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The Wits, Or, Sport upon Sport. In With the Difference between Good and Select Pieces of Ürollery, Digested into Evil Angels, and a true Relation of a Scenes by way of Dialogue. Together good Genivs. By a Pen neer the Covent with variety of Humors of several Na- of Eluthery. London, Printed by H. B. tions, fitted for the pleasure and content for C. Wilkinson . Tho. Archer and of all Persons, either in Court, City, Tho. Burrell ... 1673. 8°. A, 4 leaves; Countrey, or Camp. The like never be- B-I in eights. fore Published. ... London, Printed for

A Discourse Proving by Scripture & Henry Marsh, at the Sign of the Princes

Reason and the Best Authors; Ancient Arms in Chancery-Lane, 1662. 8o. Collation of copy used : title, 1 leaf: To

and Modern, That there are Witches : the Readers, and the Catalogue of Drolls,

And how far their Power extends to the 2 leaves: no signature B: C-P2 in eights, doing of Mischief both to Man and Beast: the last five leaves occupied by advertise- And likewise the Use and Abuse of Astro

logy laid open. The Wits : Or, Sport upon Sport . . . Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live. Part I. London, Printed by E. C. for

Exod. 22, 18. F[r]ancis Kirkman, ... 1672. 8. Fron

London : Printed by J. M. and sold by tispiece, title, Catalogue of Drolls, and to

John Weld, 1686. 8°, A-I 4 in the Readers, 4 leaves : no B: C–O 5 in eights, A 1 and I 4 blank. eights. The frontispiece is the same as occurs

WITHALS, JOHN. before Merry Drollery Compleat, 1670.

A shorte dictionarie for yonge beginners. The Wits, Or, Sport upon Sport. Being

Gathered of good authours specially of a Curious Collection of several Drols and Columel, Grapald, and Plini. Anno, Farces, Presented and Shewn for the M.D.LXII. (Col.] Thus endeth this DicMerriment and Delight of Wise Men, tionarie, very necessary for children : and the Ignorant: As they have been Compiled by J. Withals. Imprinted at sundry times Acted in Publique, and

London in Fletestrete in the Late Horse Private, in London at Bartholomew, in

of Thomas Berthelet. Cvm Priuilegio. the Country, at other, Faires. In Halls 4', black and roman letter, A-23 and Taverns. On several Mountebanks

in fours. Stages, at Charing Cross, Lincolnes-Inn- Sothebys, Feb. 16, 1881, No. 572. This Fields, and other places. By Several

appears to be the edition printed by Berthelet's successor, to which I refer at 663

p. Stroleing Players, Fools, and Fidlers, and

of my Handbook, 1867. One, differing in the Mountebanks Zanies, With loud

collation and title, but of the same date, Laughter, and great Applause. Written is noticed ibid. I know not when, by several Persons, I A shorte dictionarie for yonge beginners. know not who ; But now newly Collected Gathered of good authours, specially of by your Old friend to please you, Francis

Columell, Grapald, and Plini. Anno. Kirkman. London, Printed for Fran.

M.D.LXVI, [London, H. Wykes?] 4°. Kirkman . . 1673. 8o. The prefixes, Bagford Papers Harl. MS. 5519 (orig. 4 leaves : A (repeated)-F in eights.

This forms the second part of the book originally issued in 1662.

A Shorte Dictionarie in Latine and EngWITCH.

lish, ... What is added in this edition A warnynge to wytches.

Licensed to which none of the former at any time Abraham Cotton, 20 Feb. 1581-5. A had, these markes |

may sufficiently ballad.

shew . . . Imprinted at London by ThoThe confessions of certen vitches at

mas Purfoote, ... 1584. 4o. Abington. Licensed to Edward White,

The copy examined had, prefixes and A

O in eights, but ended imperfectly. 24 March, 1578–9. The scratchinge of ye wytches. A ballad, WITHER, GEORGE. licensed to Edward White, 19 August, Fidelia, London Printed by Nicholas 1579.

Okes. 1615. 8o. A, 6 leaves, not reckonA Pleasant Treatise of Witches, their

ing A 2 and A 8, which may have been Imps, and Meetings, Persons bewitched, blank: B, 10 11 : C, 9 11. the seventh Magicians, Necromancers, Incubus, and

blank. Bodleian.

Privately printed, and the only copy Succubus's, Familiar Spirits, Goblings,

known. The text of the poem itself conPharys, Specters, Phantasms, Places

cludes on C 6 verso; (C8) and (C 9) are Haunted, and Devillish Impostures. occupied by two separate copies of verses.


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Workes, ... 1620.

their Hearts whose Courage begins to The last leaf of L and M i are, in fact, fail, by the Armies late dissolving the partly duplicates, but with variations, the Parliament. It is wrapt up in An Episreverse of L 8 being occupied by the com

tolary Discourse, Occasionally written to mencement of an Eclogue called Thirsis and Alexis, L 8 recto bearing the catchword

Mr. Ro. Hamon, Merchant, by Geo. Wither, Thirsis; but on M1 the text follows on Esq; about a week after the said Parliafrom L 7, and the reverse of the leaf, can- ment was dissolv'd. ... Printed at Loncelling the Thirsis and Alexis, opens with don, by James Cottrel, 1659. 4', A–F 2 a different Eclogue.

in fours. In prose. [Withers Remembrancer: Or, Extracts out of Master Withers his Booke, called,

Verses Intended to the King's Majesty, Britains Remembrancer. Worthy of the

By Major George Wither, whilst he was Review and consideration of himselfe and

Prisoner in Newgate : Which being found

written with his own Hand, among his all other men. London, Printed in the Yeare of our Lord, 1643.8°, 7 leaves.]

loose Papers, since his Commitment close

Prisoner to the Tower, are now Published, Opobalsamum Anglicanum : An English

as pertinent both to his Majesty, and to Balme, Lately Pressed out of a Shrub,

Him. London, Printed in the year, 1662. and Spread upon these Papers, For thé

8°, 7 leaves, including a blank at end. Cure of some Scabs, Gangreeves, and

In verse.
Cancers indangering the Bodie of this
Common-Wealth ; and, to whom it is

Gemitus de Carcere Nantes, Or, Prisonnow tendred, by the well-Affected Eng. Sighs, and Supports, Being a few Broken lish, in a Double-Speech, disjunctively

Scraps and Crumbs of Comfort, Lately delivered, by one of their Fellow-ship,

fallen from the great Kings Table, the both to the Faithfull, and Malignant

Holy Scriptures; into the Prisoners Members of the Representative Body of

Basket;... London, Printed in the Year. this Kingdome. Penned, by the Author

1684. 4o. of Britaines Remembrancer Geo: Wither WITTIE, ROBERT, M.D. · Esquire. ... Printed in the Yeare, 1646. Scarbrough Spaw, or A Description of 4°,A-C in fours. Printed in two columns. the Nature and Vertues of the Spaw at In verse.

Scarbrough in Yorkshire. Also a TreaVaticinivm Cavsvale. A Rapture Occa

tise of the Nature and Use of Waters in sioned by the late Miraculous Deliverance general, and the several sorts thereof, as of His Highnesse the Lord Protector, from Sea, Rain, Snow, Pond, Lake, Spring, and a Desperate Danger. With a Noverint River Water, with their Original Causes Universi in the Close. By Geo: Wither,

and Qualities. Where more largely the Esq; . . . London, Printed for T. Rat- Controversie among Learned Writers cliffe, and E. Mottershed. 1655. 49, A

about the Original of Springs, is discussed. -B in fours, B 4 blank. In verse.

To which is added, A short Discourse A Suddain Flash Timely Discovering,

concerning Mineral Waters, especially Some Reasons wherefore, the stile of Pro

that of the Spaw. By Robert Wittie, Dr.

in Physick. London, Printed for, and tector, should not be deserted by these Nations, with some other things, by them

are to be sold by Charles Tyus, at the very considerable. It was first made

three Bibles on London-Bridge, and by visible, The fourth day, after the Author

Richard Lambert in York, neer the heard it reported, that the Lord Protector,

Minster. 1660. 89, A-R 2 in eights, had waved the Title of King. By Britans

and Errata, 1 leaf. Remembrancer. . . . London, Printed for Scarbrough-Spaw: York, Printed by J. S. in little Britain, and are to be sold A. Broad for Tho. Passenger, ... and are there, and at the Pile of Bibles, the corner to be sold by Richard Lambert at the shop of the East end of the Fish-market Crown in the Minster-yard. 1667. 8°, in the Stockes . . . 1657. 8°, A-E in A-P in eights. eights, first and last leaves blank. In

Pyrologia Mimica, Or, An Answer to

Hydrologia Chymica of William SympAt the end occurs this Notice: “At his [the bookseller's] Shop also, Gentlemen,

son ... In Defence of Scarbrovgh-Spaw. Countrey-Booksellors, and Chapmen may

Wherein the Five Mineral Principles of be furnished or provided with all sorts of the said Spaw are defended . . . Also a English and Latin Books, and of other for- Vindication of the Rational Method and raign Languages as they please.”

Practice of Physick called Galenicals, ... A Cordial Confection, To strengthen Likewise a further Discourse about the

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Original of Springs. By Robert Wittie Doctor in Physick. London, Printed by T. N. for J. Martyn .. 1669. 8. A, 8 leaves : a, 8 leaves: B-X 4 in eights. Fons Scarburgensis : Sive, Tractatus De Omnis Aquarum Generis Origine ac Usu.. Autore Roberto Wittie, M.D. Londini, .. MDCLXXVIII. 8o. Title, &c., 4 leaves : B-Q in eights, Q 8 blank. Ouranoskopia. Or, A Survey of the Heavens. A Plain Description of the admirable Fabrick and Motions of the Heavenly Bodies ... To which is added the Gout-Raptures, Augmented and Improved. In English, Latine, and Greek Lyrick Verse. By Robert Wittie Dr. in Physick . . . London, Printed by J. M. for the Author ... 1681. 8°. A, 2 leaves: B-L in eights, L 8 blank.

Dedicated to the Royal Society. WIVES. A ballet of good wyves. Licensed to John Waley and Widow Toy in 1557-8. God send me a wyfe that will do as I saye. A ballad. Licensed to John Waley and the widow Toy in 1557-8. A commyssion vnto all those whose wyves be thayre masters. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1564-5. A Warnynge [to) all Wanton Wyves To fle from foīlye [the] lenghte of thayre

lyves. A ballad. Licensed to T. Purfoot in 1564-5. I will say as I do fynde : My wyf to me ys nothynge kynde. A ballad. Licensed to Hugh Singleton in 1566. Fayne wolde I have a vertuous wyfe Adourned with all modeste, Bothe mylde and meke, of quyett lyf Esteemynge chef her chastetye. A ballad. Licensed to R. Jones in 1567. Yf a Weked Wyfe may have hyr Will. A balled. Licensed to J. Allde in 1567-8. A ballett intituled of ij Englesshe Wyves. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1569. To y® fayre, to ye fayre, I am a newe marryed wyfe, &c. A ballad licensed to Edward White, 19 Aug. 1579. All men whose wyves will not love them

well, Muste carrye them into India to dwell. A ballad. Licensed to R. Jones, 19 June,


The Marrow of the French Tongue. Containing 1. Rules for the true pronuncia

tion of euery Letter as it is written or spoken. 2. An exact Grammar containing the nine parts of Speech of the French Tongue. 3. Dialogues in French and English, fitted to all kinds of Discourse for Courtiers, Citizens, or Countrymen, in their affaires at home, or trauelling abroad. With variety of other helpes to the Learner, as Phrases, Letters, Missiues, Sentences, Prouerbs, Theames, &c. in both Languages, So exactly collected and compiled by the great paines, and industry of M. Iohn Wodroephe, that the mean. est capacity either French or Englishman, that can but reade, may in a short time by his owne industry without the helpe of any Teacher attaine to the perfection of both Languages. Ce Livre est aussi utile pour le François d'apprendre l'Ang. lois, que pour l'Anglois d'apprendre le François. The second Edition: Reviewed and purged of much grosse English, and divers errors committed in the former Edition printed at Dort. London, Printed for Richard Meighen, .. 1625, Folio. WOLLASTON, W. The Design of Part of the Book of Ecclesiastes : Or, The Unreasonableness of Mens restless Contentions for the present Enjoyments, Represented in an English Poem. London: Printed for James Knapton, at the Crown in St. Paul's Churchyard. 1691. 8°, A-L 4 in eights.

This volume was, it is said, called in by

the author. WOLLEY, HANNAH. The Queen-Like Closet ; Or, Rich Cabinet: Stored with all manner of Rare Receipts for Preserving, Candying & Cookery. Very Pleasant and Beneficial to all Ingenious Persons of the Female Sex. By Hannah Wolley. London, Printed for R. Lowndes at the White Lion in Duck-Lane, near West-Smithfield, 1670. 12o. A, 6 leaves, title on A 3: B-T 4 in twelves. With a frontispiece.

Dedicated by the authoress to Mrs. Grace Buzby, Daughter to the late Sir Henry Cary, Knight Banneret; and Wife to Mr. Robert Buzby, Gentleman, and Woollen Draper of London. The imprimatur on A

2 is dated Nov. 16, 1669. The Queen-like Closet . . . By Hannalı Wolley. The Third Edition. London, Printed for Richard Lowndes . . . 1675. 12o. A, 6 leaves, including a frontispiece and imprimatur: B - R 6 in twelves: the Supplement, A, 8 leaves : B-K 4 in twelves.

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WOLSEY, THOMAS. The Memoirs of that Great Favourite, Cardinal Woolsey ; With Remarks on his Rise and Fall ; And other Secret Transactions of his Ministry in Church and State. Together with a Memorial presented to Queen Elizabeth, by William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, ... to prevent Her Majesty's being Engrossed by any particular Favourite : London ... 1706. 8o. A, 3 leaves: B-Q 4 in eights. With a portrait. WOLVERSTON, ROGER. The Latyn Euphonie, or an Easy Introduction into the true and genuine pronunciation of the Latyn tongue. Licensed to Thomas Maxie, 23 June, 1640. WOMEN. Women beste whan they be at reste. A ballad. Licensed to John Waley and the widow Toy in 1557-8. The prayse of the vayne beauty of women. A ballad. Licensed to John Sampson (alias Awdeley), 14 Aug. 1560. The Woman of Canyne. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1561-2. The prayse of women. A ballad. Li. censed to T. Colwell in 1563–4. A ballett intituled the prayse and Dysprayse of Women very fruthfull to the Well dyspoysed mynde. Licensed to R. Serll in 1563–4, Women to please who taketh in hande. A ballad. Licensed to W. Pickering in 1564. Gods greate and marvelus thretenynges to Women for thayr offynding. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1565-6. The greate myschaunce yt happened vnto men throwe the Cruelnes of wycked Women. A ballad. Licensed to W. How in 1565-6. A yonge womans skyll / and how she became mistress, and ruled

at hyr Wyll. A ballad. Licensed to A. Lacy in 1567. Of the woman that was constrayned to eate hyr sonne for hunger. A ballad. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1567-8. To the prayse of good women (taken from] ye xiii chapeter of ye Proverbis. Licensed to John Allde in 1568. A ballett intreatinge of the stadfastnes of Women. Licensed to R. Jones in 1568. Howe women be wytty and Worthy to trane. A ballad. Licensed to W. Griffith in 1568-9.

A songe to the prayse of many vertuous Women. A ballad. Licensed to T. Colwell in 1569. The Revenge that a woman of Grece toke of hym that slewe hyr husbounde. A ballad, Licensed to John Arnolde in 1569–70. A little booke intitled an admonition to all women to see the iust Judgement of God for the punishement of pride purtraied in a wonderfull childe (born with great ruffs.] Licensed to H. Carre, 17 May, 1587. A glasse for gentle women to dresse themselves by. Licensed to John Bartlet, Dec. 13, 1624. The Lawes Resolutions of Womens Rights: Or, The Lawes Provision for Woemen. A Methodicall Collection of such Statutes and Customes, With the Cases, Opinions, Arguments and points of Learning in the Law, as doe properly concerne Women.

London ; Printed by the Assignes of Iohn More Esq; and are to be sold by Iohn Grove . . . 1632. 4°. A, 4 leaves, the first blank: a, 4 leaves : B-Dd 2 in eights. Black letter. A pleasant discourse in which one endeavoureth to proue that woemen are not Men, to which is opposed a certaine defence of the feminine sex, translated out of Latyn. Licensed to Thomas Briscoe, 8 Nov. 1638. The Parlament of Women. With the merry Lawes by them newly enacted. To live in more Ease, Pompe, Pride, and wantonnesse : but especially that they might have superiority and domineere over their husbands : with a new way found out by them to cure any old or new Cuckolds, and how both parties may recover their credit and honesty againe. London, Printed by J. O. and are to be sould by J. Wright the younger, in the old Bayly. 1640. 8°, A-B 4 in eights. In prose. With a large cut on the title.

Puttick and Simpson, April 11, 1876, No. 224. See Southey's Commonplace Book,

1st Series, p. 531. The Parliament of Women. . . . London, Printed for W. Wilson, and are to be sold by him in Well-yard in Little Saint Bartholomewes. 1646. 8o, A-B 4 in eights. With the same cut. B. M. The Parliament of Women :...

.. London, Printed for W. W. and are to be sold by Fra. Grove, . . 1656. 8°, A-B 4 in eights. With the same cut. B. M. The Seven Women Confessors, Or A Discovery of the Seven white Divels which

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liued at Queen-street in Coven-Garden. Tonson. 1686. 4°, A-B in fours. In
Viz. Katherine Wels, Susan Baker, Anne
Parker, Katherine Smith, Elinor Hall, The Restor'd Maiden-head. A New
Mary Jones, Dorothy Marsh. Whose

Satyr against Woman : Occasion'd by an Articles are herein declared, and their Infant, who was the Cause of the Death mad pranks presented to the view of the

of my Friend. [Quot. from Oldham and World. Discovered by Iohn Stockden a Horace.] Dondon [sic], Printed for H. Yeoman. Jan. 22, 1642. London, Printed Smith. 1691. 4°. A, 2 leaves: B-F 2 for Iohn Smith. 4°, 4 leaves.

in fours. Women will have their Will : Or, Give Reprinted with Sylvia's Revenge, 12, 1710. Christmas his Due. In a Dialouge be

An Edict in the Roman Law : As tweene Mris Custome, a Victuellers Wife concerning the visiting of a Big-Bellied neere Cripplegate, and Mris New-come, a Woman, And the looking after what may Captains Wife, living in Reformation- be Born by Her. [Circa 1700.] 4', 2 Alley, neer Destruction-Street. [Four

leaves. lines of verse.] London : Printed by E. WONDER. P. for W. G. 1649. [Dec. 12.) 8°, 8 A mooste breffe treatise of the strange leaves. B. M.

Wonders seen these latter yeres in the A Brief Anatomie of Women : Being An Ayer in Soundry Countryes as in GerInvective against, and an Apologie for manye, &c. Licensed to W. Copland in the Bad and Good of that Sexe. Eccles. 1566-7. 7, 26, 27, 28. And I find more bitter than Rayre wonders and feyrefull syghtes death. London: Printed by E. Alsop. in earth as in heaven. Licensed to H. 1653 (November 30.] 4°, 4 leaves. With Denham in 1570-1. an address on the back of the title signed A most straunge and miraculous wonder I. S. In prose. B. M.

that happened through lighteninge and The Accomplish'd Woman The Se- thunder. which happened in Divers places cond Edition. London, Printed for Tho. in England. A ballad. Licensed to John Collins and John Ford ... 1671. 12o. Danter, 22 June, 1594. A, 6 leaves : B-G 8 in twelves.

Wonders beyond the water: written diaThe Woman turn’d Bully. A Comedy. logue wyse. Licensed to Roger Jackson, Acted at the Duke's Theatre, Hanc 21 September, 1608. veniam petimus damusq. London: Printed The Wonder of a Kingdome, Dedicated by J. C. for Thomas Dring ... 1675. 4°, to the Iunto at Westminster (Here follow A-M 2 in fours.

22 lines of verse.] Printed in the Yeare. The Great Advocate and Oratour for 1648. 4°, 4 leaves. Women. Or The Arraignment, Tryall | WOOD, ANTHONY. and Conviction of all such wicked Hus

Historia et Antiquitates Universitatis bands (or Monsters) who hold it lawfull Oxoniensis Duobus Voluminibus Comto beat their Wives, or demeane them- prehensæ. Oxonii, E Theatro Sheldoselves severely or Tyrannically towards niano. M.DC.LXXIV. Folio. Frontispiece them. A.D. 1682. 12°, A-G 6 in by R. White, title, and dedication to twelves, G 6 blank.

Charles II., 3 leaves : B-6 P, 2 leaves . The Wonders of the Female World, Or each, besides a folded plan at p. 364. General History of Women. Wherein by WOOD, GEORGE, a Soldier. many Hundreds of Examples is shewed, Loyalty, The Ornament of Christianity : what Woman hath been from the first Or, Scripture Proofs for Monarchy. Ages of the World to these Times London, Printed by John Darby for the With an Account of Sybils, ... To which Author. 1686. 8, A-F in eights, A is added, a Plesant Discourse of Female with Imprimatur. In verse. Dedicated Pre-eminence, Or the Dignity and Ex- to John, Lord Churchill. cellency of that Sex above the Male. WOOD, LAMBERT. London, Printed by J. H. for Thomas

Florvs Anglicvs Or An Exact History of 1683. 12o. A, 6 leaves, besides a frontispiece : B-H in twelves.

England, From the Reign of William the

Conquerour to the Death of Charles the Love given over : Or, A Satyr against I. By Lambert Wood Gent. The Third the Pride, Lust, and Inconstancy, &c. Edition with Additions. London, Printed of Women. Amended by the Author. for Simon Miller. ... 1658. 8°, A-Gg London, Printed for R. Bentley and J. in eights. With a portrait of Charles I.

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Malthus, : :

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