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Starre. 1594. 4o. 1, 4 leaves : 19, Godly priuate Prayers, for Housholders 2 leaves : A-Ee 'in fours. With cuts. to meditate vppon, and to say in theyr Dedicated by T. Churchyard to Lord Families. [Two Quotations.] Imprinted Borrow, Governor of the Brill.

at London by Iohn Charlewood. 1590. DELIVERANCE.

[Colophon in this copy :) Printed at

London, by the Widdowe Charlwood. A Happy Deliverance, Or, A Wonderfull

1593. 8°, black letter, A-L 3 in eights. Preservation of foure Worthy and Honourable Peeres of this Kingdome, and DE ROHAN. some others. Who should have beene The Memoires of the Duke of Rohan : poysoyned at a Supper in St. Martins Or, A Faithful Relation of the most ReLane neere Charing Crosse, on Tuesday,

markable Occurrences in France ; Espethe 11. of Ian. 1641 . Whereunto is cially concerning those of the Reformed annexed five Articles presented by the

Churches there, From the Death of Commons in Parliament against Mr.

Henry the Great, untill the Peace made Herbert the Kings Attorney Generall.

with them, in June, 1629 . . . Englished London, Printed for Iohn Thomas, 1641.

by George Bridges of Lincolns-Inne, Esq. 4°, 4 leaves.

London, Printed by E. M. for Gabriel The peers were the Earls of Leicester, Bedell, and Thomas Collins, . . . 1660.

Essex, Holland, and Northumberland. 8o. A, 4 leaves : B-Q in eights : Politic DE MALYNES, GERARD.

Discourses, A, 2 leaves : B-F 4 in eights, Consvetvdo, Vel Lex Mercatoria, Or,

F 4 blank. Dedicated by Bridges to the The Antient Law-Merchant, Diuided into

Marquis of Ormond. three parts : According to the Essentiall DE RODON, MONSIEUR, Professor parts

of Trafficke. By Gerard of Philosophy at Nismes. Malynes Merchant . . London, Printed The Funeral of the Mass : Or, The Mass by Adam Islip, 1636. . . . Folio. dead and buried, without hope of ResurA, 6 leaves, including a duplicate title : rection. Translated out of French. LonB-Vv in fours: The Merchants Mir- don, Printed by Andrew Clark, and are rour, A-Qq in fours, besides the title, to be sold by Randal, Taylor . . . 1673. &c., 6 leaves.

8°, A-K in eights, title on A 2. Dedi. DE NERVESE, SUSANNE.

cated by S. A. to the Earl of Clarendon. La Reception dv Roy d'Angleterre a DE SCUDERY, M. Sainct Germain en Laye, Et les souhaits Artamenes, Or The Grand Cyrus, An des François pour son établissement dans Excellent New Romance. Written by son Royaume. A Paris, ... M.DC.XXXXIX. the famous Wit of France, Monsieur de 4°, 4 leaves.

Scudery and now Englished by F. DENNIS, JOHN.

G. Gent. London, Printed for Humphrey A Plot, and no Plot. A Comedy, As it

Moseley, ... and Thomas Dring is Acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury

1653-4-5. Folio. 3 vols. Dedicated Lane. Written by Mr. Dennis.

by the publisher to the Lady Anne

Lucas. London, Printed for R. Parker, A-L in fours. Dedicated to Robert, Clelia, An Excellent New Romance : Earl of Sunderland.

The Whole Work in Five Parts, DediAppius and Virginia. A Tragedy. As it

cated to Mademoiselle de Longueville is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury

Written in French by the Exquisite Lane By Her Majesty's Sworn Servants,

Pen of Monsieur de Scudery, London, Written by Mr. Dennis. London :

Printed ... 1678. Folio, A-5 A in fours. Printed for Bernard Lintott. 4°, A

With two titles, a portrait of the author, -I in fours, and the title.' Dedicated to Sidney Earl of Godolphin, Lord High DE VAURONNIERE, M. Treasurer.

The Grand Scipio, An Excellent new


Written in French by Mon

sieur de Vavronniere. And Rendered into Godly priuate prayers for housholders to meditate vpon, and to say in their fami

English by G. H. London, Printed for

H. Moseley, 1660. Folio. Title lies. [Two quotations. No place or printer's name.

and dedication to the Lady Martha Cary, London, H. Denham,

3 leaves : B-Ll in fours. about 1570 ?] 4°, A-H in fours, besides a leaf with Maister D. his councell ..

DEVEREUX, ROBERT, Earl of Essex. Sothebys, Feb. 15, 1881, No. 306. A briefe and compendious Narrative of

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the renowned Robert, Earle of Essex, His Sir Thomas Smith Knight, Gouernour of Pedegree, and his valiant acts, performed the East-India Companie, &c. From one when he was Generall of the Parliaments of the Societie. . . . London, Printed by Army. With A Summary Chronicle of William Stansby for Iohn Barnes, his life: And In what manner his 1615. 4o. B-G in fours, a leaf of H, Buriall is appointed to be solemnized. and the title. London, Printed by Jane Coe. 1646. DILKE, THOMAS. 40, A-B in fours. With a woodcut

The City Lady : Or, Folly Reclaim'd. portrait on the back of title and an elegy A Comedy, Acted by His Majesty's Serat the end.

vants at the Theatre in Little Lincolns. DEVIL.

Inn-Felds. Written by Mr. Dilke. CeniA True Account of the Devils appearing

turiæ Seniorum Agitant Expertia frugis to Thomas Cox, a Hackney-Coach-man,

London, Printed for H. Newman, at the who lives in Cradle-alley in Baldwins- Grashopper in the Poultry, 1697. 4°, Gardens. First in the habit of a Gentle- A-G in fours. Dedicated to Fisher man with a Roll of Parchment in his Wentworth, Esq., by his affectionate hand, and then in the Shape of a Bear,

brother the author. which afterwards Vanished away in a DIRECTION. Flash of Fire, at Eight of the Clock on Book of the Names of all Parishes, Friday Nig Octob. 21. 1684. Lon- Market Towns, Villages, . . . London : don, Printed for William Burch. A Printed by M. S. for Tho: Jenner, . broadside.

1657. 4° With a map of England and DEVONSHIRE,

two folded leaves. The Apprentices Warning-piece. Being

The Direction for the English Trareller, A Confession of Peter Moore, formerly

1643, with a new (printed) title added. Servant to Mr. Bidgood, Apothecary in

DONALDSON, G. Exeter, executed since the last Assises,

CI. G. Donaldsoni Scoto-Britanni, Abrefor poysoning his said Master . . . Lon

donensis I. C. Synopsis Economica. don, Printed, and are to be sold by

Prostat apud Johannem Hallervordium

80, Henry Walker. 1641. 4°, 4 leaves.

Bibliop. Rostochiensem. M.DC.XXIV. Probably written by Walker the Ironmonger.

A-Ff in eights, A repeated. Dedicated

Charles Prince of Wales.
The Unfortunate Family : Or, The
Devonshire Tragedy

Printed for J. Deacon, at the Sign of the

March 2. Matters of great Note and Angle [sic], in Guilt-spur-street. [Circa

Consequence . . . A true relation of the 1700.] 8°, 8 leaves, including a duplicate

Strange and untimely deathes which hath title with a cut, Partly in verse.

successively befalen all the Nobility and DIALOGUE

others, which have beene the possessors

of Sherborne Castle, in Dorset-shire since A Merry Dialogue between Band, Cuff, and Ruff . Done by an excellent Wit. And

that it was unlawfully usurped and taken

from the Church by King Stephen in Lately acted in a Shew in the famous Vni

Anno Dom. 1100. Which Castle is now versity of Cambridge. London, Printed for F. K. and are to be sold at the John

in the possession of George Lord Digby, Fletcher's Head, . . . 1661. 4°, A-B2

. . . London, Printed for George Thomp

1642. 4°, 4 leaves. in fours.


The Form and Order of the Coronation Miscellanea Ex Historiis Anglicanis Con

of Charles the Second, . . Aberdeen, cinnata. Autore I. D. Lvgdvni Bata

Imprinted by James Brown, 1651. 12°, vorum, 1606. 4°, A-I in fours,

A-K in fours. I 4 with Errata. Chiefly in verse.

The Form and Order of the Coronation DIGBY, SIR KENELM.

of Charles II. . . . By Robert Douglas Discovrs Svr la Vegetation des Plantes, Minister at Edinburgh. London, Fait par le Chevalier Digby, le 23. Ianuier 1660. Tradvction Françoise. A

Printed according to the Authors own

M.DC.LXVII. Sm. 8o.

copy, to prevent any counterfeit. 1660.

4°, A-C in fours. fixes, 8 leaves : A-H 3 in sixes. Dedi

The two former editions appeared ano-
cated by the translator to the Dauphin. nymously.

The Defence of Trade. In a Letter to The First Booke of Songs Or Ayres of



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foure parts,

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Imprinted at London

pleasaunt, and of greate profite both for by Humfrey Lownes, dwelling on Bred- Gentlemen and Yomen : Conteining, The street-hill, at the signe of the Starre. Order and maner of making of Fish 1613. Folio, A-L, 2 leaves each, be- pondes, with the breeding, preseruing, sides the title and dedication.

and multiplying of the Carpe, Tench, Lachrimæ, Or Seaven Teares Figured in Pike, and Troute, and diuerse kindes of Seaven Passionate Pauans, with divers

other Fresh-fish. Written in Latine by other Poauans, Galiards, and Almands, Ianus Dubravius, and translated into Engset forth for the Lute, Viole, or Violons, lish at the speciall request of George in fiue parts. By Iohn Dowland Bache- Churchey, fellow of Lions Inne, the 9. of ler of Musicke, and Lutenist to the most Februarie. 1599. Imprinted at London Royall and Magnificent, Christian the by William White, dwelling in Cow-lane. fourth, King of Denmarke, ... London 1599. 4°, black letter, A-L 2 in fours. Printed by Iohn Windet,

and are

DUFFETT, THOMAS. to be solde at the Authors house in Fetter

The Empress of Morocco. A Farce. lane neare Fleet-streete. Folio, B-M

Acted by His Majesties servants. Lonin twos, a leaf of N, and the title-page.

don, Printed for Simon Neal, . . . 1674. DREXELIUS, JEREMIAS.

4°, A-H 2 in fours. With a portrait of Nicetas : Or The Trivmph ouer Inconti- Harris the actor by Hollar in the charnencie. Written in Latin by F. Hier. acter of Morena, the burlesque Empress Drexelius of the Society of Iesvs. And of Morocco, as a frontispiece. Translated into English by R. S. 1633. This piece, intended as a skit on Settle, 8°, ă— in eights: B-Ee in eights.

ends on E 4; the remainder of the volume Dedicated by the translator “to al Worthy

is occupied by a similar travestie of the

witch scene in “Macbeth,” which has a English Catholikes."

separate title on F 2 as follows : EpilogueThere is no imprint.

Being a new Fancy after the old, and most DRUNKARDS.

surprising way of Macbeth, Perform'd with

new and costly Machines Which were inA Dreadful Warning for Drunkards, Or

vented and managed by the most ingenious The Execution and Confession of Fabian

Operator Mr Henry Wright, P.G.Q. Lon. Price, a Souldier, who was Executed at don, Printed in the Year 1674. Tyburn, on Wednesday the Tenth of this

The Spanish Rogue. As it was Acted By instant July, for Murdering another Soul- His Majesty's Servants. Written by Tho: dier in the Parish of Chiswick, in his Duffett. ... London, Printed for WilDrink. . . . London: Printed for D. M. liam Cademan.

MDCLXXIV. 4o. 1678. 4°, 4 leaves.

Title, prologue, &c., 2 leaves : dedication This tract comprises several other cases. to Madam Ellen Guyn, 2 leaves : B-K DRYDEN, JOHN.

in fours. The Medall. A Satyre against Sedition. DU MOULIN, PIERRE. By the Authour of Absalom and Achito

The Elements of Logick. Translated out phel. . . . Edinburgh, Re-Printed Anno

of the French Copie by Nathanael DeDom. 1682. 40, A-C 2 in fours.

Lawne, Bachelour of Arts in Cambridge. A Poem upon the Death of the Late With the Authors approbation. London, usurper, Oliver Cromwel. By the Author Printed by I. D. for Nicholas Bourne, of the H-d and the Pr. London,

1624. 8o , 8 leaves, the first Printed for S. H. 1687. 4°, 4

blank: A-N in eights. Dedicated to leaves.

the Justices of Peace for Norfolk, &c. Eleonora ... 1692.

DUNTON, JOHN. “It is a singular circumstance that in

The Life and Errors of John Dunton writing the elegy on the Countess of Abingdon, called Eleonora, Dryden did not know

Late Citizen of London ; written by Himthat she died very suddenly at a ball in her self in Solitude. With an Idea of a New own house, in the midst of a gay assemblage Life; Wherein is shewn How he'd Think, of both sexes : a fact of which, had he been

Speak, and Act, might he Live over his apprised, he would not have neglected to avail himself. He had never seen the lady,

Days again ; Intermix'd, with the New and wrote the poem at the solicitation of a

Discourses the Author has made in his nobleman with whom he was not personally Travels Abroad, and in his Private Conacquainted.”—Prior's Life of Malone, 1860, versation at Home. Together with the

Lives and Characters of a Thousand PerDUBRAVIUS, JANUS.

sons now living in London, &c. Digested A New Booke of good Husbandry, very into Seven Stages, with their Respective

p. 447.

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Ideas. . . . London, Printed for S. Mal- therein. London : Printed in the Year thus, 1705. 89, A-Dd 2 in eights, and 1701. Folio, A in fours, besides title and b, 2 leaves, A 1 óccupied by “The Author's plan. Speaking Picture drawn by Himself,” a ENGLAND. leaf of verses.

Fundamentum Patriæ : Or, England's

Settlement: Being A View of the State E. R.

of Affairs in this Kingdom, since his A Letter directed to Master [Orlando] Majesties Restoration, to the year 1665. Bridgeman, the fourth of Ianuary, and a London : Printed for Thomas Rooks, Letter inclosed in it, to one Master An- 1665. 89, B-F 6 in eights and the derton, were this day read [in the H. of title, Commons.] London, Printed for Joseph EPISTLES AND GOSPELS. Hunscott. 1641. A sheet.

The Epistles and Gospelles . . . Rycharde EDMONDS, HUGH.

Bankes. 1540. 4o. Presbytery Popish, Not Episcopacy. By The date is not given except on the way of Epistolary Discourse to a Person fifth leaf, which follows the Table to Part of a misperswasion . . . By H. E. Lon

I., where we find : Postilles or Homilies

Anno. M. D. XL. don, Printed for Philemon Stephens the younger, . . 1661. 4°, A-G in fours,

The Epistels and Gospels . . . Anno. including a duplicate and varying title.

Imprinted at London by

John Awdeley. Cum priuilegio ... In verse.

8°, black letter, A-0 4 in eights. EGLISHAM, GEORGE, M.D.

Here beginneth the Pistles & Gospels ... Strange Apparitions, Or The Ghost of

[Col.] Imprynted at London, in Paules King lames, With a late conference be

Churche yarde at the Sygne of the Lambe tween the ghost of that good King, the

by Abraham Uele. 4°, A-S 2 in fours. Marquesse Hamilton, and George Eglis

Sothebys, February, 1881, No. 531. hame, Doctor of Physick, unto which

ERASMUS, DESIDERIUS. appeared the Ghost of the late Duke of

A lytell booke of good maners . . . 1532. Buckingham concerning the Death and

Of this book Lowndes cites editions by poysoning of King lames and the rest.

De Worde in 1522, 1532, and 1534, by N. London printed for J. Aston, 1642. 4°, Bourman without date, and by John 4 leaves. With a large cut on title and

Waley in 1554. I have not seen any edian epilogue in verse.

tions but those of 1532 and 1554; yet we

must not dismiss too summarily that of ELIZABETH OF BOHEMIA.

1534, which appears to have been issued on Treason Discovered from Holland : Or the 20th January, 1534-5, and cannot, if A Discoverie, of a most damnable and so, be identical with that of 1532, issued on divellish attempt of two Iesuites, and

the 10th September. Of the copy of 1522 I

have my doubts. three other Catholiques, against the life and person of the Ladie Elisabeth. at

An exposicyon of the .xv. psalme made by the Hague, March 5. 1642. . . . Like

mayster Erasmus of Rotherdame in

whiche is full purely declared the pure wise, A true report of the mercie of God,

and clene behauoure that ought to be in shewed in the most unexpected Deliver

the ance of the Citie of Cork in Ireland, from

pure Churche of Chryst which is the a most terrible Famine : Which report

multytude of all trewe Chrysten people. was brought over by one Mr. Wilson, ..

you be the lyght ... Mattheu v.

[Col.] Imprynted by me John Way. London, Printed for I. Tompson. 1642.

lande / at London within the temple 4°, 4 leaves.

barrel at the sygne of the blewe garlande. ELYOT, SIR THOMAS.

Anno. M.ccccc.xxxvii. 8', black letter. The Castle of Health, Now newlie

A, 4 leaves: B-H in eights : I, 10 perused and printed in the Yeare of our leaves. Lord. 1595. At London Printed by The translator's name does not occur. the Widdow Orwin, and are to be sold Here folowith a scorneful Image or monby Matthew Lownes. 4°, black letter, strous shape of a maruelous strāge fygure A-T 2 in fours.

called, Sileni alcibiadis presentyng ý ENFIELD,

state & condició of this present world/ The Case of the Earl of Stamford, Re- & inespeciall of the Spirituallte how lating to the Wood lately Cut in Enfield- farre they be from ỹ perfite trade and lyfe Chace. To which is Annex'd, A Plan of of Criste, wrytē in the laten tonge / by the Chace, And the Intended Ridings that famous clarke Erasmus / & lately

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translated in to Englyshe. (Col.] Im

(Col.] Im- Roys Chrestiens. . . . Imprimé a Rouen. prynted at London by me John Goughe. 1649. 4°, A-F 2 in fours. Printed in Cum priuilegio regali. And also be for two columns. With the title in the to sell in Fletestrete betwene the two centre of a series of small engraved porTemples, in the shoppe of Hary Smyth traits, and large prints of Fairfax, CromStacyoner. [Circa 1540.) black well, Charles I., the execution of the letter, A-E 4 in eights. With a wood- King, Prince Charles, Strafford, Laud, and cut on title.

the Duke of Hamilton, all engraved by P. ESSEX.

Huybrechts. A True Relation of the Araignment of FARLEY, ROBERT. Thirty Witches at Chensford in Essex, Navlogia Sive Inventa Navis Avthore before Iudge Coniers, fourteene whereof Roberto Farlæo. Londini Typis Tho. were hanged on Friday last, Iuly 25. Cotes. 4°, A-E 2 in fours. In verse. 1645. there being at this time a hundred FAUSTUS. more in severall prisons in Suffolke and

The History of the Damnable Life and Essex. . . . Printed at London by I. H. Deserved Death of Dr. John Faustus ... (1646.] 4°, 4 leaves.

London : Printed by W. 0. for John The Essexian Triumviri: Or, A Discourse Back . . . 4°, A-K in fours. Large between Three Colchester Gentlemen Dis- woodcut on title. guis'd in Masquerade, and Titus Otes, FELTHAM, OWEN. concerning the present Government . London : Printed for James Norris,

Resolves A Duple Century y® 5th Edition.

. . London Imprinted for Henry Seile 1684. 4°, A-D 2 in fours.

.. 1634, 4°. Engraved title, with

metrical explanation, dedication and preF. E.

face, 4 leaves: B-Ff in eights: Gg-Hh, Newes from Heaven both Good and True

4: Ii, 3. concerning England Shewing the right

The Second Book has a separate title way to Compose all differences . Be

dated 1633. ing a Dialogue between Mr. Tindall, and FEMALE SEX. Mr. Bradford, two famous English Mar

An Essay in Defence of the Female Sex tyrs. London, Printed by R. O. & G.

In a Letter to a Lady. Written by D. 1642. 4°, 4 leaves.

a Lady. The Second Edition . . . LonF. J.

don, Printed for A. Roper and E. WilkA Letter from the Grecian Coffee-house, inson

.. 1696. 8°, A-L in fours.
In Answer to the Taunton-Dean Letter. With a frontispiece representing the
To which is added, A Paper of Queries Compleat Beau with two lines of verse
sent from Worcester. London: Printed beneath and verses by James Drake to the
in the Year 1701. Price Six Pence. authoress.
Folio. A-C, 2 leaves each, and a leaf FENTON, ROGER, B.D..
of D.

A Treatise of Vsyrie, Divided into Three
The Letter is subscribed J. F.

Bookes . . . At London Imprinted by
F. T.

Felix Kyngston, for William Aspley. The Differences, Cavses, and Ivdgements 1611. 4°, X-Y 2 in fours. Dedicated of Vrine, According to the Best writers to Sir Thomas Egerton by the author, his thereof, both old and new, summarily chaplain. collected. Printed by Iohn Legat,

FERRAR, RICHARD. ... 1598. 8°, A-K 2 in eights, and T,

An Exact Abridgement of the General 8 leaves.

History of the World From the Creation

to the Year 1685 . . . London, ... 1698.
Mr. Peters Message Delivered in Both 8o. A, 3 leaves : B-Y in eights. Dedi-
Houses, To the Lords and Commons in cated to Popham Connoway, Esq; of
Parliament; From Sir Thomas Fairfax. Ragley, co. Warwick.
With the Narration of the Taking of FESTA.
Dartmouth London, Printed by Festa Anglo-Romana : Or, The Feasts of
Jane Coe, 1646, 40, 4 leaves.

the English and Roman Church, with Angliæ Fairfaxismos. Ov Tyrannie An- their Fasts and Vigils. . . . Together with gloise, Contenant l'Execution inougie du a Succinct Discourse of several other Roy Charles Stvart, Ses Conseilliers & Grand Days in the Universities, Inns of Noblesse Seruant d'aduertence a tous Courts, and the Collar and Offering Days


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