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A Visitation Speech Delivered at Col. COMMUNION. chester in Essex. 1662. London, Prin- A Defence of Our Arguments agains: ted in the Year, 1662. 4', A-B in fours, kneeling in the act of receiving th: B 4 blank.

Sacramentall elements of bread and wine Scandalum Magnatum : Or the Great impugned by Mr. Michelsone. . . . ImTrial at Chelmnesford Assizes, held printed Anno. MDcxx. 8°, A-E in eights March 6, for the County of Essex, Be- A Dispvte Vpon Commynicating at Ort twixt Henry Bishop of London, Plaintiff, Confused Communion, ... Printed Anno and Edm. Hickeringill Rector of the 1624. 8°, A-E 5 in eights. Rectory of All Saints in Colchester, De

An Epistle of a Christian Brother Exfendant, Faithfully Related. . . . London,

horting an other to keepe himselfe vndePrinted for E. Smith . . . 1682. Folio,

filed from the present corruptions brought A-Cc in twos.

in to the Ministration of the Lords SupCOLLINS, JOHN, of London, Accountant. per. Printed Anno 1624. 8°, A-B in Geometricall Dyalling : Or, Dyalling Per- eights. formed by a Line of Chords onely, or by

An Exhortation of the Particular Kirk the Plain Scale. . . . London, Printed

of Christ in Scotland to their Sister Kirk by Thomas Johnson for Francis Cossinet, .. 1659. 4°, A-L in fours, A 1 with

in Edinburgh. Printed Anno 1624. 80,

A-B 4 in eights. a frontispiece. With a series of diagrams, some separate from the letterpress. CONSTANCE OF CLEVELAND. COLVILL, SAMUEL.

Constance of Cleveland. (A ballad.] Li

censed to William White, 11 June, 1603. Whiggs Supplication, A Mock-Poem in Two Parts. By S. C. Edinburgh, Prin- COOKE, FRANCIS. ted by Jo. Reid, for Alexander Ogston, The Principles of Geometrie, Astronomie, ... 1687. 8°, A-H in eights.

and Geographie. . . . Appointed pubThe Author's Apology to the Reader

liquelye to be read in the Staplers Chappel occupies eight pages.

at Leaden hall, by the Wor. Tho. Hood, COMMANDMENTS.

... At London Printed by Iohn Windet, Wonderful and Strange Punishments In

and are to be solde in Mark Lane, ouer flicted on the Breakers of the Ten Com

against the signe of the red Harrow, at inandments Instanced both out of Divine

the house of Francis Cooke. 8°, A-L 3 and Humane History, That men may take

in eights, besides the Table. With dedi. Example rather than make Example. .

cations to Mr. Bernard Dewhurst and Mr. London, Printed by James Moxon for

Thomas Hood.
Thomas Jenner, . MDCL. 4°, 12 leaves,
including the title.

COOKE, JOHN, of Gray's Inn.
A series of engravings with descriptive

The Vindication of the Professors & letterpress.

Profession of the Law : So farre forth as COMMENIUS (OR KOMENSKI), JOHN Scripture and right Reason may be Judge, AMOS.

and speedy Justice (which exalts a Nation) Latinæ Linguæ Janua Reserata. ... The {may be advanced. ... Occasioned by Gate of the Latine Tongue Unlocked. way of Answer to a printed Sheet inExhibiting in a natural order the struc- tituled, Advertisements for the new Election ture of Things, and of the Latine Tongue, of Members for the House of Commons. (according to the Rules of the newest By John Cooke of Graies Inne Barrester. Method of Tongues.)... London, Printed Printed at London for Matthew Wal. by William Du-Gard, and are to be sold bancke, .. 1646. 4o. A, 4 leaves : by John Clark, A. Dom. 1656. 8°. a, 4 leaves : A (repeated)-N in fours. Title and following leaf: A in eights : COOPER, C., A.M. B—3 A 4 in eights, including three wood- Grammatica Lingua Anglicanæ. cuts to illustrate pp. 62 and 64, at Y 7-8

Londini, Typis J. Richardson, and Aaa 4. With a portrait by Cross.

MDCLXXXV. 8°, a-b in eights : A-04 Joh. Amos Commenii Orbis Sensvalivm

in eights, besides a folded table at p. 36. Pictus :... London. Pr ted for J. Dedicated to Seth, Bishop of Salisbury. Kirton at the Kings-Arms, in Saint Pauls

COPIES. Church-yard, 1664. 8°, A-X in eights.

A Newe Booke of Copies, Containing With a portrait of Commenius and plates.

Divers sortes of sundry hands, as the Hoole was at this time master of the Grammar School at Monmouth. Sothebys,

English and French secretaries, and BasNov. 10, 1880, Milner's copy, 8s,

tard secretarie, Italian, Roman, Chancery,


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and Court hands, Set forth by the most the Cossacks, With another of the PreExcellent Wryters of the sayd hands for copian Tartars. And the History of the the instruction of the ynskilfull. Cum War of the Cossacks against Poland. Privilegio. 1591. [On the 3rd leaf London, Printed by T. N. for Hobart occurs :) Imprinted at London by Wil- Kemp, 1672. 8o Title, &c., 6

. c liam Kearney. Obl. 40, A-I in fours. leaves : A-N 2 in eights. With Rules in verse « for children to Translated by Edward Brown, who does write by," by E. B.

not name the author, In Laing's copy were inserted at the end

COTTA, JOHN, M.D. two sheets of four, marked F and H from

Cotta Contra Antonivm : Or An Antsome other book. This seems to be the work licensed to T. Scarlet, 14 Sept. 1590. Antony : Or An Ant-Apology, manifestCompare p. 56.

ing Doctor Antony his Apologie for COPLAND, PATRICK.

Aurum potabile, in true and equall bal. Virginia's God be Thanked, Or A Sermon lance of right Reason, to be false and of Thanksgiving for the Happie Successe counterfait. . . . At Oxford, Printed by of the Affayres in Virginia this last


Iohn Lichfield & Iames Short for Henry Preached by Patrick Copland at Bow- Cripps, Anno Dom. 1623. 4°. *, 4 leaves : Church in Cheapside, before the Honor

**, 2 leaves : A-02 in fours. able Virginia Company, on Thursday, the My Opinion at the Assizes in Northamp18. of Aprill 1622. . . . Hereunto are ton demanded in Court touching the adjoyned some Epistles, written first in poysoning of Sir Euseby Andrew more Latine (and now Ênglished) in the East fully ratitied. Also, My Evidence in open Indies by Peter Pope, an Indian youth, Court deliuered at the Assizes at Nor. . . London Printed by I. D. for Wil- thampton 3 seuerall times upon Comliam Sheffard and Iohn Bellamie, maunde. ... Northampton, 1880. Demy 1622. 4°, A-E in fours : )(, 1 leaf : A 8°, pp. 28. in fours, A 4 blank.

Printed from the Isham MS. CORNEILLE, PIERRE.

COTTON, CHARLES. Pompey the Great. A Tragedy. As it The Compleat Gamester : Or, Instrucwas Acted by the Servants of His Royal tions how to play at Billiards, Trocks, Highness the Duke of York. Translated Bowls, and Chess. .. The second Edi. out of French by Certain Persons of tion. London: Printed for Henry Brome, Honour.—Qui se lectori. .. Horat. 1696. 8°, A-Q 4 in eights, inLondon, Printed for Henry Herringman, cluding an engraved frontispiece in com

. . 1664. 4°. Title, Prologue, &c., 2 partments and a metrical explanation. leaves : B-H in fours.

COUNTIES. Horace A French Tragedy Of Monsieur The True Proceedings of the Severall Corneille Englished By Charles Cotton, Counties of Yorke Couentry Portsmovth Esq; London, Printed for Henry Brome, Cornewall. With An Abstract of a at the Gun at the West-end of St. Pauls, Letter, sent from one of the Earle of 1671. 4°, A-L 2 in fours or 42 leaves. Warwicks Gentlemen, 22 August With a frontispiece by Dolle, represent- 1642. London, 24 August. Printed for ing Horatius slaying the first of the Richard Best. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves. Curiatii. Dedicated to his Sister Mrs

COWLEY, ABRAHAM. Stanhope Hutchinson by Cotton. ·

The Works of Mr. Abraham Cowley.... The translator says in his preface that the songs and choruses “are wholly my

The Third Edition. London, Printed by This appears to be the only edition, J. M. for Henry Herringman, 1672. though one of 1677 has been mentioned. Folio. Portrait and title, 2 leaves : a-c CORNWALL.

in fours : B-Ddd 2 in fours : Verses on A True Account of a Strange and Won- several occasions, &c. A-T 2 in fours. derful Relation of one John Tonken, of CRAIG, JOHN, Minister to the King's Pensans in Cornwall, said to be bewitched Majesty. by some Women, which on Suspition A Short Summe of the whole Catechisme, are committed to Prison, • . . London, wherein the Question is propounded, and Printed for George Croom, . . . 1686. answered in few words for the greater 4°, 4 leaves.

ease of the common people and Children. COSSACKS.

.. At London Printed by Robert WaldeA Discourse of the Original, Countrey, graue : : : [Col.] London Printed by Manners, Government and Religion of Robert Walde-graue, for Thomas Man,






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1584. 8°, black letter, A-H 5 in CROWLEY, ROBERT. eights. Dedicated to the professors of The confutation of . xiii. Articles, whe the Gospel at New Aberdeen, 1581. unto Nicolas Shaxton, late byshop CRAUFORD, DAVID.

Salisburye subscribed and caused bê x Ovidius Britannicus : Or, Love Epistles

forthe in print the yere of our Lorde in Imitation of Ovid. Being An In.

M. D. xlvi. whē he recanted in Smithfielce treague betwixt two Persons of Quality.

at London at the burning of mestre To which are added. Phaon's Answer to

Anne Askue, which is liuely set forth it Sapho and Theseus answer to Ariadne,

the figure folowynge. . . . Imprinted a: which are wanting in Ovid's Epistle. By

London, by John Day, and William Seres, David Cravford, Gent.

London :

.: [1548.) 8vo, black letter, A-K is ... 1703. 8o. A, 6 leaves, besides the

eights. Dedicated to Shaxton, with some frontispiece : B-L in eights. With a

verses subscribed by Crowley. prefatory dedication to David Lord Boyle CUCKOLDS. by Charles Gildon.

The Horn exalted Or Roome for CucCROMPTON, RICHARD.

kolds. Being A Treatise Concerning The The Mansion of Magnanimitie. Wherein

Reason and Original of the word Cuckold, is shewed the most high and honorable

and why such are said to wear Horns. acts of sundrie English Kings, Princes, Very proper for these Times, when Men Dukes . . . from time to time performed

are Butting, and Pushing, and Boring, in defence of their Princes and Countrie : and Horning one another.

Also An Apset forth as an encouragement to all faith

pendix Concerning Women and Jealousie. full subiects, ... Published by Richard (Quot. from Plautus.] London, Printed Crompton an Apprentice of the Common

for J. Cadwel, MDCLXI. 80. FronLaw. 1599. Whereunto is adioyned a

tispiece, preceded by a blank, together 2 collection of Diuerse Lawes and Statutes

leaves : title, &c., 6 leaves (including meete to be knowne of all men : with a verses to the Author): A-F 4 in eights, briefe Table, shewing what munition F 3 with colophon, and F 4 blank. ought to be kept by all sorts of her CULPEPER, NICHOLAS. Maiesties subiects, for the defence of her Cvipepers School of Physick. Or The Highnesse Realmes and Dominions. Lon- Experimental Practice of the whole Art. don, Printed for William Ponsonby. 1599. London, Printed for N. Brook, 4°, A—P in fours, P 4 verso occupied by 1659. 8°, A-Kk in eights. With a some verses by the Author to the Reader.

portrait. Dedicated to Robert Earlof Essex and Ewe.


A Sermon of S. Cyprian made on the Oliva Pacis. ' Ad Illustrissimum Celsissi- lordis prayer, that is to wit the Pater mumq; Oliverum ... De Pace cum Fæ- noster. An. M. D. XXXVIII. (Col.) Londeratis Belgis feliciter sancita, Carmen dini in ædibus Thomæ Bertheleti typis Cantabrigiense. Cantabrigiæ: Anno Dom. impress. Anno. M. D. XXXIX. 8', 1654. 4o. T, 4 leaves : A, 4 leaves : a,

black letter, A-E 3 in eights (E 4 per. 2 leaves : B--H 2 in fours.

haps had the mark).
A series of poems by University pens.

Translated by Thomas Paynell.
By the Protector. A Declaration of His
Highnes with the Advice of the Council, DANIEL, SAMUEL.
in order to the Securing the Peace of the

Commonwealth. London, Printed by

Contayning certayne Sonnets :

with the complaint of Rosamond. Aetas Henry Hills and John Field, Printers to His Highness, 1655. [November-De

prima cauat Veneres. postrema tumultus.

At London. Printed by I. C. for Simon cember.] A folio broadside.

Waterson, dwelling in Paules ChurchThe Court Career, Death Shaddow'd to

yard at the signe of the Crowne. 1592. life. Or Shadowes of Life and Death. 4o. Title within an arabesque border, A Pasquil Dialogue Seriously perused with the Errata on the reverse, 1 leaf : and highly approved by the clearest

Dedication to Lady Pembroke, 1 leaf : Judgments. Printed in the Year 1659.

Delia, B-H 2 in fours, 50 Sonnets and 4°, X-D 2 in fours.

an Ode : the Rosamond, printed in a difThe World In a Maize. Or, Olivers ferent type, without any separate title, Ghost. London, Printed in the year. Bb-Gg 2 in fours, Gg misprinted G, 1659. 4°, 4 leaves. Partly in verse. 46 leaves. Malone Coll. and F. Ouvry, Esq.


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Sothebys, April, 1881, bound up with tality. The Fourth Edition, Corrected the Poetical Essays, 1599, £27, 10s.

and amended. Aberdeen, Printed by The fact is that this impression, not

John Forbes, ... Anno 1681. 8°, 8 leaves. finding a ready sale, was annexed to the

In verse. Poetical Essays in 1599, the title and preliminary matter omitted ; in the copy cited,

Imitated from Dunbar's Lament for the the prefixes had been accidentally left un.

Makaris. cancelled.


L'Histoire De le Gverre d'Escosse, TraiA Short and Impartial View of the Man- tant comme le Royaume fut assailly, & ner and Occasion of the Scots Colony's en grād partie occupé par les Anglois, Coming away from Darien. in A Letter & depuis rendu paisible a sa Reyne, & [from P. C.] to a Person of Quality.

reduit en son ancien estat & dignité. A Printed in the Year, M. DC. XC. Ix. 4°, Monseignevr Messire François de MontA-E in fours.


Par Ian de Beaugué, genScotland's Present Duty : Or, A Call to

tilhomme François. A Paris, Pour Gilles the Nobility, Gentry, Ministry, and Com

Corrozet, . . . 1556. Avec Privilege ... monality of this Land, to be duely affected

8°, &-p in eights, p 8 blank. with, and vigorously to act for, our Com- DE BENESE, SIR RICHARD, Priest.

, mon concern in Caledonia. . •. Printed

Boke of measuring of lande. Southin the Year, 1700. 4°, A-D 2 in fours. wark, J. Nicolson, 4o. An Enquiry into the Caledonian Project,

Collation :- 4 leaves, with title and With a Defence of England's Procedure

preface by Thomas Paynell : A-Y in fours :

AA-CC in fours, CC 4 with the Errata. (in point of Equity) in Relation thereunto. In a Friendly Letter from London,

DE CAUS, ISAAK. to a Member of the Scots African and

New and Rare Inventions of WaterIndian Company in Edinburgh, to guard

Works shewing the Easiest waies to Raise against Passion, ... London, Printed for

Water higher then the Spring. By which John Nutt, 1701. 40, A-L 2 in Invention the Perpetual Motion is profours, L 2 blank, besides half-title. posed Many hard Labours performed And

Varieties of Motions and Sounds proDAVIES, JOHN, of Hereford.

duced. .. Translated into English by The Mvses Sacrifice. (Col.]. London: Iohn Leak. London. Printed by Ioseph Printed by T. S. for George Norton, : Moxon ... 1659. Folio. Engraved title, 1612. 8° 4 leaves : A-Z 4 in eights. i leaf: B-K in twos: L, 1 leaf : and 25 In verge. Dedicated to Lucy Countess numbered plates. of Bedford, Mary Countess of Pembroke, I presume that this was a son of the celeand Elizabeth Lady Cary. The title is brated Solomon de Caus, a native of Nor. emblematically engraved. Britwell.

mandy, and one of the precursors of our

Watt in steam-engineering.
DAY, JOHN, of Caius College, Cambridge. DE CAMOENS, LOIS.
Peregrinatio Scholastica Or Learneinges
Pilgrimage Containeinge the Straundge

The Lusiad, Or, Portugals Historicall

Poem : Written in the Portingall LanAduenturs and various entertainements

guage by Lvis de Camoens; And Now he founde in his traveiles towards the shrine of Latria. Meliora speramus. Com

newly put into English By Richard Fan

shaw Esq; Horat. Dignum laude virum. posde and devided into morale Tractates

London, Printed for Humphrey By John Daye Sometimes student of

Moseley, M. DC. LV. Folio. A, 4 Gouvill & Caius Colledge in Cambridge.

leaves : a-b 2 in fours : B-F in fours. 4°, 32 leaves.

Dedicated to William Earl of Strafford.
Printed from the Sloane MS. in Mr. A.

In 8-line stanzas.
H. Bullen's edition of Day's plays, 4, 1881.

With a portrait of
In conjunction with other writers, Day

Camoens in a bust and full lengths of appears to have composed several plays, Prince Henry of Portugal and Vasco de now no longer known. Their loss is not, Gama. on the whole, to be greatly regretted, unless

Preceding the version of Camoens is a they much surpassed in interest and merit

translation from Petronius. Fanshaw's those which have come down to us.

dedication is dated from Tankersley Park, DEATH.

Lord Strafford's seat, May 1, 1655. Cogitations upon Death Or, The Mirrour DECKER, THOMAS. of Man's Miserie. Being very choise and The Belman of London. Bringing to profitable Lessons, for putting all Chris- light the most notorious villanies that are tians in a prepared Condition for Mor- now practised in the Kingdome. Profit

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able for Gentlemen, Lawyers, Merchants, A New Romance. In Four Parts. Wi Citizens, Farmers, Blasters of Housholds, ten originally in French, By the Authu and all sortes of seruants, to marke, and of Cassandra and Cleopatra. And not delightfull for all men to Reade. Lege, elegantly rendred into English. Lor Perlege, Relege. Printed at London for don : Printed by Ja: Cottrel, for Samu! Nathaniel Bytter. 1608.

4°, black Speed, ... 1662. Folio. Title, 1 lez letter, A-I in fours, first and last leaves John Davies of Kidwelly the translator: blank. With a large cut on the title of dedication to Colonel Peynton, Captain the Belman with his dog.

of the Guard, and author's Preface, : Published anonymously, but claimed by leaves : B-4 I 2 in fours. Decker in Lanthorne and Candlelight, 1608. This copy varies in orthography and DE GHEIJN, JACOBUS. collation from that described in Huth Cata- Maniement D'Armes D'Arqveboses, logue, p, 407. Putticks, Aug. 8, 1881, No. Movsqvetz, et Piqves. En Conformité de

574. Lanthorne and Candle-light.

l'Ordre de Monseigneur le Prince Maurice Or The

Prince d'Orange, Comte de Nassau &c. Bell-mans second Nights walke. In

Gouverneur et Capitain General de Gelwhich Hee brings to light, a Broode of dres. Hollande, Zeelande Vtrecht, Overmore strange Villanies, then ever were till yssel &c. Representé par Figvres par this yeare discouered,

Taques de Gheijn. Ensemble les enseig. -Decet nouisse malum; fecisse, nefandum. nemens par escrit A l'vtilité de tous London Printed for Iohn Busbie, and are Capitaines et comandeurs, pour par cecij to be sold at his shop in Fleet-street, in pouuoir plus facillement enseigner a leur Saint Dunstans Church-yard. 1608. 4°, soldatz inexperimentez, l'entier et par, A-K in fours, C—C 2 repeated : L, fait maniement dicelles armes. Imprimé I leaf. With a cut on title of a man carry- a la Haye en hollande, auec Priuilege de ing a lantern and a bell.

l'Empereur, du Roy de France, ... 1608. Dedicated by the author to his friend Mr. Folio. Francis Mustian of Peckham. With verses Collation :–Engraved title, preface, &c., by John] Da[vies of Hereford) and M. R.

in French, 4 leaves : the same in English, Putticks, Aug. 8, 1881, No. 574.

with the addition of a well-expressed and This is an entirely distinct impression interesting dedication to Prince Charles, 5 from that of 1609 and is infinitely rarer. leaves : the same in Dutch, 4 leaves: the On the back of the title occurs : A Table

same in German, with a special dedication of all the matters, contained in this Dis.

to the Margrave of Brandenburg, 5 leares: course," which occupies the whole of the

the same in Danish, with a dedication to page.

Christian IV. of Denmark, 5 leaves: 42 DE COSTES, GUALTIER.

numbered plates on a large scale shewing

the management of the Caliver: InstrucHymen's Præludia : Or, Loves Master

tions for the use of the Musket, in the fire Piece. Being the fourth part of that so languages, 10 leaves: the plates numbered much admir'd Romance, intituled Cleo- 1 to 43: Instructions for the use of the patra. . . . rendered into English by J. Pike, in the five languages, 14 leaves : the

plates numbered 1 to 32. C.... London, Printed by J. G. for R.

Original and best edition, with the ene Lowndes, 1656. 8, A-X 2 in

gravings on copper. It is also the first book eights. Dedicated by Coles to Jane Lady

with English letterpress published at the Cheyney, wife of Charles Cheyney Esq. Hague. With verses by Sir Kenelm Digby, &c.

DI GRASSI, GIACOMO. Hymen's Præludia : Being the fifth part Giacomo Di Grassi his true Arte of De. of . . . Cleopatra .

Rendred into

fence, plainlie teaching by infallible DeEnglish by J. C. London, Printed by J.

monstrations, apt Figures and perfect G. for R. Lowndes, (1650 [? 1656.] Rules the manner and forme how a man 8o. Title and dedication to the Lady without other Teacher or Master may Dorothy Digby, 2 leaves : A, 6 leaves safelie handle all sortes of Weapons as with verses : B-T 6 in eights.

well offensiue as defensiue: With a Cassandra. The Fam'd Romance. Writ- Treatise of Disceit or Falsinge: And ten Originally in French, And now Ele- with a waie or means by priuate Indusgantly rendered into English By an Hon- trie to obtaine Strength, Iudgement and orable Person. London, Printed for Actiuitie. First written in Italian by Humphrey Moseley, .

1652. 8°,

B- the foresaid Author, and Englished by Q 4 in eights, and the title.

I. G. gentleman. Printed at London for This volume contains Books I.-III. I. I. and are to be sold within Temple Pharamond : Or, The History of France. Barre at the Signe of the Hand and

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