves : B-E 2 in and Princess of Orange, King and Queen,

fours. London : Printed in the Year 1690. A Plain English . . . The Second Edition: folio leaf.

with a Short Preface ; and an Appendix The Vision. A sheet in verse. [Circa London, Printed for the Author, 1690.

1690. 4°, A-E in fours, a leaf of F, and A Modest Enquiry into the Causes of the

the title. present Disasters in England. And wlio Reasons why the Rector of P. took the they are that brought the French Fleet into Oath of Allegiance to King William and the English Channel, Described. London: Queen Mary. London, Printed by H. Printed for Richard Baldwin ...

Clark, for the Author, . . . 1690. 4°, 4°, B-F in fours, F 4 blank, and the A-C in fours. titlepage.

A Copy of Mr. Ashton's Paper, Delivered The Royal Adventure, Or, Joy to King to the Sheriff at the Place of Execution, William. Being an Excellent New Song, January 28. 169;. A folio leaf. wishing Him all Health, Happiness, and A Second Letter to a Friend, Concerning Prosperity, in the Irish Expeditions. ... the French Invasion. In which the DeLondon, Printed for T. Howkins, ... 1690. claration lately dispersed under the Title A sheet.

of His Majesty's most Gracious Declaration The Orange. A sheet in verse. [Circa ... is entirely and exactly Published, 1690. Relating to the case of Judith according to the dispersed Copies; with Wilks.]

some short Observations upon it. LonTo the Brazen Head. With the Answer.

don: Printed . . . MDCXCII. 4°, B-G In verse. [Circû 1690.) A sheet.

in fours, besides the title and imprimatur. The Character of a Williamite : Being Act and Order of Council, for Sequestratthe Reverse of a late unlicensed Treatise, ing the Rents of such as are in Rebellion






against their Majesties. God save King William and Queen Mary. Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson ... Anno Dom, 1690. A broadside, The Account given by Sir John Ashby Vice-Admiral, And Reere-Admiral Rooke to the Lords Commissioners, of the Engagement at Sea between the English, Dutch, and French Fleets. June the 30th. 1690. With a Journal of the Fleet since their departure from St. Hellens, to their return to the Buoy-in-the-Nore, and other Material Passages relating to the said Engagement. London, Printed for Randal Taylor near Stationers-Hall, 1691. 4°, B-E in fours, besides the title and Imprimatur. Relation Du Voyage de sa Majesté Britannique en Hollande, Et de la Reception qui luy a eté faite. Enrichie de Planches tres-curieuses. Avec un Recit abregé de ce qui s'est passé de plus considerable depuis l'arrivée de sa Majesté en Hollande le 31. de Janvier, jusqu'a son retour en Angleterre, au Mois d'Avril 1691. & l'heureux succés de l'expedition d'Irlande, subjuguée par les Armes toujours victorieuses de sa Majesté. A la Haye, . MDCXCII. ... Folio. Title and frontis. piece, 2 leaves : *, 4 leaves : large portrait of William III.: A-Dd, 2 leaves each. With large engravings at pp. 18, 30, 32, 34, 44, 46, 50, 52, 54, 60, 62, 66, and 68. The Triumph-Royal: Containing A short Account of the most Remarkable Battels, Sieges, Sea-fights, Treaties, and Famous Atchievements of the Princes of the House of Nassau, &c. Describ'd in the Triumphal Arches, Piramids, Pictures, Inscriptions, and Devices, Erected at the Hague in Honour of William III. ... Curiously Engraven in 62 Figures on Copper Plates, with their Histories, an Elaborate Piece of Curiosity. First done in Dutch, then into French, and now into English. Dedicated to Her Majesty. London, Printed for Hen. Rhodes near Bride Lane in Fleetstreet, and John Harris at the Harrow in the Poultry. 1692. 8o. Title, dedication by the translator, J. Beek, to the Queen, and the Preface, 4 leaves : A–F in eights, and the plates. Reflections upon the Late Horrid Conspiracy Contrived by some of the French Court, to Murther His Majesty in Flanders : And for which Monsieur Grandvall, one of the Assassinates, was Executed. London : Printed for Richard Baldwin

.. 1692. 4o. Title and half-title, 2 leaves : B-F 2 in fours.

Vox Clero, Lil-ly bur-le-ro, Or, The Second Part of a Nerry New Ballad. To be sung

in the Jerusalem-Chamber, the 24th of this instant January. To the Tune of Youth, Youth, thou hadst dc. A sheet. In verse. A Desperate Combat between a Williamite Lady and a Jacobite. A ballad. Ouvry Cat. No. 70. The Tryals and Condemnation of Robert Charnock, Edward King, and Thomas Keyes, For the Horrid and Execrable Conspiracy to assassinate His Sacred Majesty, K. William, in order to a French Invasion of this Kingdom,

March 11. 1696. . . . London, Printed for Samuel Heyrick, . and Isaac Cleave, ... MDCXCVI. Folio, A-V, 2 leaves eachi, Al with licence. A True Copy of the Papers Delivered by Mr. Rob. Chernock, Mr. Ed. King, Mr. Th. Key, to the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, at Tyburn, . . . March 18th 1694. Published by Authority. London': Printed for William Rogers ... 1696. A folio leaf. The Arraignment, Tryal, and Condemnation of Sir William Parkins Knt. For the Most Horrid and Barbarous Conspiracy to Assassinate His Most Sacred Majesty King William ; And for Raising of Forces, in order to a Rebellion, and Encouraging a French Invasion, March 24. 169. London. Printed for Samuel Heyrick,

and Isaac Cleave, ... 1696. Folio, A-N, 2 leaves each. The Arraignments, Tryals and Condemnations of Charles Cranburne, and Robert Lowick, for the Horrid and Execrable Conspiracy to Assassinate King William,

the 22d of April, 1696. . . . London, Printed for Samuel Heyrick, and Isaac Cleave ... MDCXCVI. Folio, A-T, 2 leaves each. The Arraignments, Tryal, and Condemnation of Peter Cooke, Gent. For HighTreason, in Endeavouring to procure Forces from France to Invade this Kingdom, and Conspiring to levy War in this Realm for assisting and Abetting the said Invasion, the 13th of May. 1696.

Perused by the Lord Chief Justice Treby, and the Council present at the Tryal. London: Printed for Benjamin Tooke, . . . 1696. Folio, A-T, 2 leaves each. The Tryals of Joseph Dawson, Edward Forseith, William May, William Bishop, James Lewis, and John Sparkes. For

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