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BROOKS, THOMAS, late Preacher at St. matur, 2 leaves : a-g 2 in fours: A-Ss Margaret's, New Fish Street.

2 in sixes. Dedicated to William ArchLondon's Lamentations : Or, A serious bishop of Canterbury. Discourse concerning that late fiery Dis- BROWN, EDWARD, M.D. pensation that turned our (once renown

A Brief Account of some Travels in ed) City into a ruinous Heap. Also the several Lessons that are incumbent upon

Hungaria, Servia, Bvlgaria, Macedonia, those whose Houses have escaped the con

Thessaly, Avstria, Styria, Carinthia, Car suming Flames London, Printed for

niola, and Frivli. As also Some ObserJohn Hancock and Nathaniel Ponder,

vations on the Gold, Silver, Copper, 1670. 4o. A, 4 leaves : &-a 3 in

Quick-Silver Mines, Baths, and Mineral fours : B-Lll in fours.

Waters in those parts. With the Figures

of some Habits and Remarkable places. BROTHER

By Edward Brown M.D. of the College A Brothers guift conteyning a hundred of London, Fellow of the R. Society, and Diuine and morrall precepts. Licensed Physician in Ordinary_to His Majesty. to John Wright, 11 Nov. 1620.

London, Printed by T. R. for Benj. The Brothers of the Separation. Or A Tooke, 1673. 4°, A-V 2 in fourstrue Relation of a company of Browers

V 2 with the Errata, and A1 blank, be, which kept their Conventicle at one Mr.

sides b, 2 leaves. Dedicated to Henry Porters in Goat Alley in Whitecrosse- Marquis of Dorchester. With plates at street, where they were apprehended on pp. 5, 22, 24, 38, 41, 51, 66, 85, and 120. Sunday, Aug. 14. 1641. As also, A Ser- A Brief Account of some Travels in mon preached afterwards in the same divers Parts of Europe, viz. Hungaria, house by John Rogers a Glover

Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, Printed at London by Tho. Harper, 1641. Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and 4°, 4 leaves. B. M.

Friuli. Through a great part of Germany, BROUGHTON, HUGH.

and The Low Countries. Through Marca A concent of Scripture by H. Brovghton. Trevisana and Lombardy on both sides 1596. No place or printer's name, A-H

the Po. With some Observations on in fours, besides title and dedication to the Gold, Silver, Copper, Quick-silver Queen Elizabeth, and 4 extra leaves be- Mines, and the Baths and Mineral Waters tween A and B, marked B-B 2, B-B 2. in those Parts. . The Second Edition The title is within an ornamental design

with many Additions. By Edward Brown, formed by two pillars festooned with M.D. London, Printed for Benj. Tooke, flowers, &c. The volume has a map and 1687. Folio. A, 2 leaves : B-Gg 2 four copperplate engravings, different in scale from those in the impression cited by

in fours, Gg 2 with Advertisements. With Herbert.

plates at pp. 2, 26, 34, 42, 54, 56, 78, 146, An Epistle to the Learned Nobilitie of

155, 158, 168, 196, 206, 208, and 210,

besides those on the text. England. Touching translating the Bible from the original, with ancient warrant BROWN, J. for euerie worde, vnto the full satisfac- The marchauntes Avizo. Licensed to W. tion of any that be of hart. By Hvgh Norton, 3 Oct. 1589. Brovghton. Middelbvrgh, By

The Merchants Avizo. Richard Schilders, Printer to the States


Printed by Iohn Bill. 1616. 4, A-K of Zealande. 1597. 4, A-G in fours.

in fours. Lambeth. A Petition to the Lords to examine the

BROWN, R. religion and cariage of D. Ban[croft]

The English School Reformed. ... The

Third Edition Corrected and Amended. Archbishop.] By Hugh Broughton. Ano 1608.8, A in eights. Lambeth.

By R. Brown, Master of a Boarding

School in Greek-Street in St. Anns, BROWN, EDWARD.

Westminster. London: Printed for A. Fasciculus Rerum Expetendarum & Fu- and J. Churchill. ... 1707. 8°, A-P giendarum, Prout ab Orthino Gratio

in fours, including a frontispiece. Presbytero Daventriensi, Editus est Co- Dedicated to the Honourable Joceline loniæ, A.D.MDXXXU. In Concilii tunc Sidney, Esq., son of Robert, Earl of Lei. indicendi Usum & Admonitionem .

cester, Opera & studio Edwardi Brown, Parochi | BROWN, THOMAS. Sundrigiæ in agro Cantiano. Londini, Tomus Alter & Idem : Or The Historie ... MDCXC. Folio. Title and Impri- of the Life and Reigne of that Famous




Princesse, Elizabeth : containing a briefe Pseudodoxia Epidemica : Or, Enquiries Memoriall of the chiefest Affaires of State, into very many received Tenents, And that haue passed in these Kingdomes of commonly presumed Truths. By Thomas England, Whereunto is annexed Browne Dt. of Physick. . . . London, an Appendix of Animadversions vpon Printed by T. H. for Edward Dod ... seuerall passages, Corrections of sundry 1646. Folio. a, 6 leaves, the first with errours, and Additions of some remark- the Imprimatur: b, 4 leaves : A-Aaa in able matters of this History, neuer before fours : Bbb, 5 leaves. imprinted. London: Printed by Tho.

Pseudodoxia Epidemica :

The Harper, and are to be sold by William Web Booke-seller in Oxford. Anno

Second Edition, Corrected and much Dom. 1629.

Enlarged by the Author. London, 4o A, 4 leaves, A 1 occupied by a frontispiece : (c)-(d 2) in

Printed by A. Miller, for Edw. Dod and fours: B_0oo in fours.

Nath. Ekins, ... 1650. Folio, A-Yy

2 in fours. Dedicated by Thomas Brown of Christ Church, Oxford, to K. Charles. On the Pseudodoxia :... By Thomas Brown,

back of the title is a portrait of Elizabeth. D'. of Physick. The Fourth Edition. BROWNE, ALEXANDER, Practitioner

Whereunto are now added two in Painting.

Discourses The one of Urn-Burial, Ars Pictoria : Or An Academy treating The other of the Garden of Cyrus of Drawing, Painting, Limning, Etching. Both newly written by the same Author. To which are Added XXXI. Copper London, Printed for Edward Dod, Plates, Expressing the Choicest, Neatest, 1658. 4°, [a]—[b] in fours : Band Most Exact Grounds and Rules of 5 K 2 in fours. Symmetry. Collected out of the most

Religio Medici. Printed for Andrew Eminent Italian, German, and Nether

Crooke. 1642, 89, A-K in eights, and land Authors. The Second Edition, Cor

the titlepage. With the title engraved rected and Enlarged by the Author.

by W. Marshall, London, Printed for Arthur Tooker, and William Battersby :


A true and full Coppy of that which was Folio. Title, dedication to the Duchess

most imperfectly and Surreptitiously of Monmouth, and verses by J. H., 4

printed before vnder the name of Religio leaves : A-Ee, 2 leaves each : Appendix

Medici. Printed for Andrew Crooke (with new title)-title and dedication to

1643. 8°, A-M in eights, M 8 blank, Peter Lely, Esquire, 2 leaves ; Ff-Pp, 2

besides the title engraved by W. leaves each : A Catalogue of Plates on

Marshall. sale by A. Tooker, 1 leaf : then the 31 Religio Medici. The fifth Edition, Cor. plates. With a portrait of the author. rected and amended. With Annotations

Browne was also a drawing-master, and Never before published, upon all the is several times mentioned by Pepys as

obscure passages therein. Also, Observacoming to teach his wife. Pepys was angry

tions by Sir Kenelm Digby, now newly with Mrs. P. for making him sit down at table with Browne; but he appears to have

added. London, Printed by Tho. Mil. become reconciled to it.

bourn for Andrew Crook, . . 1659. 8°. The editor of the Diary has no note A, 8 leaves, including the frontispiece: here.

A (repeated)—T in eights : Observations, BROWNE, SIR THOMAS, M.D.

A-E in eights. The Works of the Learned S: Thomas

Religio Medici. . . . Lugd. Batavorvm Brown, Kt. Doctor of Physick, late of

Ao. 1644. 12°, A-K 4 in twelves. Norwich. Containing,

The title is engraved.
I. Enquiries into Vulgar and Com-

A Latin translation.
mon Errors.
II. Religio Medici

BROWNE, WILLIAM. III. Hydriotaphia

An almanacke and pronostication of

William Browne for iii yeres, with serten IV. Certain Miscellany Tracts. With Alphabetical Tables. London,

Rules of navigation Licensed to T. Printed for Tho. Basset.

Purfoot in 1566.

MDCLXXXVI. Folio. Portrait by R. White and general | BROWNISTS. title, 2 leaves : A, 4 leaves : (a), 4 leaves : The Brownists Synagogve Or a Late DisB-Íii in fours : Kkk in sixes : Lil-Q99 covery of their Conventicles, Assemblies, in fours : Rrr in sixes : Sss-Eeee 2 in and places of meeting. Where they fours.

Preach, and the manner of their praying


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and preaching Printed Anno Dom. London, Printed for William Crooke, 1641. 4°, 4 leaves.

1676. 8o. Title and Dedication to

the Loyal Londoners, from Whitehall, 15 BRUGIS, T., Practitioner in Physic and Chirurgery.

Nov. 1675, 3 leaves : B_I in eights, I 8

with Advertisements.
The Marrow of Physicke. Or, A learned
Discourse of the severall parts of mans BUCER, MARTIN.
Body. Being a Medicamentary teaching

The Gratulation of the moste famous the maner and way of making and com

Clerke M. Martin Bucer, a man of no pounding all such Oiles, Unguents, Sir- lesse learninge and lyterature, then Godrups, .

as shall be usefull and necessary lye studie and example of lyuing, vnto in any private house, . . . London, Printed the churche of Englande for the restiby Richard Hearne. M.DC.XL. 4o, A-Bb tution of Christes religion. And hys in fours, and b, 4 leaves. Dedicated to answere vnto the two raylinge epistles the author's friend, Mrs. Margaret Eure.

of Steuē, Bisshoppe of Winchester, conBRYAN, JOHN, D.D.

cerninge the vnmaried state of preestes Harvest-Home : Being the Summe of

and cloysterars, wherin is euidently decertaine Sermons upon Job 5, 26 ; one

clared, that it is against the lawes of God,

and of his churche to require of all suche whereof was Preached at the Funeral of

as be and must be admitted to preesthood, Mr. Oh. Masson, an Aged godly Minister

to refrain from holye matrimonie. Transof the Gospel, in the Royally Licensed

lated out of Latin in to Englishe. [Col.] rooms in Coventry; the other since continued upon the Subject, by J. B. D.D:

Imprynted at London by me Richard

Iugge dwelling at the nourth dore of Late Pastor of the Holy-Trinity in that

Poules. Cum Priuilegio.

89, A-K Ancient and Honourable City. The first

in eights. Dedicated by Thomas Hoby part being a preparation of the Corn for the Sickle. The Latter will be the Reap

the translator from Strasburgh to his

brother Sir Philip Hoby. ing, shocking, and winning of that Corn which is so fitted. London, Printed for BUCHANAN, GEORGE. the Authour, 1674. 4°, 30 leaves. In Psalmorvm Dauidis paraphrasis poetica,

nunc primum edita, Authore Georgio Corser's Collectanea, part 3, p. 162. Buchanano, Scoto, poetarum nostri sæculi BRYDALL, JOHN, Esquire, of Somerset

facilè principe. Eiusdem Dauidis Psalmi shire.

aliquot à Th. B. V. versi. Apud Jvs Sigilli : Or, The Law of England,

Henricum Stephanum, & eius fratrem Touching His Majesties Four Principal

Robertū Stephanum, typographum ReSeales, viz. The Great Seale, the Privie

4 leaves:

gium. ... (Circâ 1565.] 8o. Seale, the Exchequer Seale, and the Sig

a—8 4 in eights, s 4 blank : the supplenet. Also of those Grand Officers, to

mentary matter, a--c in eights, c 8 blank. whose Custody these Seales are com- Psalmorvm Davidis Paraphrasis Poetica, mitted.... London, Printed by E. Flesher, nunc primum edita. Authore Georgio for Thomas Dring, ... 1673. 12o. Title Buchanano Scoto, poetarum nostri sæculi and Brydall's dedication, 2 leaves: B-G facilè principe. Psalmi Aliqvot in versus in twelves,

item Græcos nuper a diuersis translata. Jus Imaginis apud Anglos ; Or The Law

Anno M.D.LXVI. [Col.] Argentorati Exof England Relating to the Nobility &

cudebat Josias Ribelius. M.D.LXVI. 8o. Gentry, faithfully Collected, and metho

Title and prefixes, pp. 16 + 352 pp. dically Digested for Common Benefit; By De Ivre Regni Apud Scotos, Dialogus, John Brydall, of Lincolns-Inne, Esquire. Authore Georgio Buchanano Scoto. Anno

London, Printed for John Billinger, Do. 1579. 4°, A-O in fours.
and Géo. Dawes ... 1675.

De Ivre Regni apvd Scotos. . . . Editio A-F 6 in eights.

tertia. M.D.lxxxj. Ad exemplar Joannis Camera Regis, Or, A Short View of Lon- Rossei. Edinbvrgi, Cvm Privilegio Scodon. Containing the Antiquity, Fame, torvm Regis. 89, A-I in fours. Walls, Bridge, River, Gates, Tower, Ca- De Maria Scotorum Regina, totaque eius thedral, Oflicers, Courts, Customs, Fran- contra Regem coniuratione, fædo cum chises, &c., of that Renowned City. Bothuello adulterio, nefaria in maritum Collected out of Law & History, and crudelitate & rabie, horrendo insuper & methodized for the Benefit of the present deterrimo eiusdem parricidio : plena, & Inhabitants. By John Brydall, Esq.;' tragica planè Historia. No place or







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printer's name, 80, A-Q in fours, the ley, . . . 1627. 40, A-B in fours, besides sast two leaves occupied by verses. a woodcut in two compartments as a Ane Detectioyn of the duinges of Marie frontispiece. Grenv. Coll. Quene of Scottes, touchand the murder of

August 17. A Continued Joyrnall of all hir husband, and hir conspiracie, adul- the Proceedings of the Duke of Bvckingterie, and pretensed mariage with the


In whom are combined ReliErle of Bothwell. And ane defence of gion, Fortitude, and Clemencie ; being the trew Lordis, mainteineris of the the true Character of a noble Generall. Kingis graces actioun and authoritie.

Published by Authoritie. London Printed Translatit out of the Latine quhilke was for Thomas Walkley,

1627. 4°, written by G. B. (London, John Day, A-C 3 in fours. Grenv. Coll. 1572 ?] 89, A-Y in fours. Black letter.

August 30. A Continued Joyrnall since Rervm Scoticarvm Historia. Avctore the last of July. With the names of Georgio Buchanano Scoto. Edimburgi those Noblemen as were drowned and Apud Alexandrum Arbuthnetum Typo- taken in going to release the Fort. As graphum Regium Anno. M.D.LXXXII. Cym

also the portraiture of the Knife with Privilegio Regali. Folio. (*. *), 4 leaves: which his Excellence should have been A, 4 leaves: B-Z 3 in sixes, the last leaf murdered: which very Knife was brought with the Errata. Dedicated to James VI.

ouer by Captaine Buckestone, and deliRervm Scoticarvm Historia. ... Acces- vered ynto the Dutches of Buckinghame sit De Jvre Regni apud Scotos Dia- her Grace on Monday night last. Publogus, eodem Georgio Bvchanano auctore. lished by Authoritie. London. Printed clo. Io. XXCIII. Ad exemplar Alexandri

for Thomas Walkley,

1627. 40, Arbuthneti editum Edimbyrgi. Folio, A-B 2 in fours, besides the folded cut of A-00 4 in sixes, besides title and dedi- the knife. Grenv. Coll. cation : De Jure, &c. a–bin sixes, C-d This knife was found in the possession in fours; Table, 6 leaves.

of a Jesuited Villaine," who had intended

to forestal Felton. Geor: Bvchanani Scoti Poemata. Amstelodami. . . . Anno 1641. Sn. 80 BUCKINGHAM, GEORGE VILLIERS,

second Duke of The title is engraved.

A Short Discourse upon the ReasonableGeorgii Buchanani Scoti Poemata. Am

By his Grace, George Duke of stelædami. . . . 1687. 12° or small 8o. *, 6 leaves: A-Mm 7 in eights.

Buckingham. The Third Edition. Lon

don, Printed by John Leake, for Luke BUCKE, PAUL.

Meredith MDCLXXXV. 4°, A-D in Paule Buckes praier for Sir Humfry Gil- fours, first leaf blank, and D 4 occupied berte. Licensed to Henry Kyrkham, 17 by advertisements. July, 1578.

The Rehearsal, As it is now Acted at the BUCKINGHAM, GEORGE VILLIERS, Theatre-Royal. The Fifth Edition with Duke of (ob. 1628).

Amendments and large Additions by the A Manifestation Or Remonstrance. Of Author. London, Printed for Thomas the most Honorable the Duke of Bucking- Dring ... 1687, 4o. A, 2 leaves: B-H ham ; Generall of the Armie of the most

in fours. Gracious King of great Britaine, contain- The Chances, A Comedy : As it is Acted ing a Declaration of his Maiesties inten- at the Theater Royal. By his Grace the tion for this present Arming. Translated Duke of Buckingham ; Author of the out of the Originall French Copie. Pub- Rehearsal. London, Printed for R. Bently. lished with Authority. London, Printed ... 1692. 4o. A, 2 leaves: B—I 2 in fours for Thomas Walkley, 1627. 4", BUCKINGHAM, JOHN SHEFFIELD, A-B in fours. Grenv. Coll.

This piece was licensed Aug. 25, 1627, to be printed in English and French.

A Short Character of Charles II. King A Joyrnall of all the Proceedings of the

of England. Written by John Duke of

Buckingham. The Sixth Edition, Duke of Bvckingham his Grace, in the

London : 1725. 8o. Portrait and Isle of Ree, a part of France. Whereunto

title, 2 leaves : B, 2 leaves : C-E in is added the names of the French Nobilitie

fours. that were slaine. Set forth by a Gentleman of speciall note who was a Spectator | BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. of all that hapned. Published by Autho- The Hymble Petition of the Inhabitants ritie. London Printed for Thomas Walk. of the County of Byckingham, Presented


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Duke of.





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to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie at Errours and Pernitious Principles of the Windsor the thirteenth of this instant Teachers and Leaders of the People called January, 1642. In the behalfe of Mr. Quakers. By . Francis Bugg. Hampden Knight for the said County, London : Printed for the Author, .. and of the rest of the members of Parlia- 1693. 4o. A, 4 leaves: A-K 2 in fours. ment, accused by his Maiestie of Treason. The Picture of Quakerism Drawn to the With his Maiesties gratious answere Life. In Two Parts. . . . London, Printed thereunto. London Printed for John

for and are to be sold by W. Bentley. ... Burroughes 1641. A sheet enclosed in a

1697. 120. border.

The second part has a separate title. To the Kings most Excellent Majestie. BULL, HENRY. The humble Petition of your Maiesties Christian Praiers and holie Meditations, most loyall and obedient Šubiects of the as wel for Priuate as Publique exercise : Countie of Bvckingham, Presented at Gathered out of the most godly learned Oxford the 15. day of December, 1642. A in our time, by Henrie Bull. Wherevnto sheet.

are added the praiers, com

immonly called To the Right Honourable, the [ille- Ridleys praiers. (Quot. from Ps. 55.) At gible] Knights , Citizens, and Burgesses,

London, Printed by Henrie Middleton in the Commons House of Parliament

dwelling in Fleetestreate at the signe of (England's legall Soveraigne Power, As

the Falcon. [1578.] 8°, partly black sembled,) The humble Petition of the letter, A-Ee in eights, Ee 8 blank. Inhabitants of Buckinghamshire, and BULLEIN, WILLIAM, M.D. Hartford-shire, ... [March 3, 1646.] A An almanack and pronostication of master sheet. B. M.

Bullens. Licensed to Abraham Vele in Dr. Mason's Wonderful Vision. A Fur

1563-4. ther, and more Full Relation of one Mr. Serten prayers of master Bullion. LiMason, Minister of Water-Stafford, near censed to Christopher Barker in 1569. Buckingham, who pretends Our Saviour Bvlleins Bulwarke of Defence against Appeared to him in his Chamber, On Sicknesse, Soarenesse, and Woundes that Monday, the 16th of April, 1694. doe dayly assaulte mankinde: Which London, Printed for J. Black in Hol- Bulwarke is kept with Hilarius the Garbourn. 8°, 4 leaves.

dener, & Health the Phisician, with the On the back of the title are two Hymns Chirurgian to helpe the wounded Soulused by Mr. Mason and his followers. diours. Gathered and practised from the BUCK MINSTER, THOMAS.

most worthy learned, both old and new: A new Almanacke and Prognostication,

to the great comfort of Mankinde : by for the yeere of Christes Incarnation. William Bullein, Doctor of Physicke. 1589. ... Gathered and made by Thomas 1562. Imprinted at London by Thomas Buckminster. ... Imprinted at London Marshe, ... 1579. Folio, black letter. by Richard Watkins and Iames Robertes. C, 4 leaves : A-lii 4 in sixes : aaa-fff 8°, A-C in eights. Lambeth.

in sixes, last leaf blank. With a full

DediBuckminster. 1595. An Almanacke and

length portrait of Bullein on aaa.

cated to Lord Hunsdon. Prognostication. Imprinted at London by Richard Watkins and Iames BULLINGER, HENRY. Robertes. 8°, A-C 4 in eights. Lam

Bvllæ Papisticæ ante biennium contra beth.

Sereniss. Angliæ, Franciæ & Hyberniæ

Reginam Elizabetham, & contra inclytum BUGENHAGEN, JOHANN, Pomer

Angliæ regnum promulgatæ, refutacio, anian.

Orthodoxæq ; Reginæ, & vniuersi Regni A compēdious letter which Jhon Po- Angliae defensio, Henrychi Bullirgeri. s. meranie curate of the congregation at Londini, apud Iohānem Dayum TypoWittenberge sent to the faythfull christen graphum. Anno Domini. 1572. 4', A-Y congregation in Englande. 1536. [Lon- 2 in fours. don, T. Berthelet ?] 12°, A in eights, A 8 BULLOCK, HENRY, D.D. blank. B. M.

Doctissimi Viri Henrici Bulloci theologiæ BUGG, FRANCIS.

doctoris, oratio habita Cātabrigiæ, in freNew Rome Arraigned, and out of her quentissimo ortu, præsentibus Cæsaris own Mouth Condemned : Containing A oratoribus, & nonnullis aliis episcopis, ad Farther Discovery of the Dangerous reuerendiss. D. Thomā Cardinalem titulo


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